Nourished App

Giveaway: Nourished App

I am happy to announce that several of my recipes are now available via an amazing app called Nourished that works on any iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch running iOS 6 or higher.

Nourished puts a world of grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, refined-sugar free, corn-free, and legume-free recipes at your fingertips. And they continue to add more recipes – like mine, for example – at no additional cost. The app is filled with crystal-clear photos and loaded with features, including a history of what you cooked and when you cooked it, the option to see recipes in both US and Metric measurements, adjustable serving sizes, the ability to add your own notes to each recipe, and an interactive shopping list to help make buying ingredients the proverbial Paleo piece of cake.

Nourished currently features the following Paleo bloggers:

I am giving away five free Nourished apps. To be entered just leave a comment below. The winners will be selected at random today July 17th at 4pm MST.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winners of the Nourished App giveaway were Marisa, Bethany, Mary, Kelly, and Abby. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Corinne Porte says

    I just got your new cookbook in the mail yesterday! Eating gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and sugar free is a must for me so I am always looking for new recipes. Thanks!

  2. Kendra says

    I just bought your paleo cookbook and immediately made the muffins! Brilliant my allergic kids thank you :)

  3. Nina Burkardt says

    This sounds like a great app and I’m glad to hear that your recipes will be included!

  4. Jennifer says

    I would love this app. My son is gf/cf/sf and trying to be everything else free as well.

  5. Karyn says

    Hi Elana,

    I love your website and am constantly going to it to make my meals. I also truly enjoy your blogs especially the ones about multiple sclerosis and healthy eating. It has taken me a while but I am finally understanding the concept of eating to live. I feel as though I am fighting for my life and having your recipes as a go to has been so inspiring to me :) thank you!

  6. Julie says

    Very exciting! Ongoing thanks for your amazing help both navigating and ENJOYING our new G-F life!!

  7. melissa says

    pick me, pick me!! i need to get back on track! its amazing how good i feel when i am eating well. it would be a great resource to have at my fingertips!

  8. Jen says

    This app looks truely fab! Lots of people I already follow and to have them in one place would make it so much easier. Thanks for the giveaway, and your great site as always. Hope to be a winner :)

  9. Louise says

    This app looks brilliant!! Exactly what I could use to make my meal planning quicker. Great bloggers involved too so I’m sure all the recipes will be delicious. :-)

  10. Robyn Baldwin says

    The great thing about having this app – it travels with me so I can make your fab desserts when I visit my folks in Arizona (traveling from Sacramento)

  11. Jamie says

    I’m always looking for healthy and delicious ways to feed my family. I love free stuff ????

  12. MamaCassi says

    i don’t have any ‘smart’ devices and have never used an app! that said, i did share this giveaway on facebook b/c i think so many people would love your site. i’m always sharing the recipes i use and recommending your website and recipes to people going gluten-free or struggling w/ any health issues.


  13. Jaclyn says

    I found your site earlier this year and have been a faithful follower ever since! I just purchased your cookbook, amazing! Thank you for helping my family through this grain free ordeal!!!

  14. Dana says

    This app looks wonderful. I love the creativity of these people. It so helps those of us who don’t eat gluten and dairy, either by choice or necessity!

  15. Kelli V says

    This app would be awesome to have with all the information available. It would make it so easy to have the recipe on your phone to ensure you get everything at the market!

  16. says

    I love your website and can really identify with your journey. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (an autoimmune disease) and have used diet to help manage my illness. It will never go away but with people like yourself and the contributors your mention above, I know I can continue to help support my health, and deliciously!

    I would absolutely LOVE to be able to use this app. It sounds wonderful. Xx

  17. Leslie Thomas says

    I would love a copy of an app that centralizes these great recipes, thanks.

  18. Kandace says

    This is such a great idea. What a resource! I would love to get this app!


  19. Randi Maggid says

    I would love to have this app! I am gluten free going on the Paleolithic diet! Any help with ways to feed my family with taste and heart would be well appreciated!

  20. says

    Wow! What a beautiful app! And so great for them to have your recipes on there! I hope to have an app for my website soon so it is nice to see folks in the JERF movement getting more and more traction! Keep up the good work!

  21. Rebecca says

    I love combining all the recipes into one app. Much more user friendly than having individual apps for all my favorite chefs!


  22. Kim T says

    This app is on my neeeed list. Sure hope to win it here. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and for the awesome blog and cookbooks!

  23. Sharon Petrini says

    anything to make this gluten-free life easier, I’m on board. sounds like a fabulous app.

  24. dottie says

    Love your site…I’ve made so many of your recipes and each one has been great!!

  25. Beverly Allen says

    This app sounds amazing in content and so aptly and wonderfully named. Nourished — what we want to be, what we want our families to be. <3

  26. Chloe says

    good morning! I’m from Australia so I hope I have made it before the comp closes!
    love your awesome recipes!

  27. Holly Ellerton says

    I’m not sure if I’m too late, but I love my iPhone and cooking apps. I would love to be able to access them so easily!
    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  28. Christine says

    Wonderful idea just picked up my first CSA organic vegetables and looking for new recipe ideas. Elana found you years ago, your Almond flour cook book was lifesaver for my baking. Looking forward to the Paleo Book. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Jean S says

    wow; I would love to win this. Am just discovering that I don’t do well with gluten and dairy, so I’m learning learning learning!! ;)

  30. says

    I was at your Boulder Bookstore lecture!
    You had mentioned a good dr here who tests for digestive issues. Please will you share his contact?
    Thank you

  31. Amy Baggett says

    I am in the midst of the Whole30 challenge and I sure could use this app!! Thanks Elana for so many great recipes :)

  32. Sarah McOwen says

    This seems like a nice addition to my purposefully limited number of apps. Thanks Elana!

  33. Beth says

    I would LOVE to have this app to expand my paleo cooking beyond Practical Paleo and Well Fed. Always good to have more resources. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  34. Robin Whiting says

    This app looks terrific and if I don’t win I will be purchasing it. Thanks for the information.

  35. Liz says

    Great idea, indeed! Thanks for so often sharing the love and spreading the word about other health-aware food bloggers, Elana! Your blog is the one that hooked me first… and now you’re helping to expand my food blog world. All appreciated!

  36. Rachel says

    Nourish sounds absolutely fantastic! Whether or not I win, I’m glad to have heard about it. Thanks!

  37. Natasha Serin says

    Love your recipes – this app will make accessing them super easy. I have my own small business making cakes so will be trying some of your cake recipes soon.
    X Natasha

  38. Chris says

    My son has been diagnosed as gluten and lactose intolerant after a year of doctor’s appointments. I have gotten books from the library and borrowed cookbooks to cook for him. It would be nice to have an app I can use right in the kitchen. I live in the UK and would use the metric measurements.

  39. Becky Lecona says

    We love your recipes. My husband has lost about 15 pounds just by giving up wheat anything! I love to bake so he is always emailing me new recipes from you! As if to say hint, hint! Would love to have your app! Thx for caring for the health of others!

  40. Julie says

    Very cool looking app – and please accept my ongoing gratitude for your amazing help in navigating and ENJOYING the g-f world!!

  41. Heather says

    I would love to win this as I have recently diagnosed with MS and eating this way helps me.

  42. Michele L says

    Forget the giveaway! I couldn’t wait! I just bought it. :) Can’t wait to check it out!

  43. says

    Your Paleo Brownie recipe from your new book has made addicts out of those in my household that are decidedly NOT Paleo! I have never even liked brownies before making these but now savour every bite!

  44. Cristie says

    What a great idea to have healthy, wholesome and health-promoting recipes all within a single app! As a person new to this lifestyle, something like this sounds like a fantastic idea!

  45. Jo says

    Can’t wait to add this app to my NomNom Paleo app – I love to cook from my iPad!!!

  46. AnneG says

    I love your blog! Since finding out I am allergic to wheat, corn, gluten, and have to avoid all grains, your blog has been a godsend. I love your recipes and am excited to try new ones. Thank you so much for helping me through this tough time!

  47. T Vadnal says

    Looking forward to this app. Thank you for having the compassion for this so we can benefit.

  48. Diane M. says

    Recipe apps are great for planning my weekly meals, especially ones featuring gluten free recipes.

  49. T says

    Many great bloggers mentioned…this sounds like it would be a great app whether won or purchased!

  50. Jeana says

    I wish I could have my recipes organized and at my fingertips instead of scattered in binders, on white boards, in boxes…

  51. Nancy says

    Your recipes have made cooking gluten free truly free from stress, and
    fun! Not to mention yummy! The app looks cool!

  52. Natalie N says

    Wow, that is a great idea! My family really enjoys your recipes, and the app makes it even easier to make them.

  53. Allison says

    Thanks for all of your recipes. I’ve been making them for the last 18 months, and it has made the transition to paleo much easier!

  54. Caoimhe says

    Finally an app to bring grain-free recipes & info to us all on the go. Love it and can’t wait to try!!

  55. Amy says

    What a wonderful app! I would use it several times a week. Love your recipes, Elana!

  56. Judith says

    I wanted to tell you how much I love your chocolate chip cookie recipe in your new book. I have altered it a bit. I used just two tablespoons of honey plus two tablespoons of water and about 1/16 tsp of powdered stevia. For the chocolate chips, I chop Dagoba 87% chocolate and use 1/4 cup of that. I also refrigerate the dough for about 15 to 20 minutes. The dough is easier to form into cookies that way. I am just way sensitive to sugar and this makes a cookie that I can eat in small quantities without problems.
    Thank you so very much for all the testing you do to create such wonderful recipes. I regularly search the net for grain free, dairy free, low sugar recipes. I have found that yours are the best, tastiest and most reliable.

  57. Leta says

    Would love to win this app! To have everything at your fingertips would be nice. Thank you Elana for all your hard work and recipes!

  58. Leta says

    Would love to win this app! To have everything at your fingertips would be nice. Thank you Elana for all your hard work and recipes!

  59. says

    As a newcomer to the grain-free Autoimmune Protocol, I am in need of all the help I can get! Looking forward to diving in! :)

  60. Heather Johnston says

    What a great idea! I am always looking for new apps and things to make life easier as a person with Celiac. Would be great to win one! Thank you!

  61. Sandra Davis says

    I received your new book the day it came out, in the mail through amazon. Now that’s impressive! I have been grain free going on 3 months now.
    On my husbands birthday last year, I made him your german chocolate cake and it was delicious! I am just now thanking you for that recipe!! It was gooooood.
    thanks for giving me the opportunity. I now have more links to grain free eating, even if Im not chosen.

  62. Sigrid E. Mortensen says

    It sounds like a great app — especially with your recipes included! I’ve loved every recipe of yours I’ve tried (and I own two of you cookbooks). Thanks for all you do.

  63. Ore says

    I regularly visit the websites of several of the bloggers you mentioned, and would love the opportunity to access their amazing clean recipes using the App. I love cooking for friends and family, and this would give me tons of great recipes to try out!

  64. Andy says

    Would love to get this app on my phone. Always lookin for new recipes and having them all in one place is awesome.

  65. Kelly C says

    I’m fairly new to eating grain-free. This app looks like it would be super helpful!

  66. Laurel says

    This looks wonderful! It will be so helpful for trying to convince my mom to switch to a paleo lifestyle!

  67. Maiariane Duarte says

    What a lovely giveway!!! that would be so helpful for my family and I!!! Whoever gets it, will be very blessed :)

  68. Ruby BB says

    Oh this would be great for me as I am just discovering issues with gluten and am at a loss as to what to make to eat :(

  69. Orlane says

    I love the website and I was wondering how the app is. Hopefully I’ll be able to check if out soon!!

  70. Leslie H says

    It is great to find out about this app! I look forward to trying it out. Thank you for sharing so much good information for gluten-free living.

  71. Danielle V says

    Sounds like an all around great app.

    By the way, thanks for turning me onto almond & coconut flour :)

  72. Kimberlee Plant says

    I could really use a copy of this app as I am new to the gluten, dairy, sugar free way of eating!

  73. Sue Breeden says

    I adore your recipes! Can’t wait to get the app and would especially love to get it in the giveaway:)

  74. debi says

    This would be amazing to win. I am Allergic to soy and wheat so always looking for new ideas!

  75. Luz B. says

    How exciting! I love using my iPad mini for holding favorite recipes. Looking forward to discovering new favorites!

  76. CareBear says

    The app looks amazing and I love the name. Such a great way to think about food…

  77. Julie says

    I use elana’s pantry all the time. Would be great to be able to access great grain free recipes from my phone.

  78. says

    Would love to win this app. As a wellness team member, always looking for paleo apps/books, etc to recommend to our employees.

  79. Beverley says

    I have only recently discovered the complete world of Paleo recipes. Purchased our first Vitamix today inspired by Elana’s website. Would love to have this app to discover even more great recipes which would be nourishing for my dad! Thank you

  80. Els says

    Great iniciative! Together you will be strong!
    Thank you so much for making easier the transition to a gluten free diet.

  81. says

    This app sounds amazing! Recipe History with notes?! Much better than printing and tossing the bad ones away. Shopping list, a-mazing! I can’t wait to try it!

  82. Rebecca G. says

    This app looks absolutely fabulous! It would be awesome to get. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  83. Sarah says

    Would love, love, love to take this app for a test run!

    Elana’s recipes have quite literally, transformed my life. I used to think my sensitivities had relegated me to a life of infinitely looping hum-drum Steamed Veggies + Grilled Chicken (which I love, don’t get me wrong) — but now I feel like a flippin’ gourmet chef all day, erryday.

  84. Marisa says

    I’m relatively new to the Paleo diet world. I’ve already purchased one of your books. I’m very excited about this potential of getting the app for free!!

  85. Melona Gallagher says

    What a great application, can’t wait to see your great recipes on it!

  86. Katie Osborne says

    I would love to have access to this!! My 5 kids have transitioned to gluten free this summer and the change has been amazing! I’m always on the look out for new recipes.

  87. Candice Ballard says

    Love all your recipes and look forward to more for my gluten free family!

  88. Jenn says

    Wow – I didn’t realize so many great Paleo bloggers were contributing. I can’t wait to check it out!

  89. Megan VW says

    I wouldn’t be able to survive being gluten free without you! :) app looks great.

  90. Chelsea says

    This is a great idea to have everything one one app! Jealous I didn’t think of it :)