Frank Zane’s Protein Powder Piña Colada

Frank Zane’s Protein Powder Piña Colada

I love making smoothies for myself and the boys.  During the last few months, several people have asked me what kind of protein powder I use in my frozen drinks.  My favorite protein powder, in fact, the only one I use is made of egg white and stevia and is produced by the incredible Frank Zane.

Zane’s Frank Zane Egg White Protein Powder (or protein powder of your choice) is delicious any way you serve it.  I love making a fruit filled smoothie for the boys after school and throwing in a scoop of this.  It’s high in protein (25 grams per scoop) and low in carbohydrates (1 gram per scoop).  While I’ve created this smoothie recipe using Zane’s protein powder, I have several others that I make for the boys as well, so stay tuned…

The boys love this drink and I love giving them this high protein piña colada.

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Frank Zane's Protein Powder Piña Colada
  1. Combine water, coconut milk and frozen pineapple in a vitamix
  2. Puree on high speed until smooth
  3. Blend in coconut oil, then protein powder, then ice cubes
  4. Serve to hungry little children or thirsty adults

The boys also enjoy having this shake for breakfast. Given all the processed starchy things they eat, I like to get some of this pure clean protein into them whenever I can.

I’m looking forward to heading out to San Francisco this weekend with my husband and the boys for the Blogher Conference where I will be speaking about Best Blogging Practices.  This will be my first Blogher and I’m really looking forward to attending!

I’m hoping I bump into the Pioneer Woman at the conference so that I can thank her for featuring me on her site  Just in case I don’t meet her there, I’ll say it now.  Thank you!


  1. Allen J. Smith says

    Interested in obtaining any information relating to you Paleo Proteína powder, and MS. I suffr
    suffer with Múltiple Sclerosis. Yours truely, Allen J. Smith

  2. Beverly Milley says

    Just got Frank Zanes egg white protien powder today. I have celiac they said it is safe. Do use still use it. Please let me know I have tried so many and they make me sick. Thank you

      • Beverly Milley says

        I bought the egg whites protien and I know you and your children have celiac like me and dairy do you find this safe I have a pantry full of different powders and the all are not right for me. Please let me know what you think I want to drink this for breakfast. I called the company they said gluten free. Thank you

        • Elana says

          Beverly, yes we use this egg white protein powder. I have celiac disease, as does one of my boys and we are ok with it.

          • Beverly Milley says

            Thank you so very much. I will start today using it. I hope you are feeling better each day I have read your article. Today is my wedding anniversarty
            And I am baking your chocolate cake. This is a treat for me. Thank you again

  3. Audrey V says

    Are you still using this protein powder. I just order some and the label lists Xanthan gum as an ingredient. I am very upset because the website shows a different. label. I believe that xanthan gum in not healthy. Do you have an opinion of xanthan gum, and does your protein powder contain it?

    • Elana Amsterdam says

      Hi Audrey, thanks for stopping by! I just re-checked the ingredients of this product (to make sure it’s still something I like) and I did not see any gums in it :-)

  4. says

    Thanks Elana for using my protein in your recipe! I wanted to let everyone know that the protein mentioned in this recipe, Frank Zane’s Cutting Edge Egg White Protein has just been updated and replaced by the superior Egg White Perfection protein powder. It can be found at the same link as above ( and is available for order today.

    I’d also like to address Jennifer’s concern about the photo-copied labels – around the time you posted, supply and demand created a shortage that led to containers without the standard label (much nicer looking). Not everyone’s would look like that and with the new product, it shouldn’t be happening again. I hope this addresses your concerns and you find enjoyment in using it in some of your own recipes. If you ever have any concerns, please send me an email at – Frank

  5. Jennifer says

    I received my container of Frank Zane Egg White protein powder today and I’m wondering if everyone else’s product arrived in a container with a poorly photocopied piece of paper taped to the container as a ‘label’…I’m concerned at how unprofessional this looks. If I know everyone’s looks like this I would feel better feeding it to my children.

    • Lisa says

      I would add a couple of whole raw eggs if you can get a good egg source and tolerate eggs. Personally I do not do well with egg white, so I use the yolk for its nutrition and then use organic whey powder that is sweetened with stevia. There are also a variety of sources for different protein powders, and there might be one for you. There is pea protein, hemp, and whey. Just stay away from the soy :)

  6. Lorena says

    Just made this this morning and it’s fabulous! Definitely gonna incorporate it into our smoothie rotation. Thanks so much!

  7. lacey says

    Just wondering if this protein powder is gritty at all. I am looking for one that isn’t, the rice protein i have tried is and i don’t like it at all. thanks.

    • Lisa says

      Rice protein is very gritty. The other protein powders are smooth. Not sure why that is. Sorry, I see that you asked this a long time ago but maybe better late than never :)

  8. Spoodles says

    We were adding protein powder to our boys’ milk to get them to drink more milk. Our pediatrician put a stop to this saying that much protein is too hard on a child’s kidneys.

    Love this site — just found it today! Just thought I’d pass on this tidbit FYI.

  9. says

    Recent studies suggest that taking protein powder daily can boost the immune system and facilitate the healing of wounds after surgery or injury. It also promotes healthy skin and fosters muscle strength and development. Humans need protein daily because this is what the muscles and tissues are built from. Our body doesn’t have any extra place to store protein. The necessity of protein in our body is equal to that of water.

  10. charlotte says

    Vitamin Shoppe has the exact same egg protein product for less money…you may want to check if your local Vitamin Shoppe carries it before placing an online order.

  11. says

    Great smoothie idea Elana! You don’t know this, but you’ve already been inspiring my smoothie selections. Last night I made your purple velvet torte. This morning I put the leftover shredded beats in my smoothie. It was delish!

    Enjoy Blogher. I predict you will have a fantastic time.

  12. says

    We made smoothies at our support group meeting tonight. I was serving them to my members on a silver tray. :-) It was a lot of fun.

    This recipe looks great, Elana. I’ve always been wary of protein powder, but this one looks like a really good choice. Thanks for sharing.

    See you at BlogHer! Can’t wait!

  13. says

    I am so thrilled that you have found a protein powder that is made from eggs. I look repeatedly and have yet to find one without whey. I’m going to check into his protein powder as we make smoothies here regularly.

  14. Blake Adams says

    Is there an online way to buy Frank Zane’s protein powder? His website looks like you have to mail or call in your payment info.

    • jessica says

      i just went to the link Elana provided and clicked on the “ORDER FORM” button

      the form is for an online order, it says at the top of the page “Please fill in the following secure ordering form and submit online”

  15. says

    That protein smoothie sounds delicious!! How many servings do you get from that? Just curious because when I make this I’d just want a single serving and just want to know how much less liquid and fruit to add! Thanks.

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