Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is the perfect time to use pumpkin recipes. My boys and I love pumpkin. In fact, my younger son used to eat so much pumpkin and winter squash as a baby that we called him “squash.” Pumpkins are simply a form of winter squash. Pumpkin recipes can be made all year round, but are incredible during autumn when pumpkin and winter squash are in season.

Pumpkin and other winter squash have many health benefits.  They are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds (fabulous for cancer prevention and treatment), blood sugar regulation, and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

I generally use fresh roasted pumpkin in my pumpkin recipes, though I’ve tested the use of canned pumpkin in a couple of them. If you read through the comments of each post, you may find that other readers have had success using canned pumpkin, rather than fresh roasted. By the way, I frequently use acorn squash, butternut squash, or other winter squash in place of pumpkin in my pumpkin recipes and they work equally as well!

Below you will find all of my healthy pumpkin recipes from scratch using fresh roasted pumpkin.