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Gluten Free Superbowl Party Recipes

I’m not one to get swept up in all the Superbowl mania. I do however have a great list of gluten free recipes for all you sports fans out there. These Superbowl recipes are healthy, wholesome and of course, gluten free.

I hope you enjoy these guilt free, game day finger foods while rooting for your favorite team!

posted on January 29, 2009, 10 comments

  1. gfe--gluten free easily @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    The pictures here are lovely. Those veggies are particularly appealing. (Funny, how cutting them long and skinny makes you want to grab one and eat it immediately!) Other recipes listed here I’ve oohed and ahed over before. But, I had to check out the macadamia caramel clusters–oh my! Those look beyond incredible.

    I’m not into the game much, but I enjoy being with our family, sharing great food, and seeing a few very creative commercials. :-)


  2. Emily

    While everyone else is drinking beer and eating junk, I will be chowing down on a huge plate of squash fries (the hubby will probably sneak a few too)!! I bought Wholemato ketchup tonight and am super excited to try it. As usual, I probably will pay attention to the first 10 minutes, then lose myself in a conversation with another female who reluctantly agreed to accompanying her spouse!
    Enjoy the show!
    (Elana, do you take the photos of your delicious eats? They are spectacular! I love the use of colors)

  3. the almond butter blondie link doesn’t work. x x x

  4. AB BLONDIES?!?!??! Oh yes – those are brilliant. Especially since I’m obsessed with blondies, as evidenced on my blog :-)

  5. Alisa - Go Dairy Free @ godairyfree.org

    I still need to try those fries! I posted up some super bowl dip ideas today, but missed your avocado spread – yummy!

  6. just in the nick of time. i’m sorely behind on my superbowl planning! thanks!



  7. Shirley -Thanks for another great comment! I’m the same way with game watching, I mostly stay in the kitchen making food.

    Emily -I hope you enjoyed the fries! I do take all of my own photos, thanks.

    naomi -I fixed the link, sorry ’bout that!

    VeggieGirl -Yes, almond butter blondies! Yum. Great blog by the way.

    Alisa -Thanks!

    heather -You’re welcome :-)

  8. Outstanding blog!!! So glad to find you on Twitter…

  9. Laura,

    Thanks for writing! I’m loving your blog –the photos are incredible and the food looks mouthwatering.


  10. Eric Myers @ cookitallergyfree.com

    Yum all these recipes look really great. I am having a party for a bunch of my friends this weekend and really wanted to offer some snacks that everybody could eat and enjoy. I will definitely be giving these a try. Thanks for sharing.

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