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gluten free grain free raw granola

I love gluten free granola; sweet and crunchy, it always satisfies a good snack attack.

I also get a kick out of using the term “granola” to ridicule my Boulder brethren. However, when I’m feeling earthy, dousing myself in patchouli (which my husband dislikes to no end) I can easily apply the term to myself –even though I’m more of a yuppie than a hippie. I guess that would make me a yippie.

Alas, I digress. Several years ago when I first encountered the live food diet, I created this recipe for a crunchy live gluten free granola. Even though he’s not a hippie, yippie or yuppie, my husband really likes it and so does my younger son. The little guy eats it with yogurt, which makes for a tasty and filling snack.



  1. Place nuts and seeds in a large bowl, cover with water and soak overnight
  2. Place raisins in a separate bowl, cover with (½ to 1 cup) water and soak overnight
  3. Place the raisins, along with their soaking water in a food processor and puree until smooth
  4. In a fine mesh metal strainer, drain and rinse the nuts and seeds and discard the soaking water
  5. Add nuts and seeds to raisin puree in food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped, to the consistency of granola, then add vanilla, cinnamon and salt and pulse briefly to incorporate these final ingredients
  6. Transfer mixture onto two large parchment lined baking sheets
  7. To make live granola, place in the oven on the lowest setting (usually 135°) for 24 hours
  8. For instant gratification, bake 45 minutes in the oven at 250°; for this more decadent treat, I sometimes drizzle agave over the granola, or add shredded coconut, currants and other dried fruit
  9. Serve

Serves 12

Enjoy this nutritious power packed, grain free, gluten free, healthy raw granola recipe with fresh fruit, plain yogurt or as I do, simply by the handful.

posted on September 11, 2007, 62 comments

  1. Can you drizzle the gourmet add-ons over the live granola too?

  2. Oakling- yes, I often add agave or dried fruit to the live granola.

  3. Wendy

    Hi Elana,
    How much water do you use to soak the raisins in? I’m in the process of making this granola and have had to keep it in the oven (at 250 F) for over 2 hours now.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I cover the raisins with just less than a cup of water. I will make a note in the recipe above for future bakers. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

  5. Jessica

    I just made this recipe, it is yummy! I was under the impression that for something to be considered a “raw” or “living” food it can not be heated higher than 110-120 degrees? So this is technically not a “raw” food? Is that right?

  6. Jessica -From what I have read raw food is anything “cooked” below 118 degrees. The lowest setting on my oven is 135; more live enzymes survive at this temp than at 250 degrees, though yes, you are correct, the live food people would not consider this raw.

  7. ~M

    Thanks for the great recipe, Elana! Where does the raisin puree get reincorporated?

    Also, I wonder if you couldn’t “bake” this in a crockpot on low (I think this is usually about 200ºF), possibly with a chopstick or wooden spoon to let the steam out, for slightly less than 24 hours. It would use much less electricity, allow you to leave the house, and not heat up the entire kitchen in the summertime. These are the reasons why I use my crockpot to poach chicken breasts for salads (without propping, for 3 hours on high). Here is an idea of what I mean by propping: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/05/crockpot-crunchy-roasted-garbanzo-beans.html

    As always, take care!

  8. Hi ~M -Thanks for your comment. The raisin paste does not leave the food processor. I added a couple of words to the recipe above to make this more clear as the way I had it written didn’t quite do the job.

    Love the crockpot idea for this recipe. Not sure how it would work since I haven’t ever tried it this way. If you do it, please stop back by and let us know the results. The one issue I could see is that the granola would not crisp if it is not laid out on a flat baking sheet, evenly exposed to the heat. However, still might be worth a try in the crockpot. xo Elana

    • ~M

      Yeah, you’re right that the oven works much better, though I did eat the crockpot version. This is fabulous with coconut milk…maybe one day you’ll make coconut milk from scratch too.

      I also sometimes add black sesame seeds as part of the nuts/seeds…they taste great (but check your teeth! :) )

  9. Jessica

    Hi Elana – How do you store your granola (and power bars)? How long do they keep? We’re heading out on a 2 week road trip with our 2 year old and I’m looking for easy to store snacks. We’ll have a cooler with us. Thanks!

  10. Jessica-
    I store my granola in a glass mason jar. For my power bars I use a glass pyrex with a plastic lid or a glass anchor brand dish with a glass lid.

    If you go to the right side navigation of my site and look for “purchase” then “elana’s pantry store” you will find many of the items that I use.

    Hope this helps and glad you like the granola.


  11. ~M

    I have a huge craving for your granola right now! I am so bored with the un-fortified gf cereals that I’ve taken to eating homemade chicken soup for breakfast!

    Another great breakfast: pancakes with coconut flour! They are so fluffy and filling! I used the recipe on the back of the Bob’s Red Mill package with some tweaking, and hemp milk + apple cider in lieu of buttermilk. I’ve made them 2x, and they win rave reviews by my mom, fiance, and even picky younger brother. I’m willing to bet you could make them Elana-friendly by using your Honeyville blanched almond flour instead of the recommended white rice flour and baking soda instead of the baking powder (perhaps adding more acid in the form of apple cider vinegar) and using arrowroot for the cornstarch.

    Anyways, are you using raw or roasted almonds here in your granola recipe? Also, are they whole almonds, slivered, or sliced? I think I actually have each of the above types described. :) Take care!

  12. Hi ~M,

    Those pancakes sound great!

    I use whole raw almonds in this recipe.


  13. Helene

    Hi Elana,

    I’m a newby to RAW – do you have to soak the seeds and nuts before you make granola ?



  14. Helene,

    Feel free to experiment and make it any way you wish, the soaking activates enzymes in the nuts and gets them to just barely begin a sprouting process.


    • cathy hastings

      Hi elana I absolutely love your website! Question… If we are killing most of the enzymes @ 135 and all of them @250 is the soaking of the nuts really necessary? Just wondering. Thanks for all your “deliciousness”!

  15. Onelasttime

    This is a GREAT recipe.

    I have made three variations:

    * as posted

    * using dried cranberries instead of raisins

    * using dried mango and cashews (macadamia nuts seem to be lacking from the four stores I tried)

    They are all so nice. Thank you!

  16. Onelasttime,

    Yum! Amazing.


  17. ~M

    Hi Elana,

    I read in your book that you recommend organic fruit spread (jam) due to the concentrated nature of the product. Would that also be true for something like raisins (or dried fruit in general)? Thanks!

  18. Pam

    Does the granola have to be “dry” when you take it out of the oven?? Mine’s been in for almost an hour and it’s still pretty wet…

    • ~M

      I used to have this problem of wet granola, but implementing some of these changes helped a lot and now we love our granola! If the granola is still wet after the recipe’s baking time, I recommend letting it bake for maybe 10-15 minutes longer. Then, shut off the oven, and keep the door closed with the granola inside. By the next day, it should have dried out considerably. (In my incredibly arid apartment, I might be able to leave the granola on the baking sheet on the kitchen island with the same effect).

      If you hydrated your raisins with 1 cup of water, next time I suggest using only 1/2 cup of water. Since I’ve been using only 1/2 cup of water, my batches come out much better, though I still dehydrate them further by leaving them in the closed oven overnight. Another option is to soak your nuts for a bit less time; I used to soak for 24 hours or so, but now for around 12 hours.

      I do *not* recommend raising the temperature beyond 250ºF or your nuts will burn.

      Good luck!

      • heather

        just the comment i was looking for …THANKS!!! i tried 3 of the recipes last night and finished this morning.. granola.. cran powerbars and the cranberry loaf..AMAZING!!!!! just trying to get the granola to not be so moist.

  19. KK

    Hi Elana,
    I love love your website and your recipes. They are so yummy. I’ve made a few of your recipes with great results.
    Just made your power bars and granola and oh my goodness so yummy however how a few questions. My friend and I are both very very active( running, hiking, biking, etc) and I was excited to find a healthy protein filled snacks however I found the granola and power bars to be very crumbly. And the granola on the wet side. I followed the recipes exactly didn’t change a thing. Do you have any suggestions so it will be less crumbly so we can take it on a runs and not have crumbs??
    Thank you!!

  20. Hi KK,

    Thanks for your comment. To get the granola to be less on the wet side I would suggest leaving it in the oven until crispy.

    Can you let me know specifically which power bar recipe you are talking about? Actually, if you could leave a comment on the power bar recipe you are referring to that would be really helpful.


  21. This is one of the few online recipes I have made (and loved!) as written, with no adjustments! My whole family enjoyed it so much that I started a second batch before the first was all gone. In fact, my mother just visited for the first time since we went grain-free, and she was really impressed. She liked this granola better than my regular oat based granola that she used to rave about. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  22. Podiatrist in Charlevoix @ drthomasdekorte.com

    Oh. my. goodness. I have missed granola so much since giving up gluten and grains. I can’t wait to go home and make this and eat the entire batch.

  23. Riki Shore @ rikishore.com

    Hi Elana,
    Thank you so much for the work you do publishing awesome gluten-free recipes. Both my daughter and I are gluten intolerant, and your recipes and photos have inspired us to no end. Here’s a gluten-free granola recipe I made after I read the method you describe here. It’s delicious!
    Thank you again!

  24. Lisa

    Thank you for this fab recipe Elana! Being grain and sugar free (among other things!) means granola has been a thing of the past. Until now! I just made a double batch and will be taking it along on a 7day/6 night wilderness whitewater trip. What’s left, that is, since I can’t keep from nibbling at it. YUM

  25. Shaina

    Is this granola good used as a breakfast cereal with milk? We have been doing a grain free diet now for a few months and my 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old are doing GREAT with it! The only thing they still ask for though is cereal in the morning and I’ve yet to find a replacement for that :(

  26. I discovered homemade granola as a teen when I worked at a B&B. There’s no going back to the store bought stuff. Especially if your gluten intolerant. This version looks delicious, will have to add to my repatoir.

  27. Thank you for an innovative approach to granola!

  28. Shayna

    I tried a variation and it turned out awesome!
    1 cup of pumpkin seeds
    1 cup walnuts
    1 cup cashews
    1 cup pecans
    half cup of wild blueberries + half cup of raisins

    After soaking – I pureed the berries and raisins. Then poured them into a big bowl with the drained nut mix. I added the salt, vanilla and cinnamon and stirred it all together with a big spoon. Then scooped about a cup at a time into my vitamix. This blended/chopped the ingredients better.

    End result was awesome! My 4 and 2 year old gobbled it up!

  29. Jeanne J

    Great recipe! I made it last night using slivered almonds, pecans and cashews with pumpkin seeds. After baking, I added a mix of dried bananas, pineapple, cherries, cranberries, dates and dried ginger. Very delicious! Thanks for the gluten-free version, Elana!

  30. Alysia @ none

    Can I use a dehydrater and still get the same effect as I would with the oven??

    Alysia Smith

  31. Julie Zickler

    Hi elana,

    I made this once and think I over cooked it. My oven only goes down to 170 instead of 135. I cooked it for the 24hrs and it tasted kind of burnt/sour…lost it’s flavour. So I am wanting to try it again, how long do you recommend me cooking it for in a 170 degree oven?


  32. Tina

    I have made this recipe twice now, and though it wasn’t as crunchy as I wanted (should have read the comments sooner!), we all still love it. My hubby is not a big nut or granola fan but he had a bowl of this for breakfast with some milk. I also had a bowl with some almond milk for breakfast.

    Actually, I just pulled a second batch out of the oven, might be time for a snack :)

    Thanks to all those who commented on how to get the granola more crispy!

  33. Rise & Shine Life @ risenshinelife.blogspot.com

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for a sweetener free granola recipe! I was literally thinking today how I should make one up, but sometimes it really is nice when someone has already done it :) I have recently had to go sugar/honey/agave free so this is great!

    Thanks Elana!

  34. Jean

    Made this over the weekend and wanted the nuts to remain truly raw so i dehydrated at 105 (F) in the dehydrator for 24 hours – it was fantastic! The texture was perfect and the flavor was great! My twins LOVED it – ate it for breakfast this morning over some raw yogurt. Thank you for sharing this fantastic recipe!!

  35. Jeff

    What a great recipe. BTW you’re not a yippie, that’s a member of the Youth International Party.

  36. Melannie

    I was wondering if you have the carb count for this recipe available?


  37. Heather

    good to know, will try this in my dehrydrator, sounds good, must try, thx

  38. Diane

    I’m in Denver,Colorado visiting my daughter and wondering if I bake cookies, muffins, etc. do I need to make any alterations due to altitude?

  39. Cassandra

    This is delicious! I jus made my first batch and enjoyed some over fresh strawberries. Need to work on the baking time for my oven, but thanks for the tasty recipe and tips (leaving in oven overnight was key for me, but I also think my batches were too big for my oven/sheet, will halve next time).

  40. Katie Sommerfeld

    This granola was yummy! Thanks for a great recipe!

  41. Brittany

    I absolutely love this granola and so does my almost 2 year old! My ovens lowest temp is 170 so I had two baking sheets cooking for about 3 hours turning every hour or so. I just followed other reviewers and took them out when they weren’t wet anymore! I am so excited to trying this with different nuts and it will be so good with sweetened shredded coconut and dried fruits.
    Elanas, thank you so much for your impressive recipes. I have started paleo lifestyle (not diet!) and really rely on your blogs recipes for their ease, my access to ingredients to make them and that so many kid friendly! So a big big big thank you for all your hard work!!

  42. Renee

    Where are the gluten free oats in this recipe? It’s not granola without the oats:-(

  43. LaVonne

    I am assuming that soaking is only for raw nuts/seeds? I have already roasted pumpkin seeds and mac nuts, so I was thinking I should only soak the raw almonds and raisins.

    Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!

  44. Gwenda

    Hi Elana!!! Wowzers!!!! This is beautiful!! I made this last night (my first time ever making granola) and it’s just what I need to pop onto my Greek yoghurt!!! Thanks for your fantastic recipes! I have 2 of your books and use them all the time!!!

  45. Stephani

    Does anyone out there know where I can get peanut-free macadamia nuts? I read on a blog that Dole Plantation brand are peanut-free, but I cannot find them online for purchase. I know I could sub another nut, but I would really like to try this with macadamia. Thx!

    Elena – thanks for the wonderful recipes :)

  46. This looks good. Haven’t tried it yet but it is on my list. I’m going to do a 21DSD so will just omit the raisins.

  47. angela

    Do you think I could add chia or flax seeds to this recipe? If so, would you recommend soaking them too? This sounds really yummy, thanks for posting.

  48. Susan

    How is this granola best stored and for how long?? I’m looking to use it as a cereal mixed with puffed wheat. I miss cereal with milk….

  49. Susan @ n/a

    Hi, how long can I store this granola? If I refrigerate it will it store longer? Thanks!!

  50. Stacy

    I used less than 1 cup of water but have had it in the oven for about 2 hours at 250 and it’s still wet?

  51. Nina

    I made this last night for an upcoming vacation. We are going to a remote lodge so I needed something I know I can eat. It turned out great! I added cranberries and shredded coconut at the end of cooking. I love that the only sweetener is the raisin puree. I’m getting rave reviews! Thanks Elena!

  52. Kristin

    After reading all the comments about the mixture still being wet after baking at 250 for several hours, I put the rinsed nuts into my salad spinner and was able to get a good amount of water out. A few of the pumkin seeds did find their way through the slots in the strainer basket but I just scrapped them out after draining the water. Next time I might just add an extra tablespoon of seeds. It was nicely toasted in about 1 1/2 hours at 250. Thanks for a great recipe.

  53. Jeannie


  54. Kimmi G

    Do you have the nutritional value and serving size for this recipe. I have an athlete who I think would love this, but would not put a single thing in their mouth if they can not track the nutritional information.

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