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Gomasio is healthy, tasty and easy enough for a child to make.

One of my favorite gluten free condiments, Gomasio is made of sesame seeds, a healthy food, high in protein and fiber. This nutritious Asian sesame seed condiment is also full of calcium and super tasty.

In the photo above, my older son is stirring up a double batch for the family. Below, we have transferred the seeds to a suribachi and prepare to take turns grinding.



  1. Place sesame seeds in a cast iron skillet over medium heat
  2. Roast for 10 minutes, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until seeds turn golden brown
  3. Place sesame seeds and salt in a suribachi or mortar and pestle; grind into a coarse meal
  4. When cooled, transfer to a glass container
  5. Serve by sprinkling over kale, broccoli or other greens
  6. Store in refrigerator; keeps for 6-8 weeks

Serves 32


A Suribachi is similar to a mortar and pestle and a handy tool for grinding your own gluten free condiments and spice blends.

posted on April 20, 2007, 7 comments

  1. I wonder if gomasio is more nutritious than Quinoa, because that is what I have been using lately.

  2. Donna

    We love this. We sprinkle it on our salads and side dishes. It makes a huge difference in taste and so good for you.

  3. Stacy

    Any other ideas of what to use if you don’t have a Suribachi?

  4. Denise

    Never heard of gomasio. Where can you buy it?

  5. craig

    How Yum is that!!! just the thought of putting some over my steamed broccoli has me changing my plans for dinner. Thanks

  6. Karen

    Would a coffee grinder work?

    • Rachel

      I’ve been using my little electric coffee grinder until I replace my mortar and pestle, and it works just fine! just be careful not to over grind as it can turn into a pasty powder rather quickly. .

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