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Book Signing #1

Well, book signing #1 went very well last night here in NYC at Friedman’s.  A steady trickle of people popped in for the lovely little event.

So many thanks go to Kelly from celiacchicks.com for making the arrangements for the evening.  She is just fabulous!  I also want thank the lovely Vanessa at Friedman’s for inviting us into her gorgeous space.

Kelly from celiacchicks.com on the left, and Bernice from wheatlessandmeatless.com on the right.

It was a lot of fun to see people eating delicious gluten free food during the signing.  People ordered latkes, pastrami sandwiches, meatloaf –all of it gluten free from this wonderfully versatile deli at Chelsea Market.

It was also great fun to finally meet (in person!) the readers and bloggers that I have connected with over the years on the Internet.  I especially enjoyed meeting Bernice (above) from wheatlessandmeatless.com.  She had been giving me all kinds of great advice on places to eat here in NYC via twitter and I was so happy to get to thank her in person!

Jennifer (a gluten free Waldorf teacher) and Kelly of celiacchicks.com, at my signing last night.

And finally, thanks to everyone who showed up and asked me to sign their books.  It was an all around wonderful evening and I am so grateful to all who made it possible!

Tonight I’m heading over to Babcock Galleries for another signing there; I’ll keep you posted…