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10 Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes

Paleo Christmas Cookies –gluten-free, grain-free, healthy treats for the holidays.

I’ve got the Christmas cookie bug. The gluten-free Christmas cookie bug that is. Because the recipes that I’ve written on this blog for the past year or so have been Paleo (the ones prior to that are merely grain-free), I’ve gone back and retested a number of my classic gluten-free cookie recipes and reworked them so that they are now Paleo cookie recipes. Because I want you and yours to have a Paleo Christmas, and not miss out on cookies!

My boys and their friends were pretty darn happy when I tested the recipes below. They had a Paleo Christmas cookie feast after school last Friday, and left me with a pile of crumbs. That’s how I like it.

10 Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes

Pack up your Paleo Christmas cookies in pretty little boxes and give them to your neighbors and friends. When I was a girl I used to make treats for all of our family friends and wrap them up in boxes that I bought from the local Chinese restaurant –that was before the advent of Michael’s and other craft stores. I’d tie those boxes of cookies with pretty red ribbons and have my parents drive me to our friend’s houses to drop them off. Now everyone gathers (and eats) at our house, so there’s less driving.

So go ahead and make some Paleo Christmas cookies. Keep them for you and yours, or pack ’em up and spread ’em around as gifts. No one will ever know how healthy they are.