Gluten Free Ingredients

Below you will find links to essential gluten free ingredients featured in the recipes on this website. Click on the image or text link to be taken to the specific ingredient page.

gluten free agar flakes
Agar Flakes
During my Ayurvedic training I learned to cook with agar flakes, they are a wonderful thickener for gluten free desserts such as custards and gelatinous desserts.

gluten free agave nectar
Agave Nectar
These days agave is a hotly debated ingredient; It is adored by some (who consider it a sugar substitute) and scorned by others. You decide… Check out my agave nectar recipes.

gluten free almond flour
Almond Flour
I use blanched almond flour in my recipes. Almond flour just might be my favorite gluten free ingredient. This high protein gluten free flour is wonderful for gluten free breads, cakes and cookies.

gluten free arrowroot powder
Arrowroot Powder
I learned to use arrowroot flour during my Ayurvedic training back in the early 90’s. It is an excellent gluten free thickener for things like chicken pot pie and helps make bread and cakes light and fluffy.

gluten free baking soda
Baking Soda
When it comes to gluten free baking I use baking soda rather than baking powder. Baking powder can contain additives such as corn starch.

gluten free cacao powder
Cacao Powder
I use cacao powder in everything from gluten free cookies to cakes to brownies. High in antioxidants, It is one of my favorite gluten free ingredients. If you like chocolate check out my cacao powder recipes.

gluten free salt
Celtic Sea Salt
I use Celtic sea salt in my recipes. If you experiment with different types of salt be sure to adjust the amounts according to your taste.

gluten free chef's shake
Chef’s Shake
Chef’s Shake is a gluten free seasoning from The Spice Hunter that I use to flavor gluten free Italian food.

gluten free chocolate
High in antioxidants, gluten free dark chocolate is often considered a health food. Check out all my gluten free chocolate recipes.

gluten free coconut flour
Coconut Flour
For those who are allergic to tree nuts my coconut flour recipes are a healthy, nut free alternative.

gluten free coconut oil
Coconut Oil
I use coconut oil when I want to achieve a coconut-esque flavor in my cooking and baking.

gluten free grapeseed oil
Grapeseed Oil
I use grapeseed oil quite bit in my gluten free baking. Many people that cannot digest gluten are also allergic to dairy; grapeseed oil is the perfect butter substitute.

gluten free jam
Everything is better with jam, including gluten free baking.

gluten free kudzu
I use kudzu in place of cornstarch in many of recipes, it is a fantastic gluten free thickener.

gluten free palm sugar
Palm Sugar
Many people ask, “what is palm sugar?” There are two types of palm sugar –coconut palm sugar and date palm sugar. Both are low-glycemic, easy to use and wonderful for both cooking and baking.

gluten free stevia
Stevia sweetener is my favorite sugar substitute. Check out all my gluten free recipes that use stevia.

gluten free vanilla extract
Vanilla Extract
Gluten free vanilla extract plays a major role in my gluten free dessert recipes.

gluten free xylitol
What is xylitol? It is a natural sweetener derived from birch bark (I do not use xylitol derived from corn). Xylitol is often used in gum. This gluten free ingredient can also be used in cooking and baking.

gluten free yacon syrup
Yacon Syrup
Yacon syrup is a wonderful healthy alternative sweetener and my favorite substitute for molasses.