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Fun Raiser

Some school fundraisers are very desirable –a true service to both the school and the people that buy into them. One such fundraiser is the satsuma sale at my children’s Waldorf school. I like to think of this sale as more of a fun raiser, than a fundraiser.

Every year, their school, Shining Mountain organizes the sale of delicious organic satsuma tangerines right before the winter holidays.

And every year, I buy cases and cases of these spectacular fruits for friends and family. I give a case out to each person on my list. I don’t actually have a list…but I give them out to quite a few people nonetheless.

Here’s why we like the satusumas:

  1. Organic
  2. Supports the type of agriculture we believe in

  3. Sustains our School
  4. Money for a good cause

  5. Good Gift
  6. Give friends delicious, nourishing food, rather than useless, unwanted holiday clutter

We vote with our dollars, because this one is a win-win situation all around!

posted on December 4, 2006, 6 comments

  1. ~M

    Have you ever tried making a citrus cake using satsumas (peels and all) and almond meal? I made a meyer lemon version and it was phenomenal.

  2. ~M –yes, this year when we bought the satsumas, I adapted one of Claudia Roden’s orange cake recipes, boiling the tangerines and making the cake out of the whole fruit. It was quite good –very moist!

  3. ~M

    Please consider posting your tweaked version since I’m relatively certain that yours includes agave and not copious amounts of sugar. Did you use your blanched almond flour or (coarser) unblanched almond meal? I think next time (possibly Passover), I’ll make one with lime since we adore lime around here.

  4. ~M -I will definitely be posting my version at some point, though it sometimes takes me a little while to catch up (i.e., bake the experimental recipe a few times –torturing my family in the process making them eat/taste it over and over again). Writing up the instructions and then getting a good photo of it. I will move your request to the top of the pile! Thanks for all of your inspiration and comments. BTW, can’t recall anything that I’ve made with unblanched almond flour; I really do not enjoy cooking with it…

  5. CM

    Hi, Elana. I’d like to see the alternative recipe when you have a chance. Is it posted somewhere else? Thanks!!

  6. CM,

    Thanks for your comment.  I haven’t posted the orange cake recipe as of yet, though will do soon.


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