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Celiac in People Magazine

As a Waldorf mother, I never thought I would confess to reading People magazine. Recently though, I decided to come clean; I am addicted to, and read this weekly rag voraciously, and not just in the dentist’s office.

In my struggle to come out of the closet – mostly to myself, my husband and children are fully aware of the addiction – I pretend that this purchase is in the name of sociological research. I tell myself that as an entrepreneur, I really need to stay on top of happenings in mainstream America.

This week, as I was conducting my “research,” I found an article on celiac disease. The most under diagnosed disease in America can now claim its fame as a fully recognized malady, given that it was featured in People (circulation 3.8 million).

Last weekend, I timidly confessed my People habit to another Waldorf mom, thinking I would be branded with a scarlet “P.” To my surprise she actually asked me to save my old copies and pass them on to her. I guess she has some “research” to do as well.