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Pumpkin Ginger Soup

gluten free pumpkin ginger soup

Soup mania continues.  And this dairy free creamy pumpkin coconut ginger soup hits the spot.  I decided I had to make something pumpkin today after making pumpkin pies from my gluten free cookbook (The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook) and finding myself with a bunch of leftover roasted pumpkin.  Of course soup was the easiest thing to make after making one too many pumpkin pies for family and friends.

We’re having nice weather here, in the 60’s and sunny, however with a chill in the air, I can’t get enough soup.  And this one is a rich, filling and nourishing treat.

Everything has calmed down a bit since Halloween and the boys and I are settling into a good routine, other than those late night World Series games –come on Yankees, get the job done already!

In any event, I’ll be serving this warming soup to the boys for dinner tonight with salad greens from the garden (which currently exists in our cold frame).  They’ll finish their chores and then we’ll eat dinner while we listen to the game playing on the radio.

Pumpkin Ginger Soup


  1. In a vitamix, combine pumpkin, chicken stock and coconut milk and process on high until smooth
  2. Blend in stevia, lemon juice and ginger
  3. Place mixture in a pot and bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes
  4. Serve

You may want to add more stevia to your soup than the recipe calls for to make it just a bit sweeter.  I sometimes add a couple of drops of stevia to the individual bowls of soup.  If you use a different type of stevia than the recipe calls for you may need to adjust your amounts, since different brands and types of stevia have different levels of sweetness.

The lovely Karina of Karina’s Kitchen also has a recipe for a yummy looking gluten free pumpkin coconut soup.  I think that’s where I first got the idea to combine pumpkin with coconut in a soup, though I know I also saw something similar on one of my gluten free yahoo groups as well.

posted on November 4, 2009, 30 comments

  1. Yay! You’re using stevia! Hope you got my post for Go Ahead Honey. Love this weather -Supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.

    Love, Kelly

  2. Sounds good to me! I love soup this time of year – its the perfect meal.

  3. What a lovely flavor-pairing! Love the spice.

  4. Yes, I love the pairing of pumpkin and coconut milk. Soft, subtle, lovely. Send some over, please!

  5. christie, honoring health @ honormyhealth.com

    That sounds delicious. I made a similar butternut squash soup last week and didn’t think to add coconut milk. Great idea!

  6. I’ve made a pumpkin soup with coconut milk (and Thai curry paste!) before as well! I love the combo (well, I love anything with coconut milk, so…). That pumpkin is cool-looking, I haven’t happened across one like it. I’m all about soup this time of year as well, I’ve been a soup-making machine!

  7. Julia

    This sounds great! My youngest daughter is 11 months now, so I have been trying to make more food that the whole family can eat. I think we are going to love this.

  8. Beth

    I was making your Pumpkin Custard the other day and decided to make it into a cold (well, room temperature) soup. I thinned it out a bit and it was fantastic.

    This soup looks like it will hit the spot. The weather has turned cold up here in Ottawa, ON and the combination of pumpkin and ginger should provide the warmth I’m carving.

  9. Emily

    Mmmm even the name of this soup sounds comforting! You have a cold frame!? That is so cool! I have been researching these because I’d like to build one. If it interests you- I would LOVE a post on how-to build/tips on a cold frame! It just makes so much sense to have one. Hope we aren’t too late to get started. xoxo

  10. Angel Kelly

    I would love it of you could hot link back to any description you may have already provided about how to roast pumpkins, as well as any thoughts about whether or not it might work or not, to substitute pumpkin in another form.

    I run a food pantry & we have lots of canned pumpkin & if is adaptable it would be an AMAZING option….

  11. gfe-gluten free easily @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    What a gorgeous photo! Your soup looks so appealing. I can’t resist anything pumpkin. I’ve never heard of that stevia before, but it’s nice the recipe needs such a small amount.


  12. Jim Babb @ yahoo

    The use of fresh ginger is a delightful touch. The vitamix cannot be beat, Jim Babb.

  13. Barbara

    Can’t wait to make the ginger pumpkin soup. It is great to have a powerful blender to put all those veggies into your soup and nobody even has to know.

  14. jill duncan @ jillduncan77@yahoo.com

    hi, i’m wondering if when you say 3 cups of roasted pumpkin, you mean 3 cups pureed? or chopped? or what? i’m making it tonight and would LOVE to know soon!

  15. Noel

    Oh wow — this looks so easy! I love the suggestion to mix it all up in the Vitamix.
    I need soup. I love the ease of your recipes.
    : )

  16. christina

    i recommend blending some roasted sweet potatoes and roasted carrots along with the pumkin to add a natural sweetness from more veg instead of the stevia

  17. Alyce

    How much canned pumpkin would you substitute for the roasted three cups as she has in the recipe? All I have is canned this time or year. Need this for an anti-inflammatory diet for my daughter!!!

  18. prem


    can i subsitute the coconut milk with something else , i am allergic to coconut milk



  19. Marissa

    Could I make this and put it in a glass jar? Would it say good for a few months??

  20. Brenda

    We harvested our first pumpkin of the year today. After roasting the pumpkin, the yield was enough to make a pie and a half batch of this wonderful pumpkin-ginger soup. Delicious! I usually grate fresh ginger and freeze it to use as needed – the flavor combination was perfect. This will be a regular at our house as long as the pumpkin lasts.

  21. barbara klatt @ brooksidefarm.ca

    made this soup today and, since I don’t use stevia, used our own organic honey as a sweetener, which makes me wonder – why the lemon juice?
    I found it totally masked the flavour of the pumpkin, and I ended up seasoning the whole batch with Thai spices and lemongrass, and that worked out ok.

    Maybe I missed an ingredient??

  22. Joey

    Hi, Elana. I am a fan of pumpkin soups but would like them to be a bit spicier. What type of spice would you add to give this soup a bit of a kick without sacrificing the awesome pumpkin flavor?
    Thank you,

  23. bob

    I made this soup this evening. It was lovely, and simple! The vitamix gives soup such a rich texture =). Also, I added coriander since we had no thyme (as per your stock recipe – I only had plain chicken water stock).

  24. Aleta

    I’m enjoying this soup as I type! Love the flavor combo and especially the “brightness” that the lemon and ginger bring to the soup.

    For those who are avoiding any added sweeteners and sticking to whole foods, I substituted half of an apple, peeled, for sweetness in lieu of the stevia. I would recommend a yellow or green apple (moderately to very tart) to keep the bright flavor. Add the apple in Step 1 with the pumpkin.

  25. Hi Elana, I love the recipe you have shared in this article. For me this “Pumpkin Ginger Soup” is the best soup recipe, i have ever seen. Looking forward to see more recipe from you.

  26. Truly love this recipe! I will defnitely try this and let you know how it was (:. Going to check out your other recipes as well.

  27. Devona

    Can I substitute unsweetened almond milk for the coconut? I’m not doing Paleo, but more of a no sugar program.

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