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against all grain giveaway

8/19/13: This giveaway ended at 9:30am MDT. The winner is Lori.

This past spring I reviewed several cookbooks. That was before my new book Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry came out in June. With the publication of this, my third book, I decided to take a break from reviewing other books for a couple of months. In what seems to be an apparent nuclear arms race of Paleo cookbooks this summer, I wanted to stay focused on my own labor of love, a book that came out just a few weeks ago.

However, when a couple of outstanding Paleo cookbooks caught my eye this summer I immediately changed my stance. One of those very special books is Against All Grain by Danielle Walker.

With over 150 recipes and stunning photography, Danielle has created a phenomenal book that is more than worthy of adding to your collection. This amazing Paleo cookbook has everything from donuts to lasagna, and so much more. My favorite recipe is the one for brownies –absolutely delicious. So good in fact, that I’ve made them five times.

This book is truly impressive in both the quality and quantity of recipes. And while I love all of Danielle’s recipes, I am completely obsessed with her food styling and photography. She has an incredible eye and in my opinion is one of the best food photographers out there. I have no doubt that Against All Grain will land on the New York Times Bestseller list –it is a total winner in every way.

I am giving away a copy of Danielle’s fantastic new cookbook today. To be entered just leave a comment below. The winner will be selected at random today August 19th at 9:30am MDT.

8/19/13: This giveaway ended at 9:30am MDT. The winner is Lori.

posted on August 19, 2013, 348 comments

  1. Katheryne

    This book looks amazing!

  2. Kareen

    I’d love a copy of this!!!!

  3. kelli

    Would enjoy the new cookbook you are giving away today Against All Grain !!

  4. Vertie

    Looks like a great book.

  5. Sandy Whisman

    I’d love to have Against All Grain cookbook.

  6. MoniCue

    This book could be so helpful in our kitchen.

  7. Erinn

    I have yet to get your Paleo book and I’m also excited for this one! Your blog is the first one I have followed on my health journey. Thank you!

  8. Kim

    Clever title! Can never have enough great cookbooks, seeing as I need to wait patiently for Elana’s next one!

  9. Missy R

    Love your Paleo cookbook. Look forward to seeing this one.

  10. Shannon

    A copy of this… yes, please!

  11. I’ve heard great things about this book.

  12. Cathy

    I would love to win this cookbook! I need some new Paleo ideas!

  13. Peggy Kilgore

    I love your cookbook, use it all the time, it is a lifesaver. This cookbook sounds really good too, would love to give it a try!

  14. Kimberly Frazier

    I’ve always wanted to check out this book! Would be a nice compliment to Elenas recipes :)

  15. Michelle Santschi

    Oh, I would love to win this book! Looks great.

  16. Marie-Guy Maynard

    I would absolutely loooooooooooooove to receive this book!

  17. Alissa A

    I would love to have a copy of this book!

  18. Anne-Marie Cain

    I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to win this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Danielle C

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would love this!

  20. Lisa McColley

    I am excited to learn more about cooking healthy for our family. A new cookbook would be most welcome! My friend recommended you, Elana, as your recipes are easy to prepare for families & doesn’t have too many ingredients.

  21. So excited for this giveaway! Can never have too many great cookbooks with gluten free and healthy options!

  22. Courtney

    I’m new to this way of feeding my family, and these recipes would be so helpful!

  23. Teri Cleaveland

    Would love to have a copy of this book! Thanks!

  24. Mary Ann

    I would love to add Against All Grain to my cookbook collection!

  25. Melissa smith

    Love this book, I’ve been waiting for it from our library! I love that she identifies all the EF NF recipes for those of us that are AIP!!

  26. Carly

    Looks like a fabulous book!

  27. Amy

    Yes please!!

  28. I have this cookbook and LOVE it! I would love a copy to give to a friend! Thanks so much!

  29. Amanda

    I would love to win this book

  30. Christina

    This book looks awesome!!!!

  31. Gen

    I’d love to win this book!

  32. Melissa Straubel

    A book of recipes and photography…two of my favorite things! I would love to have a copy!

  33. Shannon Boyer

    I would love love love to have this book!! I am frequently on her website for recipes but just can’t afford the actual book for now.

  34. Suzanne

    I am new to the Paleo world, and would find this cookbook extremely useful! Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. Jill M

    Would love a copy of this book-her website is awesome!

  36. Victoria Salvatoriello

    Hi! Well the other day on Amazon I ordered YOUR book Elana and immediately put the Against All Grain on my wish list for Christmas! This would just be Christmas in… August. :)

  37. Nina

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook! I really like Danielle’s blog and this book looks beautiful.

  38. Melissa

    This book looks amazing! Would def be very helpful for our family and our health journey.

  39. Kandi Barrell

    I am huge fan of your website. I prepare several of your recipes for my mom who is allergic to gluten. We enjoy them all. I’d love to have your newest cookbook.

  40. Kathryn S

    This book looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy :)

  41. Halle

    Always love a good cookbook!

  42. Tina Adkison

    I would love to own a copy of this book.
    Thanks for the chance.

  43. Whitney

    I would love to have this cookbook. I have our entire family eating gluten free and dairy free!

  44. Gina

    This book looks amazing! I also suffer from UC and found relief from a paleo way of eating. By the way, Elana, I love your rosemary/
    almond flour cracker recipe!

  45. Danielle

    I’d love to add this book to my collection!

  46. Suanne

    I love cookbooks! :)

  47. mrsvaldez

    I love your recipes and reading your blog! I am trying to transition my very picky Asperger’s kid to gluten free and your recipes (especially the chocolate chip cookies!) are making it a lot easier.

  48. Margaret

    I’ve been wanting this cookbook! Looks amazing! :)

  49. Dustee

    I checked it out of the library and LOVE it!!!

  50. Giulia

    Been following her blog for what seems like forever, now it’s in print! She’s an amazing and so inspiring; I can’t wait to get my hands on this cookbook to add to my growing collection.

  51. Tracy

    I would live to win this book!!!

  52. Anna E

    What a great way to start a Monday!!!! Would love for this to be my first Paleo Cookbook!
    Have a very blessed day!!!

  53. Summer

    Yes, please!!!

  54. Amy Farina

    I’ve been following you and have your almond flour cook book & just bought the Paleo..love!! I am trying to change eating habits as my MS is in a not so hot phase. Feel so much better when I apply your recipes!! You’re inspiring me to get well!!!

  55. Kathy F

    I really love this. Trying to live healthier and enjoy life now!

  56. Sonji Rose

    I’d love to win a copy!! I’ve been searching all local Barnes & Nobles, even one in B’Ham, & haven’t found it yet!!

  57. Moris Behar

    I’d love a copy of your new book. Your recipes are amazing and have helped me a lot with the Paleo lifestyle and getting back in shape!

  58. Mad Dubs

    “Against All Grain” is on my wishlist!

  59. Kayla Y.

    I would love to win this!

  60. johanna

    this book looks so great, I’m so happy grain free is catching on

  61. Tracy

    I’ve been waiting for this book FOREVER! :)

  62. Lana

    Looks like a great cookbook, would love to have it.
    Always looking for new recipe ideas :).

  63. Elisa

    I have been successfully ‘against all grains’ since April and loving it! This book would help keep me focused and my recipes new. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  64. Crystal S

    This book looks great!

  65. renata

    Awesome giveaway!!!!

  66. emily

    I love Danielle’s blog! She’s one of my faves!

  67. Kasha

    I would love this book!

  68. Amy

    Fingers crossed!

  69. sylvie daigle

    I would love to win this book! It looks amazing!

  70. Mendy

    I would love to have this book! Especially for that brownie recipe ;)

  71. Barb

    I would love to be in this drawing today :)

  72. You and Danielle make paleo cooking so easy! I would love to add this to shelf…

  73. Jessica

    I would love to have a copy of this! I am starting a paleo cook book collection for more inspiration!

  74. Suzi

    New book looks great!

  75. Kelly Symons

    Count me in. I’d love to have this cook book!

  76. <3 this giveaway :) I have chrons and so paleo is the way to go for our family

  77. I would LOVE a copy of this! I have an autoimmune condition (arthritis) that is made worse when I eat grains. It is difficult at best to eat in today’s world without encountering any. Looking forward to getting both of these cookbooks!

  78. Donna Epping

    Would love to add this book to my collection.

  79. Kathryn Ernst-Carmichael

    I would love to add this to my GF cookbooks

  80. Kelly Crouch

    The book looks amazing!

  81. Dacia Bates

    YOUR cookbook is my favorite. It was a great way to start on my gluten-free journey. But this one looks like it would be a good compliment. I’d love to win it.

  82. Stephanie Sanctuary

    Looks like an absolutely wonderful book!!<3 :)

  83. Maire Sullivan

    Your and Danielle’s blogs are the two that I refer to the most for recipes. Love you both!

  84. Tiffany B

    I would LOVE this book to give me some new ideas!

  85. This book sounds great!

  86. Lexie

    Would love to win a cookbook!

  87. Lisa Ogden

    Being grain free is the best health decision I’ve ever made. I’m a big fan of Elana’s and I’d love another recipe book. I like what I’ve seen on the Against All Grain website!

  88. Teresa Cochran @ WilliamCochran.com

    We would love to put this cookbook to use in our kitchen! My husband has been grain-free for more than 20 years, and our two boys and I joined the party more than 7 years ago.

  89. We love healthy food cookbooks and we are always looking for yummy recipes.

  90. Melissa

    Love this book! I have been waiting for it at my local library! I love that she delineates EF NF for those of us that have to do AIP!!

  91. Kate

    I would love a copy. Another great book is Eating on the Wildside a must read!

  92. Terra

    I love you blog! This book would be so helpful in my kitchen to help me along with my health journey!

  93. Katt

    I would love to receive a copy of this. I was just told by doctor about all my diet limitations, so I am all new to this lifestyle. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  94. Cynthia Ricker Dow @ facebook

    I started South Beach about 3 months ago and have integrated Elana’s paloe recipes into the diet…15 pounds lighter and ordered the book this morning on my Ipad. Love the ideas for great tasting food. Thank you

  95. I’m loving the idea of this cookbook as I’ve recently given up grain in pursuit of a gluten-free life. So grateful to see options like this out there!

  96. Gluten Free and love to try new recipes! Love your blogs!

  97. Maria

    Would love to add this cookbook to my grain free collection.

  98. Rachel

    I am so excited about this cookbook! It looks great!!

  99. Geri

    There’s a lot of recipes out there…but I always come back to Elana’s Pantry!:) Anxious to try ‘Against the Grain’!

  100. Kendy Anderson

    Would love to win this. Severe blood sugar issues have confined me to no/extremely limited grains for 10+ years. Need some inspiration! :)

  101. Traci

    Love your website! It is a great place to get a lot of GOOD Paleo info! Would love to have this book!

  102. Paula Theobald

    I have been following your blog for a year now and tried so many recipies! I am always looking for new ideas though and would LOVE a copy of this book :-) x

  103. Jennifer Palmer

    I would love to win a Gluten Free Cookbook, I don’t have one yet. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  104. Elayne

    Would be so great to start my grain-free cookbook collection!

  105. LR

    great Gluten Free recipes!

  106. Kel

    I would love to win and would share it with my friend.

  107. Rhonda

    I LOVE the creative title!

  108. This cookbook is beautiful and the ingredients Danielle uses are sooooo amazingly good for you.

  109. Carrie

    I want want want that book!!!!

  110. Chelsey Horn

    I love following your wonderful recipies on Pinterest. Can’t wait to see what awesomeness you’re cooking up in this new book!

  111. Kathryn

    My son and I have been eating Paleo all summer! We are so proud of the way we have lost weight and feel better. Thank you for providing the best recipes! At first it seemed really expensive and limiting, now we eat less, enjoy more. My son has even started helping with the cooking so that he can continue when he heads back to college. This book would be great to send back with him.

  112. Kelly

    My boyfriend and I are looking into going gluten and grain free and this book looks like a fantastic reference and recipe book.
    We would love to win this !

  113. Kathleen Zehender @ none

    Your website inspires me! I’d love a copy of this cookbook!

  114. Elizabeth G.

    I would love to win!

  115. Jenny Bradford

    I would love to win a copy of your book . I am just starting out on a grain free diet and I have found it to be very overwhelming trying to find suitable recipes and alternatives for our dietary needs ie: nut allergies and vegetarian .Having everything I need in one spot will help heaps .Enjoying your site very much , thankyou for sharing

  116. Stacy

    I would love to have this book!

  117. Sarah C

    This looks like a gorgeous cookbook… I would love to win a copy! The treats section sounds amazing.

  118. Leigh

    Looks like a fantastic book!

  119. Elizabeth

    Your cookbook has changed my kitchen! Thank you for the amazing recipes!

  120. Michelle

    Looks like a great book.

  121. Elisabeth

    Hoping to win!

  122. Shannon

    Hope to win!!

  123. chelsea

    Oh man, I’ve been scoping this book on amazon for a while now. Would love to have it!

  124. Pat

    I have been wheat and grain free for over a year and a half. I would love to win the “Against All Grain” cookbook to expand on the recipes I now use. Elana’s website and facebook page has been a great inspiration to me with her many good recipes. Her bread recipe is one of my favorites and I make it quite often.

  125. Megan DiMaria

    Sounds intriguing!

  126. Erin

    I would love to be the lucky winner!

  127. Lisa

    Thank you for the chance to win! I’ve had my eye on that book!

  128. lynda

    All your experience and hard work published in this book……Thank you!
    I can’t wait to read it.

  129. ERIN B.


  130. Aicacia Young

    Just heard about this book! Can’t wait to check it out. Would love to win a copy :)

  131. Liz Overton

    I love Danielle’s recipes!

  132. Kristin

    This cookbook has been on my wishlist for too long! I would love to have my own copy!

  133. Lori Wright

    Thank you for offering the Against All Grain cookbook. Your recipes and those of others in the Paleo-Primal community have made such a difference in my health.

  134. Traci

    I always love finding new sources of inspiration!

  135. Tai Schell

    I have been grain free for over a year now. I think this book looks so good!

  136. Kira Johnson

    I would love to win this and add more paleo recipes to my family’s meals

  137. Joy


  138. Emily

    I have been following Danielle’s updates on facebook about her cookbook – it’s so much fun to see her excitement! I started grain-free due to severe autoimmune diseases that all popped up at once. Wish I had known about it before the permanent damage; but I’m so glad that this way of life has helped me prevent even more disease!

  139. What a generous offer. I would love a copy of Against All Grain. Thank you ;)

  140. Kristi

    My family and I are just starting our new paleo/gluten free lifestyle change. I am eager to learn how to cook “normal” food without gluten or other harmful ingredients but don’t know where to start. Your cookbook would be a huge help to our family. I am trying your flourless brownies today! The McKenzie Clan would love to win your cookbook!!!

  141. Christine

    thank you for your generosity.
    I’d love a copy of Against All Grain!
    you both are amazing!

  142. Michelle Carter

    Would love a copy of the cookbook!

  143. That’s awesome! Would love a copy to use and check out for my clients!

  144. Szuchi

    I am new to this, and would like more recipe ideas.

  145. Molly Piercy

    I’d love to win this book!

  146. Lisa Todd

    We are a gluten free dairy free family and would love to work towards grain free. This book would be a great help! Thank you

  147. Sue LaVallee

    I would love to receive a copy of this book.. Looks wonderful!

  148. Josee

    Would LOVE this! Thanks for your site, it’s fabulous :)

  149. Jenn

    I would love this book! Thanks Elana!

  150. Morgan

    I have been following and cooking from the Against All Grain blog for awhile now. I’d LOVE to have a copy of this gorgeous book!

  151. Emily Salm

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  152. I just moved up to Boulder with my like-minded Paleo sister, and the two of us would LOVE to be able to add this to our growing kitchen! Regardless, your recipes are a staple in our cooking escapades; thank you, from a couple of Boulder-fans to another!

  153. Lynn C

    Would love this book. Thank you.

  154. Melissa

    Would love to win a copy! ;) love your recipes!

  155. shannon conway @ belly-mind.com

    I need this book!

  156. Marie Martin @ clowneatswell.com

    Ah, food without pain. Yum.

  157. Erin

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win Against All Grains! I faithfully refer to your blog when I need sound advice about alternative special food related issues when cooking for friends and family. Thanks for all you do;)

  158. Karen Behm

    I would love to read this book!

  159. Gina

    Looks awesome. Pick me!

  160. Maggie Drake

    Would love a copy..my hubby loves Paleo, and I am just learning.

  161. Jennifer S.

    I’d love a copy of this book and try some of her recipes.

  162. Lillian Pruden

    I’d think I’d love to win this book. But since I love grains, I’m not really loving the title. :)

  163. Denise m

    i am really excited about owning this book, its on my amazon wishlist. The sample recipes are great and perfect for my way of eating

  164. This sounds awesome! Crossing fingers:)

  165. Amber

    I have LOVED my experiences in Paleo cooking, a new cookbook like this would be such an inspiration going into the fall/winter months! Thanks for doing giveaways!

  166. Katie H.

    Looks great!

  167. Victoria

    That’s fantastic! Thank you!!

  168. Annie

    Elana was my first and always my favorite healthy cooking and lifestyle teacher, but I appreciate that others have been inspired to follow her path; thanks for the opportunity to have access to even more Elana-approved recipes.

  169. Neva

    Have yet to buy a Paleo cookbook. This one would be great, thanks for the give away. ;)

  170. Love discovering new, healthy and yummy things….your website, blog and facebook updates are all those tied into one! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all!

  171. Lorna

    I would love a copy of your book for my sister-in-law who has Celiac. She was recently diagnosed and I find so many of your recipes are gluten free. Thank you.

  172. Dana

    Have enjoyed each of your recipes that we’ve tried!

  173. Jennifer D

    Starting grain free. Would love to win!!

  174. Collanne

    This cookbook will be in my pantry whether I win it or not!

  175. Emily Gleasure

    I have heard nothing but good comments on paleo cooking. Can’t wait to try this new way of eating healthy!

  176. Erica O’Neill

    Great healthy life style!

  177. Pam

    I would love to win Danielle’s cookbook! I faithfully follow both your blogs and FB pages, and have made recipes from both of you. You are amazing LC/Grain-Fee authors and bloggers, and I am grateful for your dedication and efforts to encourage healthy cooking and baking. Thank you Elana!

  178. Michele

    I’m so excited about the newest cookbook. Thanks for being a constant kitchen inspiration and companion, Elana!

  179. Kelly

    This would be so helpful withy new paleo diet!

  180. Diana

    Love cookbooks & would love Against All Grain for cooking inspiration. :)

  181. Sherice Roberys

    I have been trying to decide which Paleo cookbook to buy. Thanks for the recommendation!

  182. Sue Horne

    Love your website recipes are quick and easy
    I recommend you to all my clients for anti candida and grain free through kinesiology

  183. Brittany V @ healthyindetroit.com

    I’d LOVE a copy of The Against All Grain cookbook!! All of the comments about it and the pictures make me want it SOOO badly! Looks like it would be the perfect addition to my Paleo Cookbook collection!!!

  184. Ruby Lin

    pick me, pick me.

  185. Jessica

    I have all if your cookbooks and love them! Excited to try the new Against All Grain cookbook!

  186. I’d love to win! Been eying up this book for awhile now!

  187. Argia

    Pick me! Pick me! :)

  188. Michelle B

    I would love this book!

  189. Leigh Ann Rettie

    Count me in for a chance at this give-away. :)

  190. Ashling

    Being wheat, gluten and dairy free due to digestive problems left me frustrated. “Paleo Cooking” helped me back to life. Easy delicious recipes for my hectic lifestyle, one of the best cookbooks I have ever purchased. Hard to believe “Against the Grain” could be any better but definitely give it a try!

  191. Emma Hanley

    We are beginning to go grain free, this cookbook looks fantastic, thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  192. I love Danielle’s blog, so of course her book is on my wish list!

  193. Geralyn

    Looks like a fantastic book!!

  194. Christine D.

    I would love this!!! While I am on board with paleo, my hubby is not there yet, I really need some new recipes to tempt him with :)

  195. Kimberly A.

    What a blessing this book would be!

  196. Kristen

    I’ve been eyeing this book for a while now. I’m new to Paleo but a lot of websites recommend this book! I don’t have any Paleo cook books yet. I just moved back to the USA from Japan so money is pretty tight right now. Fingers crossed for this book!

  197. Lori

    Looking forward to adding this one to my collection.

  198. Maya

    Would love to own this masterpiece!

  199. Donna Hall

    Thank you for offering this. It looks absolutely amazing.

  200. Bev

    She has a great web page and I would love to own her book.

  201. Jessica Grant

    Yes, please!

  202. Heather

    Looks Amazing….thanks for the opportunity.

  203. marina @ facebook

    hope to win it,just started wheat free 5 weeks ago and love the feeling

  204. Diane Meredith

    Thanks for the great recipes. I am enjoying the Zuccini cocoa bread.

  205. Love experimenting within my diet restrictions, but I could sure you some help!

  206. Lisa

    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  207. Renatka

    I would absolutely love this book to win. I crossed it while surfing on Internet for spiral machine… It’s beautiful book full of photos.
    Hope to win it!

  208. Tina Bango

    Would love to add this cookbook to our collection!

  209. lori welsh

    Both of you ladies are so inspirational. I would love to own both of ya’lls cookbooks!

  210. Nathan Tuckett

    I need me a new cookbook!!!

  211. Anita Horinek

    I Always have such good luck with your recipes. And my husband will even eat most of them!

  212. Karen

    I so would love this book, I’m trying so hard to eat and cook healthy for my family! Even if I dont get the book, thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes and ideas.

  213. Jane Heaven

    5 times!

  214. Kara Martin

    I enjoy reading your blog and recipes and would love winning a cookbook!

  215. Samuel

    Love the name on this one, still waiting on a paleo book that has less than 5 minutes of prep and actually busy work meals.

  216. Priscilla D.

    I would love to win this!! So exciting!

  217. Sara

    This cookbook looks great! I would love to try the recipes :)
    I am so grateful for everyone hard work on making these great recipes!!

  218. Virginia McKinney @ simplywizardress.com

    As someone who has been entering the ‘waters’ of grain-free, I’d love the opportunity to win this book.

    Good luck everyone!

  219. sue gorecki

    I would dearly love to win this cookbook!!!! I have RA and Fibrous and am really trying hard to change my and my families eating habits!

  220. Susan

    What are the chances?! Would love to win one though :)

  221. Ann

    I’d love a copy! Just getting started with Paleo. Love your blog!

  222. I would love to add this cookbook to my growing collection!

  223. Donna

    This cookbook really looks great-

  224. Loren

    Looks like a great cookbook. Still new-ish to paleo, so I”m still building up my cookbook resources and would love to add this one.

  225. If Elana gives this a thumbs up it will be a must for my paleo collection.

  226. Charly

    Would love to win this! Thanks!

  227. I would love a copy of Against All Grain. When learning to eat differently new recipes are so helpful and keep one true to your resolve.

  228. Andrada

    I love Against All Grain! Her cookies are wonderful. I’d love to make more of her delicious recipes for my autistic son!

  229. Cathy Pettit

    So thrilled to try recipes from Elana’s Pantry–it’s a whole new world when Celiac and cardiac patients collide in one’s life–you have been a LIFESAVER!

  230. Tabitha

    I’d love to have this book!

  231. Michele

    Would sooo love this cookbook:)

  232. Barbara

    Elana, you’ve made such a wonderful difference in our family’s health. We are all loving your recipes, blog, and cookbooks. We’d love to have Against All Grain to help on our journey! Thanks for all you do!

  233. Louisa

    Would love to try the recipes in this book!!! Thanks

  234. Barb

    I would love to have a copy of this book!! Thanks Elana!

  235. Jennifer

    I would love to get this book! Our whole family is trying the grain free. I love reading your blog!

  236. Tammy Zelinski

    Just started eating Paleo and loving it, would love a new cookbook!

  237. Sarah

    I’d love to win this book!

  238. Ashton

    Your recipes are so helpful to our family, as would this cookbook!

  239. Nancy thyfault

    I would love to win, just starting on this journey and need all the help I can get! Thx!

  240. Lisa

    Just discovered your site last week. I can’t wait to explore more and try your recipes! Your review if this book makes me want to run out and get it….will have to do that if I am not the winner. ;)

  241. Debbie

    Love your recipes & your blog. I’d love to win this-sounds great!

  242. Shirley M

    I love her blog. It would be so great to get her book.

  243. Lauren

    Would LOVE a copy of this! Recently discovered your website and am in the process of shifting my diet towards more of the paleo view…and in need of help in doing so!

  244. Sarah

    I greatly enjoy her work too, and would love a copy to add to our small but growing Paleo collection!

  245. Isabella

    Wow sounds awesome! Especially if you approve — LOVE your blog :)

  246. Rachel

    The book looks great!!

  247. Kathleen

    Struggling with finding decent gluten free recipes – this book looks like it would be amazing!

  248. Jill J @ furpawssake.com

    I would love to have this book! I’m always trying to create new recipes to keep on top of my healthy lifestyle

  249. Jessica Thacker

    If it is half as great as both of your books, I would love it! Made the Pad Thai for dinner last night and my husband loved it!!

  250. Carebear

    Thanks for the review. There have been so many new cookbooks out this summer it’s helpful to get your, I believe, wise opinion since your cookbooks have been a great addition to my kitchen.

  251. Michelle

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