elana's pantry


I love your blog! In fact, the ginger tea is a recipe I might borrow today. Very cool.
Kimbal Musk, Owner
The Kitchen Cafe

I just stumbled across your site today due to the got milk post. The recipes you have up look absolutely wonderful! I wanted to ask if we can feature the got milk post on Go Dairy Free.
Alisa Fleming

Thanks Elana, what a lovely site you have!
Elise Bauer

waylan h. lewisProfessionally speaking, I am in love with you right now.
Waylon H. Lewis, Editor-in-Chief
Elephant Magazine

debbie sarfatiWhat a great resource you have put together! I plan to try some of your recipes and pass your info along to my clients as well!
Debbie Sarfati, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Your website looks great! I love to see sites like yours that I can go back to over and over for new ideas, recipes etc. I’ll make sure to bookmark it so I can revisit it each month.
Donna Reese

The ability to instantly connect to sites that sell unusual products (e.g., the lentil bean pasta, which is not available around here) is wonderful. Many thanks.
Miriam Breyer

I just wanted to thank you for posting your recipes. We tried your Rosemary Apple Chicken tonight and it was a hit! Simple to make and delicious to eat.
Ken Hadford

I absolutely love your website! The photos are hunger-inspiring, the stories and comments are personal and interesting and overall flow is inviting and enjoyable.
Keith Wipke

I checked out a bunch of your recipes. Your website has me drooling. I can’t wait to try some!
Jill Isenhart

It’s a wonderful resource for celiacs and others who have gluten or wheat sensitivities. It teaches us that we can continue to enjoy our favorite foods – in fact, in many cases they can taste even better.
Howard Boigon, partner
Hogan and Hartson

Thanks so much… I love your site! Pictures of the finished product, a little history behind the recipe, links to purchasing the ingredients, wow!
Katerina Getchell

The pumpkin upside down cake, sesame crackers, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and granola were all hits with my family. They were thrilled to be able to enjoy yummy, healthy desserts and treats.
Sandra Wong

I made the orange chicken and the cranberry sauce with broccoli. Hannah and I lapped it up.
Stephanie Rose