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Thai Chicken Wraps

gluten free thai chicken wraps

These light and healthy Thai Chicken Wraps are an easy and refreshing entrée and a simple “one pot meal” to boot.  I often make them with leftover chicken, though I sometimes use leftover fish –any type of protein will do.

The other night I served this to my children with salmon and my little one loved it.  The older one?  Well, he’s another story and not all that adventurous in his eating habits of late.  He enjoys his homemade burritos and organic hot dogs.  Rather boring if you ask me, though I just make his food, I don’t eat it.  And I have to give him credit, he scarfs down kale by the bunch on a nightly basis.

These wraps would make a great finger food type hors d’oeuvre for a New Year’s Eve party.  If you are looking for gluten free recipes for a party I have a handy little New Year’s Recipe Round Up from last year.

Thai Chicken Wraps


  1. Spread out the lettuce leaves
  2. Place a tablespoon of Napa cabbage in each leaf
  3. Add 1 tablespoon each of chicken, broccoli, carrots and scallions to each leaf
  4. Drizzle with Tangy Peanut Sauce
  5. Serve

Serves 4

The inspiration for this recipe came from the May/June 2009 issue of Clean Eating.  Their version used both shrimp and chicken (too much cooking for me and too many flavors, I’d rather simplify) it also used spring roll wrappers which I replaced with lettuce.

About.com recently posted a recipe from my gluten free cookbook in the Celiac Disease section of their website. Here’s my super yummy Chocolate Chip Scones recipe from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

For those of you following my book tour I’ll be doing a live streaming interview tomorrow at 10am (MT) with Dr. Derrick DeSilva, Jr. of Ask Dr. DeSilva on HealthRadio.net.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

posted on December 28, 2009, 11 comments

  1. Lauren @ celiacteen.com

    I love the ease of wraps made with lettuce =D. This has such a great flavour combo – It all looks amazing!

  2. Kathryn

    This looks simple and delicious! We’ll be trying this one before the week is over. I must tell you that your cookbook was the hit of Christmas Day! I’d received it and another (Pioneer Woman’s) and had them in the kitchen while I cooked for guests. Both books were passed around and enjoyed. But when my parents both looked through yours from cover to cover and couldn’t believe it was full of recipes that I can safely have I knew it was an epiphany for them. Everyone was passing it around and ooohing and aaahhing away. =-)

  3. My husband will love this one! He likes anything Thai or Indian flavored.

  4. Elana – you just love Asian food! I think you have more Asian dinner recipes than American food dinner recipes! I love your innovation!

  5. ~M

    Yum! These look so “clean.” :) Jicama might be a good addition too, or a sub for the napa.

    Have you considered making a roundup of “uses leftover chicken/protein” recipes?

  6. Karen

    Hey Elana,

    I went to Hazelnut Hills last week to pick up a last minute Christmas treat for someone and showed the owner you book. I suggested she stock some since the recipes are easily transferable and I prefer that chocolate scone recipe with hazelnut flour. What could be better than hazelnuts and chocolate together? Oh… Just lettin’ ya know I’m out there tryin to sell em for ya. I think I’ve sold six now!!! LOL… Thanks for a great book. I’ll write up a review of the lemon bars for the GFCF group here in a day or two. :~D

  7. Christina

    Made these last night! Delicious…I was lazy though and used store bought peanut sauce..gluten free though! Next time I will definitely make the sauce. I’m sure it’ll be even better! Thanks Elana!

  8. I made these last night! We loved them – so fresh and simple – and the peanut sauce – I am in love!

  9. LearningMama

    Oh Elana, again excellent! My whole family helped pitch in and make these super easy wraps for dinner tonight. My youngest said she would rather I premix the ingredients and serve on Napa cabbage. I love that she is experimenting with recipes also! We baked a turkey yesterday to have leftovers for the week and to try some of those wonderful chicken round-up recipes. Can’t wait to try the soups!

  10. Mary Chrysa

    Hi Elana!
    Thank you for the wonderful cooking class last friday at Salud! I brought home an extra cupcake for my husband and he devoured it! The Thai Chicken Wraps we made today for lunch were a hit. Both my husband and 3 yo son loved them. My husband said it was the best peanut sauce he’s ever had.

    Your cooking philosophies match our own and it was so nice to learn about the ayurvedic diet and cooking for all the senses. Is there a book or website you would recommend so we could learn more about it?

    Thanks again!
    Mary Chrysa

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