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Giveaway: Around My French Table

Just in case I didn’t make it perfectly clear from my Spiced Pecans and Cinnamon Pecan Brittle posts, I’m madly in love with Dorie Greenspan’s latest book Around My French Table –it’s quite a collection of recipes.

I was lucky enough to actually hear Dorie speak at Blogher Food 2010 and then meet her in person, during which time she actually ate one of my cookies.  Oh my goodness!

The great thing about a book by Dorie is not just the amazing recipes, it’s also her voice.  Every cue, every instruction, is in Dorie-ese, a cooking language that is of her own creation.  Dorie does not merely tell the reader to “beat” an egg white, she says, “beat the egg white lightly with a fork, breaking up the white until it is runny.”  Who would think of that type of cue?  Definitely not me.  That’s why I dig her! Dorie’s love of food and the language she uses to describe it are palpable.  Sitting with the book is like sitting with her –an amazing experience, I can assure you.

Interspersed throughout the book are lovely little stories by Dorie, such as “Complaining the French Way,” in which she describes her detailed interaction with a saleswoman at one of the best cheese shops in Paris.  Famous last words from Dorie regarding cultural differences, “In America, if you complain you’re a crank; in France you’re a connoisseur.”

Sitting down for an afternoon with this book is like chatting with a very warm and knowledgeable friend who knows a ton about food.  It’s quite a conversation and you’ll learn a lot –I did.

Today I’m so happy to be giving away one copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table.  Everyone everywhere is eligible to win and I will pick the winner at random.  Just leave a comment below and mention your favorite Dorie recipe or your favorite cookbook author by midnight, December 31st, 2010.  Yup, that’s tomorrow!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Around My French Table giveaway was Lenci. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Jessica Cheek says

    I’m curious…is this woman’s book gluten free? I loved reading the reasons you love to cook and I love your blog. I too love to cook and to serve others savory meals. We have recently decided to undertake a gluten-free dairy-free diet and so when I see your blog with such artful entrees….well it makes me feel very hopeful. Thank you!

  2. Annie says

    I love her raisin scones. They were so easy! No rolling, cutting or patting. No scone making nonsense. Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I used to make them for Sunday brunch. Now, I’m content with her caramel recipe =]

  3. says

    I do not have a favorite cookbook but so enjoy my emails with new daily recipes and different approaches to foods. Thank you for an incredible website.

  4. Nirinjan says

    The only Dorie Greenspan recipe I have made is her Pumpkin stuffed with everything good. Only I subbed rice for the bread. It was really yummy and made for a very fancy presentation.

  5. candice becker says

    Happy New Year! I’ve been looking for a basic French cookbook for a while – love Julia Child but a little intimading to me, this book looks so approachable! I fell in love w/French Cuisine while working in Francophone Africa and especially would love to try her simple chocolate mousse recipe….thanks,Candice

  6. Kathi says

    I do not have a favorite cookbook. I have never heard of Dorie Greenspan. You make her and her recipes sound amazing.

  7. Heather says

    Looks like a wonderful book! I’m looking forward to trying the brittle- looks like a great snack!

  8. Steve Watkins says

    I have two favorite cookbooks:

    Elana’s Almond Flour cookbook, because it made gluten-free and paleo not just healthy but amazingly delicious; and

    City Cuisine by Mary Sue Miliken and Susan Feniger, which was published back in the early 1990’s. I love it for it’s eclectic blend of French, Indian, and Greek recipes.

    My favorite recipe from each of the books is Classic Drop Biscuits from Elana’s book (my family consumes and embarrassing quantity of these) and Shredded Brussels Sprouts from City Cuisine (which has made ‘devil vegetables’ not only palatable but damn good). Having a French Canadian grand-mère has given me a life long appreciation for the French style (and a serious fondness for butter)

  9. says

    I have just found your blog and have enjoyed it. I too am a fan of Dorie’s. I did not find out about her until recently; after having lived in Europe for a number of years. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  10. Jennifer says

    I love the pecan brittle recipe. oh my! I do have to say I am not the only one. My four kids and hubby couldn’t get enough. Sweet crunchie greatness… We have added this spectacular brittle to the super antioxidant salad found in Susan O’Brien’s The Gluten – Free Vegan

    Lunch was…
    Have a grat New Year

  11. says

    I am just beginning to explore the world of gf cooking and bought one of your books last fall. Have to get some almond flour first but then want to try your chocolate chip cookies. A choir friend raves about your pancakes so will try them as well. I enjoy your blog.

  12. Debra Soderman says

    My fav cookbook is the gluten-free almond cookbook (Can’t wait for the GF cupcake cookbook)!

  13. says

    I don’t know how I could pick a favorite! I use your cookbook an awful lot these days, I love Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, my mom compiled a family cookbook for us that’s up there, the Grain Free Gourmet books are wonderful, Mollie Katzen’s books… there’s just too many!
    Happy New YEAr!

  14. Jane says

    Her lemon tart recipe- originally from Pierre Herme, with some adaptations. Actually there isn’t a recipe of hers I don’t like. I also love her writing- she’s one of the most engaging food writers I can think of- and I trust her recipes. Hands down they work. (and they’re interesting :-).

  15. Susan says

    Right now my favorite cookbook is by Raman Prasad – RECIPES FOR THE SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET. My son has Crohn´s and this recipe collection has been instrumental to making his new diet interesting and enjoyable.

    I would love the cookbook you are offering as well, it sounds awesome by your description.

  16. says

    I paged through this cookbook the other day, and there was a recipe for citrus(?) grilled scallops that was so gorgeous I nearly licked the page…favorite cookbook author, though? Yikes! Probably Lynn Rosetto Kasper (from the Splendid Table).

  17. says

    I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Falkner and her cookbook “Demolition Desserts”.

    P.S. I made your chocolate cupcakes with the marshmallow frosting from your cookbook, blogging them awhile back. They were a big hit!

  18. Kim says

    Cook illustrated is one of my fav. Magazines for inspiration and the reasons behind why some things work or don’t work in the kitchen.

  19. Lynn Krukowski says

    Happy New Year!
    I am celebrating my birthday today, my Mom’s is tomorrow!
    My first fav. cookbook grain free was: Lucy’s Cookbook by Lucy Rosset
    First sugar free was: Everyday Agave by Anne Astle
    Been enjoying: grain free by Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass
    The go to -to try and convert is by two Vancouver chefs: Fresh Tarts by Susan Mendelson and Deborah Roitberg who have one called: Nuts about Chocolate that is quite wonderful too.
    Now I have yours and all these other sweet cook books and sites you have turned me on to. Thank you.
    It is a delight to research your site and read your recipes -so healthy, helpful and encouraging.
    Thanks (from the bottom of my stomack)

  20. Elizabeth Richardson says

    This is another great goft you are giving! Speaking as one who had great difficulty enjoying any baked goods until I found your cookbook using almond flour – I have to say that you are my favorite cook book author!

    Thank you!

    Elizabeth Richardson

  21. Jessica says

    Hi Elana,

    I love your website and I really don’t have a favorite author seeing that I am a starting cook, but my main focus is on healthy, simple foods! :)


  22. says

    The chicken on the cover of that cookbook looks *fabulous*.

    Fav cookbook author of late is Cybele Pascal and her allergen free cookbook and recipes.

  23. Doreen Goodhue says

    Hello Elana,

    My favorite cookbook author is Susan Branch. Have a happy New Year!

    Doreen :o)

  24. Sarah Scott says

    OK, my current favorite cookbook is probably NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sallon Fallon. It’s based on the Weston Price angle on food. For a year now I’ve followed the SCD diet (thanks to Elana’s mentioning it) so some of this cookbook is off-limits to me at the moment. But it’s always instructive — and in that delicate interplay between healthy food and delicious food, it strikes a very good balance.

    Am figuring I may well win the prize this time! Let’s find out.


  25. Ashley Butcher says

    I’ve just learned of your website and I’m am enjoying it very much! Your recipes sound delicious! I look forward to trying them for myself very soon :-)

  26. Julie says

    I think my favorite Dory recipe is Sea Scallops with beet and tomato salsa. Would love to have her new cookbook. pick me! pick me!

  27. Lynn Erskine says

    Elana, you have only just introduced me to Dorie, so I cannot comment which of her recipes is my favorite. However, Dorie reminds me of my French idol Clotilde Dousilier, the blogger at Chocolate & Zucchini. She has a few cookbooks and a great thing going at She does not do everything gluten-free, which is okay in our home, but my favorite of her recipes is her flourless poppyseed cake ( It is foolproof, I assume, because I’ve made it several times. It’s light, flavorful, and sweet without being overly sugary. It presents very well with company, but heed her advice about having a good friend doing a teeth check after eating it. ;)

  28. robin says

    I have quite a few cookbooks, Silver Palate is the most used, and of course your website is indespensible for substitutions (gluten-free household). I experiment a lot, which is another reason you inspire me!
    Quite honestly, I am getting back into cooking after a long hiatus- not sure what that was all about, but my family is grateful it’s over.
    Thanks for the giveaways- although I have never won anything, it’s fun to dream…

  29. Karey Smisek-Bachman says

    Hi Elana! I don’t really have a favorite cook book or chef but I like to diversify our menu with trying lot’s of different recipes and chefs. I really like Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Robin Miller, Tyler Florence, Alton Brown and more but I also your recipes as well as recipes from other bloggers. Those seem to be the best and most well liked recipes in my home! Have a fantastic new year! I hope I win!!!!

  30. Susan says

    Love Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon… also Recipes for Life by Becky Mauldin (raw cookbook inspired by Weston A. Price diet/Sally Fallon)

  31. Dar says

    I don’t have a single favorite cookbook. I have several hundred in my collection though…I was looking to spend Christmas money on this one!

  32. Michelle says

    My favorite cookbooks are the Culinaria series from Konnegan. There is not just one author- it is a compilation of recipes, photos, regional stories and histories covering different countries around the world. Very inspirational and we even used our Greece Culinaria to help plan our vacation there!

  33. says

    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful way to start the new year—with a new cookbook! I’ve always thought that French cooking incorporated all of the wonderful basics of healthy eating, and I think I could learn a lot from “Around My French Table.”

    Thank you for offering this great giveaway, and a happy & healthy 2011 to you and your family, Elana!

  34. Chelsey says

    Ina Garten is my favorite cookbook author. But I’ve seen some delicious reicipes from Dorie’s book and cannot wait to try them out!

  35. Anna Marie says

    my favorite cookbook author? hmmm . . . probably Julia Childs. she is so much fun and so very unafraid of butter

  36. Terri says

    In the past year, I have had to drastically change the way I eat for health reasons — your Almond Flour cookbook and your website have been Godsends! Thank you for all you do! And Happy New Year. Terri

  37. Betsy Burtis says

    I would love to win this cookbook! I made the Potatoes Gratin with Gruyere for Christmas dinner from this cookbook and it was TO DIE FOR! And gluten-free!

  38. Lenci says

    Oh wow – favorite Dorie recipe! Too hard to narrow it all down. The one on the cover may become my favorite if I win this book

  39. Sabrina says

    I do not have a favorite cookbook, just favorite recipes from various cookbooks I own. I would love to have a copy of Dore Greenspan’s cookbook. The food looks divine, just from the cover of her book.


  40. Kristi B says

    Back when I could eat wheat, dairy, and refined sugar, Dorie’s cookbook “Baking: From My Home to Yours” was one of my favorite cookbooks–too many good recipes in there to pick just one!

  41. Sheila Bauer says

    I will also confirm that the Spiced Pecans are wonderful. Didn’t realize they were from Dorie’s book but now I am excited to try more of her recipes!

  42. Nadia says

    We are on GAPS diet so we use a lot of modified recipes from you website. We took your sesame crackers to Chicago last night to snack on the trip. Thank you.

  43. Christen says

    My latest favorite cookbook author? Terry Walters (“Clean Food”). It’s a great book with lots of seasonal and week-day manageable ideas. :)

    “Around My French Table” looks wonderful! Would love to have a copy!

  44. Roni Barbuto says

    I received the your Almond Flour Cookbook for Christmas and immediately placed an order with Honeywell. It arrived yesterday and I backed the Sesames Crackers, I added flax and sunflower seeds to it, and the Pecan Shortbread. Love them.

    What will I bake this evening?

    Happy New Years,

  45. Rebekah says

    I don’t use cookbooks that often, but I have gotten a lot of good ideas from Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair. I would love to try the recipes in Dorie’s cookbook–you make them sound so wonderful!

  46. Mary Kay says

    I have so many favorites. I have always read cookbooks like novels. I will sit for hours and just read recipes. I think that has helped me in my way of cooking as I’ll think about what I have on hand and envision how they will taste together and just start creating. I would love to add her book to my collection.

  47. Susan Taylor says

    My favorite recipe of Dorie Greenspan’s is the chocolate macaroon recipe. I have a weakness for all kinds of macaroons and am continually looking for yet another recipe for them.

  48. meg says

    the spiced pecans are one of my fave dorie recipes too. they are great to make for parties, everyone loves them. tonight i am making her “top-secret chocolate mousse” for our new years eve dinner. can’t wait!

  49. Leah Solomon says

    While I tend to fall in love with specific recipes more than specific chefs, Dorie makes her food come to life and convinces me that I must move to France!

  50. Helen Szadkowski says

    I have recently started eating gluten free so this is all new to me…and have not tried many new recipes yet. I am looking forward to exploring new cook books. Thank you for your website and the recipes I have been receiving.

  51. rebecca gayne says

    Early last year we had a family member (mis)diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity; the up side is that I checked your website/cookbook and started using almond and coconut flours as staples. I’ve visited many gluten free sites, yours is a keeper.
    Cookbooks I enjoy are Peter Berley’s Flexitarian Table, Anna Thomas’ Love Soup, Molly Katzen’s Enchanted Broccoli Forest and cookbooks by Heidi Swanson, but its like asking to choose your favorite among friends.

  52. Serena Wright says

    Many cookbooks just give basic instructions and tells you what to do. Having a cookbook that actually gives you some insight into how to accomplish the task is definitely a plus. The amazing recipes within would be a great addition to my collection and great for my husband to start cooking. Thanks Elana

  53. Deanne says

    Wow! My favorite? That is hard. I’m not sure I have a favorite but I am loving my Gourmet Nutrition cookbook by John Berardi, Michael Williams and Kristina Andrews!

  54. Mary Bundridge says

    I have dove into, savored, and enjoyed many cookbooks but I have never walked around with one as if it were my shield, relished, and shared one as much as I have Elana Armstrongs Almond Flour Cookbook. The recipes are delicious and finally I feel there is hope for me to enjoy the gluten free path my life has taken in the last year. Sincerely, Thank You!

  55. Cheryl says

    My favorite cookbooks have been a family compilation, the Taste of Home cookbooks, and Julia Child. I am new to cooking gluten free, so my new favorite is anything posted on I hope to find healtier ways to eat in this new year!

  56. jamie says

    I love just leafing through Dorie’s cookbooks. I find it fascinating. Though definately not gluten free her perfect party cake is a huge hit around here!

  57. Robyn Britton says

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you for leading us to yet another great resource. I’m living in Morocco and am slowly learning how to incorporate gluten free within a new environment, on foreign land, and in two other languages. French cooking is one of the biggest influences in Moroccan cuisine and life here. Any helpful hint, instruction or idea is welcome in my kitchen, including Dorie Greenspan’s new book.
    I’m new to cooking, although eating clean has been my moto for the last 3 years. It’s an ongoing challenge especially incorporating a gluten-free approach in a new place. It has recently become my favorite new interest, pass time and passion. I learned about your blog and methodology from a fellow American friend who also lives here in Morocco. We talk about your work at least once a day.

    Thank you!

  58. Heather Molle says

    Hey Elana! Thanks again for providing all these great recipes! My family really like the Spiced Pecans and I can’t wait to make the Cinnamon Pecan Brittle. ~Heather

  59. CatetheGreat says

    Currently, my favorite cookbooks are The Allergen Free Bakers Handbook and The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.
    My family made a drastic change to our diet when I was diagnosed with multiple forms of autoimmune disease and our newborn son was diagnosed with multiple food sensitivities and allergies. I don’t know where we’d be without cookbooks like Elana’s.

  60. Pat Ramirez says

    HI Elana-Happy New Year!! My favorite cookbook author would be the FABULOUS, Ina Garten! I love her recipes because they are easy, delicious, elegant and COLORFUL! Her recipes are not Gluten Free, but can be tweaked! She has truly inspired me and I am grateful for her generous spirit!

  61. Noula Stavrou says

    Elana I love your blog even I didnt comment before I have tried many of your recipes and I love them them

  62. says

    One of my favorite Cookbooks is A Cook’s Bible Gluten-Free,Wheat-Free &
    Dairy Free Recipes by Grace Cheetem.One of my favorite recipes is Potato Cakes with Smoked Salmon. I’ve amended the receipe I put in about a tablespoon each of fresh chives and dill to the potato cakes.
    Absolutely Wonderful.

  63. Theresa Picoriello says

    I am not familiar with Dorie Greenspan. her cookbook sounds great! My favorite cookbook as of right now is Elana’s Almond flour cookbook. my family loves her chocolate chip cookies recipe and the orange cake recipe where you cook two whole oranges to soften the fruit and flavor the cake batter. i had never heard of flavoring a recipe in such a way. I like! Thanks for the giveway.

  64. says

    Elana, this is such a great giveaway. I did not hear Dorie speak at BHFood, but I hope to some day soon. I have a huge library of cook books at home & way to many to pick a favorite. Just depends on the mood I am in for the day :) Happy New Year!!

  65. Abrahamildi says

    I usually look up gluten-free recipes online and your blog is one of my favourites :) So I can call you, Elana, my favourite gf recipe writer :) – thx for all the great&delicious ideas.
    Me&boyfriend were lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Provence & Cote d’Azur in the summer and we would love to relive those moments with this French cookbook!
    Happy 2011 to everybody!!!

  66. annette says

    Hello Elana,
    The spiced pecans and chocolate bark were the favourite food gifts this year…both so easy to make and so delicious! Thank you and here’s to a healthy and Happy 2011 to you!

  67. Caroline Lee says

    Dorie’s Salted Butter Break-ups! Even though I don’t have the book (yet!), I’ve been lucky enough to get this recipe. They’re delicious!

  68. Brooklyn D. says

    My new favorite cookbook right now is the The Spunky Coconut Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts by Kelly Brozyna!

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  69. Rebecca Sparman says

    On a frugal teacher’s budget, my 13 year old daughter and I, spent 3 weeks in France. We spent 10 days driving in Normanday and Brittany and 10 days in Paris and fell in love with each little town and the big city spirit of Paris. My daughter (Madeline :)) loves to cook a classic French Cassoulet and Dorie’s Spiced and Honey Madeleines. She is now 17 and would love a copy of Dorie’s book.

    • says


      Sounds like a beautiful experience! I promised my daughter a trip to France if she could graduate from college in 4 years’ time. That was 11 years ago! But we just got tickets to go for 12 days in April. We are so excited. One of the things that my daughter, Maureen, wanted to do was drive out of Paris and down through the coast of Normandy, working our way to Nice. Do you recommend that mode of travel? I think I will get a copy of Dorie’s book for my daughter as well! It was fun to find your post.


  70. Kristi Isak says

    We just recently changed our diet due to allergies in our family and don’t yet have a cookbook with new recipes. I look up recipes online and the most favorite website so far has been this site! I love Elana’s recipes – so, I guess that makes her my favorite author! But I would love to receive the giveaway book too.

  71. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried any of Dorie’s recipes, so I would love this book! You would be one of my top favorite cookbook authors, along with Carol Fenster and Betty Crocker :)

  72. Libby Nestler says

    I read the generous peek inside the book at Amazon and really love the way this gal writes, I would be very happy to receive a copy of this book. Thank you for offering it.

  73. says

    It’s finally my turn at the library to take this great book for a spin. Even the librarian was happy for me and tabbed her favorite recipe with a sticky note. Shared this on FB with Dorie, who found it very amusing!

  74. Katie says

    Thomas Keller has got to be my favorite cookbook author. I’ve never been disappointed with any of his recipes.

  75. says

    would love to try french cooking. sounds very natural and easy to follow. most of my favorite cookbooks are for celiac diets. my family never knows whats for supper and i like it like that.

  76. Anisa says

    Elana, you are my favorite cookbook author at the moment. You brought a lot of pleasure from food back into my new GF life. You’ve given me a love for almond flour too. Thank you!
    I used to be a French teacher, so I love all things French and really hope I win a copy of this cookbook.
    My second favorite cookbook author at the moment in Madhur Jaffrey. I was so happy to find that many Indian recipes are GF. I’m enjoying learning to cook Indian food, not sure my little girls are as excited about it as I am, but they are learning too. I need to introduce them to a little more French food.

  77. KellyBelly says

    Since this fall I have really been enjoying Ali and Tom’s The Whole Life Nutrition cookbook.

  78. Susan says

    My absolute favorite cake in Dorie’s book is: Marie Helene’s Apple Cake. I love the moist and chunky texture of the apples, the golden color and the subtle rum flavor! I’ve also made it with 4 juicy pears and a splash of Oregon pear brandy.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! Susan

  79. Stephanie says

    I don’t have many cookbooks but of the ones I do own, I have to say Elana’s Almond-flour cookbook is my favourite! I received it as a birthday present over a year ago and it has been one of my all-time favourite presents. A close second would be Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions.

  80. Kathy Foulk says

    Favorite cookbook is one from both sides of our family. Old time favorites, tried and true. Becoming very fond of Elana’s Gluten Free recipes since daughter and her sons are GF. Lots of great recipes. Thank you.

  81. says

    I first heard of Dorie through the New York Times food section. Now her new cookbook has such a big presence online with French Fridays with Dorie that I have seen many of the dishes and would like the cookbook! My favorite cookbook author is Diana Henry.

  82. Kathy says

    Oops, I forgot about my favorite cookbook author. I have always loved all kinds of cookbooks. I just received a copy of your almond flour cookbook to help us with diet changes due to recent health problems. I have read through the whole thing now I just have to decide what to make first.

  83. Nettie Mitchell says

    Hi, Elana!

    My favorite cookbook author is you! I first encountered your recipes in Delicious Living (November 2010) which featured “luscious, light desserts.” I was thrilled to discover that even as a grain-intolerant type 2 diabetic, I can still occasionally enjoy a cookie or a muffin without wreaking havoc on my blood sugar or my tummy. The recipes are fabulous and I was immediately inspired to purchase two copies of “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.” Yes, both copies are for me! Presently, I’m awaiting a shipment of almond flour and I’ve already received the 7 by 3-inch loaf pan you suggested for the bread recipes (thanks to By the way, I have no fear of agave nectar; it is delicious and I’m convinced that it has contributed to my improved health and weight loss. I believe that agave nectar, used judiciously, is quite safe. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and very informative website!

    Nettie Mitchell

  84. Kathy says

    I have spent most of my evening looking at French Country decor for my bedroom. Hopped over to your site just as I was going to bed to see what was new. Wow! a cookbook to help me cook French Country as well. Thanks for your great site.

  85. Sara says

    I have a cookbook by Alton Brown that I love. I don’t really make any of his recipes, but I really like how he describes basic cooking principles and techniques in geeky detail.

  86. Kate says

    I have several favorites, but currently I am enjoying the Earthbound Farms cookbooks by Myra Goodman.

  87. Harmony Patterson says

    I’d love to add this cookbook to my growing collection. Right now I’m loving Nourishing Traditions.

  88. says

    I must be honest, I have never heard of Dorie. You now have me very curious. When I was in France several years ago I fell in love with a duck dish and chocolate mousse at a restaurant in Paris on our last night in Europe before I returned home. I would love to gather some french recipes to add to my collection. I do not really have a favorite cookbook; I actually find so many recipes on the internet these days, either through Foodnetwork or In the past 20 years I have always used Joy of Cooking and consequently the cookbook has fallen apart; it is now held together by rubberbands.

  89. Allison says

    I just got big into baking again (I had a long lull) and I asked for many cookbooks this Christmas. One of them was Dorie’s baking cookbook which I’m now going through and marking which recipes I must try first. So I don’t have a favorite yet, but I’m sure I will soon…

  90. Julie says

    Right now one of my favorite cookbooks is by Lorna Sass – the complete vegetarian cookbook but also Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair.

  91. Mariana Ardelean says

    Not long ago i bought your book and i cant tel you how much i enjoy
    cooking from it .Love the german chocolate coconut pecan cake

  92. darkhorse says

    hmmm…favorite cookbook author…well I have quite an eclectic cookbook collection but am always on the hunt for any that are more in line with how I want to eat & live. The latest two are yours and Mark Sisson’s. I think Dorie’s would make a great addition. Thanks Elana!

  93. Alina says

    I love Dorie’s world peace cookies! The dough is so delicious its always in danger of disappearing before baking, however…

  94. Ashley says

    I just bought your book and am thrilled! I am very gluten sensitive as are my children. I am also Jewish and I LOVE how oyu make Jewish recipes- as it is my favorite food.

  95. Kathy T says

    You, dear Elana, get my vote for favorite cookbook author since I talk almost non-stop about your almond flour recipes, love them all, and make at least one recipe of yours each week, sometimes daily!

  96. Catherine Miller says

    Oh Elana. I love your blog and recipes. This cookbook looks amazing. My favorite cookbook would be the internet. I just google for recipes.

  97. Rona Y says

    Not to brown-nose, but Dorie is definitely one of my favourite cookbook authors. I’ve never made a recipe out of any of her books that has failed, and she has always been so very helpful with questions or clarifications about her recipes.

    As for my favourite of her recipes. . . I have to choose just one? I guess it would have to be the World Peace Cookies, for its simplicity, deliciousness and flexibility! (it’s excellent with chopped orangette!)

  98. Cathy says

    One of my favorite cook book authors is Giada DeLaurentiis. A good introduction to and a simple twist on italian cooking.

  99. Brenda James says

    My favorite cookbook right now is “Healthy Breads in 5 Minutes a Day” but I use several authors and cookbooks to combine and get what I need for our family’s health issues. I use Elana’s recipes the most often. I like her simple and few ingredient approach. Thanks for everything.

  100. says

    My favorite cookbook author is . . . drumroll . . .Elana Amsterdam! Her recipes are easy and delicious! TGFE — thank goodness for Elana, who has made allergic and food sensitive people part of the human race!

  101. Angela says

    Actually I am new to Dorie Greenspan but the Amazon website is displaying her Apple Cake recipe. My teenage daughter has started showing an interest in cooking and I think we will be trying this recipe. I just recently learned about Dorie Greenspan’s book on the Simply Recipes blog. I have to mention this book to a dear friend of mine who visits Paris as often as she can.

  102. Kim J says

    Since we’ve run into multiple food allergies I no longer really have a favorite cookbook author. Although I would admit that my starting points for most recipes are Bette Hagman and Carol Fenster.

    I love the recipes that you mentioned and am looking forward to making them.

  103. Jennifer says

    I heard an interview with Dorrie on NPR where she talked about her new cook book. I used her recipe for Hachis Parmentier, which was posted on the NPR website – it was delightful.

  104. Pat says

    And in my excitement to be posting my first ‘Comment’ to you, I totally forgot to mention that I have made and shared the spiced pecan recipe with great success. Thank you again.

  105. Pat says

    I love your website, Elana. I do not need to avoid gluten but I just think I feel better when I avoid it. I’ve made your cookies and made your pumpkin dessert using butternut squash – a hit with my friends. Anyway, I was lucky enough to hear an interview with Dorie on NPR and she was describing her stuffed pumpkin dish – one dish I can’t wait to try. Anyway, keep up the good work, Elana.

  106. andy says

    The last thing I made by Dorie, perhaps my new fave, is the Chocolate Cream Tart; it received rave reviews. The World Peace Cookies (aka Korova Cookies or chocolate chip sablé). As for favorite author; there’s so many: I use Julia Child’s “Way to Cook” most often but I just read “How to Roast a Lamb” by Michael Psilakis and he shares some great stories of family and food with great greek/mediterranean recipes — perhaps the best meatballs ever.

  107. says

    I’ve heard so many great things about Dorie’s book from many creative bloggers I admire. What a fabulous addition to anyone’s kitchen this would be. I’d love to have a copy. I love Ina Garten and her easy, laid-back style. Her new cookbook “How Easy Is That?” is right up my alley. Friends compare my style of cooking & entertaining to hers all the time. What a great complement.

  108. Jackie says

    My favorite cookbook author is Nigella Lawson. When I read her cookbooks, it seems like I can hear her voice in all of the written words. Amazing.

  109. says

    I really like Alton Brown for his creative and clever ways of explaining why recipes work as well as how they work.

  110. Sandi Echelle says

    One of my favorite cookbook authors is the one and only, incredibly unique, Alton Brown. Alton is not just a professional cookbook author, but a true food scientist. His corny, but charmingly analytical approach & skits distinguish him from his peers. His recipes are absolutely precise & his techniques are without match.
    I fully trust his recipes to turn out without flaws.

    Another favorite of mine is the charming and delightful “kick it up a notch” Chef Emeril Lagasse, and not be be forgotten, the down-to earth, what you see is what you get, Chef Mario Batalli.

    Thanks, Elana for the opportunity to participate. Happy & healthy New Year.

    Sandi Echelle

  111. Kathy Widing says

    Im new at cooking. We had the bad habit of eating out too much. Then my son became very ill last year. After many months of different test we finally had allergy testing done and low and behold he is allergic to all grains. Starting doing lots of research and found your site. Have been very grateful for all your wonderful recipes. We all eat much healthier now.

    Thanks and Happy New Year.

    Kathy Widing

  112. Linda Johnson says

    I have several favorite cookbooks, but have to say, I love getting online and searching for recipes using topics, ingredients etc… this site is definitely one of my favorites!!

  113. says

    I saw Dorie’s book in Tjmaxx today and almost bought it – funny now that you have one on your site! My favorite cook book author has yet to be found! I have a few gluten free cookbooks I enjoy – but no steady follower

  114. says

    Claudia Roden’s potato kugel recipe is a staple in my dinner party repertoire. It is often produced on request. As a Canadian in Ireland I was well surprised by the enthusiastic response to a potato dish by a people known worldwide as experts on all things potato. There is no denying it is simply delicious!

  115. says

    Asking to pick a favorite Dorie recipe is like asking to pick your favorite child – it can’t be done! I guess the one that is nearest to my heart is her french yogurt cake recipe since it’s the same cake I learned to make from grandmother when I was growing up.

  116. Helena Kosorek says

    A regular I go to is Joy of Cooking by Rombauer, Rombauer, Becker and Becker because I know so little. Around my French Table could be one I read and then share with a family member who cooks better than I. Helena

  117. Zaneta says

    I, too, do not have a favorite cookbook. Actually i do love to alter the Betty Crocker recipes in the Best of Betty Crocker. Although she is the vision of the typical housewife-cook of her day….she has paved the way and the recipes can be changed to suit the G-Free style. I like to explore all and any.

  118. Joan says

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of Dorie’s recipes yet. It’s sure hard to pick just one favorite cookbook author. Usually it’s whoever I’m cooking from their books at the moment and right now I’ve been cooking alot from Christy Jorden’s Southern Plate, and The Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

  119. colormepink says

    I agree with one of the early posters that Italian has overpowered French cooking in recent years and I’ve been trying to learn some techniques and recipes, you’ve mentioned Dorie’s book so often I am definitely interested.

    And while I own and love your cookbook, I find I go to my recipe box more where I’ve printed almost everything from your blog. So my “Elana notes” is my favorite cookbook.

  120. laura says

    Don’t know about a favorite, but I would love to try some of the recipes in this giveaway. Thank you.

  121. Ann Blocker says

    Favorite author?! I couldn’t possibly choose. But Dorie is right up there, at the top of the list. And as I don’t own “Around” yet, I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance.

  122. says

    so i love your book as well as Ina Garten’s. both i use religiously and modify Ina’s recipes to make them “paleo”. would love to win this book!

  123. cheryl says

    just got the cookbook for christmas and am anxious to start cooking. love her Baking cookbook . . . . mmmmmmmm

  124. Terri says

    I don’t have Dorie’s cookbook and haven’t tried any of her recipes. Right now my favorite recipe is the Celery Root Soup in “The Conscious Cook” by Tal Ronnen. I’m addicted and my co op has celery root regularly these days. Would love to try some of Dorie’s recipes.

  125. Jackie says

    Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies are amazing chocolate held together with chocolate. Yum! Love her writing too.

  126. ann says

    I love Sally Fallon and numerous blog writers too. I have this huge stack of printouts that I love to flip through that I have gotten from blogs/internet. Someday I will organize them!

  127. Peggy Parsons says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to see Dorie’s book.

    If the pecan brittle recipe was from her book,

    it is delicious!!!Yes, I would love more of her



  128. says

    I’ve just recently been told that I have to have both knees and both hips replace, but to do so I have to lose 50 lbs. So, I’m looking into all sorts of diets to see if I can find something that will do the job fairly fast, be healthy and one that will be easy to stick with. Thus, I’ve happened upon this site with this give-away. It looks like a super spectacular book. So, I hope to win it.

    BTW, thanks for all the recipes you offer for free. I’m looking forward to trying some.

  129. Kathy says

    I love french cooking, and actually had the oportunity to take some cooking classes in Gordes France. I would love to have Dorie’s book. My favorite cookbook author is Julia Child.

  130. Alta van Zyl says

    Dear Elena,

    Apart from you (yes, really! Would I have pre-ordered your first book ages before publication and would I read your web page almost every day if I did not, eh,I ask you?) my other favourite cookbook author is fellow Australian Jane Kennedy, she who has written “Fabulous Food Minus the Boombah” and “OMG! I Can Eat That?” I urge you to look them up as you will find they are treasure troves of humour and food wisdom, and yes, of course, she eats the way we do…

    Wishing you a sensational and safe 2011,
    Best regards,

  131. Michelle says

    I think my favorite Dorie book is Desserts by Pierre Herme. So beautiful, so well written. I hope to one day eat them at his shop in Paris.

  132. Kris says

    My favorite changes regularly, but right now one of my favorites is Elana Amsterdam! I love your recipes because they are simple and the flavor of real food shines through. You have helped me a lot as I learn to cook GF.

  133. Shari F. says

    One of my favorite cookbooks is Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.” Sally shares some fabulous(!) information about where food ingredients come from, their nutritional value, and how other cultures use and prepare them. The recipes are simple to make (not as tasty as yours), and a good place to start experimenting with flavor. Thanks for asking.

  134. Lisa Torres says

    OOOooooo I cant wait to read this book…I read some of it on Amazon it looks like a must have ……
    I love all my cookbooks…Just finished reading Gluten Free Girl and the Chef….great love story and great chef secrets are revealed. Little tricks that helped me….Only bummer for me several no no’s for me being grain and corn free. However have been able to change some of them up with sucess. Great Pumpkin soup recipe! It has carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin…thats definitely the trick of the flavor being so yummy. Especially with Elana’s Pantry Biscuits…super yum!!!
    Happy New Year everyone!! Yea….months closer to Elana’s next book being available!! WHOO HOO!!

  135. Marie B. Corso says

    Love cookbooks for inspiration and cooking magazines as well.
    Martha Rose Shulman is favorite author, but there are many others.
    Thank you, Elana, for helping us walk through this gluten sensitive maze.

  136. sue says

    My favorite cookbook author (among many LOL)is Rose beranbaum, Cake Bible. She is an artist and a scientist and brings her love of baking to every page. She includes the detail you describe, Elana. plus she tells wonderful stories like the one about making a cake for her brother’s wedding. You might think about adding personal stories to your cookbooks, Elana. It’s the latest big thing in cookbooks. Instead of a travelogue, it’s a cookalogue! Not actually a word. So even though I am a a very happy gluten free gal now, I love my classic cake bible.

  137. erin says

    I love Ina Garten and Jamie Oliver, but can’t usually eat what they’re cooking up. When I’m able to have nuts, Elena’s book is my go-to baking book. When I’m off of nuts, I love Cybele Pascal for her totally allergen-free (and yummy) recipes.

    i’m familiar with Dorie Greenspan in name only. Would love to try something from her book!

  138. nancy english says

    Thanks for your site. I was just diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and have been searching for great recipes. My favorite cookbook so far is Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I’m so glad to be on this new adventure! The rosemary,olive bread is fantastic!

  139. Jules says

    I haven’t have a favorite Dorie recipe, but I would love to check out her book and find one.


  140. says

    So cool! I’m in love with David Lebovitz’s recipe writing; so clear and concise, and everything always turns out impeccably. I know he and Ms. Greenspan are good friends, so I imagine her book is up to a high standard. Would love to win a copy!

  141. Téo says

    My favourite cookbook right now is the Aherns’ new book. It’s such a generous gift from their family to all of ours.

  142. MaryBeth Matthews says

    A very difficult question, and as one previous commentator noted, I do have favorites for different reasons. That’s why I have so many cookbooks, some even dating back to the 1800’s! I just moved and they’re all packed, so I can’t pull out too many names. However, I have especially enjoyed Elana’s almond flour cookbook as it has revolutionized my take on healthy baking.

  143. penny says

    I have so many favorite recipe books, can’t pick just one!
    I would love to have Dorie’s book!

  144. militarywife says

    I would love to have a copy of Dorie’s cookbook! I received another of Jamie Oliver’s for Christmas, just as I’d asked for.

  145. Shannon says

    Don’t really have a favorite cookbook, but my little collection of favorite recipes that lives in my recipe box is a special treasure!

  146. roobaroo says

    i’ve been wanting to try more dorie greenspan recipes for ages! i love that chicken in a pot recipe. so great for a cold night.

  147. Rose Sogge says

    My favorite cookbook authors are Lidia Bastianich and Ina Garten. They both cook the way I do — simply and to the point, with not too many fancy maneuvers. Dorie sounds like a winner, too.

  148. VLM says

    This sounds lovely! Are many of the recipes gluten/grain-free? Sounds like a fun book. Thanks for sharing.

  149. Tiffany says

    I don’t know that I have a favorite cookbook author, but I do love your gluten and dairy free alternatives and Jamie Oliver for his passion about real food and making a difference in the lives of children and their health!

  150. va says

    One of my favorite cookbook authors is Julia Childs .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com
    thanks / international

  151. Aura says

    My favorite go to cookbook authors are Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, I’ve just learned so much from them over the years …

  152. says

    It’s hard to choose just one author. I truly love your book and use it almost daily. If I had to choose the person who most inspires me with their enthusiasm for cooking, it would be Jamie Oliver. Dorie’s book is on my current wish list.

  153. says

    I have to say that I am very cookbook poor, so naming a favorite is like picking your favorite shoe out of 3 super ugly pairs… I tend to find most of my recipes online, and am loving ALL of the GF blogs I have been finding. Like many others, I have found your website to be my favorite so far – I have definitely used more recipes from here than elsewhere, though Silvana Nardone’s would be a close second.

  154. Brenda says

    Dorie is one of my favorites. All of her recipes work well and taste great. I like
    her chocolate torte recipe, her berry tart recipe, etc. etc. You are another of
    my favorites and I try many of your gluten free recipes even though I do eat

  155. says

    Around My French Table sounds like a great cookbook! I think my favorite cookbook is Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis. I am not a raw foodist, but I love her recipes and that she takes the time to explain why she uses the ingredients she uses. Nick’s No. 7 Shake is my favourtie!

  156. says

    My favorite cookbook has to be Best Recipes from Americas Test Kitchen. I am trying to learn to cook more and to be a better cook (I love to bake) and this cookbook gives you great detail about how and why recipes came to be. I learn the differences between methods and why a certain way won out which is very helpful to me.

    My second would have to be Elana’s cookbook – there are so many great receipes in there. I am trying to make everything in the cookbook. I am hooked on (and keep making over and over) the savory quiche and the scones.

  157. Hope says

    I recently checked this cookbook out from the library, I must say it is a beautiful book! I did not get the chance to make anything from it. To date, my favorite cookbook author is Sally Fallon who co-wrote the book Nourishing Traditions, L-O-V-E it! Thanks for the opportunity, Elana! BTW-you are also one of my favorite cookbook authors!

  158. Rita says

    I love my Elana Armstrong Almond Flour cookbook. Since I am also dairy free & low sugar, recipes like Skillet Apple Pie and Very Vanilla Cupcakes have made a huge difference in my diet and the way I feel.

  159. Erin says

    There’s way too many good cookbooks to name just one.
    But I’ve become a fan of web recipes – that way you can see everybody’s suggestions and tips!
    I’d have to say Elana’s cookbook is one of my all time favourites, and coming in a close seocnd is Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook.

  160. Jennifer Greenfield says

    I have many cookbooks that I use regulary and none is a particular favorite right now as they are all good! I appreciate all the recipes I get from your blog as well as other nutrient dense food blogs. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    Happy New Year

  161. Cindy A says

    Since becoming gluten free and dairy free I have thinned out my cookbook collection. Of the ones that remain my faves are a few from the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, NY… a collective of chefs that create amazing (primarily vegetarian) recipes!! I have you and a couple other ones I’d like to add to my book collection, but in the meantime find recipes on your blog delightful!! :-) This book by Dorie sounds like it’d be a great addition!

  162. Patricia B says

    My favorite Dorie recipe is the stuffed baked pumpkin – delicious and beautiful presentation at the dinner table. Happy New Year!

  163. Kristin says

    I sit with a cup of tea and read cookbooks cover to cover! I can’t get enough of them, and this one sounds fabulous! I would say my favorite authors are Ina Garten and Jacques Pepin (who I could listen to all day, too!).

  164. says

    I can’t choose just one. I love any cookbook that tells a story along with the recipies. Itmakes me feel more connected to the culutre of the dish i’m creating.

  165. Joyce says

    Great giveaway! I have so many favorite cookbooks and cookbook authors, but when I think of Dorie Greenspan, her world peace cookies come to mind – yum!

  166. Jannett says

    lemon poundcake from Dorie’s “Baking” cookbook is one of my favorites. I modified it slightly to include a Lemoncello liquor glaze..yummy

  167. says

    My Pilates studio recently referred me to Elana’s Pantry, and I have very much enjoyed reading your recipes!

    All of my cookbooks are like good friends, so I would hate to have to pick just one, but lately I have really been enjoying the new book by Anna Getty, Easy Green Organic.

    Second runner up is Michael Ciarello’s Bottega. The Five-Onion Braised Cavolo Nero (with lacinato kale) is divine — and GF!

  168. Jenna says

    Elana, ever since I bought The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, YOU are my favorite cookbook author! I have already given your book as a gift several times to gluten free friends. Thanks!

  169. says

    Favorite cookbook: that is a tough one too many excellent books…. Savoring southeast Asia is up there all their collection is great. Also love garden of eating by Rachel Albert and the Ayurvedic cookbook has excellent recipes and information.

  170. Regina says

    I have two favorite cookbook authors. Both have provided beautiful recipes and inspired me to create my own. They are Tess Kiros, the author of Falling Cloudberries, and of course Elana. And I really mean that.
    Happy New Year from Kenya everyone!

  171. Stephanie L. says

    With so many great recipes out there to select from a multitude of equally great cookbooks, how does one decide? It is the $64,000 question! Your description of reading Dorie’s book is the real reason reading a book will never go out of style. It conjures up the imagination — smells, memories, tastes and the company in which the product was shared and enjoyed. Dorie’s book would be a treasure to own! Thank you for the opportunity to join the giveaway.

  172. Eileen says

    I’ve never cooked anything of Dorie’s but I have one French cook book that I love and could do with another. I’m low on ideas these days.

  173. says

    I love you Elana! and Deborah Madison, Nigella Lawson and Alice Waters, and of course, my grandma’s black hand written notebook is my absolute favorite.

    I wish you the best Happy New Year and many blessings and thank you for your wonderful blog and recipes!

  174. Laura says

    Well, my two top favorites are you, Elana, and Sally Fallon. If I win the cookbook, then Dorie will probably join the ranks!! Although I must give an honorable mention to Bruce Fife and Kelly Brozyna, too.

  175. Jeri Cole says

    I have to say right now that my favorite ‘go to’ cookbook tends to be the internet. Whenever I get an inkling to make something, I google it. The cover of Dorie’s cookbook alone leaves me wanting more of what’s inside.

  176. Annie Wales says

    Difficult question! I’ve learned so much from you, and have learned to adapt recipes from old favorites, one of which is A Taste of Vermont. I LOVE the spiced pecan recipe, as it is so hard to find good snacks that satisfy without going overboard in preparation time.

  177. Lindsey says

    I’m loving The Family Table right now. We are an onion loving family and every recipe has at least two.

  178. says

    i really enjoy mastering the art of french cooking by julia child. her wit and personality really shine through the pages. it’s been the most accessible method for me to understand and grasp the uniquely french style of cooking. i am working my way through each page…

  179. says

    I love Shauna James Ahern. She make gluten-free food the way that people normally cook with gluten. She and her husband mastered the art of gluten-free cooking. I love reading about her passion for the food too!

  180. Kim Brown says

    Since going gluten free, I live in Elana’s Almond Flour cookbook. The other cookbook I am learning to use is Fife’s coconut flour cookbook.

  181. says

    I looked at this one at B-A-Million a few weeks ago….what a book and what a treasure of knowledge! This is one I would love to add to my rather high stack of cookbooks! She is very natural, wholesome….yet French…who can reasonably complain abt French cooking? They are masters of the art!

    My most recent discovery of your blog has me rather excited!
    Your 2 cookbooks are others that must be added to my stack! I have been promoting your blog to many as I am working at a wellness center and others are finding that eating well will make them feel better!

    You have made my quest to nourish the ones I love more healthy and delicious…

    Fav recipe at present would have to be……your stuffed green peppers….they are sooooo flavorful! They are the best ever!

    Thanks for all you do! I know blogging is a labor of love and very time consuming! You do it well!

    Connie and

  182. Irene says

    Though I have many, many cookbooks, I really don’t have a favorite but I would love this cookbook too! Again, Elana, I enjoy your website so very much. Thank You! Irene

  183. Tana says

    I would just love this cookbook! My French/English speaking Grandmothers (who sadly have passed away) would have no doubt been proud to see me making some of Dorie’s recipes. :)

    Mercie Elana!


  184. jenny says

    What a lovely book! Looks like it can help me feed my family of 5!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love your site, Jenny

  185. says

    I haven’t read any of Dorie’s cookbooks. Yet! My favorite cookbook author at the moment is Jerry Traunfeld, who wrote The Herbfarm Cookbook and the Herbal Kitchen. Love them!

  186. johanna says

    Elena, you are becoming a rising star in this field. Maybe the food network will hire you to do a show on gluten free cooking as it’s becoming more mainstream.

  187. Jennifer Warnick says

    My current favorite cookbook is a new love; one that I am cooking from at the moment called ‘roast figs sugar snow, winter food to warm the soul’ by Diana Henry. I’m so in love with her Antico Risotto Sabaudo (an amazing risotto!) and he Roast Winter Squash Salad with lentils and goat cheese. Oh, and tonight we can’t wait to try her Pumpkin Tarts with spinach and Gorgonzola.

  188. Roq says

    I’ve really just recently realized how much I love cooking and experiencing different flavors. I sometimes feel I’m having a symphony in my mouth. I really feel I’ve missed out quite a bit because I never really enjoyed food, cooking it or eating it. I’m really experimenting right now and so I don’t have a favorite…at least not yet. Right now I just want to enjoy all kinds of flavor from all over the world :-)

  189. Fran Danner says

    I’m reading Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life Diet book and leaning toward becoming vegan. It’s going to be a challenge. Anyway, I still love good reads so this book sounds interesting.

    Thanks for the offer.


  190. Moira says

    This looks tremendous! I am so excited!

    I’m still learning as a GF newbie! Until GF however, my favorite cookbook author was James Beard and his bread book. I used to make all our bread from scratch.


  191. Caryn Brady says

    This book interests me as my eldest son and his wife have been living in Paris for a few years and are likely to live there a few years more (he is a production designer in an animation studio so it is in 2 year stints), and I have French ancestry. My daughter and son in law are also chefs, so there is lots of cooking in the family.

    My favorite author of cookbooks changes as my diet changes due to medical conditions, which has been frequently in the last few years. Gluten free and casein free, and low nightshades, I am now moving towards grain free, so Elana’s recipes become more and more important.


  192. says

    I have been hearing so many good things about this cookbook! I have one of Dorie’s other cookbooks (on baking) and love it. THis would be an excellent addition to my cookbook library!

  193. says

    I am gluten-free and I try to be grain-free. My favorite cookbooks are Elana’s of course and I like “Baby Cakes” and Sally Fallon. I really want to eat healthier in 2010.

  194. says

    Just made your buckwheat gingerbread last night – excellent – and the baking book I have been very enamored with for years before discovering you (!) is by Pierre Herme. The man is an absolute genius, started at 14 professionally, he is completely natural and unassuming – he taught me to whip my butter for a good 10 minutes before adding other ingredients and it has made everything I bake lighter and smoother – thank you for all you do and bring to us and enjoy the new year as we enjoy your wonderful recipes and website!!

  195. susan says

    I love the way Dorie talks in her book. One of my favorite cookbook authors is Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa. susan

  196. Joni Roberts says

    My favorite is Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, but I am not finding much I can eat in it anymore, due to newly found out allergies! So I just received my book from you Elena, and ordered my almond flour, and I am going to cook up some new recipes this weekend.

  197. Cindi Johnson says

    I have a bizzillion cookbooks that I’ve desparately tried to purge. Can’t. They are all good and I use several frequently. My “go to” favorite, though, has to be Julia Child’s “The Way To Cook”. It is a very reliable wedding present, too – never at risk of duplicating like other gifts, though I don’t know why.

  198. says

    My favorite cookbook of all times is Joy of Cooking but now that I’m going gluten & dairy free it’s complicated. Right now I’ve been using You Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free, Robin Ryberg but I am looking for more normal options.

  199. says

    Hi Elana…I would love to have Dorie’s cookbook…it sounds life changing! And right now, YOU are my favorite cookbook author! KarenO

  200. beverly says

    My favorite go to/fall back cookbook is Helen Corbit’s Cookbook. She was the director of the Neiman Marcus Restaurants in the 1950’s in Texas. Of course one has to adapt the recipes for gluten, but her recipes reflect her creativity and her dishes never fail to win over guests.

  201. Karen says

    Wow, Elana, thank you for the opportunity to win a French cookbook! I don’t have one favorite cookbook but many although I must say the internet is becoming my go-to place for quick recipe hunting which is why I love your site so much. Plus I love how you share the information about other food/cooking sites that you like with us. I always come away with much more than I was looking for. I’ve drastically changed the way I cook because of you so I can say your cookbooks are among my favorites.

  202. says

    I’ve made the french apple cake from this book, posted on another site, (I don’t have the book, but I’d love it.) it’s excellent. Also another Dorie favorite of mine is world peace cookies, very delicious.

  203. Odessa says

    I love Jacques Pepin — his Cooking with Claudine series is fantastic, because the despite the simplicity of the techniques, the unfussy recipes create really flavorful food.

  204. Neveen says

    Hmmmm, that’s tough. one author? just one? i would say julia childs. she’s a classic! i still watch her show on pbs whenever it comes on. she makes me believe that i can cook. i haven’t tried a dorie recipe, but they all sound wonderful.

  205. Juliet says

    My favorite cookbook author is Ina Garten. I love reading about how she sets her table and the parties has for her friends. I enjoy the author’s voice coming through as I read. I am excited to read Dorie’s recipes and stories too!

  206. says

    Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D. has become my go to cookbook as it really is a treatise on cooking foods in ways that yield the highest possible nutritional value using traditional preparation and cooking methods that have been discarded or lost due to today’s fast paced lifestyle.

  207. Jordan says

    Right now I’m really into Francesco Ghedini’s Northern Italian Cooking. It’s so easy to substitute a couple GF items into the Northern Italian recipes since they’re virtually GF to start.

  208. Michele says

    My favorite cookbooks are actually websites, and my three favorites are Elana’s Pantry, Hanna’s Harvest, The Spunky Coconut and The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. All delish!

  209. Marie says

    I haven’t yet tried a Dorie recipe, but I’m dying to test out Around My French Table. My current cookbook favs are Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo. Their Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual has some deliriously good recipes.

  210. Jamie says

    I would have to say Elana, that you are my favorite!! I can always count on your recipes to be delicious! Thank you

  211. April says

    I am a fan of America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks. I love the science that goes into the recipes and most recently their pumpkin cheesecake for the holidays (made with gluten free graham crackers of course).

  212. Barbara says

    My favorite cookbook author is…drum roll…Betty Crocker! I learned to cook from an old Betty Crocker cookbook. I got all of the basics and that knowledge allowed me to branch out from there.

  213. Elaina says

    I can’t wait to read Greenspan’s book. One of my favorite authors is Ina Garten. Her recipes are consistently excellent.

  214. Bonnie says

    I LOVE Dorie!! My favorite recipe (of the moment, at least) is her allspice crumb muffins recipe. Yummmmmm! Talk about an amazing way to make your house smell delicious! I’ve been eyeing her French cookbook but didn’t get it this year for Christmas..I’m crossing my fingers!

  215. Sara says

    I just got this from the library. It looks wonderful! I, too, have dreams of France & its food. The recipe that has been on my mind since I looked through the book is the very first recipe for Gougeres on page 4. I think I’ll bring it as my ‘finger food’ contribution to our New Year’s Karate Dojo cleanup.

  216. says

    I just got Jamie Oliver’s “Jaime at Home,” which I am currently loving for his irreverent but honest descriptions and the beautiful food and veg photography. But I’d love to sample from Dorie’s!!!

  217. Wendy says

    Favourite Dorie Greenspan recipe? I don’t have one yet as I don’t have any of her cookbooks (yet). So a favourite cookbook author for now would be of course, David Lebovitz. He’s wonderful! It is through his website that I learned about yours.

  218. Mary says

    I like the stuffed pumpkin recipe from this book. Dorie gave the directions on NPR, and I modified it with what I had on hand (seemed in the spirit of the recipe). It was great!

  219. Debra Aungst says

    Too many fabulous cookbook authors out there to name just one… Patricia Wells for her modern take on French classics, Nigella Lawson just because she is fun and of course yourself for all those yummy GF confections!

  220. LP says

    I’ve just stumbled upon Dorie Greenspan thanks to her recent segment on All Things Considered. So far I’m really enjoying her blog and have found a number of recipes I want to try (maybe tomorrow since my NYE plans have been foiled by Southwest flight cancellations. grrr…). First on my list is Roasted Beets, Dried Cherries and Cabrales. I’m also curious to try her Bacon-Cheddar Quick Bread with Dried Pears. Sounds delicious!

  221. says

    My favorite cookbook?? Oh, thats tough! I really like Cooking for Isaiah, because of its beauty. I also love your cookbook for its simplicity. Another one I get a lot of recipes from is a gluten-free cookbook called Eat Well Feel Well. Thanks for the giveaway, Elana! Im hoping that one day, I actually win one of your giveaways! That would be amazing! :)

  222. Maggie says

    Sounds like you could read Dorie’s book as a novel. I use Mark Bittman as my go-to cookbook author.

  223. janice says

    My favorite recipes are from Giada de Laurentiis because they are consistently good but I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

  224. Holly Ellerton says

    I also have many favorite recipe books and recipes!
    I would love to add to my collection of gluten free ones tonexpand my choices!
    I loved the spiced nut recipe too!!

  225. BPansy says

    wow! i would LOVE this cookbook!! …when i goto a cookbook is betty crocker that mom used when i was growing up. i use my favorite blogs and the internet for inspiration and foodie guidance on an almost daily basis ~ YOU’re one of my favorites!!!

  226. Emily Sunwell says

    Sounds like a fabulous cookbook! I have many favorites, and I just love cookbooks period. Some of my favorites are Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, The Garden of Eating by Rachel Albert-Matsez and Don Matesz, any cookbook by Alice Waters, any cookbook by Jamie Oliver. Thanks for the chance. Happy New Year!

  227. Andrea says

    Please enter me in the giveaway! I do not have a single favorite cookbook author, but my favorite cookbook is the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, which, I believe, has multiple authors. I love it because it is very explanatory, and has tons of pictures!

  228. Susan says

    I have not seen this cookbook yet, but I believe it would be PERFECT for my husband, who is taking over more of the family cooking. He’s doing well, but he wants very explicit instructions for everything. I would love to win this to gift to him.

    Happy New Year, Elana!

    May the new year bring hope, comfort and joy to your family and loved ones.

  229. Kiki says

    There are so many wonderful cookbooks but I have to name the one that I always go back to….The Joy of Cooking. It is more of a reference book for me and it has never steered me in a wrong direction.

  230. says

    I am a compulsive cookbook reader- but most enjoyed books like “Sapphires and Garlic” and “Heat”- which use recipes, but are more stories about people, food, and journeys which change people and their attitude to food. My spaghetti carbonara recipe came from the first book, and my husband’s amazing spectacular pot roast is from lessons learned from the second. I love authors who don’t just give what to mix and how it should look, but also how it should feel, to prepare, to watch, to enjoy.

    my own recipes are almost impossible to share b/c i have to walk people through every step and detail, like i’m showing them in the kitchen. including my doubts, worries and thoughts along the way.

    i love the pecans, and when i find some (oh i miss the south) i will certainly be checking out your page to cook them up!

  231. Lauri says

    I hadn’t heard of Dorie Greenspan until you mentioned her on your website. I’m so glad you did because it seems like she has developed some fabulous recipes and I will be checking out her book whether I win it or not! I’m not a very experienced cook, so don’t really have a favorite cookbook author yet, but one book that really impressed me is called “The Enlightened Kitchen: Fresh Vegetable Dishes from the Temples of Japan” by Mari Fujii. I am no longer vegetarian, but I really love the simplicity of the book’s recipes.

  232. buzz fackler says

    my wife and I came across the Cuisine Soups Stews & Chilies that came in really handy during the cooler months.. I especially liked the Kung Pao Shrip Soup recipe, even though it is more of a weekend prep dish – a labor of love…

    My wife’s favorite cook would probably be Food to Live By, by Myra Goodman, Linda Holland & Pamela KcKinstry.

    I’m gluten intolerant and that has added a challenge to meal preperation.

  233. Amanda Johnson says

    Being a new Primal/Paleo person, any cookbook about BBQ will do. Steven Raichlen has to be one of my favs though!

  234. Sandra says

    I would love to win this book! It sounds so interesting and fun! My favorite cook, although she doesn’t have a cookbook out yet, is Elise Bauer. I really enjoy her recipes.

  235. says

    I’d have to go with ‘The Art of Simple Food’ from Alice Waters. Of course, I haven’t gotten my hands on ‘Around My French Table’ yet for comparison!

  236. Lanette says

    Some people have shoe fetishes, some have clothing fetishes, I have a cookbook fetish. Favorite? Hmmm, I LOVE them all! Nothing is more relaxing or fun than grabbing my cookbooks on a winter day, sitting down with a fire and warm blanket, and imagining the ingredients meddling together, the aroma the recipe would create in my kitchen, and the greatest part – our taste buds dancing with joy as the first bite is taken. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your recipes, as my 9-year old daughter has epilepsy and we are trying to cure it with a modified Ketogenics diet. Therefore, your website and cookbook have given us the ability to expand past the basic diet given. We appreciate ALL that you offer and give to us. Thank you and may you have a wonderful New Year.

  237. Sheila H. says

    I really do not have a favorite cookbook. I do have my trusty battered copy of my Betty Crocker cookbook that I have had for decades though. I actually am now starting to dive into cooking and baking more and would love a copy of Dorie’s new cookbook. I have never tried to cook anything French and just this week I have been dabbling in the kitchen trying to make a French cassolett.

    Thank you Elana for a wonderful year and a wonderful blog. Wishing you and all a wonderful blessed new year.

  238. Kaye says

    I’ve told myself I really didn’t need yet another French cooking book, but if this one should just show up, it would make be very happy! My favorite French cooking book is … hmmm … either Clements&Wolf-Cohen’s Best Ever French Cooking Course or Seaver’s Secrets of Everyday Good Cooking.

  239. Nicole says

    thanks for the offer, we’d love to try this book and see what it’s all about, we love French cooking and always love to see new French style recipes!

  240. Hedy Martin Harris says

    First of all I love what you are doing for gluten-sensitive folks. THANK YOU! My one set of married kids w/kids decided to try it for various reasons of aches, pains and non-explainable ailments. Now I search only for gluten-free recipes and blogs. I glanced at Dorie’s book and thought the slow cooked (4 hours) apple recipe sounded intensly flavorful, gluten-free and easy. I would like to give that a try.

  241. Philip says

    I have just recently been introduced to Dorie but do not have any of her books. I can’t really pinpoint one favorite although lately I’ve enjoyed Rick Bayless’ books a good bit.

  242. Elizabeth Ring says

    I love all the great ideas and recipes you share. My favorite cookbook author is still Julia Child, but seldom have time to do things her way.

  243. says

    I had a Summer renter a few years back from out side of London England and she turned me on to the “Riverford Farm Cook Book” by Guy Watson & Jane Baxter. I am now a grander of 3 years and I love farm to table eating! Thanks, for your path of the love of Food and great recipes! Diane

  244. says

    I don’t really have a favorite of all time. I change as I explore different diets to find the one that makes me feel the healthiest. I’ve loved Moosewood, various raw books (I always feel strange calling them cook books since you don’t really cook the food), Bette Hagman when I first went gluten free years ago, your almond flour book and spunky coconut’s book. Good food is a journey and for me, it’s ever changing.

  245. says

    My favorite recipe author is my dad. How he writes recipes out for me, especially recipes that I grew up eating, is so simple and pragmatic that I wish more authors would write that way. Plus now that he’s realizing he needs to pass on his recipes, since you know, he’s mortal, it means I’m getting to eat more things that I loved as a kid but he was too busy to make often!

  246. Ania Aguero says

    Elana, thank you for all your great recipes. I have jet to try one I or my family didn’t enjoy. You have allowed me to bless my GF friends with endless recipes we all love. I have so many favorites in the culinary world, but I do use my “Rawsome” cookbook over and over again because it has so many raw recipes with some cooked as well. You are up there as well competing with it daily. I mean that from my heart. Hope you have a great 2011 and I am looking forward to spending it with you on your emails and hearing what is going on with the boys.

  247. says

    I have scads of cookbooks so it’s hard to pick a favourite. But I do love anything that Dorie Greenspan does – her Baking With Julia is my go-to baking bible. Other faves are Rustic Fruit Desserts by Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson, Nuts About Chocolate by Susan Mendelson and my nearly completely thrashed copy of the Joy of Cooking that my dad gave me for Christmas in 1978. Also, I can’t wait to try recipes from the book I was lucky enough to get for Christmas this year: Nigella Lawson’s “Kitchen”.

  248. teri says

    I love the pecan brittle reciepe, it was a hit in my home. My fav Dorie book is “baking”, great reciepes!

  249. Shawna says

    In all honesty, you are currently my favorite cookbook author these days, Elana! I also love my favorite old standby, Julia Child.

  250. Kathy Warren says

    I have not been fortunate enough to reveiw this cookbook yet, but would love to! As of right now, you are my favorite cookbook author as I have learned to much about how to cook gluten free from you! Thank you!!!

  251. Andrea says

    Favorite cookbook- impossible to get here, but worth tracking down, is
    The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander. Australian, organized by ingredient and so easy to use, follow and adapt.

  252. says

    I really do have too many to list a favorite but I am recently so intrigued by The Spunky Coconut and her different and unique approach to making meals healthier. I am constantly in awe thinking “Wow, I wish I had thought of that.”

    And of course, your book is ALWAYS out and referenced. It’s actually so dirty from cooking, I may need a new one soon! HA!

  253. Kristen says

    Aah the french, they truly have a way with cooking. I would have to say that I honestly do not have a favorite cookbook. Could this be the one?

  254. mimi fackler says

    I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet, but, looking st the index of recipes, I would LOVE to have this cookbook, what a fun masterpiece!!

  255. donna nielsen says

    wow..i can’t name ONE favorite cookbook author- but i have to say that elana’s almond flour cookbook is one of my favorites and certainly most used these days…it is the ONLY cookbook that STAYS in my kitchen ALL THE TIME – like a good friend with it’s own special place whom i visit with often…dorie’s books look awesome and i would love to add one to my collection -everything looks wonderful ;-)
    happy new year everyone!

  256. gabreial says

    I don’t know of Dorie, but I love to cook and would love to learn more from her. At the moment I love all of my Barefoot Contessa books.

    Thank you!

  257. Betty Ann Powell says

    I would love to receive Dorie’s book. I don’t know which recipes she has in her book but I bet anyone of them would be a hit to try & also to serve my guests & family.
    Happy New Year to All.

  258. says

    I’ve never tried any recipes from Dorie Greenspan, but I would love to try some. My favorite cookbook…? I don’t have a favorite. But I love you Elana for your wonderful recipes and introducing me to almond flour, the pioneer woman and gluten free girl.

  259. says

    My favorites right now are Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson and The Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz. They are really bringing food to a new level for me. There is so much to see and read in their offerings. But another cookbook is always welcome!

  260. says

    While it’s a really challenging cookbook, I love Eric Tucker’s Millennium Cookbook. The recipes are stunning and really wow the crowds… they just take forever to make :)

  261. Betty Pratt says

    One of my favorite cookbooks is Vegetables Every Day by Jack Bishop. It started me on a wonderful journey of trying different vegetables.

  262. Kathy says

    My children and I fell in love with Nigella Lawson because of the way
    she speaks about food and introduces her recipes. I would love to read Dorie Greenspan’s book.

  263. jacqueline schwarz says

    My favorite cookbook is missing its cover, and has stains on favorite pages (Fresh Fruit Tarts, Muerbe Teig, Puffed Pastry Shells, Sugar Cookies) and opens automatically to Chicken Pot Pie (314) and (282)Stuffed Cabbage Rolls which require no substitution for my current g-f lifestyle. This book is the source of my unimpeachable stuffed turkey timing, and like the Velveteen Rabbit, shows every sign of being loved. I suspect you may know its quaint title: The author-less “Settlement Cookboook: The Way to a Man’s Heart.” When my kids and husband want comfort food, this is where their longings are met. There are memories baked into many recipes, and when our oldest married, her first request of me was for the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. My husband quip’s that the beaten-up book was originally used by Moses, but my image is of the anonymous group of women in turn of the 20th century in New York City and variations of them through the centuries. The book in my hand is the”newly revised” 1976 version from when I first left home and travelled west. I have been here in Boulder, CO since 1980–and a fan of your work for the last several years. Thanks! he French Cookbook sounds up my alley, as they say. Happy 2011 to you and your family.

  264. Eva says

    I’ve never been much of a cook unless I had a cookbook to go by or if I learned it from my mom or grandmother. I need a cookbook to help me make a good meal especially NOW since my daughter was diagnosed last october with Gluten intolorance and someone recommeded your book GF almond Flour Cookbook. And now I’m starting all over again to learn now to cook a NEW way and boy do I need help and descrition on cooking techniques which Dorie’s cookbook seems like it would help me greatly. I would love to have her book to add with yours.

  265. June says

    My husband used to work at a French restaurant in Steamboat and hasn’t cooked a bit of French food since he left….maybe this would be the inspiration he needs! My ongoing go-to book is Joy of Cooking….not for the exact recipes, just for ideas….and then I usually cross reference with Elana’s recipes to make up my own. Always fun!

    Have a wonderful New Year’s everyone!

  266. Judy H. says

    My favorite “cookbook” is Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin, as it has my all time favorite recipe, Creamed Spinach with Jalapeno Peppers. But for GF, I’m indebted to you Elana!

  267. Marsha A. says

    I have been wanting this cookbook for a while now. Everytime I go to buy it at my local bookstore it has been sold out. I hope I win it. I want to make the apple cake recipe in the book.

  268. Nancy says

    Only recently my nutritionist told me that I must eat a gluten-free diet… so at this time, you, Elana, are my favorite cookbook author. I print each recipe you send me and try them out. I must say, all of the foods have been easy to make, wonderfully tasty and made with healthy ingredients. Thank you!!

  269. debra says

    I don’t have a favorite cookbook author as I really like Bolivian recipes and there seems to be few authors out there for that. It’s just one of those things where you’re expected to pick it up as you grow up (or take lessons as an adult). I had to do the latter.

  270. Christine says

    I love all cookbooks, love to sit down and read right through them. And the spiced pecans are delicious and addicting. :-) Made them for holiday gifts this year and everyone loved them.

  271. Elizabeth says

    My favorite cookbook author is Mollie Katzen, whom I’ve loved since college 30 years ago. However, cookbooks are my favorite type of book overall and I read hundreds of them for pleasure as well as for recipes. I just gave my husband your GF Almond Flour Cookbook (and a 5-lb bag of almond flour ;-) and we’re both enjoying reading and cooking from this. Thank you for all you’ve done for the GF community!

  272. Cindy Chiasson says

    I love the Eat Clean Series –they have alot of healthy alternatives to some of the things we all love to eat.–would love this new cookbook to broaden my horizons.,

  273. says

    Just one cookbook author?! Right now I am addicted to Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint Cookbook”, but I also just purchased a Nigella cookbook, I am spreading the word on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”, received the “Two Fat Ladies” DVD as a Christmas present, my 5 year old daughter reads Elana’s cookbook on a daily basis because it is just so “wonderful” and I can never have enough of Julia Child… BUT… Right now, I would have to choose, for this day, Two Fat Ladies “Full Throttle”. I borrowed it from the library and can’t get enough. Of course, much of the recipes have to be adapted to be grain free, dairy free, soy free, virtually no sugar, but, Lord, the recipes with their happy meats and full fats are beautiful!

    Thanks, Elana, for this chance to win such a fabulous book! Much luck to everyone!!

  274. says

    I love all cookbooks that teach me how to be a better cook. I have an old Julia Child tome that I pull out once in a while, but would love something a bit more modern, with better explanations. Thanks for your great contributions, Elana. -Anne

  275. says

    Hello! I cannot either say that I have a favorite cookbook author. However I grew up with recipes coming from the pages of Moosewood, a classic. And I lived in the South of France for 6 weeks this past spring. Magical and wonderful. I went to help on a farm and I cooked my heart out, learning so much from the woman who ran the farms intelligence and wisdom. I will forever consider French cuisine close to my heart. Thanks for exposing me to a new cookbook to try out, even if I don’t win a copy it will be added to my DO buy list!
    Thank you, and have a Happy New Year!

  276. Nicole says

    Ree Drummond because she makes me laugh, although I do change the non-gluten free recipes to Gluten Free. You are my favorite gluten free chef!

  277. says

    I really like Deborah Madison’s book Vegeterian Cooking for Everyone. I really like your blog and book too. I’m in love with the carrot cupcakes and I’m happy eating them knowing that I’m eating healthy ingredients. You have inspired me to open my own recipe blog…I just opened it yesterday and I’m hoping to add some recopies soon

  278. sadie crandle says

    Maple Cornmeal Biscuits!! I posted it to my facebook page because they were so easy and so delicious … YUM! the mustard batons were a revelation and the savory cheese and chive bread is awesome! And i REALLY would love this book!!!

  279. Mayra P. says

    I can’t say I have too many cookbooks, so to be fair, I don’t really have a favorite. I own an old “Better Homes and Gardens” cookbook and whenever I think of making anything, I refer to it and then alter it, to make the recipe either gluten or dairy free. Usually it works :)

  280. Amada Cortez says

    I’m crossing my fingers that you pick my name – Thank you for introducing this book to us!

  281. Laurel says

    My favorite cookbook author? Geez. I’m going for Flo Braker because she has such an inclusive detailed style even if all I get to do these days is drool over the recipes. Grin.

  282. Betty says

    I LOVE cookbooks but since being diagnosed with celiac, I haven’t found too many that I can actually use (except yours of course!!). If you like this cookbook, then it must be fabulous! Count me in!

  283. Joanne says

    Sharing this book with a glutenfree friend who is also an amazing mother to my glutenfree grandchildren would be a delightful break during a rainy afternoon in the Pacific Northwest. An area I hope you will be able to visit someday.

  284. Jill Markey says

    I am really looking forward to getting around my French table cookbook by Dorie! My favorite cookbook author is Jamie Oliver.

  285. says

    My favorite Dorie recipe is her Cranberry Upside-Down Cake. Great with coffee, great for dessert, or a mid-day snack. Mmmm!

  286. Missy says

    I have a lot of cookbooks. I would have to say that some of my favorites are by Ree Drummond, Rebecca Rather, Paula Deen and Dorie Greenspan. Their books are written in a conversational style and I love them.

  287. Sondy says

    I have to get a copy of this book … it looks amazing! My favorite cookbook author is Ina Garten because I’ve learned so many basics from her. But now I’m ready to branch out into French cooking so I’d love Dorie’s book.

  288. says

    I have long felt the influence of Dorie Greenspan’s writing style. Describing cooking techniques is often stagnant and falls flat in the face of reality. But not so with Dorie Greenspan! I’m wanting to add this cookbook to my collection!

  289. says

    My Mom and I both love Fanny Farmer because she tells specifics, which is similar to how you describe Dorie Greenspan’s book. I’d hope that it is a bit more contemporary though!


  290. Melissa says

    Thanks for the chance to win her cookbook. I have enjoyed the recipes you have shared with us. Happy New Year!

  291. says

    My favorite Dorie recipe is her one for traditional cream-cheese based rugelach, from Baking. I’ve made it so many times I almost have it memorized! It is truly phenomenal, as is she.

  292. Beverly says

    Pick Me! pick me please! My favorite cook book author is, of course, Elana Amsterdam. Your recipes are simple yet elegant. Incredibly easy to make because the work has been done in her own kitchen to iron out the wrinkles. As a celiac, I love that her recipes are also gluten free. I keep coming back to her site for ideas on recipes that are usually slightly outside my comfort zone. They will keep you up to date on your kitchen skills and maybe even teach you something new!
    Love your sesame crackers recipe which is so easy.

  293. Jennifer says

    My favorite cookbook author is YOU Elana! I’m not just saying that either, I truly never cooked much (like ever) until your recipes and your simple pantry came into my world just a few months ago. Thank you!

  294. joe says

    “eat this…it’ll make you feel better!” by dom deluise…a classic italian cookbook…everything in there is wonderful!!!

  295. Kat says

    Lately my favorite cookbook is Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan. The recipes are so hearty and delicous. I have never cooked anything by Dorie, but I just read her introduction in her cookbook and have to say, she sounds lovely and I would love the chance to cook with her!

  296. Charlotte Moore says

    Since I have found your site and heard about coconut flour I am wanting to try lots of your recipes. I just ordered your GF Almond Flour Cookbook and Pre ordered your cupcake cookbook. We are not gluten intolerable, but just interested in almond flour, coconut, etc. I grind my own wheat and have many grains that I have tried.

    I really would like to have the World Peace Cookie recipe since so many have mentioned this. I am sure I would love the cookbook. I can’t wait to get yours that I ordered. I am going to try your spiced pecans/ pecan brittle too. YUM!!!

  297. Cindy says

    I love Dorie’s lemon cream tart with the unusual/interesting way to make the lemon cream. The resulting cream is so luscious, I could eat this tart till the cows come home!

  298. nicole says

    Hmmm, that’s a tough one–I’m always looking for the next fave cookbook. One that I enjoyed for it’s recipes and writing style is Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors; it’s a fun highlight on farmer’s markets in the US of A.

  299. says

    I’m not familiar with a specific Dorie recipe, since I don’t own any of her cookbooks. I’ve seen her recipes all over the blogsphere, and have always wanted to try several of them. They always sound so delicious, and her food is very approachable.

  300. nina says

    I love too many to have a favorite! I’d love to win this book and try some of Doris’ recipes. Thanks.

  301. Lara W H says

    It sounds like a fabulous cookbook! I have read that the French kitchen includes a lot of ‘naturally’ gluten free recipes (even deserts! Lots of almond flour!) and that is great. I love finding a recipe that I don’t have to modify;) Happy New year everybody!

  302. says

    Just starting to get serious about cooking healthy so I don’t have much in my cooking library, still trying to work on my panytry. I do enjoy Jodi Bager Grain Free gourmet. Thank you

  303. elisa says

    I’m sooo grateful you messed up the spiced nuts recipe…the brittle is wonderful!! : )
    I use a lot of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and love a new one I bought, The Gluten Free Vegetarian Kitchen by Donna Klein, and your recipes are taking over my “recipe” file on my computer!! haha! Happy New Year!!!

  304. Elena says

    I do not have a favorite recipe of Dorie’s because this is the very first time I have heard of her. She and her book sound wonderful. I am just starting to get cookbooks that give me good recipes for being Celiac. So far, I only have one by the Spunky Coconut. This is a whole new adventure. Thank you so much for your blog. I only subscribe to two of those too so far, yours and Kelly’s. Thanks a bunch. Elena

  305. Sandy Austin says

    I LOVE this book. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas. I sneaked a peak and found myself reading all the margin stories…then gave it away! Now that I don’t have the book, I’ve not tried any recipes. I would treasure the addition of this book as so many of the ones I have don’t come close to providing recipes that even gluten free folks can use.

  306. JACQUELYN says

    Dorrie’s “Baking with Julia…” has always been one of my favorite cookbooks because I was able to learn so many techniques from it. The Irish Soda Bread recipe is a go-to one for each St. Patrick’s Day!

  307. Cindy says

    I love Dorie’s lemon cream tart recipe with the unusual way of making the lemon cream; I could eat this till the cows come home!

  308. says

    I don’t have a favorite Dorie recipe because I haven’t had a chance to get any of her cookbooks yet – I have had so many friends absolutely RAVE about Around my French Table though, I’m sure there are many many recipes I would love!

  309. Nance says

    I love cook books! I’m always coming home from the library with them. I first saw Dorie’s book on your site and have it sitting on my “library shelf” right now, but have been too busy with Christmas preps to do much more than glance through it. Maybe now…or maybe if I win it I won’t have to be in a hurry to take it back:). Thanks for the opportunity!

  310. Lauren R says

    I love cookbooks so its hard to choose, but among my favorites are Julia Child and Ina Garten! This cookbook sounds awesome!

  311. Sarah says

    I have heard so many wonderful things about Dorie Greenspan and would love to have one of her books. My favorite cookbook author as of now would have to be America’s Test Kitchen (although I suppose that’s cheating a little!).

  312. Ruth Breithaupt says

    Amongst many of my favorite “cooking” stars is Ina Garten— watching & listening to her on her show “Barefoot Contessa”—she makes it all look easy & fun & yes, creative.

  313. Amy K says

    My new year’s resolution: Learn! I’m taking an oil painting class inbetween work and writing and raising my family, and I’m also still learning how to cook, even at 43! Dorie seems like a fabulous teacher.

  314. Tess from Atlanta says

    I can appreciate the joy of sitting and reading a good cookbook. My cookbook reading started when the silver palate cookbook was released. I continue to enjoy this past time immensely. Just yesterday I was reading the Gluten Free Girl’s newest book she wrote with her chef husband.

    Thank you for introducing me to this cookbook. I trust your recommendations.

  315. Julie says

    I have too many cookbooks to have a favorite author, though I like books that talk about technique. Seems like a great book.

  316. says

    Any cookbook that encourages or inspires folks to cook and eat real food at home is a favorite of mine. The one I use the most must be my favorite, favorite, although I rely on many, including yours. More With Less Cookbook by Doris Longacre is my tried and true companion in the kitchen. Written in the 70’s before Celiac Awareness or the diabetes epidemic, and long out of print, I was grateful to receive my mom’s copy as a backup (it’s in much better shape than mine).

    After reading the comments to your post, I’m pleased that many of the “favorites” I, too, use in my kitchen. Don’t know of Dorie Greenspan, but would love to learn. I’m also bent on investigating other authors new to me mentioned in the posts.

    Thanks for a great site and lovely food choices.

  317. says

    I absolutely adore listening to Dorie on The Splendid Table. My goodness, choosing one cookbook author is so hard, though! I think I will always cherish my Mollie Katzen cookbooks. From soups to desserts, her recipes always please.

  318. Suzette says

    I can’t say I have a favorite cookbook author, but I love to explore healthy, new flavors, ethnic tastes and recipes, so I cruise the Borders cookbook aisle frequently, then add on my own GF, healthy spin to it.

  319. Julie says

    Being wheat-free is fairly new to me, so I’m having to alter old favorites and forge new food territory. My dh gave me a copy of Shauna Ahern’s Gluten Free Girl & The Chef for Christmas, and I’m totally in love with the blog already, so I’m really excited to give the book a try! French cooking has intimidated me – (even pre-allergy!) so it would be great to have a great book like Dorie’s to learn from. :)

  320. Kai says

    I went into a bookstore right before Christmas to buy my mother Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” as a last-minute present, but they didn’t have it–what they did have was his “Les Halles Cookbook.” It came out in ’06 and I never even heard about it. When my mom unwrapped it a couple days later, she was glued to it–and so was I, once I could pry it out of her hands! I already love Anthony’s grouchy-but-not tone, but the clarity of his instructions and in-depth knowledge about what steps you can and cannot skip were just amazing. He got me back into French cooking, and Ms Greenspan’s book sounds like a great addition to my wish list! :)

  321. says

    My favorite cookbook author is whatever one I’m reading at the moment. But wait, that’s a cop out. Right now I’m using one by Betty Hagman. It’s old but has some good stuff. I also have really enjoyed your almond flour cookbook and I’m looking forward to getting Stephanie O’Dea’s latest. I’m a cookbook hound.

  322. AidelK says

    We love the caramel recipe from her baking book because it’s easy to make it pareve! Happy New Year! Thanks for the super giveaway.

  323. Carolyn says

    This cookbook is on my want list. Right now my new fav cookbook is Dishing Up Vermont. It is full of wonderful fall and wintery fare.

  324. P Roland says

    I would be so excited to have a copy of Dorie’s cookbook. It is on my cookbook wishlist.

    I also cook from Elana’s cookbook and blog if not daily/weekly. I can’t say enough how much your blog and book have helped us transition to a gluten-free life. You are my favorite cookbook author by far!

    I also have really been enjoying Alice Waters for veggies recipes.


  325. says

    I have a large cookbook collection and I collect recipes, too.
    But my favorite cookbook is 1000 gluten free recipes. from my recipe collection my favorites are my old family recipes handed down-that I have de-glutenized.

  326. Melissa B says

    Lately, I love Ina Garten, Nourishing Traditions, and your almond flour cookbook. I would love to win a copy of Dorie’s book, as I have been to France and have a special affinity for the country and their cooking!

  327. Jaime Gilliam says

    I have been pleased with every recipe of yours I’ve tried, many of the non almond flour ones are great.

  328. Kristin cusamano says

    Can I please pick two favorite authors? I will pretend you said yes :0). Of course, Elana you are my go to because I’m gluten free! But at the moment I am also loving Rachel Allen. She even has a chocolate cake recipe in her Favorite Food at Home Cookbook that is made with almond flour! As always thank you Elana for all your hard work! You are an inspiration to us all!

  329. Anita Z says

    One of my all time favorite cookbooks is by Raghavan Iyer: 660 Curries. Not only is it an amazing cookbook but it is also a wonderful read/very entertaining.

  330. says

    I was just about to order this book on Amazon but I’m gonna wait a day to see if I win it! My favorite Dorie recipe is Chicken in a Pot. Easy, tasty, and Paleo to boot!

  331. Jacque O says

    Wow, this book looks amazing!! I have Dorie’s Baking book, and I love it!! I can’t say I have a favorite only because I bake so much from this book and it would be so hard to pinpoint. But one cake that I do bake a lot is the Devil’s Food Whiteout. I get many request for this cake and it is soooo moist and delicous!!

  332. says

    Well, Elana i’m presently a great fan of you as a cookbook author because i have to eat grain free due to a health disorder!! Your Almond Flour Cookbook has given me some food i haven’t had in years, one of which is biscuits. Thank you so much!

  333. Jody says

    I spent one night in Paris this year and I came home looking for a really good, “easy, ” french cookbook. Needless to say, I didn’t find one. Could this be it? I love cookbooks but usually only use a few recipes out of them. I’m not saying this lightly, but everything I make out of your cookbook turns out delicious! I’m not even gluten free right now! Yours is a book I know I can go too and make something we will enjoy.

    I don’t think I can pick another favorite because I don’t use them after looking thru them! ;)

  334. Kelly says

    My favorite cookbook is one that my mother in law put together. It’s filled with old family recipes, that way when my husband requests something from his child hood, I have the recipe in hand.

  335. Scotty says

    I have to admit that my favorite cookbooks are the little ones local churches or civic groups put together for fundraising purposes. They are old, homey, tried-true dishes that means something to someone’s family. They are the recipes that children and grandkids request for holidays because they became a tradition in their home and family. They are usually humble recipes but when you can cook humbly and the family loves them, then you feel like you’ve really made your family happy.

  336. Lauren McPherson says

    French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David is absolutely superb and one of my favorites and Richard Olney’s Simple French Food. Honestly, I haven’t read or tried one of Dorie Greenspan’s recipes, but am very intrigued and adore your fantastic taste!

  337. says

    I love the Pioneer Woman as an author, but have been digging George Stella’s low carb recipes. So one of those.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  338. Diane says

    Elana, Your description of Dorie’s book brings back warm memories of our frequent trips from Germany to France. The intoxicating smell of wonderful food being cooked, and the sights of amazing pastries in the windows as we would wander enthralled down ancient streets. Thank you for your wonderful blog and recipes!

  339. ElanaK says

    Since I have had to completely change the way I eat, Krasner’s Good Meat has been invaluable. And so have you! The only “treats” in the house come from Elana’s Pantry. Many thanks!

  340. Audra Taylor says

    I love cookbooks and health books. I read them like some people read romance novels. My love affair with cooking and my cookbook selection took a drastic turn when I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance (celiacs) and diabetes. Two cookbook authors that have literally saved my sanity and my love of cooking are you and the author of the Spunky Coconut, Kelly V Bronzyna.

  341. Jennifer Stephenson says

    I love Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. She uses very fresh ingredients, doesn’t make a lot of fuss but makes wholesome and delicious recipes. She also gives instruction along the way which makes reading her books a joy. Her roasted chicken recipe is our favorite! I would love to win this book because I absolutely love cookbooks and this one sounds wonderful!

  342. Debra Torke says

    I would have to say my favorite cookbook author presently is Laurie David for her book, “The Family Dinner”. More than a cookbook, it speaks to the importance of dinner as a regular experience for our children. She and many other notable and not so notable folks talk about how family dinners teache our children how to be contributing civilized members of a society. This book is laid out in a very friendly easy to read manner with quotes, beautiful photos of families and children cooking and eating together, quick meal ideas, recipes by Kirstin Uhrenholdt, presentation as experience, and conversation starters or word games for the table. Our children need this anchor of regular dinners to be successful human beings. As she says on the cover of the book, “Great ways to connect with your kids, one meal at a time.” My own adult children are successful in part because of our regular family meals full of conversation and the TV off. They each have a copy for their families.

  343. anna eidson says

    Ahhh, such a tough decision. I have over 300 cookbooks and I find that I am with them the way I am with flowers…whatever one I touched last is my favorite. I do adore anything by Deborah Madison or Peter Berle, though, and for pure charm, it’s hard to find a cookbook more endearing than Vegan Yum Yum.

  344. Miriam says

    Dorie’s ‘World Peace Cookies’ recipe really got me started on baking. With Dorie I learned to value new combinations, fine ingredients and that extra loving care that now make my cookies and cakes so much better! She’s a genius!

  345. says

    Favourite cookbook author? hmmm…That would be Ruth Tal, who has a a few restaurants called ‘Fresh’ here in Toronto, and a few cookbooks. Delicious vegetarian and vegan food!

  346. says

    I love your blog. In fact I send my GF patients straight to it for ideas. My current favorite cooking show host/cook book author has been around for a long time, but she is a recent discovery of mine: Ina Garten.

  347. Karen R says

    I love cookbooks and read them like they are novels! My most used cookbooks are yours and Mark Sisson’s, though I do hold a special place in my heart for The Perfect Scoop by David Lebowitz (complete opposites, I know!).

  348. says

    This would be a treasure, I am positive. I’ve never heard of Dorie, as I am still so very new to the “raw/green/no sugar/no white flour” process, that I don’t have one single recipe book in this fashion. But I’ve been gathering great recipes off of the “net” and from friends that have eaten this way for years.

    My favorite cookbook that I own, simply for the stories that are written with-in and the lovely pictures as well, is, Pioneer Woman.

    Thank you,

  349. Jackie says

    My family thinks I know you personally because I am always talking about your recipes and trying one of your I guess you are my favorite Elana!

  350. says

    I can’t wait to try those World Peace Cookies! What rave reviews!
    Right now I am a huge fan of Heidi Swanson and you, Elana! I have been baking your cinnamon muffins and blondies several times a week lately! YUM.
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  351. Marie Urbanetti says

    Jamie’s Food Revolution – Jamie Oliver
    Love Love Love the Roast Chicken Recipe – stuffed with Fresh Herbs (I use Sage) and Lemon. Yummy & so easy to make!

  352. Samantha says

    I don’t think I really have a favorite, but it sounds like this one could be! I love French cooking and would love to try some of these recipes.

  353. Amanda says

    I really can’t claim to have a favorite cookbook author,but a few that I use most often are Mark Bittman, Heidi Swanson, Ellie Krieger, and Alice Waters. I am waiting for Rebecca Katz books because they are suppose to be relly good and healthy. I would love the Dori Greenspan book because I really do not have a cookbook like that .

  354. Rachel Morales says

    I have such a hard time picking a favorite cookbook, but right now I’m enjoying my Food for Life cookbook (by the owner of Earthbound Farms). I would really love to have Dorie Greenspan’s book though! Thanks for the opportunity.

  355. Michelle says

    Based on the cover alone, I look forward to seeing what’s in the book. I follow a recipe for garlic chicken that calls for a similar (gf) bread seal around the roasting pot, and it is the favorite in this house, for the consistently tender, juicy chicken that results from sealing the pot. Thanks for the recommendation!

  356. Annie Dash says

    While I have not yet tried any recipes by Dorie Greenspan, I can’t wait to get a copy of “Around My French Table”! The food looks superb, and my resolution for this year is to become better at artisanal baking. My favorite GFCF authors are definitely Elana Amsterdam and Carol Fenster. I enjoy converting non-GFCF recipes to I can safely eat… I learned all about ingredient substitutions from these two authors, who taught me that having food allergies does not mean sacrificing taste or ingenuity! I would like to thank both of them for making my food allergy diagnosis much easier to digest. ;-) Brava, Elana!

  357. Jenn says

    My favorite cookbook author or recipe, hmmmm…Well I’ll have to say I don’t use cookbooks much. I like to throw together my own things or pick up new flavors from recipe’s I’ve found on the web or that have been shared with me by others (namely my Mom ;) thanks ma).

  358. Wendy Bussell says

    I don’t know Dorie, yet, that is. But I do know Moosewood Resturant books. They are fabulous additions to any gluten free, vegetarien, kitchen. I know that you are not so much veg as you are meat, but there are some fantastic recipes that we often have a meat addition as they work well together.

  359. says

    I have to say one of my favorites from Dorie is so simple…. kale chips with sea salt! What a great idea and one from her blog.
    I am so excited to have a chance to win this book!!
    Not only are her recipes amazing, but I feel like I am vicariously living in Paris when reading her blog. I am sure the book will fill that need quite nicely : )
    Thanks for the chance

    btw…made your foot balm for Christmas gifts and its fabulous


  360. Brenda Gaines says

    The book looks wonderful.
    I just bought 70 saffron crocus bulbs so I could have fresh saffron for bouillabaisse.
    I’d love to learn French cooking techniques and recipes.
    I tried your Christmas cake recipe, I though it tasted better than the fruitcake my Mom used to make to give away at Christmas.

  361. Barb says

    WOW! My daughter got this book yesterday for her birthday! It is fabulous!!!! I don’t have a favorite cookbook author but love reading cookbooks. What a wonderful give away!

  362. Jody says

    I love the comments! I’ve made notes about the cookbooks mentioned by other posters. I plan to check those out. Can’t wait.
    My favorite cookbook since I found out I have celiac disease is your cookbook, Elena. My family and I love the salmon chipotle burgers and we usually have them once a week. I always keep a batch of your herb crackers on hand (my husband loves those), and when we have family gatherings, everyone wants me to bring your chocolate cake and white frosting.
    I was very overwhelmed when I first started cooking gluten free. I found your book at a health food store in Murray, Kentucky. You really gave me hope that a gluten free diet did not equal deprivation.

  363. micky says

    not sure about a favorite cookbook, but one i go back to often is “Gluten-free, sugar=free cooking” by Susan O’Brien, the first book of its kind that I had.

  364. Cathy in Georgia says

    This cookbook sounds tremendous because I *love* words, and I love finding new ways to cook. Julia Child is a great inspiration to me, so knowing she gave her nod to this author makes me want a copy. Besides that, after the busy holiday season, I’m ready for an afternoon “off,” with hot tea and this cookbook, and a quiet Paris vacation at home.


  365. says

    Right now, I am on a raw kick and am really enjoying Matthew Kenney’s Everyday Raw and Ani Phyo’s Ani’s RAw Food Kitchen.
    But I love cookbooks in general!

  366. Deanna Taggart says

    My husband and I just watched “Julie and Julia” again last night and I must say it gets me thinking about cooking out of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. I have owned a copy since the early 70’s but have only cooked one thing that my brother recommended because he had cooked it. This book by Dorie Greenspan sounds wonderful!

  367. Marie Hahn says

    The picture on the front cover on this book looks incredible!! I’d love copy of Dorie’s cookbook! In fact, I’m going to my local bookstore to get your first and a few others as well. I’m diabetic, and need to eat better. This is my resolution! Thanks for your incredible recipes!!

    Marie Hahn

  368. Suzanne Lewis says

    This new cookbook sounds wonderful. I just received Alice Water’s Green Cookbook for Christmas. Have made several delicious recipes already!

  369. Gayle Spangler says

    I dearly love the variety of recipes made available to me and my family through Elana’s Pantry- both hers and the wonderful recipe books she has run across that are equaly great — appealing to the eye and the appetite.

    It would be a dream come true to win this recipe book, as I cook for four generations — my 80-year-old mom, my 63-year-old husband and myself (a diabetic), my daughter who works full time who is 33-years-old, and my 4-year-old grand-daughter.

    My husband works two jobs to make ends meet, as he is self-employed and the economy is not good at all where we live, and at the present time I am unable to work because of my diabetes/comas.

    This cook would be a great belated Christmas gift that we desperately need and would dearly value.

  370. Bev says

    I think Dorie is my new favorite, based on your description! I am planning, one of these days, to go to France…..but for now I can live vicariously thru her cookbook! :)

  371. says

    My favorite Dorie recipe is the perfect party cake from baking from my home to yours. Thank you for having the giveaway :)

  372. says

    Favourite cookbook author? Present company excluded ;) ? Classic, I would have to say Elizabeth David. Alternative? Sally Fallon would get my vote with her wonderful ‘Nourishing Traditions’.

  373. Marsha says

    I love the America’s Best Test Kitchen cookbooks for their science-based explanations of recipes and how they break each component down to see what actually works and tastes best. Plus so many of the recipes are naturally gluten-free!

  374. Katie Feit says

    I love Dorie! Im a big fan of trying recipes that I find in the New York Times. They are usually by different cooks and always turn out amazing. I’ve tried several of your recipes as well!

  375. says

    I love Dorie too – I even contemplated joining Tuesday’s with Dorie, but given that it’s just my hubby and me and I don’t eat gluten or sugar or many desserts in general – I don’t think his cholestorol or waist line could handle it :). Although I couldn’t eat them I baked Dorie’s World Peace Cookies for my friends for christmas – they sure smelled great and got rave reviews! However, my favorite Dorie recipe, especially this time of year, is her chicken in a pot. Comfort food at its finest!

  376. Lara says

    my go to cookbook is the joy of cooking. It seems to have everything as well as explain techniques and ingredients.

  377. says

    That’s a really hard question – who’s my favourite cookbook author?? There’s so many I love… I think I’ll say Shauna Ahern (Gluten Free Girl) – I love her writing style – it’s like reading a really good story that you just can’t put down :)

  378. Nicky Bramley says

    I really wanted this book for Christmas but got Madhur Jaffrey instead, never mind … Favourite author is the amazing David Thompson: Thai master and my hero. Happy New Year!

  379. Anita Burock Stotts says

    I recently purchased the cookbook “Nourishing Traditions”, by Sally Fallon. I enjoy perusing the recipes, but especially learning more about nutrition, agriculture and health as I read the book. When I learned I have celiac disease, in addition to going gluten free, I began to read, and read, and read. The journey took me to functional medicine, and I have expanded and enhanced my concepts of human health and nutrition exponentially. There is so much more to learn!

  380. Kedesh says

    I love Serene Allison’s “Rejuvenate Your Life” un-cook book. It’s got over 100 raw recipes.

  381. Stephanie says

    My favorite cookbooks change frequently. But right now I would have to say my favorite is Ina Garten.

  382. Nicole Thomas says

    My favorite cookbook author…. Is this a trick question? Elana Amsterdam, of course! And I mean that sincerely.

  383. AnnaLyon says

    My favorite Dorie Greenspan’s recipe is the one for World Peace Cookies. I love it so much!
    My favorite authors ex-aequo are David Lebovitz and Dorie Greenspan, both charming in their own way…

  384. says

    Sounds an absolutely delightful book. French food has been rather eclipsed by Italian in recent years, and this perhaps might reverse that trend a little. And I love the observation on complaining French women – very true!

  385. says

    I cannot claim a favorite cookbook author I have lots of favorites. Dorie for her classic elegance, Jamie Oliver for his passion and love of food. You for you alternatives to gluten. I can claim a favorite recipe though. It is the Spiced Pecans I have yet to try your adaption but my mouth waters when I look at the photo.
    Thank you for a great year Elana i am looking forward to 2011 with you.