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New York Book Tour

friedman's lunch
photo from dynamist on flickr

I’m heading out to New York next week for some fun book related events where I’m hoping to meet some of you!  I have 3 signings scheduled at the below venues and an intimate party of close friends and associates that a dear friend from college is throwing for me at her apartment.

I would like to give special thanks to Friedman’s (looking forward to doing a signing in their super cool space at Chelsea Market, where they sell gluten free goodies) and to Kelly of celiacchicks.com as well, who helped me plan some of the below NYC adventures.

Kelly is such an enthusiastic promoter of everything gluten free and I owe her quite a bit of gratitude for all she has done for me and other gluten freers!

Check out my book tour and press pages to stay up to date with the latest happenings.

On the home front, our chickens laid their first egg on Saturday.  It was what I would call a “starter” egg.  Very teeny and cute.  They laid another yesterday, so it seems things are moving right along.  The boys are more than thrilled to go out to the coop every morning and night and check on the status of egg production on our little urban farm.

posted on September 1, 2009, 11 comments

  1. Michael Wagoner

    Hi Elana – Looks like your book signing schedule in NY will be fun! I’ve been enjoying your blog and just recently purchased your cookbook for my wife. We live in nearby Longmont and have been unable to find any Almond flour other than Bob’s Redmill – is there a local resource you’ve found in the area? Many thanks for the inspiration and great recipes!

  2. Ailsa

    Jumping in here to tell you to scroll down on the right side and look under ‘purchase’. Elana recommends buying blanched almond flour online from either Honeyville or Lucy’s.
    Hope that helps.

  3. So exciting!! Good luck and have fun :)

  4. Diane-The WHOLE Gang @ thewholegang.org

    Elana, I hope you enjoy every moment of your book tour. I’ve only had the pleasure of experiencing this via my husband when his book was released a couple of years back. It can be exhausting but I know you’ll take care of yourself. You also have Kelly there to help. She’s amazing. I wish I was attending the event at the CIA but I look forward to hearing you speak at BlogHer.

    I just want to say a big Thank You for creating this book and sharing this information. It has been so helpful for our family. You have made an important difference in our lives. Thank you.

  5. sounds like fun, i think traveling around the country would be a pretty cool way to get the word out.

  6. Jennifer R.

    Hi Elana,
    Good luck with your tour. I just bought your book last night at Wegman’s (our grocery store) and can’t wait to try some recipes!! Thanks!

  7. How exciting! Friedman’s is on the ground floor of my office building. I intend to pop down after work. YAY!

  8. Emily

    Wow sounds like a lot of fun! Busy, but fun! Have a fabulous time in New York with your friends. And how exciting the chicks laid their first egg!!

  9. I’m totally blushing, Elana! Thanks for the props!

  10. mandy

    can’t wait until you get here. i have plans on all the days/times you’re signing books (i’m getting married Oct. 3 and i’m very busy right now), but i’m going to try to make it to chelsea market!! we had the orange chipotle chicken last night and we’re having your salmon recipe tonight. we LOVE your recipes!!

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