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Boulder Bookstore Signing

Last night’s signing at the Boulder Bookstore was a blast.  First, because it is our local bookstore.  The boys and I walk down there and hang out skimming books at least once a week.  And last night was no different –we walked to the signing!

It was so special to talk about and sign my book just a few blocks from my house at the store we frequent regularly.  In fact, I feel a bit sentimental about it. I also really liked that my children and husband were there.  This was the first signing that they attended as prior ones were held in New York while they were back here in Colorado.

The boys sat up at the little podium-like table with me during the talk/Q & A session and were super helpful.  In addition to that my favorite part of the signing was meeting each person individually and chatting with them as I signed their books.  So many lovely people were there.

All in all a great signing and many thanks go to the Boulder Bookstore for hosting it.