These lightly sweetened dairy-free Fudgsicles are a major hit with my chocolate loving teenage son. I love homemade Fudgsicles because with just 5 ingredients they’re super easy to make. Better yet? This low-carb popsicle recipe is sweetened with only one date for the entire batch!

This rich fudgey frozen treat also has a bit of stevia in it, which you can likely omit entirely or replace with some other sweetener of your choice. If you do experiment with this recipe, please stop back by and let us know how it goes! I made these Fudgsicles around a dozen times to get all of the proportions just right, so I haven’t had a chance to enjoy trying substitute ingredients to the recipe below.


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Servings 6



  • In a vitamix blend coconut milk and chocolate until smooth
  • Blend in date, vanilla powder, and stevia
  • Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for 30 minutes, set timer
  • Place popsicle sticks into semi-frozen popsicles
  • Freeze for 2 hours
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Freeze Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hrs 40 mins
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I have a couple of new and more unusual ingredients in this dairy-free Fudgsicle recipe –vanilla powder and 100% chocolate. Vanilla powder is a fantastic ingredient. Be sure to buy pure vanilla powder so that you don’t end up with the type that has added sugar or corn starch. Vanilla powder is simply pure vanilla beans, excavated from the pod for you –it’s amazingly fragrant! The chocolate I use in the recipe above is basically a bar of unsweetened baking chocolate. I use this in order to control the amount of sugar (of any sort natural, or otherwise) that I am consuming.

I’ve been cutting way back on my consumption of sweets lately, avoiding sweet fruit and staying away from baked goods even if they’re made with unrefined sugar, or natural sweeteners. When the boys were little the 3 of us were on this diet for several years –no joke.

Back then we called it the candida diet, and we really needed to be on it as one of the boys and I both had pretty bad candida overgrowth in our systems. Now we’re all healthy enough to eat anything we want –well, not gluten or grains, those are big no no’s for me as I cannot digest them and so don’t even indulge occasionally. With these types of eating restrictions, healthy paleo desserts like my homemade Fudgsicles, really hit the spot on a hot summer day.


I’ve been posting a bunch of fun photos of food and our house on my Instagram page. I recently shot one of a melted fudgsicle and shared it over there. If you make these popsicles be sure to post a photo of them on Instagram and tag it #elanaspantry so that I can see it!

Here are some of my other paleo dessert recipes that are great for summer!


84 responses to “Fudgsicles”

  1. I have made these about every other week since my original comment in August.
    It has become one of my top 5 recipes i make on a regular basis. I see the recipe has been updated to advise to remove the seed from the Date. Thanks for doing that!

    Some things i do differently that fit my taste. For me its flavor, texture and appearance that come together to truly fool this bear into the healthy treats. Not knocking this original recipe at all. it is SOOOO good as it is. But this is what I do to make it good for me.

    if new to vitamix (like i was) use the lowest setting you can to get everything mixed well. the higher settings whip a LOT of air into the mix and the air bubbles allow more ice crystals to form as it freezes making it more of a popsicle texture then a creamy fudgsicle consistency that I prefer. The lower settings make a denser consistency with less air bubbles. Not a error in the recipe, just fits better for my taste

    I like to use a can of coconut cream instead of coconut milk. yes it adds more fat but for me it goes again to the texture i am looking for.

    I have stopped using the can of cream now that I am using Elana’s homemade coconut milk recipe and I save the top layer of cream that separates out until i have enough to make a fudgsicle recipe. It gives me more motivation to drink my coconut milk so I can make more fudgsicles!

    As a couple have mentioned I also use 2 dates instead of 1 and eliminate the stevia along with using vanilla extract since I don’t have the powder.

    Also i do like to melt the chocolate since it allows me to use a lower setting on the vitamix to go along with the comments above.

    Last tip is if you use 1/2 tablespoon of a mild flavored nut-butter the consistency is almost spot on to what I look for and gives that little extra richness flavor wise with out being a peanut butter fudgsicle. However if thats what you want, and its what I do every other time i make these the addition of 1-2 tablespoon of a heavier nut nut-butter knocks this out of the park for texture and flavor. SOOOO good.

    I tell everyone I know about this recipe and how good it is. I serve it so often for desert when i have friends over for dinner that I usually get asked if I am making them when i send out the invites!

    Thank you for all you do Elana! Keep fighting the good fight as you are helping so many with the food that is so important for all!

  2. yummy! These look fantastic! I recently came across a very similar recipe (from Dr. Oz’s “Total 10” program)–but I love the popsicle idea, and I think my 3-year-old will love it! Thanks for sharing, will let you know how it goes!

  3. Loved this! Then I upgraded it to Trader Joe’s coconut CREAM and used Callebaut chocolate (yum) from Whole Foods. It’s a block – broke off pieces – used a kitchen scale. These were so rich and creamy!
    I don’t have a Vitamix so I poured very hot water over the chopped up date to soften it more. And then heated the chocolate just to soften it a little. Used my hand blender.
    Thanks Elana for this recipe!

  4. I LOVE these! The basic recipe is super yummy, but also leaves tons of room for creativity.
    For those without a vitamiix, I use date molasses and melt my chocolate. Works well and is easy.

    Some of my favorite flavor experiments…

    1. Add instant expression for super rich flavor
    2. Use mint extract for refreshing chocolate mint
    3. Orange extract made a lovely orange chocolate mix
    4. My favorite variation so far was Mexican chocolate with added expresso, cinnamon and a small dash of Cheyenne.

  5. Wow! were these ever scrumptious! my 3 granddaughters loved them! I changed it up a bit: I used 2 dates, omitted the stevia and added 2 Tbsp honey, used 1/2 tsp vanilla instead of vanilla powder, along with the coconut milk and chocolate in my vitamix. I poured the mix into 3 oz plastic cups and put them in the freezer. after 1 hr I stuck wooden popsicle sticks into the middle of them. MMMM! Thx for the nummy recipe!

  6. To some one new to using dates a great suggestion in the recipe instructions would be to remove the seed. Even in my vitamix the seed did not grind up all the way.

    To those who are asking about the bakers chocolate…2 oz was 2 cubes. I just tossed everything in all together and blended and the chocolate came out smooth. No need to chop up the bar.

    • If you’re using Bakers brand of chocolate, note that they recently changed the inner packaging. In addition, whereas 1 block was 1 oz, two squares is now one ounce.

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