Giveaway: Holiday Goodies

You can win The Girl Hunter, a Moleskin Recipe Journal, The Future of Food documentary on DVD or a 5 pound bag of almond flour.

It’s the holidays. A time for gifts. And giveaways. Here’s what I’ve got today!

Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time
You may have noticed a couple of weekends ago that I was tweeting like a wild woman about my adventures on a ranch in Texas. Well that was thanks to Georgia Pellegrini. She invited me, and a dozen other friends to Joshua Creek Ranch for the weekend so that we could watch her in action and learn to shoot guns –it was a blast (literally). Georgia has also written an incredible book about hunting for and killing her own food. You can win the Girl Hunter and experience the adventures of this modern female Hemingway for yourself. Girl Hunter is a great read and I highly recommend it.

Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal
Losing recipes? Write down your favorite creations in this beautiful recipe journal.

The Future of Food DVD
This moving film by Deborah Koons Garcia has been a key tool in the anti-GMO grassroots activist movement. Genetic engineering of food crops continues to be a major controversy when it comes to our food supply today; multinational corporations use this technology to position themselves as the answer to the world food crisis, while consolidating (and claiming ownership of) the world’s seed supply. A highly educational, yet frightening film with inspiring portions on the history of food in indigenous cultures.

Blanched Almond Flour & Gluten Free Biscotti
Looking for kosher almond flour? Look no further. This prize is a bountiful 5 pound bag from the folks at Digestive Wellness, along with a package of their delicious gluten free biscotti –both SCD compliant.

These are a few of my favorite things, leave a comment below to be entered to win!

To be entered in this giveaway, leave a comment below letting us know how you’ll be helping others (in any way) during the holidays. If you’re looking for a way to contribute to other people’s cheer, I can suggest Kiva, a micro-finance website that my children and I spend time on during the holidays. It is great fun to give back.

I will pick 4 winners using, one winner per item above (note: the almond flour and biscotti are given away as one item). This giveaway will end tonight, December 21st, at midnight (MST).

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winners were Jeana (Girl Hunter), Miriam (Recipe Journal), Cathy (Future of Food), and Marion (Digestive Wellness). Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. alisa joy says

    i’m giving my parents a stove for christmas! an indoor stove for a family in guatemala that does not cause respiratory diseases–a leading cause of death for 1 in 5 kids in that area.

  2. MrsF3 says

    I’ll be helping my family get together and providing them an opportunity to try gluten-free cookies!

    I’d love the giveaways!

  3. says

    I give back every year by taking the name of an angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree…these families are very poor, and through the years I brought my son up doing this each Christmas, and I am now doing this with my young granddaughter..this is her second year doing it…she picks the child and she goes shopping with me….I wish you could see the look on her face when she brings it back to the Salvation Army…priceless! Christmas is for the children, and it is the children that should have gifts under the
    tree..we all should remember that.

  4. Jade says

    My family and I went through all of our closets, picking out things that we rarely wore or had an abundance of; a good portion of these items were warm, winter jackets. We have donated these to local shetlers around the city in the hopes that they keep others in need cozy and warm for the holidays.

  5. Jessy says

    That almond flour and biscotti sounds like a fabulous prize!

    With my family we’ll give to people in our community in need, and on a more personal note, I’ll help my mother so she doesn’t get crazy due to all preparations. ;)

  6. says

    I have been helping others this holiday season by trying to do small acts of kindness like letting people go in front of my in a long line and cheering up friends when needed. I think you don’t always have to give something that involves money, many times good acts and thoughts go a long way with friends and strangers!!

  7. Joanna Ellis says

    What an incredible product. It makes being gluten-intolerant a great excuse to eat the most delicious as well as the most healthy treats around!

  8. nellie says

    I am at home with my mother over the holidays I try to help her out as much as I can with the extra things she doesn’t have time to do. Building new Ikea furniture, cleaning out rooms and everyday things like shovelling, cleaning and dishes. Tomorrow I am teaching someone how to skate ski.

  9. Sylvlia Valdez says

    A local store had a clearance of turkeys for but $5. I bought some and three were given away to friends.

    I am also sharing recipes/cooking ideas as I learn to cook gluten free.

    Most of all, I pray daily for so many; our world is in such need of prayer and healing.

  10. Carly McMahon says

    I volunteer with the Christmas Bureau which provide grocery gift certificates and money to families in need at Christmas. I also bake for the local soup kitchen and would love to be able to eat what I make for them:)

  11. KT says

    This Christmas my family helped others by giving our gently used toys directly to families we knew did not have funds for toys. It’s rewarding to my boys to see the specific recipients we are helping. We also support a friend in prison with funds that help pay off his restitution debt and stamps so he can connect with those supporting him on the outside. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  12. Marsha says

    I believe The true sense of Christmas is giving of oneself. I try to give each person a little more of my time by being present in time with them. A simple word can impact a persons life more than you think. It’s happened to me.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

  13. says

    me and my boys deliver christmas presents with the Charlotte Police department to the needy!! It is a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing the smiles every year!!
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!!

  14. Geri Widell says

    My hubby and I contribute to our local Christmas tree in our community where they collect food and gifts for low-income families. This year, we will be helping distribute them to the families also. We’ve always done this through our company, but the last few years have been difficult. The economy has taken it’s toll on everyone. People who receive these items are extremely grateful. And, we love delivering them and playing Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus. Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  15. Heather says

    For those hard to buy for people on our list, we always do gift donations to organizations we think our recipient would like. One of our favorite is Heifer International, but we have also donted to preserve wilderness, rescue animals and for micro-loans. Then I like to make them a little good for you goodie so they have something to open and enjoy.

  16. Abigail says

    I haven’t been able to volunteer as I would like too, due to health problems. But I have been taking care of my immediate family and close friends, by making sure they have new shoes and the clothes that they need. While new shoes may not sound like an exciting Christmas present, when you need new shoes – it truly is a gift you are happy to receive.

    Thanks Elena for all the work you put into the blog all year log. It is a gift to us all.

  17. Minna says

    I have been enjoying baking and making homemade gifts this holiday season! It has been so fulfilling knowing that I’m giving gifts that are both healthy and delicious! Thank you for all that you do!!

  18. Melissa Williams says

    I will be delivering gifts from the giving tree at the Elementary school I teach at. We provide gifts to all the children whose parents request a little extra help from Santa.

  19. Stephanie says

    Hi Elana,

    I just found out today that my cousin has Celiac. So my mom & I are coming to her aid and giving her lots of tips & ideas (including your web site) – to help her get started :)

  20. Sonya says

    We’ve been helping out at monthly food/clothing drives that my husband organizes here. It’s a light year for helping out since I’ve been so consumed with trying to figure out everyone’s food issues and then find delicious recipes (thanks for yours!) that will keep us on a healthy & satisfied track. I would LOVE to win a copy of Girl Hunter. It made it to the top of my wish list after you posted about the trailer the other day on Twitter.

  21. Tabitha says

    I plan to attend a digestive wellness community event this holiday season and tell people about the SCD diet which has changed my life in such an amazing way, even though I’m not too excited about speaking in front of a crowd, I think people need to know there are other options besides medication. Oh, and I will defintely be referring them to this site as well. Your recipes are amazing!

  22. Gail Williams says

    My husband and I are collecting coats for Crow Creek Indian Reservation. Many living there go without heat/electricity throughout the harsh SD winters. Last year, over 70 people froze to death.
    If I were to be chosen, I would LOVE the almond flour/biscotti because my 16 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with food intolerances and has been put on a gluten free, dairy free, soy free diet. We just talked today about finding gluten free recipes/ingredients, so she can continue to bake, which is one of her most favorite things to do!

  23. says

    I have helped other gluten-free friends by recommending your website! Additionally, our church holds a Day of Sharing at which we serve nearly 200 families in our neighborhood. 500 children received new gifts and their families took free clothing, shoes, household items and food. Helping my daughter with her toddler and twin sons who are now walking…always in different directions….is a joy for this gramma.

  24. Linda Vhase says

    I lost 120 lbs due to the help I received from some people who taught me how to eat and move and think in a healthy manner. I am always looking for ways to share what I’ve learned – especially this time of year. I’ve been helping compile a “cookbook” that is given to those who are interested in learning new ways to eat. I tell people every chance I get what I’ve done (off 16 meds, no more high BP or diabetes, no more cane) and encourage them that they can do it too. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  25. kristintintin says

    i support the danafund in india and help my sister with her children while she helps her husband who is in final stages of kidney failure and i run a non-profit.

  26. Sonia says

    I’m giving back to my siblings this year -we’ve all been through a rough term and so we’re taking each other out for a beach vacation and some heart to hearts :)

  27. Marsha says

    This Christmas I’m helping my Aunt with the cooking because she has to go to work. Thanks Elana for the opportunity to win one of these really useful gifts!!!

  28. says

    I am helping my entire family this holiday by preparing and serving a gf meal. I can’t wait to see their faces when they find out they have not eaten any wheat, grains or gluten at our holiday meal. Since I went gf 3 weeks ago, my blood sugars have almost gone to completely normal and I am taking only 1/2 as much insulin. I LOVE your almond flour cookbook and will be making many of the recipes!

  29. Andrea says

    Love your recipes. Currently I am helping families with young children by collecting clothing and food donations!

  30. Kari Salvato says

    New to your site and have just recently received my first bag of Almond flour and the chocolate chip cookies from your book were a major hit! Thank you!

  31. Jessica says

    This year, my hubby and I decided not to buy one another gifts and instead we used the money to buy shares of livestock through Heifer International. Our 4 year old daughter loved picking out which animals we’d buy for families in need. She especially loved the idea of gifting others honey bees.

  32. Venessa says

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway. I will be helping people out by cleaning before and after the festivities.

  33. Kate says

    Thanks for the Kiva suggestion. Was not aware of this organization and so glad to do a little to help.

  34. Anna says

    Great ideas for the giveaway! During the holidays I and my 2 girls love to bake cookies, everyone enjoys it so much. I wonder if there is a way to do anything resembling hallah using almond flour, can’t do coconut… Just a thought…

  35. KellyB says

    I always like to give a pile of toys to Toys for Tots and my kids’ school has a tree decorated with new hats, mittens, gloves etc. that are given to people of need that my kids bring items for.

  36. says

    I donate almost daily to the Salvation Army kettles and with a smile on my face… I am happy that I am in a position to be able to do this because it benefits others so much. I find the entire population seems to be more friendly this time of year, I wish it lasted all year round!

  37. Julie-Anna Homeyer says

    Hey Elana! I would love to receive any of those! :)

    I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

  38. Julie says

    I gave my 5 year old daughter the option to have a “regular” Christmas, or instead, take our Christmas gift budget and give to others. Through , she chose to give to others instead of adding to what she has. She even emptied her piggy bank when I told her she’d have to pick between 2 of the items or else she’d be over her “budget.” She gave help and hope to those in need, and certainly blessed me with her great vision!

  39. Damaris says

    Your blog has been a blessing to my life as a celiac healing along with my two angels coming out of autism!

    In this special season and always I have the job of spreading the joy of healing with the right foods….

    God bless you!

  40. Hilary says

    So many ways to help out this time of year – Mitzvah Day at our synagogue, baking cookies for and then visiting a nursing home with my son’s preschool class, and donating to Toys for Tots are a few of our highlights.
    It is heartwarming to read so many comments of caring and kindness.

  41. Arunima says

    Would like to enter. We have helped by buying items from the wishlist of women in shelters as well as helped someone in need when she lost almost everything

  42. Judy H. says

    We “adopted” a boy for Christmas and gave all kinds of warm clothes and a few games, and we hope he enjoys getting as much as we had fun giving!

    Happy Hanukkah to you and your family!

  43. says

    I am helping my family out by doing all the wrapping of gifts this year. Its also the first year I am eating a really challenging diet so I am helping out my mother in law by doing some of my own cooking for the holidays so she does not have to worry about what I can or cant eat.

  44. Carla says

    I am helping people feel wonderful about themselves, by making them glamorous, with a Holiday hairstyle!

  45. Maria says

    For the second year, we’ve purchased Christmas gifts for a family living at a local shelter for women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse. I also made a donation to my daughters’ class for the purchase of gifts for children whose names they picked from the Salvation Army’s giving tree. And I’ve been putting money (even if it’s just a $1) into every kettle I see. Honestly, it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I’m so grateful for all that my family has and enjoys, that I just wish I had the kind of money to go out and “Secret Santa” people. You know, like those people you hear about that don Santa hats and give total strangers $100 bills? That would be awesome.

    Thanks for doing your part to bless others, Elana.

  46. Isabel says

    We always donate animals through Heifer, but where I feel I’m actually “helping” this holiday season is by being home to help my family (rather than staying at school) – around the house, or just by being there to give support. The little kids are in full terror mode, and the larger kids aren’t much better. It may not be as big as donating, but if I can make my parents’ holidays that much easier/happier, then I consider it worth it.

    (On a side note, it’s so nice of you to offer these opportunities as well, may you have the best of holidays yourself!)

  47. Muriel Wohrle says

    I am helping out a local crisis pregnancy center this Christmas. I coordinated with my work to provide gifts and neccesities for the moms’ and babies :)

  48. Ciara Tague says

    I’m giving homemade toiletries with the recipe to my family in hopes that they will embrace making their own toothpaste, laundry detergent & body scrubs.

  49. says

    So far this holiday season I’ve adopted a baby and brought her presents and have donated money to several charities. I love how rewarding it feels.

  50. says

    I just found your website recently and it is wonderful discovery. I went caroling with the children tonight in the rain to spread holiday cheer in the neighborhood and connect with neighbors!

  51. Virginia says

    This year I’ve focused on doing something larger than my immediate community, and something within my immediate family. The big picture and the intimate portrait. For the larger community, I donate to Heifer International, The Girl Effect, and the Somaly Mam Foundation, all of which help strong women around the world. For the strong women in my immediate family, we’ve all worked a bit in advance to make our time at Christmas less hectic, less material based, and more meaningful together. Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice!

  52. megan says

    I work at a mall so this holiday season I try to help out by being extra nice & letting people use their coupons even if it already expired (unless it won’t work anyways). Sounds like a great giveaway! I love using almond flour now!

  53. Cathy in Georgia says

    This holiday season, we’re really trying to re-stock the empty shelves at our local Salvation Army. My husband and I live on 87 acres in the North Georgia mountains, and we have organized hunts in hopes to donate the they can help feed the homeless. As I write (10:30 pm, Wed. 12/21), there is a team of men and dogs outside (pray for success!). We’ve also been up to a local soup kitchen, getting to know the folks who come in for friendship, a meal, and a blanket for the cold nights.

    You give to us all every day, Elana! Thank you for all you do for all of us.


  54. says

    This Holiday I helped out with an ‘Adopt a Family’ organization where you purchase gifts for children of a family in need. At school a bunch of us also purchased a gift card to world vision for our supervisors (a great idea!) so they could pick out items to donate with their children. After hearing of some stories of how much people do for others around the Holidays, I would love to do more!

  55. Judith says

    We have given back through our daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. They have adopted children through the local Regional Center and have provided their holiday gifts this year.

  56. MANDA says

    i am helping my in-laws, who are dealing with an illness in the family, by making the christmas dinner. i am a bit nervous;) it feels good to take the pressure off of them for once though!

  57. Dee says

    I love reading your posts, Elana. I always seem to learn something new—either from you or other responses/comments. We have just donated some really nice older electronic equipment to a Good Will type of center. Also hosted a big party at our home in celebration of my Dec. bd, and it was completely gluten free! No one there besides me was gluten intolerant, yet everyone LOVED all of the homemade recipes and could not tell it was gluten free. They were amazed!

  58. says

    I am helping out in several ways this holiday season…my husband just helped provide a washer/dryer for a women’s shelter, my brother is a single dad this Christmas, so I took his son to buy him a good gift so he has something user the tree on Christmas morning, and I have made a gluten-free clean spaghetti bake casserole that I am hoping a friend will find blesses her as she is hitting a huge rough patch with illness in her family. Mainly, though, I am praying for families with heavy hearts, especially our military families.

  59. Tracy says

    I have a friend who has an austic daughter, her husband left her and she is strapped finacially… decided to treat her to a massage… something she’ll never do for herself.

  60. Lisa says

    ooooh, biscotti. Seriously, does GF get any more decadent than that? And yeah for celebrating female hunters! Fascinating (and rather quaint) that a female hunter is such a novelty to such a large percentage of our population. Here in MT, I know plenty of women who bag elk (not cute little white tails or bunnies) each year. Not a hunter myself, but always love it when the boyfriend of the day is a hunter and I get to have elk for dinner (and lunch, and yes, sometimes brkfst too!).

  61. Kris says

    I shopped for a needy family through the Salvation Army and I helped with a charity cookie sale. I have been pleased to see my teens offering of themselves without any prompting. One is playing her violin at nursing homes this season and my other daughter donated mosquito nets through Samaritan’s Purse.

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these cool giveaways.

  62. Nancy Tiffany says

    Believing that even the smallest gift of time in another person’s life with enrich the giver and recipient my involvement is sharing my talent with jewelry to bless a family I know. The teen girls in this family have little money to spend on Christmas gifts so I’m having them come spend an afternoon with me to make jewelry for their family. I appreciate how Elana encourages her readers to be involved in giving to others.

  63. says

    What a great giveaway! Growing up we used to always sponsor a family in buying Christmas gifts, but I haven’t done that in awhile. This year my husband and I donated several bags full of warm clothing to a local homeless outreach.

  64. Jami Fynboh says

    As I am stretched a little thin this holiday season, I will be mostly giving my time and love to my mother who is currently ill and in the hospital. I’m about as pulled as a daughter, mother and wife can be this Christmas season. I will also be bringing goodies to those lovely men and women who cafe for my mom at the hospital!

  65. andrea says

    I would be delighted to win any of these four items! I am trying to help out homeless animals that an organization here takes in and finds foster homes for through donating desperately needed cat food to help feed all the foster animals in their care.Heavenly Creatures is a non-profit organization based in St.John’s Newfoundland,that helps get stray (many times sick and injured animals off the streets and into loving foster homes where they are sometimes even adopted by the foster families themselves)

  66. Michelle Kaplan says

    This year while planning our office potluck, I switched it up a bit and instead of doing secret santa, we are bringing in small gifts to make 2 care packages for Troops over seas. I figure we are blessed enough, we need to pass it on!

  67. Leah says

    For many years I have helped with others to bring Christmas to troubled teenagers at a local detension center. Items are collected all year round for the event. The kids will write thank you notes and some have expressed that it was the first Christmas they have ever received a gift! We also provide things for the facility to share such as games and books and goodies. Each of them also gets cards of encouragement and kindness in hopes that they will want to turn their lives around and do something better with it. this is our future generation and unfortunately not all of us come form good loving families. As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a chile! :)

  68. Tara says

    We will be serving a hearty homestyle community meal to those in need. We are able to do so as a family so even our youngest have a way to give and share.

  69. Sandra Wiens says

    I helped fill hamper from a single mom- I workat a seniors home and asked our residents to help with the project.

  70. Evelyn R says

    My daughter’s school has an angel tree and we adopted a single mother and her 2 children. We went shopping for them as a family and really enjoyed picking out gifts for someone in need.

  71. Shari Fischer says

    I will be making fleece blankets for people in our local homeless shelter along, with 50 – 75 other blanket makers (of all ages!) on “Mitzvah Day”, Dec. 25th. Mitzvah Day is our community’s 6th annual day for doing “mitzvah work” all over the community – feeding people in soup kitchens, cooking Christmas dinner for policemen, cleaning cages in the animal shelter, picking up litter in the parks, singing holiday songs & playing bingo with nursing home residents, delivering kitchen baskets to new Habitat for Humanity homeowners, delivering Christmas dinner to folks in Ronald McDonald houses, etc. Over 300 people participate. It’s a great way to build community.

  72. Alisha says

    We sent of 3 boxes with Operation Christmas Child and we also donated baby chickens to a village family in Asia through Gospel for Asia.

  73. Leah says

    Helping with others to provide Christmas gifts to troubled teens at a local detension center–have been involved with it for many years. The kids will write the sweetest thank you cards and some have mentioned never getting Christmass gifts before. We also enclose cards for each one that has motivational thoughts and kind words in hope that something will touch them and make them want to do something better with their lives.

  74. Nancy says

    I really love Elana’s many great recipes and information, thank you!
    Our family is having our sons college international teammate stay with us for a few days until he can get on his way home for Christmas.

  75. Sharon Stromer says

    My family recently packed food for the starving with KidsAgainstHunger, a non-profit that my husband is blessed to work for. Thanks for making the giveaway available!

  76. Shay says

    I have a few toys saved up for Toys for Tots. But I have to admit this season I’ve been more the recipient of giving. I had surgery on 12/16 and, as always, the warmth and care of my friends and family is overwhelming.

  77. CatetheGreat says

    Duh! Forgot to say that we’ve donated to toys for tots after hearing of their struggle in the Windy City.

  78. CatetheGreat says

    Stoked about Girl Hunter! My hunter of a father would only be so proud.
    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes Elana.

  79. Summer Pramer says

    One of the mitzvah’s I perform each year is to prepare latke’s for my husband’s family. My in-laws are in their upper 80’s and enjoy every morsel! Gluten-free of course!

  80. Vickie says

    We are participating in “One Less Gift” at our church. Everyone pledges to buy one less gift and donate that money to be used for Christmas benevolence.

  81. Sarah B. says

    I think I am going to buy KIVA gifts. What a great idea! I think this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  82. says

    I will be bringing delicious, gluten free, whole food based dishes to our family meal and giving a kiva card as a gift:)

  83. Marsha says

    Elana, thank-you so much for all you do. I have been Paleo/ GF mostly since May 2011. I have lost 45 lbs and still losing. I feel much better! I have started sharing some of your baked items and people at work are asking me for information! I have several conversations weekly now about this lifestyle and reference your website and cookbooks often. Through my work I am involved with harvesters and since I am a nurse I am always helping somebody be it family, friends, or patients.

  84. susan says

    I am getting together with a few friends to help a little girl who has severely disabled parents by getting them a tree and decorations, clothes for the girl and food for their feast. It is Secret Santa style and they are incredulous with the fun and the frenzy! I would love to win one of your gifts! Susan

  85. Cat Frecceri says

    This holiday season, I’ll be helping others by donating my time to Second Harvest Food Bank. <3

  86. Elaina says

    We live in the city and every day we see people holding cardboard signs asking for help. My children and I made little goodie bags with food and 5 dollar bills to give out to the people on street corners.

  87. Cindy says

    For the past 4 years, my 3 girls (8,6,4) count their tzadakah money on one night of Hanukkah. They then buy hats & mittens for a local organization with all their tzadakah money. In addition, we have a large collection box outside our door for friends and neighbors to donate; my daughter’s preschool collects; and friend’s businesses collect. For 3 small girls, they have 3 very large hearts and our entire family (and our community) enjoy donating all these hats & mittens so that no Minnesotan goes without warmth every winter. Last year we collected 494 items and hope to increase it every year. Here’s our story…


  88. Gerri says

    I plan to help out at the local soup kitchen serve meals for the holiday. I won’t be able to travel back home this year so this seems quite appropriate to be part of another “family.”
    Happy Holidays to all

  89. Carolyn says

    I am taking some homemade gifts to a young Russian woman who is alone and has only been in the US 2 months.

  90. carolann says

    My mom & I would always put together gift boxes for a women’s charity in our home town. It’s a lovely way to be reminded of what’s important during the busy holiday season!

  91. says

    I donated toys to Toys For Tots, volunteered at the Soup Kitchen, and donated to the food bank over the past 5 weeks, I gifted to the community Angel Tree, and spent hours stuffing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Recently I learned that a friend was in need, and sent an anonymous gift to help with Christmas.

  92. Rebekah says

    As a part of a community-wide event we prepared food items, cards, and fruit baskets for distribution to the less fortunate. Afterwards, our 12 yo, 13 yo, and 17 yo went with a youth group to visit the infirm in two local nursing homes and hand out the cards and gifts. Our 12 yo son was really changed by the visit to the nursing home where he encountered a 10 yo patient — a young boy who was severely developmentally handicapped. After visiting with the boy for several minutes, my son was thrilled because he had taught him to do a simply high-five. As parents, it was wonderful to see our children learn how to give to others, instead of just focusing on what they wanted for Christmas this year.

  93. Amelia B. says

    Our department at work sponsored gifts for Both a needy child and a senior without family. I also try to give to any local charities I support during the holiday season.

    Love the idea of the almond flour. That stuff is hard to find locally!

    • says

      oops, here’s the rest of my comment:
      We donate gluten free items to food pantries in hopes to help people with celiacs who get food from the pantry.

  94. says

    I love your website. I purchased your book for my bow hunting sister Andrea. I will be thrilled when it arrives. I will be helping a young couple I heard about who are desperate need. The dad lost hours this month and food stamps do not stretch. They have a 2 year old son and are expecting a second son. I plan to give a turkey, chickens, venison and grass fed beef from my freezer, canned goods and a grocery gift card. I hope to stock their pantry and freezer for awhile . I am blessed with so much.
    Thank you for setting a marvelous example to young women. You empower them! Lynn

    • Sarah says

      Giving my family, our friends & neighbors a joyous, kosher, healthy and meaningful Chanukah experience each night of the holiday. Thanks for the giveaway, hope you and your loved ones are having a beautiful, light-filled Chanukah.

  95. Gabreial W. says

    I plan to help my mom’s craving for Bread Pudding, I haven’t made it for her in over a year.

  96. Robbie says

    I had a huge garage sale and took some of the money we made and bought gifts for several needy families. Joining “The Giving Tree’ through KSBJ, a local radio station, made this possible. I have given clothes to a 82 year old grandfather, and many toys and clothes to 4 different children in another family, and clothes and toys to a boy in a single parent home. Made me feel really good to help 3 other families and they all were very grateful. It was a win/win situation. ;)
    I’m also giving some of my harvest from my grapefruit tree away. I will do this every year from now on, it just has made a huge difference and makes me feel so happy.

  97. Linda says

    Kiva?!!!! They are a terrific group and now inspired by you I will make a new donation to help others grown their own livelihood

  98. kim says

    My daughter and I were fortunate enough to serve at a gingerbread decorating party for children of a mentoring group for women transitioning from welfare to work. It was the best part of the holiday season to see their smiles.
    I also baked some of your Paleo Fruitcake – I hope it will bring smiles as well.
    Happy Holiday!

  99. Jani says

    My husband and I put on a workshop on how to “survive the holidays”. We taught everybody how to avoid the top 6 “joy stealers”. I sent everyone home with healthy holiday recipes… Almond & coconut flour, no sugar etc… It was great!

  100. Brandi B says

    I always do Operation Christmas child with my son and take a child’s name from our tree at work:)

  101. Lissa M says

    I am shortening my vacation to help my client during her vacation get some critical work done as quickly as possible so that she can relax and enjoy Christmas.

  102. Heather says

    Our office helped collect toys for the children of the local children’s hospital. It was such an honor to be able to deliver a car full toys to sick children this christmas!

  103. says

    We are raising money for water systems through Compassion Internationals Water for Life. The kids have raised enough $$ for 6-7 filters so far!!

  104. Rose Hornbeck says

    I love your recipes Elana! I look forward to checking my inbox for new recipes and new products.

  105. Misty Sedehi says

    We pick out several items from the Samaritan Purse Outreach to donate to individuals in foreign countries. Also donated bags of toys and clothes to the homeless. Tis the Season!!!

  106. says

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes, I love your carrot cake! I am a new to Paleo and your site is helping me get the breakfast problem solved. My goal is to reach my desired weight, exercise, and help others prosper (and pass along your site to those interested)!

    To a wonderful 2012!


  107. Gretchen says

    We worked with our local school to provide a holiday meal for 15 families in the school who needed one.

  108. Jackie Carniglia says

    Oh my! Where to begin….This was the year I focused on teaching my children (5 & 6) how to serve others. We rang bells for Salvation Army, collected food for the SPCA, brought Christmas cards to residents of our local nursing home, shopped for families that were adopted by our church….. I am so excited at the joy I see in them when they are a source of joy and hope for others.

  109. says

    Elana, thanks for giving us the idea of visiting the Kiva website. I have been looking for something like that for a long time. This season I have donated money to buy gift cards for our cleaning crew at work, and a cash donation to a local homeless shelter. I also have donated toys and food to a small neighboring town’s charitable organization. But I am really looking forward to loaning money to artisans, farmers, and empowering women’s groups through Kiva. I also love your recipes!

  110. says

    We met a family who just moved out to AZ from the midwest. They lost their home, business, everything. They have no family here, so we are having them in our home for Christmas.

  111. Pam Smith says

    We ( me and my husband ) donated to a single mother a new coffee maker from her wishlist and also donated to a family that needed toys for the children for Christmas . Both parents are oout of a job.

  112. steph says

    We volunteer at our church fot jubilee christmas where gifts are bought and the parents get to “shop” for their kids. We even wrap everything up for them.

  113. says

    My family is going to be sponsoring a Compassion child. It’s something we’ve been praying about for a while, and finally feel as if we can afford the monthly commitment. I can’t wait!

  114. Pam says

    Lending a helping hand where needed as well as inviting friends and acquaintances to our yearly Christmas Caroling party.

  115. Rose Mckinney says

    Wow this is my first ever gluten free, dairy free, egg free holiday. I was diagnosed this past August with gluten intolerance and possible celiac disease when I almost died and lost a lot of weight and some of my memory. So what I have given back is what I have learned in my eager path to get better. I share about gluten anyway I can, from strangers at the grocery store to friends on Facebook and beyond, and help them with ideas of healthier choices, recipes I have discovered, and web sites, blogs, books, and articles that have benefited me the most. I feel that the more folks know about this insidious silent disorder/disease the more likely they can take measures to prevent the autoimmune symptoms that have manifested in my body. I look back on my teaching career and think of all the ADD kids—I believe they would really benefit in mental clarity if they gave up gluten. The website,, has been the most educational for me about this disease.

  116. Jen P says

    I’m single with no children, so I try to pitch in extra hard at family gatherings so that the busy parents don’t have to run themselves ragged during their scant vacation time.

  117. Rebecca says

    we are inviting one of my son’s friends and his mom to our [extended] family Christmas meal because he doesn’t have any surviving grandparents and no aunts and uncles. We wanted them to have a wonderful Christmas with a big, boisterous family with all the quirks! ;-)

  118. says

    oops I forgot to say how I was helping others in my other comment-we are helping with a food drive for neighbors fallen on hard times, also I am helping rabbits through the local rescue, do rabbits count?

  119. webee says

    i would love to bake gluten free food for my husband so we can both eat better.i have a chronic/arthritis dease and it would be great to find healthy food we would both enjoy.i would love to win for him.i know he would have a huge smile.

  120. Brenda says

    i’m at my daughter’s home this chritmas helping with her children. she gave birth today to her third child. many places and people to help, but this is the best place to be needed.

  121. Sharon Baridon says

    I am so happy to see that you mentioned Kiva. Our family consists of mostly older or young adults, and we all are so far apart that I decided to give Kiva gift cards! At a time when so many are having a hard time, our family is very blessed that we all are employed or retired comfortably, we don’t need anymore “stuff”. I love the idea of being able to help someone else’s dream to come true! Blessings to all!

  122. joe says

    I do charity knitting with a small group. we knit hats, scarves & mitts for our homeless right here in town. also baby blankets for the local hospital. please enter me.

  123. robyn M says

    many a things this season: the kids and i made blessing bags to hand out to the homeless, items for the food pantry and picking names off the giving trees are just a few of the things we’re doing this time of year!

  124. says

    I have donated free babysitting to my neighbors (some have used it) so that the stress of an extra cost won’t be added to enjoying themselves.

  125. Patricia says

    We donate food for needy families at Christmas and we also give to a boy and girl for Operation Christmas Child. Thanks sfor the giveaway. I have always wanted to try the almond flour.

  126. Molly says

    I will be serving a meal to those who normally wouldn’t get a Christmas meal (or any nice meal for that matter) on Christmas Eve. I’m also going to support the local artisans by giving gifts from the locals! Thanks so much Elana I would love any of these gifts. Mostly the first 2!! You are wonderful.

  127. says

    Every holiday season we give to Heifer International and send our sponsored child in Zimbabwe a monitary gift to help her and her family.

    Thank you.

  128. kel says

    Wow! Elana, you are amazingly generous . . . first you give us loads of free (and amazingly delicious) healthy recipes and now this!! thank you so much for the opportunity and for your generosity in general . . . you amaze and inspire!!

  129. KD says

    Let me first say that I love your website, ite is very helpful to my family and I. This year (today actually), we went to our local animal shelter and donated blankets, food, cookies and toys to the homeless animals. Remember… Don’t shop, adopt!! Happy Holidays!

  130. says

    Happy Holidays everyone…I am doing my usual and donating a toys to children again..also just cleaned out my childrens old new like toys and sent them to the local used store for distribution to families that are in need. I know we all should do more for those that are less unfortunate than we are, though time is not always on our side. Retirement will come soon and I will be able to donate some real time for helping where it is most needed.
    Enjoy the holiday

  131. Stephanie Eastman says

    i didn ‘t realize this was for almond flour from digestive wellness… looks great… i will be buying some of this. i know it is good if you recommend it elana!

  132. says

    Thanks to you, my eating habits are gradually changing for the better. The only thing I haven’t tried (don’t like sweets much) is the almond flour. It’s on my list, thought.

  133. margaret says

    Happy Holidays Elana!
    This year we will be donating all of our twins used baby equipment to a co-worker who I know cannot afford many essential baby items. We were planning on selling everything on craigslist to make back some of our initial investment but we would rather help out someone in need even though that money would greatly help us out with the many other things our twins now need.

  134. Stephanie Eastman says

    LOVE the honeyville almond flour… i made your recipe for biscotti with it Elana and it was a hit. I even added chocolate chips to it!

  135. Erin Brost says

    I am part of a small womens group at church that sponsors 32 at neighborhood school, making sure they have enough food every weekend. SOme of these families do not have access to food, hot water, heating devices, or they may even live in a car. So, we had a huge Thankgiving feast for them and packed enough food for 2 weeks for Winter vacation for all 32 kids. Also packed boxes of toys, food, and clothing for another program for local people in need. Made breakfast for a group of 12 homeless people we house every winter. Trying to get more involved this season. I would love to win the prizes, thanks for all you do Elana!

  136. Noell says

    My family and I go through our clothes, toys, and books and make donations to AmVets. We also shop for new toys, coats, and hats, donate them to families in need.

  137. Becky says

    We will be taking our 5 & 3 yr old kids to buy gifts and a meal for a family in need in our community. They are getting the “gimmies” and need a reminder of what this season is truly about.

  138. hope says

    Looks like a good book. We full time (in our rv) so we are in a lot of rv parks where there are many single older folk. The kids and I love to make flour free peanut butter/honey (scd friendly) cookies and take them over to those that are lonely. Although our family does not celebrate Christmas and New Years we realize this can be a lonely time for some. Taking them a (healthier version) treat makes everyone feel good.

  139. says

    I will be helping my sister-in-law with her first GLUTEN FREE Christmas! :)

    Thanks for all of your awesome recipes, Elana! You are an inspiration!

  140. kat says

    I’m sharing the foods I’m baking with help of your website with my neighbor and friends, trying to spread good nutrition! I’m not much of a holiday person, but I found some great gifts for my family in Germany, and I’ve donated to some organisations I love, like wikipedia and nanowrimo.

  141. AidelK says

    I just returned home from my synagogue’s Chanukkah party, and I helped with that. Love watching all the little kids enjoying themselves! Happy Chanukkah, Elana!

  142. Leslie McClanahan says

    We went through our closets and gave away 14 coats, jackets and rain gear! I can’t believe we had so many that we don’t wear anymore.

  143. Stacy Cimino says

    Helping my family to enjoy the time. Slow things down & realize how fortunate we are to have each other :)

  144. Jessica says

    I am cooking yummy vegan meals for friends and family; taking of my body, heart and spirit, and being the best person I can be!

  145. michele turman says

    I am over 8 months pregnant and still cooking for a house-full this Christmas. Does that count? :) Enter me into the giveaway!! :)

  146. Lisa Daniel says

    Happy Holidays, Elana! I helped sponsor a family to have christmas through the Salvation Army. I helped sponsor another family through a group in my hometown named CASA. I bought a book for a child at my bookstore and I helped a good friend who is a single mom in nursing school buy a new dishwasher. I’m not rich by any means but it felt good, I must say to be giving!! =)

  147. Sarah says

    Helping others this Christmas by helpit my grandma. Flew her back home so she wouldn’t have to go alone after visiting us down South.

  148. christina ramos says

    I will be with my grandma for the Holidays, seeing her after a long time. I volunteer already, but will be volunteering the day before Christmas Eve.

  149. Laura says

    We are helping others by purchasing gifts from the Gospel For Asia catalog in liue of some of the family gifts for adults. We are truly rich in this country compared to many other countries.

    Blessings and thank you for your great recipes!


  150. domestic diva says

    We give to our local foodbank throughout the year, but we always make a special shopping trip just for this purpose around the holidays.

  151. Catie says

    Filled our SUV with bags for the Veterans association in town – filled! Choosing our annual donation now, either Save the Children or Kiva!

  152. Linda S. says

    Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thanks to Shirley @ GFE for sending me here – another great blog site! And thanks for sharing so much with all of us. Happy New Year! :)

  153. Arlee says

    Awesome giveaways! I plan on helping my mom with her new raw/vegan diet by making her a raw fudge for her to enjoy on Chritmas =)

  154. Barb says

    serving others by having them in our home; cooking, sharing, encouraging, donating to one cause we pick each year for our holiday giving.

  155. Monique says

    I plan on seriously cleaning out my closet to donate to the Leukemia foundation thrift store. I’m also doing my best to help out my parents as much as I can during the holidays.

  156. Debbie Pettigrew says

    I’m doing my mother-in-laws christmas shopping for her since she is homebound. We will take her and my father-in-law meals to eat over the holidays….they are 89 and 91.

  157. says

    Every year, our family takes a collection for charity. We also try to encourage doing kind things for another member of the family during the Advent season.

  158. Susan says

    Elana, Thanks for all your wonderful recipes! We contribute as much as possible to our local food bank every week (through our church). My New Year’s hope is that many of those people who’ve lost their job will find a new one in the new year.

  159. Stephanie M says

    I have donated clothes, socks, and shoes to families in my community. For our family party this year, we made Blessing Bags to hand out to homeless people.

  160. Janice Cook says

    This season we’re helping others by doing small favors for friends and strangers each day. This can be as small as holding someone’s place in the checkout line or bigger as in helping with family. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  161. says

    Hi thanks for posting all your gluten free recipes :) they are much appreciated..also the contest…can’t wait to see who wins!

  162. says

    A few days ago a lady of limited means had her presents stolen from her vehicle here in Calgary, and we were able to contact her through the newspaper and have invited her to our store with the request she allow us to help replace her stolen gifts. Her response of appreciation and gratitude has been a wonderful gift to us.

  163. Chrissy says

    A couple of the organizations that I donate to are Providence Rescue Mission and Angel tree. My five year old son saved his allowance and gave it to me asking me to give it to the Providence Rescue Mission to feed the hungry. We also collected a box of his toys that are in excellent condition to give out to needy children in the community. Giving to those in need has been a great lesson for our family.

  164. says

    This is such an awesome giveaway! This year to help out families in need, our gym has had a toy drive to collect toys for children who live close by. The head trainer will dress up as Santa and give out the toys a few days before Xmas. Also, I have been in the kitchen making some of the goodies from your recipes so that some of the gym members can see that going gluten free is not all that bad :-)

  165. says

    Hi Elana, we love your recipes. Everyone is wanting more black and white cookies! Every Christmas day a local pancake house opens it’s doors to the homeless population for 4 hours of free breakfast. I go for the early shift to help serve and cook, and am home in time for our own holiday.

  166. Brandae says

    Fun, fun, fun giveaway! Thank you!
    My family has done more giving this year than any other – we sent some shoeboxes overseas to needier children, sponsored a second child in Africa, and purchased gifts from Compassion International’s Christmas catalog that will help make a difference in impoverished countries. On a more local level, my kiddos helped me bake sugar cookies to share with neighbors. Giving is what it’s really about – I appreciate your reminder. :)

  167. CdnSKmom says

    We donate GFCF baking and potluck dishes every chance we get to our local school and church events! We also try to give to every donation kettle we pass!

  168. Alison says

    My family has been doing some house cleaning, and will continue to pass along clothes, shoes, toys, books, and other items to others…some to people we know, and most to people we don’t.

  169. P Roland says

    That’s a tough one. I don’t think we do anything “more” for the holidays that we do the rest of the year. We try to find one organization/cause to donate to every month.

  170. Holly says

    As a family we have been supporting breast cancer causes by helping out with walks, and bake sales to raise money. We are wishing for a quiet peaceful Christmas and good health to the whole family, our friends and acquaintances. I just finished my gluten free baking. I made your almond tart crust for one of my favorites a Bakewell tart. And I made my own almond paste! It was so simple and delicious. Best wishes to everyone.

  171. Erin says

    I am helping others by making them healthy treats for the holidays! Showing them that they don’t need sugar laden foods to celebrate!

  172. says

    We make donations twice a year of all our gently-used clothing and household items. Assessing our excess stuff each summer and winter keeps our house clutter-free, and hopefully helps others in need!

  173. says

    Hello! I haven’t been able to find any almond flour brands that work with your recipes while living here in Canada. I’ve been following your blog for 3 years now and always find inspiring things! I finally have a Vita Mix, so I really want to be able to try ALL of your recipes now :)

  174. Tiffany Shay says

    I have been volunteering with an organization that provides a night of respite for families with children with special needs. Many of the parents use this time to catch up on their Christmas shopping!

  175. Christine says

    It’s been really rough for us since 2006 when I injured my knee. A string of medical events , fraudulent foreclosure coupled with long-term unemployment for my spouse and me leaves us at the end of this year completely expended yet hopeful.

    Despite it all, free-cycling useful items to others, helping the less fortunate, keeping the neighborhood action coalition going and rescuing two older cats from euthanasia at the shelter has brought a sense of pupose and perspective to our lives. Our GF food we can’t eat any longer have been donated along with recipes on how to use them to some newly diagnosed folks.

    Thank you for all the great recipes. Your blog has been a lifeline in anchoring a five-year journey in navigating a gluten/grain/soy/legume/meat-free life for both of us. I just received my copy of your 1st cookbook this week after borrowing it as many times as I could from the library, wich isn’t easy since both books always have a long waiting list!

    That recipe journal would be put to very good use if it were to come my way, as would the almond flour. All four items would.

  176. Pam H. says

    Bake treats for our kids and our gluten free friends. Thank you, Elana, for all your awesome recipes!

  177. Darlene says

    My daughter and I helped cook meals for needy families in our area and hosted a Christmas cookie decorating party!

  178. Nancy Kirkman says

    We donate warm clothing to veterans in need (especially female veterans because they are largely overlooked). I love your recipes! The are easy and come out great, time after time. So great to be able to have baked goods again.

  179. Nicole says

    What an amazing website you shared.
    I have donated in the past to different organizations but this year it’ll be this one. I LOVE the idea of knowing about the people, why the need the loan and the money coming back so you can help others. Just fantastic.

  180. Deanna says

    This holiday season I’m helping others by praying with those who need extra strength and comfort right now.

  181. Christine says

    It’s been really rough for us since 2006 when I injured my knee. A string of medical events , fraudulent foreclosure coupled with long-term unemployment for my spouse and me leaves us at the end of this year completely expended yet hopeful.

    Despite it all, free-cycling useful items to others, helping the less fortunate, keeping the neighborhood action coalition going and rescuing two older cats from euthanasia at the shelter has brought a sense of pupose and perspective to our lives.

    Thank you for all the great recipes. Your blog has been a lifeline in anchoring a five-year journey in navigating a gluten/grain-free life for both of us. I just received my copy of your 1st cookbook this week after borrowing it as many times as I could from the library, wich isn’t easy since both books always have a long waiting list!

    That recipe journal would be put to very good use if it were to come my way, as would the almond flour. All four items would.

  182. Cindy Scott says

    Where I work we have collected books for a local food pantry. I love making almond flour crackers. Since I can’t eat “normal” food the recipes are a big help.

  183. julie says

    My family gave a $25 gift card to a single mom of three kids. We also donated some nice but old toys and some new toys to another mom who was taking a collection for a family. Finally, I made a super hero cape for a friends 1 yr old who just had open heart surgery…because she is our super hero.

  184. Amanda says

    I am going to be doing a lot of baking over the next few days to put together goodie baskets for all those who are close to me. I also helped arranged donations for The Salvation Army for age groups who were lacking in items to receive from the toy shop. It’s not much, but it’s something.

  185. says

    My husband and I had the priviledge along with our church family to shower a needy family in town with household items. Furniture, cookwear, clothing, toys. We just showed up at their doorstop during are annual caroling night. It was such a blessing to be a part of.

  186. says

    My family and I are buying gifts for a family whose young one was just born with debilitating birth defects. It has been great to form a personal relationship with them and bring them some holiday cheer via fun gifts during the holidays!

  187. Barbara says

    This year, I bought about 75 pounds of blankets and bed linens at our local Goodwill Outlet (fondly called “The Bins” in our town). They sell this by the pound. You pick the stuff out of giant bins. I laundered everything until it was fresh and clean. Then my husband and I drove to a homeless shelter for families here in Portland, and donated all the bedding to them. It was great to know families there will at least have some cozy, clean bedding so they can have restful sleep at night, indoors.

    Thank you, Elana, for your recipes. I’m grateful for almond flour. Having almond flour has enabled me to have fun with baking again, as I haven’t been able to for years.

  188. Holly says

    I will be helping my own family by making them healthy baked goods and giving them cookbooks featuring nutritious foods and ingredients.

  189. says

    I helped a group of teenagers bring an Angel Tree idea to life at their high school. It was so awesome to watch their giving spirits, see all of the items taken from the tree, and to deliver the presents at the end!

  190. Glynnis says

    My husband and I donate toys and a christmas tree every year to our local parish. We love picking out toys for little ones since we don’t yet have our own children and we cut down an extra tree when we cut down our own at a nearby tree farm. It’s become a great tradition and allows us to support those in need.

  191. Jann Davidson says

    This holiday season, through my church we donate food items every month to needy families around our community, but this month in addition to the grocery items given, my husband and I collected donations to give out 85 family gift bags to the needy families. These bags consisted of bibles, gift cards, family board games, popcorn, and hot chocolates for these families to enjoy a family night together. The hugs from parents and smiles on the faces of the children who received these bags will be in my heart forever. Just this past month, our youngest daughter was diagnosed with enzyme disorders, and a friend loaned me your cookbooks. I absolutely love them, and they have been so helpful to me in helping us figure out better choices and substitutes in sugar, and lactose options for our daughter. Thank you for publishing such wonderful books.

  192. Adria says

    This year I am trying to find and prepare dairy free/ gluten free/ and paleo recipes for my husband, Aunts and brother. Right now I am working on pizza and egg nog!

  193. says

    I just did a charity event at a local restaurant and part of the funds we raised will be donated to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center.

  194. says

    This holyday season, as a Reverend and spiritual coach, with Expressive Arts and PTSD training and experience, I am providing a healing meditation gift for download from my web-site for survivors of childhood sexual abuse (a very under-served portion of the population). Also, I hope to win the blanched kosher almond meal/flour… what a nifty product. Blessings and Love~*

  195. shirley burns says

    I have found a whole new way to eat. So exciting. I have used many recipes through this whole year…

  196. Kathy W. says

    I have had the privilege to assist many different people during this holiday season. From coordinating donations for the women’s shelter, donating gifts to the retirement home, giving to the Salvation Army and by making donations to my church benevolance fund to help those in need in our community. This is what the season is all about. It is a joy to help any way I can.

  197. Stacy says

    We live in an RV park and we are trying to make sure all the people that come through (especially with the bad weather coming) feel some of the Christmas spirit as we pass out coookies.

  198. bruin says

    i’ll be cooking little treats for all my lovies, writing extra letters to my penpals in prison during the holidays, and deciding which organizations and projects will get 5% of my income. busy!

  199. dori says

    I am hosting a Christmas party tomorrow night for 9 girls that live in a group home. I have been volunteering with them for 11/2 years, and do a monthly bible study with them….not tooting my own horn, because as is usually the case, I gain more than I give…and I think God planned it that way!

  200. Karen says

    We are teaching our small children this year what it means to help others by giving away toys and gifts. To watch their enthusiasm to help others at age 2 and 4 is so amazing!

  201. Marjorie says

    Elana, We had Parmesan muffins with our dinner and chocolate chip scones for dessert, from your cookbooks. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you, you’re the best. I’d love any of your giveaways! m

  202. Julie says

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I volentered to work on christmas day so the co-workers with children could stay home. My children are older and I have had my christmas days with my children when they were younger.

  203. Jessie says

    we’re on week 4 of the SCD (would love to win that almond flour!) donating our “illegal” GF items to the local food pantry!

  204. micky says

    i donate toys and clothing to a domestic violence shelter. also i donate money to a fund for children in deprived areas. i would just love to win the almond flour.

  205. Kaitlin says

    I usually buy a share of either a cow or a goat at Heifer International at but this year am giving some bees!

  206. Shayna says

    My husband and I just spent a week helping our parents and last living grandmother. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook your loved ones that are right in front of you and in need of help. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. We left them in a better place.

  207. says

    Hi Elana!

    Just wanted to say your blog is fabulous! Several months ago, I stopped eating gluten and soy due to skin and digestive issues, and your recipes have been a godsend. I made your brownies last night even– they were a hit among all the boys in my house (my toddler son, my 8-year-old stepson, and my husband who is very picky about sweets!)

    How will I be helping others this season? I took two weeks off work this month and will be doing a major cleaning out of the misc stuff in our house that has accumulated through the years. Besides simplifying our lives, I will be donating all our extra appliances, gadgets, toys, and clothes to Goodwill. Nothing too selfless about this, but I hope to help others in the process of helping myself!

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  208. says

    I have a number of friends whose partners are unemployed and times are especially hard for them right now. I am cooking for them and giving whatever else I can to help them through.

  209. Courtney says

    I’ll be helping out my mother-in-law by bringing food and helping with Christmas dinner. And I try to help out year round by volunteering with Meals on Wheels!

  210. Heather C says

    Between learning how to use almond flour using your website, Elana, and coconut flour from another website, I am encouraged that one day, I will enjoy GF baking as much as I loved baking in my pre-celiac diagnosis days. I appreciate the informative,open, and enthusiastic tone of your posts; it is clear your enjoy your kitchen experimentation! And I am very thankful for the results.

  211. Heidi S. says

    Your recipes are fantastic and a solution to our family’s health! We all eat gluten-free meals now. We donate food, clothes, and toys almost every month for the past year and half to our local Catholic Charity. We always feel good and hope to continue this next year, too! Happy Holidays :)

  212. Katie says

    We will be donating to St. Jude Children’s Hospital this holiday season. Having 2 healthy little boys, I can’t imagine what other parents and children are facing. I feel very fortunate to have a healthy family and would like to help those that are faced with medical issues with their little ones.

  213. Angela says

    I’ve donated toys for 4 children at community toy drives. Would love some Almond flour for x-mas. Thx.

  214. Rosanna says

    I love your recipes Elana! I am my kids’ mom…3 boys. My middle boy has down’s and I just found out that he does better on a gluten free diet! Amazing. I also was diagnosed with Lyme’s and part of the protocol is eating a gluten free diet. You are a God-send!
    We have been donating to the Vietnam Veteran’s of America and the Lupus Foundation. We will look into Kiva. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes and helping to heal others.

  215. Brit Star says

    I try to step up all my giving activities around the holidays. I donate blood multiple times; give double to food pantries; and buy at least one toy for a needy child. I love the giving spirit of the holidays.

  216. Jan Martin says

    Elana, I stood in that bookstore isle forever looking for the book the doc told me to get. I never found it but my eyes laid hold of your book. That was summer 2010. I decided that I was either wasting 16 dollars on your book or landing a goldmine and the latter was true! Thank you isn’t enuf! Since this past spring I’ve been ill and your recipes have kept me healthy. The doc says to stay away from sugar and I appreciate that you’re trying to do the same. Your sugar-freebies are gems. Blessings, Jan
    (PS I just tried to make your chocolate chip cookies by substituting apple sauce for agave. Well, it needs work but I gobbled it down anyway!)

  217. phylis says

    your recipes have saved me! i’m diabetic, controlling through diet, which means NO wheat. almond flour has been a lifesaver. thanks!

  218. Moira says

    I donated a gift card (that was a present to me) to an organization called GEMS that provides services to address the needs of commercially and sexually exploited girls and young women in New York City.

  219. Sarah says

    My co-workers and I purchased a gift card to Wal-mart for our cleaning guy. He only works part-time because he can’t find a full-time job, and supports his wife and two children on his salary. It was so much fun to see his face light up when we gave it to him!

  220. Chloe says

    I’ll be helping my family keep good health and energy by making nutritious meals over the holidays and always including fresh greens in each meal! :)

  221. susan McKee-Nugent says

    Oh yes, enter me along with all the other deserving folk who read your blog! I have also shared this blog and recipes with so many others and they are always amazed……even the ones who aren’t gluten free :)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  222. Sandy Austin says

    Actually just did something today.
    My dog sitter is a young twenty something. She was just told to go gluten free. I gave her your website, a copy of your book, and pound of almond flour to get her started.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  223. Leslie Pearlman says

    Hi Elana,
    I’m bringing gluten and dairy free cookies to all my friends with food sensitivities so they can enjoy holiday goodies! thanks for the recipes,

  224. Brenda Crouch says

    I would love to win your drawing! I am going through my house and donating anything that is not of use to us anymore. Trying to teach my kids that sometimes less is more.

  225. Sophie says

    I enjoy the holidays and helping others by cooking for them :), we have lots of family parties and I enjoy making a lot of the food, and my mom-in-law is physically unable to do much, so I help her with her parties and shopping.

  226. Brigitta says

    I’ll be helping to watch my 2-year-old nephew over the holidays while my sister recovers from one of her chemo treatments

  227. Pamela Chisum says

    I am donating gf food to our local food bank for the holidays. We have several families with at least one person with celiac.

  228. Debbie Carr says

    Dear Elana, I will be cooking gluten free foods for my adult son and husband with celiac. My son just had back surgery and I am making him several pots of soup to help him recover. I am hoping he is well enough to come to the house for Christmas dinner.

  229. Marsha Speed says

    I was recently invited to a missions trip to the Phillipines where we did women’s conferences and also ministered at an orphanage. I was do touched I decided to establish a mon profit in early January to help the homeless, orphans, and people who need support

  230. says

    I try to give shoppers a friendly smile and let people cut in front of me in the roadways as they hurry around doing their thing. You’d be surprised how much a friendly wave and a gesture of kindness can add to the world.

  231. Jacqui says

    This holiday season, we haven’t been able to help out financially, but we have donated clothes and food to drives in our area.

    We also sponsor a child through World Vision all year.

  232. Amber says

    Happy Holidays! We are new to being gluten-free & have discovered a few other friends have children who need to be gluten-free. So, as I try out new recipes,Lord help good ones can be so hard to find, we are not only sharing the recipes w/our friends; but we having been baking like crazy & feeding everyone we can, helping them to know that gluten-free dn have to mean tasteless! In addition, we’re donating quite a bit of food & some smell good things for moms @ a women & children shelter. Though, I just found a huge box of hats/gloves that we do not use & I feel bad that I could’ve helped someone out the beginning of the cold season. Maybe it’s not too late? Have a great day!

  233. cindy says

    I along with my preschool families collected 90 gluten free food items to donate to our local food pantry this holiday season.

  234. Kate says

    hosting a Christmas potluck sunday after church for a group of us who don’t have other Christmas plans…needed something to look forward to!

  235. says

    We shared home-baked gluten-free and dairy-free goodies with our neighbors on St. Nicholas Day. This is our sixth Christmas in our neighborhood and we’re seeing the impact of this simple gift and how it is changing people.

    I’ve also been sharing gluten-free recipes on my blog and facebook, as I discover them. I’ve had many gf friends send their thanks for doing this, as it has really brightened their holiday season.

    And, I’ve sent gluten-free goodies with my husband for his co-workers who are gluten-free. The delight of sharing with others who feel “deprived” is worth the time and effort to bake yummy goodness; just to see them smile.

  236. Sheryl in AZ says

    My team at work just did a volunteer day at the local food bank. I also donated to a wonderful homeless charity here and my company matches dollar for dollar up to $1000. That is such a wonderful benefit!

  237. Joan says

    My Mom has Alzheimer’s and I will just be helping out my family this year. Amazing prizes, Thank you Elena!

  238. Donna O says

    I was happy to be able to donate clothing to our local flood victims here in NY as well as hats, mittens and scarves that I knit throughout the year. I also volunteer year-round as an advocate for the elderly.

  239. Linnea says

    We helped a local family that didn’t have enough funds to pay their rent or buy Christmas gifts for their kids. Then we got to take the mom shopping for the kids. What fun!

  240. alain says

    what a wonderful giveaway! The comments have been so heartening to read. For the holidays, I will be making an arts therapy crafts box for each of the families at my local domestic violence shelter!

  241. Rosemary Strohm says

    My family bought gifts for the needy and we will contribute to a Mother’s shelter in our city.

    My kids enjoyed finding the right item for the people we shopped for: a two-week-old baby, a 10 year-old girl, a 13 year-old boy and a 61 year-old woman.

  242. Kesha says

    I am a Registered Nurse, and I have to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Both days are 12 hour shifts, so it looks like I will not be spending time with my sweet baby girl. However, I will be able to take care of my patients and hopefully brighten their Christmas!

  243. says

    I’m a stay-at-home mom with a strange collection of ingredients and crafty projects- so far I’ve make 6 gluten-free quinoa chocolate cakes w/ dairy-free options and dairy options for friends w/ birthdays from Nov-Dec. I also will be making apple pie, (almond butter and lard crust), peanut butter cookies, and raw cacao brownies to give out over the season. sharing love in the form of good, healthful, tasty foods is my favorite way of giving at this point in my life.

    and the kids make great, totally biased, taste-testers!

  244. Tami Eaton says

    I would so love that almond flour. I am helping out this year by donating to a local food bank.

  245. Lauren Kressin says

    We are helping our boys remember what Christmas is all about by limiting the number of presents they receive and encouraging them to spend their own money on gifts for their siblings :)

  246. Aura says

    We’ve donated, along with my kids’ classes, holiday items of gifts and food to families in need that we collectively “adopted” for the holidays…families that otherwise would likely have no gifts or special meal.

  247. says

    i am giving home baked almond flour and coconut flour gifts to friends who are gluten free. i also have some friends who are eating very low carb and they are astounded by the chocolate cake which i made with xylitol and frosted with xylitol, unsweetened baking choc and cream to make a ganache. treats mean a lot when you think you can not have them :)

  248. Sarah says

    We recently met 2 families that have had to go gluten free in the last month. we will be spending some time with them helping share what we know, hoping to make things easier on them. We’ve been GF for over 2 years and I remember the struggle it was to find good recipes, and support.

  249. Lauren Previdi says

    Love your blog! Just received the Gluten-Free Cookbook as a Christmas gift – happy day :)

  250. says

    We donated food to our church’s food pantry, and we will be giving gifts to our neighbors and friends. I love teaching my children about how much fun it is to give to others. Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. Cheri says

    We’ll be volunteering at our local animal rescue caring for dogs waiting for their forever home.

  252. Laura says

    We try to be generous and help people by giving gifts to those in need. On a more personal note, I host our family’s Christmas dinner, so all the preperation, grocery shopping, etc is done by me. It’s a great way to get the family together this time of year!

  253. says

    This year has been a bit rough on my dad – he lost both of his parents and is now in the process of a divorce. He just bought his first house so this year Bryan and I will heading up there and spending both Christmas Eve and Christmas day with him (a few extra days too) to help him paint, unpack, and make this place his own. We’ll be doing lots of cooking and spending plenty of quality time together.

  254. Bernie says

    I’d love to win any of the prizes. I have two children with autism who thrive on a gluten free diet. I help others by mentoring families affected by autism who want to learn more about nutrition and other therapies that help ASD kids.

  255. Christie says

    Our family is giving to Heifer International this year. We really like what they do, helping people better their financial situation as well as their nutrition. We also donate to our local shelter for battered women and their children.

  256. Betsy says

    I’ll be hosting a small dinner for a group of international friends who aren’t traveling to see family this holiday season.

    Great give-away gift! Thanks for offering them.

  257. Alyssa says

    I volunteer for “Operation Red Nose”, a pay by donation driving service that brings you and your vehicle home during the holiday season, in hopes to keep drunk drivers off the road.

  258. Jeana says

    This Christmas I will be making my gluten free sugar cookies for those who are not gluten free and have asked for them. I will be doing my best to make meals for my 2 GF/DF boys to take to family dinners that they will enjoy.

  259. Kate K says

    We’ll be donating to Salvation Army and a few other charities, and I am so enjoying your blog Elana, been a life saver for us!

    Thank you!

  260. Christine says

    We haven’t figured it out yet. Time for a family meeting to decide how we can help others together. Thanks for reminder.

  261. Nisha says

    As a member of the Pinup Angels, I sent holiday care packages to some of our troops in Afghanistan. Can’t think of people more deserving of holiday cheer.

  262. Jennifer Erickson says

    Being able to run to the ipad for recipes almost every meal, and having someone who has already tested them out has been a God send on our SCD diet. Two of my 5 are 100% Gluten and Lactose free, and about 85% starch free. We have added ground corn, rice flour and the very occasional (holidays at family’s home) real sugar. Your blog is essential to my daughter’s healing.

  263. says

    Donated to the local food pantry, and we found a terrific local horse rescue in the area, Willing Servants. We love their intervention strategy, helping people help their horses!

    My personal goal is to give to my family by adding a couple of your nut flour crackers to the cheese log this year, using as many wonderful gluten-free alternatives as possible for the meals during break, trying to get my family healthier. They are slowly coming around, thanks partly to you! The turning point was your coconut flour vanilla cupcake recipe with my sugar free whipped cream frosting with pureed strawberries.

  264. Megan says

    I plan to use my week off work to clean out my closets and donate or Freecycle everything I don’t need anymore.

  265. Amanda says

    I love the holidays – I get to help my mother prepare the family meals. AND, I help support nonprofits with year-end contributions. Personally, I donate to support the environment, independent journalism, and animal welfare. It’s truly a lovely time of year, even if I’m not focused on any particular one day of festivities!

    • ida says

      I am not in the position to give back in financial means, but will be sending prayers, love, and well wishes.

  266. Karen says

    We always give donations as “gifts” for the grandparents who don’t really need anything. And the kids enjoy the adopt-a-family type sponserships we do at church. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  267. says

    I’ll be going home to my family, and I’ll be spending time with my little brother and helping my mom with the cleaning/cooking. Thanks!

  268. Theresa Watson says

    My church organizes an angel tree each year – this year the organization getting the gifts actually allows the parents to pick out a gift for their child and wrap it from them – gives a little dignity back to parents during this difficult time.

    Abundant Blessings to you all!!

    Theresa Watson

  269. Sarah dombrowski says

    This year I am a stay at home mom and I am giving back through supporting other stay at home moms. Taking the time to get together support each other taking care of ourselves as women.

  270. Tania says

    Greetings! I have been meaning to order some almond flour! 8.5 months pregnant myself, and my 4 y.o. daughter, & my husband have eaten better b/c of your recipes. Thank you! We did some Pharmaca gift bags that will be doubled in value by Pharmaca & going to EFAA in Boulder. My daughter also has been offering food or even $1 to many of the homeless & for sure the street musicians, we see on our way about town. Happy Holidays!

  271. says

    My sister’s best friend is a teacher and for xmas/chanukah she asked her present to be a donation to that teacher’s classroom. Which is more a good deed for my sister, but I still felt good doing it. :) Also, my cousin has been trying to start an import business for high end Croatian products, and I’m buying a whole case of his olive oil. I really can’t use that much before it turns, but I wanted to support him. So olive oil for everyone for the holidays!

  272. Kayla says

    I’d love to win the almond flour!! This holiday season I am helping at a local nonprofit organization that helps kids in need.

  273. Ms. C says

    I passed out turkeys and grocery gift cards at our annual holiday elders dinner. The looks on peoples faces when you plop a big ole turkey in front of them are awesome.

  274. Nicole Wells says

    I bought birth certificates, through UNICEF, which will allow 27 kids in the developing world to have legal identities, and become a valid citizen of their country, which also offers them some protection against child trafficking, child marriage, etc….
    I also donated money to help save sharks from extinction, which could be devastating for the whole entire marine ecosystem.

  275. arbella parrot says

    i will be giving my kids the gift of helping others less fortunate by making sack lunches for the homeless.

  276. says

    we always donate toys to our local Toys for Tots, but this year we also donated all of my daughters outgrown clothing and winter coats and boots from the last few years to several families in need because we felt several years worth of clothing would be one less thing for them to worry about financially.

  277. says

    My friend recently had to change her diet to Gluten Free, this is not so easy in the beginning, so for a x-mas present Ill be giving her some homebaked goodies from your amazing recipies, thank you for sharing! And marry christmas :)

  278. donna nielsen says

    nice! we are donating- as usual- to the local mission that feeds hundreds of homeless, hungry and alone people each holiday…gives them a good meal and sense of community… we are also having people over for dinner who are displaced as far as family goes- such as ourselves…i have spent holidays alone with no family in the past and it is not a good thing…i would love to get the almond flour, as i have recently been put on a very restricted diet ( repairvite) and almonds are one of the very few foods i have been able to put back in my diet without problems…and i love using it- it is just not always ‘in the budget’…thanks for all you do elana- your recipes are a godsend…happy holidays to all!

  279. Tammy says

    Love your recipes! They have found their way onto our table quite frequently since I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks!

  280. Diana says

    I volunteer at a community garden that gave away over 700 pounds of food to food banks and volunteers last year in its first year. We are using permaculture techniques and the winters here are relatively mild so there’s lots of prep work that can be done even in the winter.

  281. kathy soman says

    This season I have had a hard time financially and still was able to help a few other families by sharing some of the food stuffs that were given to me. They had a great farm share and i was able to share some fresh vegetables with an acquantance that was having knee surgery.
    Also I was able to give a small christmas tree to a lonely person who
    didn’t want to have Christmas this year.
    There always seems to be some way of sharing with others this time of year.
    Many Blessings to all.

  282. Sarah P says

    We have signed up as a family to be a “Secret Santa” to a senior at a retirement home who does not get any visitors around the holidays. We’ve visited twice already and it is as great for us as we hope it is for her!

  283. Jill says

    Our family works with a mentoring program for disadvantaged youth. We have hosted a few holiday parties, and in January are going to host a program for children in a abuse shelter.

  284. jeanne bjustad says

    I love this site…Elana….it is helping me through my gluten and other food issues. I could use a sweepstakes win….going through lots this holiday season.

  285. Anne Tess says

    Hi there! My children and I prepared & sent shoeboxes full of goodies to underprivileged children as part of the Operation Christmas project by Samaritan Ministries. Thanks for the chance at some great prizes! Merry Christmas! :-)

  286. heather says

    I took both of my daughters and each of their Girl Scout troops to a local retirement home to sing holiday carols. We also made jingle bell key rings and handed them out to the residents to “jingle all the way” with us. It was great fun!

  287. says

    I’ll be inviting folks over who aren’t going home or having one loved ones in town for the holidays (like us). Together we’ll share warmth, good food, and conversation! Thanks for the giveaway opp!

  288. Allison Reid says

    I love my Gluten-free Almond Flour cookbook. Pancakes are on the menu for Christmas Breakfast, chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting for lunch time dessert! Thank you for the inspirations to have a healthier Christmas!

  289. Laurel says

    My family will be giving back this year by donating toys to a local children’s shelter. I really wanted to teach my kids that it’s better to give than receive. They are so blessed with toys and so I had them pick out toys they could give of their own to others. I want them to know the true meaning of Christmas.

  290. Jamie says

    There was a homeless lady holding up a sign on the side of the onramp the other day. It read, “One coin will help to buy my kids Christmas presents”
    I asked her how old her kids were. She had 3! I plan on trying my best to find her and take her to Target to buy whatever presents she wants for her kids. I’m planning on bringing my 3 kids along to teach them about the joy that can be found (given) at Christmas time.

  291. Melissa says

    My husband and I try to support local animal shelters as much as we can. It’s a great way to provide comfort to our furry little friend without a forever home. We have two dogs of our own and couldn’t imagine living life without them, so we also try to educate the public on the gratification of adopting a pet…so many need loving homes.

    I baked quite a few cookies from your recipe list and they are amazing! The gingersnaps are by far my favorite! I had to stop because I ran out of almond flour! It would be great to win the five pound bag!

    Happy holidays to your family!


  292. Anne says

    Thank you for making my holiday bright with your great recipes all year long! I am making other people’s holiday bright by purchasing gifts for my students that cannot afford them, donating to various charities this holiday season, and donating to families within our school district who would otherwise be unable to purchase gifts and food items to celebrate the holidays.

  293. says

    This is the time of giving:
    We packed food boxes and delivered them for local families.
    My 6 year old did a huge shoe drive for the people of Haiti. It was a HUGE success! Shoes will be shipped first week of January.
    My dad just had a stroke, and is paralyzed and in severe pain. He can’t wait another moment to change his dietary habbits. Being in the hospital was a disgrace (food wise) SUCH HYPOCRACY!
    I am a HUGE fan of Digestive Wellness as a whole. By far, the BEST tasting almond flour and high quality products. I will be cooking double time for my father to help him recover.
    Elana, you are #1 in my book! The very one site I tell people to goto when they are looking to make healthy changes and need recipes! Your cookbooks, the BEST! Mine are both soooo ragged! LOL! They have been used a LOT!
    Jeni Clark~

  294. Heather R. says

    What a great giveaway! I will be donating toys this holiday season and spreading holiday cheer in general :)

  295. sal says

    What nice giveaways. I usually like to donate to a charity around the holidays – though I’d ideally like to do that year round!

  296. Cheri Grayson says

    This season and beyond, I will be serving those in need at a kitchen. We also adopted a little girl for the year to spoil, not just during the holidays.

  297. Daniela Tanner says

    I am going to be helping my family to become more aware and healthier by bringing gluten-free desserts to holiday events.

    Also, my spouse and I helped launch a fundraiser through his work to support the Horn of Africa and those afflicted by famine in eastern Africa. We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, and the people there are literally eating dirt in attempts to stay alive.

  298. sharon s says

    My daughter’s preschool choose children from a hospital and we all pitched in for needed items.

  299. SANDRA says

    My mother is visiting me for the holidays and I’m helping her stay healthy by giving up my days at the gym for taking her for morning walks! I would love to win the almond flour/biscotti–I made her your paleo banana bread and she loves it, not knowing how much healthier it is for her than other banana breads!!

  300. Anita R says

    I am an ob nurse and will be spending my holidays at the hospital taking care of mothers and babies who have to be at the hospital over Christmas. I love Elana’s website. It has been so amazing to be able to cook healthy food for friends and family and they don’t realize it is healthy! Thanks for all your hard work. Happy Holidays!

  301. nosogirl says

    this year i supported a cause that’s near and dear to my hear – operation homefront. they work year round to help military families with any needs that pop up. during the holidays they allow you to adopt families and supply them with a holiday meal and presents for the children. it’s such a worthy cause.

  302. Rita Malkin says

    As leader of a large celiac support group I am constantly researching updates about celiac disease from the medical community. However, one of the more fun things that I do is to convert non-gluten free recipes to celiac friendly ones — all of this information is then passed on to the membership.

  303. Stephanie says

    We filled shoeboxes for kids for the local fire station, to be handed out when they are on emergency calls.

  304. April says

    I always volunteer at the holidays and made a donation to the DDFL this year. Plus I make gluten free goodies for my family, friends, and colleagues during the holiday. Happy Holidays!

  305. Sue says

    I am gathering together toiletries & samples to go to my local food pantry for distribution to those in my community in need.

  306. Holly says

    Our family is purchasing gifts for the Wishing Tree run by the Salvation Army and we have baked holiday treats to drop off on Christmas Day to our local Police, Fire and Ambulance stations to say thank you for those that are away from their families to keep us safe!

    I would love the gorgeous recipe journal to keep track of my mum’s recipes that she only has in her head!

  307. Debra E says

    We sponsor children from Compassion International and they will be given gifts that were purchased with money we gave. Awesome giveaway Elana! Thank you!

  308. Lori Hogan says

    We have donated to the local volunteer fire department, made gluten free chex mix and goodies for neighbors and friends, made meals for two families with someone hospitalized, and donated warm hats and clothes to those in need. Giving is SO heart warming! LOVE IT!!!

  309. SherriS. says

    This month, I’ve helped raise money for a local scholarship, stuffed stockings for The Salvation Army and collected items for a needy family that we adopted at my work.

    I’d love to win the Almond Flour/biscotti.

    Thanks Elana! Btw, LOVED the gingersnap cookies (your recent recipe).

  310. Kimberley says

    Every christmas we collect pet food from friends and family and take it down to our local animal shelter. For myself though, I know that Christmas can be a rough time for a lot of women, and I make a donation to Womens’ Refuge.

    I love the idea of the recipe journal – I have always wanted to begin one but have not had the inspiration to do so.

    I hope everyone has a safe and happy festive season.

  311. says

    My contribution to my sphere of influence has been ongoing throughout the last 2 years. As I am becoming more and more educated about health and nutrition, I have been sharing it with my family and friends. For example, I have been using almond flour, coconut flour and many other “alternative” healthier ingredients to create some yummy food items. I bring them to my fellowship and share them and all are amazed at how delicious these items taste. A couple of other examples are…I made green smoothies and shared with everyone so that they could see how simple and delicious these are for us as well as declaring their nutritious value. Also, I have started making kale chips (among other things such as fruit roll ups) in my dehydrator. I brought them to a gathering and everyone was floored at how delicious they were. It is so fun to see people’s faces/reactions to foods that they would normally turn their nose up at…how they marvel at the simplicity of a recipe and how much benefit is in that one smoothie or that bunch of kale chips. I am getting requests from folks asking me to teach them how to prepare healthier foods. It only takes one person to ignite a desire for change…good, healthy change.

    ***my website is still under construction but will be complete by March 2012***

  312. says

    The Khanyisela Scholarship Fund( is a charity to help orphaned South African children get a higher quality education to help them break away from poverty. I made a donation to them as a “feel good” Christmas gift to myself and am working with the founder to plan some fundraising for the new year.

  313. rachel says

    I’ll be smiling at people and being kind to them this Christmas (and through the rest of the year too)!

  314. says

    I would love to be entered into the giveaway. What we are doing to help others. I am usually on the receiving end of peoples giving (we are missionaries in Mexico) So I am giving away clothes that are donated and what we won’t need here. And sharing with others the abundance that God has blessed us with.

  315. LuraFaye Mötley says

    I have some wonderful tenants who always pay on time. I know they don’t have extra expendable funds. This is the second year I have told them they don’t have to pay Dec rent.
    Love your recipes. Thanks for your grain free site. Happy holidays.

  316. Stacey LoSacco says

    I have donated food to our local food pantry and volunteered at my spiritual center. Thanks!

  317. says

    Thanks Elana for this give-a-way! I delivered Baskets of Joy to Denver-area seniors for the Volunteers of America. We do it every year and love the look of joy on their faces when we give them something as simple as a basket of fruit.

  318. Susan Reed says

    I’ve been baking cookies from your recipes all afternoon today to give to my gluten free friends….thanks so much for such wonderful recipes!

  319. Joy says

    I helped to man a center for Operation Christmas Child, a division of Samaritan’s purse, which collects shoeboxes filled with gifts and necessities and sends them to needy children around the world. In total, over 7 million boxes were shipped by Samaritan’s purse this Christmas!

  320. Lynn-Marie says

    I have several friends with celiac disease, and this year my mom was diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance. I started baking and forwarding your recipes because she was having trouble grasping what cooking gluten and dairy-free would be like. I have been eating low-glycemic carbs for over 5 years, and have found your blog increased my options by leaps and bounds. My recent annual exam showed my health better than its been for many years. I gave a ‘cookie plate’ of gluten free goodies to my chiropractor (also celiac) and she nearly cried – having never even realized the possibilities! I learn and I spread the word. Bring it on!

  321. Kathy Farina says

    I will be working in the emergency room for the several days surrounding the holidays. I will host my family for Christmas eve with the help of my son, so it feels family oriented and festive for all, it has been a difficult year for everyone.

  322. says

    The weekend in Texas looks like such fun. As a displaced Texan I am so envious and homesick! There are some great photos on Georgia’s post. Can’t wait to read her book.

  323. Katie M says

    During the holidays we always try and get our kids involved in helping others out. For Thanksgiving we donated a Turkey to my daughters elementary school for a family in need from her school. For Christmas we adopted a family with two kids from her school as well that were in need of basic clothing items. My daughter enjoyed picking out clothes for kids she went to school with even though she did not know who they were. We also try and donate to our local Women’s shelter for battered women and there childern.

    Thanks for your site it makes healthier baking easy!

  324. Tammy Childers says

    I would certainly love to be the winner. All of these would be wonderful for this new journey I have begun….living gluten free:-)

  325. says

    Thank you so much for sharing Kiva. My friend told me about it a few years ago, and then I forgot the name and have been trying to find it again for the last couple of years. This year I donated food, clothing and money to a family that is in need. It never feels like enough though.

  326. Alexa says

    I will be organizing a hunger banquet with the help of oxfam international to promot awareness of world hunger.

  327. Diana says

    This Christmas season is a bit difficult. . .I lost my mom in November. Never the less, I am so blessed! My giving this year has been to non-profits, who in turn help those less fortunate. Always does the heart good to share with others!

    I found your website in October while on the hunt for a recipe for roasted pumpkin seed recipe. I am addicted now! Got my first shipment of Almond Flour this week and am really enjoying the opportunity to do some healthy baking. Have not done any since my husband and I began our anti inflammatory diet in July! I am so excited! Thanks for this marvelous collection of paleo friendly/ gluten free cooking. We have enjoyed everything we have tried!

  328. Jennett says

    We just visited the local nursing home and sang and played the piano for them. I just tried one of the bread recipes from your site and really enjoyed it.

  329. Amy S. says

    I hosted a dinner party this last weekend and cooked all my guests a delicious feast – of course featuring several dishes from this blog :) I had each guest bring a gift to donate to Toys for Tots and was able to collect over 40 gifts! It’s an excellent cause and I’m so glad to have had such giving friends and family to help!

  330. Lisa says

    I will be watching our friend’s dogs. It may not seem like a lot, but we lost our beloved Golden Retriever a few months ago.

  331. Alana says

    We have been donating to various food banks in our area for the last few months. Happy Holidays everyone!

  332. Megan says

    Your giveaways look quite interesting! Love the journal as well as Girl Hunter (looks like a great read).

    My partner and I assist one particular family each year with providing gifts for their children and usually a few sweet treats for them to enjoy as well. We also donate food to the local food bank through our daughter’s school and have donated gently used coats to a local charity collecting coats for children and adults who aren’t able to provide for themselves. We try to contribute throughout the year not just during the holidays..

  333. says

    With my church, we have given special Christmas gifts (food, gift cards for medicine, etc) to members of our congregation and community in need. One visit I was a part of was to an 18-year-old boy dying of a brain tumor. He had such a special spark and was a joy to visit with. Befriending him has certainly made my Christmas brighter.

    Thank you for giving during this holiday season!

  334. Tana Rhodes says

    My family and I are helping out a low income, hard working Mama and her kiddos this Christmas/holiday season. We’ve been very blessed and hope to bless them just a bit. :) We’re also donating to a wonderful organization called “Voice of the Martyrs” they help persecuted Christians around the world who are imprisoned, tortured and even killed because of their faith. All people should be given the right to religious freedom. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Elena and friends!

  335. says

    goodness… I can’t even follow directions this time of year. We have helped others by donating to food banks but I need to show my children what it’s like to not have food… without being too harsh (they’re young). suggestions?

    • Tana Rhodes says

      World Vision is a great organization where you can “adopt” a child in another country by sending a modest amount of money monthly and writing cards and letters to encourage them. They will send cards, letters and photos back telling you how your money is helping them. The kids like to get involved and they can also learn about another culture at the same time. :) Good luck!

    • KT says

      One way to gently approach the subject of hunger with little ones is wait until your child tells you they are hungry. While they have that empty feeling in their tummy, have them imagine that they did not have food to eat and guide them in that conversation about the reality of want for others. How long you let them experience that feeling of hunger is for you to determine as appropriate (5 min, 15 min, etc.) and then eat. Talk about how good it feels to eat, and to have foods to eat that taste good. Then find an opportunity to choose a food item from home or go purchase one together to drop off at a food pantry.

  336. Brenda says

    Thank you for a wonderful year of recipes. Have enjoyed all I have tried. Wish you
    healthy and happiness in the new year.

    • TClark says

      My family spent a Saturday morning cooking and serving at our local shelter. Always a treat for us.

  337. Maggie says

    Donated toys and food to Food Bank and Mendocino Children’s Fund today. So many worthy and needy charities.

  338. Shawna says

    We are donating to a few causes including Child’s Play and Oceana. Apart from that, I’ll be helping my parents cook healthy food for the holidays. Thanks, Elana!

  339. says

    I love cooking and helping take the stress away from my mom by cooking the holiday meal for my family and giving away cookies and homemade bread to friends and family!

    • Pamela says

      Oops! and I forgot to leave how we will be helping others this holiday. This year it was all about gifting trees and local food pantries.

  340. Amanda says

    My department “adopts” a few kids and we all buy them gifts off their list. I also donate to Kiva – it’s so rewarding to think you are helping somebody on the other side of the world realize their dreams.

  341. says

    I do Kiva!!!! I’ve been a member for a few years and love the concept!! This season I have also donated money to my church, my boyfriend and I bought toys for a 5 year old boy we sponsored and we bought clothes for our “needy” Christmas tree at church (this year I bought onesies and t-shirts for babies). PS – Love the idea to comment how we will be helping others this year – I love reading everyone’s comments and getting new ideas!

  342. laura balsley says

    almond flour and biscotti is what I’d wish for … for my future daughter in law who also with me love your website. BTW.. almond flour on zucchini is SOOOO wonderful.. I feel so healthy eating that dish! thanks for all your great GREAT ideas..

    Merry Xmas!!


  343. Kasey says

    For our nieces and nephews we always make a donation as a Christmas present. Because a lot of people in our family are runners, this year we gave to “Back on your feet” which is a group that helps to empower homeless individuals by inviting them to join running clubs and providing the appropriate shoes and clothing. Once the new runners have showed good attendance for a month, they are eligible for job training and other assistance. I can’t wait to see the faces when the kids page through pictures of their family running and then come across the pictures of BYOF clients running!

  344. Miriam Lichtenfeld says

    For Hanukka, we have one night without gifts and that is our night to give. Our kids get to choose an animal each from Heifer International to give. BTW, I am friends with someone who you know from high school, Alexandra Schmidt.

  345. Kaitlyn says

    My family will be donating food and money to the Salvation Army. I will also be providing healthy alternatives for our holiday dinner.

  346. Shari Jo Watson says

    Most of my family and friends have the same difficulty with wheat and dairy. Being on disability income makes me have to get more creative. So I thought to make up some JAR gifts. Mexican Bean Soup in a JAR and Chrunchie Cookies in a JAR. The beans reciepe was fairly easy and inexpensive as I had all the ingredients. But, I am struggling to get the cookie completed as it requires gluten free flour which at this time in my life the budget does not allow for purchasing extra. If I win the flour I will definitely make them up to give away to my daughter and her husband, my 2 sons at college, my girlfriend Ruth, Tanya and also Tracie. Not too mention my 11 year old daughter will love to make some.

  347. Lara says

    We’ll be donating food to the local food bank, and volunteering our time at a family homeless shelter.

  348. says

    We love to teach our kids that the holidays are more about giving than getting. We always do little activities such as baking cookies or writing cards to give to others, and we make sure the kids are involved in every step.

  349. says

    I love your blog and recipes!

    We adopted a family of six this year as well as many senior citizens. Many seniors have no family and are all alone at the holidays. Their wish list includes things like socks, chocolates and under garments. Things I can take for granted.

    Blessings to you this season.

  350. Roxane says

    This year my office adopted two local families in need. We collected money from our patients as well as contributions from employees to buy groceries, toiletries, clothing and of course toys! I was in charge of buying toiletries and groceries and in all honesty, I’ve experienced more joy shopping for these families than my own!

  351. Nancy Dalessandro says

    Each Christmas season I give to Heiffer project. I buy gifts for friends and family from them. I have been loaning through Kiva for a while now. I just funded a lady who sews clothes in Africa. I also fund raised 400 dollars for our food pantry through a sale at our church. It seems each year I want to do more. I find this type of giving at Christmas to be much more rewarding than buying useless gifts for those who don’t really need them!

  352. Debi says

    We gave a gift to Samaritan’s Purse (to give an orphan a month of care) in honor of my husband’s grandmother. We also gave a young father a tool set to help him as he learns the construction business. Thanks for your help to us through your blog!

  353. Felicia says

    I’ll be giving back by spending time with my grandparents. As they age, they can’t fly to be with other family members, so I will spend as much time as possible at home with them :)

    Thank you for the great contest!

  354. Sara Jean says

    we’re helping a widow who lives by us with yardwork this christmas. =) Thanks for all you do Elana!

  355. Sara says

    My children and I collected food for homeless/hungry children through Canning Hunger’s Box of Love program. I especially love this program because it allows the children to be part of the entire solution process! Each box even includes a letter (or a picture from the younger set) from you!

  356. says

    Many of my family members are struggling this year with finances, so my lovely partner and I are hosting a dinner party for Christmas night.

    We are also taking care of a dear friend’s k-9 child as her father just passed. She and her husband had to leave town. I’ve let them know that “Charlie” is not only comfortable with the other pooches here, but will be receiving a holiday gift as well…. dogs like Christmas too.

  357. Myra says

    This year is the year my 4 year old daughter is contributing her time, gifts and talents to those families that are doing without. She has taken it upon herself to “donate” her toys, birthday gifts, drawings, clothes, shoes, ETC to the Angel organization here in Austin. I could not be more proud!

  358. says

    Very cool! I’m helping others by doing a ton of the Christmas cooking and baking… the fact that everything I’m making is reasonably healthy is an added bonus!

  359. Liesl says

    I work at a local rape crisis center and counsel adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

    We just recently had our Christmas party for all of our clients and handed out all of the donations that we had received from local churches, individuals and organizations to pass on as Christmas gifts for our clients and their families.

    The Christmas season is not easy for those of us who have a lot of dietary restrictions. I found myself longing for some of your gluten-free apple crisp or the red velvet cupcakes we made for my birthday not too long ago. I seriously don’t know what I would do without the magnificence that is blanched almond flour.
    Speaking of, I recently told someone about your blog because she disclosed that she was on a completely paleo diet (without knowing it was called that) and really missed sweets and baked goods. She had no idea that almond flour even existed.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for sharing all that you do with us. Without sounding cheesy, that has really enabled me to participate full-throttle in the holiday season and not feel left out.


  360. Katie says

    I bought gifts for 5 children off of the Salvation Army giving tree. So rewarding to be able to give a child a decent Christmas and so fun to shop for toys! I was also able to see the inside of the distribution warehouse this year which was an amazing experience!

  361. Audrey J says

    I have been helping a local nonprofit with office stuff this season. They now have more time to feed people.

    My husband and I have been helping people thru Kiva for a number of years. It is a great organization.

    Audrey J

  362. Kathy says

    Our favorite way to help others during the Holidays, is to buy a meal for a family in need when we do our own holiday shopping at Whole Foods.
    Thank you Elana, for all your wonderful recipes and giveaways! Kathy

  363. Marci F. says

    I love Kiva! In addition to Kiva, I’ll also be making an extra donation to Children International for the holidays.

    And sharing gluten-free goodies with my family & friends!

  364. Susan Ruff says

    We purchased gifts at our church’s angel tree. One for a teenage girl asking for a soft blue blanket (we bought 2 blankets- one twin and one lounge size and socks) and a teenage boy asking for shoes (we got him shoes and socks). It’s amazing that we live in a world where a childs wishes are what we consider necessities.

    • Sarah C. says

      My kids and I are helping to spread some holiday cheer by sharing (Gluten-free) treats with many of our neighbors.

  365. Amanda says

    I gave money to help feed a family in town for two weeks and I also gave money to help animal shelters in the area.

  366. Diane S. says

    I haven’t tried almond flour yet but sure would like to. Have been gluten free since 2nd week of August. All thou I no longer hunt I did enjoy it. I did every thing from beginning to end. Thanks Diane

  367. Paula B says

    We chose 3 names from our local “Angel Tree” which provides gifts for homeless folks and also for children who have an incarcerated parent. We gave to our local food bank, and I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and will be helping plan the dedication for two new homeowners just after Christmas. Oh, and I bought a book for each of the students in my daughter’s third grade classroom, plus books for my grandkids’ teachers’ classroom libraries.

  368. says

    I will be helping my family eat healthier during the holidays by making the sides for Christmas dinner at my parents house and making healthy baked goods (Elana’s protein bars and her paleo fruitcake) as their gifts.

  369. Mary Kay Martin says

    My kids and I volunteer with Operation Turkey at thanksgiving each year and I have donated to Toys for Tots for this season also. On a different note, we always make gingerbread cookies and this year I made the regular and a paleo version. I loved the paleo version so much more. It didn’t need frosting and it had so much flavor. I’m making more and more things paleo for my family even though they don’t live that lifestyle. My son is starting to and I’m so excited about that. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to this way of life.

  370. Nancy Spence says

    So much to learn, so many ways to learn it. What’s life without health?!

    Thank you for your help along this path!

  371. says

    I usually help out at a local soup kitchen over the holidays (other times of the year too). I also helped with my students to put together a holiday hamper of holiday gifts and foods for a needy family. We all contributed money and food and bought their wish list items which were warm coats and some other clothing. It is so important to help others and realize how lucky we really are.

    Best holiday wishes to you and your loved ones!

  372. says

    I actually bought coffee for the person behind me in line last week, but above that we are involved with a local kid’s shelter–got some gifts for them and helped them with some gingerbread house decorating. It was rewarding to see the smiles that lit up their faces!

  373. may says

    i’ll be giving to food democracy now, international rescue organization, and mercy corps, all great causes.

  374. Kristen Hickman says

    Throughout the year and especially at Christmas, we support a child through Compassion International. He is our “adopted” son and we exchange letters with him as well as support him on a monthly basis. At Christmas I write a special note and provide a gift for him.

    Within my natural family, I helped financially to bring my brother and nephew home for Christmas. We just want to be together for Christmas.

    Happy holidays!

  375. Marion Summers says

    The people I help the most at this time of year is my family. I am teaching my daughter how to cook for Hannukah and Christmas. We celebrate both at our homes.

  376. Amanda says

    This holiday season, I’ll be providing my culinary skills to bring in some holiday cheer to my family!

  377. says

    This Christmas season, We are going through our closets and donating clothes and coats to people who are needy. One lady just got out of prison and I just gave her career wear so she could go on job interviews.

  378. Jody says

    I got my group of mama friends together to sponsor 2 foster children and played Secret Santa for them! I also did a food drive for our women’s shelter and took 42 bags of food to the shelter yesterday! It is amazing what you can accomplish with a group of women!

  379. says

    Elana – I am GLAD that you’ve addressed the nutrition issue – we all have to be responsible for what we put in our bodies, and the service you provide with these recipes is PRICELESS. I am thankful for you, and I will continue to talk about your recipes / website any chance I can (that’s what I’m going to do for YOU for the holidays :)) – and I’m also going to continue to try to be a good example of what it means to eat healthy (especially for my parents – my dad just had open heart surgery and will need good nutritious things for his recovery). Thanks for all you do.

  380. Christine says

    Ooh I love this website and use many of the recipes.

    I adopted a Marine! Matthew is deployed in Afghanistan. Been there 3 months and has 9 more to go. Yuk I say, but also have a deep appreciation for our military.

    I’m loading him up with paleo packaged foods and jerky etc some Men’s Health magazines because he said to please not send cookies/candy. He didn’t ask for anything when I offered. So sweet.

    Semper Fi

    by the way, I’ve made the pumpkin bread more times than I can count. It’s a winner. ;)

    • CC says

      thank you Christine for doing that!! My son has just come home from Afghanistan and he would share his ‘care’ packages with his fellow Marines that did not have family at home, it made everyone feel closer he said … I made a couple of Elana’s paleo treats to send (the almond joy bars were the biggest hit!) and found that by vacuum packing, everything was still fresh by the time they got it.
      Semper Fi

  381. says

    I also recommend Kiva. I’ve been lending the same $300 over and over for over a year now, and it’s fun! Thanks for the giveaway.

  382. says

    I plan on donating to goodwill this holiday season. There is so much I no longer need that could be put to good use by someone else! Thanks for hosting these giveaways–they are great!

  383. erin says

    My mom gets really overwhelmed during the holidays so I’m taking the stress of cooking for our family from her and doing all of it for the first time!

  384. Becca Gater says

    We have been donating lots of gently used toys to a very poor neighborhood where we know there will be little if nothing under the tree this year :(
    Thank you for your paleo fruitcake recipe. My GFCF son’s teacher is Paleo and this is the perfect gift to say I Care!

  385. says

    I volunteered at the youth homeless shelter last week, have donated canned food to the local Road Home, and have donated winter clothes to both shelters as well.

  386. Lynn says

    This year i changed my entire approach to giving and feel the best I have about Christmas. I fostered a dog from a kill shelter, donated to the Brooke Jackman Foundation which promotes children’s literacy, gave away free treatments to those who cannot afford care and I bought gifts for all those I know who give selflessly to others without asking for anything in return. I have been inspired by those who have paid off layaway plans at walmart and target and hope to do the same before Christmas. It truly was one of the most beautiful holiday seasons for me. Thank you for this opportunity. Wishing you all good things for the New Year

  387. Amy says

    I am helping others by teaching them how to enjoy the holidays, even when you have to be gluten-free! Our Thanksgiving was amazing and I have no doubt our Christmas dinner will be just as good. :0)

  388. Li Suarez says

    Woo hoo comments have been restored! :D. I’d be so happy to be a recipient of the book or the flour I love almonds they is the best thing since me finding this site! Thanks elana!

    • Li Suarez says

      We have given out blankets to the homeless and needy. Bc its been cold this year in california even for us.