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OMG that’s Paleo

omg that's paleo book review

OMG that’s Paleo? by Juli Bauer is packed with mouth-wateringly healthy recipes that make you want to cook.

OMG that’s Paleo? has recipes for just about everything that I’ve ever wanted to cook Paleo-style. And that’s a good thing. This Paleo Cookbook contains 100 gluten-free, grain-free recipes by my almost neighbor Juli Bauer –she lives in Denver, and though I have not yet had the good fortune of meeting her, I hope to soon.

First, I must confess that before I had this book I had not ever made a roast or brisket. Thanks to Juli, I now know how to make an amazingly tender rump roast in my crock pot. Her Slow Cooked Rump Roast recipe is delicious, and takes only a couple of minutes to throw together. It will turn even the most hardened roast haters into roast-a-holics. The night that I made this dish my boys downed dinner, barely taking a breath between bites.

OMG that’s Paleo? not only contains dozens of original recipes that have never appeared on Juli’s well-known blog PaleOMG, it has amazing menu plans with dishes like Pumpkin Seed Salsa Chicken and Double Chocolate Waffles.

With a wide variety of sections including beef, poultry, fish, baked goods, breakfasts, snacks and more, this cookbook has something healthy and delicious to offer everyone at or between any meal. Juli’s writing style is engaging and wickedly funny, which will make this Paleo cookbook a very useful and fun addition to your collection.

posted on May 28, 2013, 11 comments

  1. I can’t wait to get this book. It’s been on my Amazon wish list for a couple of weeks. It looks amazing.

  2. Marthanne Theel

    If anyone has this book, could you let me know if it contains gluten free recipes. I would guess so because Elana recommended it, but I’m not sure and she didn’t mention it.

    • Maria

      Paleo cooking is automatically gluten free.

    • MaryBeth

      I have the book (preordered it) and have really been enjoying it. I love Juli’s recipes and sense of humor in her blog, and they are both in her book! Her use of dates is especially tasty!

    • Reiko

      I don’t own the book, but I do know that all paleo recipes should also be gluten-free. A gluten-free diet is not necessarily paleo, but paleo/primal diets are necessarily gluten-free! If this book does contain a glutenoid recipe, then it is not a truly paleo recipe. Hope this answers your question!

      • Cathi Gross, Ventura, CA

        Probably the easiest way to say it, is that ALL Paleo Diet foods are Gluten free, but A Gluten free diet is not all Paleo.

        Cathi Gross
        Ventura, CA

  3. I have made so many recipes out of her book already. All of them are awesome :)

  4. Vickie

    The first paragraph addresses the gluten issue and it would not be paleo if it had gluten.

  5. Mia

    There is an astonishing number of Paleo cookbooks coming out! I wish I could get them all. For now I will have to be happy with the ones I have received and pre-ordered. I love to read cookbooks like regular books~and I am amassing quite a collection. Hopefully I can grab this one in the future. I have loved watching some of her videos and reading some blog posts :)

  6. This looks great, but Elana, it can’t be better than yours!!!!

    I just now received your book Paleo Cooking in the mail and it looks incredible. I can’t wait to dig in to the recipes. My husband isn’t gluten free or Paleo, but he has been pretty happy with the recipes in your Almond Flour Cookbook…he’s going to be blown away by your new book, as I am.

    One question so far: where do you get kelp noodles???

    Thanks so much for putting this together!!!!


  7. Melissa (Alienbody) @ myalienbody.com

    I’ve been following your blog, some good stuff! Although, I did giggle at the photo of you seemingly about to enjoy a forkful of pie from a personal pie that isn’t missing a single bite. Hmm….how DOES that happen? Picture inconsistencies aside, the blog is great!

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