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Vanilla Roasted Walnuts

gluten free vanilla roasted walnuts

I’m slightly addicted to these Vanilla Roasted Walnuts and so is my husband.  They have a hint of sweetness and a nice burst of vanilla goodness.  On top of that, Walnuts are a great source of Omega-3’s, have a high antioxidant count and are also beneficial for cardiovascular health. So I’m on the walnut bandwagon.

Here’s the recipe for another gluten free, tasty, higher protein holiday snack with nuts.

Vanilla Roasted Walnuts


  1. Place walnuts and oil in a cast iron skillet (that’s what I used, you can experiment) and turn heat to high
  2. As soon as you hear the slightest sizzle, turn heat down to medium or low
  3. Toast walnuts a few minutes until they smell nice and nutty
  4. Add agave and distribute around pan stirring, cook for a minute or two, then add salt
  5. Scrape the beans out of the vanilla pod and stir into walnuts
  6. Remove walnuts from pan and add just a dash of cinnamon if you like
  7. Serve

These nuts are the perfect (last minute) homemade present when packaged in a lovely (reusable) holiday gift jar; that’s what I’m giving to friends and family this year along with my gluten free cookbook, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook (which sells for a reasonable $11.55 on amazon.com).  For more healthy, delicious Christmas fun and ideas, take a look at my Gluten Free Christmas Recipe Roundup.

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In book tour news, I’ll be doing a live radio interview Tuesday, December 29th at 10am MT (12pm ET) with Dr. Derrick DeSilva, Jr. of Ask Dr. DeSilva on HealthRadio.net.

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posted on December 24, 2009, 24 comments

  1. Lauren @ celiacteen.com

    These look wonderful! Great flavours, and it doesn’t look too difficult =D. Happy Holidays!

  2. WHEN I make these, I’ll surely be addicted as well :)

    Congratulations on your upcoming radio spot!

  3. Hannah and Esther @ delkitchen.blogspot.com

    We made these for Christmas dinner to put in our salad, they were amazing! We are going to make these again soon!

  4. Sarah

    I got your Almond Flour Cookbook for Christmas–all the recipes look so delicious! Love the pictures too. I just made the scrumptious sandwich bread and it is great with jelly. Yum! Thanks, Elana!

  5. I got your wonderful cookbook for Christmas. My daughter presented me with the book and all the necessities to make one of the recipes. Can’t wait to try it out.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. This sounds delightful. Can’t wait to try them myself!

  7. I simply must make this. I (as if it isn’t already obvious) am a lover of vanilla.

  8. Emily

    could i substitute vanilla extract for the vanilla beans? if so, how much should i use? thank you! i love your blog and am learning so much!

  9. Yumminess! Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!!!! I can’t stop eating them.

  10. Jane

    I’m not generally a huge walnut fan, and I found these absolutely addictive. Thanks!

  11. These are so yummy! I made them today and loved the flavor. I can’t wait to try them with other nuts, too. Blogged about them here: http://aqtforever.blogspot.com/2010/02/agave-vanilla-roasted-walnuts.html
    Thanks for another tasty recipe.

  12. These are awesome. So easy to make and so tasty. I’ve never liked walnuts more!

  13. Maija Haavisto @ vegventures.com

    Sounds lovely! Roasted walnuts are great, a bit popcorny somehow.

  14. Lera Cryderman @ ogre-store.com

    Such a usefule blog…amaze


  15. Lacey

    Thank you Thank you! I used pecans for this and it came out beautifully for a Superbowl party.

  16. These are delicious! I’ve been on detox for two weeks, two more to go and was dying without my usual chocolate desserts; these sufficed as a nice substitute and my 3 year old can’t get enough of them.

    I hope you don’t mind, I blogged about your recipe here http://flavorandfreedom.com/sassyspatula/vanilla-roasted-walnuts/

    Thanks for sharing this deliciousness!

  17. Chris

    Hi, I just found this website (recommended by a friend) and made this recipe with pecans (didn’t have any walnuts) and I LOVE it! What a great/yummy way to get your nuts in your daily routine. I think I am addicted! Thank you!

  18. elliemae

    I just made this tonight, and I love it. I used vanilla extract instead of beans, and I also used walnut oil instead of olive oil, just to try it since it was in the pantry – it worked fine. My husband and I loved this recipe and we ate half the batch in one night! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  19. Erica

    I used a regular frying pan and followed your directions and it worked great! I also didn’t have vanilla beans so I used vanilla extract and they tasted delicious! :)

  20. Laura

    These are AMAZING. I subbed in Ground Vanilla, coconut oil, Alaea red salt (my favorite finishing salt.)

  21. This is so delicious!! I used 1 1/2 tsp valilla extract instead of the vanilla bean and it turned out great!

  22. Tilly

    I did this with pecans and regular old vanilla extract. Amazing. I love this blog. It’s my go to for anything simple– you are a genius with that!

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