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Paleo Magazine

I’m a huge fan of Paleo power couple Cain and Tammy Credicott, they are some of the nicest, most hardworking people I know and do so much for the Paleo community.

Cain is the publisher of Paleo magazine and Tammy is the author of three amazing cookbooks. So imagine my surprise when Cain called wanting to do a story on me and my new cookbook, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. And imagine my further surprise when the folks at Paleo magazine wanted to put a photo of me on the cover. Yikes.

One photo shoot later, here we are. A picture of lil’ old me plastered on a magazine in health food stores across the country. I have subscribed to Paleo magazine for quite some time because it is the definitive magazine on the Paleo lifestyle. Bursting with reviews, interviews, recipes, and tons of information on health, nutrition, and exercise, this publication is a fantastic and up-to-date source on the latest in Primal living.

So today I’m giving away a 1-year subscription to one of my lucky readers. To be entered just leave a comment below. The winner will be selected at random September 13th at 4pm MDT.

Please note that today I’m also giving away a copy of my book to three winners on instagram. To be entered in that giveaway, just follow elanaspantry on instagram –current followers on instagram are eligible to win as well. That drawing also ends today at 4pm!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Paleo Magazine subscription is Veronica. The Instagram winners were tarmstrong222, bruleegirl, and saramoorehart. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Trish arieta says

    Thanks for the tip!! Didnt know there was a magazine!! I love the cover shot and love the new cookbook!! It would be great to win a subscription :)!!

  2. Lyndie Scawen says

    Find your recipes and site inspirational as new paleo / carb free family and look forward to new emails. By the way what goes the apple cider vinegar do in your nutty bread recipe ?
    Thank you

  3. chs says

    So fun to see you on a cover of a magazine! I have Tammy Credicott’s GF cookbook, and now I’m interested to check out her Paleo stuff too. I already have *your* Paleo cookbook – yum!

  4. André Bil says

    It’s a pity that Paleo Magazine is not for sale in the Netherlands. But we have met Elane while she was giving a cookshop at Sur La Table in Boulder. She gave us an authograph in her new book.

  5. Christy Johnson says

    Where can I buy this magazine? I’m very interested in the article on the cover ‘when eating gluten free isnt enough’. I have RA and have been dairy, soy and gluten free, trying to get my RA to the point where it isn’t so active, so when I saw the title on the magazine it caught my attention.
    I do follow your bog and also on Instagram.

  6. Monique Kendrick says

    Elana, You are the perfect person for the magazine to put on the cover.You are an inspiration to us all!!! It was so awesome to see you on the cover of a magazine. I noticed you when I was standing in the line at the grocery store and said, I know her (not literally)Lol I quickly grabbed it off the shelf with a smile on my face.I know its silly ,but you make us all feel like we are all neighbors sharing recipes.
    Thanks for making easy, delicious,recipes for us to enjoy… while enduring our crazy allergies.
    Many Thanks:0)

  7. Nancy says

    Love your ideas and they inspire me to experiment with gluten free cooking! Your cover this month is super.

  8. Stephanie says

    This is too cool Elana – congratulations! Guess I’ll have to pick up a copy at Whole Foods this weekend.

  9. Tania says

    Thank you so much Elana for all your hard work, recipes and inspiration! I didn’t know Paleo magazine existed. I hope to find a copy! Congratulations on being a feature in it! You deserve it!t

  10. Sheryl Branyon says

    I love Paleo Magazine! It’s what introduced me to Paleo and got me started! I would love a year subscription :)

  11. Sarah Billingsley says

    Congrats on the magazine coverage! I would love a year long subscription to this amazing magazine!

  12. Jane Lee says

    Thanks to you my transition to Paleo has been a breeze. Didn’t know about the magazine – thanks for the blog

  13. Mo says

    We have been Paleo for some time now… the benefits have been, well, incredible! Thanks for all of your Paleo recipes!

  14. Kal says

    I liked this issue SO much, I accidentally purchased two copies. Your cookbook is on my shelf and I have several family members who threaten to borrow it forever every time they peruse it! Right now I’m fighting with a nutritionist who is telling my husband that his high cholesterol is because of MY Paleo cooking. Love your blog and the cookbook! Thank you for all you do!

  15. Habiba says

    Go Elana!! That is amazing!!! Loving your new cookbook! I’ve truly enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far and so has my family– from the Coconut Creme tart to Apricot Muffins to Chicken Marsbella, yum!!! So delicious! Thank you ?

  16. Brandi B. says

    I just recently purchased a few issues of Paleo magazine and I really like it–it would be great to win

  17. Lois Doughty says

    I would love to win a subscription to this magazine! I gave up subscriptions to mags like Woman’s Day a long time ago because I had lost interest in them, but this one I would read cover to cover. So glad they featured you, Elana! I had heard of you before I knew about the Paleo diet through Denni Dunham who cooks on Doug Kaufman’s program, Know The Cause. Love your recipes!

  18. Nancy says

    Finding your website/information came at just the right time for me. It will be so much easier to move forward with staying on track gluten and dairy-free with all the information you have shared. Thank you! I would like to try Paleo and see what it has to offer as well!

  19. Shelley says

    Congrats! I would love a subscription as it would definitely help me as I get started on my paleo eating ways.

  20. Aimee says

    I’m just starting with Paleo eating but the concept seem essential to a truly healthy life. If we can just naturalize and simplify the rest of our lives!!!! Let’s all jump outside now and breathe! Elena, I’ve enjoyed so very much your site for several years now. Thank you for your concern for true health, your honesty, and your creativity!!!! Aimee

  21. Nancy Whisker says

    Great cover photo! Can’t wait to read it. I haven’t seen the magazine anywhere locally so I would LOVE to have a subscription. Thank you for offering it and for you delicious recipes, too!

  22. Marcy says

    Even with everything available on-line nowadays, I still love getting hard copy magazines in the mail. I would love a subscription! A great photo too :)

  23. says

    Wow. A paleo magazine is truly exciting. I am so excited to have easier access to this world! Great picture & what a fantastic honor. Can’t wait to see what’s inside.

  24. Danielle says

    Congrats, Elana! I love Paleo magazine, and usually just buy it one issue at a time when the cover jumps out at me. I’d love to have a subscription!

  25. Amy says

    Wow! I too did not even know this magazine existed. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! Congratulations on the cover!

  26. Sharon says

    I can’t wait to get hold of this magazine. Thank you, Elana, for giving us all the resources we need to live a healthy life.

    • Nana says

      I didn’t know there was a Paleo magazine. Thanks for the information. I’d love to receive the magazine.

  27. Arlene beal says

    Your website is my first go to for GF and grain free recipes. I just ordered your book and look forward to using it. Since I have not heard of the paleo magazine, I shall look for it at my favorite stores.

  28. Alexandra says

    Tamy’s noatmeal raisin cookies from her first cookbook made out of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (and without eggs) are the best thing that ever happened to me.

  29. Brandae says

    Congrats on the cover and article! I’ll look for the magazine this weekend. :). Would love to win!

  30. Kristine Wolff says

    Love your website. I have been gluten-free for a short time and miss all the comfort foods! Thanks for the wonderful recipes and ideas.

  31. Lin Quitmeyer-Malo says

    I love trying your recipes! I have been trying to eat paleo for about 1 1/2 years now, and it has made a big difference for mr, including feeling better.

  32. Michelle says

    I love your Paleo cookbook. I will be going to my local bookstore to get that magazine today! Thanks for keeping our families well fed :)

  33. Jean says

    I’m very new to this way of eating and have never even heard of this magazine – would love to get my hands on it (no local bookstore near me)….I’ve explored your website though and am slowing getting into this. :-)

  34. Melissa C. says

    Congratulations on your pic and article in the Paleo magazine. Would love to win the subscription and learn more about the Paleo lifestyle!

  35. Christy Elliott says

    I too didn’t know there was a magazine. Sounds like you just introduced it to many fans. Great photo! Keep up the good work.

  36. Kelley says

    Would love to see this magazine and have a subscription! Thanks for all of your hard work to keep us in good health!

  37. Jen says

    I would LOVE this magazine. I follow you faithfully
    and it has made changing our diet easy and successful. With 3 kids and one a special needs picky eater that’s a challenge. Now my friends and neighbors come to me for paleo goodies!

  38. Stephanie says

    Would love to win this magazine subscription. The more info I can get my hands on about paleo, the better!

  39. Cheryl says

    Congratulations! Great photo. Very exciting! Your cookbooks are fantastic; no wonder they wanted you for their magazine.

  40. Stacey says

    I didn’t know about this magazine either! So many exciting things happening for you….I am happy for you…every every minute and thanks for sharing with us:)

  41. Corrie Broughton says

    Congrats Elana! I love the cookbook and would LOVE to read Paleo Magazine! Thanks for all you do:)

  42. Natalie says

    Paleo was a natural translation from the necessity of a gluten free diet for me. It has been a Godsend and people like you make it all the more easy to follow with the daily deliciousness you provide. So, thanks!

  43. says

    Awesome! Cannot wait to see magazine. I would love to win the subscription. You are such an inspiration. Thank you. I have so many food intolerances that you have helped me with. I could hardly eat anything….you turned my eating world around. 360!

  44. Laurie says

    Would love to get this subscription. Just discovering Elana’s Pantry and love the resource. Recently I have gone grain free so the recipes are appriciated.

  45. Stu says

    So it’s been almost 2 years and Paleo changed my life. After several years on statins (for chlolesterol), not knowing the effect on my organs long term, I switched to a Paleo diet and stopped taking those damn pills. Of course, I was baselined by my (new) doctor (the old one was not real happy as his “commission” on prescribing statins was effected); however, my cholesterol founds its happy zone, all my other scores improved and the drug industry will have to find another sucker.

  46. Janis says

    Congratulations Elana! I knew that there was a Paleo Magazine, but for some reason, I thought it was only available online. Thank you for the information. I will definitely check it out. Also, thank you for your blog and your delicious recipes!

  47. Peggy Driscoll says

    Thanks for all your hard work and amazing recipes!! You inspire me to feed my family well!!! Many blessings to you!!!

  48. Annetta Black says

    I love your recipes and try to incorporate them into our food plan. I’m gluten intolerant and my husband enjoys eating gluten free even though he doesn’t have to.
    Thanks Elana for your hard work to develop such yummy good for you food.

  49. Victoria Y. says

    Congratulations! That’s a big achievement and well deserved for all of your hard work for so many years. My best wishes!

  50. Kim Roa says

    Elana was my first introduction to Paleo and I felt so alone in my life. Then I found Paleo Magazine which opened up a whole new community for me as well as a great resource. Thank you both.

  51. Nancy Rush says

    Thanks Elana – I didn’t know about this magazine but will now check it out! Of course, I would love a free subscription :-)

  52. Janet Schmid says

    Thank you, Elana, for your offer. I already print out a number of your recipes. It’s wonderful to be able to use the best ingredients for health and have them taste good. I appreciate the lifestyle tips for kids, too.

  53. says

    Now this is a magazine I would read! I own my own business and don’t have time to read anything, but this has my attention. Would love to see a copy.

  54. says

    Congratulations to you! I didn’t realize that there was a Paleo magazine. I had to go gluten-free a few months ago. Though it has cleared up some issues for me, I still have some symptoms that lead me to believe I just don’t do well with grains in general. I have been thinking that a Paleo lifestyle might be the best option for me, but need to learn more about the ins and outs of it. This magazine would be fantastic.

  55. Linda says

    Oh, great news about the magazine! I cannot wait to see it in print and will have to look into getting a subscription! Love the recipes : )

  56. Liz N. says

    I would love to win! So excited to see you featured on the cover. We’ve been subscribers to Paleo Magazine but just recently, our subscription ran out! Congrats on being a ‘cover girl’!

  57. says


    If I could only read one food blog it would be yours! Thank you for all that you give.

    I would truly enjoy a subscription to Paleo If I were chosen.

    Thank you,
    Mary Burke

  58. angela says

    Elana you rocked that cover!! And thanks for giving so much of yourself. You’ve made my journey so much easier.

  59. stephanie r says

    I too did not know about this magazine, I will have to look into this. Congrats on the cover, great photo!

  60. Michelle says

    I would love to receive the magazine! The Paleo lifestyle has brought my health to a new level and I love how amazing I feel all the time!

  61. Wendy says

    My family is new to pale, would love a subscription. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I will definitely pick up a copy.

  62. meg segerberg says

    I have often wondered why no one had put out a Paleo magazine before. I am very excited to check it out and would be even more excited to win a year’s subscription!

  63. Shannon says

    Wow I did not know there was a magazine. I would love to get my hands on a subscription like this. Would love to know where I can pick up my copy.

  64. Paula says

    I can’t wait to get the magazine. Thank you for all the great recipes. Have given your books as gifts and have them all in my gf/paleo kitchen.

  65. Sharon says

    So pleased to learn of this magazine. Husband is a chiropractor/nutritionalist and this would be great in the waiting room!!

  66. says

    Thank you for the magazine information. I can’t wait to get a copy. I love your “Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook”. I use it all the time.

  67. emily stone says

    i just want to let you know, i just made your honey lemon chicken recipe from your new book. it was great!!!! easy and healthy. what more can you ask for. you are also looking pretty good on the new paleo mag cover!!

  68. Stephanie says

    Wow, I didn’t know there was a Paleo magazine out there. I have been following you on your website for only a short time and I’ve learned so much already – thank you! An extra thank you for your compilation of recipes for the up coming Biblical Feasts – Shalom!

  69. Suzanne Banfield says

    I didn’t know about he magazine although I have Tammy’s books. I’ll be looking for a copy but would love to have a subscription!

  70. natasha says

    Congratulations on the interview! I have come to rely on your site for great go to recipes that are gluten free and low carb…real food! Thanks!

  71. Melissa says

    Never heard of Paleo Magazine, I will be on the look out for it! It maybe I could win?! Love your website!

  72. Marilyn says

    Your website that I recently found has been a health blessing to me. I love paleo also but can not have eggs. I am experimenting with substitutions.

  73. Laura Johnson says

    Love both your cookbooks. Have been on a wheat-free/paleo diet for a month and can’t believe how my carb cravings have died right down. Make your strawberry cupcake recipe all the time subbing maple syrup for agave…it’s one of my fav treats!!!

  74. Christine says

    I have last year’s Dec/Jan issue and really enjoyed everything in the magazine. And a subscription would be great! I’ve also been baking with almond flour for a year now. Your almond flour cookbook is a great resource. I’m not sure if I’d ever go totally Paleo though because I love beans too much, particularly pinto, anasazi and black. Thank so much for this wonderful blog.

  75. Lisa says

    I’m new to paleo and working on getting the husband on board. I think this magazine would be a great way to introduce him.

  76. Barbara says

    You look great! I have not read this mag but will go out and look for a copy. Thanks for all the informative news.

  77. Amanda says

    Due to just starting in the “paleo” lifestyle, I was very excited to find this site a few months ago. A subscription to this magazine would be wonderful! :)

  78. Kathy K says

    Oh how I would love to win this magazine. I would like to learn more about the Paleo lifestyle than what I already know. Thanks.

  79. Barbara19 says

    I’ll have to check this magazine out. Sometimes it’s nice to get information that’s not on a screen.

  80. Jillian B. says

    Love your site, Elana. As someone new to gluten and dairy free, I recently purchased your Paleo book, and it has been incredibly helpful. Also loved the Rosh Hashanah honey cake! Thank you!

  81. Carrie says

    Looking forward to picking up a copy! I didn’t even realize there was such a magazine. :) Love your new cookbook, too. My six year old can’t get enough of the Avacodo kale salad and that makes me happy!

  82. Patti Webb says

    Elena, we love your Paleo cookbook and have tried most of the recipes. They are wonderful! The best thing about Paleo is– we aren’t hungry. No cravings. It’s a sensible, workable way to eat, and we thank you for introducing us to it. Bless you!

  83. Tammy H. says

    I have never heard of this magazine and have been paleo for a few years. I am so excited to know about it. The article “non responsive celiac” especially caught my eye as that is what my daughter has—must read that article! Elana, we love all your books and they have made our life so much easier. Thanks for empowering our celiac and holistic community.

  84. Gina Minyard says

    I just purchased my first copy of Paleo mag last week. I read every word and was incredibly inspired. I started my paleo journey in February in response to constant low energy. The result has been 30 lbs weight loss, clear skin, lots of energy, asthma symptoms gone and I’m running a 10k in Saturday. I would a subscription to keep me motivated! I am going to become a holistic nutritionist, so I can share this lifestyle with others.

  85. Evelyn says

    Thanks for the info! I didn’t know there was a Paleo magazine although I shouldn’t have been surprised. You look great, btw!

  86. Sammie L says

    This would be do cool! Semi-new to the paleo world and your blog and almond flour cookbook have been SO helpful and inspiring. Looking forward to learning more!

  87. Linda C says

    I’m not surprised to see you on the magazine; I think it was a great choice. Would love to win the free subscription.

  88. Richard says

    Pick me…Pick me, but seriously, this would be great. I’m trying to get my wife to go full paleo and this would help.

    I can’t wait to show my wife this site.


  89. Nancy says

    I just found this magazine and this issue was the second one I got, it is GREAT. I was so excited to see you on the cover-I feel like a good friend made the cover of a new favorite magazine. The article about you is very well done, the recipes in the magazine are simple and good-the articles are well written and informative. And they present more than one side to Paleo eating (loved the article on dairy).

  90. Judy says

    Awesome picture! Have never seen the magazine before so I’ll be on the lookout for it! Thanks for sharing!

  91. Christene Haylett says

    Thanks for the tip! I have a couple of your cookbooks and like the fact that all your info makes sense and is easy to understand. I appreciate that you help others by listing their books, websites, and now this magazine. I hope I can find it where I live. have a great weekend!

  92. Anita says

    Thank you for all of the amazing recipes! Love your new cookbook, I own the whole collection now :) Cover looks great, I will look into subscribing to the magazine if I don’t win!

  93. Sara says

    Congrats on making the cover! I’ve never checked out Paleo magazine but I may just have to sometime soon.

  94. Morgan says

    Congrats on getting to be on the cover! It seems like a fantastic magazine, I would love a year subscription.

  95. Tanya Fraser says

    Elana, I love your site! My husband and I gave up our old eating habits and began the Paleo diet in January and your site has been integral in our success. Now I’ve got to get this magazine! Thank you!

  96. BY says

    The magazine is a great idea! Been eating and cooking gluten-free/paleo as much as possible. A magazine would help with information, new ideas to try, recipes, etc. Very helpful information!

  97. Annette Baker says

    I have your cookbooks & use them all the time. My husband loves your pancakes & carrot cake. I’m a nutritionist & was diagnosed Non-celiac Gluten Sensitive by a DNA test done through The Gluten Free Society & Dr Peter S Osborne in Sugarland, TX.

    Thanks for your great recipes!

    Annette B

  98. Elyse says

    Just ordered your cookbook. Thanks so much Elana. I am just getting started and your newsletter has been such a huge help

  99. Wendy Bratton says

    Well I’m heading out right now to find this magazine since I didn’t even know it existed! Love this website, use several recipes on a weekly if not daily basis and have been telling friends about it for months!

  100. Robin Freeman says

    Thank you for the Paleo magazine tip AND for creating such a safe and informative site: I love it!

  101. Julia M. says

    Hi Elana! I recently stumbled across your cookbook at a friend’s house and love love your recipes. I’ve been following your blog for the past couple weeks and look forward to trying a new style of cooking and baking! A year subscription to Paleo magazine sounds exciting. I would learn so much! Thank you for the opportunity.

  102. Joanne says

    I have this issue of Paleo and have tried a couple of the recipes. This amazing magazine is currenting resting in my “recipe drawer” and I am keeping fingers crossed that I will be the lucky recipient of a one-year subscription.

  103. Allison R says

    i would love a subscription! i just discovered Tammy’s cookbooks – and am blown away. delicious!

  104. Patricia R. says

    I never knew there was such a magazine. I have all your books and follow your blog. I would love to win a subscription. And if I don’t win, I think I will subscribe. The sample issue on their website was really good.

  105. says

    I’ve been trying to eat low-carb for a couple of years now. While I know that paleo and low-carb are not the same, it so happens that many paleo recipes fit into this way of eating. I’d love to win a subscription to add to my arsenal of tools. Thanks for running this giveaway and your great blog.

  106. J.J. says

    Sign me up! Didn’t know about the magazine. Just got your book – Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry….and ready to try the Carrot Kugel. Can this recipe work with something other than carrot…..not that I don’t like carrot -just looking for variety.

  107. Patricia Espinoza says

    I have so enjoyed your recipes and insights into daily living. I will definitely look for this magazine!

  108. Nancy Janigian says

    Because of finding your website awhile ago I am now a much much healthier person (and my husband, daughter as well as grandchildren I might add :). Words really cannot express how grateful I am to you! You look lovely on the cover – a very beautiful shot – kudos to whoever did the shoot. Thus far I was not acquainted with this wonderful magazine but hence forth I will be watching for it. Thank you so much.

  109. says

    I would love to become acquainted with this publication. I have never seen it nor heard of it and I imagine it is wonderful. I live way out in the country in Oregon

  110. Hope says

    Elana, I would love to win this. It would be a great start to the New Year. Thanks for the opportunity, Hope.

  111. Sarah says

    I just started Paleo and I really like it! I would love to have a subscription to the magazine to help navigate me through my first year of transitioning to good food!

  112. Miriam Midlarsky Lichtenfeld says

    I would love to read this magazine. It looks great and you look great on the cover!

  113. Sherry Barton says

    Love your site! You’ve been so helpful to me as I went gluten and dairy free last year. Thanks!

  114. Ursula G. Kurth says

    Love love love your blog and recipes! I’m new to food blogs and Paleo.
    Didn’t know there was a Paleo magazine. How exciting! I would love to win the subscription, esp to share with my daughter and her husband who got me started on Paleo. Big Hugs and Best Wishes to you Elana!

  115. Bernie says

    I have been trying to find a great paleo magazine! This one looks perfect. :) Also- your chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! They’re 50x more moist and flavorful than dairy-butter-gluten laden ones. :)

  116. Diane says

    I saw this at my food co-op just yesterday and didn’t realize that was YOU on the cover! (Mostly I’m reading your posts and drooling over the food.) Congratulations! I’ll also pick up a copy, because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Thanks for talking about Paleo Magazine so I know it’s worth a look-see.

  117. wendy says

    I would love to win a year’s subscription to this magazine-just beginning to learn a bit about the paleo lifestyle. Thanks Elana! And you look beautiful on that cover, by the way.

  118. says

    Hi Elana, I follow your blog/website. Love the cover of the Paleo Magazine. Look you fabulous! Congratulations! I have never heard of the Paleo magazine but it looks interesting. I am Celiac & have been gluten free for about 7 or 8 years now. Thanks for all your delicious recipes.

  119. says

    Congratulations! So nice to see other people recognize what a wise woman you are and how incredible it is to have you inspire the health and well being of so many. Thank you for all the time, care and attention you put into your recipes, your books and your site. It has made such a difference to so many of us.

  120. Andrea Cicero says

    Just purchased your paleo cookbook, love the recipes on your blog and excited to try the ones in your book!

  121. Ashley R. says

    Congrats on being on the front cover! That’s awesome! I have some friends that are on the Paleo diet and have wanted to try some recipes and see what it’s all about. I had no clue there was a Paleo magazine. I can’t wait to check it out!!

  122. Bonnie Sanders says

    Congrats on the cover and article. Also, thanks for the information on the magazine, I will check it out. Hope I can win!! he he

  123. says

    Hi Alana, I bought the magazine and thought the article about you was great. I also have your book and have marked some recipes to try. They all sound delicious.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Keep it coming!
    Rhonda Laney

  124. Tanya says

    You look great in that cover shot! I always enjoy your posts and am very much looking forward to seeing your new cookbook. Your paleo bread recipes helped give me the strength to walk away from grains completely, and I feel so much better for it. Thank you!

  125. Sylvia says

    Love your blog, just found it a few months ago. Congrats on being a cover girl. I did not know this magazine existed and would love to win it.

  126. says

    That looks like such a helpful magazine. I am always looking for ways to cook Gluten, and Dairy free. I love the front cover picture by the way.

  127. Hannah says

    This looks like a very helpful magazine. I am always looking for ways to cook, and bake Gluten and Dairy free foods.


    P.S. I like the front cover as well. ;)

  128. Meggan D. says

    yay! Just saw it yesterday on the shelf at the store. Congrats! Hope you’re not too soggy up there in Boulder!

  129. Jill says

    Love you natural picture, Elana, congrats! I would love to win this magazine since my family eats Paleo and would love the support and Information. Thanks

  130. Kathy Culbert says

    I didn’t even know there was a Paleo Magazine……..Will go get one on Saturday. You look beautiful on that cover. I have made a ton of recipes from your new Paleo cookbook and never miss a day checking your blog.
    Thanks for all you do to help people.

  131. Jenna says

    I would love a subscription. I buy it bi-monthly from PCC, my local PNW health food store. It was a great article. Thanks for being so honest and inspiring.

  132. Miriam Kearney says

    I did not realize there was a magazine about Paelo eating . Count me in – a 1 year subscrption FREE! That would be terrific.

  133. Amy says

    I would love a subscription! I read this issue cover to cover and earmarked many pages. I have 4 boys (5 if you include my husband) and we would all benefit from this magazine :)

  134. Rina says

    I read the article and just LOVED it. I also loved the magazine and plan on purchasing it (I got it at Sprouts Market few weeks ago and already purchased you book ;-))

    I love the photos!
    How do stay so thin with all the cooking and baking. Aren’t you tempted to eat all that you make?

  135. Myrna Welter says

    I didn’t realize there is a Paleo Magazine. I can’t wait to check it out. Thanks so much for all the information and wonderful recipes you provide.

  136. Sandi Echelle says

    Hi Elena,

    You look terrific and I’m sure your appearance will add significant value to sales of this publication.
    I have not seen it yet, but when I head to Whole Foods I’ll be sure to pick up a copy.

    Continued success in your efforts to promote the movement.

  137. Kim says

    Wow, pretty cool to have your pic on the cover of a magazine! I didn’t know this magazine existed….now I do! Thanks!!!

  138. Sandy Payne says

    I bought your cupcake cookbook and love it. Winning this magazine subscription for the year would be beyond my wildest dreams. I am working everyday at becoming a better cook. Thanks to you and other wonderful bloggers.

  139. Melanie Binkley says

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  146. Mildred says

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  147. Colleen says

    Hi Elana,
    I love to read your website with all the wonderful recipes. We have a household of little ones with allergies,and I am recovering from Lupus.

    I love paleo and have a little one that has been eating this way for about 10 yrs and we told everyone he eats like the cavemen did but didn’t even know that there was a diet out there called this!!

    God Bless

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    Thank you, LeeAnn.

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    How nice to see that there is a paleo option in print. I don’t live in an area that supports large enough health food stores to stock a lot of magazines.
    I am thrilled with your website, Elana. I’ve made & been pleased with several recipes. I do miss a good magazine though. If I don’t win, I’ll have to track this issue down.

    Thanks for all you do!

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    ( I have had difficulty leaving a comment – I don’t see a “submit” button. I would love to qualify for your giveaways – can you help?)

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    Thanks & have a fabulous day.

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    I am in the beginning process of knowing which foods to choose. I am also extremely interested in variety and knowledge that will supplement my new found freedom from gluten!

    I would love to receive a subscription to your magazine. It would be a great guide to lead me in this journey!

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    Thank you also for the honey cake. We had it this year – again – for Rosh Hashanah

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    I love your posts because I discover something new every day. Thanks for letting us know about this magazine!

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    The line on the cover of Paleo magazine “when gluten free is not enough” is calling my name! Going though all sorts of testing with my son to determine what is going on. Would love and appreciate this additional resource for the next year! Thank you so much for your blog and cookbook, I just found you this summer! With appreciation ~ Karen

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