-photo from joana hard on Flickr

Hazelnuts are also called filberts, and are high in B vitamins (especially B6) and vitamin E. They roast into sumptuous, golden rounds that taste amazing in salads and desserts or on top of soups.

Like almonds, this versatile nut can also be ground and used for a grain and gluten free alternative flour (though I must confess that I have not experimented extensively with hazelnut flour). My Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook contains a delicious recipe for Rosemary Hazelnut cookies, you may also want to try the recipe for homemade Nutella on my website.

In Italy the hazelnut or nocciola is a fixture in delectable treats such as gelato, truffles and pastries. The bulk of the world’s supply of hazelnuts are grown in Turkey; the US also produces a decent crop in the Pacific Northwest, where growing conditions are ideal.