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Passover Round Up

UPDATE: Here’s my latest Kosher for Passover recipe roundup.

Passover is this Saturday! I have been cooking up many Pesach dishes of late and am happy to provide a round-up below.

A couple of notes:

I did not include a vegetable dish in the above list. Generally, I like to serve steamed broccoli or broiled asparagus with our Passover meal. I have linked to a squash pie recipe that I use during Passover as our squash “kugel.”

As you will notice, matzoh is conspicuously absent from the above list. I purchase a gluten-free oat matzoh for my boys, however, I do not eat grains, so I create an almond flour matzoh for myself to use as a vehicle for the Hillel Sandwich. My husband says the matzoh that I make is so bad, that I have deemed it unworthy of ‘blogage’.

Happy Pesach to you and yours!


posted on April 15, 2008, 13 comments

  1. Helen McCusker

    Such a beautiful spread!

  2. Ya'ara @ bishulog.co.il

    Happy pessach and thank you!!

  3. You’re so far ahead of me – I’m just starting to get to the cooking phase – thanks for the roundup – good job. It’s a pretty ambitious job to try and make matza with almond flour. I picked some up just to make an apple cake with and thought I was advanced LOL.

    Chag sameach

  4. LSG

    Hi Elana,

    I just wanted to let you know that I posted a link to your website on another website’s message boards. I am part of a community of women who are trying to conceive but are having difficulty. Many of us eat gluten, dairy, and/or sugar free. I thought some of the women might find your passover recipes very helpful. (www.fertileheart.com for those who might be interested)

    I personally have food allergies (but not celiac’s), and I frequent some of the gluten-free boards. I can’t eat much sugar, even agave, but I do make some exceptions on special occasions. I made some of your cookies for Valentine’s Day, and they were great. I’m very drawn to the simplicity of your recipes, and the way they turn out tasting very complex in spite of (or perhaps because of) their simplicity. Thanks for posting them!


  5. Helen -Thanks. You are my cooking muse. Remember the days…xo E.

    Ya’ra -Thanks for your comments and Hag Samaech! L’heetraiot.

    Gizmar -If you tasted my matzo you wouldn’t find it bo be too advanced :-) I hope your apple cake is delicious and that you have a lovely Pesach!

    LSG – Thanks for the linkage and your feedback. I appreciate them both! And you really got it –I am always striving for simplicity and I too find it has quite a bit of flavor. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to conceive –I imagine this is a challenging time, let me know if I can help…

  6. Coffee and Vanilla @ coffeeandvanilla.com


    Just a short note that you have been awarded with “E for Excellent” Award :)


    Ciao, Margot

  7. Sheila

    Hi Elana,
    I was SO HAPPY to come across your site. Our granddaughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac and needs to be gluten free. I was THRILLED to find your recipe for matzoh balls. Someone told me that you need to add potato starch. If so, how much would you use? I noticed you did not include that in your recipe. How necessary is it?Would appreciate a response as soon as possible since I plan to make it for the holiday in September. Thanks for your time.

  8. Sheila,

    Thank you for you comment. Potato starch is not necessary in my matzoh ball recipe.


  9. Grace

    Are you able to tolerate flax? Perhaps that might be a tolerable direction to go for your matzoh?

    Love your recipes!

  10. Grace,

    Yes, I do a lot of my baking with flax and will have several recipes that utilize it in my forthcoming cookbook from Ten Speed Press.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


  11. I found an interesting GF matzo recipe using almond meal/flour, potato starch (that i will probably substitute with sweet potato flour) and a little bit of flax meal.

  12. chandra sekhar.ch

    Shalom and Greetings!
    We have a small congregation in India,
    we are getting ready for Pesach,(Passover)on April
    17th evening2011.
    if you have any chance to send some Matza(bread)
    for the congregation, please send me some Matza packets at leaast 3 small packets.
    we have no money to buy Pesach Matza kindly help us.
    this is me Postal Address
    Bro:chandra sekhar.ch
    M.D.O.off RD,
    E.G.Dt, A.P.
    INDIA- 533 253.
    cell:91 9989970579.
    thank you so much.

  13. Chana Batkin @ arttosave.com

    Hi friends.
    I have just finished preparing a Tarte Tatin (French upside down tart)
    Gluten free, dairy free, kosher for passover.
    Using an adaptation of Elana’s short bread cookie recipe, with substitutions of grapeseed oil instead of butter and sugar water instead of sugar, it looks just like the real thing, we will taste it for Shabbat dinner tonight and I will let you know how it all turns out.

    I would send you a photo if I knew how to, but it does look awesome!!!!!!!

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