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Thanksgiving Condiment and Sauce Recipes

Paleo condiments and sauces will make your Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers sparkle.

Here are my favorite Paleo Thanksgiving condiment and sauce recipes. All of these gluten free accompaniments will be used in my house throughout the entire Thanksgiving weekend to keep our leftovers jazzy and exciting.

Healthy condiments spice up surplus food (in other words “must go’s”), so that you can keep serving your guests scraps and remnants of your turkey day meal during a long holiday weekend of football games, parades and unexpected drop-ins.

These recipes are, of course, also perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

What can you do with the assortment of sauces above? Use Cranberry Sauce on Turkey Sandwiches  –nuff said. Or, for a fun twist, make those sandwiches with creamy, dairy-free, Green Goddess Dressing.

Instead of pulled pork the day after Thanksgiving, you can enjoy pulled turkey with BBQ sauce. Serve Orange Ginger Sauce with your stuffing, on the holiday or use it to make a turkey stir fry with leftovers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using Paleo sauces and condiments to make a healthier holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

posted on November 18, 2012, 4 comments

  1. Jessica

    awesome list! I haven’t run across anything like this yet. can’t neglect the condiments!

  2. Ann Sheedy @ don'thaveone

    my wish is that Elana’s cook book gave an approximate calorie count for one cookie one slice one serving etc—-otherwise the recipes I have made were excellent —thank you –wish she would do another one Ann Sheedy

  3. Will have to try that cranberry-cherry relish. Looks like a nice twist on the ol’ cranberry sauce.

  4. Christian Rene Friborg

    Thanks for this list! Bookmarked!

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