vegan strawberry sorbet dessert

Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberries are higher in antioxidants than just about every other fruit.

Strawberry Sorbet is the perfectly refreshing dessert for any summer meal.  This sorbet recipe is loaded with wholesome strawberries, which have numerous health benefits.  Strawberries are thought to be a cancer fighting food as well as high in vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and good for the cardiovascular system.  Research has also shown that strawberries can help to regulate blood sugar and decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.

I’m highlighting this sorbet recipe (previously posted several years ago) because it’s hot here (96 degrees in Boulder today), and I’m craving light and healthy food.  So here’s how to make sorbet the easy way –take note, this recipe contains a mere 3 ingredients.

Strawberry Sorbet
Serves: 4
  1. Place strawberries, water and agave in a vitamix
  2. Blend on highest speed until smooth and creamy
  3. Pour mixture into ice cream maker and process according to instructions
  4. Serve

Here are some of my other healthy strawberry recipes:


  1. says

    Looks great, Elana! Wish I had some strawberries now to make this. To make sorbet without an ice cream maker, I recently learned a tip from “The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen”. You freeze the sorbet base in ice cube trays and once they’re frozen, the cubes are pureed in a food processor until smooth.

    • Donna Thibodeau says

      Thanks for the information – I don’t have a Vitamix or ice cream maker but I plan to try the blender, freeze, and blend again.

      • Jason Aanderson says

        A vitamix IS a blender, its an over priced blender. The company that creates it pays people to market it to other people, like their own friends! If you want a great blender at a reasonable price get a Blendtech! They’re amazing, I have one, I got my mom one (didn’t make her buy it like a Vitamix user would..) and It’s lasted years with no flaw. It handles anything and it also is SO easy to clean. It has a patented design that makes great smoothies, ice cream, all of that!

        Hope I don’t sound like a Salesman, I’m not, I’m a 23 year old med student who just doesn’t like to see people ripped off, enjoy!

        • bunnieluv says

          I have worked in and out of pro kitchens for years. Though I am not a chef or pastry chef by trainin, I do have many friends who are in the restaurant business and have me come in to add special items to their seasonal menus mainly desserts.I always saw vit a mix blenders in the professional kitchens and never found them to be anything that was extraordinary, ( surprisingly slow and weak in speed) they were just overpriced. Many years ago I purchased an original ninja blender for maybe $80 that blender had more horsepower than any other blender or food processor on the market and I believe still does at 1000 to 1500 RPMs. Though ninja has become recently very popular and has come out with a lot of new ninja items-it is still far cheaper then a vita mix and much more powerful.
          I have made everything in a ninja blender from turkey meatballs starting with a whole raw turkey,raw whole vegetables, and loaves of crusty bread( which I made , in the ninja as well )- beautiful silky soups, Fresh pastas, breads, sauces,entire desserts with a pastry crust, pastry cream-beautiful sorbets, crème anglaises,sauces marinades, mashed potatoes -you name it anything that calls for a blender, food processor, or a mixer ( with in reason) – you can made in a ninja. My original ninja model has a extremy large container that has two interchangeable sets of “blades “. The blades are extremely sharp so sharpen fact that I have to keep them in their own plastic container so that nobody grazes a hand or finger on the blades as after eight years they are still sharp as a titanium blade knife. The other attachment which are paddles mixes beautifully and kneeds dough. I don’t think at the time that this product was released when I purchased at the potential for what a blender at such a dynamically high horsepower could do seem to be a product that was really focused on being able to make ice into snow so you could make your own ice cream or soothes. I didn’t see any recipes that the manufacturer included inside of the box that we were anything more than a few lower calorie frozen dessert options, and a few simple pasta sauces, very simple soups, and smoothies. Basically nothing even close to what I have found you can do with the ninja. When I first started bringing the ninja into kitchens the name was not known,it was a product that was new on the market and was not being really advertised. It was virtually unknown to many people. Now though ninja is advertising and have infermericals, I still don’t think that people realize that the middle-of-the-road standard vita mix blender is approximately $500 and has an RPM of 500 to 700 a ninja varies in price from $80-$120 ( and remember I am speaking about the ninja that I have with one container with two blades and 1200RPM)offers a large capacity container and the RPM is 1200 to 1850. The ninja may not have a freezing or heating mechanism built into it but do you really want to cook a soup in a blender no professional kitchen would ever do such a thing because it will never get hot enough. As for freezing it doesn’t really get cold, it just keeps the product from becoming complete liquid but it doesn’t freeze it enough really to become an ice cream or sorbet. I don’t really consider that newer feature of the vita mix blender to warrant the high cost.

          So if you are someone that is really interested in making a healthy change in your life or cooking at home or whatever reason it may be when you were looking at blenders and food processors and things to add to or to start your basic kitchen collection with. The most important thing to do is to look at the strength of the machine the horsepower of a blender and a cup capacity. Over the years I times I have purchased things that were so pretty to look at and I though they were maybe too expensive for me at the time but this will last forever. It never did what it should do because it was never strong enough because I never looked at the RPMs and there were too many tiny parts that could easily be lost or broken. In the case of one of my food processors, I had so many different interchangeable blades which I thought would be really great because I could grate cheese and I could cut up tough sinewy pieces of meat, I can make crusts,I can chop nuts etc. BUT Somewhere in my 10 minutes to clean the food processor process I miss placed a small non-impressive looking white plastic “stick “so to speak. Apparently this plastic stick was very important the food processor does not work /function at all without the stick. I cannot seem to find though I have tried many times through the manufacturer which is Cuisinart to purchase this “stick” . One can purchase 100 million different blade replacements or additions but you can’t purchase the stick and less you buy a whole new food processor. So my processor purchase was a complete waste of money it sits in the back of my pantry laughing at me and it makes me so angry because I remember the day 12 years ago when I purchased it and how I had major budget problems that month because of that purchase. I am so glad that I can now use the ninja for pretty much everything I could use that food processor for and they’re only two pieces that are both quite large and the cop and its cover the whole unit is a total of five pieces. Five large pieces that you will not easily lose. Believe me I’m not someone who has a vested interest in telling another person about a great blender I just know that it’s difficult to start a kitchen on a budget when you really want to have things that will lasts a long time. If you really want advice ,I would recommend the original ninja blender and a KitchenAid stand mixer the professional series or what ever model now has the highest RPMs- that is the most important if it is strong then it will last. Those two products should get you through almost everything you need to get through with basic baking even more intermediate baking and cooking with the exception of a few carefully selected pots and pans ( do not buy a set ), 3 excellent knives ( NEVER BUY A SET ) and some bakeware pieces you be really set up to start baking and cooking the way you want to.

  2. Lynn Salmon-Easter says

    Beautiful photograph!!
    I love your site.
    Thank you for all you hard work and efforts to our benefit.

  3. says

    You’re correct: strawberries are an excellent anti-cancer berry, along with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and black currants. In a recent study, 60 grams (2 ounces) freeze-dried strawberries were fed daily for 6 months to 36 patients with precancerous lesions in the esophagous. The result: 80% of the patients experienced a reduction in the grade (severity) of their lesions. [Yan et al., Proc AICR, Apr 6, 2011]

    What a yummy way to get my daily dose of berries. I added a tsp of lemon juice to pop up the flavor of the frozen berries.

  4. julie says

    Hi, if you don;t have an icecream maker can you make the sorbet in the vitamix with ice instead of water? Please advise. Thx

  5. Jinny says

    Hey, has anyone tried substituting honey for agave? I can’t find agave in the stores around here (small town).

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