canning dill pickles

Dill Pickles

My garden is over run by cucumbers –in fact, we have a total cucumber infestation, so I am busy pickling away.  This recipe for Homemade Dill Pickles is one of my favorites. The recipe is based on one from Carol Gold, mother of my good friend Susie Gold, and it is a classic!

The jar in the photo above is actually a half quart.  The key in making this recipe is to scale it up so that you can do lots of jars of pickles at once, kinda factory like, and keep the ratio of pickling water as below — 1 tablespoon salt for every cup water.  We make a huge batch and then make more as we go.

Dill Pickles
Serves: 1 quart jar
  • 6 small gherkin cucumbers (whole), or 1-2 large cucumbers, sliced into spears
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 tablespoons dill, fresh and finely chopped
  • 3 tablespoons celtic sea salt
  • 3 cups water
  1. Wash cucumbers and place in a wide mouth quart sized Ball jar
  2. Place garlic, bay leaves and dill in jar with cucumbers
  3. Close jar and let sit for one hour
  4. Mix salt and water together
  5. Fill jar containing cucumbers and seasoning to the top with salt water mixture
  6. Let sit in a cool place for 7 days
  7. Serve
  8. Store in fridge after opening

UPDATE: Due to a few questions from some of the commenters below I wanted to point out that this recipe uses the brining method for pickling veggies, rather than the canning method. This is why there are not boiling instructions in the recipe directions. Since we are performing a simple pickling process for short term usage the canning method is not necessary.

My boys love making these Dill Pickles and are a true help in the production process.  It is one of the many fun ways we spend time together in the kitchen.  So, don’t be intimidated, this is a great way to get your preserving skills going.  It’s easy and children love both the process and results.

And to make your pickling potentially easier, today we are giving away a Canning Discovery Kit from Ball.  My house is full of Ball jars.  I use them for everything from storing leftovers, to pickling to who knows what?!  They are all over my kitchen and I find them to be a beautiful storage solution that is more economical than plastic, easier on both the planet and our bodies. Check out my top ten reasons for using glass jars.

Ball Canning Discovery Kit

There are 3 ways to enter this giveaway, and you may enter as many as 3 times by doing the following:

  1. Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite size Ball jar is and what you use it for.
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The contest ends midnight, Wednesday, August 18th.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winners of the Ball Canning Discovery Kit were Christy & jennir0212. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Julie Lobdell says

    Although I avidly ferment vegetables of all kinds, I merely shrugged when I came to the end of the procedure you laid out and found no mention of weighting or otherwise protecting these potential lovelies as they ferment. My boys were so proud to have completed almost the entire process by themselves and tomorrow was to be the big unveiling. I just peeked in on them, however, and sure enough there is scum and mold in white, gray, and blue adorning the top of each jar.

    What method do you generally use to prevent such disappointments? I usually tuck a ziplock bag into the top of the jar and fill with the brining solution, and check periodically for scum and mold. I also am generally fermenting for at least three weeks, so I thought this quick ferment might just be okay without it.

    One experiment down, time to start another! :)

    • Elana Amsterdam says

      Hi Julie, I haven’t ever encountered this problem, though perhaps it’s because we fill our jars to the top with the brine (there isn’t any room left to add a bag with brine as you mention above). I think if you fill the jar up, you won’t encounter the mold issue. Please stop back by and leave a comment if you make these again :-)

  2. Cathy Turner says

    Actually 2 Q:
    1. What is ‘short term’ storage?
    2. How many does a person eat daily to get a probiotic advantage?

  3. Mel says

    My favorite size is the wide mouth quart..use them for almost EVERYTHING in the kitchen, as well as for button storage, bathroom essentials…pretty much EVERYTHING!

  4. Nicole Daniels says

    These pickles look amazing and sound so easy to make, I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks for all your great tips and would love a chance to win the prize to make pickle making even easier!

  5. Susan Clark says

    I too love storing in glass! My favorites size is quart and I have lots and lots of them. Also love half gallon size for bigger quantities.

  6. Elle says

    I made the dill pickles last week and they turned out as they should. However for me they are way to salty. I am wondering about the 3 tbsps of salt and how much salt would be essential for a good outcome.

  7. Emily says

    These pickles came out GREAT! Love the idea that this is an alternative way to get probiotics. DId anyone else get white gunk accumulated on the bottom of the jar about one week into the refrigeration? Thanks.

  8. Alyce Graber says

    My fave size Ball canning jar, is the pint…..I use it for jelly and jam, as well as craft item storage :)

  9. MerriLyn says

    I like to drink out of the quart size Ball jar. My husband likes the jelly size jar for drinking his orange juice.

  10. says

    My new favorite Ball jars are the squatty wide mouth pint jars – they’re easier to fill and handle, and they stack well. Plus they’re cute to look at!

  11. Kaaron Keene says

    I use quart size Ball jars and make cultured vegetables, using Body Ecology culture starter. My favorite has cabbage, carrots and dill seed. Great source of probiotics. No boiling required, either as the veggies ferment at room temperature for a week. I also make cultured coconut water kefir in my quart jars…..which I happen to be drinking as I write that. How cool is that?

    • Emily says

      I’m excited about pickling as an alternative source of probiotics. Is it normal to get an accumulation of white gunk at the bottom of the jar about one week after I put it in the refrigerator?

  12. Monika says

    Hello Elana. I am from Poland and we make pickles from everything ? cucucumbres, carrots, chili peppers etc etc ? exactly with this method – warmluke water, salt, garlic and laurel leaves.

  13. Maria says

    My favorite size ball jar is the quart. Perfect size in my oppinion…for everything!!!! I make raw goat kefir, and that goes in my jars. I buy large pounds of spices from MRH and those go in these jars.
    I take a drink with me to work, and that also fits perfectly in these jars. I have them for all my needs.

  14. Sue says

    I like the Ball wide mouth quart jars also. I use them for canning pickles, peaches, chunky apple sauce, pickled beets, dilly beans and many other good things from my garden, as well as fruit from the Amish market.

  15. says

    So I’m trying out this recipe (as written) and these are definitely not brining, they are fermenting. I suggest if you want brined pickles to boil your salt and water solution so its nice and hot when you pour it in the jar.

    (This is just my experience with this recipe so far, if somebody else had better luck let me know.)

  16. Jennifer says

    I tried to tag the Elana’s Pantry in my FB I hope I can win, but not sure if I did. Never have canned before, so I don’t know what size is my favorite, but I want to learn how to make peach jam and low sugar Orange marmalade.

    Oooh, and if I win, I live in Loveland so could you throw in 1/2 a day with you in your kitchen learning to use these? I’m timid, but REALLY want to learn!

  17. Michelle H. says

    The quart size is my favorite and I would probably start with pickles . I have been wanting to learn about canning for awhile now.

  18. Cassie says

    I love the half-pint jars. They are short and squatty and totally cute. I use them for anything I want to give away like jams or mini pies, etc

  19. says

    i love bell jars, especially the wide mouths. i use them for everything but preserving!!! i never learned how. we use the little ones as glasses for my little ones. for leftovers, storage…of food and stuff, buttons, flour, beans…. i make a mean lentil soup and i put it in the big jars and put a nice bow with a tag as a gift. i’ve also put all the ingredients in the jar with a recipe tag for the soup. we use them to keep fresh squeezed orange juice in for the next day… or hour… oh i love my jars…! and your site, very cool. i don’t think i’ve ever commented, but i was vegan for 18 years, wheat free for 6, my sister in law is celiac and now i am just particular and still no dairy. you recipes are great! thanks!

  20. Michelle says

    I know my fav size Ball jar was a pint jar last week but….. I have started canning ketchup made from my garden’s organic heirloom tomatoes and agave! I am using a 4 oz jar for this as we don’t eat a lot of ketchup around here and love the small size to limit spoilage. Yummy!

  21. Paula Hafner says

    I like the quart size for canning beans or making pickles. I also use them to make homemade yogurt but I, of course, don’t can that. My husband and I have canned over 40 qts of pickles this summer. We did both dill and bread & butter.

  22. says

    I don’t have a favorite. I’m still reusing old pickle jars and tupperware for my pickles and freezer jam. I really want to start canning, though. I think quarts would be most useful.

  23. Pam E. says

    The Ball 1/2 pint. It’s perfect for little leftovers, buttons and beads, seeds and screws and bobbins! I use 1/2 pints for lemon curd, fig jam, chutneys, tapanades and all other flavorful condiments I make when seasonal. Since I give most of these treats away I actually have very few empties on hand. Quarts and pints seem to reproduce without much coaxing!

  24. Elena says

    I am really enjoying the collection elite wide mouth pint jars right now for making homemade extracts. I’m still new to the whole canning thing and still doing a lot of learning!

  25. Rin says

    We use a lot of different sizes…just last week I threw a bridal shower and sent the guests home with your chewy chocolate cookies made into whoopie pies with your peanut butter frosting in the middle (both from your cookbook) in little bitty canning jars. We also have the huge ones on our countertop filled with rice, oats, etc.

  26. Connie Thompson says

    I use nothing but Ball jars. It’s all my mother used as well. I like the small jars for jellies and jams. They also make cute drinking glasses for the grandkids. My daughter is gluten free and I am enjoying your recipes.

  27. Jennifer says

    I love the quilted patterned 1/2 pint jars for canning blueberry and peach jam made from fruit that comes from our backyard. My fiance loves the wide mouth quart jars for canning hot peppers for topping steaks, etc. all year long

  28. Lisa Vance says

    I like pint jars. I use them for just about everything from canning to drinking glasses! My favorite use is to make single serve “mixes” that I give as gifts.

  29. Dee Hamilton says

    My family’s favorite ball jar size is the 8oz.we use them for just about everything! Recently though,we’ve been using them to store our fresh blueberry jams,and sauces…..Saturday morning Pancake breakfasts,are a big hit with these sure to have crowd pleasers. We also use them for our drinking glasses,marble collections,paperclip holders,and pencils. they are very versitile. Love your website! thanks for doing this promotion!

  30. says

    This recipe reminds me of my grandmother’s. Her’s were also brined and I’d count the days til they were finished! Cutting into the first one to see what the batch was like was always exciting.
    I use mainly two sizes Ball jars…wide mouth quart for storing grains and the small jam jars for storing all differnt miscellaneous things….beads, safety pins, etc.

  31. Michelle says

    I love the 1/2 quart size so I can store my fresh salsa. Great for topping breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

  32. Pamela Gammill says

    Hard to pick a favorite size, but definitely wide mouth jars. I use them for storing nuts and seeds in the refrigerator, beans and grains in the pantry, as vases for flowers, and the small jelly size are great for spices. In my craft room, they make good pencil/pen jars, store buttons, beads, etc. I use them for home made bath salts, cotton balls, etc. in the bathroom. The list goes on and on.

  33. Karen says

    1/2 pint is my favorite size ball jar. Why? Perfect size for so many things. Quart size is far too large here. Pints work well for some things but I totally love the 1/2 pint size. And, I love canning so I can use the kit. I need to get the newer ball book. Mine is very old…and I understand they have changed some things but, I’ve never poisoned myself using the old Blue Ball Canning book so for now, it’s all good!

  34. Rosa Crain says

    I LOVE canned green beans…what’s better than fresh green beans in the winter!?!?!?? One of my favorite things is to have fresh green beans with Christmas Dinner!!!

  35. says

    I currently use the canning jars for scobies, as I am a kombucha maker! This process has proved to be so easy, delightful and delicious that I am expanding my kitchen interests.

    I like the quart size and wide mouth.

  36. Tara says

    My favorite has to be the quart size. This past weekend I canned pickles for the first time ever! We went to our neighbor’s home and knocked out 25 lbs of cucumbers in about 1.5 hours.

    I have lots of strawberry jam and raspberry syrup (jam that didn’t set!)in the pantry too. Yummy.

  37. Fabiana Tapp says

    My hubby and I love all the kitchen treasures. We have lots of fun cooking for us and friends. We also make our own tomato sauce, ketchup and mustard (once in a while), but we still want to improve ourselves and try to make some jelly and jams. It would be sooooooooooo nice to win and receive the kit. Any size would be nice, but special something between 12oz and 16oz. I simply looooove your blog and FB. Thanks for sharing. :)

  38. Rebecca Crim says

    I use any size of the jars..but always prefer the wide mouth! I run a cmap for kids and adults with spina bifida and we use them to make gifts every Christmas! :) I have never canned before but I would LOVE to learn..what a healthy wonderful way to preserve food!!

  39. Monica McCann says

    I love the smaller ones for storing spices and blends and the larger ones for the different grains I use. Both are just ideal for these uses. I love to can in the larger ones. I have a large family (9 kids) and we always do everything on a grand scale!! Love your site!!

  40. Gail says

    My favorite is the pint size for all my jams and jellies. Elana, thanks for the great recipes and healthwise information.

  41. Nona says

    I love pint jars, wide-mouth always. They hold just the right amought of jam, jellies, preserves, pickles, chutney, etc. for personal eating or to give as gifts. I use quart sized wide-mouth, and half-gallon wide mouth as well for tomatoes, pickles, pickled onions, salsas, fruit, and so much more! Last year I even used tiny quarter-pint jars and filled them with rose-hip jelly. Divine! I guess this means I really don’t have a favorite :) … they are all so useful!

  42. Iris says

    I love the quart size. I just recently started canning, but I have a whole slew of tomato sauce now, and the quart size is perfect for it.

  43. Kate says

    I loved this idea, it was so simple and it makes me feel better knowing exactly what is going into my body. I’m new to gluten-free, in addition to other diet changes for health, and have found your website very inspiring and helpful! Thanks!

  44. Larissa Shapiro says

    Definitely the wide mouthed quart, I also store flour in them, big I have big gallon tubs of almond and coconut flour in the chest freezer and wide mouthed quarts on the kitchen counter. I also like the widemouthed pints, for jam and also for snacks on the run, etc. wide mouthed quarts also work for taking tea with me to work….

  45. Jessica says

    I’m just starting to store my nuts, seeds, beans, etc. in quart-size jars and am loving it! The next size I’d like to stock up on are the even bigger ones (half gallon?).

  46. Kim Rhone says

    I love the wide mouth QT jars for storing rice and beans in the pantry. the PT jars are good for leftovers or liquids in the fridge.

  47. Audrey says

    I love to can jams, but have never done pickles. I am intrigued by “Dilly Beans” though, as I had some recently and they were amazing! I wonder if Elana’s recipe for pickles would work for green beans? Either way, I’d definitely use the canning set, as we can all summer long. :)

  48. carolann says

    I love mason jars in all shapes and sizes, but I do find that I use the wide-mouth 1 quart jar the most…and mostly store seeds, nuts, dried fruits, etc. which I use to make many of Elana’s recipes. :) My most recent use of the jar is for chia seeds! I added them to Elana’s bran muffins in lieu of sesame seeds. Delish!

  49. Allegra says

    I love the half pint “quilted” jars – perfect for jams and jellies, they look like jewels on the shelf. Crimson raspberry, merlot blackberry, sunny apricot – capturing the suns sweetness and the reminder of summer for those grey winter months up here in the pacific northwest!

  50. CM says

    My kids are begging me for awhile now to make pickles. I have never made any and don’t own glass jars. I keep pushing it off since I’m a bit intimidated by it. This recipe actually looks easy I just might give it a try.

  51. Dennis says

    I have an assortment of all the sizes, but I find the wide-mouth quart size the most flexible for all-around storage.

  52. says

    The wide mouth pint jars are handy for a variety of uses from pickles to jam to sauces to fruit. They’re not too big and the perfect size for parties, holidays and family gatherings.

  53. Pamela says

    I am absolutely going to try these… my GFCF kids LOVE pickles! Since I’ve never attempted any type of preserve, these look like a perfect beginner project. :)

  54. Vikky Hogarth says

    I love the 4 ounce size. I made blackberry champaine jam as favors for my daughters wedding. they will always remind me of making them for her and her beautiful face . Picked blackberries again this week, the last of the wild ones. I almost cried.

  55. lynn Edwards says

    I use the wide mouth quart jars more than any other. I store my dried beans and peas in them. I also use one for sprouting. Works great. My daughters have just started canning. They are canning plums today in wide mouth quart jars.

  56. Dawn says

    My current favorite is the 1/2 gallon for making yogurt. It fits beautifully in my Excalibur dehydrator (off Craigslist, score!) and in the door of my fridge. I am overrun with cukes too, thanks for the pickle recipe. :)

  57. Taylor Anderson says

    Having to eat gluten free, you quickly find out that eating fresh home made items are the best. I’d like to start jaring sauce and jelly’s and a number of other things. I don’t have a favorite jar yet, but I have the best memories of jarring sauce with my grandmother when I was young. Maybe one day I can make those same memories with my son. :)

  58. says

    We’ve been using the quart-sized Ball jars to make pickles. My husband has been experimenting with different flavors this year, so we have dill, Old Bay, curry and chili flavored pickled cucumbers in the fridge. Yum.

  59. Michele B says

    My husband loves the pint sized jars to make a homemade BBQ sauce. He loves to switch up some of the ingredients and make several different flavours.

    I like the 1/2 pints for doing a batch of strawberry jam.

    We also use the 1/4 pints (really small ones) for jam or BBQ sauce that we give away as gifts.

    So, I guess we are not picky to size as we seem to use them all!

  60. ingrid says

    i love these jars. i use the large ones for chicken stock and goat milk and the smaller ones for pesto. thanks

  61. Chad says

    My favorite size Ball jar is the quart jars. I love to use them to can tomatos, they are just the right size for using when making pasta sauces.

  62. katie byrum says

    I like the quart size jars; I use them as a way to store/organize/display pretty the pretty colors of my dry goods. In my old house we had open storage space, and it looks so much less chaotic in the pantry space when everything is in the same sized jar. Plus, you get to see the pretty colors of red lentils and kidney beans in contrast next to dried & candied lemon peel or a jar full of dried chili peppers or mushrooms.

  63. Theresa Woodward says

    Okay, one more Ball Jar memory! My mother always put our goat’s milk in large, blue, half gallon ball jars. They were so pretty in the refrigerator with the blue glass and the rich, creamy milk…

    The best part was watching through the blue glass as the sweet, white cream separated from the milk. Fresh berries and some of that thick cream on hot oatmeal was the best breakfast!

    I still love looking at those old blue Ball Jars. Now, they have flowers in them instead of milk, but they still make me smile!

    Mother Theresa

  64. Theresa Woodward says

    Ball’s wide mouth quart jars are wonderful! I can remember growing up on my parent’s farm and dreading dishwashing. We grew and preserved our own food for the winter months in Minnesota. I had small hands, but I still hated washing the small mouth jars. We didn’t have many of Ball’s wide mouth jars, but I liked those the most because they were easier for me to wash.

    In December of 2008, I got the best Christmas present ever. Three wonderful children. This year, I’m hoping we will have enough from our garden to can little Ball Jars of salsa for the winter. Next year, I hope we can give my children some of the same memories that I continue to cherish from my mother.

    Having a “Ball”,
    Mother Theresa

  65. Theresa Woodward says

    My mother and I have pint size jars with handles on them. We use them for water and juice. Because mine is glass I can’t take it to work with me. So, my mother’s win’s our family’s “Most Used Jar” contest!

    However, my jar wins my families “Most Coveted Cup” award! I have to keep it on a top shelf or my kids run off with it!

    Mother Theresa

  66. Jay says

    I’m confused as to how this pickle recipe could have much flavor? With only water as the liquid, some garlic, dill, bay leaf & salt. It is simply cucumbers stored in flavored water.
    I’ve been brining & canning pickles for years and do know from experience, even short term dills like this recipe, needs vinegar as well as water,to balance it out.

  67. Christin says

    Your pickle recipe looks great. Have you tried making relish? My kids devoured ours last year, so that’s what most of our cukes and zucchini are going towards.

  68. Bev says

    I always have Ball jars in the house. My favorite size are the small ones – every Christmas I make up a “treat” for family and neighbors. Last year it was sugar plums! One year it was olive tapenade. Either way, the jars get filled and decorated gift tags and craft paper and ribbon. Just the right size!

  69. Stacey says

    I love, love, love my Ball jars!! I use them for lots of things around the house. They’re all great, but the wide mouth quart sized ones get the most use. Dividing up big bags of coffee so they stay fresher, making iced green tea or iced coffee to take to work…Who needs plastic tumblers? Some of the wide mouth pint sized ones are great for holding screws and nails or my knitting needles. I even have some huge ones to hold spinning fiber and yarn! Functional, yet stylish…

  70. Margi Ahn says

    I haven’t used Ball jars since I was 10 years old when I made pickles with my Grandma Margie. We went to the farm and picked the tiny, tender, prickly cucumbers. Then we went back to her house and scrubbed them, scrubbed the jars and prepped the pickling ingredients. She lovingly showed me how to jar pickles and they were the best pickles I had ever tasted. For some reason recently I have been yearning to jar some pickles, then I saw this giveaway. I will make pickles with or without winning this giveaway, but wanted to share my story nonetheless. Here’s to pickles!

  71. Lisa says

    I admit I have never used any canning jars but since letting my 6 and 3 year old daughters each plant 10 cucumber seeds back in May, we are overwhelmed by cucumbers from our 20 plants now! I would love to learn how to can them and make pickles!

  72. Nita Sage says

    I am just now starting to try canning. I am going sugar free and gluten free, so I think I may widen my scope of eating if I do my own canning. I have used to quart jars for strawberry jam and loved it.

  73. Jessica says

    My favorite is the wide mouth quart jars. I use them for everything from storing dried goods to making iced tea to carrying my morning smoothie to being my water glass at work! I love that my hand can get down in there to scrub them if I need to! Can’t do that with the regular ones!

  74. Jeremy Culver says

    We mostly use quart jars. they work perfect for our beans, tomato juice for soups, Spaghetti sauces and more.

  75. Sharlene Schilling says

    I like the little pint jars and can a lot of jelly with them. I just got finished making wild plum jelly and it turned out great. Love you blog, keep up the good work.

  76. says

    I like both quart and pint jars. I use the quarts to hold grains and beans in my pantry, and my husband turned pint jars into led-holding lights for our wedding, which are now sprinkled through our house and used as night-lights.

  77. Jessica says

    I like the little tiny short ones, I don’t think they even make them anymore. Little 4 oz. (?) jars from the Collection Elite with the brushed silver lids :)

  78. says

    So glad to have a new pickle recipe!

    I love the quart size jars for everything from small batches of sun tea to making refrigerator pickles to holding garden-fresh flowers!

  79. Heather says

    Thanks for your recipe, Elana! I find more great uses for Ball jars all the time- love the wide mouth jars, they seem to freeze better. Hard to decide a favorite size! Probably between quart & half-quart. We use them for drinking glasses, storing & freezing leftovers, grain, salt, baking items, herbs, fresh goat’s milk, and shaking up marinades & dressings. And, of course, canning :)

  80. terry says

    my favorite size is the size currently holding pens on my boyfriend’s desk. it thinks it’s a 12oz-er. but after reading this post and realizing i can freeze them and use them for leftovers, i am converting from plastic. and learning to preserve things. thanks for the realization!!

  81. says

    My favorite is pint (or half-quart) for having just the right amount of everything I can–applesauce, peaches, pears, cherries, peach butter and jams! Looking forward to trying relish soon and those pickles too!

  82. LeeAnn says

    I love all sizes and my favorites right now are the wide mouth 2 quart jars for storing dry goods and the small half-pint sizes that are just right for that small amount of leftovers you need to put into the refrigerator.

  83. Sandy Kerman says

    Although my favorite Ball jar is the half pint wide mouth (I make pesto in them, and freeze it), I’d say the most functional thing I’ve done with them with the pint jar. It screws perfectly into a blender blade and collar. I’ve used it for grinding coffee beans and spices!
    Once, in a pinch, I used all different sizes from my house for centerpieces for a fundraiser. With ribbons and flowers they had a simple, homey feel.

  84. says

    Always looking for new pickle recipes, I just made up a batch of the Zuni Cafe zucchini pickles. I am especially intrigued by the lack of vinegar, would these be considered half-sours?

  85. Tessa says

    I love the wide mouth quart jars. I like storing vacuum sealed lettuce in them, and drinking out of them. I also store my palm sugar in them.

  86. says

    What a coincidence; I’ve recently developed an interest in canning, and I’m going to a workshop on Saturday about jarring and preserving fruit with solar power.

    I’ve been using the different size jars for a while now, just because plastic containers are so icky. I like wide mouth; easier to get stuff in and out!

  87. Judy says

    Presently, the pint size is my most used size. Great for anthing that needs to be stored in the fridge. No plastic aftertaste. I make my own salad dressing and you just shake it up in the pint (glass cleans up so much easier than plasic with the oil). Stores sliced lemons for my water(this and salad dressings are my daily uses). When I do make up a flour based batter for my son the glass jar stores any extra for a day. My daughter drinks out of them too. When my husband had venison I used to can cubed venison in the 2 quart size with one beef bullion cube. Yummy. Just heat and pour over mashed potatoes. It jelled up with its own gravy. I used to can beans etc, but now that I’ve got a freezer I prefer freezer for veggies.

    This pickle recipe sounds so good. I can’t have cider vinegar so this one sounds like a really good alternative.

  88. Heidi says

    I’m confused, and I’m no canner but my mother was and I’m quite surprised that you don’t have any reference in your recipe to boiling water or boiling the jars. I always thought that you had to boil the jars in order to seal them and therefore have them preserve on a shelf for very long. Otherwise they’d be only good for storing in the freezer or fridge. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe the assumption is already made about the whole boiling thing or maybe it’s because the recipe is for so small a batch that you obviously wouldn’t need to preserve it because it’s going to be used immediately. Whichever it is I’d appreciate a clarification if possible. Thanks!
    P.S. My favorite size jar is pint with a wide mouth, I mostly make freezer jam, that’s about the extent of my canning abilities.

  89. Sarah Scott says

    Bell Jars!! Yes, a big favorite in my cottage kitchen. Since our house really is a cottage and everything is on the small size, my favorite size Bell jar is the 12 ounce one. We bought a case at the hardware store and use them for leftovers mainly.

    They’re also good for lemon juice and lime juice when the fruit is in danger of going bad. I zest the rinds and juice the fruit. The zest goes into a 12 ounce Bell jar for the freezer and the juice into another 12 ounce Bell jar for the fridge.

    I confess to a quiet admiration for the bigger Bell jars. It’s more of a crush really; they’re tall and handsome and solid. Great for freshly made veggie juice, homemade almond milk, and homemade coconut milk.

    Whatever their size, Bell jars always make me feel connected with the cooking of past generations. They conjure up farms, wholesome food, and good company.

  90. Golden says

    I love the wide mouth quart sized for storing everything in the cabinets. Grains, beans, gorp, goldfish. You name it.

  91. bobbi says

    My favorite size are the half gallon masons. I love to store things in them. I have 3 dozen of them currently in use. Many store my bulk herbs and others have things like tapioca and poppyseeds in them.

  92. Karen Varinecz says

    My favorite way to use a quart Ball jar is to make mayonnaise in it. I put in an egg, vinegar, salt, dried mustard, and whey and mix it up with an immersion blender. I then pour in 1 cup of a healthy oil. In a minute I have a healthful mayonnaise and only have to wash the blender.

  93. Angela McKeehan says

    I am a big fan of Ball jars. I use the wide mouth 1/2 gallon Ball jars to store fresh cow’s milk. A few months ago we were blessed with the most beautiful Gernsey heifer, so we have a lot of milk every day and find the 1/2 gallon jars are easy to handle and fit well in our fridge sometimes 6-8 at a time. I also used the 1/2 gallon jars for our pickled beets, because our 4 kids gobble them up faster than I can open smaller jars. I use the Ball gallon jars to brew kombucha weekly.

    Today my grandmother and I made bread and butter pickles and decided that the wide mouth 2 quart jar would work well. I, too, have an abundance of cucumbers, so I will try your dill pickle recipe soon. So you see, Ball jars are a necessary!

  94. Eve says

    I’ve been pickling cukes in quart-size wide-mouth Ball jars for a few weeks now—although the recipe I received involved boiling the water, and a little vinegar too.
    Does anyone know about lactic acid pickling? (Although that would render the pickles edible only with non-meat meals, in this kosher household…)
    I love the quart-size jars not only for storing cooked food in the refrigereator, but also storing dry goods like rice and beans and flours and cereals and nuts in the pantry.
    I almost never have to deal with those pesky llittle moths as a result.

  95. Michelle says

    Although the quart size is classic, I am currently in love with the pint size! I have canned pure cherry preserves this summer but am canning my swiss chard and beet greens like a maniac! Love the pint size because it is a good amount of greens to add to soups or rice dishes for the family when the garden has retired for the winter!

  96. sunny says

    I use many sizes of ball jars for everything from sprouting to storing and drinking. My other pickle recipe says to heat the vinegar mixture salt and spices of choice and pour over the veggies and refrigerate for 4 days. This recipe requires NO HEAT? Thanks for all you do.

  97. Erin says

    I use the 1/2 quart sizes for everything from drinking glasses to storing flour and spices and of course, reheating soup! They’re great!

  98. Rebecca says

    My 2 boys love the 1/2 pint size. I guess they think it is a fancy cup. It is just one of the many things they love to compete over ;)

  99. jodie campbell says

    I like the pint size. My husband loves homemade salsa and the pints are just the right size to get a few servings out of but not have too much.

  100. Keira says

    I love wide mouth half-quart jars especially for cucumbers. I canned pickles for the first time this year. Wide mouth is the way to go!!

  101. Judy Smith says

    I remember going down to my grandmothers cellar as a child and getting a jar of bread & butter pickes she had canned. There is nothing better. How I miss those days.

  102. Becky says

    My favorite ball jar is a pint size that says Mother’s preserves on the front. Writing is raised glass with a picture of a very grandmotherly woman. My sister in law and I found these jars in my mother in law’s basement while cleaning after her passing. I put flowers in my jar and think of her! She filled them with raspberry jam from her own raspberry patch.

  103. Kristen says

    Every night during the work week I cook enough dinner for me and my husband to enjoy for two meals. We pack up our leftovers in pint sized ball jars and enjoy a perfect two-cup portion for lunch. My co-workers love the jars and I have started a trend at my workplace.

  104. Jenna says

    My favorite size of the Ball jars is the pint. It’s great for storing homemade strawberry jam! (made with agave, of course!) :)

  105. Carrie says

    I love them all, but the most used would be the wide mounthed quart. They can be used for everything from canning to storing bits and pieces on the counter, to your go to drinking glass.

  106. ella says

    I love the quart sized Ball jars for making mint water! I put fresh mint in the jar, pour boiling water over the top and refrigerate until cold. SO REFRESHING!

  107. Heartsong says

    I have two favorite sizes of Ball jars (well, several if truth be told) and I use them for many things.
    Recently one of my favorite things to do with the widemouth quart jar is to fill it up with marinated white beans. I cook the beans in the crock pot and then when I marinate them in fresh garden rosemary and other spices in the oil and vinegar, I put them into the quart jar (usually takes two for the size batch I make.)
    It is really convenient to roll the beans around in the marinade when I open the fridge. And then to just pop the jar into the picnic basket when I’m ready to go.

  108. Cynthia Miller says

    My favorite size is the quart. I use them all the time to make homemade kefir. I also love to use them to store sliced cucumbers and onions in vinegar.

  109. Miareeva says

    I don’t have a favorite size :) I do like the larger ones for sipping cold drink though.

    I too, would like to know how long these pickles keep before opening.

  110. Laura Nardelli says

    Hi Elana!
    Our favorite size is the 8oz. jelly jars. Me and the kids are obsessed with making all kinds of jams, and we’ve found that they make the best size, and look so pretty too! After the jam is gone (too quickly) the jars are also our favourite drinking glasses. They look so cute on a picnic table filled with pink lemonade:)

  111. Julia says

    I love the quart size. I store nuts, seeds, almond flour, cranberries, raisons, etc. I also make young coconut kefir and cultured veggies in them.

  112. Rebekah says

    Wide mouth quart and pint sized jars. I use them for making freezer jam and for making tomato compote this time of year. Delish!

  113. says

    I love the quart size, for storing nuts, seeds, raisins, etc… We decided to grow several tomato plants this year and I am looking forward to turning those tomatoes into all kinds of delicious sauces!

  114. Anna says

    1/2 quart with a wide mouth! I use them for everything from storage, to carry snacks, to make flavored vinegar, to drink wine out of…. everything.

  115. Jenna Dodge says

    My favorite size Ball jar is the quart size – I use it for drinking water! I drink a lot of water and I love not having to refill as often.

    My second favorite size is 8 oz. I use that for making small amounts of salad dressing, and storing it in the fridge. I only have one of those.

    I have never canned, though, but I would love to learn how and to start!

  116. RH says

    Quart. Definitely quart. I use them to store pantry items most of the time, but in the fall I go crazy making homemade applesauce and pear butter to give as gifts.

  117. Terris says

    We just finished making dill pickles from our crop of heirloom “pickling” cucumbers. They are delicious. I would love to know how long you keep these in the fridge for?

    We have been using Ball canning jars for years. I love the pint and half-pint sizes for my homemade salsas and jam. I even use the half-pint jars for mixing up salad dressing. Some people in my family have even been seen drinking homemade iced tea out of the Pint sized jars. :)

  118. kristen j says

    I’m not sure what size it is, but I love using the wide mouth Ball jars for jam! I just made a cherry lemon jam that was lovely! :)

  119. Sara says

    I love the half pint jars for storing all my dried herbs and spices. Having them in uniform jars make my open pantry look beautiful and all the vibrant colors of the herbs and spices take center stage.

  120. Lise Beals says

    I LOVE the Ball canning jars! We have, literally, hundreds of them! Our most used, & favorite, sizes are the pint & half pint jars. All are the wide mouth variety, cause of the ease of use. We also have 2 flats of the gallon jars tho, too. We use them for pretty much everything. From storing food, canning stuff, making homemade liqueurs, even craft projects! I could not imagine having to go without this vital kitchen necessity!

  121. Nadya says

    Great giveaway! I use the quart size for storage (instead of tupperware) and the 1/2 pint size for drinking glasses– very sturdy and so cute. I have, on occasion, used them to give homemade pankcake/cookie mixes as gifts.

  122. Mary Carroll says

    I’m pretty sure you mean a ratio or 1 TBSP sale for every CUP of water in your recipe.

    Recipe looks great and very easy. Thanks!

  123. colormepink says

    They aren’t really that practical but I love the little jars, they’re so cute.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had pickles made without any vinegar, I’ll have to try these.

  124. Jez Smith says

    Definitely the quart sized jars are my favorite–currently the ones in my fridge hold cucumber pickles, homemade pickled ginger, and a kombucha!

  125. says

    I love using EVERY size of Ball jars. But the one I use the most is the wide-mouth quart size – it’s the best for storing bulk foods I use every week (grains, legumes, seaweed).

  126. Bo Abrams says

    My favorite ball jars are wide-mouth quarts. I use them for everything from dried beans to applesauce to pennies to my favorite way to have a big glass of water!

  127. Deb says

    I love the quart sized jars for storage. I keep beans, grains and spice blends in them. They are attractive and practical.

  128. Dina says

    My current favorite sized jar is the pint. As I just made 18 pints of cherry syrup! Was not impressed with the way they fit in the hot water bath though…but worth the frustration… LOL!!! Grade B Maple Syrup mixed with the Cherry Syrup was divine!!

  129. Beth says

    Great use of the Ball jars.

    My favourite size Ball jar is the wide mouth Quart. Great for storing nuts, oats, rice, raisins, and perfect for my favourite thing: Green Smoothies.

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