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Banana Cream Pie

If you made my Paleo Pie Crust but didn’t fill it with anything yet, fear not. This dairy-free Banana Cream Pie filling is the perfect companion for it. Paleo Banana Cream Pie is made with five ingredients (coconut milk, coconut oil, bananas, dates, and stevia) and is primarily fruit sweetened.  This pie is the perfect Paleo dessert and much lower in carbohydrates than your typical Banana Cream Pie!

You’ll also appreciate the fact that it’s a quick and easy recipe. Bake your pie crust ahead of time, then simply throw your ingredients in the blender and you’ve got yourself a Paleo pie. My children love this one and I often serve it with dairy-free Coconut Whipped Cream for them and their pals.

Banana Cream Pie
Serves: 1 pie
  1. In a vitamix, combine coconut milk and coconut oil
  2. Blend in bananas, dates, and stevia
  3. Pour mixture into cooled pie crust
  4. Chill overnight
  5. Garnish with bananas
  6. Serve
This pie will not work without a high-speed blender, it also will not work with light coconut milk or other substitutions. More information on specific ingredients is provided if you click the ingredient link.

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