Book Review: Food Heroes

I had the privilege of listening to the lovely, brilliant and beautiful Georgia Pellegrini speak on a panel at Blogher Food 2010.  Afterwords we chatted for a bit and Georgia was kind enough to give me a signed copy of her book, Food Heroes: 16 Culinary Artisans Preserving Tradition.

I promptly devoured this book and highly recommend it to all folks that are interested in where our food comes from, along with great writing (and recipes too!).  This tome of stories is a true treasure.

Reading her book (which I could not put down by the way), brought me back to the days when I had time to read the New Yorker.  Her writing is of that caliber and equally riveting.

This world traveler/professional chef (she attended the French Culinary Institute in NYC) is the female version of Michael Pollan, with an extra helping of hands on food experience.  She worked at the renowned Gramercy Tavern after attending Harvard and working on Wall Street.  What a life!

Pellegrini seems to have her heart in the living history of food.  This comes through in her love of storytelling and her experiences with her very own food heroes (who might just become your food heroes as well; these are some pretty amazing people).  Throughout the book fascinating characters are interwoven with compelling facts.  And let’s not forget about the recipes.

How is the book set up?  In each chapter, Pellegrini writes about one of her food heroes and the food this person is cultivating.  At the end of each of these chapters are a couple of recipes (using foods from that chapter).  The result?  A collection of Pellegrini’s uniquely personal recipes that is both useful and inspiring.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for any of your food loving friends, this is it!

I am giving away a copy of Pellegrini’s book to one lucky winner!  To be entered into the contest for this freebie, just leave a comment below about your favorite food hero before Thursday, December 9th at midnight.  This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere and I will select the winner at random.

In conclusion I’d like to share an interview that Jennifer from Savoring The Thyme posted recently on; she also posted a couple recipes from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook including my Chocolate Chip Scones and Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Marshmallow Frosting. Thanks Jennifer!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Food Heroes book was Christine. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Stephanie says

    My food hero is my sister, Kelly McCallister, who has started her own GF business ( with two other women. She has always been amazing in the kitchen and has been developing recipes and formulations from scratch for those who are gluten intolerant. Even better, she has managed to take her in the direction that few GF cooks have… with a whole grain approach not one centered on sweets!

  2. Vrie says

    After a year without any ulcers or meds, I’d have to say that Dr.Haas and Elaine Gottschall are my current food heroes. Their courage and persistence have given me back my own body, and that’s pretty incredible.

  3. Ruth Baillie says

    My food hero now is Bea – the author of the blog La Tartine Gourmande. I just love her blog and her recipes. She makes cooking with food restrictions exciting and passionate!

  4. Dede Donahue says

    I have many, actually. Elana for sure, organic farmers, Alice Waters, Anthony Bourdain even Martha Stewart – because she made eating well important to a generation who didn’t know anything about it.

    Looks like a great book!

  5. Amy says

    I swear I’m not saying this to brown nose :)!! My food hero is you, Elana!! Prior to finding you and your recipes, I was miserable trying to do, gluten free, dairy free, low glycemic, high protein meals for my family. I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled upon your website about a year ago!! You have saved me from so much stress!!! And now we have more family members on board with you. Life is so much better this holiday :) Would love to read this book. Once again, thanks for ALL you share!!!

  6. Elen says

    My food hero is Christopher Kimball, editor of Cooks Illustrated and author of many cookbooks. I find his recipes so interesting, they are better reading than any thriller!

  7. Rebekah says

    I would say that Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver got me thinking about food in a different way, but my in-laws (who are Fijian Indian immigrants) got me eating and cooking in a different way. They are all my heroes for contributing to my evolution as a cook and a person who truly enjoys tasty, healthy, fresh food.

  8. Dianne says

    I have two food heroes: my mom and her mom. My mom has always made amazing food, encouraged me to eat well, and supported me in eating for my food sensitivities. I also have very fond memories of waking up on Saturday mornings to the aromas of a delicious country breakfast made by my grandmother when we would go to visit her. She always made our visits so special with her yummy cooking.

  9. says

    I have had many food heroes over the years, the first being Jack LaLanne back in 1957. Right now you, Elana, are at the top of my list.

  10. Kristin Leonard says

    Curtis Stone is my hero! I always try to convert his healthy recipes to the GF lifestyle! Love the biggest loser and his australian accent!

  11. Mary says

    I just want you to know that you, Elana, along with many other talented and hard-working food bloggers, are true food heroes. You share a wealth of information with us, your readers. You keep baking and cooking and shooting and writing, even when you probably sometimes just want to eat a bowl of almond butter and banana for dinner without blogging about it. (And who among us has not eaten a bowl of almond butter and banana for dinner? I confess, I have done it more than once.)

    So thanks for all you do for all of us out here in the world!

  12. Jenna says

    My friend Katie, who has eaten raw for over a year and (without trying to) changed the way I think about food.

  13. Sharon says

    I would have to say my mother-in-law continues to be my food hero even though she is no longer living. I learned so much about cooking and tasty food from her! The Food Heroes book sounds fascinating!

  14. Sarah says

    This looks like a neat book.
    I really don’t have a food hero… I guess I’m kind of trying to become my own food hero in various ways. Thank you for your site, I get a lot of inspiration here.

  15. Marilynn says

    MY food hero is a local woman Pauline Lord who grows organic vegetables,
    has organic eggs, raises organic cornish hens, lamb and turkeys. Her farm stand
    is open year round and she sends an e mail each week to notify us of what’s available
    including recipes using some of the more unusual offerings…… who knew I’d fall in love
    with Dr. Martin’s pole lima beans!! Can’t wait until next season for these.

  16. Kathy says

    I would love to add this cookbook to my collection. It will definately be on my wish list. Thanks, Elana

  17. Rachel says

    My food hero is my mom. This spring she took on her food intolerance and gave up tons of food – gluten, dairy, beef, most beans (including green beans), flax seed, most nuts, bell peppers, kale, and a few others I am surely forgetting. She has been pretty diligent to avoid these foods, and as a result looks and feels better than ever. She lost about 30 pounds that she had struggled to lose for years.

    I would share this book with my mom of course. =)

  18. Aileah says

    Michael Pollan definitely wins for public food hero. Karna Otten, who runs the Flagstaff CSA, is my local food hero. She has done so much to bring local and regional food to our small town and is constantly working to build community around local food and to make it accessible to everyone.

  19. Theresa Sheehan says

    My Food Hero is my Mother. She had to feed a very large family of 9 in the days when there were no shortcuts or packet food, cooking from scatch.
    So my family was very privleged to have a good basis and knowledge of cooking with what you had in the kitchen, good wholesome foods and meals that gave you energy and was good on your digestion. The food we had was not processed and that is the key .
    As a sufferer of Arthrits I have a wheat and dairy intolerance and it has been something I have had to constantly deal with on a daily basis. Yet it hasn’t been too hard because I know how to cook with herbs, fresh produce and I just ADORE vegetables. Thanks Mum for giving me the gift of healthy foods which gives me a healthy life.
    A big Thank you too for your blog Elana’s pantry has been a welcome extension to the next part of my health journey.


  20. Karen R says

    My food hero is my dad, who always emphasized healthy foods, even when hamburger helper and McDonalds were the “norm” all around us!

  21. Bonnie Brown says

    My daughter is my favorite food hero. Although Shannon developed her love for cooking from me at a young age, she has taken it to several new levels. She seeks out fresh organic foods for her small children, makes her own baby food, and could keep up with the Ina Garten, Paula Deen, or any number of entertaining cooks. Shannon is 32, and we have done cooking travel many times together. She and her husband went on a cooking honeymoon, as he loves to cook, too. Shannon stayed gluten free during her last pregnancy so as to try not to pass it on to the baby, and she has experimented and discovered some wonderful food combinations and dishes.

  22. says

    Quite honestly? YOU. Your recipes have really nourished our family day-to-day eats. Your Almond Flour cookbook and this website have become my go-to places for recipes.

  23. KellyBelly says

    My food hero is Jamie Oliver. 1st for being the Nake Chef and teaching me to cook from scratch and making it known that cooking can be entertaining and fun. 2nd for changing the way schools eat in his own country as well as here in the U.S.A. Thanks

  24. marsha says

    My food hero is my teenage son. He overcame the problems of eating gluten free at college by cooking for himself. He has made very healthy choices and has become quite the wonderful cook. We have great time cooking or baking together when he is home on school breaks.

  25. says

    Sitting beside a lively fire with a good book (about food and traditions, no less) is a welcome winter holiday treat. I look forward to the literary reprieve from the toss and tumble of other seasonal activities.

    Thanks for all you inspiration, not only about gluten-free, but also the freedom and permission you offer to go and change what you like to what you like that is healthy, too.

  26. JQBancroft says

    Picking a food hero is hard, since there are so many great options and people who have influenced my life. Although this isn’t entirely what you intended, I think my husband is my food hero because he is a fearless taste-tester of my foods, he has always had an open mind about eating healthier, and even though he can’t follow a recipe to save his life he’s always willing to help me with dinner (or take over) and he can come up some pretty neat dishes when left to his own devices.

  27. Jenna says

    My favorite food hero is my dad. Where we lived when I was small, it was too small and too far north to get good produce most of the year. He had a garden and grew all our vegetables. He cooked beautifully with them. Thanks Dad:)

  28. Karen H. says

    At the risk of sounding like a kiss-up, my food hero is you. That is because I recently faced medical dietary restrictions and just felt overwhelmed and lost. I felt so limited in what I could safely eat and so bored with the lack of flavor and variety. I hated the science-project approach I would have to take just to come up with simple things to eat.

    Then I found your blog. Then, your book. Your blog and book ‘saved my life’. I suddenly have variety, flavor and fun in my diet again. The recipes are quick and easy, and continually result in fabulous dishes that everyone around me loves, too.

    I have been able to pass along your blog and what I have been learning to help others in similar situations.

    So, YOU are my food hero. You have changed my life and are helping to change the lives of others, too. Thank you.

  29. Audrey Jensen says

    My favorite food hero is Lisa Kuntz. She has helped me so much with my struggle with food. Right now she is in the hospital after a bad accident. Hoping she makes it.

  30. penny says

    My food hero has to be Suzanne Somers. She is reason I discovered low carb and low sugar which has put me on this journey of learning more about the effects of grains, and processed foods.

  31. says

    I think my current food hero is Michael Pollan. I loved that both my daughter and I could read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Kids” together. We had SO many great conversations about how we eat and why we make many of the choices we do when we shop.

  32. says


    We have a “Food Hero” here in my little town. He has been foraging mushrooms for many years and even provides a “mushroom foraging” teaching event each year. I hope to attend his next event so I can learn more about foraging mushrooms. I hope to own a farm in the next few years (one of my goals) so I can further my knowledge on sustainable living. I would love to win this book and add it to my ever growing organic, raw foods and sustainable living collection.


  33. says

    My food hero would definitely be my dad. His mess hall in the Navy was the first that ever ran in the black. And he pioneered light meals for soldiers flying oversees on long flights so that they wouldn’t have heavy meals sitting in their stomachs. 30 plus years later, he still has these awards hanging on the wall at home.

    He can make a tasty meal out of anything. And he knows how to do it all with whole foods. I didn’t grow up eating many packaged foods because he knew what real foods could taste like, and we could make it cheaper than buying the packaged crap. I carried that into adulthood and knew how to cook simple tasty meals before many of my friends outgrew their pizza/chinese food phases. I’m grateful for this as it’s made eating gluten free, without breaking the bank, so much easier.

  34. Angie says

    I don’t have one specific food hero…but feel that all of my local farmers who make the extra effort to grow organically, or keep it raw, are my food heros! My blogger hero is you. Hands down. For taking the time to research better, more nutritious ways to feed our next generation! We have 3 celiacs, 3 gluten intolerant, and 4 just on a healthier diet in our family, who will all eat anything I make from your cookbook or website!

  35. Lisa Vance says

    Elana, I hate to sound contrived, but YOU are my favorite food hero! Your recipes have helped me over the past few years to transition from a gluten-full life to completely gluten-free and in doing so, I have solved a bevvy of medical problems brought on from the years of searching for an answer (I have Celiac Disease!) to my ongoing distress!

  36. Inez says

    My food hero is my mum. She has always been a good cook and interested in food. At the age of 45 when she had to stop work with health problems, she plunged into during a course in catering which included subjects in many different world cuisines, professional baking and many other techniques. Through her love of learning I also learned to make many of these new things. At the time I went to university, when friends came home to our house for a meal, they would always remark on the unusual aromas coming from the kitchen. Now at the age of 75, she has again risen to the challenge of learning new techniques needed for gluten-free baking as she and I have both recently discovered that we have celiac disease. She is a fearless cook who isn’t afraid of trying new things and learning new techniques and then sharing these things with her friends and family.

  37. Theresa Picoriello says

    my food hero is my mom and my grandma.the skills they developed with food and cooking to turn out good nutritious meals for their families is nothing short of amazing. when dealing with so little quite often.

  38. says

    My “food hero” is a collective of women throughout my life who have inspired me to rethink how I plan, prepare, and present a healthy, beautiful meal to my family.

  39. Dara Casey says

    My grandmother Julia Toscano- by way of my mother. My grandmother cooked the old fashion way- by feel- tossing in a little of this a little of that. My mom finally got her sauce recipe by catching her hand as she tossed things in and measuring the ingredients! No one was allowed in Gramma Toscano’s kitchen so my mother had to learn everything on her own after she got married and moved to Venezuela where nothing redi-made was available!

    I wish I could have been a menehune in that oh so Italiano kitchen way back then!

    Dara Casey

  40. says

    My food hero is Jamie Oliver. He is spreading a message of homemade food, good food, eating local AND is out there changing one school cafeteria at a time (Thank You!!!!!!!)

  41. Helen says

    My Grossmutti Mary was a chef for the Mayor of Fife Washington for years and we all devored her every dish. She was my food hero, living through the depression, she could make cow tongue a most delicious dish. She was that good and I miss her dearly expecially around this time of year when she never went anywhere emtpy handed—her famouse egg bread was a treasure just like herself.
    Brost to My Beloved Grossmutti Mary,

  42. Gail says

    I would have to say my favorite food hero would be Julia Childs. I always looked forward to watching Julia on Saturday afternoon’s on PBS. She was an amazing lady and truly one of the world’s greatest chefs of all time.

  43. Kathleen Brown says

    Right now my favorite Food Hero is my son, who just started at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and got some nice scholarships too. I’m very proud of him.
    This is exactly the type of book I’d love to read, and pass on to him. Thanks for these wonderful recipes and great contests!

  44. Pat Ramirez says

    My food hero is….YOU!!! I have learned sooo much by reading your blog and have been inspiriired to create healthier meals for my family. We are not celiacs and do not have food allergies, but what you have put out resonates deeply within me. Thank~ you, Elana!!

  45. Kelly says

    My food heroes are the seed savers of the world. From the large groups to the individual gardener. Without them, we would fall prey to Monsanto and the tasteless, dangerous, gmo versions of vegetables.

    We would never know the joy of biting into a sun ripened black krim, crisp pimento, heavenly aromas of fresh herbs with histories. Roots so deep, you can almost connect with the country they once had traveled.

    The south wouldn’t have a food history if not for the savers. It is how the black eyed pea, the wonderful herb of okra, and those little red fragrant peppers all come together on tables today. The slaves smuggled the seeds in the folds of their ears as they were taken from Africa.

    I thank them every day for their foresight.

  46. Kelly says

    My food heroes are the seed savers of the world. Without them, we would not have heirlooms. We would fall victim to the Monsanto controlled crops. We would not have the wonder of a sun ripened, luscious black krim tomato or a yellow sausage tomato. Vibrant peppers in all of their glory, foods with ancestry. Roots so deep they pull they connect you with the country from where they traveled.

  47. Catherine says

    My food hear is my Mom. She always finds the time to whip something homemade and healthy up in the kitchen despite her busy schedule. This book sounds amazing!

  48. S J Supp says

    It is hard to choose one food hero. My grandmother came to mind immediately. She was an exceptional Polish cook. Her mother taught me to bake when I was 4. My uncle, a doctor, studied with Adele Davis and practiced his nutrition lectures on us beginning when I was a small child. Now I think I want to add Linda’s mother, for translating Polish cooking to gluten free. I’ve gotten as far as mazurkas and sponge cakes.

  49. Nancy says

    I have always loved James Beard – he taught me to make bread when I could eat wheat and his fish recipes were always the best

  50. Nadine McLeod says

    Michael Pollan has definitely changed the way I eat. In fact, the omnivores dilemma is what first convinced me to try vegetarianism seriously!

  51. Lisa says

    My food hero is my husband. As soon as I was diagnosed with celiac disease (and with every additional food intolerance after that), he began cooking healthy and great-tasting gluten-free foods for me. It has been almost 8 years now, and he is still coming up with wonderful recipes to keep me happily fed and healthy.

  52. Claudette Fowler says

    I am just learning about the ‘heroism’ of almond flour (thanks to Elana’s book) This cookbook would further me on my journey to eat healthier!

  53. says

    I don’t have a famous food hero and as cliche as it sounds to pick a family member, my brother really is my food hero. I know I already said the same thing in your giveaway for your book and cookie mix, but it’s true. Growing up he didn’t have a good relationship with food and over the last ten years it amazes me to see how far he’s come and how much he’s changed his lifestyle. He encourages the rest of us and inspires me daily with his vast knowledge of nutrition and the human body. I would love to win this book and be able to give it to him.
    Thank you again for another wonderful giveaway :)

  54. Emily says

    Quite honestly, it is you. Your blog and cook book have changed my life. Your recipes have enabled me to make delicious dairy and gluten free dishes for my friends and family with relative ease. I appreciate your creativity and simplicity. Thank you.

  55. Amada Cortez says

    I love Michael Pollan’s work – Therefore, I’m more than sure I too would enjoy this read and recipes.

  56. says

    That book sounds wonderful! My food hero absolutely is Jamie Oliver. I love his food, love that he gives back, love his compassion and sincerity.
    He has done much for our world, and continues to do so. Yeahhhh Jamie!

  57. Linda says

    My food hero is my mom. Ever since the diagnosis of celiac disease hit our family, she has constantly been re-inventing the family favorite (and many traditional Polish) recipes to be gluten free. And when she’s planning any kind of get-together with family or friends, she makes sure that she has plenty of great tasting gluten free dishes. She will be celebrating her 73rd birthday on Dec. 17th and has been a fantastic cook for many many years!
    She does not have to be gluten free but for the most part is because my Dad has to be.

  58. Gloria says

    David Wolfe is my food heroe. He has shared his passion and knowledge of superfoods on to those who are in need of them, which happens to be all of us. In this day and time, with polution and other environmental crises wreaking havoc on our bodies, David Wolfe’s hour is here. He has given us all the armamentarium necessary for effectively fighting the rampant diseases running through our western culture. Kudos to you David… for everything that you are and do.

  59. Nancy says

    My food heroes are people like yourself and Meghan Telpner that offer people heathy delicious recipes.

  60. says

    My very first food heroes were: James Herriot of “All Creatures Great and Small” fame – he was a country vet who, in his second book “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” met a farmer who made his own wine out of wild, local berries and grains. The descriptions of the flavors and effervescence dancing on his tongue – as he gets ore and more inebriated, mind you – are so vivid that at 13 years old, I read it out loud to my father because I was so entranced. So that’s one. The other was Laura Ingalls Wilder, who could make a roasted pig tail or a single Christmas orange into something prized and delectable – I really think I fell in love with simple food through the “Little House on the Prairie” books when I was 8 or 9.

  61. Sharon Mahan says

    I only had to think about this for about 15 seconds. My two favorite food heroes are Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet and T. Colin Campbell of The China Study. Both have changed the way I think about food and have completely changed my dietary habits. And of course you, Elana, and Kelly from Spunky Coconut are heroes to me as well, giving me creative and yummy ways to implement what Donna & Dr Campbell have taught me. Thanks!

  62. Cindy says

    Sounds lime an interesting book, adding it to my Christmas list! I made you Chocolate Chip Scones for the first time last week, my husband and I devoured them! I will be adding those to the Christmas breakfast menu this year.

  63. Natalie says

    My food heroes: my mother & grandmothers. They all shared with the me the joy in creating delicious food, & both grandmothers for showing me the world of culinary delights. One is Portuguese, & the other’s heritage comes from the UK, so I always had a variety of foods & flavours growing up.

    My other heroes are the GF & food allergy bloggers that I’ve discovered after having to go sugar/wheat/grain/(most)dairy/gluten free, due to gastro-intestinal issues thanks to a Candida overgrowth. Their creativity & understanding has helped & inspired me with my own cooking adventures, & continue to do so.

  64. Tess Moore says

    My favorite food hero is my Mom. She has always been the one I aspire to when cooking. My Mom is also ready to help out with a frantic phone call on how to make that certain something turn out just right!

  65. Marie says

    My food hero is my husband. I grew up eating nothing but processed or horribly bland food, then my hubby taught me about using fresh ingredients and understanding what’s in that processed food. He changed my whole perspective on food and I wouldn’t be on this blog if not for him (I hadn’t even heard of gluten before him).

  66. says

    Food heros…couple come to mind. Anthony Bourdain…I live vicariously through every show. Alton Brown- creative, inventive and entertaining. And my mother, our wonderful Ukrainian roots have resulted in the best techniques and home cooking. Thanks Mom!

  67. says

    My favorite food hero is Bette Hagman. She has left a legacy that has changed thousands, if not millions of lives, with her wonderful gluten free bread and other recipes. She brought comfort foods bread back to the gluten free population. Truly an inspirations!

  68. Marsha says

    My food hero is my mom. Now approaching 90 and a widow for 23 years, she still lives alone in the family home, and has no illnesses, takes no medications, and looks and thinks like someone 15 years younger. Diagnosed as a celiac in 1968, she gave up all gluten products immediately. She fed her family on advice and recipes from Adele Davis, Frances Moore Lappe and Linus Pauling. We were radical in our reliance on fresh, healthy, local, and non-processed foods and this was in the early days when eating gluten-free was quite the challenge. I know that is why she is so healthy today and I can only thank her for that legacy and that gift.

  69. Mary says

    My parents are my food heroes.

    They taught me to love every step of the process, from growing the vegetables and herbs in our own garden, to preparing a delicious meal, to presenting it beautifully, to sitting down to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

    In a family with all sorts of food allergies, intolerances, and other restrictions, we still always ate well. I learned a lot from my parents at the table, not just about food, but about tools for living.

  70. Heidi S says

    My mutti (in her late 80’s) is my hero because she still cooks everything from scratch :) Most of her meals are gluten-free! I love her very much!

  71. Elizabeth says

    The first person that leapt to mind was my mom. Everything she makes is amazing from grape leaf rolls to spaghetti and meat balls. She can cook anything. Both of my grandmothers are up there too.

  72. Sheryl says

    My heroes are all the bloggers who share their challenges and successes in the kitchen…it is nice to get ideas from all of them! Thank you!!

  73. Ramona says

    Sorry Elana, My food hero is Bette Hagman. When first diagnosed as gluten intolerant, Mrs. Hagman’s “Gluten Free Gourmet” series of cookbooks were a Godsend. I found her recipes & information about Celiac’s indespensible. The fact that Mrs. Hagman concentrated on creating recipes for all the gluten laden foods that “normal” people eat made the transition much much easier (my husband even eats GF). Many of the other so called GF cookbooks just copout by using recipes that wouldn’t normally have gluten in them, or just tell you to substitute GF pasta for regular (I could figure that much out on my own).

  74. Lindsey Tucker says

    My favorite food hero is my mom. She can answer most of my how-to food questions and whip up yummy meals to feed a crowd for days on end.

  75. susan says

    My food hero is you, Elana. With a celiac step daughter, you have changed my life with your cookbooks and your website. Thank you. susan

  76. Marcia says

    My food hero is Marlene Sorosky. Her cookbooks demonstrate simple, honest ingredients, that inspire a gourmet result every time. Her photographs acurately, capture how the everyday cook can expect to showcase the dish.

  77. Peggy Parsons says

    My food hero was my mother. She was a wonderful cook and baked great
    treats and deserts. She shared her love of cooking with my 2 sisters
    and myself. All 3 of us are good cooks as a result of her sharing.
    I am trying to be a food hero to my 3 sons who all enjoy cooking too.


  78. Brenda says

    My food heros are Alice Waters, David Lebovitz, Dorie Greenspan, and too many
    others to name.

  79. Annie Joy says

    Mine is Joel Salatin! I heard him speak at this year’s Wise Tradition conference about food and politics. So inspiring!

  80. Norma Heckendorf says

    Hi Elana-

    I have just recently been introduced to your website by my doctor. Wow! I love to cook and bake, and have done quite a lot of it over the years, but I am so excited to learn new about new ingredients. Even though my ingredients have always been natural, and dishes were made “from scratch,” I was rather in the dark about a food’s glycemic index and alternatives to butter, sugar, and flour. Each one of your recipes inspires me to try it out. This is a bit of a problem since I am alone right now. It is not feasible to try everything, but I have been reducing the recipes by one half so as to taste as many as possible. (I also have some questions for you, but I will save those for another time.)
    My all-time favorite chef is Julia Child. (Not because of all the recent publicity!) I grew up watching her show on Chanel 2, WGBH, Boston. She fascinated me with her cooking and baking. I loved the way she would look up at the camera every now and then and smile; and she would don her reading glasses to inspect things up close – maybe to check on a delicate sauce so that it was cooked just right. While there are many icons of the culinary world, I think that she is, by far, one of the most recognized, and for good reason. I think it was because she was genuine. She didn’t get flustered when things went wrong, and could chuckle about it. It was not so uncommon for things to go awry way back then, in the early days of the show. It was obvious that she enjoyed her craft, and was pleased to share it with her audience. Thank you for listening! Bon appetit!

  81. Joan Dugan says

    My favorite food hero is Michael Poland and I am glad to hear that a female is involved in the safe efforts. I am, of course, indebted to you Elana, as well, for all your fabelous recipes. I would truly enjoy reading this book.
    Thank you, Joan

  82. Kathy Schubert says

    Like so many other people I am sure, I have to say my mom is my food hero( and just my all over hero). She and old school family cook that learned to do so because she loves her family. She has not only taught us all her tricks and treats, but loves to watch and learn from us now. She is always my inspiration as I try to turn to old family recipes into allergy free ones for me.

  83. Kelly says

    My mom is my food hero, although she doesn’t cook as often as she used to, she was the one who made the effort to help change my eating habits to eliminate joint pain! She’s been the inspiration to my healthier lifestyle.

  84. says

    My mom is my food hero. She not only cooked better than anybody I have ever met, but she helped tend a large garden and canned and froze what we seven children and she and my dad couldn’t eat fresh. She made our houue a home, and is famous for her homemade dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, jam, and countless other dishes. I had friends that would call my mom up around dinner time and ask what she was doing, knowing that they would eventually get an invitation to dinner. My mom loved to feed people. lol Her children, grandchildren, and great-granchildre will always remember how nourished and loved we felt at her table.

  85. Marla Teyolia says

    My favorite food hero is WILL ALLEN…..he is a true genius, turning food deserts in low-income communities into small pockets of sustainable oasis!

  86. Lizanne Eastwood says

    Molly Katzen is one of my food heroes. Her book PRETEND SOUP inspired me to create a cooking program for pre-schoolers where the children learn about real food and where real food comes from.

  87. Meg says

    My mom is my food hero. She embraced the art of the family dinner- no telephones, no tvs, just good food and good conversation.

  88. Valerie Trapp says

    My food hero!! My MomMaw Williams…. I remember as a child her in the kitchen whistling as she cooked. A little of this, a handful of that-and the best biscuits ever– they melted in my mouth hot from the oven and even the next day after school as I would run across the yard and grab one from the cookie jar-her hiding place!
    I miss her so…. but many wonderful memories of great times in the kitchen, the garden, and under the tree breaking beans at canning time.
    My hero- MomMaw!

  89. Rose says

    My favorite food hero is Alton Brown. He is smart, eclectic and amusing, while giving very practical and simple lessons.

  90. says

    my husband is my food hero… he is a genius at recreating dishes we have enjoyed in restaurants and at the same time giving them his own flair… all the while making sure they are gluten-free!

  91. donna nielsen says

    would LOVE to win this book…there are too many to pick one but i have to say alice waters is one of my food heroes along with jamie oliver- both have done amazing work raising awareness about healthy eating and i believe this is a very important thing to do…

  92. Kim Y says

    I have been following Georgia for over a year now. I read her blog regularly and have her book on my Christmas list.

    Kim Y.

  93. Debbie says

    hi Elana, My favorite food hero would be Rachel Ray because when I started SCD, I had no idea how to cook all the different food from scratch. I started watching her sow twice a day the found a few others who cooked closer to scratch but she is always my favorite. So many ideas and she’s such a grat teacher. Love the giveaways and your book/websote ;-).

  94. Amanda Johnson says

    My food hero is my mother, who is amazing. However now that I’m all grown up and moved away she barely ever cooks!

  95. Laura says

    My grandmother is my food hero… She had to feed 10 people “3 squares” every day, on a shoestring budget and for the vast majority of her life without refrigeration! She and the two oldest girls had to raise most of what they ate – my interest in gardening and “clean food” comes from them. My most prized possessions are all from her kitchen – a well worn scrap of paper with my Mee Maw’s recipe for biscuits (in her handwriting!), her cast iron skillets and a wooden spook (she used for stirring iced tea).

  96. Donna says

    Are you on the list? We are Paleo people these days (due to autoimmune issues) and are thankful on a daily basis for your almond flour recipes. You are our food hero!

  97. Melissa says

    Before being gluten free it was a toss up between Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa and Paula Deen. I just love watch how much butter and mayo Paula adds to things, and she says….just a little butter( and its a whole stick) and then she laughs.
    Now trying to manage multiple food allergies I like you Elana and Alissa Segersten from Whole Life Nutrition.

  98. Stephanie says

    My food hero is my Mother. Although she is no longer with me, my memories of her and her cooking are an inspiration to me every day in my quest for eating healthy.

  99. says

    I would have to say my food hero is Christina Pirello. She is a talented Natural Foods Chef, food advocate and a master teacher who taught me nutritonal facts about foods and how food affects our mind, body and soul. My life and all those that I share info with have forever been changed for the better and it all started with Christina. I am forever grateful to her and people like you Elana who share information that transforms lives!
    Happy holidays,
    Joyce Rosenblum

  100. Neveen says

    My favorite food hero is my grandmother. She had a way with food, making it comforting, soothing, soul filling, familiar and tasty all at the same time. She would often make my favorite dishes when I was feeling sick and magically, I’d feel better. I wish I had joined her in the kitchen more, but I was young at the time and thought cooking was for, well, grandmothers. I kick myself today for not absorbing her knowledge and her traditional Middle Eastern techniques and memories. Of course she wasn’t part of the food movement, there was no food movement when I was growing up, but everything was lovingly made from scratch. Thanks grandma for a never-ending, never-disappointing bowl.

  101. Jennifer Warnick says

    My food hero is my dad. His cooking is an expression of joy. He hands everyone in the kitchen a knife and a head of garlic and we’re off on an adventure!

  102. nicole says

    My food hero is my five year old daughter, Sheridan. She is a real trooper. eating is hugely social and having food intolerances (as you know) can be isolating and hard to take at such a young age. We live in an area where there are not a lot of options or awareness, so she has had to be different and strong from a young age. We do our best and sites like yours help (though we’re egg free as well). She is my sweet little hero!

  103. Carmela Burrone says

    My Food Hero, hands down, would be my late Aunt (and Godmother), Antionette Rapacciuolo, who created the most delicious homemade dishes. EVERYTHING she made was from scratch, including soups, breads,and sauces. Not a can or frozen dinner to be found in her house! (LOL) Her cakes, pies, cookies, and pastries were to die for. She would gladly and enthusiastically share all her recipes and “tips”, and would even invite you over to prepre them with her. Somehow, when you went it on your own, they never came out quite as wonderful as hers. I believe her “love” of cooking and preparing food for her family and friends was the “special ingredient” in everything she made. Even my Mom (now 86) speaks of how great her cooking was. For as much as we miss her cooking, we miss her more.She was quite a woman, my “Antie” as we would call her…..

  104. Phyllis Miller says

    Julia Child
    I love that Ms Child brought French cooking to everyone. If I am not mistaken, she was the first person to have a popular cooking show as well. For me, she made cooking easy!

  105. Pam Gerhardt says

    My favorite food hero is my mother. Having to prepare untold numbers of meals throughout the years of raising her seven children on a shoestring budget, she never complained, and always prepared some delicious and hearty meal for her brood! Even now, though she is home alone, she looks forward to visits from her children, grandchildren, and her great grandchildren, with yet another tasty dish made to their own particular liking and tastes. Even gluten free for my son!! Today she told me about the Christmas baking she has done in preparation for the holiday homecoming! All forty of us will join her for a grand time of reunion and feasting!!!

  106. Laura says

    My favorite food heros are the people who create yummy, healthy recipes that I can eat and that my family will (without being forced) eat! :-) Therefore, Elana, you are at the top of my list, as well as Mark Sisson and some of the recipes from Sally Fallon.

  107. says

    I have 3 food heroes right now, and would love to add some more!
    First two are Michael Pollan and Geneen Roth. Next – and a little closer to home is my sister – Marissa Workowski. She is a Holistic Health Counselor who is encouraging people to go gluten free and teaching how to lead a healthy gluten free lifestyle. She has helped me in innumerable ways!
    Thank you as well for helping to teach me more about living and enjoying life and food gluten free!

  108. anita hinkson says

    Thanks for the chance to win! My hero? Nonna Vincenza. No one whips pasta dough around a broom handle quite like she did. Pre-GF days. Where is she now…to help me try with GF dough??!

  109. Melanie Davis says

    World wide either Michael Pollan or Sally Falon. Local the wonderful family whose farm supplies us with our milk. :)

  110. Annie Wales says

    My food heroes are: 1) the person who discovered the true cause of celiac disease so we wouldn’t be doomed to eating bananas only; and 2) the nutritionists and cooks (like you) who have devoted their lives to developing delicious dishes so that we can live close to normal lives.

  111. says

    I would have to say my food hero is you, Elena. You started my on my journey of gluten free eating, and for that I am grateful!

  112. Micaela M says

    My food hero is my mom. She loves food and loves to be in the kitchen. She continues to nutritionally refine the way we eat. She lets us experiment in the kitchen too :).

  113. Karen Shaw says

    Hello Elana,
    Your recipes are phenomenal…thank you.
    My food hero: Nancy Oakes.
    Nancy is a chef/restaurant owner (Boulevard in San Francisco). I worked for her for several years and was blown away by her genius with food. She has an incredible connection to food, which includes a deep understanding of food and what to do with it to make it taste sublime. Her passion in the kitchen was wonderful to observe and work with. It inspired me to create food from my heart and to love all of the ingredients that went into every item that touched the customers lips. Now that I am eating a non-gluten diet, cooking and baking has changed somewhat for me, but I still have the love and enjoyment of playing in the kitchen that was inspired by Nancy. Here’s to celebrating the magic of food and sharing that with others!

  114. says

    I have two food heroes – my 10 & 12 year old sons. Their passion for whole food melts my heart. They have extensive food allergies and instead of complaining about that, they create masterpieces in the kitchen sans recipes! Everytime I entertain, they ask to whip up something to share and it always gets rave reviews! last year they made me breakfast in bed for my birthday – gluten free eggs benedict with Hollandaise and they had never seen a recipe for it – they just figured it out. It was a meal that any restaurant would have been proud to serve. They are my inspiration.

  115. says

    I have to put Michael Pollan at the top of my food hero list simply because he has opened many peoples eyes to the dangers of industrialized food and started somewhat of a revolution and a movement back to real food. I love the simplicity of his message…”Eat food…not too much…mostly plants”
    If she is the female version of Michael Pollan…I’m in!
    Can’t wait to read it : )


  116. MS says

    My food hero is my mom. She shared with me her love of food at a very young age – along with countless recipes and the joy of making everything from scratch.

  117. Paula says

    Elana, Thanks for the heads up on the book. My Sis is a huge collector of great cookbooks and I think you just solved my gift dilemma! I’ve been cooking and baking for my family for over 40 years -not micro-ing frozen junk, and love it. You and I both enjoy a view of the Flatirons everyday wonder if we’ll ever cross paths – I sure hope so. You ought to carry a large sign with your name on it when at Whole Foods – I’d surely find you then. I so love your GF blog – makes being GF seem like not such a trial!

  118. says

    Elana is my current food hero because since finding her book I have been able to bake healthy and delicious food for my daughter who is strugggling with various food intolerances. This has been a life changing event.

  119. Joelle says

    Wow…What a great question. I guess I have been too busy in my house trying to be the food hero to even think about this. The closest I can think of as being a hero in my life is Traci Sellers. She has given me some awesome tools, knowledge and recipes to make yummy “alternative food.

  120. Katie says

    My food hero is my son. He is 19 months old and his favorite word is Yum Yum. It is the first word he says in the morning and the last word he says at night. He loves to cook more than anything, and his food allergies (and appreciation for a good “yum-yum”) have put me on the journey to be as creative and healthy as I can be 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

  121. Heather says

    My food hero is anyone who eats/cooks real foods and makes a point to educate themselves, others and their families about real food.
    My favorite food heroes are my kids who not only love real foods but prefer them!
    Another food hero of mine is my friend who always has an organic garden and knows just about everything about plants.

  122. liz f. says

    one of my food heroes is my friend dana. she makes it all seem so easy– finding a great recipe for abundant CSA items or unusual ones, whipping up something elaborate and cozy on a weeknight, and generally keeping engaged in the sustainable food movement through it all. she’s an inspiration! i’ve tried many new things through her explorations, and consider her a role model as i try to make my own kitchen a more sustainable one.

  123. Cathy K says

    I have many over the years. The first couple to really wake me up were Nikki & David Goldbeck and their Supermarket Handbook Guide. It changed the way I looked at food forever. It was a long time ago. And it started me in a new direction. Little did I know that I would have to know food that way in the future for my health and my daughter’s health. I am so thankful that there are people like Elana and all the other brave food experimenters that have allowed us the possibility of not only safe, nutritious food, but flavor that makes it worth eating. Thanks for all your contributions to my world. You are now one of those on my list of most impactful and helpful chefs.

  124. says

    My food hero would have to be Kimberly Snyder, a clinical nutritionist. Her love and passion for food and health is obvious!

  125. says

    I don’t know if I have a food hero per se, but I think that anyone who loves to cook was inspired by someone! For me, that was ME! I found out that I was gluten and soy intolerant and it changed my life for the better. I decided to get creative and find out as much as I could so I could bake and cook for the family without having to make two meals. We are ALL healthier now! Thanks!

  126. Elise says

    My food hero is my grandma, who grew a garden until the day she passed away and always made great home-cooked food. I wish I would have had the opportunity to cook with her – I know I would have learned a lot!

  127. Holly Ellerton says

    This sounds like a great book. I would love to win it.

    Thanks for all of your great recipes and news bits.
    Happy Holidays!

  128. roobaroo says

    my food hero would have to be my mother, who didn’t even particularly enjoy cooking when she started but put her heart into it because she loved us and never settled for anything less than nutritious deliciousness for us.

  129. Terri says

    My food/nutrition hero is local. I have learned a lot about eating in a way that best serves me from nutritionist Debbie (Sarfati) Steinbock. For me that is eating what I have seen termed as Paleo, which is pretty restrictive Thanks to Elana’s almond flour recipes, I don’t feel nearly as deprived as I otherwise would!

  130. Fiona says

    Shauna James Ahern for showing me that you can have good food as a celiac …

    and Jamie Oliver for trying to make a difference (and some delicious recipes too!). Back in the UK he’s campaigned about the appalling state of school dinners, highlighted the gross practices in intensive the poultry rearing / egg producing industries, shown us all how easy it is to grow your own food (yep – he did a gardening / cooking show too!) and he’s teaching young people from disadvantaged backgrounds how to cook and then giving them jobs in restaurant kitchens. Not to mention his latest show over here in the US. Plus I think he tries to make cooking accessible and un-fussy in a day and age where sadly many people are raised on fast food and ready meals and haven’t the first idea how to start cooking.

  131. Shannon Montoya says

    Hello, My name is Shannon, and I will nominate myself and my 14 year old son as a food hero. We love food,we grow food and I have recently changed my family’s diet to a gluten free diet. I find better digestive tolerance and feel better about having less refined foods in my home. I love Pollan’s books, and when you mentioned Georgia Pellegrini, I was very interested. I am a single mother and have had my hours at work cut to 15 hours a week, this doesnt allow for ANY extras so x mas for my son is a winter jacket, and oh how i would love to have that book under my tree to read outloud with my boyfirend who has changed his entire diet since weve been dating for a year and a half. He loves the organic food I gorw, he even wants to build me a chicken coop and fence an area to raise a couple piggies. I grow a year round garden and this past weekend I planted some raspberry plants a friend let me dig up from their garden that were growing in the paths, and turned over the beds I pulled out the skeletal remains of peppers & tomatoes from summers harvest.

  132. Lisa Torres says

    I think all of the people who have so willing shared all their recipes and have helped be pioneers for those that have come after them in desperate need of help are my favorite food heros, with Elana definitely being one of my favorites! I am so thankful for all your recipes, books and blogs you have recommended.

  133. says

    This is exactly the kind of book I like. My research for my website has taken me to some wonderful food history writers, as well as some amazing people who have helped keep tradition alive.

    If anyone reads this who is interested in keeping alive the many traditional foods that are already gluten free, please visit me at and share your favorites.

    I can’t wait to read this book, thanks for letting me know about it Elana!


  134. Camron says

    My Grandma is my food hero! When she found out that I needed to be Gluten Free she converted some of her classic cookies so I could enjoy them at Christmas and she did this at 90 years old. AMAZING!

  135. Barbara Bakie says

    I’m not sure if anything I post does eventually appear????
    Sounds like a pleasant book.

  136. nur says

    my favorite food hero is saqib keval. He has worked locally (in the Bay Area, CA) to organize the People’s Kitchen, a free community event where people come eat local and natural food, and can choose to donate money to fund the next kitchen. Because good food should be accessible to all!

    My other food hero is the organization “People’s Grocery” in Oakland, CA, who saw the need for in the West Oakland community (which, I believe is considered a food desert) for fresh fruits and vegetables, and is trying to fill that need by improving residents’ access to organic fruits and veggies!

  137. sheena says

    My food hero is Rachael Ray. When I had my first child I decided I wanted my family to remember me as a mom that cooked. The problem was that I didn’t have a clue where to start. Some learn from family but I couldn’t do that. So I started watching her show and absorbing cooking techniques and tricks. I don’t use many of her recipes anymore but I will forever be grateful for the chance to watch and learn. I would love to read this book.

  138. Amanda Hutchins says

    My mom is my food hero. Her favorite reading material is Bon Appetit and some of my fondest memories are sitting around her table, eating a wonderful meal, and having delightful conversation with whatever lost souls have wandered into our lives at that moment.

  139. says

    I keep hearing great things about this book. If I don’t win it here, I’ll have to ask Santa for it. My food hero is my mom. She was a single mom of two young children in the early 60s and even though times were tough and sometimes she went hungry or had to ‘borrow’ the half dollars our grandmother always gave us(Wonder if that’s why Nana was so free with those and urged us to save them?) she made beautiful meals. I swear we ate better than the kids with real houses and both parents. Of course we believed her when she told us the roast chicken at Thanksgiving was a baby turkey. She worked her way up the corporate ladder and became an executive, but she still loved to cook and made magical meals.

  140. Julia says

    I really love what Jamie Oliver is doing to try to make our school lunches healthier for our children.

  141. Robin says

    Mark Sisson and Elana. Mark taught me about the right foods to eat, and Elana gave me the recipes to be happy doing so.

  142. Cindy W. says

    My food heroes would have to be all of the gluten free bloggers that share their knowledge and recipes. It is greatly appreciated.

  143. says

    My food heroes are my local farmers who continue to provide nutritious whole foods in a sustainable way that honors the integrity of the soil, their animals, their workers, and their customers. I am so thankful to be able to have relationships with those providing my eggs, meats, dairy, produce, olive oil, and more.

  144. Karen Varinecz says

    My food hero is Charlie Caldwell, who runs Ovis Hill Farm. He created farmers’ markets in Florence, SC and Myrtle Beach, SC. He is part of a consortium of organic farmers, shepherds, cattle producers, bee keepers, chicken producers, and artisan cheese producers.

    Myrtle Beach is a 2 hour drive for him, but he faithfully drives every Wednesday to hold a market, bringing grass-fed, free-range meats and eggs, and low-temp pasturized, non-homogenized milk, as near to raw as you can get in this state. He is a true food hero.

  145. Kylie says

    My food fav food hero would have to be ‘Dee McCaffrey’& her book ‘Plan-D’ … she changed the way I look at food. I have lost heaps of weight & have never felt better. It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change for the good.

  146. Charlotte Triefus says

    Can’t wait to read the book it sounds like the perfect thing for a winter weekend in front of the fire.

  147. Melodi Nelson says

    My food hero is my 24 year old son Ryan who’s relationship with food is always interesting and amazing to me. He renders his own lard, has a cow – even though he’s renting a small cabin, the pasture is down the road and he barters some of the cream for pasture rental. He gives me homemade sauerkraut for x-mas, made with grated carrots, beets and ginger. And he shares his love and adventures with food with all.

  148. says

    My food hero is my grandmother. She passed away last year, but she was an inspiration. A dietitian and mother of 7 who always cooked beautiful meals for her family and passed on the traditions of her Italian heritage to all of us.

  149. sue scott says

    My favorite food hero without a doubt is Adele Davis. I am 60 years old and her books that I read in my 20s profoundly affected my cooking and nutrition. I know that not all she wrote would be considered correct today but she was a maverick, fearless in educating us that what you eat makes a difference. She mentioned La Leche League in her book on children. I contacted them and have been a Leader (group facilitator, counselor) for 30 years now in that organization. She changed my life!

  150. Amanda Mason says

    I have lots of food heroes, I guess. Alton Brown inspires me to try new things and think about how it goes together, Barbara Kingsolver, Nina Planck and Michael Pollan made me think about where it all comes from, the book Nourishing Traditions made me understand why real food was more satisfying and my mother and grandma taught me that nourishing your family is a way to show love.

  151. Carolina says

    My food hero is Natalia Rose–cutting edge nutritionist whose cleansing / detox protocol has literally changed my life.

  152. Claudia says

    My current food heroine is Sarah Fragoso. She has this amazing blog with tons of Paleo recipes that are all equally tasty and very easy to throw together. For years, I found myself on and off the Paleo diet because all my recipes tasted dreadfully bland and there was hardly any fun in eating, but then I stumbled upon her blog and she certainly spiced up my life. Plus I find it much easier to stick to the diet!

  153. Rebecca Bowyer says

    My food hero is Rachel Albert-Matesz.

    “The Garden of Eating” is an all-encompassing cookbook which is jam-packed with information about food and health.

    Her “Ice-Dream Cookbook” has allowed my GFCF daughter and I to indulge in so many varieties of our favourite treat – ice cream!

  154. Mary Kay says

    Mu food heroes are all the people that have helped me learn how to eat to help my IBS. I started really looking into it in 2002 and I’ve learned a lot from so many. You are way up on the list because you have taught me about almond flour and I love to bake and I can have treats that taste great and don’t hurt me.

  155. Laura says

    Sylvia, who runs our local co-op.

    Lyn, who taught me how to cook the summer of ’93 in that old farm house in Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI.

  156. Emily says

    I have many food heros … some famous, some local farmers, some friends and family, some food bloggers – those that come to mind that are famous – Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Weston A. Price and Sally Fallon; my favorite local farmers (friends too) Kristy at Cache Creek Meat, John Bledsoe, and our friend Lou at Yolo Land & Cattle; my dear friends Twyla and Majica who helped inspire me to eat differently (vegan to traditional foods) than I had been for the last 17+ years; my grandma who always cooked with love; and my favorite food bloggers – you included Elana, Kim at Affairs of Living, Jenny at Nourished Kitchen, Kimi at The Nourishing Gourmet and Kristen at Food Renegade.

  157. says

    My mother taught me to love food, but Michael Pollan and Dr. James Chestnut have completely changed the way I look at food and health.

  158. Neill Hines says

    my food hero is Jamie Oliver, for trying to change the eating habits of the youth of the world for the better

  159. christine costigan says

    My food hero is my mom! She started our family at a young age (45. Years ago) to appreciate local food from surrounding friends & neighbors, eating locally & organic before it became popular. She started me helping in the kitchen at 2 & has been my never ending source for what is healthy & delicious!

  160. nicole says

    My food hero is my husband. I have spent the last 5 years modifying my diet from this to that trying any and everything to find out what was causing my health issues. Finally discovering I have a gluten sensitivity. All the while my husband just rolled with the punches. He had never grumbled or complained about having to learn a new way of cooking. Since discovering my gluten issues he has found a new love in baking. He loves the challenge of it and I love him for being my food hero!

  161. Heather says

    Andreanna from Life as a Plate. She is amazing to me. I appreaciate all she shares from her struggls to recipes and her real life.

  162. Elizabeth Richardson says

    Another great gem for those of us that appreciate food and its origin – and use!!! As long as it is gluten free!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family – and happy eating!3


  163. anna eidson says

    My food hero is Charlotte Gerson who continues to champion the astonishing healing of numerous diseases through a return to raw and organic foods. Her work (and her father’s) have opened my eyes to the hideous price we pay in health and longevity for having embraced the standard American diet.

  164. Gayatri says

    My food hero is Heidi Swanson. She constantly comes up with healthy recipes that are easy to make, taste delicious, and make you feel good after eating them. she has two awesome cookbooks under her belt, and writes a blog as well.

  165. Stephanie says

    T. Colin Campbell … author of “The China Study” for having the courage to tell the truth about the way we eat, and for exposing those who advertize as “health foods” those foods that are causing all of the major diseases we die from in this country.

  166. Sandy Austin says

    I’d love to win this book. My favorite food hero is Elana because her book is allowing me to actually enjoy foods now available to me on my restricted diet… and because Elana made me aware of Dori Greenspan, Around My French Table. I can’t eat many of her recipes but her writing was reminiscent of Julia Child. Thanks Elana.

  167. says

    My food hero would be Joshua Rosenthal who started the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I graduated from there in 2008 and it changed my life!

  168. Cathy says

    My first food hero was my friend, Ann Isaacs. When I met her in 1976, she and her husband had been vegetarians for about 15 years. She offered me my first exposure to an excellent cook who was committed not only to great food but to healthy food. I use that way of thinking in my gluten free cooking today.

  169. says

    My food hero was my mother, a traditional Southern-cooking lady with a flair for baking. Of course, all of our activites centered around eating, no matter what the day or holiday.

    I learned by watching her cook meals from scratch every single day of the year – my Daddy always came home for lunch (we called it “dinner”) at 11:35 a.m., Monday through Friday, and there would be a whole tableful of from-scratch foods.

    Sundays were the best, though, because the meals were more expansive, a little more fancy, and always included one if not more desserts…pies, cakes, oh, the chocolate frosting and the lemon meringue pies…oh, the pumpkin pies (never! from canned pumpkin)…

  170. says

    I have several – but the one that comes to mind first right now is a Canadian group called “Not Far From the Tree.” They focus on harvesting fruit (and other goodies like maple syrup) from residential trees that normally aren’t picked – the fruits of their harvest are equally divided between the tree owners, volunteer pickers, and local charities. After reading about their program, I began working on starting a similar program in my town – I’m hoping everything will be good to go come Springtime!

  171. Joann Brender says

    My current food hero is Nina Planck, writer of Real Food: What to Eat and Why. Always looking for a new hero :)

  172. Allison says

    My favorite food hero is Jessica Porter, author of “The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics.” I love that she brings her love of food to the masses and turns something complicated like macrobiotics into something that everyone can incorporate into their own lives!

  173. Suzan says

    My late mother is my food hero because of her cooking methods and her refusal to compromise and use processed food. She expertly put her own signature on traditional cooking methods/recipes and created wonderful meals. Not only did she teach me to cook, she taught me to appreciate fresh herbs, spices, and those subtle taste nuances that make for memorable dishes I often still crave. She used recipes handed down from her family traditions, and those from my father’s family as well. Every meal was a culinary delight, nutritious and comforting, prepared with love. Everything was cooked from scratch, fresh vegetables at every meal, and desserts only on Sunday. No junk food was allowed in our home. To her, that stuff wasn’t real food. I’d stack her meals up against any of today’s greats. She will always be my hero. I miss her every day..

  174. says

    My current food hero is Barbara Kingsolver. I am currently devouring Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and it is really inspiring me to eat locally.

  175. says

    My food hero is my grandmother – no matter what was going on in our family, food, her food is what would bring us all together. She is also my inspiration for going to culinary school – and to do it gluten free. She has always been my inspiration in the kitchen.

  176. Adam Briggs says

    My food hero is my wife, Karen. She loves me so much that she actually cares what I eat and how I eat it. She goes to great lengths to prepare meals that will actually take care of my body, even when I get careless about my own health. Thanks honey for keeping me on the path!

  177. says

    I have many food heroes, most of them not famous…just people in my life who have inspired me to cook and eat fresh, seasonal, flavorful food. This book sounds like an essential for every food-lover’s bookshelf!

  178. Stephanie says

    Gotta say it’s Grandma. She baked, she cooked. Best Matzoh Balls in the world! (I still have to try them with spelt matzoh…) I made gluten-free kamish bread from her old recipe, YUM!

    Not sure she’s really a “food hero” so much as a “feeding hero.” Like her, I love to feed people. When she passed away and I went into her apartment, I went straight for the kitchen. I wanted to have her mini-oster and her cannister of Colman’s mustard powder.

    Love you, Grandma!

  179. Mary Kate says

    My food hero is the mother of my best friend. I’ve learned so much from her over the years. I really enjoy chatting with her about what we’ve been doing with the veggies we receive from our locally grown veggie delivery service.

  180. Arielle says

    My food hero is my dad. Oh, he’s not much of a cook – but the things he can cook, he can cook well. He makes the best granola in the world, as well as some awesome apple cider pancakes. Plus, he loves to try new dishes and ingredients; I can set anything in front of him and he’ll eat it! He loves to shop for food, discuss food, and eat food. He taught me to love every bite and to see food for what it is: a source of energy and a pure enjoyment, calories and carbs and fat be damned.

  181. says

    I can’t think of anyone “famous” that I would want to single out, but I have many local food heroes!

    There’s Rachel who organizes monthly crop mobs, Katie who runs the CSA I joined last year, my boss’ wife Alison who writes a local food blog, the farmers I’ve met and chatted with at the farmer’s market, and some super helpful folks who work at the co-op.

    I guess their contributions to my food life are more practical and tangible than philosophical – it would literally be impossible to eat the way I do without their help!

  182. Amy says

    Food hero? Not sure I have one….perhaps my friend Jeffiner – she’s always surprising me with her efforts to grow and prepare her own food!
    THis book sounds fascinating. I’ll check for it at the local library – I’d like to read the stories!

    • says

      Mine is a toss-up between Michael Pollan and Mark Sisson. Both have changed the way I eat and I’m much healthier and happier now!

    • Mary Gangso says

      I would have to say on a personal level, my mum is my food hero. We have eaten healthy since the first day I remember and if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have the health that I have today. On a professional level, I would have to say Timothy Brantley, who wrote The cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and when I read his book, I completely changed the way I eat and has given me hope that I can cure my condition. Elanaspantry is one website that has helped me with recipes to keep going with this diet.