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Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Filling

When queried on Facebook many of my readers suggested I name these treats Chumpkin Whoopie Pies!

These Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Filling are not only gluten and grain-free, they’re dairy-free and nut-free as well.

Whoopie pies are little cake-like cookies filled with a rich creamy center. I’ve long wanted to make a gluten-free, grain-free whoopie pie cookie with a dairy-free filling. These treats are perfect for Halloween. No silly, these are not for your trick or treaters, give them out at a gluten-free Halloween party or just as a fun snack to your own little ghosts and gobblins.

These nut-free whoopie pies are based on my Paleo Chocolate Cupcake recipe another gluten-free, nut-free dessert recipe that comes in quite handy around the holidays. I hope you enjoy this whoopie pie recipe!

Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Filling
Serves: 16 individual cookies and 8 whoopie pies
  1. Pulse together dry ingredients in a food processor
  2. Pulse in wet ingredients until smooth
  3. Scoop batter onto parchment paper lined baking sheet, using a 1 tablespoon scoop
  4. Make sure to scrape all of the batter out of the food processor in order to get proper yield
  5. Bake at 350° 7-9 minutes
  6. Cool for 1 hour
  7. Fill with Pumpkin Whipped Cream
  8. Serve

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