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Nutty Bread

grain free seven grain nutty bread
This hearty, gluten free bread with seeds and nuts is delicious anytime of day.

Toast it for breakfast and serve with a side of scrambled eggs.  Works great along with a big salad at lunch.   Or, for a quick and easy dinner, it makes a great sandwich with organic turkey, avocado, romaine, tomatoes and dijon mustard.

I think this bread would also be delectable as an after dinner treat with a smear of dairy-free butter (I’m very into this Earth Balance’s Vegan Buttery Spread of late) and a dab of jam or honey.  If you’re looking for the Earth Balance, I purchase mine at Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods.

Nutty Bread


  1. In a medium bowl, combine almond flour, arrowroot, flax meal, salt and baking soda
  2. In a larger bowl, blend eggs 3-5 minutes until frothy
  3. Stir agave and vinegar into eggs
  4. Mix dry ingredients into wet, then add nuts and seeds
  5. Transfer batter into a well greased 7.5 x 3.5 magic line loaf pan
  6. Bake at 350º for 30-35 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into center of loaf comes out clean
  7. Cool and serve

Note: I’ve received several questions about how to store this bread. After baking, I let it sit on the counter overnight to cool, then wrap it in a paper towel, put it into a zip lock plastic bag and refrigerate. Stored this way it keeps for at least a week.

Here’s your Comment Zen for the day:

I eat Paleo/Zone for health and athletic benefits, but typically use your recipes for “treats” that don’t fall off the plan (too far anyway).  Thanks for the excellent recipes and info, keep it coming.Steven

What I love about this comment is that he really gets how to use my site and recipes in an optimal way. Amen Steven, couldn’t have said it better myself!

posted on May 4, 2009, 116 comments

  1. I’ve really been enjoying your site! I stumbled upon it last week and have been mentally tagging recipe after recipe. I do not eat refined sugar or gluten but have been craving sweets more strongly lately. I already tried your coconut macaroons and loved them.

    This particular bread looks delicious! I’m a huge fan of hearty bread loaded up with seeds and nuts. Unfortunately, almond flour is not easy to come by on my budget in a city where it can’t be bought in bulk. I love to use it, though, so I’ll have to start saving and treat myself!

    • Theresa

      Have you looked in Asian (Indian) supermarkets they often have Gluten Free flours and often much cheaper than regular supermarkets.Good luck.

    • Kathy Borowski

      Regarding having a difficult time finding almond flour – you can grind almonds to create your own.
      I went out and purchased a NUTRIBULLET @ Bed, Bath & Beyond which sells them for $99, plus most of us get their 20% off coupons in the mail, which made it a good investment at $79.
      The NUTRIBULLET has a grain grinder attachment – which is why I wanted it, and it works wonderfully and quickly.
      I made this bread using this appliance and it was great. I am not trying to sell you on this product – other similar appliances allow you to grind your own flours. I am not clear on the difference between almond “flour” and almond “meal,” but it didn’t make a difference in this recipe. Buying almond flour at the local grocery store is an expensive proposition. Investing in an appliance which will do the job for you is well worth the investment.

    • pammyfour

      I would suggest trying some online stores for better prices. Personally, I like Swanson. Good prices and great shipping.

  2. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet @ thenourishinggourmet.com

    What a beautiful loaf of bread! So pretty, but I bet it would be nice and hearty too.

  3. Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen @ meghantelpnerblog.com

    This looks so great! Curious about what the teaspoon of cider vinegar does. Is it for flavour for baking properties?

  4. Meagan from Mutritious Nuffins @ mutritiousnuffins.blogspot.com

    This looks like one amazing bread recipe. It’s so easy too! I will probably make this bread and have it for breakfast. I could probably eat it plain because it is packed with all the protein I need for the morning!

  5. StuffCooksWant @ stuffcookswant.com

    Do you have a source for inexpensive arrowroot and almond flour? My local grocery wants $14 for a bag of about 3 cups of almond flour and $7 for 1/2 cup of arrowroot. Don’t want to make a $30 loaf of bread. Suggestions?

  6. Steven

    The best almond flour I have used, was recommended right here by Elana. It is the Honeyville Foods brand and is ground perfectly. You can get it from honeyvillegrain.com (also a link under purchase down towards the bottom right on the page). It was $33.48 delivered for 5lbs. That is A LOT of almond flour and will keep you stocked for a while. As for arrowroot powder, I bought a bag of Bob’s Red Mill from the local Whole Foods. It wasn’t too expensive and lasts for quite a while as well… I bet your local grocery store could get it if you asked them for it.

    Thanks for the comment posting Elana… pretty cool. :)

  7. gfe-gluten free easily @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    That bread looks fabulous with all the nuts!


  8. Erin

    It is so funny that you posted this because I just modified the other bread recipe yesterday to include nuts and currants. I also added vanilla. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  9. Cook 4 Seasons @ cook4seasons.com

    Boy does that look tasty! I am making a batch this weekend and smearing it with coconut oil…

  10. Looks like I’m gonna have a new favorite ;).

  11. Kitchen Goddess

    I’ve always found gluten free bread a little too dense for my liking, but this looks so delicious I might have to have to make it and have another try.

  12. Christianne

    HI Elana,

    Such a long time since I posted on your website…I hope you are very well!
    I have been very busy with finishing up my research project, and I hope to present it soon in the US of A! Anyhow, in the meantime, a remarkable collection of EP posts waited in my inbox. You created such a wealth of recipes again, I cannot wait to get into the kitchen… I will contribute on the forum soon too, because I used your pie crust for a chocolate-pear pie that is loved around here. Maybe you or other readers would like to give it a go.
    This nutty bread looks absolutely delicious, I will make that today or tomorrow and let you know how quick it was verschwunden :-)
    Have a lovely day and thank you again for all your great work!
    xox Christianne

    PS camera is back and pics will be posted on flickr soon too.. finally!

  13. Magda

    Another source for arrowroot is Wilderness Family Naturals. Not sure if price would be better than Bob’s Red Mill though (I put together a large order and we get a health discount).
    I agree about Honeyville – I bought the 5 lb bag and it’s lasted me a long time!! Of course I bake with other flours as well, so it’s not my exclusive source.
    This bread looks awesome !!

  14. Jenna

    This recipe sounds wonderful! It’s always exciting to see your newest recipes! –This one is particularly exciting with all the nuts, flavor and protein! :) I think I will be putting this in my oven this weekend!!

    Thank you for sharing all of your great recipes with us!

  15. Jessica

    Man! This has to be the BEST gluten-fre bread recipe I've ever tasted. Thank you!

  16. StuffcooksWant @ stuffcookswant.com

    Thanks for the ideas on where to get stuff so I can finally eat bread again.

  17. Bonnie

    Hi Elana,
    I have been trying some of recipes and really appreciate your sharing of them for free. I just made this bread, and it has a wonderful taste but mine didn't rise. Any suggestions? I followed the recipe exactly. Thanks again for all the great recipes.

  18. Paulette

    Your bread recipe looks delicious. I can't have eggs so I was wondering how it would taste without the eggs. I was thinking of using ground flax seed and hot water as a replacement. Have you tried it without the eggs? Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. God bless always.

  19. This bread looks SO good. I'm going to have to try this–soon!

  20. Anna

    This bread is gorgeous! I made one love yesterday evening and I got seriously addicted!

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  21. Beth

    Made this last night with a couple of modifications.
    I didn't have hazelnuts or walnuts, so I put in 1/2 cup of Brazil nuts
    I didn't have pistachios, so I put in 1/2 Pecans

    Had it with my lunch and it turned out fabulous!

    Think I'll try it with the scrambled eggs with tomato and mushrooms a la Gordon Ramsay.

    Another winner!

    Thanks for all your continued hard work.

  22. Lael -Thanks!

    Kimi -Yes, nice and hearty.

    Meghan -The acid in the vinegar helps activate the baking soda so that the bread can rise a bit more.

    Meagan -Yup, I like to eat this for breakfast too :-)

    StuffCooksWant -Go to the sidebar of my site where it says “purchase” there you will find a good quality arrowroot flour.

    Steven -Thanks for another great comment!

    Shirley -Thanks and hope you are well :-)

    Erin -Yum.

    Cook 4 Seasons -That sounds delicious.

    Alchemille -Hi there, hope you are well.

    Kitchen Goddess -Hope you like it, though this is a fairly dense bread; keep us posted.

    Christianne -Hello, dear friend on the other side of the ocean. Thanks for your comment!

    Magda -Thanks!

    Jenna -You are welcome :-)

    Jessica -So glad you liked it.

    Bonnie -Make sure to use the same size loaf pan that I indicate in the instructions, the bread won’t rise a ton, however, with the proper loaf pan the loaf will not be too short.

    Katrina -Thanks.

    Paulette -Sounds like you’ve got a good experiment on your hands, please keep us posted!

    Anna -You are welcome. So glad you liked it!

    Beth -Great substitutions, thanks so much for sharing :-)

  23. Charity

    I made the nutty bread today and it is delicious. Unfortunately, my loaf pan was too big and so the bread was slightly overcooked but it didn’t seem to matter. I will make it again very soon.

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes.

  24. Charity, you are very welcome, thanks for your comment!

  25. Erica

    This recipe looks great! I was just wondering if it can be made in a bread machine (since I have one, I thought I would ask). Would I need to make any changes with the adding/mixing of ingredients and such if I did use a bread machine? Thank you!

  26. Diane-Thewholegang @ thewholegang.org

    I finally gave it a try and love this bread. It was easy to put together and fast. And it tastes great. Added a link in my blog post tonight. You’re going to have me baking each week by the end of the year. Thank you Elana!

  27. Marty

    I made this the other day and it was delicious! After a night in the fridge, though, there were green spots around the sunflower seeds. Has that happened to anyone else? Any idea what caused that? Maybe I’ll just leave out the sunflower seeds next time.

  28. Marian

    I finally got all the nuts and seeds and made this bread! Fantastic! My DIL who has celiac liked it too. I’m going to put the flour mixture and nut mixture in bags in the freezer so when I want to make some it will come together very easily. I think this would make a delicious appetizer bread as well. I am going to try baking it in small loaf pans for that. Thanks again Elana for a great recipe!!

  29. steve howell

    Made this bread today and its amazing! thanks for posting the recipe.

  30. amylilah @ amylilah@mac.com

    Marian — I just had the same problem. I made the nutty bread last night, let it cool, then wrapped it up and put it in the fridge. When i cut it up this morning I saw bright green spots around the sunflower seeds. I ate it anyway…if anyone has any ideas about what this is, please let us know!

  31. Marie-Eve

    Just made this bread tonight and paired it with goat cheese. Amazing!!! What a great easy recipe. We also added figs. We will definitely make this bread again.

    We were a bit put off by the price of almond flour so we used this gluten-free all-purpose flour instead http://www.bobsredmill.com/gf-all_purpose-baking-flour.html It tasted amazing and looked the same as in the picture on this site.

    Thanks for this recipe! It hits the spot.

  32. cedarclose

    I’m dying to make this bread but I’ve got a 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inch pan… how should I tweak the recipe on measurements and cooking time so the bread will come out ok? Should I simply follow the recipe as stated? Thanks!!

  33. Miranda

    Have you tried your local Health Food store?
    I work at one… Our Almond flour retails so much cheaper than something like Bob’s Red Mill at the grocery store.
    We also order bulk for our customer’s and give them a small discount for purchasing the whole bag.

  34. Rin

    I have tried many of your recipes and love them! I was so excited to try this one, it sounded delicious, however, it was too crumbly…very messy. Next time I’d add some liquid fat to the batter to see how it turns out. It looks delicious though!

    • Rachel, Michigan

      Rin: I haven’t made this yet, but I am planning to tonight. What I wonder is about the grind of your almond flour, since it is the base of the bread. I’m reading comments in various places (read last night about Elana’s bread on her cookbook page on Amazon) and it sounds like Bob’s Red Mill is more of an almond meal, while the Honeyville recommended by Elana is supposed to be a finer mill. I ordered the Honeyville from Amazon, because even though it is $6 cheaper per 5 lbs. on the Honeyville website, you would also pay $4.95 in shipping on Honeyville.
      With a free shipping deal on Amazon (I have Amazon Prime account so I try to use it up on my shopping needs) the difference is negligible.
      However on Honeyville’s own website, I also notice other products one might be interested in (though it seemed that their freeze dried fruit was a little expensive compared to other sources such as JustTomatoes or Brothers All Natural).

  35. Charlotte

    Could this recipe work without the baking powder? My son is on the gaps diet.

  36. jo

    Elana, I love your website. Thank you for all your hard work, and your willingness to share it!

    I would love to try my hand at this bread, but I’m a little worried about the arrowroot flour. This website – http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/cereal-grains-and-pasta/5677/2 – estimates the glycemic load at 76.

    If I were to experiment with replacements, should I try to replace with an thickening agent (more flax, soaked in water, for example)? Or with another thickener as well as bulk? Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Thank you!

  37. moseline

    looks fabulous!
    arrowroot powder is not well known in austria… can i replace it with some other kind of powder?

  38. Thank you for your comment, moseline.

    You can purchase Arrowroot online here: http://www.benefityourlifestore.com/arrowroot-starchflour-25lb-p-356.html


    • salma

      Hi Elana! I love all your recipes :) but since I live in México, I hadn’t been able to obtain arrowroot powder, I have even tried with the brands you recomend but they wont send their products to Mexico :( what do you suggest for a substitution? another starch like rice flour? xathanan gum? Maybe more flaxseed? Is just that I dont know how arrowroot works on ten recipe, so I’ve no idea what could be a good substitution! THANKS :D

  39. Becca

    I made the bread yesterday! When I mixed it all up it was kind of clumpy. I just assumed it would be more runny, so I could actually pour it into the loaf pan. Also, I just cut up a couple pieces this morning for lunch and it’s not staying together well. I know baking gluten-free bread this will happen, but wanted to check in to see if this is the case for others.

    • Hi Becca,

      This isn’t the case for me; the bread is a more dry bread, however it does not crumble when I cut it. We often toast it and use for sandwiches. What type of almond flour did you use? That could make a difference.

      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  40. Michelle Varrin

    I made this bread a few days ago. I sliced it and froze it and have had a slice for breakfast everyday. It’s a bit dry, which surprised me because I bake with nut flours a lot and they usually aren’t. Too large a loaf pan? Toasted with lots of butter is palatable. :/ The toasted nuts are delicious. Thanks for your recipes!

  41. Emily @ SWCNM.com

    I made your nutty bread recipe yesterday – wonderful! It was scarfed down by my crew in minutes. Seriously.

    So I made another batch, and kept this one hidden :-P and today I used it to make coconut bread pudding – using the recipe for “Paleo Bread Pudding” (just subbed your Nutty Bread for the muffins): http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=1326590. Paleo-friendly, sugar free, dairy free, grain free, and fantastic!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. It has made me adore cooking again. :-D

  42. Ooohh! bread with pistachios, must try this – thanks for posting the recipe!

  43. I had my first real sandwich in MONTHS the other day, using the Olive Rosemary Bread recipe from your cookbook. I also made this nut bread the other day and it is wonderful as well! I have been eating Paleo for about a year now and your bread and pastry recipes are the first I have found that really taste like bread! It was so exciting to be able to make a sandwich, because I thought I gave those up with gluten and grains.

    The funny thing is that I didn’t discover your website or cookbook until I got to Kuwait. I am from Boulder and just recently moved to Kuwait to work for the military. I miss Boulder and the farmer’s markets and the mountains and the other people that eat like I do! I’m having so much fun trying all of your recipes (though it can be interesting trying to find the ingredients over here), so thank you!

  44. Erica

    Hello Elana,

    I found your site via Mark’s Daily Apple and decided to try this recipe yesterday. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. I was dancing around the boat (my husband and I live on) last night like a maniac. I’ve tried coconut and flax-based breads in the past, but they definitely left something to be desired. I nearly doubled the recipe (as I have a large loaf pan) and added an additional egg for good measure, and it turned out fantastic!
    (Increased cooking time to nearly 1 hr).

    I’m a little concerned about the carbs, and will try to sub agar next time (or just add more almond flour).

    I’ve ordered your book and can’t wait to try the sandwich bread!!!


  45. Tanja

    Just finished baking these! Made them into muffins instead (since I know your use a much smaller bread pan than what I currently have, so the bread comes out very low).

    I also substituted a few ingredients – used almond, pecans and chia seeds.

    So yummy! (Baking time is about half when you make them as muffins at 350 degrees. So 15 – 20 min.

  46. Jane

    Hi Elana,

    Are there substitutes for the exotic ingrdients you use in your recipies but that will still make it healthy?
    To get hold of ingredients such as Arrowroot and agave nectar is terribly expensive here in South Africa.

  47. Sylvia Ossorio

    Dear Elana,
    I have been making yur recipe for nutty bread since I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010. I love it, but recently I have been having some problems with my hands. I was wondering if this recipe can be made using a bread machine. I have a Beadman Pro.
    Thank you for all your recipes. I feel that I eat better than ever due to your tasty recipes in your book. I owe you BIG!!!!!!!

  48. shawn

    Hi there,
    I would love to attempt your nutty bread although I’m not much of a baker, or a cook for that matter. Can this recipe be done with out eggs as I’m currently not eating under my nutritionist’s orders. Also, what is it that keeps the bread from crumbling?
    Many thanks,

  49. Posy

    Just put this bread together after trying the Paleo Bread recipe. They both have the same results. Just dry and crumbly. I didn’t attempt baking this yet, I just put the bowl of ingredients in the refrig until I hear from someone or figure out what to do.

  50. Carol L

    I read that arrowroot is interchangable with cornstarch, which is very inexpensive……..I’m going to make this bread with cornstarch instead….let you know if it works…….Carol L

  51. Carol L

    The bread come out great using cornstarch instead of arrowroot…..really great toasted and if you want to get decadent, try cream cheese and some good preserves on it…..Delicious

  52. elyse

    I use Honey instead of Agave for baking. Any idea how much honey to use in this recipe?

  53. Cory

    Made this recipe as written and it turned out perfect. Excellent bread, very filling.

  54. nette

    I’m watch what I’m eating, can u include the calories, fat, sodium etc in your recipes. Thanks

  55. Karen

    made these today. used a squirt of honey instead of agave. didn’t have pistachios so used walnuts, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds. OMG! it turned out amazing!!! was getting tired of flax bread and am so very happy to have found this recipe!

  56. Suzanne

    You can also get cheap almond flour at Trader Joes if you’re lucky enough to have a store near you.

  57. BC

    I just love your recipes and this bread looks amazing. Unfortunately, I just found out I have an allergy with almonds so everything almond-related in my cupboard is now getting tossed out of my kitchen. I don’t want to give up making the recipes but I’m not sure what I should substitute almond flour with. Do you think Bob’s Red Mill GF all-purpose flour will work adequately as a sub for your recipes? I don’t want to stop making your recipes and this bread looks amazing! Thank you for this blog!

  58. Yvonne @ yvital.nl

    What could I use instead of arrowrootpowder, to make this loaf more Paleo? Gr

  59. Ansley

    I made this recipe the original way earlier this week but it was a little dry for my taste…still delicious though! I reworked it and added about a half cup of spectrum refined almond oil. The bread turned out a lot moister and it actually rose quite a bit more (even in my non-magic line pan). I want to try again with grape-seed oil and I’m convinced I need to buy a magic line pan. Thanks Elana for your wonderful recipes!!

  60. Ansley

    Also replaced teaspoon of agave with a tablespoon of honey.

  61. Hi Elana
    Indeed a wonderful blog!
    Have you ever made a gluten free bread with finger millet flour? Could you please help me with this?Can it be substituted in any of your recipes???


  62. karyn becker @ dogearedbooks.biz

    I was finally able to find arrowroot powder, and made this recipe. So happy with it! I love how nutty it is, and how eggy it is NOT. Thank you!!

  63. tiffany

    Hi newbie here! I just tried making this beautiful looking bread and it is cooling as I type!
    I made some nut substitutions since I didn’t have all the nuts on hand but I only added a 1/4c of arrowrroot powder insted of the 3/4c called for-I did this because the other bread recipes I checked out called for the 1/4c too and 3/4 seemed like a lot. I hope this was ok. the bread looks correct out of the oven and after mixing all the ingredients I was glad that I didn’t add the amount of arrowroot called for because the batter was so thick I don’t think it could have worked with that much more added dry good without adding more wet. would love some feed back if anyone has any.

    • Tracy

      I have also had a problem with the bread not rising and wondered if less arrowroot might work better? How did your bread turn out?

      I live in the uk so am wondering if some of our products are different somehow? The only other thing was that the eggs were cold??


  64. Marsha

    I am wondering where to buy Elana’s grain free cookbook. I see a lot of grain free recipes on the website but not sure where to buy the cookbook. I have just been told I have to go completely grain free. As I am allergic to “all” grains. Thanks so much for any help anyone may have. Feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I have a family of 5 I need to feed as well.

  65. If you don’t have a Magic Pan ( I don’t) simply line your baking pan with baking parchment. Voila! perfect bread.

  66. annie breen

    how do I stop the sunfloweer seeds turning green???

  67. Debbie @ livefla.com

    Has anyone tried making this? I tried making this bread but my batter was not moist. I retraced my steps and followed the recipe correctly. Did anyone else have the same experience? The ingredients are a little pricey so I like to figure out what I did wrong before trying again. Thanks!

    • Abby

      I wonder if it has to do with the size of eggs you are using? I use duck eggs or jumbo chicken eggs, and have not had a problem with it being dry. Also, are you packing your flour? I think you are supposed to scoop and scrape, not pack, to get the proper amount of flour.

  68. Abby

    I’ve made this bread four times now, and love it. I follow the recipe exactly, except that I use Trader Joe’s Almond Meal. I know that it is not blanched, and it is quite coarse, but it’s cheap so that’s what I can do. It works perfectly in this recipe, and makes a loaf that is at once dense and fluffy with just the right amount of moisture. I also get all my nuts and seeds at Tj’s. This bread is VERY filling!

  69. Sandra Goergen

    Hello Elena,

    My partner was recently diagnosed with MS and during our search of the internet for some helpful information we landed on your website.
    I already declared your web site to my absolute favorite and use it daily to learn more about healthy alternatives and great cooking recipes.
    It is easy to navigate, useful tips and links- thank you for all your time spent!

    I love the nutty bread recipe, changed a little bit the content and found that the substitutions of the 4 eggs with ground flax meal and water (1:3 per egg) works amazingly well. I just have to add more liquid ( mostly water) and the bread does not raise as well…but taste amazing.

    thanks again


  70. Maddie

    I just made this delicious bread! I’ve been wishing I could have my old breakfast staple of poached eggs on toast, so I’m so pleased I came across this recipe!

    I used LSA mix instead of ground flax meal, since it’s a Sunday and none of my usual health food stores were open, but it still gives it that nutty flavour. I also used a teaspoon of honey instead of agave nectar. Yum!

  71. Niki Wood

    Thank you so much for this recipe, it is sssooo ggooodd, I am in love with all the nuts, it can easily be a base for any flavored bread such as banana bread, just add mashed bananas, again, thank you so much, this will be my new breakfast staple!!

  72. Jason

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I’ve made this bread about 5 times now and I absolutely love it. Spread some organic almond butter and it tastes amazing!

  73. Trudy

    Mine didn’t rise at all. Thoughts? The flavour was great though!

  74. This is amazing – It tastes just like real bread!!! I sprinkled some seeds on top for garnish, and it turned out great. I definitely will be trying more recipes from you In the future! Thanks :)

  75. Steph

    I have a problem with this bread. I make it all the time and love it, but I’m finding that one of the seeds (I think the sunflower seeds maybe) is (what looks like) going mouldy really really quickly after I make it. Whatever seed it is, it starts to go a really deep dark green colour and increases over time. I have thrown out all my seeds and bought new ones and its still happening. I think I can even see some of the same green in the photo, so i’m starting to wonder if it’s a chemical reaction instead?

    Anyone else had this, and what to do about it? I loooovee this bread, and I dont want to give it up!

    Steph :)

  76. This nutty bread looks delicious! I’ll surely give it a try at home. I think my kids will love it. Thanks

  77. I love your recipe, I just tried it yesterday and my family just loved it. thanks

  78. Kelly Hanson @ agein.com

    These nutty breads are so delicious,and the ingredients that are used in it is good for health.Overall very healthy recipe!!

  79. Looks very delicious. Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  80. This is Amazing recipe.I like your recipe.

  81. It is good for breakfast or have it as dessert. Nuts has some beneficial nutrients for our body.

  82. Daman

    Just curious if you have tried with coconut flour?
    Thank you

  83. Rhona

    I’ve just made this and ate some for supper topped with some tinned mackerel…totally amazing. Something to go with my soup at last.

  84. Not long ago I saw recipe on this site of apricot muffins. The recipe had a half a cup of chopped apricot and other ingredients. Since, I am unable to locate this recipe. If anyone has the recipe of apricot muffins, please email it to me or post it on this site.
    With many thanks,

  85. Valerie Wilkinson

    I have just been diagnosed as wheat, egg white and dairy intolerant. But also almond, radish, mushroom, red kidney bean and curry spices. Can I substitute an all purpose gluten-free flour for your recipes?
    Regards, Valerie

  86. Vittoria

    I just made this and WOW – it is a total winner. I have been trying different gluten-free breads lately as I just found out that I am likely intolerant to either wheat and/or gluten. I usually can do without any bread, but I am pregnant and have been craving bread with butter every day. Since my naturopath told me I should avoid those things, I have been on a mission to find the best gluten free bread – and this is SERIOUSLY IT!!! It smelled amazing while it was baking and the crust came out perfectly golden and crusty. I just had a slice with some butter – and I honestly could have cried. It is that good. Thank you so much for your hard work in perfecting your recipes, Elana! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  87. Joy

    This is a great loaf! my boys (7 and 10) are on their 2nd slice for lunch :-) I had to make a few subs for things I did not have and for some dietary issues. I also subbed hemp hearts in for the flax because we prefer the taste. It all worked wonderfully topped with olive-oil based spread and cinnamon.

    Thanks for the recipe! I will be using this many times from here on!


  88. Caroline Kaiser @ carolinekaisereditor.com

    This is so delicious that I wanted to gobble up the whole loaf. However, after having a couple of pieces, I found it does not agree with my digestive system. I don’t usually have problems with nuts and seeds, but I guess the quantity of them in this loaf is fibre overload for me. Who knew? I will try it again with a reduced portion of nuts and seeds and perhaps with some dried cranberries. It’s certainly the best-tasting gluten-free bread I’ve ever tasted.

  89. Maria

    I love your nutty bread but the following day my raw sunflower seeds were turning green around every seed. Any ideas. The only nuts I added was the sunflower seeds do I know for sure they are the culprit

  90. Martha

    What can I use instead of “amaranto” oats maybe?

  91. Betsy

    I made this bread yesterday and it is great! I have tried baked goods with almond flour before without very good results. Elana, you must have really done your homework to get everything just right. It was very easy, and I made sure all my ingredients were fresh (I keep all nuts in the freezer.) Even my non-paleo husband liked it! Now that I have that success under my belt I am motivated to try more. Only request: it would be great to have the nutrition info for each recipe, so I could see how much fiber I’m getting, etc. I have been gluten free for many years, but, like you, feel like grain free is going to be the way to go.

  92. Carla

    Such a great recipe! It’s easy, it’s tasty and it has no gluten… what else could I ask for. I have been making this bread instead of buying the one at wholefoods, so much better! And it keeps well in the fridge, you can just precut it, freeze it and then put a loaf in the toaster every morning. THANKS for these blog, it has really delicious stuff (I love the muffins too).

  93. Sheri

    Elana would it come out the same if you use part coconut flour and part almond flour , if so what ratio would be best ???? Thank you !

  94. I have made the Nutty Bread, and it was delicious. However, I’ve had trouble with it being dry. What can I do to make it more moist?

  95. Wendy

    Made this bread and it tasts really good. Had two slices and the rest is in the freezer

  96. lisa hooker

    Has anyone tried this recipe without arrowroot or.cornstarch and used another substitution? I.am on.Scd diet and this bread looks delicious but I.would have to.figure out some substitutions. Thanks for any helpful hints.

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