10 Hot Drinks to Keep You Warm this Winter

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Is it cold outside? Well guess what folks –I have 10 hot drinks to keep you warm this winter! These delicious hot healing beverages will heat you up from the inside out. I like to sit by a window and watch the snow fall with one of these nice hot drinks in my hand to keep me extra cozy.

With warming spices such as cinnamon and ginger, you’ll find these hot drinks nourishing and restorative. The warming spices in them also happen to be full of antioxidants to help you stave off a cold or the flu. I have everything from spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate to soothing Ginger Licorice Tea to keep you from getting chilled.

Stay hydrated and warm in this wacky weather and enjoy a hot cup o’ something good! Here’s 10 hot drinks to keep you warm this winter!

With everything from dairy-free White Hot Chocolate to a low-sugar Hot Apple Cider, you’ll love my 10 Hot Drinks to Keep You Warm this Winter! If you’re looking for a good winter cocktail recipe, feel free to spike these warming drinks with your favorite rum, brandy, or mulled wine! Sure, these non-alcoholic drink recipes are probably healthier when they’re not full of alcohol, but they’re a great healthy base if you want to celebrate and party it up a bit! So here’s some cheers to nice warm winter cocktails!

Do you have a favorite hot drink that’s not on this list that you would like to see me Elana-ify, and make healthier? Leave a comment and let me know!

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