Gluten-Free Cupcakes Cookbook

It’s been a busy summer, with baseball, boys and everything else that goes on around here.  Now that it’s the “harvest,” it’s the perfect time to announce what I grew over the summer.  I cultivated a new book called:

Gluten-Free Cupcakes: 50 Irresistible Recipes Made with Almond and Coconut Flour

The book is available for pre-order on and will be published next spring.  If you need to get an immediate cupcake fix, check out the cupcake recipes from my Month O’ Cupcakes.

I had a blast writing this book.  I made batches and batches of cupcakes every single day of the week, often well into the night.  My neighbors were saturated with the results (think dozens of cupcakes at a time) and could barely keep up with me.  My husband was in charge of the chocolate section of the book –he faithfully devoured almost every version of every chocolate cupcake that I made.  Even my sons got into the act, developing recipe ideas, and pre-testing them for the book.

Since I finished the book, I’ve been making a lot of salads.  I think everyone in our household is kinda done with dessert for a while, at least until we get a bit closer to the holidays.

In giveaway news, today I’m giving away a copy of my new cookbook, Gluten-Free Cupcakes: 50 Irresistible Recipes Made with Almond and Coconut Flour. To be entered just leave a comment below, and I will send out a copy of the book to the lucky winner on the day it is published, April 26th, 2011. Everyone everywhere is eligible for this giveaway!

The winner of last week’s giveaway –a copy of Ali Segersten’s book, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook is Alejandra!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner of Gluten-Free Cupcakes is Holly Ellerton. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. says

    Elena, you’re so cute! I love your blog and every recipe I’ve tried is amazing!! Thanks for your great passion for healthy and delicious food!

  2. Kathy says

    Recently found this website through my daughter, and love it! Am looking forward to trying out some recipes. Thanks!

  3. says

    We would LOVE to win your cupcake recipe. Your blog and Almond Flour ckbk have been such a blessing to my son. They have truly made a difference with this teen, he is far happier on his diet since I bought him your ckbk. We’d love to own your second one:)
    all the recipes in your 1st book are brilliant!!

  4. Mary Boots says

    Last month was my birthday and after having been gluten for about 6 months, I wondered what kind of birthday cake to have. My sister-in-law was very dear and bought me some gluten free cupcakes from a GF bakery. They were delicious. So now when I see your cupcake cookbook will be available in April I am excited to purchase it and make my own wonderful cupcakes! Thank you!

  5. Cheri Rottstin says

    I have been happily gluten free since 2003. After i had back surgery and was paralized for nearly a year i found i had problems with gluten. My surgery triggered the dormant allergy. i have tried all cupcake recipes with swaping out gluten to gluten free and nothing i seem to do comes out well at all. i LLOVE cooking and baking. this book will be a god sent for me. Thanks, Cheri :)

  6. Marilyn Seagoe says

    Elana, I love your site. I have diabetes and am managing with just diet and exercise. I watch the carbs and the sugars. Also our daughter is irritated by wheat so we try other grains. By the way, she loves to bake mini cupcakes and everyone loves them ’cause they’re a small bite of sweet. Your new cookbook looks good.
    Marilyn Seagoe

  7. Jenifer says

    Tried this it was great…I have a recipe request…how about no-bake cookies made with cocoa and peanut butter(gluten free of course)…sweetened with honey. You have anything like that? Thanks!

  8. Gina says

    Mmmmmm… cupcakes!! I am sure you and your family had a blast putting this together, and I can’t wait to try them all when the book comes out!!

  9. Bren Seader says

    At a doctor’s suggestion for alleviating some problems I had been having for the last 25 (!) years, I started a gluten free diet last year…what a difference. The only regret is that it only was a suggestion (after results for my biopsy for celiac was normal.), and I will not go back on gluten to have my allergy confirmed. I have felt so much better, and many symptoms have disappeared. I will never eat gluten again! Can’t wait to try your cupcake cookbook–your other recipes have been sooooooooooooooooo yummy!

  10. Rochelle Ford says

    I LOVE Cupcakes! I love your website. It has helped me tremendously. I’m really turned on to Almond Flour.

  11. Ness says


    I ve just discovered your website not long ago and I am loving the recipes:) I haven’t been very luck on gluten free recipes recipes before :( Cupcakes and macarrons are my favourite sweets so I can’t wait to try your book.

  12. Erika says

    I would love to win a copy of this cookbook. Last year, I gave everyone I know who is celiac (quite a few people) your first cookbook; it was a hit. Thanks for your work.

  13. Lauren says

    Looking forward to this book! I’m especially excited about the savory recipes, as well as the pumpkin ones. Thank you!

  14. hayley says

    hi elana,
    my husband has crohn’s disease and eating gluten-free has helped him immensely. i am becoming more adept and creative as a gluten-free cook, but a wonderful cupcake cookbook could really satisfy my husband’s sweet tooth (and keep him from being tempted by gluten-filled desserts!) we are trying your power bar recipe today. thanks!

  15. Vanesza says

    I am so happy I learned about your web-site, thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing recipes with nutrient rich ingredients and oh so tasty! Would love to win your new book!

  16. says

    I just pre-ordered your cupcake cookbook along with ordering a copy of your almond flour cookbook. I came across your website a couple weeks ago when I was researching different gluten free websites and discovered “grain free living”. I just read the Primal Blueprint and love how many amazing things you do with coconut and almond flour. I recently left the fitness industry and working as a personal trainer and fitness model and now am in the culinary world and working toward being a chef and someday hopefully running my own catering company. I love how much better I feel eating grain free and your website and your recipes are a breath of fresh air! I used to compete in bikini in the bodybuilding world and thus created an awful relationship with food and was restricted to eating limited veggies and often never fruit. Your website is now one of my “go to” favorites and ones I often tell my friends about. If you ever do any more classes in the CO area–I’ll be in Denver for another 7mths and myself and several chefs at my work are dying to come to one of your classes if you do anymore! ;)

  17. Julie says

    Elana, I am soooooooo excited about this book. Mostly, I am anxious to see new ideas for making cupcakes my boys need to take with them to the birthday parties of their gluten-eating friends. They get burned out on the same cupcakes. I don’t want them to think they’re ever missing out, not eating the glutinous treats. With your recipes, they’ll feel like THEY are the ones with the treats!!!

  18. Teresa says

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you for helping all of us eat and live in a better way.

    I would love to have your cupcake recipe book. It would be a hit for me; a cupcake is just the right size for a little “healthy style” treat!

  19. Karen Leutz says

    We have just found out my hubby has a gluten intolerance and he has a huge sweet tooth, I appreciate the recipes you post, it helps me as I try to figure this out……………………………….wow, what a challenge.


  20. Leah says

    I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of gluten free flours and would love to try coconut flour in cupcakes! Sounds delish!

  21. Melinda says

    Oh my goodness – I’m so excited about this new cookbook – I’ve been making recipe after recipe (successfully) from your Almond Flour Cookbook and just LOVE it! In fact, I’m giving away my copy this week to a family member and will be buying myself another! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the Cupcake book!

  22. Nicolette Alex-Sands says

    Your website has been such a godsend. I initially depressed with my diagnosis of Celiac disease three years ago, but ever since I cut gluten out of my life, things have gotten so much better! I am really looking forward to your cupcake book, because I haven’t had one in three years. Red velvet here I come! Keep up the good work :)

  23. unscrambled says

    I can’t afford any books that aren’t for school, but if I don’t win, this will be retrieved from the library, pronto!

    Congratulations, Elana!

    yay, (delicious) grain free baking!

  24. Ashleigh says

    I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and after going Paleo (about four months now) I do still crave sweet things from time to time and would love to have this cookbook to whip up something sweet and Paleo when the urge arises :)

    Please enter me in your free giveaway!

  25. may says

    hi elana,
    you have some great recipes. your gluten-free bread 2.0 is now a staple i make over and over. i would love your new cookbook.

    fyi for you and all those readers who don’t like to use agave, use birch xylitol. (it has to be birch, not corn, only the brand ‘ultimate life’ makes it.) i substitute xylitol for agave in all the recipes and they come out great. it’s the healthiest sweetener. sometimes you need a little extra liquid ingredient to make up for the agave but it’s very easy.

    thanks for the great recipes.

  26. Sally says

    Elana, I love your recipes and they have graced our table more times than I can count! I would LOVE this cook book!!

  27. Valerie says

    Hi Elana, Congrats on the new cookbook! My mother is a big fan, and follows a Gluten Free diet. She recommended your site and cookbook to me, as a source of inspiration for finding new and unique approaches to gluten free cooking. I can’t wait for the new cookbook – I love cupcakes!!

  28. Colleen Marwood says

    My family has already enjoyed many of your cupcake recipes that you have posted. I look forward to reading and experiencing your new cupcake cookbook! Thanks

  29. Laurie Vinson says

    I just recently made your chocolate cake recipe into cupcakes for my son’s birthday and they were a HIT! Can’t wait to make more of your cupcakes in the future!!! I would love to be in the drawing for the new book-

  30. Kylie says

    yippeee! I am so byting a copy of this but not via Amazon. I order all my books from ‘The Book Depository’ instead. It works out a lot cheaper over all as they offer free worldwide delivery. Great for those of us that don’t live in the U.S. :) Link below …

  31. Alison says

    Yum. This book could be my cupcake savior. Prior to finding out about gluten intolerance in my son and myself last year, I had progressed nicely through making cupcakes of just about any flavor and type without even following a set recipe. My experience with gluten free is sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they “work,” but taste terrible, and I sorta gave up baking them…

  32. Michelle says

    I just got Elana’s first book and love how easy to read and simple each recipe is. So many of them look amazing! I’m looking forward to this one too!

  33. Rita Totten says

    I have your first book and cannot wait to get your second- either through winning the giveaway (fingers crossed!) or ordering it online. Please enter me in the giveaway so I can get my cupcake on! Thanks for all your hard work and fabulous recipes!

  34. Kristin T says

    Elana, I love your recipes and your cupcakes! I am so excited you are publishing a cupcakes-only cookbook! I hope you will include some vanilla frosting recipes :)

  35. Debbie says

    Elana, your first cookbook has changed the way we eat! Before all our meals were plain and pretty boring. But you have shown us a way to eat healthily and tastily–if ‘tastily’ is a word! I have given away several of your books to gluten-intolerant friends and family members.

    I was excited in the spring when you declared May to be Cupcake Month and tried several of your recipes then. I love the simplicity of using the almond and coconut flours–so much more nutrition without all the tedium of flour-mixing. I will be excited to see more of your coconut flour recipes in the new book and I wish you all the best success with it!

  36. Jean Miller says

    Elana, I LOVE your almond flour cookbook. I’ve been gluten free for one year and had lots of “yucks” from my family before trying recipes from your cookbook. Now, they often aren’t even aware that they are eating gf! Thank you so much and I look forward to the new cupcake cookbook. Also, your recipes for the Jewish holidays have been indispensible.

  37. Debbie says

    Elana, your first cookbook has changed the way we eat! Before all our meals were plain and pretty boring. But you have shown us a way to eat healthily and tastily–if ‘tastily’ is a word! I have given away several of your books to friends and family.

    I was excited in the spring when you declared May to be Cupcake Month and tried several of your recipes then. I love the simplicity of using the almond and coconut flours–so much more nutrition without all the tedium of flour-mixing. I will be excited to see more of your coconut flour recipes in the new book and I wish you all the best success with it!

  38. Shara Sulkov says


    I love your recipes and your email updates! You’ve given me hope that there is good food, that is allergen free and it doesn’t involved a ton of different flour blends. I can’t wait to try your cupcakes!

  39. Jenifer S. says

    Oooh, I’d love to win your cookbook! I’ve been gluten free for over a year now, but have recently had to cut out all dairy, eggs, corn, and oats, and am searching for new recipes.

  40. Gina says

    Although I don’t have problems with sensitivity to gluten, I was curious about almond flour and bought your Almond Flour cookbook. I’ve loved the recipes I’ve tried out so far and learned the hard way that the Bob’s Red Mill almond flour has a terrible consistency in those chocolate chip cookies. I bought your recommended Honeyville flour and it works like a charm. No more substitutions for me! I have noticed that there isn’t a “sugar-high” that my kids get from the desserts in your recipes, so you’ve just made a big fan out of me!
    I’m very excited about your cupcake cookbook coming out and can’t wait to try out some of those recipes, too!

  41. Ingmarie says

    I discovered your site searching for a gluten free cracker recipe and love the one I found (rosemary and almond flour). Its both simple and delicious! I look forward to trying more of your recipes and reading the new book. Please enter me in the contest.

  42. Mary says

    I am concerned about the amount of eggs required for coconut flour recipes that I have encountered. Does this cookbook have recipes w/o too many eggs? The other thing my granddaughter is wrestling with is what to eat and having celiac. As a very busy high school athlete, she has little time and is becoming dependent on her mother to prepare and serve her meals and snack; are there any suggestions as to ways she can independently manage this?

  43. Charlene says

    Your first book has been a lifesaver in our house! My son is Autistic and we are attempting the GFCF diet. (at age 8! not easy when they remember what the gluten stuff was like!) I don’t know what I would have done without your Banana chocolate chip cake recipe. He can’t have sugar either, only agave, so again you are my lifesaver! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. Thank you so much for all your work to develop gluten free sugar free healthier recipes!

  44. antoinette says

    I love Elana’s cupcake recipes. They are the best! moist and fluffy. Much better than other gluten free ones that I have tried. I have tried so many including:BabyCakes,Vegan Cupcakes take over the world (their gluten free recipe),Flying Apron, Gluten Free Baking Classics. Yes I have tried all the cupcake recipes and Elana’s is by far the best!!! I am excited about her upcoming cupcake book.

    Thank you!!

  45. Helen says

    I hope that it is not to late to enter for your Gluten-Free Cupcakes: 50 Irresistible Recipes Made with Almond and Coconut Flour. Your recipes has made it simple for me to baked something that no one knows it is gluten free.

  46. says

    My seven year old (Melissa) was with me when I checked your blog and she spotted:
    1/ the cupcakes (she looooves those)
    2/ the two magic words “gluten-free” (fairly new world for us)
    And she said straight away: Mummy, can you get that book please?
    I said yes, of course, but next year (explaining why)… I had a poor puppy face with a oooohhwww. But she will cheer up when we (most definitely) get your book next year!
    Thank you for making our “gluten free lives” a bit easier to live with
    Isa x

  47. says

    Would love to win your cookbook! All the recipes that I have tried with my family and friends have been a big hit. And they don’t even know they’re eating gluten free. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  48. Marjorie says

    What a fantastic idea for a cookbook. I would like to win this for my friend. Her son has Lyme disease and so he must eat gluten free. Actually the whole family has Lyme disease. Her 4 year old loves cupcakes! What kid wouldn’t?

  49. Cresta Wooodruff says

    I am so excited about this book! I love cupcakes!!! Cannot wait to add it to my collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Beckie Johnson says

    I love your recipes, Elena, and they have made adjusting to a gluten free diet for Celiac Disease a lot easier! I have ordered a copy of your almond flour cookbook, so it would just be a special bonus if I received your cupcake book. I am planning to try making your Thai vegetable soup recipe this week!

  51. says

    How exciting. My husband is going to love you for his. He loves sweet and is a big fan of your carrot cake cupcakes. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  52. S J Supp says

    I love your first cookbook and can’t wait for the cupcake book to come out. I really hope I can win a copy.

  53. Jadenstar says

    Mmmm cupcakes! What an amazing resource this would be for the mother of a GF toddler. The thought of not having to test several dozen cupcakes recipes the week before my child’s birthday each year is overwhelming!

  54. sandra says

    I was hoping the book was out already! I would love to make some cupcakes this afternoon in our rainy weather. I will have to wait. So looking forward to the release of this book.

  55. says

    Elana! A new cookbook! I was lucky enough to find the other in a traditional brick-and-mortar store – couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to get the new one! :)

  56. frieda says

    Can’t wait for your new cookbook to be out! I love making healthy treats for my family. Thanks for all the great recipes, Elana.

  57. Kathryn says

    Being gluten-free can be hard sometimes, and there are days when you just gotta have a cupcake! I look forward to this book’s release!

  58. Jenny says

    I’m so excited for this cupcake cookbook! I recently made your jelly donut cupcakes with coconut foour for my sister’s birthday. Everyone loved them! I can’t wait to try more of your cupcake recipes.

  59. Heidi says

    Love your recipes… recently made the chicken parmigiana, stuffed peppers, and the chicken and “rice”. I also have made the key lime pie cupcakes. My husband loves key lime pie, but since we have gone gluten and sugar free, he hasn’t had his favorite pie. I made these cupcakes and he loved them. I would enjoy seeing what other recipes you have for cupcakes in your new book!

  60. Debra Soderman says

    My daughter (age 26) LOVES cupcakes. I’ve been introducing my family to your gluten free and ‘just plain healthy’ recipes ever since I discovered your website!

  61. jen says

    congrats on the new cookbook! i’m so excited – i use your almond flour cookbook ALL the time. love your recipes!

  62. Bobbie says

    I am new at gluten free eating… and have just requested your recipes via email. Soooo excited to find your blog!!!

  63. Sonshinejudi says

    Hi Elans, I’m really excited about your new cupcake cookbook and look forward to using it. I have many dietary restructions and find I can rely on your recipes to meet them and taste delicious!! Keep up the good work.

  64. Mari says

    Oh, My!
    I would love to win a copy of your new book. And from the number of comments you’ve received already, it looks like lots of other folks would love it, too. It looks fabulous! Thanks so much for all of the work you put into your recipes and your blog.

  65. Anna says

    Can’t wait for your new cookbook to come out. So far we have been baking from your current gluten-free cookbook and my kids love the cakes. I am going to make the carrot cake today yet again, because kids have been devouring it! Since kids have dairy allergies I have not been baking a lot until I got a hold of your cookbook. Can’t wait for more recipies! Thanks!

  66. Amber says

    I have really enjoyed all of your baked goods. They have far surpassed other recipes I have used. In that yours are void of that G.F flavor and full of nutrition. THANK YOU! I will be awaiting your new muffin cook book!

  67. Shelley says

    Hi Elana,
    I’m sooooo glad you put all your cupcake recipes together. I actually found your site during your cupcake month! My husband was only a few months into a celiac diet and our kids had been diagnosed as well. Finding all those fun and absolutely amazing cupcakes made gluten free cooking really fun and exciting. My family never knew what kind of cupcake we’d have next! Thanks again for sharing your great ideas! Because of you, I’m not afraid to experiment in the kitchen!

  68. Amber says


    Because of you, your first book, and your website, I bake constantly. My friends tease me all the time about it, but love everything I bake; who wouldn’t? I use your recipes :) Having this new cookbook would inspire me even more; I love making your cupcakes now. I can’t wait to see whats in the new cookbook. I am so excited and I honestly don’t know how I am going to wait till the publication date. Thanks so so much for inspiring me!!!!

  69. says

    Hi Elana,
    I would LOVE a copy of your cupcake cookbook! I did SCD years ago to heal from Crohns (it worked of course) and I do my best to keep my kids on a diet resembling that. Desserts at birthdays are one of the trickiest things we come across so I always offer to bring desserts so I know what they are eating. The cupcake book would be perfect to help me out with this!

    Thank you so much,

    Taera VanRoboys

  70. Cindy C. says

    I would love to be entered to receive a copy of your book. It ‘s just too bad it doesn’t come out ’till April of next year. My teenage daughter loves your recipes.
    CC :)

  71. says

    Elana~ I am so excited for your cookbook!!! I am a HUGH FAN of your food. I love your current cookbook and so does my family with my 9 and 5 year old, I can not wait to be able to wipe up some fun cupcakes to bring to school and enjoy with all the kids after school for a healthy snack. And thanks for all your hard work!!!

  72. Aria says

    My name is Aria and I’m not nine, so I’m not nearly as cute as the other Aria who is entered in this contest… but I would love and cherish your cupcake book. Please enter me!

  73. Carrie says

    Elana – I have to meet some very unique needs cooking for my family and one of the things I’ve really enjoyed is your ability to make great tasting food, adding very little sugar. I too love cooking with coconut flour/milk and almond flour/milk! YOU ROCK! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see more in this book!

  74. Linda C. says

    Dear Elana,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website, blog, & the emails! You have been so inspiring & encouraging to me after my recent celiac diagnosis. I really appreciate all your creative & healthy recipes! Regardless if I win a copy of your new cookbook, I wanted you to know what a difference you are making in the lives of people. Thank you so much, and I wish you continued success in the future!

  75. Vicki Goldsberry says

    Why is it that cupcakes are such perfect vegan vehicles? Luscious!

    Thank you for all your contributions to the world of good eating, and congratulations on your book….

    Hope I win it!

  76. Meghan Banks says

    Elana, Congratulations on your new cookbook! Your first cookbook changed my life and allowed me to create delicious gluten free recipes that were also nutritious and full of fiber unlike a lot of gf baking recipes out there. I am an entertainer at heart and am very excited to share these cupcakes with my family, friends, and co-workers! Thank you for your dedication, it is inspiring.

  77. Maureen Gecht-Silver says

    I can’t wait to read the cupcake book!! I already have so many favorite recipes from the almond flour book.

  78. says

    Congratulations. Your coconut flour cupcakes were the fist cupcakes I ever tried/made when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and I adore them. I’m very excited for you and this new cookbook. When we get married (a few years off!!) but we’ll be making gluten free cupcakes instead of cake :)

  79. eileen says

    I have been avoiding grains for a few months(based on Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint book), and feel my energy levels have stabilized tremendously.

    I have observed that when I eat either wheat or sugar, a craving cycle (for one or both) begins almost immediately. So, I stumbled upon your website, and feel I’ve made a friend!!
    I LOVE CUPCAKES!! Hope you have some made without sugar!!!


  80. says

    Dear Elena,

    I’m a big fan of your website since my diagnosis of celiac disease in 2007. In Holand there isn’t so much to do in glutenfree (and healthy and happy) blogging so I started my own blog. Sometimes I use a recipe of yours(I always refer to your site ;) or I let myself inspire by you.
    I want to thank you for so many inspiring recipes and very useful information about food, glutenfree ingredients and substitutions!!

    And last but not least: your site and photos look great, congratulations with the new book

  81. Andrea C says

    congratulations! great work elana. your family must have needed the salad fix after the festival of the cupcake.

  82. Rina says

    I – love – your – blog! Can’t wait to read your book. I’ve gone primal and it’s been fun getting my kids primal with some “alternate” treats…. guilt free!

  83. Andrea says

    Really? April? We have to wait until April? That’s like putting a shiny present under the Christmas tree for a 5 year old…in May! Oh the joys of anticipation. Anyways…it will be worth the wait!!!!

  84. Linda says

    I love that you are using “unique” gluten-free flours for baking! And I love cupcakes – gluten-free are even better than the old traditional! I would LOVE a copy of your book.

  85. Melanie says

    Cupcakes!!! It’s so exciting to know that you have a new cookbook coming out, and one that is just Cupcakes! Thank you.

  86. Britt says

    How exciting! I am loving that you have a cupcake cookbook! I am currently making your banana cake recipe to bring to a potluck, but new cupcake recipes would be lovely…

  87. Vrie says

    My birthday just passed, and I made your pumpkin muffins with your coconut frosting. It was awesome, and I’m currently on a two-muffin-a-day diet. Can’t wait to see the new ones!

  88. Andrea says

    I love cupcakes but haven’t really made very many gluten free ones – I am excited to buy your book and try some recipes out!!

  89. Lisa says

    I’ve been trying out your recipes in the Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook with much success! My husband is enjoying the results as well. I’ve been inspired to eat and cook healthier meals as a result of your website. Thanks for all the information you have passed on.

  90. Jane says

    Congrat’s Elana! That sounds like such a fun project. Can’t wait to get a copy of the new cupcake cookbook next spring!

  91. says

    Wow, Elana, you’ve been up to a lot. It must be so nice to have this great feeling of accomplishment now that’s it’s all done. Now I have to get BOTH of your books!

  92. sharon says

    I love your cookbook and your blog. They are both invaluable resources for those of us with celiac and gluten intolerance. Cant wait to see the new cookbook!

  93. says

    I love the idea of a cupcake cookbook from you Elana! I have found that gluten-free cake recipes work best as cupcakes anyway. They just cook more evenly and seem more “cake-like.” And I love that you also included coconut flour as this is one of my new favorites – combining almond and coconut flour is my new trick. I would love to win one of your cupcake cookbooks as I already enjoy your original. Thanks Elana!

  94. Carol says

    I am soo excited you are coming out with another cookbook. I am always looking for new recipes and to think I will be able to eat cupcakes sounds wonderful.. Thank you for all your hard work.

  95. Rebekah says

    I love that you make desserts that are healthier than the standard “box mix”. I look forward to trying out some of your recipes and serving them to my family.

  96. skybluechic says

    Oh, I’m sooooo excited! I love your first cookbook and I’m so excited to learn more! Thank you for all your hard work! :)

  97. Crystal Dodson says

    I always bring a batch of “safe” cupcakes for my boys when we go to a birthday party. How fun to have a whole cookbook devoted to healthy treats. I would love to win this!

  98. Nan says

    What a friendly and delightful website! Am looking forward to a new way of baking with almond flour. Sounds like this may eleviate the grainy texture you get in baking with other kinds of flours. Will love tasting a smooth texture again. Thank you!

  99. Jodi says

    I’ve made the chocolate cupcakes. They are soooo good and virtually guilt free. I didn’t even ice them and they disappeared at an astonishing rate.

  100. Alejandra says

    First of all, I can’t believe I won The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook! I’m very excited and can’t wait to get it! I received the email and saw the cover of this book, and couldn’t believe it!! I’m sure it’ll be just as great as your first cookbook… Congratulations, Elana!

  101. Rin says

    I have adored your first cookbook and still refer to it often. What a happy day to learn your next one will be coming out! Can’t wait to get a copy. Thanks so much for all of you hard work and creativity.

  102. Linda says

    I pretty much gave up on baking when I discovered I’m not only diabetic, but wheat sensitive too. I still get a hankering for a sweet treat now and then, so cupcake recipes would be ideal – easy to freeze most of them so I don’t go on a binge and eat too many.

  103. alisa joy says

    as a gluten-free/dairy-free kinda gal, i sometimes feel like i’m missing out on the whole cupcake trend. however, this book promises to offer one big “bring it on!” to all my cupcake cravings. yes!

  104. Miriam says

    I go through dessert binges all the time when I HAVE to perfect something. Afterwards I always feel as though I’ll never eat anything sweet again but that never ends up lasting long!

  105. Lynette says

    I have just starting using your 1st cookbook and I love it!! Hope to be the lucky one to win the cupcake book! Thanks for your great website.

  106. Seattle Mum Carol says

    Thank you for serving as the ultimate GF test kitchen! You have given me new hope that, as a foodie with multiple food allergies and now a mom, taste and creativity no longer have to be sacrificed!
    Looking forward to the new cupcake book.
    BTW…. would LOVE to see an iPhone/iPad app of all of your recipes…..

  107. Fran Danner says

    Love your recipes. I’m not gluten-free but my husband is and he is so grateful I have found your web-site since I cook 90% of what he eats.


  108. Barbara says

    Congratulations on your new cookbook. Sweets are my downfall and it’s great to know that I can have fabulous desserts while staying gluten and sugar free. Thanks again.

  109. Kristin Walukas says

    Congrats on another cookbook Elana! I’m sure it will be as successful as the first. I can’t wait to try your latest creations.
    All the best,

  110. says

    Hi Elana,
    Fate led me to your website. After two years of gluten/dairy free, I was down ten pounds and a wisp of my former self. Rice flour and other gluten-free flour substitutes just don’t do it for me. Almond and coconut flours, on the other hand, are magical. I’ve made your white and chocolate cupcakes with that killer chocolate frosting several times. And your coconut flour carrot muffins have become a staple in our house. My husband teaches a late class one night a week and he eats one of those muffins to make it through to a late dinner.
    Thanks for your site and your insights on healthful eating.

  111. Aimee says

    Love Love Love your first cookbook. Can’t wait for this one. Just made your banana cake the other day. SOOOO yummy! Thanks for the recipes.

  112. Laurel Gangola says

    Oh boy – I can’t wait! I love your previous book and your website. Your recipes are fabulous! Thanks for all your hard work, Elana.

  113. Mary Kay says

    I love cupcakes. I’m the official cupcake maker for the birthdays at work. I would love to have even more recipes so I can bring cupcakes that I can eat and everyone else will love also. Keep up the great work.

  114. Lisa says

    Hi Elana!
    Love your site! and your book! I think i’ve made almost everything from your other book! I love the chicken parm and the bean burgers!
    All the best in success with your new book!
    hope I win!


  115. Virginia says

    If I were to win this cookbook, I would give it to my dear friend that has Celiac – she was dx last year. I have made her cupcakes for her birthday – gluten free with ganache topping! yum! Would love to have more recipes and have her teach her kids how to make lovely things for her to eat.

  116. jenny says

    wow elana! so yummy! i would love to win a copy! cupcakes are my favorite and
    i’ve never gotten my frosting right. take care, jenny

  117. Marikay says

    So excited about this book. I am struggling with entertaining. We eat a raw food, natural food diet. But…that has not always been our way. We/I have always been know for great cooking/baking, but now, it is so hard to entertain. I never have real sugar or shortening in the house, and kids and men are so hard to find desserts for. make a long story short, I really can’t wait for this book. Just the cover looks good. Best wishes to you and your new cookbook. With anticipation…will wait for the release!

  118. Abby says

    I am so excited about your new book! My entire family uses the Almond Flour cookbook – including my brother and his wife in China – its been a real lifesaver for all us Gluten Free fanatics!

  119. Robin in Washington says

    Hi Elana. I love your website and your simplification of recipes. I have very little time for sweet baking, but your recipes make it do-able. Thank you!

  120. Jan Bostic says

    SOOO excited about this cookbook. I have yet to try a recipe that has not been delicious – always looking for dinner recipes that are “paleo” or “primal” but need to have some dessert too and I love cupcakes. I would like to vote for a video on how you do your creamy coconut frosting. I think I have yet to get it right. But thank you so much for the amazing recipes you share!

  121. Angel says

    Please send me the book. I love your recipes and have been making the grain free granola for over a year.


  122. Anastasia says

    Your cupcake cookbook is such a wonderful idea. I’ve recently had to cut out all grains due to celiac and have been looking for a way to recreate my favorite treats. I so look forward to your cookbook.

  123. Heather says

    Oh, can’t wait for the new book!! I’m sure it’s fabulous- would love to win a copy! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  124. Sarah says

    I would love to have your cupcake cook book! My husband loves cupcakes and i love to enjoy them with him now that i have the your resources to make them yummy and good for both of us!

    Thank You!

  125. Pat Ramirez says

    Congradulations, Elana!!!! LOVE all your recipes and appreciate all the time you spend creating a better world for all of us!!! Your recipes have brought me much joy and inspiration!! Thank YOU!!!! Pat Ramirez

  126. says

    Even though 300 people have already left a comment I think I MUST say something about this new cookbook:


    Can’t wait to get this book.

  127. Elisa says

    I can’t believe how simple your recipes are — I just found you two days ago! I’m looking forward to looking through this cupcake cookbook so I can bake more sweets (my FAV)!

  128. says

    Just taking the first steps in changing how our family eats.. loving how freeing it is.. and looking foward to learning more and more… this book looks wonderful.. I am struggling on baking.. I love to bake but unsure of how to make it healthy!!

  129. Jen says

    I’m new to Your website and absolutely love everything about it!! ….and we’re huge cupcakes fans in this house, so I can’t wait for your new cookbook. I’ll be going to the book store to find “The Gluten Free Almond flour” cookbook today. Thanks for all the great recipes!!

  130. Kristin Cusamano says

    WOW!!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on your new cookbook! I need a new one for my counter. I have used your 1st cookbook so much it is looking a little tattered! Thank you and keep up the good work. :O) Kristin

  131. Elizabeth Richardson says

    Congratuations on the new book – Thanks to you – and your family for dutifully tasting eveything en route to the book’s completion. Cup cakes are definitely the ‘in’ thing – 3 shops have opened up in Tucson but only one offers a gluten free cup cake!!

    Much success with the book – sounds as if you can now relax a little!

    Sincerely, Elizabeth

  132. Karen Varinecz says

    Congratulations on the new book! It’s wonderful that someone is researching what we can make from these great flours. Look forward to a book on savory foods in the future.

    Thank you for your efforts,


  133. CassidyS says

    My son is in the autism spectrum so we follow the gluten free casein free diet. I love your recipes and check out your website every week before I get groceries to make my shopping list. —Can’t wait for your cupcake book to come out!

  134. Jennifer says

    I’m SO excited to have discovered your site. I adopted a completely grain-free diet around this time last year and have really missed cooking. Your site is literally bursting with ideas to keep me in the kitchen for days and months to come. Thanks for all you do!

  135. Lorna Coing says

    Bonjour from France, Elana!

    I just discovered your blog today, and think I am about to become a big fan. It’s very well laid-out, with easy-to-find recipes and clear instructions. I have a feeling I will be borrowing a lot of your ideas in my own kitchen – I just wish Amazon in France had a section selling food… but I’ll figure out another way to get my hands on the right ingredients.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  136. Magdalis (Lys) Lopez says

    Love all your recipes and cupckaes. I admire your passion for health and food. Would love to have a copy of your new book.

    All the best,

  137. Rhonda says

    Elana, Love your recipes! Love your cookbook! Can’t wait until the Cupcake book comes out! Where do you purchase your coconut flour?

  138. Tammy Hollifield says

    Thank you Elana for creating a cupcake cookbook. I have been baking your recipes for almost a year now and I get constant requests from my family and friend for copies of your recipes. I refer them to your website and tell them about you Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. If someone doesn’t have access to the internet or a Barnes and Noble, I will print out the recipe for them. Now, between your first cookbook and the new cupcake cookbook I will have most dessert and bread recipes covered. I plan on giving your cookbooks as gifts, also. I can’t wait until you publish an entree, side dish and condiment cookbook. Me, my family and my friends,gluten intolerant or not,really love all your recipes. Thank you again for your dedication to creating delicious yet healthy recipes that celiacs and gluten-intolerant people can enjoy!

  139. monique king says

    always searching for yummy treats for my daughter and who doesn’t love a good cupcake!!

    So happy that you wrote this book – THANK YOU!!

  140. Patti says

    I have made some of your cupcakes from your month of cupcakes!! No one knows they are GF! I would LOVE a copy of your book, my bookclub loves my treats!!!

  141. says

    Hi Elana,
    I am from London, England and have been on your mailing list for some time. I think you’re doing fabulous work – so many of my friends and family enjoy my offerings of your recipes, a good deal of whom have no idea they are gluten and dairy free. Big thanks!

    I am a celiac with dairy intolerance. A writer and communications specialist by profession, I am involved in a good deal of awareness-raising and education in nutrition, in particular for auto-immune disease.

    I’m hugely looking forward to the publication of your new book – more than just delicious and nutritious recipes – but also an education and revelation for those who experience them I’m sure.

    Thanks again,


  142. kathryn says

    Just love trying your recipes. My whole family eats grain free and your website is a lifeline for us. Thank you!

  143. Karen says

    Who doesn’t love a cupcake? I love that you create recipes for food that I can feel good about giving to my children. Thanks – and all the best with your new book!

  144. Stephanie says

    This sounds like a great cookbook :) And being a cake decorator who offers gluten free cakes and cupcakes, this would be a perfect addition to my collection (and for me too – I am gf!) :)

  145. Teri says

    Hi Elena, thank you for writing another fabulous book for all of us concerned about what we eat, but also want things to taste “normal”. You’re truly a pioneer for us. Your website and cookbook has given me so much inspiration, and I’m excited that there is more to come! Congratulations!

  146. Sam says

    Always looked forward to your recipes.. Now will begin to look forward to your books, I can almost smell the Salad book coming after the cup-cakes..!!

  147. Marinka says

    Congrats! Your second cookbook! I’m confident it’ll be another huge success, just like your first book. Whenever I feel like baking that’s the first book I take out of my bookcase, it never gets boring, and what’s even better; I never have to substitute any ingredients because it totally fits into my -rather strict- diet. Which is a rare case over here in the Netherlands.. When it comes to diets, there’s little available.
    Anyway, can’t wait to try your new and fabulous cupcake recipes!

  148. Mary says

    325 Comments! So I see my chances are slim, but I gotta try! What fun to have lots of recipes for cupcakes! I’d love to win.

  149. Sara says

    Having been trying to learn to make gluten free a way of life I have come across amaranth flour. Would this be a good substitute to coconut flour? I use coconut oil instead of butter and would not want to over do the coconut.

  150. DeeAnna says

    Okay, so I’ve been wanting a book like this for soooo long! I love cupcakes and most gf ones I’ve had are sugar bombs and not too tasty. Yahoo!! I can’t wait!

  151. Paulette says

    I’m excited about your new cupcake book and praying I’ll get a copy. I don’t know who is more blessed, you, your family or us? Your family gets to enjoy all the fruits of your labor and you are blessed by sharing your great recipes with your family as well as all of us. It’s a win, win situation. Thanks for having a great site. I love it.

  152. Danielle Fiddy says

    wow exciting!!! I am learing about the health benefits of coconut flour and am looking for new stuff to try!!! Im so excited to find a cupcake cookbook!!!! I love cup cakes!

  153. says

    Can’t imagine eating cupcakes again. I haven’t been gf that long, but desserts & snacks have been a challenge. Can’t wait to read this book & try some recipes.

  154. Suzette says

    Finally, recipes that not only help you feel better, but leave a smile on your face as well as your spirit. Thanks for working so hard to making food that is happy on your gut, happy on your heart, happy on your taste buds and happy for your health and the health of your family. I can not wait to try a little cake o’ bliss!

  155. Lisa P. in WA says

    I love it…”Since I finished the book I’ve been making a lot of salads.”….I bet your neighbors loved it more than finding zucchini on their doorstep :)

  156. says

    I cant wait to try some of your recepies. I have several clients that are gluten sensative as well as my sister. I share good recipes with them when I can. I really hope to win a copy of this, I just wish it would come out before xmas. Thanks.

  157. AmyGrace says

    Congratulations on the sucessful completion of this new project! I look forward to playing my way though many of the recipies (already on my Amazon wish list). I have so enjoyed the Almond flour book and am sure this one will be as much of a blessing as well. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your work. Not only with the books, but also with this site. It has been a benefit for me in so many ways.

  158. Fariba Kerendi says

    YAY!! Another cookbook from the Amazing Elana! I made the “spunky chicken meatballs tonight”…they were delicious! My kids loved them!

  159. Jami says

    Hi Elana,
    I would be honored to win a copy of your new cook book! Your recipes have changed our gluten free and sugar free life. My daughter, who is almost 12, has never had refined sugar and your delicious ideas have helped me so much to not go stagnant in the baking arena! I cannot wait to check out your new book!
    Thanks so much,

  160. NanaMolly says

    I can’t wait to have a look inside. I have just begun a gluten-free life and I need new recipes for goodies to eat with my grandchildren!

  161. Cheryl Bloom says

    I am just getting started on a gluten free way of life due to having MS. I am learning something new every day. I am loving the cookbooks and the recipes. Thank you!

  162. Cynthia Tam says

    I can hardly wait. I wasn’t much a cake person before going gluten free but since my daughter and I’ve had to go gluten free we’ve both gotten more into cupcakes. We’ll be looking forward to this. Just in time for hubby’s birthday, sadly too late for my daughters this year.

  163. says

    I’d love to win a copy. I need to eat GF and I’m suspecting at least one of my kids should be GF as well. Desserts are so hard to figure out. The texture is often so gritty and/or the taste is, well, yuck! Looking forward to reading your new cookbook, even if I don’t win! :)

  164. says

    Oh my goodness Elana! My little brother’s nickname is cupcake and they are my favorite dessert! I would love to enjoy a copy of your new book! Congrats! ;)

  165. says

    Wow, congrats on the new book Elana. I had a feeling you were writing another and was curious what the subject was. This will be a fantastic resource! Healthy gluten-free cupcakes…..yipppeeeee! ;-)

  166. Niki says

    Ohh, cupcakes, cupcakes!!! You speak my language. I just wish you could figure out a way to make calorie free cupcakes that still taste delicious!!!! At least you’ve got the gluten out, I guess I will have to settle for that for now! Thanks so much!

  167. Kathy Foulk says

    My two grandsons will love helping bake GF cupcakes. They miss baking with grandma. Excited to have a copy. Thank you!!

  168. Amanda says

    I’m excited to try some of them. I think everyone needs cupcakes in their lives.

    Last night I made the Green Chili Turkey Burgers, and it was one of the few healthy meals that I didn’t have to force my children to eat. Thank you! Thank you!

  169. says

    I love cupcakes and never have experienced with making them gluten free. This be a good way to learn gluten free baking with this cookbook!

  170. Karen H. says

    Congratulations on the new book! I have got to get one (I hope to win one!). I have been working my way through your blog and your almond flour cookbook and loving very minute of it. The cupcake cookbook would be a perfect addition to my cooking repertoire and using it would provide another great temptation for getting the ‘kids to come home to visit more often’. ;-)

  171. says

    I am am a creative college student baker where I love to experiment. I could always use a good cookbook to start from because being gluten free is one thing, but I really have to be creative because I am dairy and sugar free as well!

  172. Kathleen Pedersen says

    I can’t wait to see the cupcake book! There are MANY folks who would just LOVE to try out your recipes, if I bake them! Cupcakes are really popular in the Washington, D.C. area – last year the Washington Post held a contest to find the best cupcake in the area. Who knew there were so many cupcake bakeries?

  173. Jenna says

    Oh wow, oh wow! Elana, you’re my hero! :) I was sitting on the edge of my seat during cupcake month and now I will be again until April when this book comes out! I have already tried (and loved) several of your cupcake recipes and am so super excited for a book of 50! Thank you for sharing the fruit of all your hard work with us!


  174. Martha F says


    I have been reading your blog for a while. Thank you!!

    I am wondering where I could get coconut flour now that I am living in Colombia. :-? Funny, huh? This is a country with plenty of coconut palms in the Caribbean coast.

    Anyway, looking forward to your book!


  175. Nicole says

    With four- year-old gluten free twins, I’ll be making a lot of cupcakes for the next few years. Your book will be a great help!

  176. Sherri says


    I FINALLY got a copy of your GF Almond Flour Cookbook from the library last week. I waited for almost three months to get my hands on it, and it was so worth the wait. I tried your chocolate chip scones and your fig newtons and they were awesome! My husband raves about them. He requested that I fix the scones again this week. :)

    I would absolutely love to get a copy of your GF Cupcake Cookbook and I hope I’m the lucky recipient! xo

  177. Christa says

    So excited for this book! I just made your chocolate layer cake, with vegan dark chocolate ganache in the middle & marshmallow frosting on the outside, toasted with a blow torch…. awesome!

  178. Rebecca Crim says

    We have struggled to make healthy good tasting food since was daughter was diagnosed with celiac last September. Your blog and recipes have been an inspiration that she can have everything she used to enjoy in her gluten days and it’s “almost” healthy! Thank you for your commitment to making it easier to be gluten free!

  179. Natalie says

    I’m pregnant. And sometimes I wake up thinking about cupcakes. Seriously! It’s a major craving… Soooooo excited about your book! LOVE your website :)

  180. Kristin says

    I had to hide my last few Spicy Power Bars this weekend on our camping trip because they were more popular than so much of the junk that our large group brought for “snacks”! Thankfully they are so easy to make I restocked as soon as we got home.

  181. Christine Fischer-Rothman says

    This is so exciting news. LAst week I made three times the Zuchini bread from your cookbook as muffins, the kids eat it as breakfast, asd snack in school or as dessert. I am looking forward to more yummy and healthy cupcake recpies.

  182. says

    I would love to win the cupcake cookbook. I love & recommend the gluten-free almond flour cookbook & website to all my guests.

  183. Susan Curry says

    I think I’ve made every cupcake in your first book! I’m so looking forward to your new yummy selections.

  184. Stacey says

    My favorite cupcake recipe of yours that I’ve tried is the jelly donut cupcake. I could have eaten the entire batch in a day if I didn’t control myself :D

  185. Janet says

    I have a vegan friend who’s been unimpressed with the gluten free cupcakes she’s tried so far. This book might change her mind….

  186. Karen says

    Our household is following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and by replacing the agave with honey we are able to use almost all of your recipes! We love your first cookbook and I can’t wait for the cupcakes! You have been a Godsend to us! YUM!!!

  187. Cecilia says

    Elana Congrats in yor new book,I got you book when you came to California last summer and enjoy every single recipe.Hopefully I can get this one too!!.

  188. Jackie says

    WOW! I just recently bought your Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook which has changed the way our family eats. Now I am super excited about your Gluten Free Cupcakes…..I also have four gluten free kids (all under seven) who will be even more excited. I just cannot wait until April for it! Thanks so much for being a grain free baking genius and for your website.

  189. Noel says

    Yay! Can’t wait for this new book! Your Almond Flour cookbook is my most used cookbook ever. And your blog is my most frequented. I love that you minimize grains as well as just those with gluten. Thanks so much for sharing the fruits of your labor!

    : )

  190. Lois says

    wow – a new cookbook – that’s great Elana. It would be great if I win it – my birthday is 2 days before it’s published – would be a great birthday present!!!!

  191. Tiffany says

    I am so excited about your new cookbook! I hope I win a copy, but I am sure if I don’t I will be buying it next spring :)

  192. Daryl ;o) says


    I am so excited to hear that you compiled a new cookbook with all of the delicious cupcake recipes that you have been creating! I loved receiving the recipes in my email when you had “cupcake month”! Your photographs really make them look yummy! Thank you!!

  193. Marie says

    Awesome- another cookbook from Elana! I’ve devoured your Almond Flour cookbook (you should see the corners of the pages), followed your blog for about 3 years now, & have learned to eat GF rather well. I recommend your blog to so many people. I WILL be getting this new cupcake cookbook, whether I win it this week or pre-order it next week. Kudos!

  194. says

    I’ve been anxious to find a good gluten free cake recipe worth trying. Sounds like you’ve put a lot of effort into creating tastiness here… hope you pick me!

  195. Beth Crean says

    I am a huge fan of your site. I’ve had phenomenal results from many of the posted recipes and enjoyed the most delightful birthday cake, compliments of my daughter’s efforts and your delicious carrot cake recipe. I’m allergic to wheat and have to follow a low-carb diet. To do that and have some occasional treats seemed impossible until I discovered almond flour, coconut flour and your special magic. Thanks for a wonderful blog and amazing recipes. I’m ordering The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook now from Amazon. It will have to hold me over until your cupcake book is released!!

    Many thanks,

  196. Helen says

    Love your recipes but never win anything. I would love to try some cupcake recipes with less sugar and casein free as well. Can’t wait to get it if I win it.

  197. martha paredes says

    I’m so glad you have come up with all these recipes! My friend introduced me to your website since we just found out that our grandaughter needs gluten free food.

    Thanks Again!

    Muchas Gracias… what about Mexican Gluten free food? Any good ideas?

  198. says

    Elena, I fell on your blog last week, and have been trying out so many of your recipes ever since. Although I am not allergic to gluten, I have always liked making desserts that are healthier and are filled with nutritional content. I have found these recipes in your blog, as well as many others that I can’t wait to try (your soups, and appetizers! yum). really, congratulations on a wonderful job. I hope that one day I can be in the states and take some of your workshops.

  199. Cindy says

    Congratulations!!! I love your website and the ease of your first cookbook. I have passed on your blog to many friends and everyone (gluten-free or not) loves your recipes. You also make cooking for my Jewish holidays so much easier so thank you!!

    I hope my kids are creative chefs with me when they get a little older. What better way to teach them how to experiment and enjoy food. I’m sure it wasn’t easy with a busy summer but congrats on your accomplishment.

    Cindy (Minneapolis)

  200. Jill Damron says

    I can’t believe how amazing the previous cookbook is! I use it often, and frequently go to the Elana’s website for my dairy-free and gluten-free diet (the vegan chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite!). Thanks for making another awesome cookbook and I can’t wait to try all the recipes! :)

  201. Monique says

    I thought there might be a cookbook involved! I loved those, though…and I’m looking forward to the book free or full price :)


  202. says

    I am so excited about your new cookbook. My husband is a chef and I am a holistic health coach who also teaches cooking classes. I specialize in gluten free lifestyles so I own a LOT of cookbooks. Usually when people see my gluten free ones, they say “yuck – I could never eat this way.” Your cookbook, however, is so visually appealing that people usually want to crack the cover. Once inside EVERYONE is sold. I drove for an hour one day with my 10 year old son reading every recipe to me – he was so excited. You are a gem. I cannot wait for a copy of this book! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

  203. Wanda Parsons says

    Hi Elana,
    I am Type 1 Diabetic (46 yrs) & Celiac (1 year) and your recipes with almond flour are a God Send – low carb and healthy I can enjoy some goodies without the guilt & high blood sugars. Your cup cakes recipes & book will be absolutely Outstanding!

    Best Reagards

    Wanda Parsons

  204. Corinne says

    I love The Almond Flour Cookbook and no doubt I would love this one too. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  205. RaxAnn Adams says

    I was so happy to hear about your cupcakes cookbook. I was a cake decorator and instructor for many years, long before we became aware of the gluten/dairy problem we have. My daughter is going to be getting married in about 1 1/2 years and I of course am required to make the wedding cake. I’m a little concerned about finding a recipe that will satisfy everyone. Hopefully you will have something in your book that will do the trick. Thanks for all of the help I’ve gotten out of your site in the last year it has certainly been a challenge.

  206. Briita says

    I can’t count how many times we have made your banana cream pie muffins, and I can’t wait to get a copy of this new cookbook.

  207. LoriC says

    Can’t wait till it comes out! My 12 year old daughter just passed by and saw me on your website. She said, “Is that Elana’s Pantry? Everything there is great!”

  208. Theresa Watson says

    A whole book of gluten free cupcakes – what a joy – I can’t wait until it comes out.

    Thanks Elana – you are the best!!

  209. Paige says

    Love the cover of the book and can’t wait to see the recipes! Your website is wonderful and my daughters will love some more gluten free cupcake ideas! THANKS!


  210. jen says

    wow, congratulations on your second cookbook, elana! that’s great. i am a HUGE cupcake fan…..i will get my hands on this book one way or another!

    again, my sincerest kudos to your success with these amazing recipes! xo

  211. Miareeva says

    woohoo cupcakes!!!

    I just made your jelly donut cupcakes for a friend and her daughter who with Celiac who eat NO grains at all. They were a big hit.

  212. Rachel says

    This is so exciting!! If I don’t win then I am definitely going to go order this on Amazon right away! I have your other cookbook and it is absolutely my favorite…can’t wait to try the cupcakes!

  213. Marsha says

    Love your Almond flour cook book…my kids love that they can eat matzo ball soup again. Looking forward to the new book. Hope I win.

  214. Heather says

    I wish I could do as much cooking as you do! 50 cupcake recipes–that’s an unbelievable variety of cupcakes.

  215. D. Linehan says

    Hope I can win this book for my sister, who can’t use wheat flour any longer. She does have a sweet tooth and it would give her much joy to receive your book.

  216. Susan Williams says

    Elana, the cookbook sounds amazing – there’s not of interesting (i.e. delicious) gluten-free cookbooks in Australia … my daughter is 8, a fussy eater AND has a gluten intolerance which has made mealtimes a bit stressful in the past. But teaching her to cook was the turning point and cupcakes were the first thing I taught her to make! She LOVES being able to make something special to share with friends that she can also eat with no yucky side-effects! So thanks for the recipes – I love following you on FB!

  217. Mary says

    Would love to win a copy of this cookbook! I have a granddaughter who is allergic to gluten, dairy, and eggs, and she can eat some of the things in your Almond Flour cookbook. Cupcakes would be PERFECT!

  218. Sharon says

    Wow! You made a lot of cupcakes for this book! They look so yummy, I can’t wait to try out these recipes, keep up the good work with gluten-free goodies that everyone can enjoy.

  219. Eileen says

    I love the alternative of using almond flour (haven’t used coconut yet). Filling, healthy, gluten-free. Can’t wait to try these recipes.

  220. Téo says

    Dear Elana,

    Am looking forward to this cookbook! I was never a fan of cupcakes, actually, thought of them as unsubstantial cake/unsatisfying muffins…until your month o’ cupcakes changed my mind. I’ve no doubt you’ll give this the lovely Elana Amsterdam touch and truly drive the point home.

    Congrats and all the best!


  221. Tamara says

    Love your blog! I’ve made many of your recipes for my gluten-free family members, and they are always delicious. It’s great to be able to make one meal, one dessert, that everyone can enjoy together. Thank you!!!!

  222. Cleo Shenkin says

    Elana, I’ve loved all of your recipes that I’ve tried, and I wanted to thank you for your blog. It really gave me hope that not only can I still eat things such as chocolate chip cookies while eating gluten free, but it can be healthier for me to boot.

    Sincerely grateful,


  223. says

    Can’t wait for this cookbook! We enjoy cupcakes at our high school reunion committee meetings; would love to have new (and healthier) cupcake ideas to bake and share with my wonderful classmates!

  224. Laila says

    I love your first cookbook….just made the skillet apple pie and it was fantastic (I’m actually just now having a slice)! Congrats about your second cookbook; can’t wait to see what’s in it!

  225. Meg L says

    Love your first cookbook and can’t wait to start baking with your next one. Love finding yummy gf baked goodies that don’t hurt my tummy. Thank you so much!

  226. Linda Wachter says


    Congratulations on completing your new cookbook! I am so excited to get my hands on a copyh of Gluten-Free Cupcakes: 50 Irresistible Recipes Made with Almond and Coconut Flour. Your recipes have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for helping me rediscover my health while satisfying my desire for treats.

    Forever grateful,
    Linda Wachter

  227. Jeannine Snyder says

    We ALL, gluten intolerant and not, LOVE your cupcake recipes. I think my personal favorite is the banana cream pie:) Can’t wait for the new book to hit the shelves.

  228. Linda Wray says

    Loved your original book – and haven’t had a cupcake in forever-but sure am willing to test a few recipes !!!

  229. Kiersti says

    Ah….now your “cupcake month” makes more sense ;). LOVE IT! I will order it up and this cookbook will also quickly become as filthy as your other cookbook in my kitchen! Full of chocolate finger prints and droplets of agave syrup.

    Your cookbook (and website) have really changed the way I cook – thank you for that!

  230. rachel reilly says

    Love your website. Had my first deep diish pizza in chicago this weekend. Killed my tummy. Will make my own now!

  231. Glorie Josephs says

    Hello from Happy Valley- State College, PA
    Yay for cupcakes! Beautiful cover Elana! Can’t wait to try all the delicious-ness!

    Glorie and Griffen

  232. says

    Oh how spectacular! Congratulations! I can’t wait to take a peek at your new book. I love, love, love the almond flour and coconut flour baking combination!

  233. Dayle says

    Elana, I am thrilled about your new book as I have enjoyed your Month O’ Cupcakes and I plan on using one of the recipes this weekend for my daughter’s birthday party. I must say that I have a pinch of jealously and wish I were one of your neighbors sampling your delicious test batches! Thank you for all your work in supporting those of us with Celiac with nutritious food recipes!

  234. jennifer wood says

    I love your recipes and your blog – I so admire your energy and creativity. Thanks for being you! (and for your creamy onion salad dressing which I crave and make on a regular basis)

  235. Jennifer R. says

    I would LOVE to win your new book!! With 3 kids, all gluten free, it would be nice to have these recipes handy for when they get invited to birthday parties or just to have for home. Thanks, Elana!!

  236. Joanne says

    Fifty cupcake recipes! These will make me the most favorite grandma in the world at least with my gluten free grandchildren

  237. Leslie Hogan says

    Elana –

    I truly think your site is one of the best Gluten Free one’s out there.
    Everything you post is amazing …and the way you write it up just so friendly and personal – and “motherly”….

    I went to college in Boulder at CU and SOMEDAY when I get back there for a reunion (I now live in Seattle) I really hope I can meet you…

    Thanks for ALL your Hard and Yummmy work !!

    Many smiles of appreciation : )

  238. Libby says

    Hi Elana,

    I’d love to win a copy of your new cookbook. The muffins look so yummy and I’m sure my boys would devour them effortlessly. Thanks for your inspirational blog, I love it :)

  239. Betty Pirkle says

    I love your recipes and would love to win your cupcake recipe book. I have dermatitis hepetiformis and break out when I eat gluten. Your have a lucky family that gets to try out your recipes :)

  240. Gail says

    Way to go Elana! It truly has been a privilege to find your website with all these wonderful almond flour recipes. I don’t feel one bit guilty when I eat anything I make from the sweet recipes because everything about it is so healthy. High in protein, low carbs, and great tasting! And now to be able to select from 50 varieties of irresistable cupcakes with almond and coconut flour–what an achievement! Give yourself a hand girl, and thank you for your unconditional quest to help us cook the very best, in gluten-free style.

    I would love to have a copy of your gluten-free cupcakes cookbook.

  241. Kim says

    Love your first book. Would dig a free copy of your new book. Can’t wait to hear about some of the flavors. Hopefully there are some new frosting choices too. Made your chocolate cupcakes yesterday and topped them with a chocolate frosting made from drained cashews from making milk, butter, cocoa and agave. Was not so bad as a not too awfully sweet frosting. Kids ate it up so it definitely had potential…to the person whonasked about weird flours, I’m guessing no, cause that is the reason I love elenas recipes so much. They are real food, real simple :)

  242. Heartsong says

    I’m hoping some of the recipes are dairy and egg free too! I’m just flipping through your other cookbook today.

  243. Helen says

    Thank you! You are a “new” find for me and such a dream come true…I am sensitive to gluten. Unfortunately I have friends and family who are intolerant. It has taken the fun out of baking for them, but now I am in heaven and excited about all the possibilities…Cupcakes are our favorite!! Thank you for your cupcake book and all the other wonderful and yummy recipes you so generously share with us all! I want to live by you so I can be a taste tester!! :~)

  244. Kari Morgan says

    Are you kidding me? GF cupcakes? Have I died and gone to heaven? I LOVE CUPCAKES and am so excited about this new cookbook. One complaint- next spring…really? I am not sure that I can wait that long.

  245. Lynn says

    Since we have confirmed my husbands gluten and soy intolerance your web site has been a God send! Thank you for the wonderful contribution you are making to those of us with dietary restrictions. God’s speed and our greatest appreciation. PS…and my husband thinks you are a hottie!

  246. Kalyn says

    Elana, you bring a breath of fresh air and hope for health with your awesome recipes. Your dedication is awe-inspiring. I mean, just read the ingredient list on the baked products and mixes out there for gluten free foods and one wonders what people are thinking. You’ve proven that being gluten free can be easy AND healthy with no need to deprive ourselves of the sweeter things in life. From the bottom of my heart and the pit of my stomach – Thank You! xo

  247. Celina says

    Hi Elana!

    Mmmm . . . for me baking is the ultimate stress reliever. Ever since my sister was diagnosed with multiple digestive issues and gluten sensitivities, I’ve been omitting gluten from both of our diets. Its a way I can show my support for her, and I always try to make recipes that will make both our tummies happy.

    There are always times when I crave cupcakes but never make them because I don’t want to hurt her. Now, I can bake all I want. Yay!


  248. delirium says

    Count me in! If I don’t win a copy, I’ll be buying it! After years of no pizza and no cupcakes, I’ve gone utterly mad for both!

    And I’ll have to have a “shoot out” between your cookbook and the only other one I have found that was truly decadent: Babycakes, from Babycakes NYC.

    Thank you for prevailing over the trials and tribulations of dessert overload to bring us this cookbook!

  249. Toni says

    my son would love me to win this book ( :
    Not sure if you will send to Australia though!!
    we love your recipes, thank you!!

  250. Holly Ellerton says

    I love your recipes and I am looking forward to trying these new cupcakes out. I have a lot of birthdays coming up so this will be perfect!

    I wish I was one of your neighbors!

  251. Nipa says

    When we found out my son had Celiac disease, I started making testing recipes for him … and soon realized that we all liked his goodies better than our wheat versions!
    I bake almost daily and love to try out your recipes so I have 25lbs of almond flour in my freezer waiting to be made into cupcakes!

  252. grandmajan says

    My granddaughters would be so happy if I won the cookbook! I do their gluten free baking, and they love your recipies!

  253. Madeline Gonzalez says

    Yay! I’ve been baking some muffins w/coconut flour lately w/banana & this is perfect timing. I hope to get this book w/so many of your creative ideas.

  254. says

    I’m so excited about your upcoming book! Your first book along with your blog has been very helpful for my child to feel that he gets to have treats just like everyone else even with a restricted diet.

  255. Robin says

    Love your first cookbook and anxiously await your cupcake cookbook. I would love to win the copy of the book. Your recipes are fantastic and my daughter no longer feels left out, especially when it comes to desserts. The best thing is whatever my daughter and I make, nobody knows the food is gluten-free until they see my daughter eating. You have really made a difference.

  256. Susan says

    OMG! I typically eat GF cupcakes, just so I have something to pile the icing on. But I’m sure that I could enjoy the cupcake AS WELL AS the icing, if I had this wonderful book!

  257. says

    I was traveling in Massachusetts a few weeks ago and all my friends were eating all kinds of desserts daily. Toward the end of the week we were in a town called Falmouth and found an organic bakery that had some gluten free cupcakes. You would think I hit the lottery! I was so excited. Thanks for all the great recipes you do. I love almond flour. It makes the gluten free baked goods so much better!

  258. KellyBelly says

    Looks like another must have cookbook! Congrates
    Just started this past month using almond flour and your recipes, love it, so much easier then other GF recipes.

  259. Julie says

    Wow! Can’t wait to get a hold of that little beauty! My sister and I, both celiacs, will have a hay day with it! Thanks!

  260. Cathy E. says

    I love your blog and your recipes!! So need this cookbook as I have 4 1/2 year old twins! They attend lots of parties which serve lots of cupcakes. We always bring our own. I am always looking for new recipes to provide lots of variety!

  261. Carrie says

    Children are studying poetry styles, currently haiku:

    Gluten gut enemies
    Lucky find Elana’s book
    Baking joy is back

    Special thanks from a 6 year old celiac, who knows now that he can ask for things he loves, not IF they are safe.

    (Also, wanted to add that I have been throwing a few handfuls of chopped Trader Joe’s nutty trail mixes into the Double Almond cookies made with coconut oil–and have found them to be some of the best cookies/protein bars going!!)

  262. Shari Ciancio says

    Your awesome recipes are also very usable for those that follow a low-carb life-style. Thank you for sharing them on your website! One of our favorites is the (not) matzoh balls. We call them notzoh-matzoh balls or just notzoh balls. Mazel tov on your new book and continued success!

  263. Aria says

    My name is Aria and I’m nine. My favorite recipe is pumpkin pie muffins. They are good! I would love your new cookbook. Please enter me in the contest.


  264. Sarah says

    Ohhh, pick me! I can’t wait to bake some honest to goodness cupcakes that fit the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I love muffins, but April 26th is just in time for my Celiac son’s 3rd birthday and a cupcake would be such a treat for him.

  265. Karen says

    I wondered what was behind all the cupcakes that month! Will be interesting to see the book finished. Congrats! Must feel good to have it wrapped up.

  266. Pat says

    I’m looking forward to the cupcake book! You have the most moist, dependable recipes and I expect the recipes in this book to hold up to your usual standard of excellence!

  267. Amy M. says

    Elana —

    I cannot wait to get my hand’s on this book. We are a household that loves an occasional cupcake and I have been wanting to cook more with coconut flour. :-)

  268. Jana Hayward says

    Thanks for the many great recipes, and inspiration.

    Your attitude, easy recipes, and entertaining blog have changed my thinking of being gluten-free from “deprivation” to “Yahoo! So many new things to try, when will I find the time?!”

    I look forward to many more stories and recipes.

    Thanks, and continued good luck.

  269. Erica Dinner says

    Can’t wait for this book – all your recipes that I have made so far from your other book and website have been outstanding

  270. Kristin says

    I just started using your Gluten-Free cookbook and have really enjoyed the recipes that I’ve tried so far! Thanks for sharing with us and making our lives richer!

  271. says

    This looks so awesome! Can’t wait to grab it when it comes out in the spring! Perfect for gifts too!

    Are there Dairy free cupcakes in there as well?

  272. says

    Oooh, pick me!!! :-) I love your recipes and am so excited when I get an email telling me there’s something new to see! :-) Your recipes have helped me provide my family and friends with much healthier options for fantastic treats and meals! Thanks!

  273. colormepink says

    I LOVED cupcake month! And I am so excited to get this cookbook! Hooray for cupcakes! I love taking my safe treats to events, I got lots of inquiries and have learned to bring plenty to share, even non-gluten-and-grain-free eaters like to try what I bring.

  274. says

    I’ve loved following your recipes. I often share your link with people who come to me for wellness! I have an acquaintance who has a very young daughter who is diabetic, and has celiac disease. I have appreciated learning more thanks to you!
    And healthy eating does NOT have to be painful like it was when I was young!

  275. Carolina says

    Oh yay!! I was hoping we would see a new Elana book soon. :) I will definitely pre-order this one.

    And the cookbook giveaway winner is in for a treat–The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook is one of my favorites. The recipes are incredibly flavorful and very healthy. Congrats!

  276. says

    Oooh, too bad I’m not your neighbor and didn’t get to try all the test cupcakes. Alas, I’ll just have to console myself by making some of your fabulous cupcake recipes that you’ve shared on this site. Can’t wait to see your cookbook when it comes out!


  277. says

    Yay Elana!! I am so excited that you are publishing a new cookbook because I have cooked just about every recipe in The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook! On to the next batch of recipes! Thank you for all you do for us gluten-free folks.

  278. vlm says

    How wonderful! I have been reading your website for over a year now, but just started making the cupcakes – they are great. Can’t wait to pick up the book!

  279. Amy Floyd says

    Congratulations on the “harvest” of your cookbook! What an accomplishment! I would love to win a copy — my kids would love that too :-)

  280. Debbie says

    I have just had your first cook book for about a month. I have dazzled friends with the recipes. Since I am known for my traditional baking before gluten free living, I am learning step by step new ways to make yummy desserts. I would love to have the cupcake book.
    Thanks for being such a great teacher!!!

  281. Laura says

    Can’t wait to bake something delish and gf out of your delightful new book! April seems like such a long way off! Congrats too!! :)

  282. Jennie says

    How fun! Now if I can only get my family to get on board the gluten free train with me :) Maybe almond flour cupcakes (that dont taste like almond flour) would work??
    Thanks Elena how exciting!

  283. says

    Hi Elena,

    Your blog is fantastic! I recommend all of my patients to be gluten free and your site is one of the first resources I give them. I’d love to win a copy of your new cookbook.

    Keep up the great work!

  284. Cindi G. says

    My little people were thrilled to see your new cupcake book. (Little David had his tongue hanging out of his mouth in anticipation.) They asked if we had to move back to Portland to try them. -we literally just moved to Philadelphia a week ago-

    I explained that we didn’t have to go there, we would be able to make them ourselves. They can’t wait and as we’ve shared before, thank you so much for doing the work to make our lives a bit easier.

  285. donna sodero nielsen says

    sounds WONDERFUL elana….i love your other book and use it all the time…cupcakes are a favorite in this house and something missed with the lack of good recipes…i love that you re using almond and coconut flour as i hardly use any starches anymore…just can’t process them and those are much healthier….i look forward to seeing the book…hopefully soon ;-)

  286. Linda says

    What a creative and fun new book! I look forward to seeing it, for that matter finding some new favorites! :)

  287. Carla Forsgren says

    Just in time. My daughter just took a cake decorating class and we just found out her 1 yr old daughter is celiac along with me and my 3 adult children!

  288. says

    I am so excited that you have a new cookbook coming out, and all about cupcakes! I am all about cakes in whatever form. I routinely make cupcakes from your recipes, I love them.

    Congrats on the new cookbook coming out!

  289. Sofi says

    Mmm…..I think I will have to order one copy for myself and one for my friend. I think you should put together a salad recipe book next…

  290. Anaquita says

    Oh man, I love cupcakes. Moreso than regular cake. <3 Especially when I have guests over. (I've this insane need to feed everyone who comes through my door) I'll have to check it out next spring.

  291. Jennifer Walley says

    love your recipes. I made your carrot cake for my fiancee’s birthday and he was so excited to have cake again, we just recently had to go gluten free and are just beginning to try new/old classics. We are having your cherry/blueberry crumble as part of our pre-wedding festivities, we are getting married on sunday 10.10.10

  292. Jennifer says

    I have a 9 year old daughter who’s new passion is baking and she is very excited to experiment with her gluten-free baking. It just so happens that cupcakes are her favorite to bake and this book will make a great addition to her baking collection!

  293. Jenna says

    My kids and I have been having lots of fun with the baked goods in your Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook. We look forward to more fun times in the kitchen with your cupcakes. Thanks for the great recipes.

  294. says

    A cupcake cookbook is perfect. I am making all sorts of cakes in cupcake form because of my toddler. It’s so much easier to serve little kids at parties this way and also it doesn’t require as much frosting. Thanks!

  295. Marie Davis says

    I can’t wait to read this cookbook! Cupcakes with my two favorite flours. I love your first cookbook. Thank you for the great recipes.

  296. Bonnie says

    I love your “Gluten-free Almond Flour cookbook” and would have fun trying out cupcake recipes :-) Especially interested in the coconut flour — sounds interesting!

  297. Carol says

    OMGosh!!!! I want~ I need a cupcake!!! Congrats on the new book and I cant wait to try some G free cupcakes!!!

  298. Christina says

    LOVE your blog!! I have never won anything..I have lost 130 lbs on LC and kept it off for 5 years now!

    C. Gallimore

  299. Jennifer Walley says

    Love your recipes. I have been enjoying backing gluten free for my friends and family to prove to them that gluten free doesn’t mean yuck. I made your gluten free carrot cupcakes for my fiancee’s birthday, and we will be enjoying your cherry/blueberry crumble this saturday as part of our pre-wedding festivities.

  300. Jackie says

    cupcakes sound oh! so delicious! thanks for all your hard work….the tasting must have been an awful job, sorry I wasn’t htere to help.

  301. Arthi says

    Hi Elana,

    I cant wait to check out this book. I have never won anything, so I would love to win this book in your giveaway. I recently bought a book on cupcake decoration…so this would be a perfect book to have now especially since we are gluten free.


  302. Natalie says

    Would love to win the book and try some new gluten free cupcake recipes :)

    Congratulations on the new book!

  303. Katie Hart says

    Just made your g-free chocolate cupcakes with vegan chocolate icing for my hubby’s birthday, and they were a huge hit!! Can’t wait to try the rest of your fab almond flour cupcake recipes;-)

  304. Emily says

    How exciting Elana!!! Congrats on another beautiful book. You work so hard on these recipes, I know the book will be fantastic. I’ll be sending copies to everyone I love! =)

  305. Daniela Tanner says

    I am so excited! I was given a book on cupcakes a few months ago, but I just sold it because I have been eating gluten-free. Now I can use this one!

  306. Amy says

    Yum! I have made a few of your recipes. I use honey or maple syrup in place of the agave and they always turn out delicious! This would be a very fun book to have!

  307. Kate says

    Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful creations! You make gluten free so easy, healthy and delicious! I appreciate all your time and dedication!!

  308. Jenny says

    My husband just came home from a friend’s house. She was trying to make a gluten free birthday cake for her husband that failed spectacularly. He said I needed to show her how to bake gluten free – that means give her you book because that is all I use. I can not wait to see the cupcake book!

  309. says

    After having made some (what I consider) unsuccessful red velvet (minus the red) cupcakes over the weekend … I could really use an uplifting cupcake recipe!

    Do they require loads of complicated flour mixtures?

  310. Jen says

    As someone who has never ONCE not enjoyed your recipes, a cupcake book would be both dangerous and amazing. Please count me in!!

  311. says

    This would be a huge hit in our cupcake loving household! I have stockpiles of almond and coconut flour just waiting for the perfect recipes! :)

  312. Lenee says

    Congratulations Elana!!! You are such a creative person!
    We are all so blessed to have you in our gluten free lives! I am so happy about your new cookbook and look forward to the new recipes! I have really enjoyed baking your banana cream pie cupcakes this summer. My family (non celiac) have really enjoyed them also; they are delicious! Once again thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  313. jan says

    Looking forward to your new book! I just got the gluten free almond flour book and made the salmon burgers last night. I wish I had made more! Anyway, just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I found your site. Really can’t wait to make more recipes. Jan

  314. Jodi says

    I came across this on amazon the other day and wondered when you were going to make the announcement!! I’d love an early copy! Thanks for all the giveaways!

  315. Sheila says

    I know my teenage celiac will love the cupcakes….
    I wish my husband would like coconut. I love baking with the coconut flour. Thanks for blogging good food. I need a salad for dinner… ta!

  316. says

    So exciting, Elana! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Also, I just posted a review and giveaway for your signed cookbook =)

    Hugs, Kelly

  317. says

    Hooray and Congrats on the new book! I am so excited to get it when it’s released. I just made your coconut cupcakes this past week and used them in a bread pudding recipe instead of bread and the cupcakes were absolutely delicious! I also have a client who has lost 5 more pounds beyond her goal weight because she started cooking recipes off your website. Thank you for making us all healthier one person at a time! :)

  318. Jeni Mae says

    i can’t wait to get ahold of this cookbook! the cover is fabulous, sometimes i enjoy the photos as much as the recipes. =) i’m really looking forward to some delicious cupcakes now… thanks elana, for all your hard work on this book!

  319. Catherine says

    Hi Elana!

    I love your blog and trying out your new recipes! I have Celiac and love that you bake with healthy almond and coconut flours and would like to be entered to win your Gluten Free Cupcakes cookbook!

    • Rose Sogge says

      Don’t eat many sweets, but when the urge comes I want it now(!) Look forward to seeing this tempting book.

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