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Giveaway: Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts

Today I’m giving away a copy of The Spunky Coconut Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts: Gluten Free, Casein Free, and Often Egg Free by Kelly of The Spunky Coconut.  This is an amazing cookbook, whether you’re gluten free or not.  I love Kelly’s food.  It’s delicious and I find her cooking just a bit healthier than mine –which is a good thing.

I had the luxury of eating actual recipes from this book made by Kelly herself.  They were all delectable.  My favorites were her Coconut Banana Cream Pie, Sunbutter Ice Cream (which I posted earlier this week) and Chai Granola.  Fabulous.

I haven’t stopped making Kelly’s Chai Granola since I finished the batch she made for me.  Trust me, these recipes are simple enough to make yourself, you don’t need Kelly to do that for you, though you would be very, very lucky if she did! Kelly uses nutritious ingredients that yield delicious results and her instructions are very concise and easy to follow.

A few years ago, Kelly emailed me and said something like, “hey, we cook alike.”  I was a little less internet and blogging savvy back then and easily overwhelmed by any email whatsoever, so I’m not sure I did take a look for myself to see if that was the case.  Well, I can tell you, we do cook alike.  So if you enjoy my recipes, it would probably be a good idea to get yourself a copy of Kelly’s cookbook or at least head on over to her blog.

To be eligible to win a copy of Kelly’s wonderful book, just leave a comment below with your favorite recipe from Kelly’s website or your favorite flavor of granola. This contest is open to everyone, everywhere and I will pick the winner at random. This giveaway will end at 6pm on January 5th, 2011.

The winner of last weeks giveaway for an All-Clad 2-Quart Saucepan is Anna!

Update: this giveaway has ended and the winner was Audrey J!

posted on December 23, 2010, 678 comments

  1. The chai granola sounds delicious.

  2. I made Kelly’s Scandinavian thumbprint cookies the other day ( http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/2010/12/scandinavian-thumbprint-cookies-gluten.html ), to take to my boyfriend’s family for my first Swedish Christmas, so I would have something sweet to eat. (I’ve just moved from Australia to Sweden, so it’s also my very first white Christmas!) My boyfriend tried one & was very impressed! He said they’d be great with a cup of coffee :) Kelly’s got so many great recipes on her site. I’m going to give the Coconut Dreams a go next!

  3. baschwar

    Favorite granola is maple and fig…

  4. Hanri S @ hanriyoga.co.uk

    Ooh, my favourite recipe from Kelly’s website is the chocolate chip bars. they are amazing!

  5. Geri

    My most favorite recipe from Kelly’s website is her chocolate chip bars.

  6. I had not checked out this blog and am really glad I did this morning. I need a couple of desserts for this week-end!


  7. Stephanie

    My favorite recipe from Kelly’s web site is a quick & easy veggie burger recipe. I’m dying to make some of her pie recipes though – especially her no-bake pumpkin :)

  8. Melissa Burford @ melissaburford.typepad.com

    My favorite recipes from Kelly’s site is her Macadamia Nut & Coffee Ice Cream. Thanks for the chance to win her book.

  9. The chia granola is pretty high on my list too – I really want to try the Goji and Raw Cacao pie :)

  10. Gunnhild @ helseklinikken.no

    Seam like a wonderful book that I would love to get. :-)) Gunnhild from Norway

  11. Katie

    I make a delicious maple-almond granola! It goes great with milk and fresh raspberries.

  12. I love the Spunky Coconut’s cashew milk. Simple, easy to make and delicious! I can’t wait to try the chai granola!

  13. Marge Ellis

    Cherry Vanilla, but I’d love to try the Chai!

  14. Lourdes @ lavidapaleo.com

    My favorite is Sunbutter Ice Cream.

  15. LauraPh

    I love all the quiche recipes.

  16. Jessica

    I love the Chai granola and the Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cookies!!! So simple yet soooo delicious!

  17. My favorite flavor of granola would have to include a mixture of vanilla, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and cinnamon.

  18. Marsha

    I will be excited to try Kelly’s Swedish meatballs with lignonberry sauce- triple yum!

  19. Gittel

    Thanks Elana for another fantastic reference! I am a newbie to your site and I love it, it is people like you and Kelly who make eating healthy so much fun… THANK YOU!
    Just had a look at Kelly’s and signed up there too, looking foward to trying as much as i can…
    ps, I do hope I win this thing, it looks divine!

  20. Mary Catherine Worth

    Haven’t tried her recipes yet, but I would love to try them.

  21. Craig Emmerich

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    I love the Macadamia Nut Coffee Ice Cream!!!

  22. My favourite flavour of granola would have to be peanut butter and maple syrup, but taking inspiration from Kelly I think I’ll have to try a sunbutter granola next!

  23. Charlotte Moore

    This is my first to hear of this website. I can’t believe the ingredients I saw that I do not know what they are. I am going to google them. Her Vanilla Bean Cake sounded good and lots of the muffins I saw. I would love to have the cookbook.

  24. Kristine

    The chai granola!!

  25. CAtherine Rutter @ kitchen-rx.com

    CAn’t wait to try the sunbutter ice cream! It looks wonderful and thanks for posting it.

  26. kelly hauschild

    my favorite type of granola (for the holiday) is pistachio with dried berries….it gives basic granola a holiday flair with the greens and reds…so pretty!!!

  27. Stacey

    I’m intrigued by the goji berry and raw cacao pie …

  28. donna nielsen

    i didn’t know about this book or the website until just this week and have not really had alot of time to peruse it yet…but so far everything i have seen there looks awesome…i am always in a quandary about breakfast and the chai granola recipe is the first one i will try very soon…i would be SO happy to find a good breakfast item…i definitely want the book and had already put it on my list of books i am saving up for…;-)

  29. Nancy

    I love all the yogurt recipes made with cashew milk…AHHH, I love cashew anything!

  30. angela pittaway

    i would love a copy of the book i cannot get it over here in the uk to buy so it would be a great pleasure and help with my health problems. many thanks. i went on a juice fast last week and we broke the fast on the retreat with a smoothie and some of elenas sandwich almond meal bread which everyone loved and wanted the receipe. i cooked it for them and they couldnt believe how nice it was. thanks and merry xmas angela

  31. Linda

    I love all granola, so I’m sure the chai granola would be fantastic!

  32. Julie Hack

    Sunbutter Ice Cream – yum!

  33. Christie Marino

    I am new to your website but LOVE it!
    I have always been a “clean” eater but my husband recently discovered he has a problem with gluten and dairy. Your website has been a God sent! He loves anything with coconut so when I saw that Kellys cookbook was all about coconut, I thought it was perfect!
    He has been eating several recipes that I have gotten from your website (thank you!) His whole Thanksgiving dinner was your recipes.
    I haven’t made any granola yet but our favorite is vanilla or Chai.
    Thanks again for helping make my time in the kitchen easier!
    Happy Holidays!
    Christie Marino

  34. Linda North

    I love cooking with coconut!

  35. Deb

    Sounds like a great cookbook. It would be nice to have another cookbook to use for gluten free cooking.

  36. Kim Brown

    I looked at the Kelly’s website and the Rosemary & Garlic Grain Free Sandwich Bread sounds like something I would love. I am still learning how to manipulate ingredients around being gluten free. I have to make this bread to go with my organic eggs!!

  37. Kassia

    I’ve made some of Kelly’s recipes and they have all been delicious! Next on my list to try is her Vanilla Bean Cake!

  38. Debbie Pettigrew

    My favorite recipe is the pumpkin pie…a real winner in this house.

  39. Jackie

    Thanks for introducing me to Kelly’s website and recipes. I look forward to trying the chai granola.

  40. Karen Russell @ recipe4wellness.com

    It’s always good to get new recipes! You can never have enough. Thanks!

  41. Barb

    Can’t wait to try out some of her recipes!

  42. Vicki Bradley

    What great recipes. As a new person to wheat and milk sensitivity, I am delighted and grateful to find that there are websites and books like Kelly’s and Elana’s out there. A huge thank you.

  43. Judy H

    Oh the Coconut Dreams are the best. It is nice to have a cookie I can eat. What a lovely website!!

  44. AidelK

    I haven’t tried any of her recipes, but just clicked over to her website–and hope to try a couple of them. The chocolate pie looks yummy & the cauliflower recipe intrigues me.

  45. Laurel

    Yogurt! I make it every week. I’d probably tried half a dozen recipes before I found hers. Also nut milk and ice cream and after reading all the comments I guess I’ll have to try those chocolate chip bars. I will be forever grateful for her genius in coming up with a yogurt recipe that not only works but sets up and can be used in anything. Oh yeah, I’ve tried her pumpkin pie and my husband even ate half a slice. That’s okay because I got to enjoy the rest of it.

  46. There is a quaint little coffee shop in Fairplay, Co. that has the most delicious granola that I’ve ever eaten. Would love to have this, thank you for offering it to us.

  47. Amanda

    Pumpkin Spice granola

  48. I love Kelly’s chocolate chip cookies with almond and coconut flour – the one that she lets her kids eat the dough. Mmmmm….good.

  49. sas

    I love her pie crust recipe! and so so so many others!

  50. Tess Moore

    Thank you for introducing me to The Spunky Coconut. I’m just learning of all the good things she has to offer like cookies, granolas, cakes and icecreams. I have asked for an ice cream maker for Christmas so hopefully I will win the cookbook and Santa will bring the ice cream maker and I will be all set :)Look out sunbutter ice cream here I come!!!!

  51. Heather

    Pumpkin Spice Bread looks tremendous! Would love a copy of the Spunky Coconut’s book!

  52. I have just been diagnosed with celiac in the last couple weeks. I don’t have a favorite recipe yet! But the chocolate chip bars sound wonderful.

  53. Elizabeth

    Oh, the chai granola certainly suits me!

  54. Patricia Ruiz @ aol

    I love the sun butter ice cream.I would love to win this book for my son that is autistic because it is glutten free.

  55. Jen

    Favorite recipe is almond squares.

  56. Julie

    This sounds so good. I would love to have it.

  57. Nicole Thomas

    My favorite recipe from Kelly’s website is the Grain-Free Onion Poppyseed Bagels. I’d love to win her cookbook!

  58. Magda Velecky

    Just one??? I’m not sure I can pick just one… I absolutely love her raw coconut milk “pudding” – I add an avocado to it and call it my power breakfast LOL I also love her marble cake made with beans. Picky eaters in my house didn’t care for it and I had no trouble devouring the whole thing myself! Kelly’s is one of the few blogs I check on a regular basis. It’s because of her I was able to cut out much sugar in my diet and add stevia as an option. You rock, Kelly!!

  59. p. dillon

    i’ve never cooked with coconut, just almond flour, so this book would make me a lttle braver than i am re: flour!

  60. stephanie

    Thanks for letting me know about Kelly and her website!

  61. Shaemoq

    Love the chicken meatballs. They are so easy and delicious its amazing. Her coconut dream cookies are, well just that a dream.


  62. Lois Silverman

    My favorite recipe from Kelly’s site is her Rosemary & Garlic
    Grain-free Sandwich Bread gluten-free, casein-free. However, I have a new 2nd best favorite now which is her Pumpkin Spice Bread. I am diabetic and bread is my favorite thing to eat but it spikes by blood sugar but for some reason most gluten free bread recipes (yours included of course) do not.

    I would love the chance to win Kelly’s book.

  63. Andrea Bean

    Kerstin’s Almond Squares….YUMMY!!!

  64. Melissa

    I love the Spunky Coconut’s spiced almond brittle- delicious! I lover her website and would love to win a copy of her cookbood!

  65. This is my first introduction to Kelly’s website. Thank you, I have bookmarked it so I can check out her recipes further. They do look fabulous! I have also recently began using coconut flour, which I love, but still have much to learn as it is a flour that really absorbs liquid, more so than other gluten free flours. Her cook book looks great, it would be an excellent addition to any gluten free cookbooks, or any gluten free household.

  66. My favourite recipe from Kelly’s website is her Goji & Raw Cacao Pie

  67. Allison

    I like granola as plain as possible…nuts are okay, but no fruit. And those chocolate-chip bars sound delicious! :-)

  68. Judy H.

    I love the chai granola! I make my own yogurt and have been experimenting with granola recipes (looking for more based on nuts) and your post on chai granola earlier this week was perfect!

  69. Sharon Mahan

    Creamy Italian Salad Dressing is my current favorite from Kelly!

  70. Tina Hitchcock

    The chocolate chip bars were amazing. A friend made them and gave them to me for Christmas. Can’t wait to make them myself.

  71. Shawn Bay

    My favorite granola is also the Chai granola! Mmmmm good! shawn

  72. Cindy W.

    I think the granola recipe sounds wonderful.

  73. DeVola

    I would love to have copies of these books! Good stuff!

  74. Sarah

    I made the vanilla bean cake and my mom freaked out at how good it was. We cooked it in too deep a dish I think, so it had some texture issues (must try again!). But I gotta say my favorite recipe is for the chocolate frosting. I can’t believe you can actually make a frosting that looks and tastes (better than) like it came from a can, and with such healthy ingredients!

  75. Kate

    off to check out the chai granola….that would be my first recipe to try!

  76. Elise P.

    Mmmm – Goji chocolate pie- awesome!

  77. Hilary D

    I love the quiche

  78. Arielle

    You’re both super talented cooks; I love how, despite how different your recipe styles and the results are, I can eat it all!

  79. Jordana Halpern Geist @ healthyhappyyou.org

    All time favorite: Gogi chocolate pie, and lots of it!

  80. Abby H.

    the chai granola sounds so good!

  81. Lynn

    Very nice to find another source of delicious and nutritious food. The Chai Granola sounds fabulous. If I do not win this book I am sure to buy it.
    Thanks, Elana for finding Kelly for us!

  82. Jerri-Lynn D @ rdegayner@new.rr.com

    Ooo, Ooo, Ooo pick me, please pick me! My granola has to have GINGER and cranberries.

  83. Lauren

    We make our own varieties of granola at home and my all-time favorite is peanutbutter-chocolate. My favorite grain-free granola recipe is raw, dehydrated, and sweetened only with apples.

  84. Denise

    I just bought my first bag of coconut flour and made your lemon poppy seed muffins They tasted great! We are looking forward to more delicious coconut flour recipes, so Kelly’s book would be perfect.
    Our favorite granola had coconut, pecans and raisins.

  85. veronica flematti

    love the quiche but a lot of great ones

  86. Sheryl

    I think the cauliflower mock mashed potatoes sound yummy…I would if the family would eat it for Christmas dinner? It’s worth a try!

  87. Hazel

    Thank you for the tip. I can’t wait to check out her blog and book. I wanted to let you know that you continually inspire me.

  88. donna

    Chai granola sounds just devine…Can’t wait to try it.

  89. Sharon S

    grain free baking would be wonderful treat for my gluten free family

  90. Shirley

    this is an amazing website!

  91. I have Kelly’s spunky coconut (first) cookbook, which
    I would highly recommend, and have a
    number of favorites from that – the spiced almond brittle,
    (which just brought to a potluck holiday party on Sunday
    at the Humane Society, where I volunteer), the
    banana bread (yum!) and japanese inspired dressing.
    Oh, and the frozen cafe au lait. I haven’t ever known
    of her blog, thanks for letting me know through your website.
    I look forward to trying out some of the recommendations
    you and other people mentioned. Thanks again for your wonderful blog
    and recipes, Elana, I have your cookbook, too, and use both
    all the time and am constantly recommending both to others!
    I’d love Kelly’s new book.


  92. AndreAnna from Liife as A Plate @ lifeasaplate.com

    Since going grain-free, I’ve been so blessed and thankful so many amazing women and sources to help me stay healthy!

    I recently bought all the ingredients to try to make her green bean casserole for Chrismtas! (I’m nervous!)

    If I don’t win her book, I am definitely buying it!!

  93. The Macadamia Nut & Coffee Ice Cream recipe looks amazing! I have really wanted to buy a copy of her book for a while, so I would love to win one for Christmas! Thanks!

  94. Danielle

    My favorite recipe (I’ve not made it and only just recently discovered her site) is the Almond Squares. I can’t wait to try it!

  95. Crystal Dodson

    My favorite flavor of granola is Kelly’s Chai granola. My husband who says he doesn’t eat nuts has been eating her chai granola every morning for the last few months. I love the fact that it is raw also. I would love to win this cookbook. I have her first one. It is helping me with the gfcf diet for my little boy with autism.

  96. Neveen

    i haven’t tried these yet but i am planning on making
    (more like dying to make but need to find time) Kelly’s Scandinavian thumb print cookies. I even asked her for measurements for using flax seeds instead of chia seeds. I can’t wait to try them!

  97. Jordan

    Hi Elana!
    I would love this cookbook! My favorite granola that I make at home is pumpkin blueberry. I haven’t tried the chai granola but it’s high on the to do list.

    Happy holidays!

  98. Deb

    My favorite is the Gluten Free Almond Power Bars! I have made this delicious bar about 6 times in the last 6 months. Every moring I eat two squares with a cup of tea…very delicious! Those that are not eating gluten free enjoy this recipe, too.

  99. Heather

    I’m currently in love with her banana bread.

  100. Kelly is great! I love both of your recipes :)

  101. Eva K.

    I am hoping to make the Cinnamon Raisin bagels today. I’m always experimenting trying to find yummy GF bread alternatives. Her recipes seem very creative and healthy, which I really appreciate! Another recipe I saw that caught my eye was the granola with rice pudding on top-yum! Sounds like a delectable sweet treat.

  102. Susan

    Love Kelly’s Lucia Bun recipe… going to make it tomorrow. Any tips on how to make it with eggs? I don’t feel confident enough to swap out ingredients for the eggs…

  103. Hallie @ Daily Bites @ wwwdailybitesblog.com

    That chai granola has me craving the recipe!!

  104. Claudette Fowler

    I would love a new cookbook.

  105. Stephanie

    Almond muffins! yum…

  106. Caroline Bull

    My favorite new flavor of granola is pumpkin. A friend of mine made me some recently, and I’m in love.

  107. nina

    Kelly’s egg crepes!

  108. Jennifer @ marriedtoabmw.com

    I don’t actually have a favorite flavor of granola. Maybe I should start eating more!

  109. Sarah

    “Coconut Dreams
    gluten-free, egg-free

    Add to bowl:
    1/2 cup applesauce
    1 tbsp Chia Seed meal (I grind my seeds in coffee grinder or Magic Bullet. 1 tbsp meal is equal to about 1/2 tbsp seeds)
    1/4 cup honey (or other sugar)
    15 drops Vanilla Creme liquid stevia
    1/4 cup melted ghee
    1/4 cup coconut oil, liquified
    optional: 1/4 tsp almond extract

    Mix with electric mixer.

    1 tsp baking soda
    1/3 cup tapioca flour
    1/3 cup coconut flour, sifted
    1/2 cup almond meal flour (I used Bob’s)
    3/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

    Mix again.

    Roll into little balls and flatten between your hands.

    Bake on unbleached parchment paper at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes.

    Makes about 20.”

    I am going to try this recipe for Christmas this year!!! Thanks Elana and Kelly for these wonderful healthy recipes!

    With Appreciation,

  110. Sue P

    I’ve been talking about her sunbutter ice cream over on Facebook over the past couple of days with some other friends. We all want to try it. And I’ve been wanting to try out her pie crust and the pumpkin pie. Yum!

  111. Angela

    I can’t wait to try the Chai Granola. It’s on my to do list for later today. Thanks so much to you (and to Kelly) for all the inspiring recipes!!!

  112. Rita D. Vernon

    Wow….how does one possibly choose a favorite?!! :o) They all sound fabulous!! I’m thinking the coconut cookies today!! thanks for all you do!!

  113. I really really love Kersten’s Almond Squares. Would also love to have her book. Thanks for hosting this.

  114. The brownies! I love anything chocolate, and I love her egg-free, dairy-free ones.

  115. talljulie

    yay! Another terrific healthy GF site to visit and cook from. Thanks for the info Elana. And for your generosity in recipes and “giveaways” all year.

  116. Gina Fasser

    Chai granola….if I get to try this I am sure that will become my favorite!

  117. Cindy Chiasson

    I cant wait to try recipes from this wonderful book

  118. Her Thai soup! Yum!

  119. Bonnie

    The green bean casserole and pumpkin pie almost made me want to cry tears of joy! These are such special holiday treats for me, and being able to make them gluten free would mean so much!

  120. Nana

    Muffins made with coconut flour are good. I’d love to try more recipes.

  121. Barbara P.

    My favorite recipe from Kelly’s web site is a quick & easy veggie burger recipe.

  122. vanessa

    Hi Elana,

    We are huge fans of Kelly’s first cookbook–I use it a lot. My favorite is her vanilla toffee cake–I make cupcakes with the recipe. Also LOVe the whipped topping. And the mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    Great site, Elana! Made a lot of your Thanksgiving items and am about to make the white frosting for our Christmas cookies this afternoon. My daughter (3) is glute/dairy/soy/sugar free. So great we can still enjoy treats and make them together.

    Blessings, Vanessa

  123. Elizabeth

    My favorite granola…the chai granola! Absolutely delicious.

  124. susan

    Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies is one of my favorites and I am going to leave school in 3 hours and go home and make them for Christmas Eve!
    I would love to win Kelly’s book! susan

  125. Christy

    I love Kelly’s Vegan, Egg-free, Grain-free Brownies – yummy! Kelly’s blog recipes are so wonderful. I love that so many of them are vegan or easily converted. I would love to get her cookbook!

  126. Abrahamildi

    Hi all! My favourite recipe at first sight seems to be the ‘coconut dream’ because I am in love coconut since I started to bake gluten-free :)
    Merry Christmas to you all and all the best wishes from Hungary!

  127. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer @ pencildancer.com

    The Orange Apricot Clusters– only with Cherries!
    dlbrandmeyer @gmail.com

  128. Carina

    I haven’t had an opportunity to try the Scandinavian thumbprint cookies, but was very excited when I saw the recipe…they look pretty easy to make, and will doubtless bring back memories of cookies lovingly baked and shipped from my aunt in Germany each Christmas! I miss granola and have never made it, but prefer a flavor that’s not too sweet, but with lots of crunch!

    I look forward to trying some of Kelly’s recipes!


  129. Karen R

    I love Kelly’s blog. You do cook alike! (which is why I’m constantly using recipes from both of your blogs!). Last night the kids and I tweaked Kelly’s chocolate chip cookie recipe (http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/2010/02/chocolate-chip-cookies-gluten-free.html) with a few spices and molasses in place of honey, to make gingerbread people! Such a great, adaptable base recipe for roll-outs!

  130. Jennifer

    Kelly’s Coconut Dreams Cookies sound awesome!

  131. Johanna

    My favorite Spunky recipe is for grain-free, egg-free brownies. They’re so good cold from the fridge, and healthy enough to eat for breakfast occasionally. :)

  132. I love Kelly’s recipe for Creamy Italian Dressing using cashews and Chia Seeds!

  133. Melissa DeOrazio

    I love the Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cookies (from the raw-inspired selection of recipes…delicious!)

  134. sam

    I’ve made Kelly’s banana bread recipe and everyone that tried it raved about it! I don’t eat granola but chai granola sounds pretty awesome.

  135. Diane

    I just checked out the web site and want to try the Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies first.

    Thank you so much for all you both do! What resources for us GF people.


  136. Karen@Cook4Seasons @ cook4seasons.com

    I have so enjoyed both of your blogs and would (ahem) love to add my name to ‘we cook alike,’ but perhaps not as often;-)
    I am hooked on the chai/chia granola – it has become my designated hostess gift. Another fave flavor is orange/ginger.

    Thanks for all the fun giveaways!

  137. heidi

    If a recipe needs at least one ingredient, then this one qualifies :) My favorite recipe from Kelly’s site is how to cook a whole pumpkin. Why did it take me nearly 5 decades to learn this simple technique??? Thank you Kelly!

  138. Sarah

    I can’t wait to try her Sweedish Meatball recipe as well. But her Coconut Dreams look mighty tasty as well!

  139. Melissa

    I would love to win Kelly’s new cookbook. I have had to go grain free due to allergies and her cookbook would help me with this new way to eat. All her recipes on her website look yummy, since I love chocolate so much I am going to try her Orange Apricot Cluters but with Cherries. Thank you for the chance to win one of her cookbooks!

  140. Wow. Her cookies look delicious. I think the ones that caught my eye are the raw chocolate raspberry ones. I am loving the raw cookie idea!

  141. Suzette

    I love a very lightly sweetened granola with coconut flakes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a lovely berry blend. Mini dark chocolate chips add a bit of decadence as well.

  142. beverly

    This sounds like a wonderful cookbook.
    Happey Holidays Everyone.

  143. gluten free veg @ wheatlessandmeatless.com

    the desserts on her blog look amazing!

  144. christie

    I love the green lemonade! Delicious…try it if you haven’t yet:)

  145. I just learned about Kelly’s blog from your icecream post-so I have yet to make any of her recipes. However, my favorite flavor of granola is maple with lots of different nuts thrown in. Yum! It is an adaptation from a recipe from Heidi over at 101 cookbooks from her cookbook.

  146. Lauren R

    I love kelly’s almond muffins! and any of her drink recipes, i couldnt pick just one. I have not tried to make granola yet, but i love any kind with vanilla or cinnamon.

  147. Jayn

    I love Kelly’s recipes because most of them are egg-free. My fave is her biscuits. I would love to win her cookbook! Happy Holidays!

  148. moriah

    this looks like an book full of yummy goodness ideas!

  149. Kelly G

    I had some cauliflower “mashed potatoes” over a year ago. I tried to make them myself, but couldn’t quite get them right. I was excited to see that on the page today. I want to try those again. I also want to try the Chocolate Chip Bars… I love dessert!!

  150. janice fritsch

    chocolate chip bars!!

  151. I can’t have dairy and I can’t have gluten, and I LOVE pumpkin pie. I have yet to find a NO COOK, dairy free gluten free version, and now I have! My mother (I’m 25) is determined not to change or alter my food lifestyle for the holidays, and most of my family cannot have have dairy either. I am stoked about finding the recipe, and will be emailing her this post to make for the holidays. I have already raved about how much I follow Elana, as I too am a Coloradan. Cheers to a dairy free gluten free holiday everyone!!!


  152. Sandy Starkman

    My favorite granola flavor is one with cashews and a bit of maple syrup

  153. Hi Elana,

    I would love to have Spunky’s cookbooks! My favorite recipe is carob fudge (or chocolate). These actually taste like the old Chunky candy bars!

    1/2 c agave
    3/4 c Coconut Oil
    1/3 tsp stevia
    1c cocoa (or carob) powder
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1/2 c Pecans
    1/2 c Raisens
    1 tsp vanilla
    1/2 shredded coconut

    Stir well. Spread into 8×8 pan. Refrigerate

  154. Kelly’s recipes look wonderful! I like vanilla, cherry, coconut, chocolate granola.

  155. April L.

    First of all, what a beautiful cookbook! And I may have found another blog to add to my reader…I really enjoyed poking around on her site! If there were one recipe I’d like to try right now, it would be the almond squares. They look delicious!

  156. 4kiddos

    Green lemonade is yummy! Also the almond squares!

  157. Rebecca

    I really want this cookbook! I love her recipes. I especially love her vanilla bean cake which I made for my birthday last year

  158. alana

    Fav granola is pumpkin spice

  159. Karen

    I’d love to try that Chai granola. That sounds fantastic!

  160. I enjoy vanilla flavored granola. Or cinnamon :-)

  161. Penny

    I love Kelly’s chai granola; I’ve made it several times. And her sunbutter brownies are great, too.
    I’d love to see what else she’s got up her sleeve.

  162. Since I was diagnosed as having a syndrome that challenges me to find recipes that are gluten free, lactose free, egg free, yeast free … with some other delights added in (or should I say removed) — I would love to come across a recipe book that covers all those problem areas. It’s exasperating to say the least. This book you are offering may help with some of that.
    On your website I found the Grain-free Pumpkin Spice Bread recipe and it looks delicious. Hopefully it will turn out for me if I replace the eggs with egg substitute.

  163. Kristen

    Oooooh this looks amazing. Thank you for all of your generosity!

  164. I really want to try and give up grains.. I just feel better when I dont eat them. Its just figuring out how to cook without them. Looking forward to this cook book…

  165. Yulia W

    Oh, my! Oh, my!
    I’m not sure if my comment will qualify, because I haven’t made anything from Kelly’s site yet (i am relatively new here), but I just went there and looked, and my eyes got square! I have no idea where to begin! I want to try almost every recipe NOW!
    I forgot to buy pumpkin yesterday, so it will be Goji Chocolate pie or Almond squares, or both, or marble cake?
    Wish me luck!

  166. Michael scroggins

    Chocolate chip bars all the way!

  167. Carrie J.

    Chai granola sounds awesome!

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  172. Sarah

    I love my Grandma’s granola, crispy and sweet with a hint of cinnamon. Delicious!

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    I love Kelly’s Pumpkin Spice Waffles – they are a weekend special treat at my house!

  174. Jan Guccione

    Hi — I am unable to open Kelly’s blog, but was so excited to hear about a coconut gluten-free cookbook. I love coconut and eat coconut butter(which is like peanut butter but better, if possible!)regularly. I also eat as many raw foods as possible, and am intrigued by Kelly’s raw recipe for goji berry and cocao pie as well as many of the other recipes mentioned by your readers. I have been so happy for the last-month (since diagnosed with gluten-sensitivity) after finding your website with wonderful recipes and guidance for living gluten-free. Many thanks for your website. Jan

  175. patti

    Cauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes! Excellent substitute for potatoes & it is D-LISH! Thanks!!!

  176. lea goodwin

    My kids favorite granola is the maple one.

  177. nicole

    i love the spunky coconut! i just made her almond brittle yesterday–tho i melted chocolate on top to make it more of a roca…yum!

  178. Jennica S Rodriguez @ eatchifully.blogspot.com

    hmm, Coconut dreams! yum

  179. Erica

    Chai granola sounds scrumptious!

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    ooh i cant pick one!there all great!coconut deams is x-tra good tho.con

  182. Lizanne Eastwood

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  183. Meg

    The Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies!! A nostalgic Christmas treat made gluten-free :)

    Also, all these creamy, fluffy, pies look amazing.

  184. ~M

    Her vanilla bean cake rocks! I’d like to win!

  185. Audra Taylor

    I have multiple food allergies and that can make life rough, especially when the holidays roll around. I wind up having to find substitutes for almost everything. I also have trouble digesting certain starches and carbohydrates. When I found aCauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes I was totally thrilled. I enjoy making them for the thanksgiving or turning them into potato cakes.

    Cut one large head of cauliflower into bits and steam until fork tender.
    Add the steamed cauliflower to the food processor with:

    1/2 tsp Herbamare (I use my own blend)seasoning
    1 tbsp Healthy oil
    2 to 3 tablespoons cashew milk

    Puree. Scrape the sides and continue to puree till creamy and smooth.
    Top with fresh parsley.
    It’s soooo good. I like adding garlic and olive oil.
    Thanks for the wonderful cookbooks,
    and a chance to enjoy food again,
    Audra Taylor

  186. Rebekah

    I love Kelly’s Pumpkin Pie recipe — it’s nice to have a healthy version of a traditional favorite to enjoy for the holidays. Yum + healthy ingredients = guilt free pleasure :)

  187. Muggle

    I like her butternut squash lasagna. Thanks for the giveaway!

  188. Jessica Beam @ graceinspired.com

    I totally can’t wait to try her yogurt recipe! I’ve been GF and CF since my daughter was born to alleviate her discomfort and certainly miss my dairy!

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  190. Her pumpkin pie looks delicious! (And egg free!)

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  192. Elena

    I would have to say my favorite recipe is her coconut cashew yogurt. It’s a lifesaver really. I can use it for so many things. I have a son who has multiple food allergies also. He is grown and he isn’t loving eating his normal food. I cannot keep Kelly’s yogurt in the house! I have EVERYONE taste it to see what they think and they love it. I have passed it on to many friends who love it also. It is also a great thing for me to carry on trips. I wrap it well and put it on cold packs in my suitcase and I have a no hassle breakfast.

    Thanks to both of you for providing me with so many recipes!

  193. Sandra

    I would love to try her GFCF Veggie Burgers they look yummy!

  194. Betty Pratt

    This cookbook sounds wonderful. I am trying to go grain free and it would be great to have this cookbook.

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  196. Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies! I haven’t made these yet, but I’m going to! Her picture brings back childhood memories of baking with my grandmother. Now I can make a gluten-free version!

  197. Marla Teyolia

    sounds super yummy! would love a copy of this book to help me stick with my new year’s resolutions :)

  198. Molly

    My favorite new granola flavor is pumpkin! I use canned pumpkin for this and spices that go along with it. Its the perfect addition to nuts, GF oats, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and sometimes a little dark chocolate. Mmm ;)

  199. Elizabeth

    I think you both are great and I would have to agree, you cook alike! :)

  200. Deborah Binder

    I love Maple Pecan Granola (made with REAL maple syrup!) Happy Holidays!

  201. Jen

    I once made fudge from Kelly’s website and it was probably the most magical thing I’ve ever had. Shes the one who got me interested in coconut sugar! I would LOVE a copy of her book.

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  203. I can’t wait to try the chai granola!

  204. Fran Danner

    I’m venturing into the world of vegan on advice from my doctor-daughter who lives a vegan lifestyle. So any help would be greatly appreciated. As a meat eater all my life, it’s a bit scary so I’ve been collecting lots of vegan recipes. This cookbook sounds like one I might enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing.


  205. Jenny

    This is so funny, I just discovered The Spunky Coconut last night, and here she is again! That must be a sign I need to pay attention to her! She has really great recipes, can’t wait to try them, I think my favourite is the homemade kefir! I didn’t know you could make it at home, definitely going to try to make that. Probiotics for life!

  206. Karen

    I’m thinking this is a cookbook I could love as much as yours (which is a LOT). Happy holidays to you and thank you for all the fabulous recipes you create and steer us to that others create….

  207. Gail Gardner

    I happened onto your website looking for a recipe and was quite pleased with your recipes, both breads and cookies. I printed out the “Dark Rye Bread” recipe which I will make this week. I just recently went gluten free and can’t do rice, corn or most sugars.

  208. Diana Meeks @ na

    The cookbook looks amazing, after having been on the SCD diet for over a year, successfully! – it seems like it would be a great addition. I love you blog, always an inspiration!

  209. Christa

    Favorite granola: strawberry vanilla hemp! Yum!

  210. Wendy

    My entry for the contest for the Spunky Coconut cook book:

    I like plain granola.

  211. The Maple & Fig Granola sounds wonderful!

  212. would really love to try the recipe for Kerstin’s Almond Squares on her site… so many great recipes it is hard to choose!

    cathy b
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  213. Brandee Simmang

    Oh I hope I hope I hope I get this!!!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

  214. Sara Jean

    I’m a chocolate girl … my fav cookie will forever be the Chocolate Chip cookie (and I eat a lot of just plain dough). Yummy!!! Having GF cookies has made my taste-buds so much happier in life.

  215. Jaime Gilliam

    I follow you both in my google reader. I like many of her dessert recipes. I would love to win her new book.

  216. Wonderful giveaway as usual! My favorite flavor of granola (or nut-ola) is maple cranberry.

  217. I love Kelly´s ice cream recipes, they are all SUPER delicious! I am getting an ice cream machine for Christmas and I am SO excited to keep making her ice cream recipes. I really want to try the newest macedamia nut and coffee ice cream, it looks awesome!

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    Yesterday, I made her Scandinavian Thumbprint cookies. They’re delicious!

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  220. I’ve never tried Kelly’s recipes, but they look great! That Chai granola sounds wonderful :)

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    I would love to win Kelly’s new book! I’m always looking for new and exciting recipes that fit into my Paleo lifestyle and these suit me just fine thank you! Keep the recipes coming you two!

  225. I LOVE the Coconut Dream cookies!

  226. Christine @ alignmentyoganm.com

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  227. Michele @ BsBags.us

    My favorite granola flavor is vanilla macaroon!!!

  228. RH

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  229. Jennifer R.

    I would LOVE to win Kelly’s newest cookbook — thanks for a great giveaway!! I made her pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and it was phenomenal!! Love Kelly and all her recipes :)

  230. Barbara

    This sounds like a great book. I think I’ll try the ice cream — it looks yummy.

  231. Jenny Epstein @ greatblueheron.org

    I’m excited to try the “braided bread”, which I will use as challah. As a Jew who grew up religious, it’s a little sad to not really even try to do challah anymore. So this will be fun. But my body is not digesting almonds well, so I will probably grind up another nut to make a nut flour. Suggestions? I have a vitamix. Also, our local discount health food store in Boulder, Vitamin Cottage, has hazelnut flour.

  232. JL

    My favorite flavor of granola is vanilla with almonds! I love Chai and would like to try the chai granola soon!

  233. domestic diva

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  237. Oh my goodness! I would love to win this fabulous cookbood, but there are just too many recipes to choose from. I just went on her website for the first time so I haven’t made any of her recipes yet but the one that caught my eye was her Goji Chocolate pie. I can’t resist that!

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  245. Jenny Epstein @ greatblueheron.org

    Oooh, and the coconut/cashew yogurt I am trying for sure. I have been looking for a recipe for this since I tried a version made by Holly and Bruce at Delicious Raw Creations (in Boulder). Unfortunately, she is no longer making yogurt these days and the business is on hold, so I need to make my own! According to her partner, they actually buy young fresh coconuts, split them, scoop and blend the pulp and water, and then make their yogurt. I think I’m going to try the canned version of coconut first.

  246. Hope

    I would love to win this cookbook! My favorite recipe is, by far, the Chai Granola.

  247. Elizabeth Richardson

    Dear Elana: I have long been on a grain-free diet. When I was about 75 (after having breast cancer and chemo) I realised that gluten free, casein free and dairy free was not cutting it! SO – I have been scrounging around for any grain free recipes I can find to liven up the eating scene. I learned about her from your recent posting and I love the sun butter ice cream! It is delicioso!!

    Hope I am the lucky winner – Happy Holidays to one and all!

    Elizabeth Tucson AZ

  248. Tina

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  249. Tracy W

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  251. nicole

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  252. Shelley

    Happy Christmas! I am a huge fan of yours Elana and have shared your blog and cookbook with many. It is amazing. Any cookbook or blog you recommend I know without a doubt that I will absolutely love. When I win the cookbook, I’ll let you know what recipe is my favorite. Mahalo for sharing!

  253. alyssa moreau @ divinecreationshi.com

    I would have to say the Monster Cookies are my favorite so far but those
    Chocolate Chip cookies are wonderful as well!



  254. Arlyn Lyle

    Oh, I love her grain-free waffles. My kids gobble them up =) I’d love to win a copy of her new book! By the way, last night I made you’re coconut cupcakes with keylime frosting and rasberry jelly doughnut cumpcakes and the are AWESOME!!! My husband usually doesn’t like coconut flavor and he LOVED them! Thanks so much =)

  255. Joanne

    Nice website and Kelly’s books look great. The sunbutter fudge has caught my eye (and my sweet tooth). Question for Elana and/or Kelly — do either of you have or could you be working on a recipe for baked gluten free donuts? I’ve found others on internet but, of course, would prefer to go with a recipe from a trusted source! Gracias and Happy Holidays!

  256. Phoebe Reinecker

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  257. I love Kelly’s hemp milk chai latte!

  258. Tasha

    Kelly’s coconut yogurt is awesome! We have tried all versions and have had great success, thank you!!!

  259. Kristin Walukas

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    Thanks for a great year of cooking, Elana! Have a wonderful New Year.


  260. Christine M.

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  261. Tina Chalfant

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  270. Stephanie

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  271. Jody

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  272. jeanne bjugstad

    The hardest thing about being gluten free is variety for me. I have a hard time not feeling deprived, especially around the holidays. I would love to get a copy of this grain free recipe book! I need to perk up my menus!

    Jeanne in CA

  273. Kristin T

    The only 2 blogs I follow are yours and Kelly’s! You are both grain free and your recipes are so easy and delicious. Thank you!

  274. Nana Rogers

    I have to admit I haven’t made anything from Kelly’s site yet. I am just starting my journey to GF & SF cooking. I would so love to be able to have one of each of your books. lol It is my goal to get them eventually and change our life style to being more healthy eaters. I want to thank you with all my heart for all the help you have given me as you were the fist site I found for help.
    Thank You, April

  275. Jenn

    Sunbutter ice cream is my favorite!

  276. jackie

    I haven’t tried her recipes yet, so I am glad I got this email. She has a great site! I will try and make the Coconut & Raw Cacao Pudding this week! Sounds delicious.

    I love your blog and cookbook Elana.


  277. Athena

    I made my first batch of chai granola and it didn’t make it through the morning. Brought some to work to share with a friend bs never got it back. It is now being made as Christmas gifts.

  278. Susan

    I can’t believe I used to HATE coconut as a kid — I LOVE the stuff now! (If you ever have the opportunity to try coconut ice cream in Hawaii, it is awesome!) This cookbook would be a delight.

  279. Nicole

    Thanks for exposing me to another new food blog! I will check it out in more detail but for now I will share that my favorite granola has to have almonds in it, raisens, coconut, cinnamon and maple granola- on top of fresh fruit, with a dollop of yogurt, yummmmmmm.


  280. Lili

    Made the chai granola and added hemp seeds and goji berries. Wonderful additions. Yummy!

  281. Jenna

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  282. Jami

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  283. Theresa Picoriello

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had tried Kelly’s vanilla bean cake. which my family loved! and i’m going to try some, no, all of her ice cream recipes as well as many other recipes. Kelly is an amazing lady doing the best she can to feed her family good nutritious, healthy, non toxic food. which in this day and age is/can be quite a feat in and of itself. we are all lucky that she is kind enough to share it all with us. so thank-you Kelly and thank-you Elana for the giveaway it would be wonderful to win a copy of Kelly’s latest cookbook!!!!! I already have yours Elana! and i LOVE IT!!!!! My hats off to both of you ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. Maria Duarte-Shurbet

    What a great giveaway. We just had coconut flour delivered and we tried making chocolate chip cookies and muffins. We had to alter the recipes, since we only use Stevia, Xlytol and Agave as sweetners. But the muffins were fantastic, with fresh blueberries and rasberries….yummy. Our cookies need some work, coconut flour absorbs liquid like crazy.

  285. Linda

    The granola is great! No too sweet and very satisfying. Nice crunch!

  286. Denise

    My favorite so far have been the Chocolate Raspberry Cookie bars.

  287. MaryBeth Matthews

    I don’t have a favorite yet, but I’m working on it. I recently purchased Kelly’s spunky coconut book. I was expecting just coconut recipes (I’m very literal), but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of alternative recipes. I’ve made her warm spinach salad and will be making her green bean casserole for Christmas Day. I’m looking forward to making some of her desserts as well, but I’d really enjoy looking at and using her dessert-only cookbook.

  288. Sandy

    I would like to win this cookbook, since there might be a few things I could make, but I don’t think I would buy it, after looking at some of the recipes on her website, because they recipes call for somewhat “exotic” exotic and unfamiliar and expensive ingredients, and most also look complicated and time-consuming to make. But some of them do sound good, if someone has the ingredients and the time investment.

  289. Love the coconut dreams. Thanks

  290. briita

    heading over to her blog right now!

  291. Wendy

    I had not seen her website before you linked to it the other day. Now I have her delicious looking monster cookies on my list of sweets to make (after all of the Christmas goodies are gone).

  292. Shannon

    Chai granola. Oh, I hope I win!

  293. I would love to win Kelly’s book!
    My favorite granola flavor is cinnamon and coconut together!

  294. Christine

    I would love to have a copy of this cookbook. As for one of my favorite recipes from the Spunky Coconut, Kerstin’s Almond Squares.

  295. Andrea

    brocolli casserole!!! yum!!!!

  296. Excited about the give-away. I love the frozen blended Nutcracker Sweet tea latte. YUM!


  297. Susie

    Wow this is awesome this is the first I’ve heard about this book. My sister suffers from Gluten allergies and this would be a wonderful book to give her and I cannot eat grains as I have to watch my blood sugar levels.

  298. Cheri

    I love vanilla almond granola!

  299. Kari

    We love her grain free chocolate cookies…they’re a staple at our house. thanks for the give away!

  300. Chloe Marty @ mochieroo.com

    I cannot wait to try our The Spunky Coconut’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe!!!

  301. Micaela M

    I just made Kelly’s Chai Granola a few days ago! I can’t get enough of it; it is just delicious. I also love her biscuits.

  302. nel

    I’d love to have this cookbook- any grain free foodie that you would like, I’m sure I would, too. Looking forward to reading more of her recipes and to making the Chai granola and sunbutter icecream.

  303. Sherri

    I’ve made the cashew milk, and it’s very easy and tastes great. My next recipe I’ll be fixing from Kelly is her vanilla bean cake. I prefer a white cake, while my husband likes chocolate. Just last week I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from Elana’s recipes for his birthday. It turned out great and it was gone in two days! This time my birthday is coming up and I want to try Kelly’s recipe. I’m sure it will be fabulous!

    P.S. I would love to win her cookbook! :)

  304. Shawna

    I love her coconut cupcakes. You are both fabulous!

  305. Lucinda

    I love the chicken meatball recipe you posted some time back. I just recently started looking at he website and was planning to buy her book. Winning one would be like a Christmas gift to me!

  306. our favorite recipe is chai granola- YUMMMMMMM!

  307. debi riley

    WOW, I cant wait to make the chai granola and the Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies!! they all look so good. would love to use this book as well as share it with my kids! Thanks Elana, happy holidays to you and your family and i love your site!! debi

  308. Megan @ The Healing Fork @ thehealingfork.blogspot.com

    I love *everything* by Kelly! We are constantly cooking out of her first book – last night I made the chicken and veggie meatballs. We loved them! We adore her recipe for chocolate brownie ice cream – perfection!

    I have been drooling over this book! What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

  309. Catherine

    I would be so exited to win a copy of Kelly’s fabulous cookbook! (I never win anything!) My favorite recipe from Kelly’s website is her banana bread; it is absolutely amazing! I plan on trying out her chocolate chip bars next. Thanks for the opportunity.

  310. Karin

    I love her thumbprints!

  311. Robin

    Flax seeds are my newest favorite food: grind them in the Vita-Mix and add them to everything, including granola. I can’t wait to try one of Kelly’s granola recipes, thank you!

  312. Where can I buy this book????

  313. Tiffany Harelik @ trailerfooddiaries.com

    Cauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes. I make cauliflower mash and I make cashew milk – so this was an easy recipe to try and a yummy marriage of my two most favorite ‘white foods’. I’d love to have both of your cookbooks as a giveaway for my business.

  314. Lenora Salda

    I love just plain oatmeal granola/w/nuts and raisins

  315. Theresa

    Granola is great for parents on the go, unfortunately we all have our favorite mixes of granola type snacks in our home so we make different batches. But I guess my old stand by would be the raisens and enjoy life chocolate chips mix.

  316. Caitlin Malkiewicz @ feedmeraw.blogspot.com

    My favorite is probably Kerstin’s Almond Squares :) :)

    Would love this giveaway!

  317. Cindy A

    the chai granola!! I miss eating granola since becoming gluten free… so it’d be my first one to try!! ;-)

  318. Kate Bridges

    My fav recipe by far are the Scandinavian thumbprint cookies! I used to make a similar recipe (Buttery Jam Tarts) when I still ate wheat and they were one of my favorites and one of the only things I miss. So, when I found this recipe I was in HEAVEN!

    Thanks, I love it! And I would love the cookbook :)

  319. Lindsay Phillips

    Thanks for this fabulous opportunity Elana! I am brand SHINY and NEW to your website and Spunky Coconut goodness. I am so excited to be SHINY and NEW as I have all kinds of recipes to try out. So I can’t say I’ve tried any of Kelly’s recipes but I’ll get right on that!!!

  320. Mary

    In my granola, I love sunflower seeds, almonds, dried cranberries, raisins, ginger, and coconut.

    And I absolutely have to try this recipe for orange apricot chocolate almond clusters:


  321. Nichole

    My favorite granola flavor is maple almond. I’d love to win a copy of Kelly’s cookbook ! Thanks so much for the giveaway !

  322. Dawn

    Well, if it has coconut in anything I love it so I will have to say the Coconut Banana Cream Pie looks amazing!!! And, thank you for posting the icecream recipe, I am so going to make that!

  323. colormepink

    I really like Kelly’s Vanilla Bean Cake and the Coffee Cake recipes. In fact, I will probably make the Coffee Cake for Christmas morning.

    (Technical issue: I’ve been trying to post replies in the forums but they aren’t going through. I can log in, type them in but then when I click the the Captcha box, it tells me there was an error (like I didn’t make the right selection) and tells me to try again. When I click ther return button, my post has been erased. Since I can’t post in the forums, I didn’t where else to let you know there was an issue.)

  324. Mona

    Chocolate chip bars are the best

  325. Nancy

    I love a combination of cinnamon & vanilla granola. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  326. Sarah

    Chai granola sounds like it could become a new favorite!

  327. Joelle

    Well this is the first I have heard of Kelly, so I have not tried any of her recipes to comment on, but love basically any granola that has been home made! I make one that has Peanut Butter and Chocolate in it. Yummy!

  328. Pam Bouldin @ plbouldi2723@cox.net

    Love all the recipes that I have tried of yours.
    Would love the cookbook! I have recently lost 100 pounds and have changed my eating habits to include no white sugar,flour, gluten free and feel great. I never want to go back to who I was before and you are helping me with all the recipes!!

  329. Anna Marie

    I LOVE maple pecan granola . . .

  330. Tiffany

    I have been snooping around her website the past few weeks, but haven’t tried any of her recipes yet. The Chai Granola sounds so yummy!! I would love to win her book :)

  331. Debra Soderman

    I love homemade granola!!! The recipe I have have is based on one from the 70s, which I add whatever dried fruit I have. I also love it with a wee bit of coconut or greek yogurt on top. Yum yum.

  332. Jeannie

    Hi there! Thanks for the all the great recipes and news from your part of the world. Even down-under, here in New Zealand, we enjoy finding out about your great recipes and traditions. My favourite recipe is also the sunbutter icecream especially since we are having a hot summer to date. Great going guys and keep up the awesome cooking!

  333. Melanie @ bendwire.com

    I am really glad you provided some links to Kelly’s site and recipes. She does compliment your cooking. I am shifting my own style due to gluten intolerant friends and my desire to establish and keep a healthier kitchen. The more places you see and read about it, the more the ideas sink in. thank you for helping to shift my perspective.

  334. annette

    Raw granola parfait is a hit in our house as it hits all the sweet, “Dairy” and crunchy needs!

  335. Janice Broom

    Just getting started and don’t have a favorite receipe yet; but I did make the pancakes and they were wonderful. It is a whole other world with so much to learn.

  336. Megan

    Chai Granola sounds like it will be my new favourite!

  337. Shalley Wakeman

    Since going gluten free I haven’t even THOUGHT about granola. Now I am missing it…..since a daily routine of Rice Chex gets a little old.

  338. Christie

    My favorite from Kelly’s site is her Coconut Peach Porridge – YUM!

  339. Theresa

    My mother always made coconut, honey and raisin granola. I would love to get my kids hooked on it and away from processed cereal. We are on our way and have gotten the kids to stop choosing sugary cereals!!! That’s right, they are making better choices themselves! I haven’t seen her granola recipes yet, but I am hoping for one that my kids can make themselves and get excited about!

  340. Oh, would I love to win this book! It has been on my wish list since it came out! Love both of you ladies blogs. Yours is tried and true, ….many times! Thank you for all the time you put into it!

  341. Doreen Goodhue

    My favorite granola flavor is vanilla w/ coconut and almonds. :o)

  342. Terri

    Sounds yummy! Would love to try it.

  343. Pamela McGuire @ elanaspantry.com

    I like all the muffin recipes…Yum!

  344. Stephanie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kelly’s first cookbook…. and this one looks amazing!!

  345. Kathy

    I just checked out Kelly’s website, and I would love to have that cookbook, in fact, I was thinking about ordering it from Amazon. My favorite granola is cherry chocolate. I use dried cherries instead of raisins, and add mini grain free chocolate chips! Thank you for all the great recipes!

  346. Laura

    Pumpkin Pie. Yum!

  347. Allison

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  348. Jill Clark

    My favorite recipe so far is her braided bread with rosemary and garlic!

  349. Lisa Torres

    I love her recipes too… I made Kertins Almond Squares and added coconut on top too becuase they remind me of the old Magic Cookies I used to make from back of the Bordens condensed milk can…super YUM..and I think the Almond Butter cookies with Chocolate are hers too….I love the first book and want the new book!!! Thank you both for all your yummy recipes…once again they are soooooo appreciated!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  350. Sally Nance

    I love cinnamon granola and chocolate granola made with cocoa powder. Both offer
    a delicious treat to the taste buds and a healthy dose of antioxidants!

  351. Jessica

    We’ve made many of Kelly’s recipes and her granola is one of our favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!

  352. Aura

    Her pumpkin pie!

  353. Elaina Harman

    My favorite flavor of granola is almond cherry. Would be able to chow down on that and also give a recipe to my daughter for her children.
    Love all you do and have here.

  354. Marina

    I made her chocolate coconut cake which came out to be amazing!

  355. Pam Gerhardt

    My son would love for me to have this cookbook and make some of the yummy recipes for him!!!
    Enjoying the season and all the random acts of JOY! Hope you and yours are too!

  356. So many great recipes at the Spunky Coconut! Found her website about teh same time I found yours! But – m y favorite granola is a really simple one I make with oatmeal and lots of nuts, lightly flavored with honey and grapeseed oil, and then I add cranberries after it comes out of the oven! Delicious buttery flavor – great for trail mix as well!

  357. Tammy

    I want to try her cucumber soup. Thanks for the link to another set of GREAT recipes!

  358. Rachel @ bb4wa.com

    http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/search/label/Pie which is Kelly’s pumpkin pie that sounds truly amazing. I would love to win her cookbook.

  359. Feiga Mazer

    I just koshered by ice cream maker so that I can try the Sunbutter Ice Cream recipe! I can’t wait.

  360. KellyBelly

    Late this fall I started following Kelly’s blog and enjoy many of her recipes. The lastest one I’ve been making regularly is the creamy italian dressing. Thanks.

  361. Liz Joiner

    My favorite recipe from Kelley, hands down, is her garlic rosemary bread! Talk about YUM!!!!!

  362. Sarah

    oh boy! Thanks for introducing me to her site. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try the Vanilla shake. I think I have all the ingredients right now except the protein powder, and I’m heading to the store now. :)

  363. vonda

    Our family loves her bagels – fresh from the oven. Oh my :) Kelly’s website was the first allergy friendly website we found and helped opened up a new world for us.

  364. I love Elanas Pantry and the Spunky Coconut and I am soooooo excited to try the chai granola cuz I LOVE chai spice!
    Keeping my fingers crossed cuz I would absolutely LOVE this cookbook!!!!!

  365. Tina Marie

    My absolute favorite is her Goji & Raw Cacao Pie ! Wow, this is a recipe anyone will enjoy and feel the benefits from.

    What a terrific give-away! I’d love this new book. I have her other one and yours too, of course!


  366. cynthia @ drleeder.com

    I absolutely love, love, love, Kelly’s Peach Butter Coffee Cake. I didn’t have any peach butter so I used applesauce and the spices that go into apple butter. I plan on making it again and this time using homemade pumpkin butter in place of the peach butter. The first time I made it was for mother’s day breakfast when I was feeding 17 people. 3 of us were gluten free, but since gluten free is good for everyone – I make no exceptions and all my food is gluten and dairy free – the only complaints I received was that I didn’t make enough!

    thank you Kelly! All my gluten eating family thanks you too!

  367. Tana

    I would love to learn how to bake with coconut! Sounds like a wonderful cookbook. :)

  368. Halie Casey @ chefhalie.blogspot.com

    I can’t wait to try these recipes!! Having yummy recipes for the holidays is so fun! Thanks!!!

  369. Rebekah

    Love, love, love the Lovely certified gluten-free Oat Waffles, and the Blueberry Compote! I’ve made the waffles about 4 times this month already! I would also LOVE that cookbook!

  370. SunnyB @andloveittoo.com @ andloveittoo.com

    Kelly has some amazing recipes, it’s difficult to pick just one! Her ice cream, quiche and dessert recipes are all amazing.

    My favorite granola is maple cranberry. :) Happy Holidays Elana!

  371. Jennifer @ toadhaven.com

    The gluten free marble cake looks delicious!!

  372. Karalie V.

    I haven’t tried any of Kelly’s recipes yet, but after perusing a few have definitely been put on my “To Try” list. :O)

  373. erin

    So glad to know about this blog and cookbook(s)! Thanks! My favorite type of granola is anything with fruit and ginger. I used to buy one from our food co-op that was Cranberry Ginger. YUM!

  374. Tara

    Yum! I want some baked goods right now at my desk! :)

  375. Dina Contenti

    I would love to add this to my collection!

  376. Jan Bostic

    my favorite granola flavor is cranberry orange.

  377. Andrea

    I love Kelly’s Cherry Cordial Ice Cream and her Frozen Sunbutter Fudge! I’d love to win her cookbook as well!

  378. Rin

    I agree, you two do cook alike (and you two are my favorites!) I have both Kelly’s and your first cookbooks, but am hoping to get my hands on both of your SECOND cookbooks soon! I have many favorite “Spunky Coconut” recipes, but two of my favorites are her Santa Lucia Buns and flourless sunflower butter brownies!

  379. Dominika

    favourite granola is cacao + coconut – yum!

  380. Sarah Scott

    My favorite granola is one that I invented by accident. I call it Grainless Granola — for reasons that will become obvious.

    The saga began with one of Lucy’s macaroon recipes (from Lucy’s Kitchen Shop). It didn’t work for me because the cookies crumbled enthusiastically. After a few minutes of thinking it was a failed cookie recipe, I realized it was the beginning of a successful granola recipe — minus the grains. Basically the recipe calls for coconut and chopped nuts, salted with a bit of grapeseed oil and vanilla, then toasted in the oven. Then add some raisins and other dried fruit. I serve it with homemade almond milk and bananas.

    Requires some dedicated chewing but it’s very good. And the chewing can be meditative.

  381. Paula Gerhart

    Kelly’s recipes are awesome! The desserts are some of my favorites. We make both the banana chocolate chip ice cream and her mango lemon sorbet. Yummy!! :)

  382. Anne Marie

    Thank you for introducing Kelly and her recipes as well Elana, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Happy Holidays!

  383. Anne Marie

    PS – Since I’m new to Kelly’s website I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes, yet…

  384. Kathryn

    Several months ago a friend “who eats like me” came by to visit. I had my brand new book by Elana I couldn’t wait to show her. She surprised me by showing me Kelly’s book. We sat with each other’s books oohing and aahing over all the wonderful, healthy and beautifully prepared recipes each of you have created. =-)

  385. Chris Corliss

    My favorite flavor granola is made with dried Michigan cherries and is Gluten Free. They use to sell it at Suburban Harvest in Plymouth but Suburban Harvest has closed.

    So sad they had lots of good yummy GF treats.

  386. Marisa H

    Peanut butter or maple granola are the best flavors!

  387. metal walflower @ metalspostcards@blogspot.com

    Favorite granola… I think anything with nuts and honey. Maybe some carob. Vanilla… yeah.

  388. Jamee

    I haven’t seen the recipe book but I’m definitely into ice creams lately. I asked for an ice cream maker this Christmas and I plan on making the sunbutter ice cream on Dec. 26. :) I’ve got the ingredients waiting in the pantry already.

  389. I can’t help but love any granola that has chocolate in it. There, I said it (I am a die hard chocoholic, lol!). In close second is anything nutty. I know I don’t appreciate granola as much as I should (but coconut is another story. I could live on the stuff between flour, oil, milk, meat, ect…).

  390. Marylyn, CT

    The Vanilla Shake!!

  391. Nan Restid

    My husband and I are newly begun on a gluten free diet. We are gluten sensitive, not celiac. The chai granola sounds good, although we haven’t had granola since finding out about our sensitivity to gluten. I love Elana’s website.

  392. Brenda Oliver

    I love that I can still eat oatmeal when gluten free! Lots of nuts and seeds in granola is my preference! Thanks Elana for your recipes…

  393. jessica montesano

    pumpkin spice granola :)

  394. Jennifer

    Coconut granola is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Holidays. Jennifer

  395. angela bartlett

    Thanks for the contest. I love both yours and Kelly’s websites and they are the top two I recommend to my GF friends. My favorite recipe from Kelly’s website is for monster cookies as well as Scandinavian thumbprint cookies. I also like all of the ice cream recipes! Thank you. :)

  396. Amanda

    My favorite recipe form her site is her bagels – cinnamon raisin and everything, so yummy!

  397. Kathrin M Theberge

    I have started the grain-free living plan. This sounds like a very helpful piece of the puzzle.

    I live at
    64 Second St
    Hallowell ME 04347-1406

  398. sue

    I am dreaming of making coconut dreams as soon as the holidays are over~have all the ingredients.

  399. Kate Hollstrom

    The Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes look amazing! I am trying those soon!

  400. Cynthia M.

    I really liked the grain-free pumpkin spice bread. Very good!

  401. Rachel

    I haven’t made granola, but Chai granola sounds really good to me!

  402. Penni

    Her recipe for cauliflower mock mashed potatoes! I am so excited to try this.

  403. Lauren Mcpherson

    Vanilla blueberry is my favorite flavor!

  404. I love tropical granola. Coconut, macadamia nuts, dried pineapple. Yum!

  405. I love pumpkin flavored granola.

  406. Cindy Marsh

    I appreciate this recipe because I have multiple allergies (also soy,corn and potatoes) and this one doesn’t include any of them! It is so hard to find a dessert. I LOVE coconut and have never tried the sugar before.

    Kerstin’s Almond Squares
    gluten-free, casein-free, dairy-free

    Add to a mixing bowl:
    1 & 1/4 cup almond meal flour (I use Bob’s)
    1/4 cup coconut (or other) sugar
    1/4 cup applesauce
    1/8 tsp Vanilla Creme liquid stevia
    1 tbsp orange zest (from about 1/2 an orange)
    1/3 cup orange juice (from the same orange where you got the zest)
    1/4 tsp baking soda
    1/4 tsp sea salt
    1/8 tsp allspice

    Add to another mixing bowl:
    4 egg whites

    Drop the yolks into the first bowl and mix with an electric mixer.

    Whip the egg whites into stiff peaks.

    Add the whites (now stiff peaks) to the mixture and carefully fold them in.

    Pour into a large rectangular dish lined with parchment paper and then greased.

    Bake at 350 degrees for about 18 minutes. (Keep a close eye on it since ovens vary. It may take more or less time in your oven.)

    Top with 1.5 bars of grated dairy-free chocolate. I use Chocolove. OR sprinkle with dairy-free chocolate chips.

    The heat of the bars will melt the chocolate.

    Sprinkle about 1/4 cup chopped almonds over the melting chocolate.

  407. Holly Ellerton

    Hello… I am going to make Kelly’s Granola tomorrow so we can have it Christmas morning! I would love to make the ice cream as well, but it will have to wait… Maybe for New Years!
    Thanks for offering a free copy of the book too.

  408. Lynn Krukowski

    I gave up eating my favourite granola: almond raisin.
    Have gone a month with no grains – was using rice, tapioca, potato flours to cook gluten free with (and on rare times oats) but felt so sick thought I would cut them all out. Years back Mom found an almond flour cookbook and last year I found an agave one so was trying to amalgamate the two myself. Imagine my delight to find your site and now the Spunky Coconut one. Thank you both of you – the Kerstin’s Almond Squares are now on the to-do list. I am still living on the carrot cake muffins! (I added poppy seeds, currants and used some grated apple too)
    Thank you for all your healthy creations.

  409. Alyssa

    I can’t wait to try the chai granola! it sounds delicious :)

  410. elise

    I would love her cookbook!! I am getting a vitamix for Christmas so the vanilla shake looks great to me! I saw so many recipes that I would love to try. I am sure her book is fabulous.

  411. OH, I think my favorite is the Coconut & Raw Cacao Pudding. YUM!!!!!

  412. carmel capotosto

    I haven’t actually made anything from Kelly’s website, or your’s either, but I am going to try her pumpkin pie. It’s my favorite breakfast comfort food. Elana, you have inspired me and I just placed my order for almond and cocounut flour along with some of your other kitchen staples and your cookbook. Can’t wait to get started!!!

  413. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet @ thenourishinggourmet.com

    I make a version of her granola and love it! She is always so creative and, you two do cook a lot alike. :-) I would love a copy of her book!

  414. Ruthie Selch

    Sounds like a great book. Would love to have it.

  415. Ellen

    Her recipe for Kerstin’s Almond Squares looks amazing. I am especially intrigued by her use of stevia. I need to nix the sugar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  416. Jenn Strilchuk

    My favorite recipe is coconut and cocoa pudding!! Yummers!!!

  417. Donna Grady

    The Sunbutter Ice Cream looks delicious!

  418. Adrienne

    I would LOVE to try Kelly’s chocolate chip cookies!! Her recipes do look healthy. I’m curious to try ghee in place of butter. I’ve also been meaning to try chia seeds. Her beverages look good, too. I’d love to try vanilla stevia. Fascinating website!

  419. Anitha

    Would love to win something that like to try :-)

  420. Laura

    I have Kelly’s first cookbook and really like it! Two of our favorite recipes are the broccoli quiche and her waffles.

  421. yanina

    the chocolate chip bars looks yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for the chance.

  422. Marilyn Forest-Dott

    The Chai granola sounds delicious. I think I’ll need to try it. Wondering about the stevia with “natural flavors.” Natural flavors, as an ingredient, is often another name for MSG.

  423. kell

    Hi Elana,
    Thanks for the opportunity!! i used to love ginger snap granola, but haven’t had any since learning of my gluten and fructose intolerance . . . would dream of a gluten/fructose free version!!

  424. Minna Lopez

    I love Kelly’s almond muffins! So easy to make and so delicious to eat!!

  425. KimA.

    I am looking for a new granola recipe: I can no longer have oatmeal (or gluten). Would love to benefit from this cookbook. Pick me! Pick me!

  426. Stefanie Dougherty @ in-corpore-sano.blogspot.com

    My favorite granola recipe is the Raw Granola from “Raw Food, Real World” by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis. I added Kelly’s book to my Amazon wish list and I can’t wait to get a copy!! Thank you.

  427. i think you both are very cool ladies indeed. i love vanilla granola :) thanks!

  428. Jill

    I like almond cherry granola. I’d love to try the chai next….sounds YUMMY!

  429. Renae Maslonkowski

    I love Kelly’s Coconut dream cookies! They are so good!

  430. roobaroo

    that chai granola looks delicious! i’m definitely going to try it.

  431. Marsha A.

    I love Kellys Cauliflower mashed potatoes.

  432. Elizabeth

    The granola sounds wonderful! I’ll have to try that one for sure.

  433. Melanie

    So excited to have found Elana’s website and now looking forward to checking Kelly’s site too!!

  434. Sharon

    I love all of Kellys recipes! Everything I’ve tried has been wonderful. One of our favorites is the almond muffins. I try to have a batch made once a week! Kids love em!

  435. Paul King

    Love love love cooking with coconut flour

  436. Brandee Simmang

    Vanilla Bean Coffee Cake!!!! Awesome!!!!

  437. Kiki

    I love her original flour-less brownies.

  438. Sara Ross

    I just learned of the Spunky Coconut from a friend who made the cake made with beans. The recipe is right up my alley and I can’t wait to make it. I usually make maple nut granola, but am always looking for new ones. Chai…you can’t go wrong!

  439. Laura Villanueva

    My favorite recipe is the “mexican quinoa”. Yummy. You have to try this recipe.

  440. melissa klein @ mommychicken.blogspot.com

    Hi Elana – we met at the Ballpark in NBLL. Your son and my son Max were on the same team. I can’t believe I finally found your blog! I would love to try the Chai Granola. It sounds like the best of 2 worlds. I hope you and your family are enjoying a nice break. Melissa :]

  441. Sandra Wells @ Thebeehiveonline.com

    I added 1/2 tsp of nutmeg to Kelly’s wonderful Chia Granola recipe, also some raisins and finely chopped apricots, for me, perfect!

  442. I think I will try her green bean casserole recipe… on of my fav. holiday foods… Oh, and the pumpkin pie! :)

  443. Angie

    Our family loves her vanilla bean cake with her chocolate frosting!!! Always turns out perfect, and I have never had anyone guess the secret ingredient ;-)

  444. Emma Teitel

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you SO much for all of your amazing tips and recipes, your website has been a saving grace for me the past couple of years since I have been gluten free~!

    I would love to be entered into the contest to win Kelly’s cookbook. I love her pumpkin pie recipe. That is always a favorite for me this time of year.

    Thank You!

  445. Debbie

    Granola with almonds, coconut and raisins…yum!

  446. Terese

    I love Kelly’s recipes. My son has type 1 Diabetes, gluten soy and dairy intolerent. I am sensitive to nuts in large quantity so her recipes are perfect for us. They really are super easy, I love her use of Chia seeds and other raw ingredients. This is the first Christmas I have ever hosted and all of my desserts came from either Kelly or your cookbook. Kelly’s brownies were a huge hit at a holiday party my son and I attended. There was even a taste comparison between Kelly’s Brownies and ones made from Pamela’s mix. Everyone agreed Kelly’s were far better. I can’t sing her praises loud enough. We are very grateful for you two ladies leading the way for healthy alternatives that are delicious. Many blessings and happy holidays. Terese

  447. Emily

    i love the chai granola, but the quiche is pretty high up there, too.

  448. Tessa B

    sunbutter ice cream!

  449. Victoria C. Moore

    I love Kelly’s recipes! Hands down, my favorite is the Breaded Rosemary and Garlic bread. My baby girl has extreme gluten and dairy sensitivity — so this is bread has been a wonderful treat for her.

  450. adriane

    mmm! chocolate chip bars look delicious!

  451. Gina

    My favorite granola is Lydia’s Organics Grainless Apple Cereal. It’s so delicious! And it is especially great in warm, spiced apple sauce.

  452. Laurel Gangola

    I can’t wait to try this. I have not tried Sunbutter yet but I have some in my pantry. This looks wonderful. Thank you for your recipes, Elana. I have your first book, will get your second one very soon. And I love the Spunky Coconut cookbook, too.

  453. Mia

    Her chicken salad and Peach cobbler look great!

  454. Rachel

    I’ve had Kelly’s vanilla bean cake bookmarked to make for awhile now! Thanks for the reminder to finally try it out!

  455. Laurel Gangola

    I love vanilla almond granola, but I’m going to make Kelly’s Chai Granola on Sunday. I can’t wait!

  456. Suzanne

    Who can’t use another gf cookbook? That sunbutter ice cream looks and sounds amazing! Can hardly wait to try it. Happy Holidays and thanks for the chance to win.

  457. jusap

    omg i have to try chai granola! that sounds like heaven. this is the first i hear of the spunky coconut – how exciting you guys have met up! i’ll head over to her blog now. but i will always be addcited to elanaspantry!!

  458. Kristi Isak

    Sunbutter ice cream looks delicious. Yesterday I bought sunflower seed butter just so I can try this recipe!

  459. Joan Seliger Sidney

    All this makes me want to cook, bake, eat & party….

  460. Elizabeth

    cherry chocolate

  461. mary kay

    I love granola that is cinamon flavored. I can’t seem to enough cinnamon lately

  462. mary kay

    I love granola that is cinamon flavored. I can’t seem to enough cinnamon lately.

  463. Bobbi Platte @ Yummy

    The chocolate chip bars are lovely!

  464. Joan Oldale-LaPoint

    I am always looking for new gluten free recipes and forums to try. Kelly’s pie recipes looked wonderful; just wishing there were more healthy GF egg free recipes out there…

  465. Mmm, that vanilla shake and banana cream pie are right up my alley. I make similar protein shakes almost every morning and could use some fresh ideas. Thanks for pointing me to a great site.

  466. barbara rempel

    I’ve just recently realized that I feel much better when I eat less grains. I’m really enjoying some of the recipes on Kelly’s blog and your blog as well. The Scandinavian Thumbprint cookies on Kelly’s blog are one of my new favorite Christmas cookies and they are going on my bake again next year list! :)

  467. laura

    I’d have to go with the quiche. I love quiche.

  468. Anita Z

    I love coconut granola with toasted pecans and raisins! My son likes to help stir and it keeps him occupied…it is great also because you can eat during the process.

  469. I’d looooooove to win this book! And I love Strawberry Almond Muffins
    gluten-free, grain-free, casein-free from Kelly’s website!

    She’s a great inspiration like you! And yes you both do cook alike!

  470. LP

    I just checked out her website and I’m looking forward to trying many things, but most especially the Monster Cookies made with almond butter/Sunbutter, quinoa flakes & chocolate chips.

  471. Chelsea

    I love Kelly’s blog (and yours!), and winning the book would be fantastic. My favourite recipe from her site is her strawberry almond muffins. They are so yummy.

  472. Kris

    The Teryaki Veggie Cakes are something I’d like to try. Thanks for letting us know about Kelly’s blog. I’m off to do more exploring there.

  473. jenny

    What a great looking book. I’ve been wanting to use more coconut
    and chia seeds for me and my family! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! jenny

  474. Jen

    It’s gotta be the pumpkin spice bread for me! Yum!

  475. may

    i just made kelly’s biscuits the other day and they turned out perfectly. i’d love to win her cookbook.

  476. Kari Morgan

    I am always more than happay to increase my options via good, gf and healthy recipes.

  477. I haven’t had granola in years because the commercial stuff always has ingredients I can’t have. I’m excited to try Kelly’s chai granola (without the stevia for me). Thanks!

  478. Jill

    I am so interested in making Kelly’s chai granola but right now I love the recipe from 100daysofrealfood.com….it is really scruptious.
    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win. I know it would bless our family.

  479. I like Kelly’s mini blueberry cupcakes. Would like to win her book!

  480. I kelly’s mini blueberry muffins. Would like to win her book.

  481. Angela Knapp

    The other day I had a study group early in the morning. My friends and I are in Naturopathic Medical School in Portland, OR and therefore many of us follow strict diets. I decided that I would try out Kelly’s breakfast brownies and YUM what a hit! Everyone loved them. We had them with some of Nancy’s live yogurt and fresh squeezed orange juice. Thanks for posting about The Spunk Coconut because otherwise I would have never even have known about her site. And thank you for all of your rocking recipes.
    My husband and I don’t always follow strict diets, but your site and the many other good ones sure make having dinner parties and guests a lot easier. It gives me delicious recipes that take into account different peoples food sensitivities and diet choices and also delight the palate!
    Thank you!
    Angela Knapp ~

  482. Rebecca

    I love Kelly’s blog as well as yours! Every recipe I’ve tried has been amazing and I’d absolutely love a copy of her cookbook! It would be a great way to ring in the new year.

  483. I love Kelly’s Pumpkin Pie recipe! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Elana!

  484. jo

    Breakfast brownies!

  485. Anna Aspnes @ annaaspnes.typepad.com

    Peach Cobbler! Yum :D

  486. Kyle

    The orange pie looks pretty good. I love oranges and this looks like it would be a good recipe. I’ll have to get a food processor though…really need one for a lot of these recipes.

  487. Cosmos Human

    I like maple syrup granola. I have to be careful as I am living with diabetes.

  488. darkhorse

    Kelly’s Chai Granola sounds awesome! Thanks Elana!

  489. elaine

    thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! my favorite flavor of granola is maple and cinnamon. chai sounds amazing though!

  490. charlene hobot

    Wow cool book. Yummy looking stuff…


  491. Jennifer

    I would love this cookbook! I have just started using coconut flour recipes. Love them! I would love to have more ideas!

  492. Lorraine

    I have not seen this book but would to try it because of all the comments.

  493. Kelly’s Chai Granola sounds interesting and would love to get my hands on her book!

  494. Lindsay

    Her coconut rice pudding looks fantastic! …and perfect for a chilly winter day :)

  495. Gail

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of The Spunky Coconut Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts by Kelly. Gluten Free has just entered my life and I can’t gather enough recipes. Thank you so much.

  496. Bonnie B @ elanaspantry.com

    Kelly sounds like a very got GF Lady. Any time you can get a cookbook as good as yours. It will be a hit.

  497. Pat Ramirez

    Looking forward to baking Kelly’s Scandinavian Thumbprint cookies this week, now that I bought all the ingredients! Thank~you for posting these. Perfect for the Holidays!!

  498. Becky

    Choc chip bars for sure!!!!

  499. Shimon

    The Egg-free, Gluten-free, No-bake, Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie looks amazing!

  500. Ooh…my favorite flavor of granola would have to be a orange infused berry granola! Crunchy, fruity, refreshing…delicious!!

  501. Sarah

    I LOVE coconut, it’s the perfect substitute for everything. I’m so happy to have found The Spunky Coconut (And Elena’s Pantry), I can’t wait to try out all of the recipes. I’m going to start with the Coconut Dreams….

  502. stephanie

    I would love another cookbook to obsess over!

  503. Anna

    I love ginger granola… the spicier, the better, and candied ginger is a plus! Thanks for offering a great book giveaway!

  504. Maita

    Grain-free Pumpkin Pancakes…..yum!

  505. Mary Rondeau @ wholeness.com

    Favorite granola is maple-walnut. Yummy!

  506. Theresa Picoriello

    Hi, elana i made Kelly’s vanilla bean cake. my family loved it. i would love to win either one of Kelly’s cookbooks. Thanks, for the giveaways.

  507. Jill

    I would love this recipe book!!!!! I am always looking for new recipe ideas!

  508. Andrea

    The Sunbutter Ice Cream was decadent. It will completely break up your relationship with Ben and Jerry.

  509. Stacy

    This is awesome. I will definitely check out that book! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  510. MaryK

    I love the pumpking pie.

  511. Diana Drue

    Hi Elena,
    I would love to win a copy of Kelly’s cookbook. My favorite granola recipe is from the NYT: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D00E6DF173FF936A25754C0A96F9C8B63
    I substitute pecans for the pistachios, currants for the apricots, and cut the brown sugar by half.
    P.S. Love your cookbook and website!

  512. Andie Crosby

    I love the peach cobbler recipe!

  513. Joyce

    Great giveaway Elana! My favorite recipe from Kelly’s site is her chocolate chip bars – so good!!!

  514. Becky @Our Peaceful Home @ ourpeacefulhome.com

    Creamy Roasted Garlic Dip! Yum!

  515. Terra Stead

    I just made her chocolate mousse for the first time this week.
    Yum! I went to taste one bite to see if it had set up yet, well,
    I ate about a cup of it. It is so smooth and creamy and I love chocolate, so this is definitely going to be a favorite of mine.

  516. Gail

    My favorite recipe of Kelly’s blog thus far is her Scandanavian Thumbprint Cookies. They were the easiest things to make and the almond and coconut go so well together. I made them with homemade blackberry jelly that I preserved in the fall and it went well with the cookies.

    It would be awesome to win a copy of Kelly’s new book. Elana, thanks again for another great giveaway.

  517. Alexa

    The Vanilla Shake is an awesome post-workout recovery shake! Delicious too.

  518. Chau

    I like her entry “how I make ghee.”

  519. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn @ chefkatelyn.wordpress.com

    I love her rice pudding made with coconut milk! It’s so creamy and delicious. I love to add raisins :)

  520. Saundra

    The first recipe I tried from her website was the Almond Muffins – which I love. I think they are still my favorite so far… But she has a lot of wonderful recipes. Would love to win this cookbook!

  521. Bianka

    I love the monster cookies!!! nut butter in anything makes it 10x better


    /chocolate Mousse, that’s for me, YUM

  523. Kaila

    Kelly’s braided bread with rosemary is amazing!

  524. Bev

    Love the biscut recipe !

  525. Veronica

    I haven’t tried any of Kelly’s recipes yet but plan to make her flourless brownies and her soups. This cookbook sounds great!

  526. moonsword

    Monster Cookies are great, and so many variations are possible.

  527. Sarah

    I would love this cookbook, I don’t have any grain-free cookbooks and need some inspiration.

  528. Sherri

    The sunbutter ice cream looks so easy and delicious! One of my goals for the new year is to try making more of my own stuff like ice cream, so this recipe will really help! Thanks!

  529. Erica Dinner

    Wow, just saw the granola recipe and will be making that for sure this week. This cookbook looks great and would be a great addition to Elana’s cookbook and website.

  530. Talia Resin

    My favorite flavor for Granola is pumpkin spiced!!

  531. Vanessa

    My favorite granola from Kelly’
    s website is the walnut/coconut/applesauce/cinnamon. My boys and I LOVE it sprinkled over coconut yogurt. I would love to get this book. Thanks for the chance.

  532. Becky Williams

    I don’t have a favorite recipe yet because I don’t have the cookbook and I just now am finding out about Kelly’s book. I bought Spunky Coconut for my parents for Christmas because they are both borderline diabetics. I (along with my partner) are starting a cupcake business where we will provide gluten free, sugar free and vegan cupcakes. We are in the process of learning all we can about these diseases/food alergies. So we are hunting for recipes that will be amazing!!!!

  533. emily in VA

    Cherry-vanilla granola

  534. Suzie Wolfer LCSW @ suziewolfer.com

    I just discovered your book Gluten-Free almond flour cookbook a few weeks ago. And it has transformed entertaining and christmas this year. Pecan pie for a start . . . no one even knew! Your book is like an adventure into a new wonderful country since I’ve been on the anti inflammatory diet for the last 18 months. Very well done!

    One question: I noticed the crusts tended to get a little burned, even cooking at the lower temperatures. Perhaps tn foil is the fix?

  535. micky

    sunbutter ice cream in the ice cream maker may daughter-in-law gave me.

  536. Gretchen

    I’m a huge fan of chicken salad, so Kelly’s chicken salad recipe is my favorite. http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/2010/04/chicken-salad-egg-free-dairy-free.html
    And I cannot wait to try her coconut banana creme pie recipe, as banana creme pie is my husband’s favorite desert!

  537. Dianne

    I haven’t tried any of Kelly’s recipes yet because I just found out about her Web site. But I can’t wait to try the Vanilla Bean Cake and Chai Granola recipes. Yummy!

  538. Emily

    I made her sunbutter fudge last week and it was delicious! I would love to win her cookbook.

  539. Lecia Riccelli

    How exciting to possibly win the cookbook which will really help me to expand on my limited GF, CF cooking experience!
    Kerstin’s Almond Squares

  540. Regina

    I think I’ll try the cookies. Holidays time is so important to not feel too much like you have to give up a lot of traditional baked goods. But now I’ll have to see if I can substitute the vanilla stevia and the coconut sugar. Thanks for another good site.

  541. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m keen to give the Gingerbread cookies a go.

  542. Lorraine

    Kirsten’s Almond Squares sounds outstanding!

  543. Helen Szadkowski

    Thank you for introducing me to more gluten free recipes. I just can’t wait to try some of them. My British friend gave me a similar recipe for Thumbprint Cookies…I can now make them gluten free with Kelly’s recipe.

  544. Miss Jem

    Thank you for doing the giveaway, Elana! If I win this cookbook it will be the perfect time as I was about to buy this one along with your 2 as well as Kelly’s 1st cookbook, not 5 minutes ago.

    My favorite recipe on Kelly’s blog (so far) has to be her nut butter brownies. I made them this summer for my trip (WA – TX). When my meat-and-potatoes brothers got hungry on the plane ride (along with me) they helped me gobble the brownies right down. Yum! They were a huge life saver for gluten intolerant me. I don’t know what we would have eating for quick protein if we hadn’t had those along. THANK YOU KELLY!

    P.S. I accidentally posted this on the another page (too many food blog tabs :). So sorry.

  545. Tasha

    My favorite granola recipe right now uses maple syrop, gives it a great flavor and not too sweet (as long as you don’t use too much!)

  546. Mari

    Chai Granola!

    Coconut is one ingredient that is just fun to use, and chia seed, well I’ve been a fan ever since I tried the Raw ‘Tapioca’ Pudding.

    It’s fantastic recipe from start to finish.


  547. Omali E Just

    Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies!!!!!!!!!

  548. Our favorites are the sunbutter fudge and sandwich rolls.

  549. Briana

    My favorite flavor of granola is vanilla apple cinnamon. Can’t wait to try some of Kelly’s recipes!!

  550. Ashley in PDX

    I love that Kelly made up a thumbprint cookie recipe! Those are my favorite, but I needed a gluten free version.

  551. Jennifer Stephenson

    I love almond and ginger granola. I would be very excited to win this cookbook, but have not had success thus far, but thought I’d try again.

  552. Kim

    All of Kelly’s recipes look fun so far – thanks for your recommendation of her. I think I will dabble with some of the raw inspired recipes and the vanilla banana one may be the first :) I’d love to win her cookbook – thanks!

  553. Kate

    I love Kelly’s white bean cake recipe, oh and the cookie dough recipe. She is so creative, I would love a copy of her book!

  554. Cheryl @ gfgoodness.com

    the chocolate chip cookies look fantastic, and are on my to-bake list.

  555. Hmmm, sounds yummy! I luv granola and think I should learn to make it myself.

  556. lisinka

    my fav flavor of granola is vanilla almond. with vanilla almond milk. or vanilla yogurt. it’s all about boosting the vanilla quotient. yeah, i kinda like vanilla… a lot.

  557. Sarah

    Definitely have too many to name just one favorite… I love her recipe for vanilla “pudding”, and have actually used it in combination with Elana’s recipe for biscuits along with sliced strawberries as a strawberry shortcake. And love it in shakes, as she recommends. We love her blondies, her ice cream recipes…ok, that’s enough! Given her track record, I know we’d *love* her new cookbook at least as much! Thank you!

  558. Kati

    My favorite recipe…at least so far is the chipotle orange chicken, except i throw in some zucchini, onions, and bell peppers with mine.

  559. I love cranberry granola.

  560. Gail

    I’m new to gluten free eating. Would love to gather all the help with recipes as I can.
    Thank you.

  561. Jenna Schold

    I love dessert granola with dried cherries and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

  562. Angela Eck

    I like cinnamon granola!

  563. I love the gluten-free Gingerbread Cookies because I LOVE gingerbread cookies and this recipe is just made for me since it doesn’t include my two allergies gluten and eggs!

  564. Missy Beavers

    I LOVE Kelly’s brownie recipe that is made with almond butter. I, like her, often eat them for breakfast!

  565. Dorcas

    Cinnamon Granola.

  566. Linda S.

    I love your recipes, Elana, and I really like the ones of Kelly’s that I’ve tried. Can’t wait to try this new one! Thank you!

  567. dani

    I like her chocolate chip canyon cookies!

  568. Cheryl

    The sun butter fudge is my favorite!


  569. Carey

    I recently made the Scandinavian Thumbprint cookies and they were really good and not overly sweet, the coconut made them even better then a traditional thumbprint cookie. I’m so thankful that there are people creating these recipes out there for us sensitive types.

  570. Sara

    I absolutely love granola flavored with vanilla – yummy stuff!

  571. Doris

    I love the cinnamon granola!!

  572. Julie (Bananas for Bourbon) @ bananasforbourbon.blogspot.com

    I love chai spiced anything. That granola sounds delicious!

  573. Susie W

    Braided Bread with Rosemary & Garlic

  574. Candace Sherman

    I liked the California Mock Mashed Potatoes Elana. I’m very inspired by your recipies with almond flour. I’m quite over weight and there is diabetis that runs in our family. I also have wheat allergy and milk allergy. I’m going to use your recipes to improve my health.

    Thank you so much for recipes and writing your book

    Candace Sherman

  575. Lenci

    I like granola with pumpkin seeds and oats! Everything else is just extra.

  576. Kim J

    Hmm. The vanilla shake, or the sunbutter ice cream, or the ginger bread. Ah heck, all of them. Now I’ve got another feed to follow. ;-)

  577. Susan Hall @ Idon'thaveawebsite

    All of Kelly’s recipes sound awesome, but I love Hazelnut, so I’d
    have to say the Hazelnut blended drink would probably be my favorite!

  578. Diane

    OOh, I want to try the braided bread recipe! Thanks for the link, Elana. Another scrumptous looking blog!

  579. Shanygne Gullickson

    I would SOOO love this cookbook! We are really trying to cut out grains as much as possible, so even if I don’t win it, I will probably BUY it!!

  580. Liz N.

    I am an equal opportunity granola lover. Never met a granola I didn’t like!

  581. A couple of days in to the start of my gluten and dairy free diet. I’d love a book like to help ease me into good recipes.

  582. Rachel

    Those coconut ideas are great! I love the gingerbread cookies recipe!

  583. Mayra P.

    I’m completely happy with cookies, cookies, and more cookies. I guess that’s why my favorite Kelly recipe would have to be the Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies. Soo Goood!

  584. Kim Z

    I never win but what the hey a new year is coming and it does mean that maybe my luck will change

  585. I’d love to try the Cauliflower mock mashed potatoes.


  586. Lisamarie (not Presley)

    I love Kelley’s yogurt. I am dairy free and it’s so wonderful to be able to have the same foods you once had but better and still flavorful. I love it lemony too. I think she and I are twins separated at birth (he, hee).

  587. Sabrina

    Elana, thank you for introducing us to Kelly’s webiste and host of recipes. I have not had the opportunity to try any of her recipes yet, but I am looking forward to trying the chai granola first. I would love to win a copy of her signed cookbook–I have a collection of autographed books and would love to start a new collection of cookbooks signed by the author.

  588. Mari

    What a great giveaway! I’ve checked out the 1st spunky coconut cookbook from the library, and loved it. It and this new one are on my purchase list for the future, but winning one would be a lovely surprise. My daughters adore her biscuit recipe. Oh, and my favorite granola is maple coconut with extra almonds, walnuts, and hemp seeds. The original recipe that I modified is in “Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan” by Dreena Burton. Thanks, Elana!

  589. I love Kelly’s Almond Square recipe, yummy!

  590. Megan

    I’ve made her vanilla bean cake multiple times and absolutely love it. I’d love a copy of her new cookbook.

  591. I love her vanilla bean cake!

  592. Heather

    Oh, have always wanted Spunky Coconut’s cookbook! My favorite recipe from her site so far is the Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bars- delicious!
    All look so delicious- thanks :)

  593. Jennifer

    I’ve never seen her site before and it looks great! I love my crunchy homemade granola, but I can’t have oats now.

  594. Kelly’s chai granola sounds so delicious!

  595. Cindy C.

    Too many to pick from to have just one favorite!
    Thanks Elana! Thanks Kelly!

  596. I really want to try Kelly’s Nutcracker Sweet Tea Latte. Awesome combination of flavors!

  597. Tawny

    I’m sorry have to agree my favorite recipe is the Chocolate Chip bars. Yum!

  598. Heidi Johnson

    I just discovered your website and Kelly’s website yesterday! The Chai granola sounds delicious! I would love to try a blueberry vanilla granola! I am needing to change my cooking for my and my family’s health, so I would love Kelly’s cookbook. I just started experimenting with coconut flour this week!

  599. So excited to try the chai granola!

  600. Christine Kelly

    I would be over joyed to win this book!

  601. Michelle

    Her Braided Bread with Rosemary and Garlic is awesome. I am such a big fan and my family depends on her website and yours because of all of the foods we cannot have. We can now have safe, healthy, AND delicious foods! I would love to own her cookbook, and I already own yours! We love the every recipe we have tried thus far :)

  602. Esther

    I love Spunky Coconut recipes! I most recently tried Kelly’s egg free biscuits and LOVED them. Her latest gingerbread was awesome too. Now thanks to commenters posting their faves, I really want to try the ‘vanilla pudding’ from the bananas foster recipe…. even better, I have the cashews already soaked!

  603. I make her Vanilla Bean Cake all the time

  604. LisaGI

    I love the crepes! I miss crepes and they came out perfectly after about 13 times trying to make them come out…I suck at making pancakes too=)

  605. Cari Minton

    Love everything of Kelly’s…my kid’s favorite…orange pie!!!!

  606. Juli Yamaguchi

    Orange Pie/Cake-Yummmmmm

  607. I love granola in any form…I’d love to try Kelly’s!

  608. susan Pitt

    I love kelly’s white bean cake!!! I stumbled upon her recipes a few months back and have been in love with them ever since. Would love the chance to win. Thanks

  609. Robyn

    I have both Elana and Kelly’s website’s bookmarked and use them often. My family is fairly recently gluten and dairy free and trying to cut back on sugar intake. A lot of my old cookbooks don’t always fit the bill anymore :) Would love to win this one!

  610. Colleen

    I can’t wait to make her blueberry muffins! I have celiac and type 1 diabetes and am allergic to eggs and cow dairy, so this cookbook would be absolutely perfect for me. *crosses fingers*

  611. alisa joy

    i first found out about the spunky coconut through your blog. and it’s been love ever since. as a dutch girl who misses pannekoeken (dutch pancakes) i love to make a modified version of spunky’s egg-y crepes. it’s been just the thing!

  612. Noel

    Broccoli Quiche! Because it’s easy and cheese-free.

    I need to check out Kelly’s coconut milk yogurt b/c the one I make currently is not a hit with my dairy-loving, yet dairy-free child. Thanks for reminding me to do this!

    Your almond flour cookbook and blog is still my most used book and blog. Thanks so much for making grain-free cooking easy and delicious!

    : )

  613. Eve

    Kelly’s green smoothies look delicious to me. And I do like a vanilla-almond granola!

  614. BPansy

    oooh! that chai granola looks great! thanks for the intro to it, elana!

  615. Mary Lea

    I love granola with dark chocolate mixed in!

  616. Sharmista

    My favorite recipe from Kelly’s blog is the Vanilla Bean Cake. It is my go-to cake recipe for birthday parties. My guests never guess the “secret ingredient”!

  617. nur

    my cousin makes a cardamom granola that is out of this world….now if i get the recipe i will post it here.

  618. Diane

    I have been making a granola out of oats, shredded coconut, pecans, coconut oil and sweetener. I then add ground ginger and orange extract which my gluten-tolerant family members love. For my daughter and I, I make Elana’s Raw Vegan GLuten-Free Granola, but have yet to try adding coconut. Our whole family loves coconut flavor and the healthy benefits of coconut oil. I would love to try the Chai Granola recipe.

  619. Mari

    I haven’t made any of her recipes yet. But I can’t wait to try!

  620. Jenny R

    I LOVE her coconut custard pie – easy, delicious hot or cold, and takes care of my sweet tooth. Highly recommend it : )

  621. Jenny R

    Oh – and the white bean cake is awesome too!!!! I have gotten cocky enough to play with it some and it is very versatile. I love when I tell people that it is made from magical fruit and they don’t know what I am talking about!

  622. Kelly

    I love vanilla yogurt!

  623. I’m not a huge granola eater but my fav flavor is maple :)

  624. Marla Pisegna

    I am so happy that you introduced me to Kelly’s site. I just finished making her Cherry Banana muffins and they are DELICIOUS!!!!

    I enjoy her recipes, I have been reading them over and can’t wait to try a few other muffin recipes and well of course some of her delicious looking bread recipes too.

    Fingers crossed I get to win the book!!!!

  625. Paula

    We love Kelly’s Banana Bread recipe!

  626. Lara W H

    My favorite recipe is her gluten free swedish meatballs with Lingonberry sauce! I live in Scandinavia because I am married to a Dane, and we eat Danish meatballs (a variation on the Swedish variety) every christmas. They are so popular that they are eaten at other times of the year and are almost a national dish! However, because I don’t eat wheat, I usually have to pass these up…but now that I found this recipe, I can enjoy traditional holiday foods without having to compromise my health!:)

  627. Christy

    The vanilla white bean cake sounds wonderful! I made white bean cookies this holiday and they were fabulous! I can;t wait to try the cake!

  628. melanie brenner

    A cook book that provides gluten free & sugar free is just what I need for my daughter. I cant wait to try her recipes!

  629. I cannot wait to try these recipes…I am always looking for something yummy and nutritious to put in my daughters lunch! Thanks so much for sharing.

  630. Elizabeth, blogger for SunButter @ sunbutter.com

    Hi Elana,
    I discovered your blog when you discovered and blogged about SunButter–as in the Ice Cream recipe. As a SunButter blogger, I’m looking forward to following your great adaptations. If you’re interested, we have an online recipe box full of other creations. It’s here: http://bit.ly/9Pm79a
    Although I proudly admit my fav way to enjoy SunButter is by the spoonful. Take care!

  631. Jennifer R.

    my favorite recipe from her blog is the rice pudding. Would love to win her newest cookbook! thanks!!

  632. Moira

    Hooray! Thanks Elana!


  633. Jennifer Warnick

    I love maple granola, especially when my daughter makes it for us!

  634. Can’t believe I haven’t ever stumbled on her lovely recipes before! I was just thinking about finding a new bean recipe tonight and found her biscuits made with beans! So excited to try them!

  635. Adrienne DeGuere

    My favorite flavor of granola is pumpkin at this time of year and maple the rest of the year.

  636. Shari F.

    Elana, Thanks for introducing us to Kelly’s website. It’s awesome. My favorite recipe is her Onion and Kale Soup – yum! Thanks for asking, Shari F.

  637. Angela

    That Chai Granola sounds ideal. Yum!

  638. Sonshinejudi

    This cookbook sounds like a great companion to yours!! I love your recipes and living [almost] grain free. I have found that cocomut flower is great to cool with and have even begun to esperiment with some of my favorite old recipes that are not grain or gluten free…it would be wonderful to win Kelly’s cookbook. PS finding your cookbook and website Elana has changed my life phanomally. Thanks.

  639. theresa melnick @ elanaspantry

    would love a copy to use coconut instead of almond cause my son can’t have nuts. would be a cookie or dessert ,my son could eat.

  640. JenC

    Thank you for the introduction to Kelly’s blog! I am very excited to devour her blog as I have yours. So many of the recipes look so amazing and I am so looking forward to trying many of them! I think the first one I will try will be her waffles because I am intrigued by the use of white beans in the recipe and we LOVE waffles around here! Thanks again!

  641. annette klausen

    I would love to have that cookbook. My favourite recipe on Kellys site is the coconut & raw cacao pudding.Thank you Elena for introducing me to a new fab blog! Annette

  642. I love Kelly’s recipes. We make her vanilla bean coffee cake all the time. I would love to win her cookbook!

  643. clara

    my favorite is garam masala granola :)

  644. As I write this, I am munching on some coconut dreams … amazing! and vegan and gluten-free :) But there are so many more that I want to try.


  645. Anna

    My favorite granola is simple, raw, with buckwheat, apricot, coconut, and cinnamon. Yum! Thank you for the chance to win this contest!

  646. Bern

    I definitely want to try the Chai granola! I can’t tolerate large servings of nuts though, so I might play around with buckwheat instead (keeping it grain free!)

  647. Mathew

    Two favorite granola’s: my mom’s oats-and-anything-in-her-pantry granola that she would always make (she baked this and it would fill our entire house with the best aroma) and a buckwheat, quinoa, nut, berry, and spice granola that I make.

  648. Irene

    I stumbled upon a oat based granola without any oil, sweetened with agave that everyone who has tried it, loves. So I started playing with the flavors and so far my Pumpkin Pie Spice granola has been a huge hit! I’ll be checking out the Spunky Coconut website for new ideas.

  649. robyn

    would love to have this cookbook, the vanilla with pumpkin seeds looks wonderful!

  650. Stephanie

    YIPPEE! I have a wheat allergy. BUT I have a friend who is celiac + allergic to soy, dairy and yeast + must have very low sugar.

    When I read the Vanilla Bean Coffee Cake recipe on The Spunky Coconut, I knew I could make it for him! This has led us to a pattern. I see a recipe, we invite our family to their house to cook :)

    I’d love to have this cookbook, as it would give us months of self-invitations!

  651. Barbara

    I love all granola but I think my favorite is a maple oat granola with lots of nuts. Love it…

  652. Stephanie

    I love Kelly’s Vanilla Bean Cake with Chocolate Frosting Recipe. I stopped eating gluten, dairy and sugar in April and this cake was the very first cake I tried in November. Yum! It’s opened up a whole new world for me. And, I love the the hidden protein. My girls and I love making vanilla bean cupcakes together. Would love to win her recipe book and try other recipes. Thanks!

  653. caroline colburn

    Chai granola sounds wonderful & yummy…

  654. JT

    My favorite was the Goji Choco Pie~! :D (*nom.NOM.nom!*)

  655. oh! how could i choose……
    my favorite granola flavor would be either maple or chocolate. i can’t pick. sorry, nope i can’t ;)

  656. Christy Smith

    Flourless Brownies all the way for our family!!

  657. MoniCue

    Thank you for a new recipe website! Up til now, I always go for maple granolas…but I am intrigued by new options!

  658. Bev Badger @ miskinmeadows.com

    I am totally new to Gluten & dairy free. I sit here tonight in tremendous pain and in tears as I just dont kwow where to start. Your site is one that had been recommended to me all day so here I am tonight.
    I havent read any books yet but I can say my favorite flavour of granola is cranbery & almond. Am I allowed to eat granola anymore??
    Sigh.. thanks for a wonderful site I am sure I will be up most of the night researching.

    • jessica

      you can totally eat granola! check out this recipe:


      • Thanks , one of the things I use as a treat when I need a snack is granola. I think once I figure out the basics of gluten free and no dairy eating basics I will be ok. I am a from scratch meat and salad & veggies kinda cook. An Organic meat farmer, not sure how well that will tie into gluten free eating though? I do not eat sweets as a general rule but do indulge once in awhile.
        I have noticed over the day today most cook books cater more to the sweet tooth in everyone. My hubby has the sweetest tooth I have ever known and I am 100% opposite.
        I am going to go back into the site for a breead recipe, one of my life staples for work !


  659. i love all her recipes, but right now my favorite is the vanilla bean cake because it’s so versatile!!

  660. Brooke Atkins


  661. Gosia

    Love the Cauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes.


  662. Isi

    So excited looking at the giveaway of The Spunky cookbook, my grandson besides gluten-free which I am doing has to be casein free and wow would winning this book help me alot! Can’t wait to try it, might go to the bookstore and take a look through and cross my fingers to win!!!!

  663. Ashley B

    I would LOVE to have this book! I am allergic to both Gluten and Casein, so this book would be a HUGE blessing to my limited amount of recipes! I am in love with the vegan vanilla shake recipe – everything that tastes good is in it! Thank you for offering such an amazing giveaway!

  664. Shelly Schneider

    I my goodness! This is so amazing that I find this today! I am on a gluten-free, grain-free, rice-free (closes up my throat when I eat it) diet! THis would be so perfect! I am going to the library to see if they have any of the books mentioned on any of these websites! Thank you!

  665. Gail Gardner

    My favorite flavor of granola is blueberry almond.

  666. Lecia RIccelli

    Gluten and casein free cookbooks are my favorite !