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Friday I took a much needed breather and spent the day with Grandma and Papa John at their place in upstate New York.  The first thing we did when we left the city was head on over to a health food store.  I grabbed every vegetable that would fit in the cart.

For me, that’s the one main thing I miss while traveling -vegetables. I can get good protein consisting of chicken, fish or eggs, however I usually need to order 2 salads and it’s just not enough greens/veggies for me.  I’m still not sated.

When we arrived at their house, I went right to work.  I put up a huge pot of veggie stock as Grandma and I had both come down with sore throats during the busy week of book signings (she came to every one!).  I also made them this Summer Squash Salad, a big bowl of Sesame Dip and a monstrous platter of sliced raw vegetables.

Being in their kitchen I also noticed how much I had missed chopping during the week.  I feel such a quiet and peace in the kitchen.  No need to speak, just complete focus on the mediation of chopping and the sadhana that is cooking.

It was so great to be in their cozy space with Grandma’s artwork hanging all around us.  An overall wonderful day with two fabulous people.  Thanks Grandma and Papa John, for keeping me company while I was missing my husband and children oh so much!