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Christmas Chocolate Bark

I am digging this yummy Christmas Chocolate Bark.  Studded with rich pistachios, tart dried cranberries, and speckled with coarse chunks of salt, it’s a winner.

I believe the ideas for this flavor combo came from the fabulous Alison.  I think this bark would make a wonderful gift for the holidays.  Just don’t eat too much of it, as it’s very addictive.

Christmas Chocolate Bark
  1. In a small saucepan over very low heat, melt chocolate
  2. Pour chocolate into a parchment paper lined 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  3. Sprinkle pistachios and cranberries over chocolate
  4. Using a metal spatula, spread the mixture evenly back and forth to around ½ inch thickness
  5. Sprinkle salt over bark
  6. Allow to sit out until set, 1-2 hours
  7. Cut into 16 squares and serve

Here are some other chocolate bark type recipes you may enjoy:
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To help you with your chocolate bark recipe adventures I am giving away 10 pounds of Dagoba Organic Chocodrops (that’s a retail value of $179.90!). To be entered leave a comment below. This giveaway is open to everyone everywhere and the winner will be chosen at random. This contest will end at 6pm (MST), December 15th, 2010.

The winner of last weeks giveaway for a copy of Food Heroes by Georgia Pellegrini is Christine! Christine said her food hero was The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell II. I want to thank everyone for sharing their personal food heroes!

I wanted to also mention that Georgia Pellegrini is giving away a copy of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook as well as providing the recipe for my Olive Rosemary Bread from the book on her website. Her giveaway ends today at 5pm (PST). Thanks Georgia!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Dagoba Organic Chocodrops was Jen K. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. joanne stanke says

    You are my “Go -To” person for recipes. I can always find a great quick and easy recipe to full fill my needs for both planning a meal or when someone pops over. And they all taste so good!Thank you!

  2. Sandy Daniels says

    We absolutely love your recipes! This hot chocolate recipe is just perfect for the holidays. My oldest son has been begging for hot chocolate; like we used to have. You are such an inspiration.
    May God richly bless you,
    Sandy D.

  3. Bonnie Brown says

    Making this over the weekend. Just purchased Peppermint Bark for a Christmas gift before seeing this. Now, I can make my own! Thank you, Elana! Love your easy, FABULOUS recipes!

  4. Cynthia Niernberger says

    I love all your recipes…you have inspired me to make sf,gf and grain free treats for my family to keep me on my strict diet!!! Much gratitude and love, Cynthia

  5. Kirstie says

    Hi! These look wonderful. I sent the recipe to my GF friend. She is also allergic to coconut and so many GF recipes call for coconut flour, milk or sugar…this does not. She said YUMMNN and that she is definitely making them. I am making them too! Finally an easy dessert I can share with everyone.
    Thanks so much!

  6. Charlotte clanton says

    This is so wonderful for u to do. I’m beginning my adventures in changing diet and your awesome recipes and website are great. Thank you! Ps. I’m really mean it!

  7. Janie Adams says

    I sure want to make this candy for Christmas to have something for my son who has to eat gluten free. This would give him something to snack on while others are snacking on things they like and he can’t eat.

  8. Sherry Barton says

    ooh! ooh! Pick me! Seriously addicted to chocolate and always looking for gluten and dairy free recipes! Thanks Elana

  9. Dee Dee Stewart says

    I’m so lucky my daughter has my love for dark chocolate, dried fruit & nuts! It would be great to have something homemade to give friends and family this year for christmas. I just started Paleo for health reasons and haven’t missed anything I enjoy eating. Your cookbooks and website are fantastic:)

  10. Joelle says

    Can anyone answer why I would choose the Dagoba over other chocolates? Does anyone know of something equivalent? Thanks =)

  11. samantha adams says

    Sounds amazing! Can’t make.this for christmas gifts! What a great wayto make.and to have a nutty sweet salty and decadent creation!

  12. Debbie says

    I would love to be the winner of this chocolate for a few reasons. 1. I never win anything 2. I could would love to try these recipes 3. I would love to share it with my paleo friends!

  13. Lara Camacho says

    That would be a whole lotta’ chocolate! But what a great way to try making your various chocolate recipes :)

  14. Sally Koppy says

    My husband calls my dark chocolate purchases my prescription – and he fills it by buying my favorites! I’m definitely trying this – it sounds amazing! My husband my be saving money on my chocolate and sea salt addiction!

  15. cindy says

    I’ve only just discovered your website as this month my hubby & I are doing a 30 day detox/cleanse. I made your 1st recipe (found on FB) which was the amazing breakfast bread with almond butter & cinnamon. Topped with berries & whipped coconut milk, everyone loved it! I’m eager to learn more about this lifestyle as well as the many wonderful ways to eat healthy. Thank you!

  16. says

    i’m not sure i can follow those instructions involving not becoming addicted!!! please send me some chocolate :D :D :D :D :D would love to make this! cranberries and pistachios just on their own are delicious and some of my favorites.

  17. ladybirdpdx says

    Haven’t baked in a few years since becoming gluten and sugar free now have went paleo. I’m super excitedt to make goodies again this year. Thanks for all the healthy alternative options, Elaina your pantry has been a lifesaver for me giving some of my favorite translations to things I crave and my family will eat.Blessing

  18. Ms.Roseberry-Temko says

    Wow this amazing chocolate recipe looks like it is full of the good antioxidents we all need! It would help make a merry merry holiday. I cannot wait to make it and share it with my daughter and friends. Thank you for the recipe.

  19. Becky Ackerman says

    I am very new to Paleo and working very hard to learn new ways of cooking and eating. If I could have one of these wonderful treats right now I think I would be in heaven. Too late to get the ingredients now but tomorrow is around the corner :) Love your site, learning much and enjoying. Thanks!!!

  20. Theresa says

    Ooh now I have a something to bring to holiday parties this year besides the normal baked goods! Thank for sharing!

  21. Brenda John says

    I love dark chocolate and your recipe sounds wonderful.
    Hope to win the chocolate drops, thanks for the chance.

  22. says

    Hi! How many grams does a cup of chocolate have? I am from Argentina and here we don’t measure in cups. Only in grams and kg
    Great recipes!

  23. says

    thanks so much for your wonderful recipes. I made this one in a class last night and used pistachios and dried cherries and everyone was FREAKING out about how fabulous it was! THanks for writing beautiful posts about your life and family. I’m always inspired by your recipes.
    Many thanks and Im so glad you are all ok.
    Best Wishes for a delicious new year!!

  24. Mileni says

    OH SO DELICIOUS & FABULOUS!!! I am now truly addicted! I have made 6 batches for Christmas gifts and ALL the recepients have raved about it. Love the simplicity of the recipe.

  25. g-man says

    Thank you so much. This looks great, we’ll be sharing them with all our fellow-parishoners after Christ-mas(s) eve mass.

  26. Gina says

    This recipe looks delicious! I just found out I am allergic to sugar cane and was wondering if I can melt unsweetened dark chocolate and add agave syrup? Do you have a recipe?

    • says

      Hey g-man, I don’t have a recipe, though you might be able to concoct something by watching this video from my friend Lillian who makes her own chocolate for one of my other recipes; it might just be of help :-)

  27. Maureen Pecaric says

    Your Cinnamon Apple Cake looks really good, but I’m curious, is it made with no almond flour at all?

  28. dana hunter says

    elana, i LOVE your recipes. my husband has been recently diagnosed with a yeast problem, so we are on a very limited (for us) diet. i am an avid baker and would love to win your dagoba drops contest. i’ve unfortunately never tried them, because they are so expensive. my fav recipe of your’s is the kale chips! or the pumpkin muffins? thank you for helping us in this season eat both healthy and delicious foods! may you know how much you are making a difference!

  29. Misty Story says

    A week ago my ND found that I have Celiac Disease, dairy intolerant and hypoglycemic. If I hadn’t gone to him at my husband’s request, I may have ended up with a pacemaker (this was my cardiologist’s answer for the drop in heart rate and blood pressure I was experiencing).
    My ND found the path back to the source of the complicated list of reactions from the Celiac’s and just after a week on a strict gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar, no nuts, no grains, etc. diet, I am feeling like I woke up from a very long and disturbing dream. I feel alive! I look forward to how I might feel once I’m fully healed and have a goal of trail running by next summer. :)
    At the end of December I might be able to go to the less restrictive GF, DF & low sugar diet and I’m so excited to try one of these recipes!! :) Dr. Dorninger recommends Elana’s so highly! He swears by it for his recipes for his family.

    I just wanted to write and say, “Thank you for writing your books and having this website to help us all!”
    (The Almond Flour Cookbook is the only thing I have asked for this year and I never ask for anything!) :)

    Thank you and blessings to you all!


  30. Jennifer Lighty says

    I found your website because my sister in law made the most delicious cranberry sauce I had ever tasted for Thanksgiving. When I asked her for the recipe, she said it was yours. Thank you!

  31. says

    Dear Elana,

    One of my fitness clients raved about your recipes last night so I had to check them out. Your recipes are fantastic! Thank you so much for making gluten/grain free life so much more delicious! My body’s happy and my palate is singing!


    Christina at Fit on the Fly

  32. Tina Chalfant says

    Oh my goodness, would I LOVE to win this one! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your recipes and ideas. It has been life changing for me and my family!

  33. Phyliss says

    Hi, this is so exciting to know that everyone everywhere can join because it makes it possible for us who lives in europe to have a chance to get ingrediants we don´t have here. Thank you.

  34. says

    Elana, is there any other nut you can suggest to go in this recipe? I can’t have pistachios, but would love to make this for christmas, sounds really yummy!


  35. Peggy says

    I will be making the Christmas chocolate bark to bring to a couple of gatherings I am going to this weekend. It looks fabulous. So easy to make as well!!

  36. Donna Strong says

    I was looking for a gluten-free coconut macaroon recipe and found your site for the first time. Your recipes look great because they have simple ingredients that most of us g-f eaters have on hand. I would love to have 10lbs of dark chocolate “on hand” too!

  37. Shaina says

    Ooh, add me to your giveaway list for sure! I will be doing some baking for others for the holidays and that sure would come in handy! :) I love your recipes by the way :)

  38. Rebecca says

    I’ll be making that Christmas Chocolate Bark as soon as I can get my hands on all of the ingredients! Looks so yummy!

  39. Valerie Trapp says

    just made a batch! melted two bags dark chocolate chunks/ 10 oz each, added a bag of “Back to Nature” cahsew, almond and pistachio mix. w/ sea salt [ 10 oz] . Added a bag of dried cranberries [ 5 oz]. sprinkled a bit of sea salt on top, and popped in the freeaer to set up! A bit chuncky, but yummy! now to bag it up for gifts, before I scarf it down!

  40. Robbie Wood says

    Your chocolate bark looks decadent!
    Thank you so much for thinkning of this giveaway. I’d LOVE to try the chocodrops. We only have access to the regular bars here in Texas. I’m in the process of getting my husband off of “junk” chocolate and onto the good stuff. Winning this would really help!
    Mmmmmm, I can smell it already!! ;)

  41. Christine says

    I just discovered your site- thanks for the great recipes! I’m gluten free and use a lot a mixes, but can’t wait to try some of the recipes in your almond flour cookbook – just put it on my Amazon wish list!

  42. Karen says

    Love all these Gluten Free gift ideas for my friends as well as my own healthier eating. Thanks! (BTw, they’re now loving your blog too!)

  43. Crysta says

    This is the only chocolate that I can eat, and I love it! Thanks for this yummy recipe…I LOVE salt and chocolate. This is on the top of my baking list for Christmas time!

  44. Jenny says

    Oh gosh the things I would do with that much chocolate!!! I’m preparing to make DIY gifts for my friends and family for Christmas and this would be perfect.

  45. Tami says

    Yum! I love salt and chocolate! I just used Dagoba chocolate bars for my World Peace cookies from Dorie Greenspan- I made these gluten free, of course :)
    Thank you for the opportunity to win chocolate! What could possibly be a better gift than chocolate?!
    Thank you also for helping me by sharing your wonderful recipes, insights and wisdom. Have a wonderful New Year, Elana!

  46. Heather says

    This chocolate bark recipe looks great! I love giving homemade christmas gifts; they are fun to make and people always seem to love getting them. I would love to try this recipe; I will just need to see where I can find the chocolate. Thank you for the great recipes; for somebody who cannot eat gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn or processed sugar, this site is essential!

  47. Laura says

    My goodness that’s a lot of chips and I can think of a lot of recipes to make and/or try….it would be a wonderful surprise to win!

  48. Tracy says

    I cannot WAIT to try this recipe! So easy, and I can already tell it’s going to be a winner. Thanks for the incredibly scrumptious work you do, Elana. You have helped my family tremendously.

  49. Katie says

    Ooh this looks great! We just ruled out chocolate and almonds (!) as things to which my son is allergic this week. I told my husband I would have to go through and reread your entire blog, so it was really fun to open this up and find this recipe. particularly since we were just talking about making some kind of salted chocolate confection as well!

  50. says

    Your recipes are wonderful. I have made several from the cookbook and a couple from the online recipe box. Everyone, including non-GF folks, ask for the chocolate cookie recipe and prefer these cookies to standard tollhouse fare.

    The recipes are simple, require a reasonable amount of ingredients and easy to follow. Since we keep bees, I have substituted honey for agave nectar, using slightly less honey. Also have used walnut oil or other nut oils which has also worked out fine.

    Now portion control is another problem………..

    Many thanks,
    Mary Lynn

  51. says

    This recipe looks spectacular, and your timing is perfect–this seems to be our year for trying chocolate bark recipes. So far, we’ve been playing with peppermint barks, but cranberries and pistachios sounds really, really good…especially with dark chocolate.

  52. Jeanne Marie says

    I love the addition of coarse sea salt to this bark! It looks super yummy and I hope to make it soon!
    Thanks Elana!!

  53. Cheryl says

    Hi Elana!

    I’ve been loving your site ever since I stumbled across it back in September when I started going pumpkin crazy and making lots of pumpkin treats, including your roasted pumpkin and pumpkin custard. I’m definitely not vegan but the custard was great and I loved learning about and using agar flakes.

    I’m using plenty of your recipes to try out candy making this week once my molds arrive. Can’t wait to try!

    This bark looks really tasty. I’m thinking of replacing the cranberries with dried cherries and then maybe mixing some chocolate up with rum to drizzle over the top– then this will be spumoni bark =) The pistachios inspired me!

    I’d love to win the chocolate too! Would come in handy with the candy making… I can’t say my luck in random drawings is very good, but I’ll believe in the impossible.

    “Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
    -Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass
    (My new favorite quote.)

    Thanks for a great site and for sharing your experiences with gluten free cooking/baking.

  54. Madeline Ray says

    Thank you for the yummy Pumpkin Pie Muffins. They were a hit at a Christmas
    party I went to. I love your site and am new to it so I’m spending hrs./day reading
    recipes and going to different links you recommend.

  55. Brandae says

    This looks easy and delicious! Thanks for the recipe – would love to win the giveaway too! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  56. Jenn Strilchuk says

    Hi Elana. I just discovered your blog….it is awesome! Thank you so much for creating it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win that chocolate!

  57. Ruth says

    I LOVE Dagoba chocolate — it’s so great to be able to indulge in such a rich treat knowing that it is organic, too. I’d make this recipe plus a batch of roasted almond chocolate bark if I won this prize. Thanks for the opportunity~

  58. FrancyDe says

    I have added this chocolate bark to my list of things to make this Christmas – it looks so good – Thanks for sharing it!

  59. Jay says

    Made this treat for my friend who’s disabled with MS. Some of her favorite goodies are dark chocolate, pistachio’s & cashews amongst others. I used a combination of pistachio’s & cashews, as well as the cranberries. She loved it!

  60. Shifra Hochberg says

    Sounds yummy! My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac and we love using your Almond Flour cookbook to make her delicious gluten free desserts, quiches, etc. Looking forward to buying your Coconut Flour cupcake cookbook! Keep those recipes coming!

  61. Shelly says

    Alright, ten pounds of chocolate would be the death of me, but I’m going to comment anyway in an attempt to win. ;)

    I just found your blog! I love many of the recipes! I can’t wait to try that fruit pudding. This is going to be a very good Christmas.

  62. Angela Eck says

    I think I will try this chocolate bark recipe; it looks fabulous! :-) Thanks for all of the drawings you do on your blog. I’d love to win 10 pounds of organic Dagoba chocolate, and am glad for the chance to enter.

  63. Missy Piche says

    I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and I am so glad for all the wonderful recipes you have. With the holidays I have been so concerned that I would not get to bake yummy treats with my 2 small children which is a favorite Christmas tradition. Thank you for helping others learn how to go gluten free!

  64. Allison says

    I’m leaving a comment here because I’m interested in trying those chips, but aren’t they made with cane sugar? Don’t you try to avoid cane sugar? I usually get the Endangered Species chimp bar (72%) and crush it up. It’s beet sugar, which probably isn’t much better…

  65. Doreen Goodhue says


    The chocolate bark will be a perfect christmas gift for our family. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes.

    Doreen :o)

  66. Anna says

    These are going on my list! I was stumped for more reasonable holiday edible gifts this year, been doing lots of research since plain ole sugar cookies aren’t gonna cut it any more!

  67. jodirose says

    For as much as I miss being able to eat wheat, I am THANKFUL that I can still eat chocolate! And as far as I am concerned, the only chocolate worth eating is good, dark chocolate. This recipe looks wonderful.

  68. Kylie Coghlan says

    10 pounds of chocolate! I’m not sure how many kg’s that is (I’m Australian) but it sounds like a lot!!!! My thighs would not be thanking me for this!

  69. Sarah says

    oooh. . .this looks fabulous and decadent. I know two boys who will be exceedingly happy to help make and devour this. . Thanks Elana, you are a consistently our go-to resource meals/treats around here!

  70. Paige says

    Funny how my sis in law was just asking me today if we could get together to make chocolate bark and here you’ve added inspiration to our plans! Thanks!

  71. nora stone says

    Thanks, Elana ~ this is the perfect, festive confection to give to all my chocolate loving friends! I’m sure I’ll eat a little, too ;-)

  72. Shirley Marcroft says

    Thanks for this great recipe.
    I eat chocolate bark all year long — but my recipe isn’t as good as yours. Tomorrow, I’ll be making your recipe to give folks as Christmas gifts.

  73. Norma Aston says

    This looks like a delicious Christmas treat! Thanks for yet another wonderful recipe. Keep them coming! They are very helpful and fun to make!

  74. Gail says

    I was just reading some of the posts and someone mentioned about spliting the 10 lbs into two separate prize packages. I think that would be a wonderful idea so that there would be two winners of this great Company’s chocolate.

    Elana, what do you think?

  75. Emily says


    I’ve never tried to make chocolate bark, but I love to munch on it. I have been trying to find something g-free to make and give to my neighbors for Christmas, and this is it! Thanks so much!

  76. Gail says

    Who wouldn’t be salivating after looking at this picture?

    I made your tart cranberry squares yesterday with their color being perfect for the season and their taste was equally to perfection. They would pair quite nicely with this christmas chocolate bark–and with 10 lbs of Dagoba Organic Chocolate, there would be enough chocolate to share with my whole family and some friends too. How great is that?

    Thanks for this chocolate giveaway!

  77. KarenLana says

    This combination sounds intriguing and a must try! Thanks so much for the delicious recipes and generous giveaway!

  78. Judy H. says

    This recipe features only favorite ingredients!! And it looks fabulous with the natural red and green in the chocolate bark! Can’t wait to try the recipe and you may have solved a few last minute or hostess gift dilemmas…!

  79. says

    Yikes. I have never seen anything like this! You are an artist. A culinary artist. A presentation artist. A photographic artist. Thank you for this recipe. I have forwarded it to all family and special friends.

    I am especially excited to discover recipes like this because “dark chocolate” is so good for you. I hav read that it may help lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and ultimately contribute to a healthy heart, due to its antioxidant potential. Only thing is that health experts say to limit it to 100 calories of dark chocolate a day.

    However, Christmas is a special time and allowances may be in order.

    Thank you Elana!


  80. Jennifer Belanger says

    I just made this recipe with my girlfriends for our Christmas gift baking and it is PHENOMINAL! Thanks so much for such a great recipe and even greater website!

  81. barbara says

    Elana, How wonderful it would be to make healthy chocolate bark
    after years of making the ‘other’ bark!!.Barbara

  82. Norma Heckendorf says

    Since discovering your website, I seem to be trying, on the average, one recipe each day. It is great fun to be sampling new dishes! Thank you!

  83. Beverly Pirtle says

    The coarse sea salt has piqued my curiosity. I think I will make just to try this out, as I am also a salt craver.

  84. P Roland says

    Oh my goodness. How wonderful would that be. This recipe looks wonderful. Thank you. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful cookbook. We are looking forward to the cupcake book as well. So far, the coconut flour chocolate cake and cupcakes have saved the day (and the gluten-eating friends of my children really didn’t know the difference!).


  85. Sue Averay says

    I live in Australia and the ‘bark’ idea is new to me. What a great christmas treat this will make for my gluten-free family members and friends! I’ll enjoy watching their faces when I pop little boxes of these in front of them. Thanks.

  86. Lenee says

    I can’t wait to try this Christmas Chocolate bar. The tartness of the cranberries will compliment the chocolate, wow heaven!!!

  87. starlite_cherub says

    I’ve never attempted to make chocolate bark before….but due to my lack of really wanting to spend a whole weekend in the kitchen doing Christmas treats for friends, this looks like a great alternative!

  88. Pamela L. says

    That looks great. A friend of my sister’s has just gone gluten-free, so this will be something fun to make for her.

  89. Karen says

    Love this recipe. Perfect for my coworkers! Quick, easy, and delicious! I even already have the bags to wrap it in! Thanks!

  90. Fariba Kerendi says

    Can’t wait to make the chocolate bark! I enjoyed checking out the other chocolate bark recipes also. I’ve never heard of those other blogs so I am looking forward to exploring them. As always, thanks for all the inspiration!!

  91. Denise says

    This recipe is so wonderful! I always think of Christmas Bark as having pieces of broken candy canes in it and this is a way to give it the colors without all the extra sugar of the candy canes! Can’t wait to make some NOW!

  92. Joan Seliger Sidney says

    Yum, what a treat! And all that chocolate to share….

    PS your cranberry-apple crisp was a real hit!

  93. nicole says

    Yum! I work at a chocolate factory and am surrounded everyday with yummy treats but this one looks better than all of those!!

  94. Christine says

    This looks fabulous. Looking forward to trying this recipe out for relatives this holiday. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  95. Nell Clymer says

    my husband made me some chocolate bark last year for Valentine Day in the shape of a heart! Love your book, make the banana blueberry muffins all the time. Thanks, Nell Clymer.

  96. Nancy says

    Yum! I love dark chocolate bark recipes. I was planning to make a peppermint version and was looking for another version with exactly these ingredients (I love salt too). Score! Thanks Elana!

  97. Pat says

    This recipes will definitely be on the menu for Christmas. This will make a nice gift for someone, too. I can envision it wrapped with a cute red bow.

  98. Bobbi says

    I have loved your recipes since we first were drawn to them because of my daughter’s dairy allergy and for the health benefits of eating gluten free. We even bought your Almond Flour cookbook. Now though, my son has an almond allergy! We are so bummed to not be able to make a lot of your yummy recipes.
    I will continue to try recipes like this though. Thank you!

  99. Lisa Hite says

    I’ve been trying out a lot of your recipes with great success. I plan on making this one today. Thanks for sharing.

  100. Diane Hyde says


    I want to thank you so much! I was adopted when I was four months old,with no family history (I’m 50 now) I just always thought that my “tummy troubles” were (as my doctor told me), “my nerves”. I finally had tests done eight weeks ago and was diagnosed with allergies to wheat, peanut butter, oats and potatoes. Finding your site was heaven!

    Thank you so very much!

    Happy Holidays!


    P.S. the chocolate looks divine

  101. bridget says

    yummmm Dark chocolate… I love dark chocolate… and holiday bark mmm looks soo good… I love how many vegan recipes you have!

  102. Christine says

    Hi Elana!

    I was just diagnosed with a dairy allergy at 39 and am so grateful for your site. Giving up dairy and gluten has changed my life by changing my health. I am in awesome shape and no longer have mental fog–it is amazing! I am so thankful to feel so much better but, I will always miss cheese. =)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and good cheer and your beautiful pictures–so inspiring! It’s so nice to be able to make yummy treats that my body can enjoy.

    Best regards,


    P.S. Please enter me in your drawing for 10 pounds of Dagoba chocolate–that would be fantastic! And I can share with my dairy and gluten-free family.

  103. Viktoria says

    Thanks for the chance and the idea of sprinkling salt over dark chocolate with pistachios. Having given several kinds of truffles and other hand made gifts of very dark chocolate over the years, this is an idea I have yet to try and will definitely incorporate it next time! Also am curious to try Dagoba Chocolate :)

  104. Freedom says

    Love the idea of the course salt! I’m a salt lover as well, I put it on EVERYTHING even sliced apples! Is the 73% cacao pretty sweet with the salt added?

  105. Dana says

    Thank you for all the amazing recipes. You make gf totally livable. I discovered my dietary limitations a year ago. Instead of being a negative, I just turned 40 and in better shape than I was in my 20’s.

  106. Gina says

    I just found your website, and I love all the recipes!! I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago at the age of 31, after having my second child. Finding websites and recipes like these have been a life changing experience. I can eat delicious desserts and meals and never feel like I am missing out, and people always like to try the sugar free recipes I find. The holidays are much more enjoyable and easier to get through too!! Thank you for sharing your recipes, the Christmas pudding looks decadent and I am making the chocolate bark for Christmas gifts.

  107. Margaret Nolan says

    Love anything with good dark chocolate in it but am unable to find these choc drops in Aus so winning this would be fantastic.

  108. Lecia R says

    Hi Elana,
    I need a chocolate recipe to make for a family party and was thrilled to see your Christmas chocolate bark. Thanks for a chance to win the chocodrops.

  109. Carrie says

    I just love that you dont have added sugar in this! I have a teen at home that cannot have sugar and I’m excited to see if this might offer him a holiday treat that he can actually enjoy……

    Let’s just say I cannot wait to em’bark’ upon this journey! Lol!

    Thank you so much for posting this one!

  110. Kim Keller says

    love the salt on these. I also added some unsweetened coconut flakes, because everything goes better with coconut.
    Thanks for posting.

  111. Susan M. says

    Mmmm, you had at me dark chocolate. I’d love to try experimenting with different nuts (maybe some hazelnuts or macadamias) as well as various dried fruits (unsulphured, no sugar added tart cherries). I only use dark chocolate when I bake and I’ll definitely be going through A LOT of it when I bake up my batches of Christmas cookies in these next few weeks. Looking forward to adding some gluten-free cookies to my reportoire (including your GF chocolate chip cookie recipe). I LOVE Dagoba dark chocolate and that 10 pb. bag sure would come in handy!

    • Susan M. says

      oops, I meant “You had me at dark chocolate”. Looks like I transposed my words there! I guess I got a little too excited about the dark chocolate :)

  112. Dee Fredrickson says

    Can’t wait to try this chocolate bark. I will be substituting another type of chocolate as I live in rural Idaho and good chocolate is not available. Would be sooooo happy to win the 10 lbs. of wonderful chocolate.

  113. Asia says

    I’ve been thinking about making chocolate bark this holiday season– last year I made it with pepitos, dried cherries, salt and chili powder. It was great, but I need to remember to temper the chocolate! Your recipe here looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it.

  114. KellyBelly says

    Tomorrow we are suppose to get somewhere between 8-16 inches of snow! So I am planning on a baking for the holidays marathon. This no bake bark treat will be easy and fun to add to the list of goodies and balms (you have even us so many great recipes lately) I’m planning on.

  115. says

    I just made your chocolate orange truffles and let me tell you they rock!! I also modified the recipe and made a chocolate mint almond and a peanut butter chocolate. All good, I mean all great! I meed those chocolate chips to start a revolution. Ya know what I mean??

  116. Kimbelry Focht says

    We love making anything chocolate over here. The whole family loves dark chocolate. The kids will eat a handful of chocolate chips for thier desserts frequently.

  117. Kathy says

    The Dagoba Chocodrops are my absolute favorite. I’ve been known to eat them right out of the bag! I also like Dagoba’s hot chocolate mixes and baking chocolate. I would love to win 10 lbs of Dagoba chocolate!

  118. Anisa says

    My Mother always makes a chocolate/pecan bark that I love at this time of the year. I think I will send her this recipe too; sounds yummy! 10Lbs of Chocolate?!? You are my food hero!!!!

  119. Mary G says

    WOW 10 lb.s of yummy dark chocolate… I’ve been addicted to sugar and/or chocolate for many years… now my doc say’s only dagoba dark…
    I would surely enjoy this….thanks

  120. Judy says

    Dagoba is my absolute FAVORITE chocolate! Oh, will the Christmas Chocolate Bark ever taste fabulously made with the Dagoba Organic Chocolate Fair Trade Certified 73% Cacao Premium Chocolate Drops?! Thank you for the recipe.

  121. Julie says

    Thank you, Elana, for another yummy looking recipe! And I love that you added pistachios. Now, we can say that it’s nutritious!!! Please add my name to your drawing.

  122. Sarah says

    Pistachios and cranberry sounds like a great combo! I really like your pistachio chicken too. So many good pistachio recipes.

  123. Natalie Palmer says

    I love chocolate!!! Just made your Christmas Chocolate Bark, waiting for it to cool so I can eat some! I did take a spoon full while I was spreading it out (shhh)

  124. says

    First – wonderful recipe! Second – amazing giveaway! I was just looking at the Chocodrops today wondering if I should splurge and get some. To have 10 pounds – I would be in heaven!!!
    Thanks for all of the wonderful giveaways!

  125. MARIAN CASEY says


  126. CareBear says

    I’ve been looking through bark recipes to make this weekend and this one looks interesting – I love salt but haven’t tried it with chocolate yet!

  127. Tiffany says

    This sounds amazingly delicious!! I will definitely be making this sometime between now and Christmas :) AND I would love love love to win some chocolate!

  128. Jenna says

    Just got your cookbook today! So excited. I’ve been making truffles for years, and the sight of this chocolate makes me whimper.

  129. Mia says

    Your Christmas Chocolate Bark looks wonderful!

    My bf buys 100% Dagoba chocolate and makes his own Chocolate with Xylitol from Global Sweets. He then makes his own chocolate chips in molds and chocolate bark creations from there. The latest yummy creation has been hazelnut dark chocolate bark. Yum!

  130. Kristina Elliott says

    This sounds wonderful! I am new tp your site. I love it so much. I recently discovered that foods such as wheat and dairy just don’t agree with me. After struggling for years with being I’ll and doctor after doctor telling me it was just hormones and then just changing my meds I was fed up with feeling bad and ventured out to find my own solution. I was amazed to find just eliminating these foods from my diet were just what I needed. I love your page so much bc I am a dietitian and it is so great to find a place that has healthy recipies that taste so good. It’s so hard to adapt to this lifestyle but after finding your book with help from a friend this transition has been much easier. Thank you!!!

  131. Karin says

    I just ordered some drops from Amazon and was a little surprised that shipping was almost as much as the drops. I would love more to keep some for myself and to share with friends.

  132. says

    Wow Elana,
    What a terrific give-a-way!! Add me to your list please!! So timely, my son is interested in making fudge, but this might be better all around! Thanks for the great recipes.
    ~Mrs. R

  133. Rachel says

    Chocolate bark makes such a great, easy gift! I also like to sprinkle in cinnamon into the melted chocolate for a little somethin’extra! 10 pounds of chocolate would make so much bark!! YUM!

  134. says

    I like to add puffed millet and crystal ginger as well~nice texture variation!
    Thank you for your continued inspirations~ I love to see what you are doing
    and the wonderful photos to match.

    Aloha~ Alyssa

  135. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! This looks delicious! We can’t get chocolate chips easily over here in our part of the world. I would love to try the Dagoba ones!

  136. says

    Wow, that much chocolate would get me around the world and back!
    In 24 hours… : )

    I guess I would have to share.

    The bark looks fantastic…


  137. Karen F says

    Yummo! This reminds me of the “scroggin” we used to make in childhood as a hiking snack food. It had a lot more dried fruit and nuts in it–the chocolate just held things together. The salt is a great idea–especially in a hiking food, as it would help replace electrolytes.

    Who wouldn’t want to win 10 lbs of delicious dark chocolate?!

  138. 4kiddos says

    I love the red of the cranberries and the green of the pistachios! How festive! I would love to make this as gifts! Thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to try it!

  139. Katie says

    I used to make a chocolate cookie bark before I had to go gluten and dairy free. I never thought of making it with dairy free chocolate!!! I would LOVE to have 10 lbs of chocolate to make all sorts of new exciting barks, including the one above!


  140. susan says

    I am making gifts of your chocolate bark to all the parents at my school who have helped me and the 100 3rd and 4th graders with our winter solstice program (and other celebrations of light from around the world). So I could use the gift of chocolate bits from winning this contest! Parents deserve a thank you because they help with costumes, lines, props, sound effects and a little orchestra to accompany their amazing children, best entertainment in New Haven!

  141. Carol says

    Mmmm… We all love dark chocolate, and I love that all those beautiful additions are healthy, as well. Will make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

  142. Josie says

    I would love to make these for my family and friends to help them understand that I’m not missing out on anything just because I’ve gone gluten free. Thanks for the chance to win the Dagoba chocolate!

  143. says

    My kids walked by, saw the picture, and immediately started asking when I was going to make the chocolate bark! I’m thinking this weekend. =-)

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. Jackie H says

    Looking forward to making these – though definitely cannot keep them but must give them away as gifts – for my waistline’s sake! LOL! :)

  145. Joni Roberts says

    Any recipe with chocolate sounds good to me. I would love to win 10 pounds of chocolate, because then I could share!

  146. Doriantake says

    You know, I would usually only make something like this in small batches, but with the 10 pounds of Dagoba! Well…lets just say my siblings would have a very chocolaty holiday season ;)


  147. Stephanie L says

    Wow ten pounds of chocolate heaven. I have your cookbook, every recipe is sooo amazing. My fav are the breakfast bars, which I think are actually from your website and the tropical chocolate chip cookies!!

  148. Joey says

    This looks delicious. I make bark with coconut oil and Xylitol. I also add goji berries and nuts to mine. I think I’m going to give yours a try. You can put so many things in the bark to give it texture and new flavours. Thanks for this.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family Elana :)


  149. lynnsue says

    Thanks so very MUCH for all the GF recipes that I’ve gotten this year through your Elana’s Pantry site. They have been a wonderful addtion to My(I’ve started getting GF recipes From EVERYWHERE) GF cookbook! Since I’ve HAD to go GF my other recipes had to go, and I’m not good enough to convert them YET!

  150. Mary says

    What a simple delicious recipe that doubles as a great Christmas giveaway. Would love to get the dagoba chocolate as it is difficult to find where I live.

  151. Chelsea says

    Russian Tea Cakes are my favorite holiday cookie…do you have any ideas on how to make a gluten free, almond flour version of these?

  152. Jenna Medina says

    Oh wow! This looks spectacular!! I’ve actually been pondering a chocolate bark in my head lately! I’m going to have to try this one soon!! I would LOVE to win the Dagoba chocolate chips!! I only just discovered that u can finally eat (only the organic) chocolate again so I’m enjoying new ways to enjoy after 7 years without it!! ThNks, Elana, for the opportunity!

  153. Dawn says

    I love all your recipes! For thanksgiving, most of yours were on my table :-)…thank you so much for all the time that has gone into them all!!! Going to so try this one!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Joy says

    Hey Elena,

    Wow! Ten pounds of dark chocolate would be a dream come true. Dark chocolate is my favorite, the darker the better. I look for all your new recipes to come out with chocolate in them. I’m eager to try out this new chocolate bark.

  155. Heather Bergfors says

    Ooh, tempting treats. I think it will be a perfect chocolate goodness for the holiday party. Thanks Elana! Happy Holidays

  156. Theresa P. says

    now your talking my language. i am a true chocoholic i love anything chocolate!! as long as it is good chocolate! not the fake or cheap stuff. OH! what i could do with that much chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Elana, great giveaway as always!

  157. Karen says

    I have used your fabulous ideas for over 2 years. I love your creativity and simple recipes. You make staying healthy fun. I have not had a lot of luck finding Dagoba choco drops in my town and have to order them. Needless to say I would be very appreciative of this give away.

  158. Lisa Vance says

    Would love to make some chocolate bark this year… and I’m hoping to tailor this recipe to make some white-chocolate / peppermint bark too! Thanks for the tips.

  159. Molly says

    OH MY GOSH!!! This has all the ingredients I want in a treat! I would so very much love the chocolate for this. I cannot wait to make this and share it with people (so that I don’t eat it all myself!!)

    Thank you Elana! you are wonderful.

  160. Michelle H says

    Chocolate…Chocolate…Chocolate!!!!! A great giveaway and a million ways to share it with all my friends and family! I might try dried cherries and pecans in my bark this year.

  161. Heather says

    My son and I love chocolate, but need to eat dairy free due to a sensitivity. Sometimes finding dairy free chocolate is challenging and it is often expensive when we do find it, but we wouldn’t want to live without chocolate chip cookies, or banana chocolate chip muffins or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins…..mmmm I cook alot because of our need to avoid dairy and love to come to this site for inspiration. Thanks for all of your wonderful giveaways.

  162. says

    I cannot keep up with all of the Elana recipes I am making right now (nor can my waistline LOL…this one I started last week when I found a recipe for bark using white chocolate (which I don’t.)
    Thank you again – I think:)

  163. says

    We LOVE the Dagoba chocolate you use in your recipes. At first we thought it was a bit too strong and bitter, but it grew on us and now it’s all we use. Thanks!!!

  164. Stephanie says

    Wow! 10 lbs. of DARK chocolate. My second favorite is pistachios. Oh, now I’m in heaven. What a sweet-tart of a recipe. Thank you.

  165. says

    I just got a tempering unit and would love some dark chocolate to make delicious heart healtrhy gifts for the holidays! : )
    Thanks for the amazing recipe. I look forward to making this for my hubby who loves 73% and up cacao, and loves ssea salt : )

  166. Sheila Freehill says

    I am going to try this chocolate treat and give it away for holiday gifts. Thanks. I also just got your cookbook asa gift from Seneca and I love it. I made your Chicken Piccata with tilapia instead, it worked pretty well, but the fish fell apart a bit.-Sheila

  167. Christiana says

    SooOOooo delicious! So pretty! And good for you! A little dark chocolate every day is good for your heart, so they say. Operative word being little though! This is another print-out for my recipe box, now mostly filled with Elana’s wonderful recipes. I love the simplicity of these recipes, thank you!

  168. Mary Kate says

    Wow 10 pounds of chocolate! I love dark chocolate, especially anything over 70%. I would definitely try my hand at chocolate bark if I won this. I have tons of shelled pecans in my freezer from our pecan tree so I would probably try adding some pecans to my bark. And maybe some dried cherries.

  169. Kirsten says

    This chocolate bark is just the thing to bring to our Christmas party gift exchange tonight. Perfect timing, Elana! Please enter me to win that chocolate – YUM!

  170. Maria says

    Wow! Offer to give away 10 lbs. of chocolate, and just look at all the comments! I’m adding mine, because I just looooove dark chocolate…..and I can’t get those chocodrops where I live.

    Honestly, Elana, this recipe looks heavenly!


  171. says

    Free chocolate? OF COURSE I’M INTERESTED! What an awesome giveaway. I decided to make barks this year instead of cookies. I just made 3 different types this week – white chocolate with dried cranberries and pistachios, white chocolate with trail mix and M&Ms, and dark chocolate with Andes mints chopped up on top. All three are different, easy to make, and delicious!

  172. says

    This looks delicious! I look forward to trying this recipe out, too. (I love the chicken w/ cherries and kale, and regularly use the dessert recipes). Thanks!

  173. Heidi says

    Now if only I could have pistacios in the house without devouring them!
    But it could be worth it with this recipe just by the holiday cheery look of them.

  174. Donna says

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I have 3 kids and we do a lot of baking, lots! They LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocodrops; it’s their favorite chocolate and I can’t complain. Our family would love to win this giveaway. I actually got my kids into making some of your recipes by letting reading some of your blog posts that you mention your children loving. Our first attempt was the coconut macaroons; they were a BIG hit! Thanks for all your yummy recipes.

  175. Melissa says

    Mmmm, I love chocolate bark- it’s so versatile and pretty for the holidays! It’s great to give away as gifts, and of course, keep a large chunk for yourself! I too LOVE salt, and always sprinkle some coarse Celtic sea salt on top of my fruit/nut/chocolate creations. I would love to win all of that chocolate to create some awesome bark recipes!

    Also, I am going to make a version of your foot balm this weekend for myself, and for all of the ladies I love. Organic, natural, and healing, what a great holiday present idea!

  176. Emily says

    This recipe is gorgeous! I have never seen CHOCOLATE Christmas bark. I will be making this for my family, for sure. They are all choco-lovers! I bet it is addicting :)

  177. Angel says

    Thanks for another yummy recipe! I would not have thought to add the salt, but I can’t wait to make it! I love, love, love your recipes!

  178. says

    This looks amazing! My daughters and I, were just talking this morning about what to give to our friends. We always like to give home made goodies. Thanks for the great recipe, cant wait to make it.

  179. Tammy Lou McIlwain says

    You are a wonder Elana! Oh the recipes of yours I could make with all that chocolate. I love giving gifts of food made with my own hands for the Holidays. Probably not as much as the people that receive them as they get to eat them! Cook on and here’s to all the new recipes you’ll creat in the New Year. Tammy Lou

  180. Becky Rawalt says

    This really looks like a great Christmas gift, with the pretty red & green swimming in beautiful chocolate :-) How can you go wrong!

  181. Laura says

    Oh, I LOVE chocolate! In fact, I am eating chocolate now while sipping my coffee. I made your GF Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins for the first time this morning and they were a big hit with the kids. Two thumbs up from all of them. Thanks so much for all you do!

  182. VinXpert says

    My three favorites, dark chocolate, cherries and pistachio nut together adn fabulous! Will definitely be making these as favors for a glulten-free rehearsal dinner; thanks for the recipe.

  183. says

    The pistachios and cranberries make this bark look very festive! I’m all about baking my presents and I think this will be added to my collection of goodies.

    Thank you Elana!

  184. erica says

    Looks wonderful!! My favorite chocolate recipe has to be your flourless chocolate cupcakes. They are my go to when I need a major chocolate fix :)

  185. Louise says

    I am very impressed with the prettiness of this bark; red and green in dark chocolate….BEAUTIFUL and So Tasty. thank-you for sharing. I have been wanting the Almond Flour Cookbook, it would be lovely to win.I just recieved my first shipment of Almond flour a couple of days ago!

  186. mary-ellen breton says

    oh my I am making this tomorrow! I have a stash of Lindt 72% in the pantry and this will be so much better than just eating it plain.

    Love your books and this website – inspirational to this Type 2 diabetic who plans on being in charge (and in good blood glucose levels) for many, many years.

  187. Jamie S. says

    omg-please pick me for the dark chocolate give away so i can swim through chocolate bark heaven. i’m on the paleo diet and it’s the only thing i “cheat” with.

    • Shelley says

      Jamie — I’m paleo and dark chocolate is my cheat too!

      Elana — Thanks for the recipe. I’ll definitely be making this for xmas presents instead of cookies this year.

  188. says

    Elana —

    10 pounds of Dagoba Chocolate Bits! OMGoodness! Do you know how many holiday presents I could provide with this? My family, friends and neighbors would be ever so thankful! :-) ‘Tis the season for giving.


  189. Mary Mitchell says

    I so look forward to your daily emails with all of your fantastic recipes. It really puts a smile on my face to know that I am preparing much healthier food for my family. And Chocolate, that is such a bonus. This recipe will definitely be on one of our Holiday plates.

  190. Leona Ward says

    Your bark recipe is very timely. I have been busy making bark covered popcorn and marshmallow popcornballs for holiday gifts.

  191. Jennifer Pfeiffer says

    That looks delicious! I’d love to take that as a gf alternative at a holiday cookie exchange I’m attending. Thanks as always.

  192. Stefanie P says

    this just may be what I make for teacher gifts — looks fantastic!! the Dagoba chocolate would definitely be put to good use!

  193. virginia howell says

    These gluten free candy recipes are awesome! So great to have ways to enjoy Holiday treats and still keep to the diet!

  194. Michelle says

    I have tart cherries on hand to make your Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies, from your book “The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.” I will use the remaining cherries in place of the cranberries called for in this recipe.

    Perfect to bring to holiday parties – thank you!

  195. Bev says

    Everything on this post looks so good and easy I’m going to treat all my friends (gf or not) to your beautiful and scrumptious treats! Thanks for making my holiday cooking-giving so safe that I can even lick my fingers (something I trained myself to not do years ago). LOL

  196. Lori says

    Wow! How refreshingly simple yet elegant for the holidays. This is going to be my new tradition at holidays. It’s even nutritious, but I won’t spoil the indulgence factor by letting that fact be known!

  197. Julia Mielish says

    Wow, 10 lbs of chocolate is wonderful, but Dagoba? That is beyond wonderful and will definitely beat anything going under the tree this year! Dagoba is organic, environmentally friendly, and a great company. I think it would be great to split that into two packages, and that way two of us will be lucky enough to win. :o)

    I will definitely be making some of your chocolate bark this year and will probably pull out a couple of other GF cookie recipes over the weekend.

  198. Lynnette says

    I cant wait to make these for Christmas. My family are all coming to my house and they will all be delighted with these!! Thank you Elana!

  199. sas says

    mmmm…. chocolate bark! I made some a few years ago before I started my current eating plan, perhaps it’s time to go searching for that recipe and get cookin’! Thanks Elana for all your wonderful inspiration!

  200. says

    I would certainly love some dark chocolate. I could make this and share it with the Dove’s Nest Home for women trying to free from the ravages of drugs and alcohol. I make crafts with these ladies once a month!

  201. Charmaine says

    I have a Green and Black organic hazelnut and currant chocolate bar hidden away just for me to nibble on :-), and I think I can adapt your recipe to make something like that on my own. (I’ve got fresh roasted hazelnuts coming soon!) And Dagoba chips are the bomb!

  202. Kathy says

    Sweet Paul has a recipe in his online holiday magazine using pistachios, dried cranberries, white chocolate and marzipan.
    I want to try it also, but I think the dark chocolate would be my
    favorite. Thanks for the recipe.

  203. Sarah says

    Oh my goodness, 10 pounds of chocolate ?!? I’d have to hide it. I ate 4 squares of baker’s chocolate yesterday. That’s right, the unsweetened stuff. Someone’s gonna have to invent cacao concentrate to satisfy my dark chocolate tooth someday.

  204. Tammy says

    Thanks Elana I love the combination in this yummy bark. It was delicious…thanks again for all your dedication to our sensitivities.

  205. Lori Lane says

    We’ve been making chocolate bark at my house for years. We love to experiment with different combinations of nuts and dried fruits. One of our favorites is chopped dried aricots and cashews.

  206. says

    I can’t wait to get the ingredients and start this new holiday tradition – so much simpler and cleaner than in years past. It’s going to make a great gift for my neighbors and friends this season. Thanks Elana!

  207. Briita says

    Who could go wrong with chocolate and salt? Have you ever had the sea salt and sugar dark chocolate covered almonds from trader joes? I bet this bark is even better.

  208. Sarah says

    By everywhere, does that mean South Africa too?? Oooh would love some good quality dark chocolate! What a treat! Yum, I have cranberries and pistachios all ready to go ;-)

  209. Rainya says

    I made the snickerdoodle colors from the Almond Flour cookbook (one of my fav recipes!) last night. 10lbs of chocolate would certainly be a welcome addition to my pantry!

  210. Danielle Miles says

    Elana, I have just recently discovered your website. I have three boys and a hubby. All of them gluten intolerate. Finding you has been invaluable. I love your recipes. Cooking for my family is my passion and you have been a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for your work. We would LOVE the chocolate!

  211. Danielle Miles says

    Elana, I have just recently discovered your website. I have three boys and a hubby. All of them gluten intolerate. Finding you has been invaluable. I love your recipes. Cooking for my family is my passion and you have been a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for your work. We would LOVE the chocolate!

  212. Allegra Heidelinde says

    Looks yummy! I heard on NPR last year the great idea of adding unusual spices to such chocolate makin’. Such as red chile (think mole), curry, or lavendar…..Mmmm, seriously just think what could be done with 10 pounds of chocolate! :)

  213. Doreen Scholl says

    I’ve never had chocolate with salt on it before, but somehow I know I’ll like it. I’m going to try it with almonds and dried cranberry, because that is what I have on hand.

  214. Karen says

    Very festive & easy. Love the ingredients…ten pounds of amazing chocolate would make a lot of great presents…teachers, neighbors, post woman, hair dresser… Thanks Elana!!

  215. says

    And it looks beautiful as well…always a prerequisite for my holiday baking. Thanks for the recipe…goes along with several others that will make a fabulous holiday sweets gift.

  216. Sharon says

    This sounds like a great recipe. Even with all of the dark chocolate bars to choose from I can’t find one that has rice crispies so I make my own just by melting some OG dark chocolate and adding some rice crispies.

  217. Laura Jarvis says

    Wow!!! Looks absolutely scrumptious!!! Another great gift idea. Thank you. 10 pounds of chocolate would be quite awesome too!

  218. Lynn says

    Elana: I find your recipes refreshingly easy. Who would think that just a few delicious and fresh ingredients could taste so good!

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