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Giveaway: Go Dairy Free

go dairy free book Today I’m giving away a copy of the book Go Dairy Free by Alisa Fleming, founder of godairyfree.org.

Alisa is a fabulously successful self-published author, blogger and business woman who presents at conferences all over the country; she will actually be speaking at one here in Boulder later this month.

I would say that Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living is a veritable bible for those with dairy allergies; it will teach you how to cook without dairy.

In this excellent book, Fleming identifies dairy in its various forms, as well as the conditions and ailments that can be associated with a dairy allergy or intolerance.  That’s not all though, there are numerous chapters full of solutions, with substitutions for dairy products including milk, butter and cheese.

Take for example the section Fleming has on milk alternatives.  There are milks made from almonds, from hemp seeds, from cashews, and there’s even a canteloupe milk!  Fleming has more than 225 delicious recipes in this tome of dairy-free goodness.

Many people who have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant are also not able to digest dairy products.

If you’re one of those people (or if you would simply like to win this amazing book),  just leave a comment below. This giveaway will end Friday, June 10, 2011, at 11pm (MST) and is open to everyone, everywhere.

Update: This giveaway is now over and the winner was Holly!

posted on June 9, 2011, 595 comments

  1. wendy

    Funny, a friend whose family is on gluten-free diet told me about one of her kids not tolerating dairy well. That article made me think of them and forwarded it to them. Would love to learn more about this because we are also gluten-free and I notice myself not tolerating dairy well as before. Great giveaway and thanks!

  2. Lesley M.

    What a wonderful book! We have to avoid milk at all costs in our house, and sometimes it’s hidden quite well in different foods.

  3. sweeny

    I am definitely up for this! I miss dairy, and it would be nice to have some go to recipes for non dairy fun times :-)

  4. Clare @ Clare Cooks! @ clarecooks.wordpress.com

    Oh this would be great. I just found out about a casein issue.

  5. Katie @ RIddlelove @ riddlelove.com

    This sounds fantastic!

  6. This would be so helpful as we’re just now navigating the waters of choosing a dairy-free/gluten-free lifestyle.

  7. Naama

    That looks great!

  8. Margaret N.

    This book sounds like its just what I have been looking for.

  9. Annaliese Foote

    This would be a great resource as I’m trying to figure out baking w/o milk and eggs.

  10. Courtney

    Finding (good) dairy substitutions has been a challenge, especially when making some of my favorite desserts from before my allergy! This looks like a great resource for that!

  11. Ellena

    That book would be an amazing addition to my cookbook library! I’m going to go check out the website now to get some dairy-free ideas for my son and I

  12. sarah@sarahnotsoplainandtall @ sarahnotsoplainandtall.wordpress.com

    I try my hardest to stay away from dairy because I know there is nothing good that it can do for me…and I feel much better when I dont have it!

  13. Arielle

    I have heard so many good things about this book, yay!

  14. I don’t have problems with dairy, but I know many people that do- I would love this book. It sounds like a great resource.

  15. Karin @ themrs.eu

    Both my little girl and myself are lactose intolerant. I heard about this book before and it sounds wonderful. What a great giveaway, thanks for giving us the chance to win this!

  16. Cassie

    I’m entering to win on behalf of a friend whose second child was recently born, and he has a milk allergy like his older brother. I know that this book would be a tremendous help to my friend and her husband as they navigate the world with two children who have to avoid diary products.

  17. Feiga Mazer

    sounds great!

  18. rachel

    I’m so grateful for resources like Alisa’s book and your blog! It makes it so much easier to be gluten & dairy intolerant. I’d love to check out the book!

  19. Elvida

    Before I was diagnoses with celiac disease, I actually believed that I had an casein allergy. I still don’t eat dairy and it feels great. Thank you for your fantastic blog and books.

  20. Sound like a great book!

  21. ally

    hi elana,
    i have been dairy free for about ten years, although its proving more difficult since i have moved away from australia (where there is heaps of asian, dairy-free cuisine) to germany! while i am familiar with dairy-free cooking, i would love some inspiring recipes for my dairy-eating partner (whose french mother bred into him a love of cheese)… thanks!

  22. IldiAbraham

    Hi there,

    It seems that I have been having lactose intolerance since my teenage years (I am now 25) and I started eating dairy free about 1,5 yr ago. I feel much better ( no digestion problems any more :) But as I still have some skin problems I also stopped eating cheese – which I used to love… – but as I do not buy it, I cannot see it in the fridge, so it is ok..:)

    Is there anybody else not eating dairy but sometimes cheese and having skin problems?

  23. sharon

    I have read 50% of celiacs are also dairy intolerant.

  24. Donald Dean @ wordmama.com

    How nice to have a resource for all those goodies missed because of allergies to dairy, wheat, yeast and soy. How I miss ice cream! and gravy! and cheese! and rolls! and mochas! I’ve learned to add a bit of sugar-free vanilla coffee flavor to almond milk for a delicious drink.

  25. Jane Ballantyne

    Just add dairy to the many foods taken off my list. Getting older has its challenges. Help like a dairy free cookbook and Elana’s Pantry make life so much easier…thanks a bunch

  26. I would love this book. I started with soy milk but also like rice milk and almond milk. Also learned how to make a “flax egg” with 1 Tb ground flax and 3 Tb water for baking. Its been a great adventure :) Thank you for having the giveaway.

  27. Yulia

    I and my son both have celiac disease and he was recently tested positive for casein intolerance. That’s a lot of diet adjustments in our family in the last two years…sigh

  28. Marti

    It turns out that for MS patients, there is a link to milk protein. As a result I have been trying to get off dairy for the last year as well as gluten. Though losing weight wasn’t a goal, it was a nice bonus. Lost 30 lbs!

    It is a challenge because my life always revolved around dairy–I worked my way through college in a cheese store where I fell in love with cheese and ice cream.

    Being a real foodie doesn’t help. Being positive and focusing on all that is healthy an delicious has been the key. My goal is to learn to make food that is delicious for civilians too! :-)

    Cheers to dairy-free living!

  29. Madeleine

    Hi Elana,

    I would love to win this book! Have a good day!

  30. Michèle

    Bonjour Elena,

    Greetings from France!
    I would love a copy of the book as I am lactose intolerant myself :)

  31. Penny

    We can only do raw milk and only some raw milk . . . . Not wanting to be be too descriptive – regular dairy is a real “gas”! Organic coconut milk is our milk-like beverage of choice. A recipe book that gives alternatives sounds great!

  32. Debbie T. @ dptaylor2@gmail.com

    My functional medicine doctor has advised me to avoid dairy after some testing, and it was kind of disappointing since I’d already give up gluten 18 months ago—and I love my dairy! This would be a Godsend as I travel this NEW food journey.

  33. christina

    Man, i’d love this book! I’ve transitioned pretty easily to gluten and soy free, but after 7 years I still struggle with dairy.
    Thanks so much!
    Christina :)

  34. I’ve been dairy-free for about 4 years now, mostly for digestive reasons and I just never feel good after. I really love the alternatives to milk like almonds and hemp and coconut. Any new recipes would be amazing. Thanks Elana!

  35. I have been off dairy & gluten totally for 6 months now…I find it a challenge sometimes in baking traditional recipes that my family still like. The gluten is not as difficult to omit…I do use coconut milk alot. The only thing I miss really is cheese because veggie lasagna is my favorite dish. Also going out to restaurants with friends which doesn’t happen often but enough to annoy others when I pick through the menu:( This cookbook would certainlt help..if I don’t win it I will have to buy it:)

  36. Pam

    I would love to be a part of this give away. I am trying diary free and finding it very difficult so this would be fantastic.

  37. Erica

    I’d love to win this book!

  38. Julia Cher

    Hi, I would love to have a copy of your book my children and lactose intolerent, and I have a grandchild who is severely allergic to nuts and eggs, so any cookbook that I could win would be a great asset enabling to let my children and grandchildren enjoy the pleasure of eating enjoyable food which will not leave them with a severe reaction. Wherever we go we need to carry an epipen just is case something is eaten which is deadly to our grandchild.

    Thank you for producing a book to help people like my family.

  39. Stephanie

    OMG – I would love to win this book. I’m severely allergic to milk. Thank you Elana :)

  40. Deb

    I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to see a cookbook with a focus on the dairy free. I am a singer by profession and finding recipes that offer alternatives to dairy while still maintaining flavour is so difficult. I look forward to trying the recipes. :-)

  41. Anita

    Wow! What a wonderful resource. Been Dairy intolerant for 20 years and would love to have a copy.

  42. Cari

    Looks like a great book!!

  43. Krystal

    This book looks amazing! Thanks for the giveaway! It almost seems like every recipe has dairy now that I am dairy free. lol

  44. Julie Lampky

    My two boys and I are gluten intolerant and allergic to dairy. It would be wonderful to learn more about dairy alternatives and to have lots of dairy-free recipes to try. Thank you for offering this book, Elana!

  45. Geri

    I’d love to win this!

  46. wendy

    I would love a book like this as i am wheat, gluten and dairy free. It is so good of you to give away such great gifts.

  47. Six months ago I found out I was intolerant to gluten. My boyfriend is horribly lactose intolerant. I try to stay away from dairy as well for medical reasons, however it is extremely difficult. I haven’t had any gluten for 6 months, however I seem not to be able to go even a few days without dairy. I would LOVE this book!!

  48. Lisa

    Can’t wait to get my nose in this book! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  49. Ida Koller

    this sounds very interesting!

  50. kay

    Does this include egg free as well / that would be so helpful!!!

  51. Dr. Loren Cordain (author of The Paleo Diet) has also implicated diary in the development of acne. Having a son in his early teens who has also been diagnosed gluten sensitive, I’ve been looking for ways to completely eliminate dairy from his diet. Thanks!

  52. Aimee

    What an awesome book and resource. Thank you for sharing, once again!

  53. Patricia

    What a great resource book to be able to have. My husband has just found out that he does not tolerate dairy very well. Thanks

  54. Gail

    Although I have not been diagnosed as having celiac disease, I am almost certain that I am gluten intolerant and feel that dairy is next. I would like to remove the dairy out of my diet and see how I feel. To help make that task much easier this book giveaway would be the perfect companion and not to mention Alisa’s knowledge c/w all the recipes from her book.

    Thanks Elana for this great giveaway.

  55. Robin Lutsky @ thenestdesigns.com

    I have celiac desease and severe lactose intolerace and I would love to win this book. I read your blog all the time and have tried and enjoyed many of your recipes.

  56. Molly

    Love Go Dairy Free website!! It’s a great resource!

  57. Judie Witney

    I would love to win this book. I miss yogurt ,have learned to get along fine with almond milk, and just found a nearby store that sells Healthy top and mimic creme, love coconut ice cream .

  58. Serene in Singapore @ Www.buildingupmoms.wordpress.com

    Oh pick me please! I have 3 children out of 7 with milk allergies!

  59. Bo Abrams

    I often say “Yup, dairy-free and gluten-free, but not taste free”!

  60. christine squicciarini

    I’m borderline lactose intolerant and this book sounds incredible! Thanks, Elana!

  61. Karen

    What an awesome giveaway!

    I grew up with a severe allergy to dairy products, eggs as well as peanuts. I remember my Mom having to make literally everything I ate from scratch because there were so many hidden ingredients in seemingly innocent products. As a child, I ate nothing unless it came from my Mother’s kitchen.

    By the time I was about 13 years old my body chemistry had changed and I didn’t have the allergic reactions I previously had as a baby/small child (breathing problems, severe rashes, etc.).

    I do still have issues with a lot of dairy products today (I’m 43 years old now) but I can enjoy greek yogurt now and then and an occasional shaving of hard cheese without reactions.

    This book is a great giveaway for someone who has, or lives with someone who has a dairy allergy or intolerance. With the processed garbage found on most supermarket shelves today, a restrictive diet can be difficult if you aren’t armed with the knowledge needed to sort through it all.

  62. I have been gluten free now for 6 years,its the best thing that ever happened to me (celiac that is) !!!! A blood test recently revealed that i am alergic to all dairy including goat as well as eggs and mushrooms. I am officially a vegan and would love to dig into this book !

  63. Tess Moore

    My Boys 19, 17 and 14 LOVE to eat but they all three suffer from allergies which is triggered and made worse by any dairy products. They are hungry boys and any help in the kitchebn would be welcome. Thanks for the opportunity! Have a happy day, Tess

  64. Glynnis

    I would love to win this book! Thanks for all of the great giveaways and your delicious recipes!

  65. Marie

    I definitely need this book. I would love to stop dairy consumption, but I am not a big fan of soy substitutes. So, I need to learn some creative alternatives.

  66. Christa

    My almost 3 year old son had been using an inhaler for asthma twice a day. I took him off cow’s milk and the inhaler and he is doing great. It seems silly to use medicine when many can get healthier through diet.

  67. Jessica

    I’d love to try and go dairy free and this would be a great start!

  68. Suzanne Burnell @ burnellacupuncture.com

    I awoke this morning with a mild headache and realized (again) that even the most occasional milk product isn’t for me and without reservations decided to look for alternatives to the occasional dairy foods I love. Go Dairy Free is perfect timing!

  69. Jessica Beam @ graceinspired.com

    I would LOVE to have more dairy-free options for my daughters!!!

  70. rachel

    I would read this book first and then pass it on to one of several people I know with food intolerances.

  71. Beverly Oommen

    Today is my birthday, what a great gift idea!

  72. Caroline @ chocolate and carrots @ chocolateandcarrots.com

    I love baking with the challenge for people who can’t eat certain foods. I would love to have some guidance with dairy free baking! :-) Love it! Thank you for the giveaway Elana! :-)

  73. Kyla Studer

    I suspect that my husband is lactose intolerent and would love to learn more about dairy free cooking and recipes. I love your blog and your recipes look amazing.

  74. allie

    I would LOVE this book. Since I’ve become severely dairy intolerant this year, I’m struggling for some subs. Please oh please! ;)

  75. That book would be great! I literally just had a dairy free month and then re introduced it into my diet to see how well my body tolerates it – I am definitely going dairy free long term now!

  76. I would love to win this book as I am always looking for inspiration and alternatives to using dairy in my cooking.Thanks Elana, for the opportunity :)

  77. I’d love a copy of this book! I’ve got a lot of questions about dairy intolerance vs. allergy.

  78. Jane reinholz

    I need DF help! I have gotten pretty good at GF with the help of your cookbooks and emails. Much of family is also DF. Most of us are some combination of GF and/or DF. In fact, my daughter will deliver my 3rd grandchild next Tuesday and will be DF for 12 months, while nursing. Unbelievable that the dairy that she would eat goes through to the milk and affects baby. I SO appreciate all of your great recipes and ideas. They have changed how we enjoy food!

  79. domestic diva

    We’re newly dairy free, and I’d love to get some other ideas from this book.

  80. Linda

    We limit dairy, so I am interested! :)

  81. Gina

    I would love to get this book!

  82. Heather Mathena @ hmathena1.blogspot.com

    Yeah!!! Looking forward to reading even if I don’t win :)

  83. Johanne

    This book would be so helpful in this household! :)

  84. Janet

    While I, personally, haven’t had problems eating dairy, there are members of my family that do so it would be great to be able to prepare foods that I know they’ll be able to enjoy.

  85. Erron Dawson

    What a wonderful addition to our families cookbook collection! Dairy is a no no for everyone in our home. More ideas and recipies to make the old comfort foods without out would be amazing! Keep up the good work:)

  86. This book looks amazing and would love to try the recipes! Thank you!

  87. Hi :) My two young sons and I cannot tolerate cow’s milk at all. We’ve never had raw cow’s milk to see if that would make a difference, but that’s illegal in the state of NC. We’ve had raw goat’s milk and have done famously, but again, we can not attain raw milk here. So we’re pretty much dairy free. We’d love the book! It would bless us!

  88. Debi Lascelle

    I’d love to learn more about this – I’ve recently realized I’m gluten intolerant (with help from a naturopath) and I also have problems with milk. Thank you for your wonderful web site!

  89. Amy

    I would love to see the alternatives for cheese!

  90. Kathy

    We have just discovered that my 12 year-old daughter cannot tolerate dairy or gluten. This would be an amazing resource to own.

  91. Marie Therese Kerten

    Alisa’s book would be a blessing in my house! Myself and my daughter are both wheat and dairy-intolerant, and it has become more and more of a challenge to find dairy-free foods that really satisfy both of us, especially my daughter. Thanks for your giveaway, Elana, and here’s hoping that we will win the book!

  92. Mary Hecker

    I am never certain to what degree nut milks or other substitutes play the same role as animal milk in cooking. Perhaps this book explores that end of the cooking without animal milk question.

  93. Thank you so much for letting we international folk enter! I’m a big fan of Alisa, would love to try her recipes in this book!

  94. Michelle R

    Would live to win. Just has to add a no dairy restriction to my diet (along with multiple others) to help prevent allergies in my newborn baby :)

  95. Lorraine

    I recently found out I am allergic to dairy and am learning as much as I can about being dairy-free. The book sounds so interesting!

  96. Becky

    I would love it!

  97. Seeks

    Another great giveaway!

  98. Meredyth H

    I’d love to learn more about making alternative milks and using alternates to dairy in my cooking. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Christie

    Oh, I would SO love this!!

  100. Marilynn arm

    Would enjoy a Elana’s Pantry win and especially this book!
    Thanks for posting…..marilynn

  101. Hope

    Looks like a great cookbook. We are gf/cf/sf here out our house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Sandy

    I haven’t been able to have dairy for 25 years or so. Just last Spring gluten and soy were added to the list. Any cookbook that helps me have some variety in my diet is very welcome!

  103. Randi G.

    I would love to go dairy free, but have no idea how to do it.

  104. shirley

    Hadn’t heard of this book. As a mom of a GFCF kid, I am always interested in new recipes… Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. Heather

    Sounds like a great book! I abruptly became lactose intolerant after having my first child.

  106. Catie

    trying to control/help my 3 year old’s eczema – dairy free is something new for us! This would be a great guide!

  107. micky

    hi. since i became a senior i have become unable to tolerate any dairy or wheat. it woud be great to learn more about alternatives. thanks for your blog.

  108. On the advice of my acupuncturist, I am now dairy, wheat and refined sugar free. No easy task. Your almond flour cookbook has been wonderful, and I’m sure Alisa’s book could help me on my way!

  109. Debbie @ none

    Oh how fabulous! Congratulations on your new book.

    I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been on so many meds including gold treatments. Ive recently discovered that my pain is significantly reduced when I fast from dairy! It is my goal to become a total vegan.

    I am certain your book could provide many options for all of us. Thank you for offering it. Your book will be a valued assest for me as well.

    Many blessings.

  110. September

    Have been dairy free for a few weeks, and feeling great!

  111. Christina

    My 2 yr old is gluten, nut and dairy free. I just omit the dairy for her and have found some alternatives, but would LOVE to have a trusted resource provide me with even more options for her and our family.

  112. Mackenzie

    I would love this book for our 3 year old who we believe is lactose intolerant!

  113. Tirzah

    I would love to win.
    Thanks for the offer!

  114. This cook book looks great! My sister and I both found out that we have dairy and gluten allergies, so I hope we can win this book!

  115. Deborah

    I do not think I want to admit it because I really like cheese, but I think I need to give up dairy as well. Maybe this book would give me the boost to do so.

  116. ange

    I would definitely put this gift to good use on me and on my son who has been diagnosed with one of the Autism Spectrum ailments.

    Nice giveaway!

  117. Santou Carter


    I’d love to win this book as there are so many baking recipes I can’t do because of my dairy intolerances.

  118. Barbara Hawkins

    Our family is divided. Two thought that it was more difficult to give up wheat and two thought that it was more difficult to give up dairy. It gets easier!

  119. Karen A, Hearn

    Just finding out that I am allergic to all dairy, I would love to have this book for education and encouragement. This is a major battle to fight.

    Thank You,

  120. Great contest! I’ve been lactose intolerant for years. This book would a great help. Thanks for a chance on the giveaway.

  121. Lauren R

    This is an awesome give away I am trying to hold myself back from going and buying this book right now! I have been dairy free for four years now and I am always looking for dairy alternatives. I would love to win this!

  122. Kimberly

    HI! Thanks for the giveaway! This would be very fitting for us. We are completely gluten and grain-free. Dairy has been on and off our eating list for 4 years now. I could definitely use some great new recipes!

  123. Rosemary Evergreen @ rosemaryevergreen.blogspot.com

    This sounds like a fabulous resource!

  124. Carys

    Would love to win this book! I love incorporating dairy alternatives into our diet! I’m also interested to read about the cantelope milk you mentioned! Thanks for sharing this.

  125. Piper Kirkpatrick

    My friend’s 2 year has just been diagnosed with 22 food sensitivities, including dairy. I would love to be able to help her come up with healthy alternatives!

  126. Jennifer

    Looks like a good book. We do better dairy free, but often have trouble sticking to it (cheese is too yummy…). But this book would give some great ideas to help stick to dairy free!

  127. Sandra

    Dairy free is getting to be just as important as gluten free as people pay closer attention to food reactions and learn that healthy and helpful options are available through the work of nutritional pioneers like Elana and Alisa. Both of these issues are being aggressively explored in my family for a variety of health related reasons as we try to find the path to calming and supporting digestion. This book could be the cornerstone of such an effort, helping us all to learn it is indeed possible to change with wise guidance.

  128. Heather @ ShrinkToFit @ shrinktofitblog.com

    I’d love to win a copy of this book!

  129. Sherri Pribyl

    What a wonderful tool to have re: no dairy. I have been off dairy for nearly 9 months and it has made a huge difference in my life; no more choking and coughing! Sherri

  130. Ali

    I would love to add this book to my collection- thank you for the chocolate mousse recipe!

  131. suzanne burnie

    This looks like a good book. We are gluten and dairy free and I am always looking for dairy free recipes.

  132. Valjene Kramer

    I have struggled with dairy/gluten issues for years – though it is not full-blown celiac’s, it does definitely cause me problems. How wonderful to have recipes dealing with all the options! Talk about turning a negative into a positive! Fabulous!

  133. Dorina

    Just commenting to let everyone know that this book has been an inspiration and blessing to my daughter who has had to give up all forms of dairy products in order to nurse her infant son (he’s extremely allergic to dairy!) If you need to go dairy-free, you should seriously considering buying this informative and excellent reference book (unless, of course, you win it!)

    Elana, thank you for helping people by bringing Alisa’s book to their attention. Do not pick my name for the free drawing as there are others who really need it (and I already have it!!)

  134. Maile Baures

    I’ve been dairy free for eight weeks and can’t believe the difference. This book sounds fantastic!

  135. debi riley

    Hi, i also would love to win this book, have been trying to be dairy free off and on for several years, is difficult when you just need to grab a sandwich, quick. would love this good resource!! Thank you elana for the opportunity and wonderful site! debi riley

  136. Wenna Bos @ praktijkbos.nl

    Wonderful, all those books.
    I am a therapist, living with a paleo-diet – glutenfree and dairy free and have to advise lots of my patients to leave the dairy alone.
    Some complaint: they cannot eat anything, anymore.

    As the time goes by I can show them more books, with pictures, recepies etc. and tell them: live is possible without daire.

    In fact: I never ate better – because I start to try lots of new (old) products I find everywere. My health has improved, and I do not starve!

  137. Tammy McNair

    I would love to win this book! We were GFCF many years ago. We are now GF but use enzymes when we have dairy. If I had options I would take us back to CF.
    Thanks for offering this!

  138. Julia

    I would love to have this book. Both of my girls have issues with dairy.

  139. Sharon

    The top picture looks like a grilled cheese sandwich! I miss those!

  140. Meira Har-Chen

    I have 2 daughters who are allergic to dairy, this book seems to me, will make the life of them much easier.

  141. Valerie Trapp

    Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful recipes with us. With allergies to dairy and gluten it is sooooo hard to find recipes and sometimes my substitutes end up in the garbage instead of me!!
    Iuse your cookbook and your web site all of the tine. Your recipes are so yummy I serve to my family and to guest. Now to have the info on a dairy free cookbook is exciting. Thank you, thank you. Now to go purchase the ingredients for the chicolate dessert!!

  142. Ellena Johnson

    I’ve tried her cheese sauce recipe and it was delicious. I’d love to have the book and try her other recipes!

  143. Val

    Sounds wonderful!

  144. linda

    Dairy free is now becoming the norm in my family. Can’t learn enough.

  145. Maria@healthydiaries @ Www.healthydiaries.com

    My brother can’t have dairy and I’ve been avoiding it to clear up my skin. I would love to get this book!

  146. Kim Kiernan

    I have been gluten free for probably 6 years now, and dairy free for a year. This book would be an amazing gift in my journey of healing.

  147. Shannon

    I’m excited!!!

  148. Tina Whitcomb

    I can’t tolerate lactose or casein. Would love to have this book!

  149. eileen

    Thank you for another amazing giveaway. I would love to learn more about dairy alternatives.

  150. Mary Kay

    I have been dairy free since 1998 and gluten free since 2002. It’s amazing how food affects your body and yet the Doctors I’ve gone to are just now beginning to realize that food is our biggest medicine.

  151. Bonnie Pierce

    I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years now and am going vegan simply because I dont know how animals are treated prior to giving us their products. Plus I have never liked milk or those things anyway and I am trying to change my youngests diet this summer to help her with issues that have been bothering her.The cook book sounds very interesting and delish:)

  152. I have never heard of the book but it sounds very informative.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


  153. marilyn brady

    Thank you for being here for us. My Mom was lactose intolerant and I never thought much about it until I was in my 70’s. I feel so much better since I have been reading and using the information you put out there. Again, thank you so much.

  154. nina

    I thought I was just sensitive to lactose but it turns out that it is a sensitivity to more dairy than that. I’d love to win this book!

  155. Mike

    This is the first I’ve heard about a link between milk products and MS. I’ll have to look into that more.

    Thanks for the great resources on this site.

  156. Heather Cramer

    How fascinating!!! I have been gluten free for 3 years and just recently cut out dairy, corn, and sugar due to physical problems. I would love to know/learn about what’s out there and available. Thanks for this give away!!

  157. Kelsey

    Finally, a dairy-free cookbook! When I tell people that I have gluten and dairy allergies, they often bemoan the fact that I can’t eat pasta and bread, but I find that to be the least of my worries. There are so many great substitutes for the wheat products that used to constitute a good part of my diet. Dairy, on the other hand, has been a huge sacrifice. There are good dairy substitutes, but it’s so difficult to figure out how to cook with them and end up with satisfying results. It’s great to know of a resource that will help. Thank you for highlighting this book!

  158. Amanda F

    I would love a copy of this book – I was just told this week that in addition to having to be gluten free I now need to be dairy free too!

  159. pj

    wow! this book sounds great, having been recently told i am casein intolerant, and really missing dairy, i need this book!

  160. Debra

    This would be a really helpful resource to have! Being Asian, I’ve always had lactose intolerance issues, even though I love dairy! I’m learning to listen to my body though, and am enjoying coconut milk best!

  161. We are gluten intolerant and casein intolerant, so I would love to win this book!

  162. Jennifer

    I wish more people recognized dairy allergies (restaurants, etc.) I’ll have to read more on her blog!

  163. Cher

    I would love to have this book! Going gluten free was much easier for us than dairy free–I could really use some new ideas!

  164. Phyllis

    I have been very much enjoying the gluten-free recipes and help from your website. I have recently had a huge dairy intolerance that I didn’t even know was a problem. Boy, is it hard to give up dairy, too.

  165. Maria Carr @ mariacarr.com

    I have problems with dairy, unless it is raw.

  166. Danielle C

    Wow! What a great opportunity! Thank you – I just discovered the website and would love to have the book!

  167. Tina

    Would love to win this :)

  168. Christine H

    I’m just about to start a 1 month trail going dairy and corn free (already gluten free). After the 1 month trial I get to reintroduce items slowly. Fermented Dairy like yogurt or Kefir, then aged cheeses, then raw milk, then I’ll do corn as well. This book would be a great asset to help me plan my shopping during and likely, long after the trial as well.


  169. Rebecca

    I am lactose intolerant & would live to win a copy of this book!

  170. Michelle Swanson

    I have been dairy free for a month now and feel amazing! Would love to learn more!

  171. Caroline

    We are big into coconut milk in our house … I’d love to try out canteloup milk. Sounds interesting, so does the book! :-)

  172. Mara Grigsby @ simplymara.blogspot.com

    Oh my goodness. I just woke up this morning feeling AWFUL because i ate ice cream last night. I thought to myself, “Maybe I need to get rid of dairy for awhile and see how I feel.” I would LOVE to have a copy of this book. It would be perfect timing.

  173. Angela

    This book would be very helpful! Thank you.

  174. This book would give me an opportunity to have new recipes to try and be able to entertain more easily dairy free. Sheila

  175. This book sounds great. I need to know the alternatives. I am just learning about all of this, to go along with gluten free.

  176. Kristi Neitman

    Thank you so much for introducing me t this book! I am finding new inspiration everytime I visit your blog. I am lactose-intolerant with egg sensitivities ( among a variety of other foods) so I was really pleased to see vegan versions of your recipes in your new cupcake book! My family and I do not have to eat gluten- free (yet!) though I’ve been told to watch for reactions. Your books have made it so simple, tasty, and FUN to transition into gluten- free cooking. This book sounds like such a must- have for our kitchen. I may just have to go peek at it in the store today!

  177. Adrienne @ Whole New Mom @ wholenewmom.com

    My son has life-threatening allergies to dairy and eggs, amidst other things. This sounds like a great resource!

  178. Abby Hilton

    Wow, this book looks really good. I would love to learn more.

  179. Scarlet

    This book sounds great!! I have AS and am not only on gluten-free, but also starch-free and dairy-free, so this book would be a big help!

  180. Hillary Schafer

    What an awesome giveaway! I never knew this book was available. I bake dairy free which is difficult when trying to get the oil just right in place of butter. I would love to get extra pointers from this book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  181. We just made our first attempt at dairy-free, sugar-free ice cream last night. Pretty good! This blog has been a huge help in the process of eliminating gluten, and I appreciate that so many of the recipes leave out our other “no-no” foods as well (or are easy to modify to do so).

  182. This book would be lovely for my parents!

  183. Heather Rodriguez

    I have been thinking about eliminating dairy from my diet. I would love to win this book!

  184. Zahava

    I recently discovered daiya cheese. It’s dairy free and soy free and melts and tastes better than any other non dairy cheese.

  185. Terri

    I would love to know more about going dairy free. Thanks Elana.

  186. Kristin

    Would love to have this book!

  187. Dona

    Going dairy free made a big difference in my life. I would love to own this book!

  188. Jericho

    I cut out lactose last year when trying to figure out what was causing the digestive distress that I was experiencing, but I was still eating dairy in the form of yoghurt that I made myself and fermented for 24 hours. Come to find out that it is the protein that is actually a problem for me (which would explain why my tummy troubles didn’t go away). So now no more dairy whatsoever, but I am excited about experimenting with making coconut and nut milks and yoghurts! Coconut milk with the raw granola recipe that you had on this blog a while back is delicious!

  189. Bridge

    This looks amazing!

  190. Sandy Schneider

    I am so happy I have found your site Elana! I teach a weight loss class called “Transitions Lifestyle System” and the basis of it is to teach people to eat low glycemic foods and teach them what foods are actually good since the world is so skewed in that area. Some individuals find they are gluten sensitive when going through the class. I have passed your site on to them as well. Thank you!

  191. Tracy W

    Would love the book! I have been working on taking my family dairy free. I am successful most of the time, but still need a little bit of help from time to time.

  192. Jessica Elise @ evolving-wellness.com

    As the Wellness & Resort Director at a Wellness Resort in Thailand, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to cater to people’s individual dietary needs.

  193. Joanne

    Dairy is (almost) worse for me than gluten. It was dairy intolerance that led me to check for gluten intolerance. Hard to explain how much better I feel now, but know there are many who do understand. This book would be a wonderful addition to my new and revised cookbook shelf. Right along with the “Glutenfree Almond Flour” cookbook Thanks, Elana for your support.

  194. Kalyn

    I would love this book!

  195. Dawn Logan

    Very interested in going dairy free Looks like this book would be a great place to start LOVE your website Thanks for all your hard work

  196. Gena

    I have been wanting to go dairy free for years. I’m not intolerant or allergic, I just am not a fan of the way the industry treats cattle. This book sounds like the push I need.

  197. Breanna

    Almond milk is my fav! Especially over cereal

  198. Samantha Marshall

    I have just recently cut dairy from our diet. I am struggling and would really appreciate some guidance and support. This would really help me!

  199. Shawna

    I find I can tolerate butter somewhat, but no other dairy.

  200. Dominika

    I found out about my milk allergy in high school so it’s been a while since I’ve been dairy-free, but I’m always excited to find new dairy-free recipes.

  201. Cricket

    How helpful! I’m always looking for ways to expand (rather than limit) my GFCF family’s food choices.

  202. Heather

    Oh, I would love to read this!

  203. Angie

    This book looks great!!!

  204. Rhonda Ahrens

    I would love a copy and Elana I am hosting a party on Sun. making all gluten free items from your cupcake cookbook. YUM!

  205. LeAnn

    This book looks great! We’ve just switched to a gluten-free / dairy-free diet, and I’m struggling. Maybe this book would help us. Thanks for the opportunity!

  206. Rachel

    I just learned about this book while surfing the internet yesterday!

  207. Jen

    I have been eliminating dairy for about a year now. It has cleared up almost all of my congestion. I just got further testing, and have now cut out wheat and rye, and my digestion has done a 360!
    I also have high intolerance to cane sugar – that one I am leaving until last, as it will be a tough one!!

    • Annette

      I have a problem with gluten, dairy and sugar as well. You will feel so much better when you eliminate sugar! I substitute unprocessed honey, agave and pure maple syrup. It makes a huge difference!

  208. Beth

    I have a problem digesting milk, but am ok with yogurt. Depending on the cheese I have slight issues.
    This would be a wonderful resource to have on hand.

  209. darkhorse

    Thanks Elana for introducing us to another great resource! :)

  210. Nora Fernandez

    I am insulin resistant and I am currently exploring eating without dairy and gluten products. It’s very challenging to change your way of eating after 56 years–Plus I come from a middle easter/meditrranean background, so yes it is very challenging to learn to eat in a whole new way. But I do feel better, and hopefully not only will I be healthier but lose my extra weight. I also gave up sweeteners and of course sugar. So I am always looking for food that is delicious and fits all of the criteria above. Thank you for posting the website.

    This book would be very helpful tom me.

  211. AudreyV

    I would love this book, thank you for offering.

  212. Kayla

    Count me in – I’d love a copy of this book!
    I’ve avoided dairy for over 10 years, but after new found food allergies, I have to do more than just avoid it now.

  213. This would be an awesome addition to our changing diet. We already have given up on cow milk, but often the alternatives don’t seem as adaptable as I would like.
    I’d love to check out this book!

  214. LT

    It would be great to get specific information to make meals tasty. Thank you.

  215. Annette

    I figure out dairy was a problem for me long before gluten. Since I have been gluten free I have discovered many wonderful substitutes for milk. Rice, Almond and Coconut milk can each produce a different result in cooking. I’d love to learn more!

  216. Heather

    Our family has been dairy-free since our first baby was born almost 10 years ago. All 4 of our children have had varying degrees of dairy allergies. I often wonder if raw milk with all its enzymes in tact would solve the problem as it has for many others.

    Would love this book!

  217. Robin

    We love diary products, but would also like to greatly reduce their existence in our home for animal-rights reasons. Would love to see the recipe for cantaloupe milk!!!

  218. Chloe Marty @ mochieroo.com

    I have heard a lot of information about dairy not being good for anyone, really – the argument that we are not supposed to drink another animals milk. I avoid dairy because there are so many better ways to get calcium (dark leafy greens, which also have many other great nutrients).

  219. Suzanne

    I’ve been dairy free for a few months now and would love this cookbook.

  220. Jessica P

    I would love this cookbook as sometimes it can be difficult finding dairy free recipes!

  221. sounds like a great book, today i have decided not to buy milk again ,
    every day without cow milk , is a better day !!
    good luck for the book, hope it will reach many people around the world…

  222. I’ve heard amazing things about this book. I’ve never won a thing before so I really hope I win this!

  223. Julie

    Would love to win this book. Additional information is always helpful. Thanks.

  224. Tricia

    I would love this book – my 8 year old has Autism & a development delay (he doesn’t grow), so I have to be careful what I remove from his diet in order to HELP him – doesn’t remove too many choices of great foods or else he won’t eat enough!

  225. I’d love a copy of this book for my sister-in-law. She’s eleven years old and struggling with not being able to eat a “normal” (to her) diet.


  226. I am very interested in going dairy free and would just truly enjoy winning. Thank you.

  227. Connie Baker

    This book will be a great book to all. My son owns Gluten Free
    Country Store in Gilbert, Az. and has an amazing amount of people
    who are lost at where to start with dairy free and gluten free.

  228. Eryn @ Pumpkin's Pantry @ pumpkinspantry.blogspot.com

    Ooooh, I have been wanting to purchase that cook book for a while now. Both myself (although more so) and my husband have IgG allergies to casein.

  229. Molly W.

    We had to switch to dairy-free last year because of my daughter’s severe tummy aches. After watching her success off dairy, I wondered if it had been the cause of all my tummy problems as a child. Since going dairy-free, we are happier, healthier, and tummy-ache free! We usually substitute almond milk in recipes, but I’d love to read about other milk substitutions — especially for buttermilk!!!

  230. Sarah

    Great book!

  231. Noe-R

    I am moving towards dairy free at home; this book sounds like a great source to have. I love the mention of the cantaloupe milk. I bet is made with the seeds of the cantaloupe.. it just so happens that I cut up one this morning and the seeds haven’t been discarded yet… hmm, your post just gave me an idea, how timely!

  232. Sara Jean

    I’m celiac and also have to do diary free. New tips and recipes would be fabulous!

  233. Diane M.

    This sounds like a fantastic cookbook and great guide for learning how to cook dairy free! This is a new challenge for me since I have just changed my diet to eliminate dairy, finding out that I am casein intolerant as well as gluten intolerant. The dairy elimination has been much tougher than eliminating gluten was because I’m a cheese-aholic. I really need to find a gluten & dairy free version of grilled cheese!

  234. I’d love to be entered into the drawing for the book Living Dairy Free. I’ve removed 95% of the dairy from my diet to great effect.

    I’m enjoying your blog!

  235. Sukee

    Oooooo… I’ve been dairy free since January! I’d love a chance to win this book. By the way, love your almond pulp cracker recipe! It’s a staple in my household!!

  236. I so missy creamy sauces and cheesy dishes since I found out I have an actual milk allergy and not just lactose intolerance. This summer would be the perfect time to try some of her wonderful recipes!

  237. zingara

    feeding cow’s milk to a human baby is a travesty…when god has provided a readily accessable “lunch counter” on the human female anatomy.

  238. yvette

    Wow! Canteloupe Milk! And here I thought I was on top of all the dairy alternatives. I’d love to check out her book and get some new recipes.
    Thank you Elana for all your great recipes and these awesome giveaways that also let us know what’s out there!

    Have a good day!

  239. Interested to read about the non dairy milk ideas.

  240. Jeannine Snyder

    After successfully eliminating ALL gluten from my diet, I am now facing doing the same with dairy. This one seems SO hard. Dairy is my go to food :( Pizza, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, yogurt,quesadillas, you get the idea! I have found GREAT gluten free alternatives but my attempts to replace the dairy with good tasting substitutes have failed miserably. Your recipes and blog have been absolute life savers! As a struggling recent college graduate, I would love to be considered for the free book….:)

  241. Kathy

    I would love to have this book. I have been lactose intolerant since I was in my early 20’s, as well as gluten intolerant. I also have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. If I avoid gluten and dairy I have fewer flare-ups. I know this book would give me some new choices for living dairy free. Thanks Elana.

  242. I would love to win this book because a lot of my cooking depends on dairy and I would like to use less of it!

  243. Paula Glenn

    What a great resource that book would be. We are also dairy free and I make fresh almond milk a few times a week. It is so delicious and healthy. Thanks so much for your website and the wonderful recipes you share.

  244. Lindsey Q

    Amazing. Would lover to add this to my shelf.

  245. Heather

    We have started to go dairy-free in our house. Almond milk is our new kitchen staple, but giving up butter and yogurt has been a little more difficult. This book sounds amazing.

  246. Amy

    Perfect timing! Both of my children, who must be GF, are also having troubles with dairy. I’d love to have more information on subsitutions. Thanks!

  247. Donny B

    Sounds great! I’d love to learn more about living dairy-free. I’m already doing it on my own but the recipes and substitutions sound really helpful.

  248. Kari Schmitz

    Looks interesting, I am on a brand new dairy and gluten free diet (just 2 weeks and already feeling much better!!) and have a lot of learning to do! Thanks for all you do! Kari

  249. Laurel holler

    I have been dairy free for 6 months now. I’d love to win this book!!

  250. Ruth

    Oh, I so desperately need this book. I am already dairy free, but do need more recipes to get through eating with my boys. If I don’t win the book, I”ll likely buy it. Thanks for the rec Elena!

  251. Melissa

    I cannot do dairy in addition to being celiac and I am always looking for recipes which are dairy free. I would love to win this cookbook. Thanks for the opportunity.

  252. I would love to win a copy of this book…but if I don’t, I am definitely adding it to my birthday wishlist! :)

  253. Mary Jane

    I recently went dairy free and would love this book as a resource to learn how to cook for myself and my daughters.

  254. Megan

    I frequent the Go Dairy Free website quite a bit! I’m always looking for dairy substitutes since I am lactose intolerant. Would love to to add this cookbook to my growing collection :)

  255. Louise

    I learned that during food cleanses they recommend taking out dairy. So once I got off the cleanse I kept with primarily a non dairy diet feeling better as a result. I would love to be able to learn to bake without dairy which has been a challenge.

  256. Melissa Gordon

    Hi Elana,

    I am so glad I found your blog. For years now I have expected food allergies are the culprit for my daughter’s illnesses. Although doctors have told me, that it is not food allergies, her blood tests/skin tests don’t show allergies. But that is all they have ever done, no scopes for celiac’s etc. I eventually took my daughter off of dairy, because that for sure was obvious to me, or so I thought. Is there something I am missing? Is there hidden milk, casein in things I am using that I am not aware? Is it gluten and dairy? I feel so lost and confused and helpless, that I don’t even know where to begin. That is why I am so glad I found your website, to help take me by the hand and walk me through this new journey in my life, recipes, tips, etc. For that I am grateful. Thanks Sincerely, Missy

  257. Venessa

    This is great! I’ve been wanting to try out this book. Thank you for this opportunity.

  258. Desi@thepalatepeacemaker.com @ thepalatepeacemaker.com

    I’ve wanted this book since the beginning of my dairy-free time. :)

  259. johanna

    My Celiac daughter says milk gives her problems and avoids it.

  260. Books sounds like something I am looking for

  261. Greta @ punkelikat.se

    Oh my! I would love this book, seeing as I recently stopped eating dairy. I’m sure my mother, who’s lactose intolerant, would like to read it as well.

  262. Elizabeth

    Thank to my brother I’ve been Gluten free for 9 months now. I feel great and now he’s trying to get me to go dairy free as well. This book would be a huge help in my efforts!

  263. I first realized my dairy intolerance at 17 (after learning about the intolerance just by being of asian decent), giving up milk then, but only recently have given up cheeses. I’d love to win this book!

  264. Karen J.

    Living dairy free is very challenging. I’d love to get this cookbook to get meal ideas.

  265. Enter me in, thankfully I’m ok w/dairy but many of my patients are not.
    Thanks for all your good work. I refer to your website often.

  266. Dawn

    I would love to read this book! We are phasing out dairy in our home due to the gluten/casein intolerance issue and I could use some good, solid defense to to counter the protesting..:)

  267. Lauren Kressin

    ooo the cantaloupe milk sounds interesting. I bought an ice cream maker last year so that could start experimenting with making my own healthy ice creams. We’ve only done coconut milk ice cream so far.

  268. Deborah Binder

    I would love to explore this option for myself…..especially giving up ice cream! Thanks.

  269. Elana,
    I would love love love this book. My sister has celiac disease and is lactose intolerant, I myself am lactose intolerant as well. Thankfully, we both have been able to nourish ourselves over the past few years, cooking up yummy gluten and dairy free recipes in the kitchen with one another. I just recently bought your Almond Flour Cookbook and last night I made a version of your banana cake, but instead of chocolate I used coconut and walnuts, absolutely decadent, and addicting. Luckily, I sent my mom with half of the cake to work for her clients so I dont go overboard. Thank you for catering to the gluten free and dairy free community because you help make our lives simple!

  270. Rachel B. @ bb4wa.com

    Among all my food issues, dairy is at the top of the list. I am always searching for dairy-free foods and would love to read this book. Thank you.

  271. Pam

    I’ve been a vegetarian since 1984 and would love to go vegan. My kids are 2 and 5 and I don’t feel I have the knowledge to give them a healthy dairy-free diet. I’d love to read about dairy-free options. I’m okay with eggs since we have our own chickens that give us eggs.

  272. emilyrw

    My nephew is allergic to casein. I would love to give this book to his family!

  273. Lauren

    I would love the book!

  274. Mary Dupuis

    What a great idea to give away a book to help those of us out here that cannot tolerate the casein in milk. Thank you!

  275. Betty

    It sounds like a great resource for daily alternatives!

  276. I’ll have to check this out! I was just researching how to make cashew cream yesterday.

  277. Hillary

    This would be a great book to have since I don’t tolerate most dairy due to Celiac Disease. My kids also don’t seem to do to well with it. I weaned them from breast milk to almond milk. Now we make homemade yogurt from un-homogenized whole milk that cultures for 24 hours so there is no lactose left, and we all seem to do well with that. More dairy free options would be nice though.

  278. This book looks amazing! What a blessing for those of us who are GF and intolerant of dairy. thanks for making us aware of her contribution for our world!

  279. Jennifer Wood

    I would like to incorporate more nut and seed milks into my diet

  280. Christina I

    This is so true for celiacs, dairy is not our friend…i miss cheese!

  281. Becky

    I’m in the process of healing my gut right now and this book would be perfect for me to learn some new dairy-free recipes!

  282. Nicole

    Thanks for all the recipe posts, I often play in the kitchen with gluten free & vegan recipes. Sites like yours help people! I personally enjoy the health aspect of gluten free options. Keep them coming, Nicole

  283. Laura rechtfertig

    What a great book. My four yr old is allergic to casein and it appears that my 14 mo old is the same. Would love to have some aLternatives. Thx.

  284. betsy

    I’m new to gluten free and dairy free eating. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am trying to do my best to help with the pain. A book would be so helpful to get me jump started on my new quest!

  285. Jessica


  286. Amy

    I’d love to have a copy of this book! Have had it out from tehlibrary and found it useful.

  287. Dacia

    We would love this at our house!

  288. mary janssen

    This would be great

  289. ashlee macdonald

    Oh I would love this cookbook! I am always trying to find new recipes that are dairy free!

  290. Viva

    I’ve been allergic to dairy & gluten since I was a little pup and am always looking for inspiration to liven things up in the kitchen…..especially when it comes to making meals that both myself and my dairy,gluten,sugar lovin’ husband can share!! The book looks great!

  291. Catherine Frost

    I would love to receive a copy of this book! Thank you….Cathy

  292. Barbara Warren

    What an awesome give-away! Thanks for a chance to win and for all the great recipes.

  293. Sonia

    Hi Elana. Thank you for your wonderful website. My daughter 2 months ago started experiencing symptoms of Type I Diabetes and during that time we also found out that she is gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, corn intolerant. We put her on a drastic diet over night of no wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, night shade veggies and a candida diet. We have made together quite a few of your recipes and have loved everyone of them. Thank you again for helping us get through this difficult time.

  294. I suspect that I need to be dairy free and would love to read more about it. I love all the recipes you have on your website. I also love your cookbooks.

  295. I’d love to win this book. As my multiple explorations to get better, I’m trying to go dairy free :)

  296. Kate

    I’m not dairy-free, but people are always asking me about it since I’m gluten-free!

  297. sue kimball @ travelsketchwrite.com

    After years of gluten-free eating I am now finding I have an intolerance to dairy. Unfortunately, coconut milk is not an option for me either… would appreciate learning more about various alternatives!

  298. Amanda

    Awesome! This seems like it would be a great read. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for about a year and a half now and could definitely use more ideas! Thanks for bringing it to our attention :)

  299. Julie

    I’d love to expand past my almond milk to more dairy free eating (and cooking!). Thanks! :)

  300. Tammy

    My problem is with the casein. I have yet to find a good cheese alternative that does not still contain the casein. We go to a lot of B&Bs and there is one in Mystic, CT, the House of 1833, where the proprietor actually knows about the casein intolerance and will cook awesome foods without it. And the breakfast cakes and pies he makes are delectable. We go back just for the casein free, gluten free breakfasts! He has done it by trial and error, but I think he would absolutely love this dairy free cookbook. I think it would give him some more ideas.

  301. Sara

    This book sounds amazing!

  302. Elisa

    My sister is dairy free (I am gluten free with a minor lactose intolerance), and my sister struggles to figure out what to eat/cook. This book sounds absolutely perfect for her — I’d love to be able to give this book to her!

  303. Darcy P

    Awesome! It’s good to hear more people sharing the news about the damage we are doing to ourselves with dairy. Thank you for doing this give-away.

    Darcy P.

  304. Lynette

    This would be a godsend in my kitchen. Love your stuff, and use alot of your receipes, and looking to expand my lactose free possiblities.

  305. I’d love this book, since dairy is not something my body handles well!

  306. Bonnie

    Oh, the possibilities!

  307. I love dairy, but it does not love me. :-( For this reason, I’ve started embracing unsweetened almond milk which makes delicious smoothies! Would love to win this book.

  308. Amanda

    I have been dairy free now for around one year. But it is still hard sometime. Would love this great looking book!

  309. Molly M

    I’m dairy free with a few slip ups now and then. (hard to give up sour cream…). My kids still have dairy (goat in one case due to sensitivity to cow dairy), but I’m considering taking the plunge for the whole family. This book would be a great reference and help!! Thanks for all the fun contests!! M

  310. Judy Sides

    I have tried and tried to be dairy free. Hopefully this book will solve my quandry.

  311. Erica S.

    I have been trying to cut back on dairy and am struggling. This book sounds great!!

  312. Francine

    I have a casin intolerance, this cookbook would be very helpful with cooking/baking without dairy. This GF is all new to me. It would be great to win this book.

  313. Lynn Marie

    I started being dairy-free several years ago due to food intolerances, and have had this cookbook on my wishlist for a while!

  314. Cassie

    Looks like a great book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  315. Megan

    Hi! I have been allergic to cows milk since i was little.. but, recently diagnosed in February.. I am also allergic to gluten! It has been a rough transition to attempt to cook gluten/dairy free but, i just came across your website last week! :) I would love the cookbook! :) Have a great day!


  316. Barbara Pardo

    I visit your website often and have enjoyed many of your recipes since my allergy blood test showed that I’m highly allergic to eggs, whey and gluten. It has been a challenging but rewarding exploration of alternatives that has benefited me and my family. This book would be a great addition and give me more information. My diagnosis has been the best thing that has ever happened to my health and wellbeing. Thank you for the encouragement and great recipes. We love the kale with cranberries and many others.

  317. Margaret Bobb @ m-bobb.artistwebsites.com

    Hi Elana,

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive a copy of this book. I am DELIGHTED to have found your blog and recipes!

  318. My best friend is highly Lactose Intolerant. This book would give us more opportunities to cook things both of us can eat together.

  319. Jennifer

    Love your site! Thanks for another great give-away :]

  320. Linda

    Within the last 6 weeks we learned my daughter and daughter-in-law both have dairy and gluten allergies! We’re looking for recipes and ideas!

  321. Suzanne Lewis

    I would love this book!

  322. Jordan

    I would love a copy of this book. I actually feel like not being able to eat dairy is a bigger obstacle for me than not being able to eat gluten. I miss cheese :(

  323. Maria

    I love all the interesting giveaways you got in between your awesome recipes, thanks :)

  324. I’d love to be entered! Dairy is something I should avoid, but still end of eating small amounts of (primarily hard aged sheep cheese).

  325. Megan

    I’m doing my best to be dairy free, but it has been difficult. My family is from Wisconsin and my father worked in the dairy industry! This book would help me learn recipes to ease the pain a little.

  326. Christine

    hi Elana! i would love to win a copy of this book : )

    in good health,

  327. Ria Mullins

    I am currently on a cleanse and eliminating dairy for the first time ever! Cheese is always my go-to snack. I am really starting to realize I don’t need it as much as I thought. I would love a book to guide me through this transition.

  328. Alisa has created such a great resource for people on the internet who are trying to live dairy free. It can be challenging at times! I would love to get a chance to read and use her new book.

  329. nora stone

    Thanks, Elana, for continuing to educate us in fun, healthy ways – this cookbook sounds great!

  330. Darlene

    This book would be a godsend to me! I have severe allergy to casein and must use alternative milks such as coconut or hemp. Unfortunately, I’m even allergic to almonds – so can’t have almond milk.

    I am also allergic to eggs – very difficult if you’re trying to bake!

    Any ideas you can pass along with alternative recipes would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

  331. How neat! We don’t have any dairy allergies, but I’m always looking for ways to cut down. We’ve recently started using almond milk instead of regular milk in everything. I find the refrigerated cartons have a better consistency than the tetra-pack cartons.

  332. Nicole

    I am not gluten intolerant, but I am lactose intolerant. I have been playing around with substitutions for dairy, so this book would be a great resource! Love your blog!!

  333. Linda Charles

    I love your web site and find many healthy and yummy recipes that are safe for me but also pass my husbands critical taste buds. I have been allergic to milk products since I was a child so I would enjoy the chance to learn new dairy free recipes.

  334. AnnMarie Deis

    WOW! I’m especially interested in canteloupe milk!!! Great book idea!!!!! :)

  335. Shari F.

    Thanks for continuing to educate us, Elana. What a gift!

  336. Sounds fabulous and the book got great reviews on Amazon! I have a dairy sensitivity and am always looking for new ways to eat without gluten, dairy, yeast and sugar. Thanks for hosting this!

  337. Jennifer @ strongmothers.com

    This is great!! I would love a copy!!

  338. My brother has a casein allergy and while he’s known about it and lived with it for years, it might be interesting to see how other people have taken dairy out of their diets!

  339. Amy Timms

    After realizing gluten wasn’t my only problem, dairy was too, I would love a book like this!

    On a separate note, I LOVE your cookbooks. I’ve enjoyed cooking out of both of them and everyone is always shocked there is no wheat flour in what I’ve made them.

  340. Mercedes @ Cultivating Consciousness @ cultivating-consciousness.blogspot.com

    Thanks Elana! What a great giveaway!

  341. Arlene

    Love to do dairy free when possible due to so many sugar grams in dairy.

  342. Rachel

    My kids and I are all allergic to dairy so I am always looking for fun alternatives. This book sounds great!

  343. Angela Thompson

    My son is on a dairy free diet (among lots of other things he has to avoid), and this would help me tremendously!

  344. Rebekah

    OMG I didnt even know a book like that existed! I have had to eliminate dairy due to an allergy (apparently I have had it all my life according to my mom, but she never told me about it) after having severe GI symptoms that led to outpatient hospital procedures and it has been soooooo hard to give it up after literally being ADDICTED (Im talking 8 oz of cheese a day addicted) to cheese for 30 years….and my son also has issues with dairy and I have been trying to get him to go dairy free for a few years now, and he finally was able to eliminate gluten after 2 years of trying, and its so hard and so frustrating to deal with gluten intolerance, dairy issues, soy issues, a low carb diabetic friendly diet with no artifical colors or flavors or preservatives that is kid friendly…some days it seems impossible!

  345. Sandra Banfield

    This book will really help me cook for my child that has celiac disease.

  346. MKB

    This would be a very helpful book. I have been lactose intolerant for 20+ years now and have been trying gluten free (and feeling a lot better!) for the past six months. I love your books!

  347. Samara

    I love to experiment with dairy-free!
    I would love to win this book!

  348. KellyBelly

    I put my son on a dairy free diet a year ago to see if it would help clear up the fluid he always had in his ears. I went dariy free too in support of him and it didn’t take long to not miss it. We have more recently also gone GF to clear up other issues for me. I love all the support online for “alternative” eating through blogs like yours Elana. When cooking & baking at home our eating is very “normal” to us because of all the great recipes I can find on online. I would love to have the cookbook Go Dairy Free to add to my “normal” collection of cookbooks!

  349. Eileen

    Would love to this book at our house.

  350. Martine

    I’d love this book! I’m transitioning to being totally gluten, dairy, soy, egg & corn free, and need all the ideas I can get!

  351. Alison Dafoe

    This book looks great.

  352. rbwolfie

    Would love a copy of the book… I have been dairy free since my son was 8 weeks old as he was diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance. He couldn’t tolerate me eating dairy because it came through my breastmilk. We just tried dairy again via me eating it and giving him a little bit of cream and at 11 months he still can’t tolerate any dairy products via my breastmilk or him ingesting it. It was REALLY hard giving up cheese. REALLY HARD. Even now I still really miss cheese, so, any recipes for dairy substitutes would be great! It gets difficult thinking of different recipes form me and my son…and hubby too even though he can eat dairy.

  353. Kara

    I’ve been on a gluten free diet for a while now and recently had to go dairy free as well; thankfully, I have been feeling better. I’m always looking for new information and recipes to try. Cantaloupe milk sounds great! I’d love to win this book so I can try making it and learn of other substitutions.

  354. Ursula

    The book looks great! I’d like to eliminate dairy from my diet – I just know I will feel better :)

  355. Christine

    I would love this book, just started the dairy free diet, had no idea it was a problem for me!

    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!


  356. Charlene

    Thanks for the giveaway! My son is on the gluten free casein free diet. He has trouble digesting both, and we try to give him alternatives that taste just as good. So I could really use this book to give us more alternatives! Thanks!

  357. I would LOVE this! 2 of my daughters have milk allergies.

  358. Eleanor Rodgers

    I have celiac disease, and have to avoid dairy as well. I need all the help I can get! The book sounds wonderful!

  359. Debbie

    Since learning about my own gluten allergy I have noticed that my body really does not tolerate dairy well so I have tried to stay away from lactose. What a common thread that we all share!

  360. Audra

    I am a vegetarian who is transitioning to a completely dairy free diet. This book sounds right up my alley!

  361. I’m am interested in your book because my husband can’t eat gluten or dairy. I don’t really enjoy cooking but that is his love language so I’m always looking for simple easy ways to make healthy meals for him : )

  362. Jessica Jansen

    I am a Celiac that is also completely intolerant of dairy and soy as well. I’d love to explore more dairy free replacement options.

  363. sara barroso @ curatorsoflifestyle.com

    We go back and forth on being dairy free. some days it’s harder than others. I’d be very interested in reading this book, learning some new tricks and ideas and implementing this into our family meals. pick me!
    thanks for a great blog!

  364. Jamee

    Would love to find different ways for me to eat cereal or wash down peanut butter with!

  365. Priscilla A. Meinheit

    I would love to win this book. 5 years ago, I had to basically go dairy free in my cooking and baking. I have used Almond and Coconut milk with good results. Can’t taste the difference.

    I have both of your cookbooks and love the recipes. Thank you for all your time that you spend making each recipe perfect.

  366. Priscilla A. Meinheit

    5 years ago I had to go dairy free in my cooking and baking. Have cooked with Almond and Coconut milk and have really liked the results. I would love to win this cookbook.

  367. Laura

    No gluten or dairy here. This looks like a helpful book!

  368. Sherry Litz

    I have been dairy free for over a year this would great help because I have just gone without.

  369. Lenee

    I am one of those just discovering the dairy allergy. I have eliminated all except for the occasional Parmesan on top of marinara sauce. I would love to learn more about replacing dairy.

  370. Virginia

    So glad you mentioned the gluten/dairy connection. We discovered sensitivities to both around the same time, and noticed the biggest changes when we combined forces excluded both from our diet. Life changing! Thanks for this site!

  371. Kathi Jobson

    I would love to read this book, I just got your “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook” I’ve changed my diet, going gluten, dairy, sugar and over processed food free. Can’t believe how much better I feel.

  372. Ericka

    This book has been on my wish list for awhile. I’d love a copy!

  373. Julie

    I made the conscious decision to cut out dairy about a year ago because of an increase in the effects of my lactose intolerance but it’s a struggle when you’re the only one around who can’t have it. On a recent trip to the midwest I was tormented by all the ice cream offerings but I was strong! The way I feel without it is worth it. Just have to remember that.

  374. Meghan

    Newly diagnosed Celiac, and newly lactose intolerant as well. This book looks fabulous, and perfect for those of us diagnosed later in life. It’s tough growing up with all of your favorite comfort foods (ice cream, bagels and cream cheese, pizza!) and then having them suddenly taken away. I’m so thankful for this blog and many others for helping me cope with their delicious gluten/dairy free recipes!

  375. Janis S,

    My son and sister are both lactose-intolerant and I’d love to win this book to help them be dairy free.

  376. Andie Lipcon

    This looks like an awesome book. I am all the evils of dairy!!

  377. Heartsong

    What a great give-away. I love dairy, but dairy has never loved me. I have been dairy free for many years.

  378. renee DV

    I was on the HCG diet for the last 6 weeks and was off dairy, something I was addicted to-mainly cheese. Surpringly, I no longer crave dairy. This book would be great for me to try

  379. Rita

    This cookbook sounds wonderful. My daughter found out about 2 years ago that she is gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant and allergic to eggs. I recently found out that my diagnosed IBS is actually a gluten intolerance. My son and I also somewhat sensitive to dairy.

  380. Pat Thomas

    I am working towards dairy free as I find my body just feels better when I avoid it. My greatest challenge is cheese. I love cheese and have not found anything close to substitute with! ahh Brie, Gouda, and Port Salute! I could dream about cheese plates!

  381. Gwen

    I would love a copy of this book, since we have a son with a dual diagnosis of DS and Autism. We’ve had him on a GFCF diet for about 4 years now . . . I still have problems figuring out what to give him! UGHH!!
    Thank You!

  382. Hannah Gaitten

    I have this book- reading it now, but would love to win a copy to give to a friend. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  383. Pat R

    I’m interested in going dairy free and need all the help I can get.

  384. Matildasmama

    My gluten-free and vegan lifestyle started six months ago as a challenge to my self to learn to cook and bake in other ways. However it has now become something I intend to continue and teach my daughter to do. I have come to feel much better in every aspect of my life and feel healthier eating this way. I still have much more to learn about thi new way of eating and this book would be great to add to my library of knowledge.

  385. Jenn

    This sounds great! I have been trying to cut out more dairy from my life and would love to become more educated!

  386. michele

    “Holy Cow!” pun intended! Cantelope milk? I thought I knew it all:hemp milk, almond milk, soy milk, hazlenut milk, etc. I hope there are “cheese” recipes too!

  387. Sherri

    It’s interesting feeding my husband and me because of our different dietary needs. My husband has celiac disease and diverticulosis, and I have an intolerance to dairy. I cook all of our meals at home; we no longer eat out. Not only has this helped keep our dietary needs in check, but it has also saved a boat load of money! We now follow a gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free diet. I would love to win this cookbook. It sounds like it would be one I could definitely use. :)

  388. Annette

    Looks like a great book and a big help for those of us trying to live dairy free! Thanks for the chance to win.

  389. Lauri

    This book sounds amazing. I’m nursing and my infant is already dairy intolerant so it would be great for me whilst nursing and for him once he starts eating solids!

  390. OOOO! Pick me!! I would LOVE to have the dairy free cookbook!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your almond flour cookbook…but I can always use more ;-)

  391. Rachel B

    I would love to win this cookbook. My husband is LI and I am GF. Busy house!

  392. This is a great giveaway! Thanks :)

  393. Christy

    Going dairy free is so easy when you have amazing resources like Elana’s Pantry to help you along the way!

  394. Stephanie rosas

    I want this so bad! This is a Paleo diet dream guide!

  395. Brenda

    Would love this! My daughter was diagnosed lactose intolerant as an infant, I have been since I was 15. I just recently found out I am gluten intolerant and soy intolerant along with lactose intolerant. Any help with meal ideas would be appreciated!

  396. Jen

    I’m definitely dairy free and would LOVE to see what creative ideas I can add to the mix!

  397. Andie Lipcon

    I have been amazed about what I have learned about dairy… I have found it is one of the causes to my migraines.
    I have been dairy free for 11 months and I am a better person for it!

  398. cindy

    always looking for ways to cut out the dairy. I use coconut milk and almond milk quite a bit. Would love to learn some new tricks and recipes :)

  399. Holly

    A myriad of health issues, including the main one, myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) cause endless havoc with my diet – however, I have gotten the IBS under control by eliminating dairy – coconut and almond or other nut milks work great (soy is bad for me).

    I’d love to win this cookbook. Besides eating gluten-free, watching out for 30+ food sensitivities, I occasionally stray into adding some kind of cheese or butter into my food to adjust for missing richness because I still havent gotten that down. Its a challenge to be sure…I never thought eating food would be so complicated and time-consuming – some days I forget to eat because its too difficult to deal with.

  400. Alanda

    I am dairy free and doing alright, but new ideas are always appreciated, I will have to check this book out either way. Thanks!

  401. Alice Misiewicz

    I’m always looking for new ways to be dairy free.

  402. Vicki

    As someone with a dairy intolerance, this sounds like a great resource!

  403. Susan Reed

    I’ve found your website to be full of information and wonderful recipes….Thanks, Elena!

  404. Donna

    I would love to win this book. I am interested in going dairy free!! I have been having stomach issues and it seems to be coming from dairy products.

  405. Francise

    I love your website. It has become a great resource during a very trying time. After totally revamping my dietary lifestyle, I am currently in remission from lymphoma and crohn’s disease. I’ve cut out all grains and starches, as well as gluten and most dairy from my diet. I’m determined not to go back on medication for the crohn’s disease, so I’m controlling my condition with diet. This book would be a wonderful addition to my library!

  406. Terri Stankiewicz

    This book sounds great — I went dairy-free kicking and screaming, and would love some good recipes and ideas to make this change easier (much like Elana’s almond flour cookbook did for me when I want gluten-free). T

  407. Isabelle

    I would love to win! I’m going dairy free since three weeks, and my three kids will probably have to go too… Would be a tons of great ideas for the cook in the house! ;-)

  408. Hannah Worthington

    Oooh, yes please!

  409. Marie hayden @ Www.haydenfitness.ca

    This would be a great resource for our family and my clients! Thanks for all your great info. We are loving the recipes a lot.

  410. Lisa Rogers

    Learning to be dairy free as I grow more lactose intolerant. :( would be a great thing to win. :)

  411. Laura

    I used to be fine with dairy, but find that I’m sensitive to it now. This book looks great!

  412. Sharon Norton-Bauman

    I love your website, and look forward to reading it and learning something new every time.

  413. Velvia

    I have been dairy free for almost three years now. It was by choice, not necessity, and I don’t miss it at all. thanks for the chance to win this book.

  414. Sara

    This looks like a valuable resource in shifting our diet to accomodate dairy allergies in some of my children. Thanks for the giveaway!

  415. Marci

    Having to live both gluten-free AND dairy-free is such a challenge – it’s nice to know there are great resources like this out there!

  416. irene simanavicius

    I am so pleased that there is abook out like this. i am eastern european and we live on sour cream yogourt and cheese. I miss it so much. I am lactose intolerant and would love to find some substitutions.
    Thank you so much..

  417. Tammy H.

    Loving the recipes! Thx Elana.

  418. Stephanie Mckenzie @ readingyourlips.blogspot.com

    Looks like a great book, 90% of my health problems have been solved just going gluten free, but the other 10% might be from dairy and possibly some other foods…I’m still figuring things out. I would love to win this book!

  419. Gro

    I’m going to try to go dairyfree, to see if that will help with my stomach, and this book would be a really great help.

  420. Magali

    Hi Elana!
    I used to make my own yogurts and my own cheese. Then I found out I was lactose intolerant. Well, it did change my way of life, but certainly gave me the chance to explore new healthier ways of eating and living! I’m always looking for new sources of dairy-free (but also gluten-free) recipes, tips and ideas so this “Go Dairy Free” edition really sounds appealing :)
    Thank you for everything you do!

  421. Karin

    I agree – sometimes it can be such a challenge to be both gluten and dairy free. This would be a great resource.

  422. Melissa Burford @ melissaburford.typepad.com

    I’m dairy free and am always looking for new and different ways to make fabulous food. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  423. My daughter, Elaina, is 5 and was recently told she was gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. This cookbook would be great for this Mommy who has no idea how to cook, now.

  424. Joni

    I don’t tolerate gluten or dairy well, so I would love to add this cookbook to my arsenal.

  425. Marina

    I’ve been trying to go dairy free but I’m addicted to cheese. I would like some help :)

  426. We have been cutting out dairy for a short while but have seen a big difference. I would love to have this book.

  427. Maggie

    I would love to have this book! I’ve been dairy free for a year now and would love more creative ideas.

  428. Melissa

    We’ve been mostly gluten free & dairy free for 3 years, with the occasional compromise. I’ve been thinking lately that I really need to crack down on the dairy more, so this would be a wonderful addition to help me get remotivated. Thanks to all you wonderful people that forge the trails to make it easier for the rest of us!

  429. Leah

    We have a lot of people with casein intolerances in my family and I would love to have this book as a reference!

  430. Lisa

    I would LOVE this book!!!!

  431. Tracy Hobdy

    What a wonderful resource! I am just beginning the dairy free journey (along with cutting gluten and sugar) and need ideas for delicious alternatives! I think these recipes will help me encourage my entire family to commit to a diet and lifestyle change. Thanks!

  432. My husband can’t tolerate casein and I’m still trying to master all there is to dairy free cooking/baking.

  433. Laura Dickinson

    I would love to learn more!

  434. Laura

    Yum!!!! Cantaloupe milk sounds so delicious. This looks like a fantastic cookbook!

  435. Jena

    Hello! I would love to win this book to learn more about being dairy free. Just the other day I told my husband I was thinking of going dairy free (as I am already gluten free). This would be the perfect learning opportunity for me to see if my stomach would handle being GF and DF!

  436. Betty Smith

    My granddaughter is 8 years old and has not been able to eat gluten or dairy since she was 9 months old. I have used many of your recipes to help me learn how to cook for her when she visits.

  437. jamie guidry

    My doctor advised me to go gluten, dairy and egg free to reverse an autoimmune issue. So, learning new and tasty recipes is always wonderful.

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts and sharing your delicious recipes.


  438. Susan R

    I would like to know more about this and how to go dairy-free in my diet.

  439. Meghan

    This books sounds awesome. I am enrolling in school at the Institution for Integrative Nutrition in the fall and I am excited to learn about different lifestyles and diet and so that way I can take on any type of client and help them be at their healthiest. This book would be great to use for myself or future clients or just knowledge alone. I sometimes wonder if I have a dairy allergy and so I stay of dairy and just drink almond milk and then when I switch back to dairy I am ok for a while but then my stomach hurts again. Never really sure what it is. Excited about this book!

  440. Anna Aspnes @ annaaspnesdesigns.com

    REALLY intrigued about that Cantaloup milk Elana! Thanks for the chance.

  441. That would be awesome! I’m recently diagnosed gluten intolerant, and now lactose intolerant! I need ideas ;)

  442. annie

    thanks for the opportunity elana, with this book combined with everything i’m learning from your book and website, making healthy meals and treats probably couldn’t get much easier…

  443. Monique


    I cannot tolerate any grains or dairy so would love to see this book. Thanks Elana!


  444. Meredith

    I never had any sensitivity to dairy growing up, but as a sophomore in college I developed lactose intolerance. I tried taking lactase enzyme, but unless I took at least 4 they didn’t work for me very well. Grudgingly I gave up eating all of the foods that I loved with dairy in them. Recently I have started cooking and baking dairy free, but would love a cookbook with recipes that are all dairy free so that I don’t have to come up with substitute ingredients myself.

  445. Casey (The Hippie Health Nut) @ hippiehealthnut.com

    Would love to check this book out. Haven’t had to cut out dairy completely yet, but had to reduce to 1-2 servings a week. This would help greatly.

  446. I am allergic to dairy, but also a lot of dairy’s substitutes, like rice, soy, and anything with carageenan. So, I’m always on the look-out for helpful substituting resources. Thanks, Elana!

  447. Christine @ Nourish the Budding Lotus @ buddinglotusbody.com/nourish

    This book looks beautiful! I definitely do not digest dairy well, and know that I am at my best when I avoid it, so I would love to get some new creative ideas. :)

  448. PAT

    This book sounds delightful. In addition to being gluten intolerant, I am soy and dairy intolerant, so this cookbook would be a welcome addition to the other GF cookbooks.

  449. Heather Trabing

    This book would be amazing to have!! I just recently realized I was intolerant to dairy and would LOVE to read up on it! :) I hope I can get it for sure! :)

  450. I just found out I was allergic to dairy last month. Before that I had a baking blog and cooked with butter as often as possible! It has been a real sea change- and I feel like a new woman. I would love some inspiration though- this book looks perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  451. Andrina

    Would love love love to win this wonderful book.

  452. This book truly sounds wonderful!
    Having recently moved back to my native country Norway after many years in Canada, I have come to realize that I am milk intolerant. But living in the country of milk and meat (a true nordic diet – not a lot of fruits and vegetables available here), my intention of staying completely off milk to rebuild my system, is facing quite a few challenges. I newer realized that milk and milk products where in such a large number of foods! Internet (and your great blog) has given me many ideas, but inspiration is always welcome!

  453. Cynthia S.

    Yep, I would love a copy. I am allergic to whey, which makes the coming of ice cream season kind of a bummer.

  454. Mia

    I would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  455. Nerissa

    I would love this book. I’m always looking for new ways to keep dairy out/low as it really upsets my allergies.

  456. Karen

    Elana, you are always giving away something wonderful! I would love to add this to my collection of gluten-free, dairy-free recipes. thanks for the opportunity.

  457. Ashley

    Would love this book! We suffer badly with allergies when we consume dairy.

  458. brandy avila

    We are a dairy free home. I’d love some help on how to cook without dairy. We have been stuck in a rut lately.

  459. Last September, I was having horrible pains and joint swelling in my knuckles. I read that dairy may be responsible for many symptoms of arthritus. Stopped eating all dairy and also began drinking tons of Soy Milk that I make myself. Within 2 weeks, I was pain free and after just a month, the knuckles had returned to normal. Since then, I’ve changed my whole diet to gluten free, lost 70 lbs. and feel like a new person. What made sense to me was the original article about dairy said the humans are the only mammals that keep drinking milk after they are weened. We don’t need dairy in our nutrition and can get better calcium from vegetables and other, cheaper foods too! Thanks Elana!

  460. Suzanne Shisley

    Just found your site through Gluten Free Goddess. I have and love the book you are giving away, it is so helpful, what a great thing. I look forward to exploring your site and books.

  461. Shelby P.

    The book sounds awesome! It would be an invaluable resource to have. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  462. Nicole

    I am dairy free, but can always use new ideas!

  463. sandy

    Went dairy free 10 months ago and always looking for great foods made without dairy. It has made a big difference in how our bodies feel.

  464. Elisa Alexander

    wow. Just found your website. Doc has me on a detox diet right now, (no Soy, no wheat etc) but look forward to some interesting alternatives to eating for me and my family going forward!

  465. JoAnne

    What a great book, as I don’t consume any dairy. It’s always fun to have new ideas to get inspirations from!

  466. While I don’t need to go “dairy free” I am ALWAYs looking for new recipes. I want to be well versed in all types of foods so that if someone is coming over to my house that can’t have this or that then I won’t have a freak out at the market. :)

  467. Beth

    Sounds like a good read.

  468. Kristen Dawson

    Hey there! Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway! “Go Dairy Free” sounds like an impressive resource for me as I have just found out that my son is sensitive to ALL dairy!

    Thanks again.


  469. Janet Harrison

    This looks like a wonderful book! I’m always on the lookout for ways to substitute dairy products. Thanks for offering this. I enjoy your postings.

  470. What a great giveaway. Learning to adjust to a gluten-free or dairy-free diet can initially be quite frustrating – and even borderline depressing – so having access to a creative set of recipes that do not make you sick is a great mood-booster.

  471. erika

    thanks for the chance!

  472. amy

    I love trying dairy-free recipes. Always interesting to see how they turn out!

  473. Joanna

    It’s great having recommendations for really good food books that make healthful living attainable!

  474. Robbie

    I have been thinking about going completly dairy free for a while, but just need some guidance on how to do it. I still sucumb to cheese and yogurt but at least I have stopped drinking regular milk. This book sounds like it could really help! Thank you for the great giveaway. I’d love to win!

  475. Stacey LoSacco

    I am gluten intolerant and have a sensitivity to dairy. Would love the book for new ideas! Thank you

  476. Linda Johnson

    My 20 yr old daughter has this book and it’s one of her ‘bibles’ for cooking. Now my son is going dairy free and he would love a copy of his own!!

  477. Rebecca

    This book sounds wonderful. Im sure it can give me a boost on my going completely vegan plan. :)

  478. Frances Cromwell @ ecomomoftwo.com

    This book sounds fantastic! About a year ago I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant, which added to my intolerance of gluten, corn and most GF grains was not easy to take.

    I have to say my cooking had been a bit boring and repetitive! It needs some life given to it!

  479. Randi

    I would love to win this cookbook. I can not have gluten, dairy or soy. Any new ideas are helpful!

  480. Melissa Wagenaar

    I would love to win this book! My 2 year old son is gluten and sugar free already and is sensitive to dairy as well.

  481. I simply would like to win this amazing book, because I see us needing to cut back or eliminate dairy in the near future with my little kiddos.

  482. Sarita

    I’d love this book!

  483. Would love to win this book – have a huge interest in the topic, and would love to expand our knowledge base!

  484. Victoria Monroe @ izzyfromcanada.tumblr.com

    What an incredible book!!
    Four years ago, I had three craniotomies. Since then, I have had constant stomach pain. Of course, my brain injury came first. But for the last year, now that there is no pain in my head, the stomach pains have been even more prominent. Just recently I found out I am allergic to beef and dairy (Ironically, I live on a cattle farm surrounded by dairy farms. Murphy’s Law?) and gluten intolerant. As a student, it is so hard to cook every night after a long day at school plus homework, and also trying to work around my food sensitivities makes it much harder. Your blog is great though! I loooooove your gluten free bread (simple and 2.0) – I thought I would never have a sandwich again! Thank you!
    This book looks great, if I don’t win I just might order it myself.

    Victoria Monroe
    BC, Canada

  485. Chris Papajohn

    thanks so much

  486. Heather

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  487. Green Shushi @ greenshushi.com

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    I went dairy free 3 months ago (I had already been gluten free for over 3.5 years at the time) after a Cyrex Labs gluten cross-reactivity test showed I had a sensitivity to dairy also. I have been struggling with daily headaches/migraines for over 18 years and have tried numerous treatments, supplements, etc with no improvement; however, after going dairy free, I am noticing some improvements for the first time – less overall pain, and fewer really bad migraines. This book sounds great for learning more about being dairy free!

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  490. Laura Jane @ laurajanestudios.com

    This is so great! Our family has started following Paleo guidelines for just the last 2 months. My 5-year-old, who has been complaining about her tummy for as long as she could speak, seems to be doing much better now that she’s off of dairy and grains!

    I also just want to say thank you, Elana, for sharing all of your efforts with the rest of us. I love reading your posts and am so thrilled each time I try one of your recipes :)

  491. Erin

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    Would love some more recipe ideas…

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    I have been having much troubles for a long time digesting dairy
    and also gluten. I am trying to eat gluten free for about one month. I feel a little better but not all the way. It is difficult to keep up with all the hidden ingredients in the foods that we buy. I also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis for many years. I am always in pain. I just found a web site about natural remedies, lets see if will help me. I think that the book will help me so much!!. Learning new ways to improve my health is always my goal. Good lock to all the ones that want to win the book.

  495. Hannah Smith @ gmail.com

    That cookbook looks wonderful! I grew up with stomach aches and nausea almost every day up until last year when I finally got tested. It’s hard because I used to live off of wheat bread and pasta, but now it’s worth it because my stomach aches are more rare and I am able to go out without worrying about my problem. I miss gluten so much, it’s difficult to find recipes that I enjoy and that satisfy my craving but this website is so helpful! I would love to make recipes from that cookbook!

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  508. Jessi has Turner’s Syndrome and has recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. We are slowly starting SCD/GAPS and need all the resources we can get.
    Thanks for what you do!!

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    It has been such a struggle to be lactose intolerant as well as gluten free. It is SOO confusing as to how to substitute non dairy for dairy and I would LOVE to have this book to help me out. I am soooooo bored and frustrated with my FOODS…..

  512. I have seen this book a couple of times and always wonder if it will be money well spent. But, as I just got back from the doctor with my youngest son who now must also go dairy free (that’s all of us now!) this book would be super helpful. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  513. Ellice Longo @ ellicelongo.com

    I would love to win this valuable book as my grandaughter who is my first 8 months old now has a problem with dairy and we had to search high and low for the right formula. We give her lactose tablets to help her digest her formula. Thank you for this opportunity and the wealth of information you offer to us all! be well Ellice

  514. Darcy clawson

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  517. Totally excited about this find as my doctor declared I go, dairy free, soy free, grain free, and sugar free last week. :)

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  521. Valerie Cobbs

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    products. This book sounds very interesting and the information in it
    would undoubtedly put me on the right track.

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  524. Looking forward to learning more and sharing with my family and friends – thanks!

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  526. I’m intolerant to gluten and dairy both and am always looking for new inspiration for recipes.

  527. What a wonderful resource!

  528. This book is EXACLTY what I’ve been needing! I can’t seem to bring myself to part with dairy even though I should (and the bf just discovered a lactose intolerance). Thanks for this chance Elana :)

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  530. John H.

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    I’d love to win the book .

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  536. LE

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  537. Lynn Krukowski @ fireagateartstudio.com

    I was curious about cashew milk but now you have me wondering about canteloupe. I still remember forcing myself to eat a scoop of ice cream at a girl friends house (as she had made me a surprize 21st birthday cake)(100 years ago!) and spending the night in utter agony. I finally learned to speak up after that about not being able to eat dairy or wheat. (….come on, just a little bite….sigh)

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  539. Nana

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  544. Elizabeth Toll @ harpwriter.webs.com

    Cantaloupe milk? That’s a new one on me! I have a casein intolerance and have had to work around it for years, but there’s always something new to learn.

  545. Laurel

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  546. Tammi

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  564. Skruf

    Elana you have made my day yet again! Being a Coeliac with Dairy intolerance along with ALL the other foods I have to avoid I always look forward to the great recipes and links you share. I have suffered since a small child with degestion issues so I grew to dislike food. You are bringing pleasure back to meal times THANKYOU. Its so hard finding great substitutes that I can have, appreciate the time and effort you put into making food a little easier do deal with. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  565. Gill

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    Congratulations on your new book and all the importantly vital work you do with your blog to educate your readers with quality information to help them with their dietary needs.

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  568. Vanette

    So grateful for your website and cookbooks! With kids with allergies, we are always looking for ways to rotate foods (so we don’t eat the same category, including dairy, more than once every 4 days). I love the fact that we can cook gluten free and healthy treats that everyone enjoys!

  569. Deborah

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  570. Pat Thames

    This would be a wonderful book for our household. My 16 year old grandson can not have dairy or gluten, berries, additives. My daughter and I do not eat most of what he cannot eat. He will go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester next month for help because he runs a low fever most of the time and loses many meals. He has lost almost fifty pounds.

    I am schocked at the replies you receive. There are so many having food allergies.

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned for feeding your family.

  571. Count me in please! I’d love to learn more :)

  572. Marti

    You’re absolutely right that there is no real comparison between treats made with almond flour as opposed to tapioca, sorghum, rice flour, etc. And, I’m glad for the fiber in almond flour, too!

    I’ve been avoiding dairy for more than 10 years, and my favorite “substitute” is unsweetened Almond Milk! Alisa’s book sounds intriguing — would love to win it.

  573. Angela H. @ blog.thestone.org

    Great giveaway! Thank you!

  574. This is a wonderful idea. I remember being told by my doctor that my tests indicated that I needed to be free of gluten, dairy,eggs, and soy. I could not conceive that a book like this existed. What a godsend for people with this problem.

  575. Jenna

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  576. Oh, I want this book bad! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  585. Janine Cmaidalka


    Thank you for your website. My 18 month old can’t have dairy, egg, and nuts. We hope she outgrows it, but you have been a lifesaver as I am always looking for recipes and am learning from your site on how to cook for our baby! Thank you and I would put the book to good use learning more ideas for Katie! Thanks. Janine Cmaidalka

  586. joe

    I go thru close to 6 gal of whole milk a week just for me. would love to get off the dairy. hope I win. joe

  587. Lori

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  589. Dawn

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  594. carol @ n/a

    I recently found out that although we didn’t think we had any symptons, myself and my son (16) have just been told of an egg allergy. We were told it could be the cause of inflammation in our bodies and to stay off for a few months and retest.
    It has been very difficult because we both LOVE eggs and they are in so many recipes.
    As far as other dairy products are concerned I have thought that we should not eat it, and I am anxious to read this book. At this moment although dairy does not play a major role in our diets, we do use it from time to time.
    Love this site. thank you.