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Giveaway: Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry

Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry, my third cookbook, was released in June, and on July 7th hit the New York Times bestseller list.

The last couple of months have been filled with amazing reviews and numerous appearances. It’s been a whirlwind, and I’ve been enjoying every second. Soon I’ll be speaking at BookMarks, a huge one day book festival in Winston-Salem, NC that draws over 8,000 visitors. Please drop by and say hi if you’re in the area.

Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry has nearly 100 quick and easy Paleo recipes with everything from Flourless Brownies to kelp based Sesame Noodles, and it is available on and barnes & as well as independent bookstores across the country.

Another feature of Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry that I’d like to share is that it is AIP friendly. What is AIP? The Auto-Immune Protocol. The book is completely free of nightshades (tomato, eggplant, bell pepper, etc.) and well as spices that contain nightshades (chili, chipotle, paprika, etc.). More than 60 of the nearly 100 recipes are nut-free, and 60 recipes are egg-free as well.

The reviews have been outstanding, reiterating my goal to serve up easy-to-make Paleo dishes with simple ingredients and minimal fuss. Numerous recipes in Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry have six ingredients or less.

To celebrate my impending trip to North Carolina for Bookmarks, I’m giving away a copy of Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry today. To be entered leave a comment below letting me know what you most enjoy about my recipes. The winner will be selected at random on August 19th at 6pm MDT.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. VictoriaN says

    I love that your recipes are simple and flavorful with good nutritious ingredients. Thanks for the chance to win your cookbook.

  2. Danielle says

    I LOVE how you put the fun back into cooking Paleo food. I can’t tell you how many people have been delightfully SHOCKED to find that they ate something Paleo when expecting something else. THANK YOU!

  3. Stephanie says

    I love that they are delicious AND healthy! Going to make your bread tonight for sandwiches for the first time. Looking forward to it!

  4. Feiga says

    I love that your recipes are gluten free and sugar free and very tasty!!! Thanks for making them available.

  5. Adrienne ODonnell says

    This looks like a wonderful book! I am interested in having a starch-free or low starch diet (not carbohydrate free). So, the Paleo diet is intriguing. I have enjoyed Elana’s recipes (almond flour and coconut flour), so I am looking forward to trying more recipes!

  6. says

    Being a race director for an all women’s beginner triathlon I always like to give information on great recipes and health issues! Myself and both my boys have been diagnosed with celiac disease and the only cookbook we use is yours!

  7. Vannessa says

    I love that you suggest specific brands for some recipes. Being new to a Paleo lifestyle finding the ingredients I need for recipes like Paleo Pancakes, I’m always left wondering if I’m buying the right brand. It makes it so much easier to have brand suggestions, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. Especially when you are new to a product.

  8. Jenn says

    I love that your recipes are simple and don’t require a million steps and/or a bunch of special equipment or ingredients.

  9. Dawn Tarbox says

    I love the fact that the recipes are simple and easy, but taste fantastic. I had to go gluten-free three years ago, which then I went paleo, and everyday for dinner I go to your site for dinner ideas.

  10. Karen Morrison says

    Elana’s pantry has opened my eyes to a delicious and healthy way of eating, and learned that you do not have to sacrifice flavor when you make healthier choices and eat cleanly.

  11. Elayne says

    I love how accessible your recipes make the grain-free lifestyle! With just a few key ingredients, anyone can go gluten-free and still enjoy the same foods we’ve always loved.

  12. Maire Sullivan says

    I love that your recipes are so tasty that they pass the test with teenaged boys!

  13. says

    I am a new follower and have not tried your recipes…yet, but what attracts me to them are you’re overwhelmingly positive reviews from other bloggers and the fact that they are allergy free.

  14. shell ledrew says

    oh how i love to make and serve such wonderful food to my family!
    it’s a joy to know that I am not just feeding my family, but nourishing them with your lovely recipes which also makes my job as chef more enjoyable!!
    thank you so much for being the secret in my sauce!!!

  15. Lori Spicer says

    Would love to win the book (second try entering the contest, as the first try didn’t seem to work).

  16. Lori Spicer says

    Would love to get a copy of this book! You saved my life with the chocolate power ball recipe, and would love to try some more great foods from your arsenal of recipes!

  17. Karen Pizzuto-Sharp says

    I love the diversity of your recipes – and that it’s easy to prepare meals that don’t make us feel like we’re doing without or missing anything! Thank you for making it easier on all of us who have had to alter our food choices!

  18. Tiffany says

    I love that your recipes have allowed me to find delicious ways to gluten free-ify my diet and still enjoy food. I love sharing your recipes with people and watching their surprise when I tell them the ingredients.

    • Shari from NC says


      I’m confused; the posting says Raleigh, NC and the Bookmarks link says Winston-Salem, NC (3 hours away) on Sat, Sept. 7th. Could you please clarify?


  19. april says

    I love that I can find nut-free paleo recipes. But what I most enjoy is that every recipe I’ve tried of yours has been so delicious!

  20. Jennifer says

    I love your recipes (and recommend them to all my health-conscious friends.) my fav part: you have many recipes that I can download during the holidays – the HIGH holidays – that directly support my eating habits (I don’t have to alter.) THANK YOU!

  21. Sharon A says

    What I most enjoy about your recipes is that I know they have been truly tested, that I can make them as written and they will taste great. I know that all sounds obvious, but there are many cookbooks published by people who really aren’t cooks, with poor directions and/or poor results.

  22. Tracy says

    I love the simplicity, reliability and delicious results of your recipes. As well as the great variety of all kinds of foods. I keep coming back to your website again and again!

  23. Gail Cookson says

    I love how simple and real you keep these recipes (and the hyperlinks to ingredients!)

  24. Jennifer says

    I really enjoy how all your recipes are satisfying. You don’t feel like you are going without or that anything is missing. They’re simply delicious & better for ones health by removing the unnecessary but still so tasty. I also enjoy the array of recipes you offer!

  25. Jen says

    I love the variety and simplicity in your recipes. I can come to your blog and find a full meal that’s allergy friendly. And I have a family members with gluten, dairy, and peanut allergies. Thanks so much for your hard work! :)

  26. Joan Funk says

    Elana, the thing that I find most wonderful about your recipes is that you have tested them first so they are well thought out and easy to use. Also they are tasty and easy to digest.

    Thank you for ALL you do for those of us who follow a paleo/gluten free diet.



  27. Crystal says

    Thanks for all you do…I always come here first when I am looking for a recipe. Thanks for a fun day of giveaways too!

  28. Lindsey says

    Paleo has changed my life and my stomach. I am able to enjoy food again. I love how tasty and simple your recipes are! :)

  29. Ange Randall says

    I love that Paleo recipes allow me to cook without the ingredients I’m allergic to. I’d love your latest cookbook!

  30. Sandra Smith says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book, it would be a great resource for our family!

  31. Jen P says

    I would love to win this. I’m in the Triangle area, so I may have to check out this book festival!

  32. Stacy Gervais says

    Love that there is a ton of Love that goes into each and every one of your recipes:)
    Delicious yet accommodating to ones allergic needs when it is so far and few between to find such truly delicious recipes that are attainable:)
    Your a magic woman:) keep up the good work and thanks a bunch for sharing your talent!

  33. Sally Meyer says

    I have made a number of recipes Elana has given us over the last couple of years. They are tasty and easy to make – just the way I like them! Thank you Elana for all the time you have spent putting recipes together and for having to eat the non-successes along the way.

  34. Kelsey Heathers says

    I enjoy that your recipes are simple and utterly delicious. I have numerous food allergies and so I have a very difficult time finding things I can eat. Your almond-flour cookbook has been a mainstay for me, and I would be so excited to receive your paleo cookbook and expand my recipe repertoire. I am so thankful for the work you are doing :)

  35. Katie says

    I love you recipes for two reasons:
    1) They are easy to follow yet taste like you slaved for hours on them :)
    2) They taste better than their “normal” counterparts. For example I made normal Irish Soda Bread and then your version for St. Pattys day with friends….People went back for more of your version and left said the normal tasted dull after having yours.

  36. Debbie Rowand says

    I would sooooo much love to have your book. I have two auto-immune diseases (3 if you count my diabetes). Your recipes would be so awesome to keep those in check.

    Crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes.

  37. Daisy says

    I actually found your recipes when I first went gluten-free due to endometriosis. I’ve since become paleo and continue to love your easy, healthy recipes!

  38. Lisa says

    I love that your recipes are always simple and tasty. My copy of the Almond Flour Cookbook is stained and beat up from constant use. Thank you for all you do!

  39. says

    I’ve made your paleo bread – numerous times! It’s just so good! I can’t wait until it’s cooler to bake another loaf.

    Yeah, no eggplant in your book (gawd, I despise that purple vegetable .. .lol).


  40. Kathy Kilbourne says

    I love your recipes for the variety you give us from fixing a dinner meal to desserts or even just a snack. You have given us all something to look forward to everyday in trying out your recipes!! Thanks so much!!!

  41. Leann Terrill says

    LOVE your site for numerous reasons! Mostly because it keeps the the health in healthy! I’ve loved adding your recipes into my healthy, active lifestyle! 70 lbs lost this year!! Thanks for sharing and I’m crossing everything in hopes of winning :) Have a good day!

  42. Anne Bowline says

    Elana, what I most like about your recipes is the simple list of ingredients. It’s rare that I don’t have something on hand. Tonight I’m going to bake your Walnut Date Bread for the first time :)

  43. Amy says

    Since my ND has put me on a diet that prohibits refined sugar and white flour, I love that your recipes give me a new perspective on what is possible. I can still enjoy good food and not feel like I’m missing out!

  44. Carissa says

    I got your Almond Flour Cookbook because your sister Dina recommended to me when I was a student of hers. I love that I can still enjoy my favorite foods without compromising my health.

  45. Becki Pearl says

    Love your recipes and enjoy reading the antidotes you post with them. Your vegan peanut butter cookies are an absolute family favorite. Thanks for keeping my menus interesting!

  46. Katy says

    I like how satisfying your recipes are due to having to give up most foods due to allergies.

  47. Patti Quick says

    Pick me! Pick me! What I like about Elana’s recipes are they are simple with food items that are easy to find and…..they are healthy!

  48. Cyndi says

    I bought your first 2 cookbooks from amazon and love them dearly! I went without baked goods for years before finding your blog and books. I would love to have the newest cookbook!

  49. Gina says

    I appreciate that your recipes are easy to follow and I love the delicious-looking photos. They inspire me to cook!

  50. Heather says

    I’m relatively new to GF baking, and since it’s usually only something I venture into for friends or relatives who are diagnosed with Celiac disease, it’s great to have a source of tried and tested, delicious recipes to choose from!

  51. Michele says

    Your recipes– and perhaps more importantly, your story– have totally transformed the way I cook and the way I think about diet after being diagnosed with MS. Would love a copy of the cookbook!!

  52. Lori Johnson says

    I love your recipes because they are delicious!! Your brownie recipe got me hooked! I love all of your muffins as well (especially your cinnamon apple muffins in your almond flour cookbook)! You also turned me on to the honeyville almond flour, which is an awesome paleo treasure. I’m sure your new book is wonderful.

  53. Michelle Bhana says

    Hope I’m not too late to be in the running for your cookbook??? It sounds amazing :)

  54. Robbi De Peri says

    I love that your recipes don’t make me feel like I’m “missing” anything. They’re things that I’d want to eat even I was still eating gluten. Thank you so much :)

  55. says

    I love the Paleo-oriented gluten-free and dairy-free recipes!!! Elana’s recipes provide new and health interpretations of old favorite foods and great new ones! Thanks!

  56. Mar'cia Schrock says

    I am so thrilled to have found your books. They changed my life. My husband and children are very grateful, also. We can now eat meals together that are delicious, healthy, grain and gluten-free. A must for my food sensitivities and allergies. Please keep writing! We will sure keep reading.

    Mar’cia Schrock

  57. Jennifer Palmer says

    I would love to read your book. I’m new to Paleo and have been searching the Internet daily.

  58. Susannah says

    Your recipes are simple and accessible. They are a great way to try this way of life without intimidation!

  59. Jesica Womack says


    My daughter was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and I have MS.
    What I love most about your recipes is that they allow me to feed my sweet family meals that are nourishing and taste delicious…all the while boosting our struggling immune systems.
    Your recipes are helping to heal us, and for that I will be forever grateful to God for you!
    Many blessings and many thanks,

  60. Ryann Condon says

    I love that your recipes are never too complicated, great for busy moms, and the most obvious…delicious! When transitioning to paleo, I felt that your recipes were never overwhelming as some paleo recipes can be!

  61. Kathy says

    Love love love your recipes. They are easy, few ingredients, quick and taste amazing. My family is not Paleo but when I cook your recipes, they actually ask for more and are now searching your site for recipes to make as well.

    Way to go!!!

  62. says

    For me, one of the major things I’ve enjoyed about your recipes (besides the fact that it was one of the first Paleo-friendly recipe sites I ever found!) are the simplicity but tastefulness of your recipes. Many of my friends’ favorite vegetable dishes that I make come from your site, and I always feel comfortable serving anything I find on here, even if it’s my first time trying it out! I know it’ll be good!

  63. Michele Wragg says

    I was so happy when I came across you Elena, both myself and my 2 kids aged 4 & 7 are Celiac. Now my kids can enjoy the most delicious cupcakes like other kids, truth be know, the non allergy kids love your Paleo choc chip cookies and choc muffins LOL
    Fingers crossed I get to win a copy of your latest book xxxx

  64. jessica kurtz says

    I enjoy everything! The fact that if I need a create idea – I can come here and know that I can eat anything on your site. The fact that most of your recipes are so easy that I can make them quickly and in a pinch. I also love the fact that everyone I’ve tried tastes great!!!

    Thank you!!!

  65. deanna says

    Love my Almond Flour cookbook! This one is next on my list. Your recipes helped me ease into Paleo cooking without much fuss. Thank you so much!!

  66. sadye rose says

    my mouth is in love with your recipes, my body singing praises. thank you for all of your brilliance!

  67. Daniela says

    I like lots of yummy recipes that are paleo! I’ve just starting trying to eat this way with my family!

  68. Maggie says

    I really appreciate the “special diets” list. It’s so helpful! Your recipes are always a go-to resource for me. Thank you!

  69. says

    I love your recipes – yummy, gluten free and now Paleo. I have yet to have any paleo cookbooks on my shelf, only on Kindle, and would love to have your book be the first!

  70. Liz says

    My older sister got me hooked on the Paleo lifestyle. She introduced me to your blog and recipes. I’m a very busy Mom and love that your recipes are easy and so delicious. The whole family loves everything I make. Would really love to have your cookbook rather than relying on someone to send them to me. Thank you for all that you do!

  71. Tai Schell says

    I love the simplicity and ease of the recipes. And that I know what the ingredients are!

  72. Mary says

    I’ve tried lots of your recipes, all with great success. I really like that there are now more recipes for savory dishes as I try to limit the delicious baked goods for special occasions. :)

  73. Julianne Billington says

    I am 15 months gluten free and your online recipes have helped make this transition easier. Recently, I’ve been looking into the Paleo foods; mainly because of your recipes. Thanks for sharing your hard work with those of us desperately need it. I would so enjoy your cookbook!

  74. says

    I love how clean they are in terms of ingredients. I love that they’re delicious, and healthful. They’re also really inspiring, because you can make so many foods we love into grain free, gluten free, paleo delights.

  75. Lauren says

    Your recipes have made life tasty again :) It can be difficult to find healthy, delicious, gluten-free recipes, and a number of yours have become staples in my household.

  76. Kelly Ritter says

    What a dream. I would be honored to recieve your cookbook and change my habits of food consumption

  77. Caroline says

    I love how easy and simple your recipes are, I can usually make them with what I normally have on hand!

  78. Kris Conway says

    I have loved every recipe that I have tried both from your cookbooks and your website. I can’t wait to try your new book.

  79. Kristen says

    I would love to keep your book beside my oven with the rest of the “regular” use cookbooks.

  80. Lauren H says

    I love that your recipes are simple and use fewer ingredients than many of the others that I find. Changing my diet can get so overwhelming at times, but I always feel better when I browse your blog and see that it doesn’t have to be that hard! Everything I have made has turned out great and now I’m trying to get my mom on board with eating a paleo diet. :)

  81. Heather H says

    Your recipes are easy, delicious, and the ingredients are in line with how we eat. Thank you for such great stuff!!!

  82. Mary Ann says

    We follow the Paleo/Primal way of eating, and I’m cooking for someone with MS, so you are my “go-to” website for both of these things.

  83. Rini Twait says

    Your recipies are always winners; nearly always practical in terms of finding ingredients and time tp prepare. But most of all, yummy!

  84. Sally says

    I found your paleo recipes when my family swiched to paleo lifestyle. Your recipes have made this transition so much better, and everything is absolutely delicious. Even my two year old loves them.

  85. Jessica says

    I love that your recipes are always reliable and tasty, and I don’t have to even worry about the allergy factor, especially now that you have so many paleo recipes. Thanks for the great work!

  86. Julie Besaha says

    Elana, I love that your recipes are innovative and delicious. Your coconut bars remain one of my absolute favorite desserts, pleasing to special diet and mainstream diet folks alike! :)

  87. Jennifer says

    I love your recipes because they are written in a way that i can make for my hubby without having to change any of the ingredients. He has a lot of allergies, so it makes it hard to follow a lot of recipes in other books! I would love to add this one to my collection!

  88. Amanda says

    I love that you cook with whole, natural ingredients! While I don’t eat strict paleo all the time, I do love having good tasting, grain free recipes!

  89. Kim says

    Every one of your recipes I’ve ever tried has turned out great. You’re one of the few bloggers I trust when making something for the first time that needs to satisfy “regular” people. Didn’t realize this book was so AIP-friendly. If I don’t win, I’ll have to check it out!

  90. Frances says

    I found you online within two days of beginning paleo mid-May and I have used a lot of your recipes. Everything is soooo yummy! Would LOVE to have your new cookbook:-))

  91. Lynette Shearer says

    Gluten free, I tend to get very full and bloated eating normal reicpes. Would love to learn more about it.

  92. Shari says

    Your recipes are simple, straightforward, well-tested = they work and are delicious! Thank you!

  93. Saritha Nord says

    I love your recipes because they’re incredibly simple yet extremely delicious. You make gluten-free and paleo cooking easy while using minimal ingredients. This takes the “work” out of the whole foods diet making it easier to stick to. LOVE your recipes! Huge huge fan.

  94. Debbie says

    I recently discovered your blog and so far I have only tried your Paleo Bread recipe which was delicious!! I have bookmarked a bunch more recipes to try soon! Thank you!!

  95. Andrada says

    I love that your recipes are easy & flavorful! Whenever I make your baked goods for my gluten loving friends they can’t believe how delicious they are! Your recipes are so diverse I don’t miss gluten!

  96. Amy S says

    Your recipes seem so simple and they look amazing. I am learning the whole Paleo concept and was a bit overwhelmed but your site and book make cooking seem so simple

  97. Annie says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this, you’ve changed mine and countless other lives with your real and accessible recipes, have a great time in Nortth Carolina!

  98. MICHELLE says

    I love your recipes because I can fulfill my cravings while staying dairy and egg free and paleo. And the foods all turn out amazing – even my non-paleo husband and friends approve :)

  99. says

    Hi Elana! I adore your recipes for their no-fuss-but-delicious flavor, but I have to say that what I love even more is often the context and stories behind them! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a bit about your family along the way. Congrats on your success!

  100. Honey W says

    I love that your recipes taste so close to the SAD that even my picky family has never tried one they didn’t like. :)

  101. Kasha says

    I have tried several of your recipes and they have all turned out delicious. Would love to win your cookbook!

  102. says

    Elana’s Pantry was my first introduction to Paleo and one year later, minus 45 pounds, and my Personal Chef business clients extremely happy… I am still amazed and lovin’ this site!

  103. Amy in Austin says

    I love how your recipes are generally simple and they always turn out deliciously!

  104. Meghan H. says

    You have some of the most amazing recipes ever! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  105. Andrea says

    I love that they’re easy to follow, use healthy, allergy-friendly ingredients and taste delicious. My kids love whatever I make – two favourites are the Snickerdoodles and Peach Blueberry Crumble from the Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. It was one of the first cookbooks I bought when my son was had to go GF and I still use it regularly.

  106. Vitoria says

    I love that the recipes are easy. I also really love that they are ” gluten free” (for me), and “dairy free” ( for my daughter). It was a little discouraging trying to cook gluten free and dairy free till I found Elana’s Pantry! Love the recipes!!

  107. Nicole says

    I love although very healthy, your ingredients and recipes are so accessible! I’m a graduate student but still feel like I can make your dishes without being freaked out about time or money being wasted! Love them!!

  108. says

    I just made your Paleo bread. Cannot tell you how excited I am to have bread again after starting the Paleo diet 1 1/2 years ago. Thank you! It’s delicious and easy to make.

  109. Jacob says

    Your website saved me when I decided to try living a paleo lifestyle. Mainly i needed to figure out how I could continue supplying my sweet tooth! Thankfully I looked into your other recipes as well and keep coming back for more. :)

  110. Cheryl says

    I love that your recipes song used weird ingredients. They are real food. Real food. Real real food.

  111. Steph :) says

    The best thing is that they are achievable for everyone! No fancy ingredients and clear instructions. :)

  112. Sebette says

    New to your site but love the recipes that i have seen and would love to win a copy of you book.

  113. Amy says

    What I love most about your recipes is that I can make them and FEEL GOOD! No more processed, sugar and gluten filled stuff for me!

  114. cindy says

    I enjoy the simplicity of your recipes. I enjoy the incredible taste and satisfaction of eating healthy after eliminating ingredients I’ve thought all my life were essential to good eating and cooking. I appreciate the encouragement of being able to go to your facebook account and your website and find new recipes when I run dry of ideas and know that I am sticking to a new lifestyle that is turning my health around. You are a blessing, Elana.

  115. Pat says

    I so enjoy the recipes that Elana shares with us on facebook and would love to have her cookbook.

  116. Taryn says

    You’ve created simple and friendly recipes! Thank you for writing them down for all of us to enjoy!

  117. Brandi B. says

    You were my first look into paleo living–I would love to have a cookbook (I don’t have any yet)

  118. Megan says

    I’ll admit, every time I read a recipe I am so in love with it because it has all the ingredients that I can enjoy and then another one at the bottom catches my eye. Wonderful! So excited to start following your blog!

  119. Jo says

    I’ve always thought having food allergies or deciding to eat healthy meant giving up some of my favorite foods, but your easy to follow recipes have shown me that that is not the case! And thank you for your detailed explanations on the ingredients you use. That has been incredibly helpful.

  120. Josh Beaton says

    Your recipes are so TASTY, even my picky boyfriend will still eat them and he hates healthy food!

  121. Barbara says

    I love the simplicity in your recipes. I used to be a horrible cook, but now my boys appreciate me! Thank you!

  122. says

    You were a huge influence when converting to gluten-free protocols. Your coconut flour chocolate cake saved my skin when the first birthday party came around. The short list of ingredients is my favorite aspect of your recipes. I almostmalways have enough on hand to whip up something from your cookbooks.

  123. Jenn Grandlienard says

    My favorite part is that you can make “normal” food out of healthy ingredients and not feel like you’re on a “diet!” Thanks for the amazing recipes!!

  124. says

    Elena, I was introduced to your website over a year ago. At the time “it was fun” but not a focus of mine. Since then I’ve shifted my focus to healthier eating and plant-based. It’s not only for feeling better today, it’s for feeling better tomorrow. I love the photos, easy meals and warmth with which they are presented.

  125. Normajean Rabideau says

    I love all your recipes. My daughter, grand daughters and daughter in law are gluten free had to learn to cook a.ll over again.

  126. Nancy says

    This is my go to blog. Not only are the recipes delicious, but they are so simple that even somebody that is scared of the kitchen (me) can turn out something simply divine.

  127. Nellie says

    My favorite thing about your recipes is that you use healthy sweetners and are gluten free.

  128. Katie Kobelinski says


    I am pretty new to your site, but have enjoyed so many of your recipes already! My favorite is the flax bread, and my husband loves the bran muffins. He asks for them every week! And this is coming from a doughnut loving kind of man. Pretty awesome, I think!

    Thanks for all your recipes.

    Katie K

  129. Irene says

    Your recipes have allowed me to enjoy “bread” from time to time since starting paleo!! Your paleo bread is a staple in my paleo recipe box. I hope to enjoy your recipes in this new book!

  130. Regina says

    I love the fact that your recipes are made with real food. They’re easy and delicious. My favourite is the chocolate cake in the Gluten-free Almond Flour cookbook. I’d love to win your cookbook.

  131. Tammi Shamblin says

    I love that I don’t feel sick! Your recipes are always a hit with non-gluten intolerant friends too.

  132. Tina says

    I love that your recipes are yummy! Oh, and that I can eat them without discomfort because they are allergy friendly :0) Oh, and they are easy to make, appeal to my child (and hubby), and so on.

  133. Clara says

    I appreciate that you pick ingredients that are in the sweet spot in between chain groceries and high end health food stores. It’s nice to have decent, nutritional recipes with ingredients you can actually acquire. I love it especially because I’m sure you’ve so many crazy cool ingredients you like to try.

  134. Liz Mitchell says

    My most favorite thing about all of your recipes is the variety among all the recipes and the interesting spin you take on sweets, while still making them gluten free and healthy!

  135. Stephanie says

    Variety, though I love the baked goods it isn’t what I eat most. I like foods for every part of the day.

  136. Kimberly H. says

    I love your recipes for SO many reasons: they are quick and easy to prepare, I generally keep the ingredients on hand (we have multiple food allergies/intolerances), they are DELICIOUS, and they don’t make me or my family feel sick after eating them!! It’s a win-win-win-win! Thank you so much for all you do, Elana!

  137. Kimberly F says

    I enjoy the simplicity of your recipes and how tasty they are. This was helpful when I first started paleo eating.

  138. Katherine says

    I love the variety of your recipes and the passion you have for cooking that shows throughout each new creation!!

  139. raj says

    Your recipes make it easy to be on a restricted diet without forgoing on taste. Because of this i look forward to any new recipes you create.

  140. KimberlyB says

    The thing I love the most about your recipes is how accessible they are to those of us who are not great at cooking! Your recipes make me feel like a master chef!

  141. Darja Janovica-Marcenko says

    What I enjoy the most about your recipes is that with a few simple ingredients you achieve an exquisite dish that tastes better than the ‘real’ thing!

  142. Cheryl says

    I love that your recipes are not only paleo, but allergy friendly and made from simple ingredients! Excited about this book!

  143. Sheri says

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  144. says

    Count me in, PLEASE. I think my favorite thing about your recipes is how you manage to take so many traditional Jewish foods and make them healthy yet still incredibly delicious. Because of your site, I’ve managed to convince my oh-so-stubborn mother that there IS such a thing as a delicious pareve dessert.

  145. Anne-Marie Cain says

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