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Thanksgiving Dishes


-photo from his daveness on Flickr

Thanksgiving is the holiday of plenty, bursting with gratitude, though often excess food as well.  Sometimes on this earthy, festive occasion, we end up too full and feel less than great by the day’s end.

To avoid that phenomenon, this year my family will cut down on sweet carb-filled dishes and make several with green vegetables, so that we have bounty and selection, though don’t end up stuffed.

Next Thursday, we will be having a simple roasted turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts with chestnuts, kale with pine nuts (same as the dish below, just minus the cranberries) and squash “pie” (sans crust, it’s more of a souffle).

For dessert we will do the Winter Fruit Salad below from smittenkitchen.com and probably a cheese plate.  Maybe some chocolates for the boys, that I learned how to make last night in this fabulous class at this great place.

For those of you making pumpkin dishes from scratch, feel free to peruse my how to roast a pumpkin post and also check out the comments section, which also has several interesting ideas.

Have a lovely holiday and enjoy the leftovers!

posted on November 21, 2008, 10 comments

  1. Shirley

    What an awesome menu you have set! I love starting out with such wonderful soups. All healthy foods with wonderful vegetables in the mix, but still the sweetness is there, too. ;-)

  2. I LOVE that photo. I’d like to have it as a puzzle!
    Great recipes and menu. Thanks!

  3. Margaret

    Thanks. Plain food has always been better than complicated concoctions. Being gluten-free or with other problems, like diabetes, it is also easier on the cook and the budget.

  4. Elana,
    I would love to combine your pie crust with 101 cookbooks pumpkin spice pie. Any ideas if that might work? Would the pie crust cook with a filling in it?
    Thanks for your insight.

  5. derj

    looks great! gotta LOVE thanksgiving food!

  6. Shirley -Thanks for another great comment.

    VeggieGirl -You always leave the nicest comments, thanks!

    Katrina -You’re welcome.

    Margaret -I completely agree.

    Hannah -Not sure if they would work together, though it might be worth a try.

    derj Yes, gotta love it.

  7. Teresa Le Leux

    I love your blog. Thank you so much for all the great recipes. I would like to know if you have a recipe for a cut out cookie dough that is gluten free and nut free. It is for my son’s preschool class. They will be making these cookies from scratch…how fun! But I’d love a recipe that is healthier than the traditional sugar laden ones. Thanks so much!

  8. Teresa,

    Thanks for your comment. I do have a cut out cookie recipe, though it is made from almond flour. Since I do most of my baking with nut flour your best bet is to post this query in the forums, there are lots of helpful people there who might be able to help you.


  9. Elana,
    I love your website. I found a recipe I liked and then went through the rest of the site. All the recipes are amazing, I’m going to try the yellow split pea soup next. Never been much of a soup maker, but here goes!

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