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Giveaway: Cook It Allergy Free

The fabulously savvy Kim Maes over at Cook It Allergy Free has developed a fantastic allergen free iPhone/iPad app and today I’m happy to be giving it away to two lucky winners!

Now, I may not be the most technologically advanced person in the world, though thankfully, my children are.  One day, my younger son pulled up this amazing app and started flipping through it; then he decided we needed to make the Apple Walnut Pancakes, which by the way were delectable.

What do I like about the Cook It Allergy Free app? Well, everything. First, it has hundreds of gluten free recipes! What really sets it apart though is the fact that you can find substitutions in any recipe on this app for eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, cheeses, corn syrup, and soy.

Another great feature? The grocery list. If you save a recipe to your grocery list, the app will generate the necessary ingredients onto the grocery list for you –that’s super handy.

To enter this giveaway leave a comment below before midnight, May 26th, 2011 and let us know if you like to use iPad/iPhone apps –if you do, tell us which one(s) you like. This giveaway is open to everyone everywhere and I will select the winner at random using

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winners of the Cook It Allergy Free giveaway were Donna C and Jessica Lopez. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. says

    My son has an iPod that i can use if i need to (including letting me use this one when i like). He loves all sorts of apps with his favs ranging from seeing FB when he’s away from his computer to various music apps he can use anywhere!

  2. Andrea says

    There are a lot of apps I like: Facebook for one!, grocery IQ, iCal,, you version bible, and, Nike mobile among others.

  3. says

    This looks fantastic!! I love using Iphone apps, so handy! I like the sparkpeople app to count calories and nutrition. It is so fun looking at how many vitamins I got in at the end of the day through my FOOD! :)

  4. Jane says

    I love my iPhone. I use the Bible app as well as Movies,Facebook, Restaurants – for the calorie count, and Mario Cooks. They are my favorite.

  5. Cory Williams says

    I love using my iPad when I shop because I can look up allergy free recipes when I am in the store.
    I also use it to research any questionable ingredients before I purchase.

  6. johanna says

    My husband just got me an iphone, so I am just learning all about it. I do have an app for Whole Foods recipes that I like.

  7. Colleen Gagnon says

    just got an iPhone yesterday. This would be amazing to use for my family and co-op friends trying to go gluten free.

  8. Maria says

    I just bought my Iphone 4 two weeks ago and I have ZERO apps (other than games). I have been hesitant to download any food related ones since they aren’t gluten-free. I’m happy to see this one!

  9. says

    I don’t have an ipad, but I do use iphone apps. I’m just now making the switch to iphone, and have had my eye on this app for a while! Everyone says such wonderful things about it, and Kim is such a great resource!

  10. says

    We don’t have the money for an IPad or IPhone… but I think they would be amazing! I have been Gluten/Dairy free for about 6 months now, but am still in need of help and recipes this would be a really really amazing blessing in my families life so I will be crossing my fingers and my toes! Thank you for the chance!!!

  11. says

    LOVE iPhone and iPad apps. Love the kindle app, tweet deck, echofon, etc. Have been searching for a good recipe app, but need to swap so many ingredients that it does not seem to be worth it. Glad I saw a tweet about this one!!! Xoxoxo.

  12. Diana says

    What a great idea, thanks to all of you for helping us discover new and healthy options!

  13. says


    I just checked out this app and it is fabulous! I have many food allergies! This would help me so much on my Iphone!
    I would love to win this!
    I would use it on my Iphone.
    I love facebook and twitter. I want to get cellfire too!
    Thanks for this great give-a-way! Also, letting us know that this even exists!


  14. says

    Don’t use high tech, but do enjoy info provided by those who do. This book sounds as though it contains just what we need.

  15. Elena says

    I love to use iPad/iPhone apps and the ones I use the most are Zite, Dictionary, AccuWeather, and SimpleShop. Thanks for letting us know about the Cook It Allergy Free app!

  16. Tina Chalfant says

    I’m sure I would love an iphone/ipad if I had one :) Seriously though, I’ve heard that there are a ton of really cool apps!

  17. Heather OBrien says

    My favorite app is UNO, the card game. I love to get back into my current game while waiting in line anywhere and my kids love to play against each other. It is a family activity on a device created for solo use.

  18. Shawna says

    I have an iPhone and I love to use good ones. My favorite is basically OneBusAway.

  19. Sharon Gartley says

    I am sure I would love iPad/iPhone apps if I had an iPad. Alas, I do not. They look awesome though.

  20. Kimberl Garnett says

    Looks like a great App! This will be hand since I have food allergies and am also a nutritionist!

  21. Robin Fortin says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this new app with us, Elana! I do not eat wheat or dairy and am constantly looking for substitutes in baking and cooking. I love my iPhone. I always have it by my side and use it for everything. My favorite apps are the ones with games like solitaire but also my apps to find recipes such as Whole Foods and Food Network. My banking app comes in handy too. Thanks again!

  22. linda hibbitts says

    I recently found out I have a gluten intolerance…Mt best friend and I were just talking yesterday how we wish there was some app, or program to help us get organized with our recipes and I would love to have something portable, like the I PAD, to utilize this app, and more, in my kitchen! what a great Idea! Thanks for all your great recipes and insights!

  23. Eileen says

    My favorite Ipad app is Pulse – where I can get updated RSS feeds like Elana’s Pantry (kid you not), Kindle and IBooks come in next as far as use – it’s wonderful to have recipes on my iPad in the kitchen.

  24. says

    I’d love this app meal plan is so hard lately. My most used app is my one year Bible app and the games the children like to play especially Monkey Island. I don’t Play any of the games myself though.

  25. says

    I love iPhone/iPad apps. My new favorite is Food Combo. I am obsessed with any app that helps with cooking, recipes or meal tracking.

  26. Holly Dapore says

    We use ProLoquo2Go as an aug communication device. This app sounds great!


  27. Lynne Morris says

    I recently got an Ipad and am learning how to use it. Since cooking is one of my passions, the Cook It Allergy Free App would be wonderful to have! Thanks, Elana, for all your wonderful recipes!

  28. says

    i used apps on both my iphone and ipad….love them. our favorite go to’s:
    whole foods recipes
    huffington post
    angry birds
    math board

    basically i’m trying to say we use app’s and i’d love to win for this one for our gluten/grain/soy/sugar/dairy/corn free (members of my) family :)

  29. laura balsley says

    OOOhhh… My son s girlfriend, Dru is.. corn, soy and wheat allergic.. I would love to win this.. and give this to her! ”

    thank you!


    • laura balsley says

      Was I supposed to choose? No phones for us since we are hearing impaired.. but IPAD would be JUST perfect


  30. Christina says

    I use my iPhone for EVERYTHING! I have three favorite appendages (my two daughters and newborn son) and my phone runs a close 4th!!

  31. says

    I’m allergic to eggs, soy and gluten. This app sounds amazing. I’ll use it on my ipod touch (and soon to get iphone). I’m going to check out some of the other apps mentioned. I use Epicurious, Audible, and my credit union banking app the most.

    Thanks for your wonderful recipes! The power bars rock :)

  32. Yvette says

    I dont have an Ipod, but I use my iphone for all my favorite apps.. facebook, groupons, convert units, pandora,etc. I am going to add this new app you have on my phone. Thanks!

  33. Mary Ann says

    What a great idea. I’m thrilled to think that an app is available for my iphone.
    Thanks for all your great recipes. I’m been making the banana walnuts muffins on a regular basis.

  34. Sara says

    I’ve been a little slow to actually download apps onto my phone, so this would be a great one to try out. I really like the idea of the grocery list.

  35. Della Burruss says

    I LOVE my iPad2!!! I waited so long for it. I love everything about it and I read books, watch movies, catch up on news, check my email, play games. Animation Desk is amazing, and I love making cakes and emailing them to people with Cake Doodle or sending bouquets that I have grown with Flower Garden. I have many food sensitivities and would really use an app like this!

  36. says

    I love my iPod for surfing the net. It’s great for bringing my favorite blogs into the kitchen when I want to try a new recipe.

  37. Stacey says

    We love apps around our house. I love Peek-a-Boo Barn for my little girl and Is that gluten free? for me!

  38. Kristin Walukas says

    I’m new to the Ipod touch and just have used it for games, calendar and of course music, but now I’m so excited to try using it this way. Very cool sounding app!

  39. says

    I would really love to win an ipad or ipod! I have been gluten and lactose free now for close to 3 years and I’m still learning and always looking for great new recipes and healthy lifestyle choices.

  40. says

    WOW! a gluten-free app!!! Thanks for letting us all know about this. I have an iPhone, and would love to have this portable recipe file/shopping list GF app. The apps I use the most are Pleco, mail, and flashlight.

  41. Kaitlyn says

    I really enjoy my iPhone apps. I use a lot of them every day. Some of my favorites free ones are: Pandora (music), HeyTell (networking), Shazam (music), Zillow (real estate) , and BLB (Bible concordance,lexicon, etc.)

  42. Mary says

    Just another way to help keep me organized and on track. I would love this app!

  43. Brandi says

    I love CNN, The Weather Channel, Around Me, Tumblr and Dictionary apps! I also love the game apps for entertaining the kids:)

  44. says

    Like you I am not the most technically advanced person in the world, and though I have seen these nifty little gadgets, the delight of their possession has not yet been mine – this one certainly sounds pretty enticing.:) I am a fifteen-year-old gluten-free, and since the addition of two other family members to my fancy diet, I have experimented with and wept over all the meals for us “gluten-free-ers.” I found your blog just about a week ago, and I LOVE IT!- so helpful and creative. Creating gluten-free meals has become an absolute joy with so many options and ideas – thank you!

  45. Nancy klinger says

    I love your blog. Your recipes make gluten-free easy and delicious.

  46. says

    I have and use and love my iphone 4. I use my weight watcher app, myfitnesspal app, facebook app and mail app the most. I would love to use your cooking allergy free app. I was quite excited to read about it. I think I would be using it a lot since I am just getting into cooking allergy free. It would be a great help to have all the substitutions available all the time!

  47. Pat Schulze says

    Having recently discovering my casin and probably glueten issues, and being an Iphone/Ipad junkie-my Ipad is my “big print” version of my iphone.. I would LOVE this app to help make my new food life much easier… Thanks..

  48. Susan Robinson says

    Scrabble for ipad is my favorite app. I also love USA Today for ipad. Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes and helpful info. We are new to gluten-free.


  49. Meghan says

    I’ve been using Lose It lately to track my calorie intake (I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past year and am using it to help me lose those stubborn last 5 pounds). I’ve been lusting after Cook It Allergy Free for a while now

  50. says

    I love the “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” app on my iPhone. I would love an iPad because they have some great cooking apps!

  51. Katherine says

    I do love iphone apps! My favorite cooking app is probably the How to Cook Everything app.

  52. Wendy Ireland says

    Wow! This sounds like the greatest app!!! Thanks for your recipes – I’m munching on a chocolate chip cookie right now – and it fits my diet!!!

  53. cindy says

    I am not that tech savy but I would love to try the app. It would be very helpful.

  54. Sarah says

    I just got an iPhone and I am currently trying to make my life easier by researching gluten free apps, this looks like a good place to start!

  55. Kristin says

    This would be a great app for us as our family is starting to live GFCFSF! I am new to the app world, but did find a great gluten free restaurant app when you travel!


  56. Ginette says

    Bonjour du Québec !

    I use my iphone 4 for so many things. This new app would be an excellent addition.

    Love your blog, Elana. You are an inspiration !

  57. Erica dinner says

    I am using my new ipad2 – been on the fence about this app since I am grain free gluten free and dairy free – would love to try it

  58. LINDA GAMMON says

    I like the UrbanSpoons app. it allows you to look up restaurants in whatever city or area you are in at the time.

  59. says

    I don’t have an iPhone yet, but if I win, I will! I definitely could use this app and iPhone. I have all kinds of food allergies and would like to be more proactive in with my shopping and recipes and find there are so many apps for shopping too! Thanks for your wonderful website and cookbooks…. LOVE THEM!!!

  60. Jennifer Fabbri says

    I don’t have an iPad or iPhone yet, but love my friend’s. You’re blog is so informative and wonderful!!! Thank you for taking the time!

  61. says

    Thanks for sharing this app! Apart from Penultimate for quick sketches and notes, this may become my new favorite!

  62. Jenn says

    I like both. Perhaps the iPhone app would be preferable so that I could access on the go. Thx.

  63. says

    I haven’t found too many apps that I use as much as games(hello Mahjong!) but I liked my calendar and To Do apps. But between the two of us, my husband and I are allergic to gluten, dairy, nightshades, peanuts, egg whites and corn! Something that could give me substitutes all in one place would be such a treat!

  64. Erron Dawson says

    My fav fun app is probably Dwell. I use a lot of productivity apps but have yet to find a good food app. This sounds great!

  65. Xiomara Ornis da Luz says

    I am allergic to so many things, and I’m always frustrated when I’m trying to find substitutions for eggs, cheese and the like. Unfortunately I have never owned an iPhone or iPad, but I have plans for them! I would love to fill the phone with the helpful app you mentioned above, and’s app for the long hours in the kitchen. :)

  66. debi riley says

    Hi, i also love my i phone and use many apps, am a nurse so books to me are on my i phone, like tabers, drug guide, lab values, RN, dictionary many more thanks for the chance to win this treat!! love your site!! debi

  67. Heather says

    This app sounds great! We purchased an iPod Touch last year mainly for music, stories, etc. when our CD player died. However, I’ve been looking for practical apps – educational and recipe-oriented. I find it difficult to locate the “good ones” without recommendations though! Thanks for this one! :)

  68. Dee says

    I love my iPhone and iPod touch!! I would totally use this app!! Right now some of my favorites are the fitness pal, and of course I tunes!

  69. Amanda says

    I love using sites like these! It makes being on a restricted diet so much easier :-)

  70. Vanessa Meyer says

    I love aps, especially ones that help keep me healthy, connected and on-the-go without having to print stuff out to tote along(gluten free finders, recipes, yelp, facebook, hike finders/maps). I’m gluten, corn, and dairy free and, while I have started building my own cookbooks (many thanks to people like Elana!), my bf gets overwhelmed trying to find things that are creative and tasty and safe for me if/when he wants to surprise me with dinner. It would be AWESOME for both of us to have this ap available!

  71. Masha says

    I use my i-phone 24/7 for everything from cooking to directions- one of the best food apps I have is from Whole Foods, you put in the ingredients you have and it gives you a delicious recipe using those ingredients. It makes a shopping list for you too!

  72. says

    Yes, I love apps on my iPhone, I am always using FB. I have severe allergic reations to wheat, eggs, milk and a app that would substitute this would be great! I enjoy reading your website & the recipes. I’ve been letting my friends know about your website. Thanks for the info.

  73. says

    I don’t have an iPhone/iPad, so I can’t use the apps right now, which is why I need to win!! I think it would be awesome to have an app that told me safe substitutions for things while I’m in the kitchen.

  74. says

    We are an i-Thingie family here, with apps for everything from homeschooling to entertainment.

    I love Epicurious, Martha Stewart, and Yelp for various culinary needs. Can’t wait to try this app. I’d love to win it, but if I don’t then I suppose it’ll eventually have to show up on my iPad anyway!

  75. Marcy says

    I like using ipad and iphone apps. I like them for the convenience for example I like whole foods for recipes and store locations (we travel often). I would LOVE the cook it allergy free app because I utilize the website often.

  76. Feiga Mazer says

    My daughter is the technologically gifted person in my family. one of her favorite apps is the one that allows you to scan a bar code and find out where it is sold and for how much. comparison shopping at home!

  77. Pat Smith says

    I am a diabetic and I have been researching gluton free recipes to see how they would help me keep my sugar under control. I use apps for diabetes, sugar free desserts, and copykat recipes. WebMD is a favorite. We diabetics need to keep searching for ways to control our diabetes.

  78. Erin Scheithe says

    I use the “Is that gluten free” and the Triumph Dining apps when grocery shopping and the “Is that gluten free – dining out” when I go out to eat. I’m dairy and gluten free. So the substitutions would be great!

  79. says

    My son has celiacs,hearttransplant, type 1 diabeties the list for shopping, the sub items is great I would use all the functions would make it easy to shop

  80. Christa says

    LOVE this giveaway! I have an iPhone and iPad. I use my iPad in the kitchen to have all my favorite recipes from bloggers on hand, and use Twitterific ALL the time. The Whole Foods app is great as well.

  81. Daniella says

    I recently received an iPod touch as a gift and have gone app crazy! I especially like the apps for cooking and healthy eating/living.

  82. says

    Years ago I found out I was allergic or intolerant to nearly everything.
    Since then finding suitable recipes for me has always been an interesting challenge. This app for the I phone sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to try it!

  83. Judy says

    I think the app is fantastic and I need to download it! How perfect is that substitution for foods that one is allergic to or maybe just run out off!

  84. says

    It is so hard to keep up with all the incredible new apps available! I like the idea of the grocery list generated with this one. The app that surprised me recently was one my oldest son showed me – how he could point his phone at music playing from any speaker, anywhere, and he could find out the name of the artist and what album it was from AND then play it too. Like smokes! Who knew! I think I like holding a book (like yours) and turning the pages to look and read more though!!!

  85. Gail Williams says

    Oh, Elana! Thanks so much for giving away such fun items!!! I recently got an iPad for my birthday…the whole family went together and got it for me. I feel so blessed. All that to say, if I were able to win the app. I would like to use it on my iPad. So, on behalf of whomever wins, thanks again for this wonderful gift! Gail

  86. rebecca says

    i dont have either, but have used an iphone. and the apps do make it easier… and made me want one more. i actully like the game apps ;)

  87. Wendy says

    Thanks for letting us know about this app! I really love the “Simply Recipes” app and the “Epicurious” app. I have been at the grocery store a number of times and pulled up my recipes to be sure I had everything I meant to have to what I was cooking. The Gluten free apps that I had in the past didn’t stay on my phone since I didn’t find them useful.

  88. Jana Arkell says

    Thanks for mentioning this! We just got an i-pad, and I can’t wait to check this out!!

  89. Pam Bouldin says

    I would love to get this! My husband and I recently lost 100+ pounds and are currently trying to do the gluten free diet and just eat very healthy. I love all you recipes and have one of your recipe books. I have been making my own recipe book from collections of recipes I find on gluten free, sugar free recipes.
    I would love anything to make it easier!!

  90. chs says

    OOOH! That looks awesome! I have an app called GF Scanner, which seems like it would be very helpful for telling whether foods contain hidden gluten, but in fact it rarely seems to find the food I’m looking for. Scanning barcodes is fun though. :)

  91. says

    Ooooh I would LOVE this! I just got an iPhone recently and have been wanting this for a while now. I love that Kim put this awesome app together, I’ve heard so many great things about it. I don’t have many apps yet but I use the Fooducate a ton and love it. Thanks Elana for hosting this.

  92. Karen says

    The app I like best is the one that identifys what song is playing. Totally rocks my world. Shopping, out to lunch, in an elevator….it tells me what is playing and who the performer is. Magic… Technology amazes me….

  93. Lynn kiel says

    I like the whole foods app for iPad and iPhone, which I have both and love it!

  94. Stacey says

    I use an iPad that I got for work but I still don’t use it very often and therefore haven’t really used any apps. I’d use this one though! :D

  95. says

    My converter app is my favorite. I can use it to easily covert tablespoons to cups or cut an allergy free recipe in half or thirds.

  96. Jennie W says

    I love iPhone apps! Would love to try this one out. I have the newer iPhone 4 and I love it. Thanks for considering me for the app giveaway, love your site!

  97. Steven says

    Use Faebook and PaleoHacks a lot… also Marks daily Apple, but im gonna use the heck out of this one when i win!

  98. Joni Roberts says

    I have a droid phone, and I like the apps there…the Ipad is a dream! I know I would use the apps, since I am allergic to everything…well almost!

  99. Lori says

    What a great application especially when trying to feed a 6.5 year old girl who is so picky with food.

  100. Kristin says

    Oh this looks like fun! I would love some new recipes! I have a mac and Itouch! :)

  101. Lana says


    I’m wondering why you never post who actually wins the giveaways?

    Does anyone actually ever win?

    I’m just wondering because I’d like to know who wins.


  102. MaryCay says

    I use iPhone apps mostly to keep my 5 year old entertained, but some of my favorites- a meditation app, alarm clock, amazinglist and word shaker.

  103. Amie says

    Love the app world and right now, with all the tornadoes in the Midwest, weather apps are the best!

  104. Katie says

    I would love to win this app! Slowly switching my kids to grain free – thid would be a great help!

  105. says

    I have had my iPhone for two years and my ipad for 6 months. I mostly get my GF books in electronic format. It saves trees and space in my kitchen. I also have a recipe app where I capture GF recipes I like. I’m a big fan of apps on these devices. Also have the ratio app on my iPhone. Great to see such innovation and good use of technology.

  106. Lorraine says

    I love the sound of this app! I prefer the iPhone; taking this right to the store with me is perfect!

  107. Julie says

    Love using aps for both my phone and iPad. Any ap that helps save time, money or entertains is great.

  108. AmyK says

    I don’t have an iphone or an ipad so I do not have that app but I have checked it out online and it is fabulous! This would be extremely helpful and since I cook gluten-free for my celiac daughter I know that it would be an immense help to me when I shop for her.

  109. says

    Thanks, for all of your gluten free recipes…they are wonderful and delicious!! My favorite iPod apps is “serve to me” , “video air”, myfitnesspal…and many others!!

  110. Nancy Johnson says

    I like to use my ipad and the app PhotoShare. I can take photos with my ipod and then send them to the ipad. It’s a neat app.

  111. Briita says

    sounds wonderful, although i have a droid. wondering if she will be moving into that market too?

  112. Angie says

    I’ve been looking at this App for a few weeks. Looks good! I use “is that gluten free” on my iPhone and iPad. It’s so useful when I’m second guessing a recipe or ingredient while at the store. Life saver (literally!)!

  113. Vivian says

    I use Etsy, Paypal, Kindle, as well as many others! I JUST got my iPad last week and I cook sugar free and TRY to cook gluten free (I am not diagnosed but really have trouble..) so I would love this app.! I am just learning to use many of the apps!

  114. Donna says

    My husband and I are trying to eat as gluten free as possible and this app would surely come in handy. Thank you for the offer, Elana!

  115. says

    My favorite apps have nothing to do with cooking: Red Laser, Around Me & Gas Buddy. I’d love to find a good cooking app!

  116. Jeannette T says

    I have a son in law that found out 2 months after they were married that he had to eat gluten free. This app would be so helpful for when they come over and I am not making the same old things. Or I wouldn’t have to scramble at the store to figure it out.

  117. says

    I just had an allergy panel taken to find out if I have a gluten allergy- turns out it is just an intolerance- but I found out I have an allergy to fish and shellfish…and I have been pescetarian for two years! yikes…
    This app will be a nice addition to the few others I use, all food related!

  118. Julia says

    This sounds like a wonderful application. I love my iPhone and all the apps available. My favorite app is Kindle.

  119. Julie says

    How cool is that! I cook for my family – No sugars, No grains, No starches (beyond Gluten-free) and 2 of us No dairy! This app would be a lifesaver! I would use it as a phone app…but I’d have to get a better phone!

  120. Kelley Owens says

    I wish there was an app for my Blackberry but my husband has an iphone Will this do? Love your site!

  121. Jennifer says

    Sounds like a great app! The one I use most is Lose It, a calorie tracker…

  122. Barbara says

    Looks like a very well designed program. It would be a very useful tool to have. Thanks for the great work you do.

  123. Cydney Griffin says

    This app would be so very helpful to me. I have so many food allergies and this great tool would be just the trick! Especially being so conveniently on my iPhone :)

  124. says

    sounds like a great app. Id love to try it. My most used is facebook and scrabble and groupon, but my kids have quite a few that they like too. :)

  125. Kate says

    Love apps! I use so many of them, but my favs are super 8, cooks illustrated, words with friends and drop box.

  126. michelle says

    I would love this app! I have been Gluten free for over a year now and feel so much better. I love your almond flour cookbook!

  127. Lisa says

    I have not used an ipad, yet. Technology is changing so fast…I need to catch up:)!

  128. Patricia says

    I do not have an ipad/iphone, but my kids do. Would be nice to have one of these to use for all the different substitutions.

  129. Felicia Chapman says

    I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad. I can’t wait to use this app. It will making it so much easier to shop and eat. Currently I use the Food Network app, as I love the recipes, and Twitter… lots of info there for GF options :)

  130. Beth Padgett says

    I cannot live without my Iphone. I use it all the time to access the internet when checking ingredients in the store, checking my email and accessing recipes in the kitchen-so great and small on the counter. There is always an app for what you need. The 2 most commonly used ones for our house happen to be the ASL dictionary to help my apraxic son communicate, and the cleartune chromatic tuner for my absent minded son who either misplaces his stand alone tuner or does not remember to bring it to recitals and other places where he plays his harp. Now that son #3 is developing additional allergies, that new app will really help out at our house. A lot of our old standard recipes will need to be altered.

  131. Vickie Patton says

    I love my iPad and take it everywhere I go and keep my updated grocery list on it, my son has been recently diagnosed with several food allergies and we are learning new things daily, I think this will be a great app.

  132. gummysmom says

    it is amazing the different apps that you can get for the iphone and this one sounds perfect! not only do we download stuff to entertain our daughter when we’re out waiting in line for something we also use apps for tracking our running routes, locating restaurants in the area we happen to be in, the weather of course! haven’t got an ipad yet but looking forward to the day i do have one :)

  133. Jenee says

    What an awesome app to have!! Anything to help with pulling recipes and ideas together for a safe meal :)

  134. Pam Bezemer says

    I would love, love, love, to have this app for my ipod touch. My son has aspergers and has been on a very restrictive diet for many years now. It is always nice to find new recipes that he can have. The apps I enjoy are games, facebook, wholefoods, etc.

  135. Christiana says

    An app AND gluten free!! That’s what I want! Hope it’s me! I love all your recipes – thank you!

  136. Donna C says

    I’m still pretty new to my iPhone, so I don’t use too many apps but I find myself using the map app all of the time. Would love to try something food related – especially as it relates to allergies!

  137. Marilynn arm says

    What a great thing for us all! Thanks for this offer!
    The apps I use are epicurious, Korean cuisine, viet kitchen, NY Times & KPLU radio

  138. says

    Oh! That sounds awesome! Thanks for letting me know about the app! I’m going to look at it right now (if I can get the iPad2 away from my son).

  139. Mindy C. says

    My iPhone is my lifeline when I’m away from the house. My son has 12 food allergies so I am constantly looking for new foods and recipes he can have. I love the “Whole Foods Market Recipes” app. I also use “iRewardChart” as a digital star chart to help me monitor my kids behavior.

  140. Marci says

    I love iPhone apps – I’ve used them for everything from tracking my bills to grocery lists to watching the World Series – what wonderful new technology!

  141. Jen says

    This app looks fabulous! Two apps that I LOVE on my iPhone are Footprints (I can track hubby by GPS so I don’t have to bug him just to see how close to home he is) and Red Laser for scanning UPC codes while shopping to get comparison pricing. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  142. says

    I use tons of apps — dictionary apps, game apps, food apps. I love making lists, and I love apps that help me get a quick recipe to make for dinner – those are my favorite. My friend M is GF, so I’d love to have this to help her out and cook for her more!

  143. says

    Of course I would love an Ipad!!! There is sooooooooo much I could do as a mother, a teacher, and a cook. :)

  144. Ellie L. says

    I love using apps on my IPhone!

    With my busy lifestyle apps really help to keep me up to date and organized.

    Apps are the best! I would love to add this one to my Iphone:) Any additional resources to assist with the GF lifestyle would be great!

    Thanks Elana!

  145. says

    Sounds like an amazing app, especially as I’m allergic to almost everything on that list above!

    I love using my iPad as my job requires me to be tech savy and up-to-date with modern media forms. Some of my favorites include Office2HD, OneNote, Groupon, Kindle for iPad,, Dropbox, and Grocery Pal.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  146. Jodi L Kray says

    I am new to allergy-free cooking, but just got your cupcake book in the mail from amazon!! THANK YOU for your dedication to letting everyone with allergies, still experience great and fun food!! My kids are excited to eat cupcakes again!!! Your Facebook page has given me alot of knowledge on how to do it!!! Thank you for all the time investment you give to helping others too!!!!!

  147. says

    I have an iPod touch and love to play with it right before bed and then when I wake up. Before bed I usually play some mindsweeper, or go onto Twitter app, and when I rise the weather app is the first thing I go to!

  148. Linda Mazar says

    I love my Ipad and I use it for work (I am a speech therapist) and for myself and my kids. My kids love Angry Birds, but I use Facebook and therapy apps along with all kinds of other apps. I am still finding apps since I just got the Ipad recently and I am finally learning how to use it better.

  149. Jill Goldberg says

    I am addicted to my iPod, which I was given by my school district to use as a teacher. I’ve downloaded lots of educational apps for my students and my own biological children to use- my favorite is “Word of the Day” and “Brainpop!”

  150. Jessica Malloy says

    I use cooks illustrated app (have a subscription) and whole foods most. I also have Ratio which is really cool for throwing together something when I’m away from my own kitchen. I love my iPhone and use cooking apps most (except for the tinkerbell oney daughter likes and reddit). Love your blog and cookbook, E!

  151. says

    oh my could I use this!

    Sadly, I use my sons ipod touch (he’s 11) but I’m sure he would let me have an app all my own on it : )

  152. Katrina says

    Yes, I use both iPhone and iPad apps. Apps range from health & fitness to shopping to news to cooking, etc. Our family stays super busy, so these make it a bit easier. :)

  153. says

    I love ipad apps and use all recipes and Epicurious very frequently to get recipe inspiration. I’d love a gluten free app! Thanks for sharing!

  154. says

    I love my iPhone and love to use my Dad’s iPad. I love to use “ShopShop”, “WootWatch”, “Convert Units” and “WEB-MD”. Just added the new App you told us about today! So excited!

  155. Kiki says

    I LOVE that this app exsists! I just found out I’m allergic to 28 different foods so this would be perfect for me. I have both an iPhone and an iPad. I prefer this app for my phone so I can take it everywhere. Thank you for letting us know about this app.

  156. Debra says

    I do love all the helpful and fun apps available! Probably the ones I use most are the websites I go to most, like Facebook.