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Gluten-Free Baking Basics
Expert help for how to make gluten-free, holiday treats taste good.

Delicious Living

Luscious, Light Desserts
If you think the words healthy and dessert simply don’t go together, prepare to be delighted and surprised.

No gluten, no dairy, no problem
Four suppers that make it a pleasure to avoid two common allergens.

Delight Magazine

Happy Healthy Holidays!
It’s easy to feel left out or overwhelmed by the presence of gluten, but now with these super healthy dishes, you can enjoy the holidays in every way possible and once again break “bread” with family and friends.

Nourishing Dessert, Good Enough For Everyone
These quick and easy desserts will leave you, your loved ones and guests sated and satisfied. With nutritious, higher protein, wholesome ingredients, these treats won’t spike your blood sugar and leave you with the dreaded “high carb hangover”, something we can all do without, whether gluten-free or not. And these goodies are good enough for everyone.

The Denver Post

Tips for Gluten-free Holidays
Whenever I go to a party, I bring my favorite chocolate-chip cookies. They are generally a big hit —
gluten free, dairy free and vegan, something everyone can enjoy.

Elephant Magazine

Waldorf Style
Overall, seasonality, rhythm and routine provide the backdrop for Waldorf education, and the
celebration of festivals holds a key place in the curriculum.

The Daily Camera

The Holiday Paradox
Maybe it’s time to eat a little more consciously and be aware of what we put in our mouths, how it impacts our bodies and the rest of those on the planet.

Lying with labels — the new corporate welfare
Recently, in the face of great public outcry, the USDA decided that “raw” almonds must be steam treated. To most people, other than those at USDA, heating would in effect, create an almond considered anything but ‘raw’.

Gluten-Free? Try These
In the U.S. of the 3 million people that have celiac disease, fewer than 100,000 have been diagnosed.

The Color of Money
According to the National Institute of Health, everyone’s favorite “fringe” organization, studies indicate some children “experience an increase in hyperactivity when given artificial dyes.”

The Silent Suburban War
How did the dandelion come to be known as a weed? Have we become so preoccupied with the way things look that we are willing to use toxins to make our lawns look “pretty?”

The Politics of High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Who suffers from this glut of cheap corn? Aside from our pocketbooks, we do — take a look at the expanding American waistline…

Where’s the beef?
One hundred and two years after Upton Sinclair’s book, the meatpacking industry is still a jungle.

The Decider vs. the Terminator
This is not a story about global warming. It is a story about big government.

Collision-course Economy: Consumption vs. Conservation
Welcome to the rueful reality of the American economy, a fruit so ripe that it is dripping in juicy contradiction.