chopping board pesto recipe

Chopping Board Pesto

My garden is flourishing and the basil plants are doing particularly well.  Hence pesto, gluten free, dairy free, chopping board pesto.  A couple of years ago, I saw a recipe in the local paper for a chopping board pesto, and then just the other day, my friend the fabulous Patrick reminded me about making pesto using this method.

My favorite way to eat this delicious green stuff is on a gluten free (of course) cracker.  Enjoy!

Chopping Board Pesto
  1. Chop the basil into fine strips until it's practically minced
  2. Place the basil in a bowl
  3. Chop the pine nuts fairly fine, though not to a powder, leave a little crunch
  4. Place pine nuts in bowl with basil, then toss in olive oil, salt and pepper
  5. Serve over crackers

I was surprised to learn that Serious Eats recently featured Elana’s Pantry in an article called “The Crisper Whisperer: 10 Great Blogs for Veggie Lovers That May Be New to You.”  The author, Carolyn Cope of, said Elana’s Pantry is an “under-appreciated resource for produce lovers.”  I am thrilled that she got past all of the gluten-free hype and into the “meat” of my site –simple recipes that use whole, fresh ingredients resulting in dishes that are tasty enough for everyone. Make sure you check out the beautiful food photography on her website. Thanks Carolyn!

Speaking of gluten-free hype, I read an amazing article on Celiac Disease in the Wall Street Journal yesterday called “Giving Up Gluten to Lose Weight? Not So Fast” by Melinda Beck. It’s interesting that the glow is wearing off the gluten-free SAD (Standard American Diet) and that people are looking more carefully at the available food choices. This type of coverage makes me think that sites like, which offer healthy gluten-free food options, are only getting ready for prime time.

I wanted to give a big shout out to Chris from and a post he wrote last month called “Gluten-Free Blogs – Best of the Best” over at his personal blog is a great online resource and restaurant guide for everyone with Celiac Disease. Thanks Chris and keep up the good work!

Whew! I wasn’t kidding about it being giveaway season over here at Elana’s Pantry.  Don’t forget that the giveaway for Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Cookbook is going on until Sunday, August 29th.

Now, Here’s another!

bamboo chopping board

Today I’m giving away a 12″ x 18″ bamboo chopping board from Grande Epicure. To be entered in this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment below letting us know what you use your chopping board for the most. This giveaway will end on Wednesday, September 1st.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the chopping board was Stacy. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Brenda says

    I use a chopping board a lot for chopping vegetables to put in my bone broth as well as for chopping and cutting up vegetables for soups made with bone broth and vegetables for side dishes, I also use it for some meats.

  2. BeckyS says

    This cutting board will be green due to all the basil that will be chopped on it! I am trying the chopping board pesto today!

  3. Elvia Eason says

    I can’t wait to won this board. I use my old plastic one everyday to cut my veggies. I love stews with turmeric and paprika

  4. Helen Spurley says

    I use my chopping boards for relaxation! (Bet you haven’t heard that one before.) I have found chopping, cutting, and slicing vegetables to have them ready and available for “on hand” eating or for a meal in the making to be one of my favorite new forms of relaxation. It just somehow is comforting, earthy and I know I am providing my family with healthy foods so it is a very, very satisfying activity. And there is rarely a day that I don’t use one of my boards for something, but my favorite time is when I prep all the veggetables just brought home from the market.

  5. Carol says

    I use my chopping board mostly for onions and garlic. These ingredients are pretty basic for lots of things I cook!

  6. Alina Rios says

    Oh my, everything i bring on Sundays from the farmer’s market and prep for the folloowing week: especially root veggies and kale. And every day – garlic!

  7. Karyla Parrish says

    I use mine for veggies! I love chopping and sampling all at the same time. Mine is about shot, so would LOVE one of these.
    keep up the good work
    Karyla Parrish

  8. Adrienne says

    So happy to find this recipe!! I keep trying to eat regular pesto even though I know I can’t have dairy. This pesto is just what I need and crave :)

  9. Pebbles Jacobo says

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing!

    I use my chopping board everyday as I cook with fresh meats and veggies for every meal. I would say my chopping board sees more traffic from vegetables and herbs than any other foods.

  10. Juliette Fardulis says

    My chopping board most often is used for slices of ripe tomatoes from my garden…mmm, even green spots taste good when warm from the sun.

  11. Danielle Kuhl says

    I consider my chopping board the most important tool in my kitchen. I use it everytime I cook. My favorite thing to do during the week is to come home and pick fresh vegetables from my garden. I bring them inside, wash them, cut them up on my chopping board, and then figure out what I will make with them. It makes me feel so proud that I grew something so beautiful and nutritios for my family. My chopping board is the vessel that makes this moment happen.

  12. michele says

    the large wooden thrift store cutting board is a fixture on our itsy bitsy kitchen counter! We slice our homemade bread and smash garlic, rest the coffee spoon you name it! It is probably the most often used household object; even when we use a smaller cutting board for fruit or meat, it just goes right on top of the original.

  13. Tina Jo says

    I use mine each and every day from breakfast to dinner for all the produce I get from my CSA and local farmer’s markets. Never tried bamboo before. It looks lovely

  14. Sue says

    Oh my, I use my cutting board for EVERYTHING. I’d love to have a chopping table! Every kind of veggie and herb, plus a different board for meats. Cheese, chocolate, nuts….

  15. justine says

    I use it mostly for chopping veggies for salads and soups…so excited for soup season again!! Also for chopping nuts as I love to add them to whatever I can…nice giveaway…thanks for the opportunity. ps I love your cookbook!

  16. Ev says

    I am a recent convert from glass to wood. In fact, I am still working on a wood board I bought as an “experiment”. I chop several different vegetables on it every single morning for a green veggie drink to start the day. I also make chicken soup twice a week for healing purposes and chop even more veggies on it. And then there is the daily big raw salad plus veggies for the dinner meal. This space in the kitchen, even the house, is probably the most popular spot of all!

  17. Stacey says

    I use my chopping board most for veggies that i use in salads and omelets or to just plain saute!! can never get enough veggies!!

  18. Erin says

    As a college student in my senior year, I have dealt with the plastic cutting boards that are cost effective but unfortunately negatively impact the environment, and are not the most sanitary.
    I would love this chopping block for all the produce I chop, herbs included (I have made pesto this way, before I had a food processor :) ).
    I would use it probably for chopping kale and tomatoes the most- one of my favorite salad combos.

  19. Karin Wilmoth says

    love, love your recipes! I chop up carrots and sweet potatoes to make oven fries with. They are family favorites, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with minced garlic and freshly cracked pepper. Yum!

  20. says

    Hi Elana–I was referred to your site via my gym (a Crossfit one) as they love many Paleo options. As for the most used item for my chopping board…a rainbow of vegetables & fruit–most often apples or classic mirepoix.

  21. Danielle says

    It’s summer right now, so I’ve been chopping up a ton of tomatoes. I’m going to use my cutting board tomorrow for tomatoes, peppers and onion to go in a pasta dish.

  22. Margaret Kloster says

    Chopping up leafy greens! I saute greens with just about every meal I make to make sure I get enough of them.

  23. mimi fackler says

    I use a chopping board mostly for chopping onions, shallots, herbs, and a million other things!! would love to have a beautiful bamboo chopping board, as i don’t have one now!

  24. Jennifer Stephenson says

    I am inevitably chopping some type of herb. Love fresh herbs in salad, the crispness of the flavors is wonderful

  25. Tracy W says

    Living in the northwest, I would start off my new cutting board by chopping up all of the vegies for a big, delicious pot of minestrone soup……YUM!

  26. suess says

    I use the chopping board for so many things, from garlic, to herbs, to veggies, to onions and cilantro to go in the salsa, chives on the roasted potatoes, or chopping up cabbage from the garden for different types of slaw. My son is on a gluten/soy/casein free diet (which the whole family follows) and whether I’m making soup,dip, lunch, breakfast (veggie for omelets) chopping herbs for hummus or dinner, or celery for his tuna fish gf/sandwich, I use a cutting board constantly.
    I also use it for chopping dark chocolate for various desserts.
    Now you have gone and made me hungry… thank you for all the wonderful, wonderful recipes!

    PS tomorrow I am making the chopping board pesto with all the basil overflowing in the garden!

  27. susan arnold says

    I would love to win this cutting board! I use a cutting board to cut open several cardamom pods, scrape out the seeds into my 8X8 inch pyrex dish along with steel cut oatmeal. Pour in soy milk, add raisins sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 370 degrees for 40 minutes.

  28. Holly Boulter says

    I am always in the kitchen chopping something, to me it is relaxing, and my 3 year old loves to help, right now our garden veggies are the best so you can find me chopping sguash and carrots, I put them in everything I can, and want to get rid of my plastic cutting boards but my husband has been out of work for almost a year and it simply is not in the budget. Thanks Holly

  29. kisha west says

    I would use it for the endless daily vegetable chopping I do for my cultured veggies, soups, salads, casseroles, etc..!

    Thanks Elana!

  30. Sandy says

    The veggies thar we chop the most are greens, jicama, avocados and cucumbers. I can’t wait to try your pesto recipe. I LOVE PESTO!!

  31. says

    I use my small chopping board all the time, but esp. for my morning
    green smoothies. Some of my current favorites are
    cuke, carrot, celery, apple and some kind of greens (romaine, spinach,
    swiss chard) and some fresh ginger, or even simpler,
    pear and parsley (with water), or watermelon and mango (with water). Yum! I could definitely use a larger chopping board.

    Thanks, Elana!

  32. Jody says

    I use my yucky board to chop veggies..Lots of carrots and peppers..I also use it to knead my bread dough. ;) Could really use a nice cutting board!!!!

  33. says

    I use mine alot for making guacamole and salsa. along with the everyday use of veggies and meats. my family is in the process of learning how to eat better/cleaner…thanks to my brother and his girlfriend!!!!

  34. shaindy says

    I enjoy your site and really picked up useful tools and methods. You help a lot of people. I wish you continued success. Hope to be the lucky winner!

  35. Sophie says

    Hi Katie~
    This past year I have decided to make a lifestyle change in my families eating habbits. Even though, no one in my family needs to eat gluten free, I have tried to incorporate your recipes into my healthy meal plans. I use my chopping board to cut many vegetables to throw in my juicer, or blender for many veggie, green, healthy drinks. It’s one of the only ways I can get greens such as kale, swiss chard, spinach in my toddlers. And being harvest season in my neck of the woods, their are plenty of fresh veggies to chop! Thanks ~ Sophie B.

  36. Jill Leach says

    Well, I use it mostly for veggies, fruits and the usual, just like the 223 post aboveme. But, did you know that a chopping board makes a great matchbox car jump ramp for a 5 & 3 year old? Endless hours of matchbox car joy. It also is splended as as a serving platter for cheeses, after it is throughly cleaned from the matchbox car use. So, if I could win the new chopping board then my boys would be forever in your dept because they can now have their “ramp” back.

  37. Hilary says

    Right now I use my chopping board the most for cutting up all the wonderful Colorado peaches that are making their way into the freezer, for crumbles, cobblers (gluten free of course!) and on their own. Delicious!

  38. KellyBelly says

    With the start of apple season upon us, we eat tons of local apples. I buy enough apples to last us until Feb.! The kids and husband get apple slices in their lunches daily and for snack time.

  39. Kathleen Brown says

    I have a small bamboo cutting board and I’d love to have a full sized one! Onions, herbs, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce come to mind,from our garden, except the lettuce- (to hot right now!) tomatoes and chilis-chopped together, sounds like salsa :)

  40. Susan says

    This summer I have been shopping fresh fruits and veggies constantly on my board. I have a beautiful melon waiting to be cut up for lunch at the moment. Will have to try your pesto recipe this week too!

  41. Sarah Dombrowski says

    Well, being that it is harvest season and I am spoiled with an amazing farmer’s market every wednesday and Saturday my chopping board is used all the time! Yesterday it was to cut up a huge watermelon which i covered in fresh mint leaves, very refreshing! I have to say that the two most common items on my chopping board year round would be garlic and onions, the base to all great meals! :) sorry, no vampires at my house. The second most frequent item would be tomatoes, I can never get enough tomatoes. As autumn roles in it will be sweet potatoes for yummy sweet potatoe fries baked in the oven and lots of great vegetables from the farmers market to make yummy soups I will freeze to get us through the long Wisconsin winters.

  42. Chelsea says

    I chop EVERYTHING! Because I hate having to use a knife when I’m eating. I need that hand for holding my book open! ;)

  43. Hannah says

    my chopping board sees a lot of fresh herbs (rosemary, basil, sage, mint), ginger, garlic and whatever the vegetables of the season currently are!

  44. robyn says

    i use my boards (and they are all looking pretty pathetic) for veggies, mostly peppers & onion. although as of late it’s been zucchinis!

  45. says

    Being a strong believer in buying local produce, and being from Walla Walla, I’ve got to say the thing my cutting board sees the most of is onions!

  46. Mike says

    Whatever is coming out of my garden that day. Got to make it plate ready somehow! One of my favorite methods is chopping ;)

  47. says

    Without a doubt onions are the most common thing I chop. I love onions both cooked and raw, red, yellow and white – I eat at least 1 large onion every day. Cucumbers are a close second – part of my onion usually ends up mixed with chopped cucumber, lime juice and sea salt for a crunchy refreshing salad.

  48. Jill says

    We eat based on the seasons and this year were able to have a garden. My chopping board has been seeing an awful lot of cucumbers lately! All kinds of veggies get chopped for salads or other dishes though!

  49. Brittany P. says

    My husband and I use our chopping board during almost every meal we prepare! We slice meat, veggie’s, and even hand chop nuts! It is our all- in- one prep station.

  50. says

    Oh boy, what do we use our cutting board for MOST? That is such a hard question, because we eat about 75% RAW, so my chopping board gets a LOT of mileage. If I had to decide what gets the most cutting board time though, it would probably be green super foods. They get added to just about everything. My two year old needs his chopped really small for our salads. I have two kids with GI issues so a healthy diet is a must here!


  51. Karen D. says

    I love chopped salads! I always experiment with different combinations of veggies and homemade dressings. My cutting board gets a workout everyday making big main course salads throughout the summer!

  52. Michael Blessing says

    I use a cutting board most often for cutting up vegetables for a salad – cabbage, red onion, turnip, cauliflower, pepper, carrot, celery, squash, to mato, radish. The other typical salad ingredients don’t need chopped – blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts. Then whisk up a vinaigrette with lemon juice, cider vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

  53. Cara says

    My chopping board definitely gets a workout as I use it to chop tons of veggies and ingredients for salads in the summer. I have mine color coded so that any meat is chopped on one, fruit/veggies on another and fish on yet another one. They are nothing if not well used! :) Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  54. says

    Onions! I use a lot of vegetables in my cooking, and the chopping board gets used for just about all of them, but onions are probably the biggest customer. (Definitely the biggest if I expand the category to include garlic, leeks, shallots, and other members of that family.)

  55. Lori says

    I usually start with onions or leeks, and move on to greens or whatever veggies are on the menu. Tonight, it was yellow squash and portobellos, and a few chard leaves to mix in with some leftover quinoa. I love chopping, and so does my boyfriend. Another cutting board is just what I need! ;) Thanks, Elana!

  56. says

    I find myself using a cutting board all the time for chopping up some basic onion and garlic to add into almost every savory dish I make. Although I also use a nice, big one from Target for photos.

  57. says

    Well just tonight I used mine to cut the greens off of the beets I got today, and the fresh carrots. I use mine mostly for cutting whatever fresh veggies I’m using. I have a separate one that I use when I fillet chicken or fish.

    speaking of beet greens, do you have any great ideas on how to use them? I’ve never tried them before and have a small bunch that I have no clue what to do with!

  58. Jami says

    I use my cutting board for EVERYTHING!!!! I slice zucchini into noodles for lasagna, chop basil for homemade sauces, mince garlic for everything, chop veggies for soups and salads, cut fruit for a refreshing treat, substitute counter space where ever I need it…you name it, my cutting board sees all kinds of action! I’m a slicing, dicing, chopping fool…my cutting board is my happy side kick!

    Thanks for adding such delight to our gluten free living!

  59. says

    Garlic and shallots! We grow organic garlic and shallots and it goes in everything. I also use it a lot for my homemade veggie burgers that have raw carrot, celery, red pepper, onion, broccoli and sunflower seeds in them. I love to chop veggies, there is something so peaceful about the sound of the knife slicing into the veggies over and over.

  60. says

    I chop many veggies, especially onions and celery for bases to soups and stir frys. But, during the summer, my cutting board has seen many tomato and basil combos!

  61. Catharine says

    Onions – it’ll have to be onions that I chop the most. Which is sad because they always make me cry! Thanks for setting up this giveaway!

  62. Brenda says

    A 12×18 bamboo cutting board. What a wonderful give-away. I have a small bamboo board that I use to chop my garden fresh veggies with .BUT. what I could chop with a bigger one! My garden is continuing to overflow with bounty and my little is getting a great workout. I have been sign-up on your site for a year now and have been enjoying it tremendously. I have tried quite a few of the recipes and even bought your book after checking it out at the library. Thank you very much Elana, for all that you do to help make our lives a little tastier.

  63. NicoleK says

    We have too many cutting boards! =) And I’ve been wanting a beautiful bamboo one for quite some time. I really use cutting boards for everything. I don’t do any prep work on the counters and have designated boards for everything…

  64. Natalie says

    I LOVE to chop (i.e. I could do it for a living!), so my board sees a lot of onions and garlic. This week I’m chopping a lot of eggplant for stirfry, and peaches for the freezer.

  65. Christine says

    It seems like I use my chopping board mostly for garlic–I cook with so many different ingredients, but that’s always one that’s thrown in with the gang. Now that I’ve started a little herb garden those have been on the menu for a while too!

  66. Shanygne Gullickson says

    I use our chopping board for cutting up fresh veggies. We love fresh spinach, brocolli and carrots the most, but are branching out a lot in the last year or so.
    LOVE your blog! Thank you!

  67. says

    I love to use a cutting board for slicing warm fresh tomatoes, peppers (anaheim, jalapeno, and serrano), yellow squash, zucchini, and eggplant that we’ve just grown this year from a new garden we created in the center of our backyard. Now that I’ve seen the “cutting board pesto” recipe, I am looking forward to trying it with our fresh basil harvest. As someone who cannot eat gluten, I LOVE Elana’s cookbook and online recipes!!!

  68. Kimberley says

    It is an ongoing joke with all of the relatives about how much I chop. Chop, Chop! ( I don’t think they have ever been around anyone who eats a whole foods diet from scratch!)

  69. Roberta Straub says

    I use my chopping board for veggies and slicing homemade bread as well as fresh herbs (that I have recently started to experiment with). On another note, I am thrilled to have been directed to your site from a friend..I have been eating gluten free for approx 10 years and have had lots of recipe failures and disappointments. This weekend, I”m making up a few GF gift baskets to bring to a family wedding for two of my extended family that also eat GF. I’m very excited to see how much they enjoy the items.


  70. says

    veggies! Lots and lots of delicious veggies. Being a mostly vegetarian home and cooking almost everything from scratch means lots of chopping for me. My current cutting boards are getting pretty old and I would love to win this one!

  71. says

    I use my board for chopping veggies more than anything else. Tacos, soups, salads, you name it! I have awesome knives, but definitely could use an upgrade on the board!

  72. Debra Soderman says

    I use my chopping board for everything: onions, garlic, nuts, celery. Clean it up and on goes the fruit: pineapple, apples, melons. It all depends on the day and the menu.

  73. Rhonda Ahrens says

    fresh chopped garlic is my favorite on the chopping board and I loved your chopping board pesto but I think a clove or a few would have added a nice kick to it.

  74. Kristin Walukas says

    This week – kohlrabi. We got a variety of kohlrobi in our CSA box this week that is literally the size of my head! MMMM, roasted kohl-rabi!

  75. Kelly ahti says

    I use my (crappy old plastic) chopping board the most for chopping fresh veggies! for some reason I love to prep fresh veggies- it’s soothing in a kind of way. I know, I’m weird….

  76. Mathew says

    I use my cutting board for anything non-meat related: veggies, nuts, mushrooms, fruit, and etc. Probably mostly for chopping vegetables and herbs though.

    Thanks for everything!

  77. Mary Stubbs says

    That pesto looks FANTASTIC!!!

    I use my cutting board for veggies, veggies, veggies. I also use it for cookies after I take them out of the oven, I use it as a platter.

  78. JenC says

    Oh goodness…what do I use my cutting board for the most? Cutting up fruit for my kids would be first and then cutting up veggies (lots of onion, garlic, etc…). I am growing basil as well so I am going to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing it!

  79. Joel says

    I use my chopping board most for chopping veggies but also very often for prepping herbs such as thyme, rosemary, making a chiffonade, etc.

  80. says

    Hi Elana, you’re very welcome for the mention on Serious Eats! I think the veggie recipes on your blog are wonderful. Love the idea of a chopping board pesto. Have a great weekend, and thanks for mentioning my site.


  81. says

    My cutting board with the red handles is my “safe” place. I live in a household that has gluten eaters, so I have to be on my guard all the time. My cutting board which is well used is off limits to others. It’s the only place I can prepare my gluten free food or place a gluten free cracker or cookie down without worrying. Thank you for all of your recipes.

  82. Jules says

    Whatever vegetables are in season, but no matter what season it is I always have garlic to mince up so I’d have to say that Garlic wins!

  83. Evelyn says

    I mostly use my big board for chopping vegetables. All kinds of them like onions, potatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, celery, tomatoes, garlic and the list goes on and on. I think what I’ll be trying next is this pesto!

  84. Jessica says

    Hmm, veggies and more veggies. Last night we made six jars of fresh cucumber salsa and it is yummy. I love the smell of cutting garlic though the most and eating it raw too.

  85. Melissa says

    I use mine the most for chopping tomatoes for salads. Although, the other day I used it for kale when I made your recipe for Crispy Kale and it was delicious. Thanks for the recipes – – I have enjoyed all of them that I have made from your site.

  86. Mary says

    Today… I chopped the ingredients for this pesto. Thanks for the great recipe! I’m planning a second batch tomorrow for a party.

  87. Angela Banning says

    I find that I chop a lot of garlic and fresh spinach. . . at least my kids say I do. Really, though, I use it for all the veggies. I grew up on canned vegetables and sadly, there were things I did not even know did not come in a can until I was a teenager. I never buy canned veggies anymore and absolutely love the look, feel and smell of fresh veggies. I love that when I am chopping, mincing, slicing, etc, I can feel good about nourishing, rather than just feeding my family.

  88. says

    I really use my cutting board for practicallly everything. I do
    the usual chopping and mincing of veggies and fruits. I also
    use my board to grind to a powder ingredients using a strong spoon
    pressure or other implement. I also powder with a spoon medicines
    for my poodle who will not take it in other forms…this way it goes
    easily into her food and mixes in so she eats it. I make pie crusts
    and quiche crust, bagels, shape homemade breads from grinding my
    wheat and spelt. I really enjoy the ease of keeping a clean cutting
    board avaialable at all times. I would really love to get a new
    one because I wore out the last one and it finally cracked.

  89. Kassi says

    I use my chopping board to cut fruit and veggies the most! Probably peppers and onions get the lions share of time because we eat A LOT of peppers and onions :)

  90. Erin says

    Elana – I love your site (and happened to find it from a link some time ago on Mark’s Daily Apple).

    I use my cutting board to chop veggies, and hopefully very soon to chop apples. I usually make pesto in the food processor, but this method looks like a lot less cleanup. Thanks!

  91. kari says

    I use my cutting board for cutting up raw vegetables. We eat lots of raw veggies each day.

    Thanks for the chance!

  92. domestic diva says

    I use my chopping for cutting fruit for breakfast on a daily basis. Right now we’re on a melon kick.

  93. Shan says

    I use my chopping board pretty much daily for a variety of salads, I also make a lot of stir fry so lots of veggies, and especially garlic.

  94. Dale says

    I have a blister on my finger from chopping up crabapples on Tuesday night. I was making crabapple butter and I had to get it done! I was up until midnight chopping, cooking, and canning. But oh yum! I had to let food waste and we have so many fruit trees.

    Right now, my board is mostly used for, well, hmm. everything?

  95. Steph Cann says

    Vegetables and meat… never at the same time… My favourite thing to chop on my cutting board is garlic but I love watching my hubby dice onions. He’s a pro. And I never let anything glutenese touch my cutting board, although definitely had issues with roommates not adhering to this restriction.

    This bamboo cutting board would rock my world.

  96. Tina Grahek says

    I have been using my cutting board every night this month for tomatoes that are overflowing in my garden. I love something sweet at night and this month instead of reaching for gf brownies, I have been chopping up a tomato, putting it in a bowl, and drizzling it with aged balsamic vinegar. It is fresh and delicious and has been surprisingly satisfying to my sweet tooth!

  97. skybluechic says

    I love my bamboo cutting board and use it for everything you could imagine…from veggies to a hot mat with food from the oven or grill!

  98. Nichole Sterioti says

    I use my cutting board daily for chopping up veggies to go into salads. But lately I’ve been using it to help prepare salsa ingredients. Gluten free chips and salsa – staples I couldn’t live without!

  99. Monica says

    Iwould say I cut onions and garlic the most on my cutting boards. I love fresh herbs and seasonings in my food. I love this pesto recipe…just in time to use my basil out of my garden…Thanks Elana!!

  100. Carrie says

    Use my boards for various things. Nuts and veggies. I have a smaller one I use for fruits so they don’t inherit any onion or garlic taste.

  101. Samantha Saltzman says

    I would like this beautiful cutting board, not only do I use plates to cut, I love to cook and bake. Would absolutely love this board. Also, I love your cookbook but I am wondering if I can make the flour, almond flour, just too expensive to buy. Thanks Elana.
    Samantha Saltzman

  102. Beth says

    That looks like an awesome cutting board.
    We have a small wood one for fruit & veg, and a bigger bamboo one for meats.
    The fruit & veg cutting board gets a daily work out, due to green smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and then veg with dinner.

    Can’t wait to try your Pesto recipe.

  103. Vrie says

    Living as a vegetarian on the SCD diet, I cook daily. Often more than once. I know, it’s dire. (Secretly I love it.) This involves chopping a vast and rotating cast of vegetables, but the one that gives my board the most hefty workout is pumpkins and squash. As much of a chore as they can be to cut, my love for them is too deep to be ignored, and I always come crawling back.

    Thanks for your blog, it’s a recent discovery of mine, and has made a noticeable improvement upon my life.

  104. Hilary says

    I use my chopping board for onions and peppers (for an omelette) and in the summer for onions and tomatos (for an onion-tomato-oliveoil salad). Yummmmm!

  105. says

    Chopping veggies for salads…fruit for freezing so I can make smoothies…and dark chocolate to use in place of chocolate chips in your (Elana’s) delicious chocolatey recipes! I love your site, Elana!

  106. says

    I use my cutting board for everything.. today I used it for some broccoli, zucchini, onion, carrots, and tempeh before stir fry/steaming them all together :)

  107. FAY FOX says

    Hi E:
    I use a chopping board for everything from cutting up veggies, fruit, meat and chicken .
    I use a spray bottle of white vinegar to clean the board as well as the fruit, veggies, herbs, eggs,chicken and meat.
    the cutting board is my constant companion!
    I will enjoy making your pesto, and i just put you web site info.onto another website that is gluten free; i have also given out you website info to anyone i meet who is gluten free, or vegan!
    I love your recipes because they are so simple to use!

  108. Maggie says

    Because we have a CSA share this year, I’m using my chopping board like never before — all those fresh vegetables to be cleaned, chopped and eaten!

  109. TiffanyP says

    Fruits and veggies for sure! I must have been channeling your website. I made pesto tonight. I used my chopping block to cut up the tomatoes I oven roasted and served with the pesto.

  110. tina says

    We chop all kinds of fruits and veges at our house :) Would love a new chopping block. . Thanks for the chance. . .

  111. Wynonah says

    My wooden blocks are always laying on my counter awaiting the cutting of sandwiches, veggies, fruit, herbs, garlic, onions, etc. I cook almost everything from scratch so my blocks are WELL used!

    Your site is awesome, and this pesto is DEFINITELY going in my archives – I have so much basil this year, and pesto sounds right about perfect right now. Thanks!!

  112. Kris says

    It’s hard to say what I use it for the most. It’s used many times a day for many varieties of fruits and veggies. This week it’s been a lot of early apples, which just cam in season, and kale.

  113. Daisy Hoeft says

    Produce from our CSA! We just picked up our fruits and vegi’s today… we had yellow watermelon for the first time – so sweet and delicious! My 6 year old loved it!

  114. Ila Jean says

    Our family cutting board loves to have fruits & veggies visit it on a daily basis! It is essential in our kitchen!

  115. says

    I use my chopping board so often that the inlaid wood is finally coming apart. Luckily, we bought another gorgeous one at the Seattle Pike Street Market a month ago. We are part of a CSA and get so much produce that I just do my best to keep up with it. Almost everything I make begins with garlic and onions so those are probably the main 2 things I use my cutting board for. Our CSA is known for their heirloom melons so right now I cut at least 2 melons a day. Moon and Stars watermelon, yellow-fleshed honeydew, muskmellon…It’s all delicious.

  116. says

    Chopping up cuban and hot & spicy oregano, fresh basil. Just coming into season: butternut squash! (really depends on what weekly vegetable I stock up on from the family run farmer’s stand down the road).

  117. says

    One of my favorites – garlic! Which brings me to fajita veggies, omelet veggies, guacamole, salsa. What wouldn’t I do with it :)

  118. says

    I am transitioning to a raw diet lifestyle. So, I use my cutting board for cutting and chopping veggies. Mostly I use it for cutting up veggies for salads. My husband and I love to get in the kitchen and just start pulling vegetables, both from the fridge and the vegetable garden, right outside our back door. We are always amazed how working together, we can make such scrumptious salads. And of course it always tastes better, when we work together – sharing the cutting board, of course. :D

  119. Jennifer says

    I use my cutting board the most for prepping veggie kabobs to grill with salmon or my hubby’s “famously loved” smoked chicken. Our favorite veggie kabobs have green and red bell peppers, sweet onions, button mushrooms, zuchini and summer squash, and then we add fresh pineapple when grilling pork, shrimp or Hawaiian chicken; yummm. My veggie kabobs are brushed lightly with EVOO and lightly seasoned; that’s all; grill ’till fork tender but not mushy; wonderful!

  120. says

    Everything! I have a handmade wooden one for our bread only, I have a glass one for everything else. I would love a bamboo one.

    The other day I bought a big bag of lovely organic basil to make pesto but pine nuts were $45 a pound! The woman ahead of me had a couple of tablespoons and it was $5. I think I will have to leave that ingredient out!

  121. says

    Sounds like a perfect alternative to the cheap Dollar Store cutting boards I am using. The up side is I have one for each type of thing I cut. One for meat, one for GF items and one for veggies.

  122. says

    I love this recipe and plan to use my chopping board to make it often! I also use my chopping board to chop lots of peppers, apples and other crisp veggies for my toddler son. He loves fresh, wholesome food, which is awesome!

  123. Barbara says

    I use my mostly for chopping the ingredients for salads; carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, hearts of palm, lettuce, and on and on.

  124. Mary Kay says

    I love onions and chop them constantly. They go in almost everything I cook. Thanks for a great website and all the great recipes. I just made the nut bread. It is so good.

  125. Nancy Geraci says

    What I would use the chopping board is fruit & vegetables. I love to serve a variety to my grandchildren. Expands their knowledge & taste. They know if you are visiting grandma there is always fruits & vegetables to eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner it makes no difference.

  126. says

    I use one side of a bread board for bread and baked goods and the other side of veggies. Sadly the one I have now is the cutting board faerie would be most welcome. I am hoping that your book that I ordered came today and I can try out a recipe tonight!!!

    Kindest Regards ~ Rella

  127. says

    First of all, I love your blog and your recipes ~ they’ve been saving me over this first year of my gluten-free-whole-food diet! Your words have been very inspiring. Thank you!

    Now… onto the meat of the matter: I would use that cutting board for herbs, veggies, and fruit ~ I make most of my own food, and I love to prepare right before I cook… so I am always chopping something. My current cutting board is not holding up so well and may soon be on the way out anyway. So I’m giving it a shot! :)

  128. Rachel says

    The hardwood has cracked, so I’m down to only a few inches wide of a cutting board, but I use it most for prepping PB&J (GF, of course) and then, after that, I use it most for soup prep.

  129. Danielle says

    My chopping board has been used lately for A LOT of tomatoes from my backyard. It is always being used to chop up lots of fresh veggies!

  130. claudia marieb says

    my cutting board use: veggies, veggies, veggies. This week I use it a lot to de-stem kale so I can blanch and freeze, or make kale chips. either way, the stem has to go.
    I just found you and want to take the opportunity to thank you for your great site. A friend recently told me about you. she has celiacs, not me, but I like to bring gluten free things to potlucks and bake sales in her honor. I made the power bars for 2 different potlucks, and have now given your link to about 10 people who loved them. Have you noticed a surge of activity?

  131. Tonya Pennie says

    Everything. I like to make a lot of different salads and what not. I also use it to cut up watermelon and mint for mixing in the blender for a yummy, and soothing summmer drink.

  132. says

    My cutting board gets a true workout everyday; from beautiful bell peppers to carrots to mangos, and can’t forget onion, garlic and fresh herbs….wonderful! The aromatic smells that drift through the kitchen are incredible when the cutting board is in full motion!

  133. debra says

    I chop all my veggies and herbs now that I have switched to a no processed foods diet. Lots of work but I feel sooo much better!

  134. Sharon Gartley says

    I use my cutting board every day for cutting fresh vegetables and herbs. I also use it for cutting meat.

  135. Maryjo says

    I’ve been a follower of your blog for a while and recommend it to family and friends, too!

    What do I chop most? Vegetables, onions, chard end, herbs … I grab a knife and then a chopping board and then “start”! Always!

  136. Gerhardt Family says

    Being we own and operate an organic farm, we constantly have some yummy fruit or vegetable to slice, dice, cut,or chop. Of late it has been plums, pears, and apples, along with a myriad of vegies! I am looking forward to trying the gluten-free, dairy-free pesto on the herb crackers! Thanks for being a great resource, Elana.

  137. Amanda Johnson says

    Veggies for me as I have gone Paleo since April. And for my critters, chicken parts, they eat a species appropriate diet too!

  138. Pamela says

    I’m terrible, cut most veggies directly into wherever they will end up: pot or salad bowl……..But my 8 year old loves to help cutting up veggies and I want to teach her how to do it safely, so I need a cutting board.
    Bamboo cutting boards are great!

  139. Kate says

    Mine are well used! During the summer I use them mostly for tomatoes, zucchini, and onions. I eat them almost everyday:)

  140. elaine says

    that is a beauty! thanks for holding this giveaway. I use my chopping board the most for smushing garlic (LOVE the stuff) and dicing onions (2nd love after garlic!)

  141. Raeleen S says

    Recipe for the pesto looks great – but I would definitely have to add a couple of cloves of garlic (and leave out the pepper.) – chopping it is my preferred method (love the texture!) and this board is beautiful!

  142. Terris says

    Gorgeous chopping board. My chopping board works hard for a living! It’s used most for fresh veggies and fruits. Raw meat or fish never gets to touch my wood boards, I only use the plastic cutting mats for those items.
    Beautiful pesto. I will be stuffing fresh zucchini tonight and I plan to make your pesto to put on top! Yum.

  143. Jackie in Colorado says

    I didn’t even know Bamboo was hard enough to be a cutting board!! I thought it was a soft wood. I would love to try it for cutting squash, since my garden is over producing them. Then you need some onion and garlic and tomatoes……

    • says

      One of my housemates ( a chiropractor) swears that bamboo boards dull our knives so I had to return a lovely set. We have some but don’t use knives on them.


  144. Xena Carpenter says

    I use my cutting board for chopping organic vegies from the Farmer’s Market usually, but right now I am preparing chicken feed with it:)

  145. colormepink says

    I have cutting boards of all sizes for different jobs. I love my largest one best for cutting enough veggies at once to feed my family of five. This would come in handy for cutting up lots of zucchini, onion, peppers, and tomatoes for grilling.

    I like that this pesto is dairy free and no food processor. I love pesto on spaghetti squash and on tomato slices and have been craving some lately so this recipe is very timely.

  146. laura balsley says

    Hi Elana–

    Bamboo wood FEELS so clean, for some reason!

    I would use this bamboo cutting board to cut up anything that is HEALTHFUL.. which pretty much means green vegetables and herbs! No meats would be used for this board.

    I hope I win. I have a fetish for flat smooth surfaces.. and this fits the bill!


  147. Katie says

    I have two big and two little cutting boards, but I still seem to run out (plus a couple of them are getting worn out). I would use the bamboo cutting board to chop lots of veggies–onions, peppers, garlic, zucchini, squash, sweet potato, tomatoes–and to slice strawberries and apples. I prefer to use a cutting board that can be put in the dishwasher for my meats, so it would be veg only.

  148. Diane Stewart says

    I use my cutting board all the time for veggies, mostly for salads.

    It is getting so worn out after many years of use.


  149. karla says

    I use my chopping board for EVERYTHING!! However, the fresh garden veggies that we grow are what gives our board the most use. Everything from zuchini, egg plant, onions, to our heritage tomatoes! We even have little boards for our youngest two 4 and 7 who have “safe” knives to help with the strawberries and peach cutting. I could certainly use a new board! Mine came with our home and is currently 35 years old!!

  150. Michelle Duhl says

    I use my cutting board for veggies and fruit most often…but thanks to my wonderful herb garden this summer I have been chopping a lot of Basil, Oregano,Rosemary and Thyme. Can’t wait to try your pesto recipe…easier than taking out the food processor…

  151. Ali says

    We use our cutting board for apples, onions, and potatoes the most!

    This recipe looks great. I bet it would be really good, with some garlic too! I might even do that in place of the pine nuts ;)

  152. says

    I use mine for everything too! I make sure to include an onion every day.

    I live in my grandma’s house at the moment and we have the kind of cutting board that pulls out from under the counter. It has seen a lot of chopping over the years! We’re moving in a couple weeks so it would be nice to have a new cutting board. These look lovely!

  153. Stephanie says

    Thanks for the pesto recipe Elana, I can’t wait to try it! I use my cutting board daily for all kinds of veggies, fruit and cooked meat. But I would have to say that it sees more Romaine Lettuce than anything else. We eat tons of salads at our home.

  154. Amy Repnak says

    My husband has celiac disease so I am constantly making him recipes from scratch and I always need to keep my cutting surfaces clean… I would use this for all the fresh ingredients to chop and it’s nice because bamboo is so light so it wouldn’t be hard to keep clean.

  155. Sharon says

    I have a small 4×6 wooden cutting board that I use for fruits and veggies. It most often sees onions, garlic, basil and other herbs. I’d love to have a larger one like you’re offering.

  156. says

    I used my chopping board for cutting meats on one side and the other for all my organic vegetables and pizza dough recipes which included everything from the garden to cookies and breads during the holidays, although my board is retired now after 24 yrs. It has a huge crack down the middle can’t use it much anymore but only in the garden as a trivet for my potted organic greens garden in a planter. I’m into reusing to keep our plant green.

  157. says

    I was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance and really need a new virgin, non-contaminated cutting board for all my foods. Even with thorough cleaning of our well-loved vintage cutting board, I just don’t feel it is safe for me but my husband loves it, so I have resorted to using a plastic one. I love the aesthetics of the bamboo chopping board.
    thank you

  158. says

    I chop a bit of sweet pepper and onion for nearly every meal I make. I am into the middle of my second month as a vegetarian, so I’m eating a lot of veggies. Just discovered that I am allergic to soy (yucky hives!), so I’m getting much more creative with my meals.

  159. Tara Rich says

    I’m trying a mostly raw diet right now so I use it for just about everything.Mostly raw veggies for meals, and dehydrating for snacks for my 4 year old and I.

  160. Karen H. says

    I use mine primarily for fruits and veggies, especially when the local fruit stands are running. Then my poor little chopping board works overtime!

  161. Amy Hajec says

    I’ve been using my chopping board to help haul fresh herbs in from the garden for drying. Chopping all the beautiful squash, romaine, and melons from the farmers market. :)

  162. Nancy says

    Today, I used my chopping board to chop fresh rosemary and dried figs to make a double batch of my favorite crackers, Rosemary Fig Crackers. Zucchini is piling up in the refrigerator, so I’ll be lining them up next to saute with fresh tomatoes. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

  163. DuAnn Thompson says

    Gluten free cooking of course :O). Actually, LOTS of onions, potatoes, anything that needs to be cut smaller–fruit, veg, meat, chocolate and I also use it to help transport the smaller cut items into a pot/pan.

  164. Sara says

    I’ve really been into the herbs and the melons of this summer’s crop. Last week I used my cutting board to chop basil and watermelon for an awesome salad, and yesterday I chopped up a beautiful honeydew and some basil for a chilled melon soup!!! Who knows what’s next for my trusty cutting board?!

  165. says

    I use my cutting board all too often! Lately my staple snack has been apples and almond butter, so a lot of apple cutting has been going on. I love looking at the cutting board at the end of cooking a meal and seeing little scraps of everything included!

  166. ~M says

    I would say it’s a tie between chopping onions and fruit (mostly pineapple, apples, and mango). Please enter me!

  167. says

    My cutting board has gotten a workout over the summer with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. With soup season coming up, I don’t think it’s going to get much of a break! Look out, Cutting Board. Carrots, potatoes, kale, onions, and yams are coming your way!

  168. MoniCue says

    Veggies, veggies, veggies…heavy on the onions….tho, today I am slicing multiple ripe melons for drying.

  169. says

    if I win that will be MY cutting board for all my fruits (especially mangoes!) that I use for my green smoothies. any time my husband makes chilis or soups he cuts lots of onions and garlic and does not clean the plastic boards sufficiently, so the next morning when I cut my mangoes they smell and taste like onions! so I need my own cutting board!

  170. Jennifer MacDonald says

    My partner and I use our chopping board daily. We have a small potted “city” garden and have been growing are own herbs. We are all about chopping up our own basil these days!

  171. Molly says

    I use my cutting board for everything!! From chili peppers to chocolate–sometimes even at the same time! It has a permanent spot on my counter.

  172. says

    I mostly use my cutting board for garlic, basil and thai chilis! And that Chopping Board Pesto sounds/looks fantastic – seeing as I don’t have a food processor or blender I never make it but I guess now I have a way ;)

  173. erika semersky says

    I use my chopping board for everything. This would be a very nice surprise. Have had celiac for over 20 years but tested positive for the antigen 20 yrs ago. It’s still hard even with the meds and eating gluten-free. I am in contact with a CIA Master Chef (Baking and Pastry) via my daughter. Just found out I am also lactose intolerant also. Thank you! I have the good list and bad list of food but have not gained any weight whatsoever infact have lost even more weight.

  174. Natalie42 says

    Oh, for so much! But I’d have to say I use it mostly for chopping veggies. Veggies go into every dish I make so, veggies!

  175. Jessica Espinoza says

    I use my cutting boards for all sorts of things, from chopping up fruits and veggies to mincing herbs and garlic. I have also been known to use my wooden ones for kneading and rolling out dough as well as a place to put hot pots and pans if I’ve run out of pot holders!

  176. says

    I have two chopping boards, one for veggies and fruit, and one for meats. I use the veggie one every day for prep. Onions, garlic, peppers, herbs…the list is infinite!
    Thanks for turning me on to Mark’s Daily Apple. I downloaded his free ebook and am just now digging in. I have already started to come to the conclusion that I feel better with less and less grains – so it only fits! I’m excited to read more.

  177. sue guttilla says

    I used it for everything from chopping vegetables to cutting up whole pineapple, mangoes, to kneading dough for bread.

  178. Jamie Casolari says

    I use my chopping board for chopping what ever happens to be the star of the garden on that day. Today I am chopping beautiful red peppers. Yesterday Basil was the shining star. Tomorrow….???

  179. Heather says

    I use a cutting board the most for onion and garlic. I seem to use both in just about everything.


  180. RH says

    I’m vegan, so my chopping boards only ever see veggies. Lately I’ve mostly been using it to slice fresh tomatoes from my garden.

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