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We had a quiet July 4th celebration with Martha, her daughter Erin and a friend of Erin’s named Sarah Rose. These two girls go to the same school as my boys so they all had a great time bouncing on the trampoline in our backyard while Martha and I made a couple of salads and “readied” the organic turkey dogs. My husband, just back from a week in the Grand Canyon with our younger son, manned the grill.

My older son and I stayed home from the Grand Canyon hiking/camping extravaganza due to… you guessed it, baseball. We are now in all star season. Don’t tell him I said so –every child that tried out made the all star team. So it is not exactly an elite squad. In fact, so many children “auditioned” for all stars that they created two teams and he ended up on the “B” team, the one with players that are not quite as good. A little twist? When they scrimmaged, his scrappy “B” team beat the “A” team –twice.

The all star tournament for the Boulder region begins this week. Our first game is this Wednesday, so stay tuned for more updates. Thankfully, I am not coaching; this is one intense baseball situation full of very competitive boys and dads. And they seem to really be enjoying their male bonding time, which is just great with me!

  1. Combine grated cabbage and carrots in a large bowl
  2. Mix in Vegenaise, apple cider vinegar and agave and toss well
  3. Add salt and mix again
  4. Serve

I made this coleslaw for our little July 4th barbecue. It is based on a recipe from the Joy of Cooking. Of course that one had sugar, white vinegar and mayo, so mine is slightly different. It’s a new twist on everyone’s old favorite. And yes, you have permission to make it with green cabbage instead of purple. I like the color of the purple cabbage with the orange carrots, that’s why I use it here. Either way, enjoy!