gluten free flapjacks recipe


UPDATE: Check out my revisited Gluten Free Pancakes recipe!

Baseball is finally over. We lost in the semifinals yesterday to the Rockies. It was a good game; we fought to the end.

This last week, the tournament had virtually taken over our lives with 7 games straight, all during dinner time. This successfully disturbed the rhythm and routine in my household, so I must confess to some relief that the season has come to an end. To celebrate our success as a team we had a party at my house; for dessert I served the Candy Bars and they were a hit.

Unfortunately, my husband says they are “the worst thing” I have ever done to him. He is on a diet (he was injured this year and unable to work out for months) and having what is basically a healthy version of frozen snickers on hand at all times is not helping with his weight loss goals. And we are a very goal oriented crew in this household, not exactly laid back kinda people.

I myself have spent this evening drinking Thai Iced Teas and gorging on pancakes to perfect the recipe below. I have made three batches alone tonight hoping to come up with one that will satisfy. Of course, part of this entails eating 2 pancakes from every batch in order to analyze them precisely –quite the sacrifice. This last batch though is pretty good, so I’ve taken liberties with extra samples and had about 5.

My son promised me that he would make the pancakes tomorrow morning for his breakfast if I left the batter in a mason jar for him labeled “PANCAKE BATTER.” We’ll see if they pass the ultimate 8 year old test tomorrow morning.

Serves: flapjacks
  1. In a vitamix, combine eggs, agave, vanilla and water and blend on high until smooth
  2. Add almond flour, salt and baking soda and blend again to incorporate dry ingredients into batter
  3. Warm grapeseed oil in a large skillet over medium heat
  4. Pour pancake batter onto skillet
  5. Pancakes will form little bubbles, when bubbles open, flip pancakes over and cook other side
  6. Remove from heat to a plate
  7. Repeat process with remaining batter, adding more oil to skillet as needed

Why do I call these flapjacks? Well, first to distinguish them from a similar recipe on this site which contains dairy.

Just to be sure, I checked the definition of flapjack in wikipedia and learned that “in North America, flapjack is another term for a pancake…The word elements: flap- meaning a tossed mixture and jack, an uncertain word suggesting a variety, imply any ingredients could be called a flapjack.” So basically, feel free to make anything and use this term to name it!

Stay tuned for healthy syrups and sauces to put on your pancakes. Easy enough, of course, for an 8 year old to prepare.


  1. Tami says

    These are absolutely amazing! I left out the agave and after reading the comment above, put a lid on the pan as soon as I poured the batter. They puffed up and flipped beautifully. Thanks Elana!!

  2. paige says

    hi! I just made the batter, and poured it on my non stick skillet….and even though it is non stick I still poured some oil on it, and when that didn’t work I did it without the oil and it still didn’t work. since I’m younger than most, my mistakes are probably because of my lack of experience.My pancakes would not flip and they were very watery…this is not the recipe. Although one did cook and it tasted super good! I don’t want to bring any negativity, this was just my experience :) I will definitely try again and try to correct my mistakes because I think this recipe is great.

  3. Doris says

    Hi, Elana! I had a problem with the flapjacks burning, no matter how low the temp. I substituted 1/2 c. coconut cream (the hard stuff! softened by putting the package in hot water) for the agave or honey and they came out beautifully. Served with organic maple syrup, what a treat! Thanks for your work on coming up with all these wonderful recipes!

  4. Jamie says

    These pancakes are yummy! I just wish they didn’t fall apart or burn when I cook them. Any suggestions? I used the blender and I cooked on low heat.

  5. Pascale says

    I used about 1/8 cup maple syrup instead of the agave, that was sweet enough, and butter instead of grapeseed oil for taste.

    Started on medium high, they rose nicely. When I shook the pan, it was clear from how they wobbled that they would never be firm enough to flip, so after about a minute I turned the heat right down and put a lid on probably for another minute. Then I could flip them without any problem, added some more butter and turned the heat back to medium. The underside does get dark very quickly, so keep peeping under to see what’s going on.

    I guess the only thing that needs cooking is the egg, and once they have puffed up that’s accomplished…

    Using the lid is a carry-over technique from fried eggs, that way I cook the whites on the top without ever flipping the egg, leaves the yolk runny, and no parchment paper texture on the bottom.

    Bon appétit!

  6. Joanne says

    These were fantastic! I used Bob’s Mills Almond Flour and baked them at 350 for about 6 minutes (made them smallish – next time I need to be sure to leave lots of space between them). Thin, light, tasty, YUM!

  7. brittney says

    We made these today and they were so good! Best GF pancakes I have found. We did make a few changes which I think made them better. Instead of the water we used 1/2 cup of pure pumpkin (not pumpkin mix) and then added the 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of water until the batter was smooth. We also added the pumpkin pie seasonings. Highly recommend!

  8. Julie says

    I found that the batter was much to watery, so I added more flour. But it was almost impossible to flip the pancakes because they had no substance to them. Any suggestions?

  9. Larry says

    Hello, I’m having a problem making these. It could be user error, who knows. I followed the recipe to a tee, and once I place the batter in the skillet, the bottoms are burning before the middle can get cooked. I have the stove on med heat, can’t understand why middles won’t cook fully before the outsides burn

  10. Kristen says


    I wonder what I did wrong?! My house smells wonderful but these turned out to be a pile of mush. The “batter” was thick like dough and not pourable. I followed the directions and measurements. Did people just add more liquid than it says to? I did after and then they just kept clumping and not cooking. :-( Help!!

  11. Christine says

    This is a great recipe! The batter is really delicate, and SUPER sweet. What I did the second time around was doubled everything EXCEPT the agave and found it turned out much better. That is if you don’t like super sweet. Doubling made the batter fluffier too. Great stuff!

  12. says

    Hi Elena! I love your website and recipes! We can eat gluten but I try to avoid it… tried these flapjacks and loved them except that they stuck to the pan, until i broke down and added about 2 Tbs spelt flour. Have any tips to get them not to stick? Thanks! They were super light and delicious even though they looked a bit messy! Ate them with blueberries and unsweetened date syrup!

  13. says

    I had some trouble with these. They wouldn’t stay together. Just a lot of slop in my pan and it was burning on the underside so i know i left them long enough. :-/

  14. Dina says

    Dear Elana,

    Thank you for your recipes. They are practical for everyday life, DELICIOUS and make me excited to be in the kitchen. I love your crackers, scones, nutty bread, green goddess dressing, so many!

    I made the flapjacks. I also watched your silver dollar pancakes video becuase I wanted to see the batter scooping in action. I am still learning about Gluten Free batters and their consistency, so watching seeing the texture and the consistency of your batter and how much you scoop into the skillet made a huge difference for me.

    Some of my first flapjacks although delicious, were not completely cooked through in the middle, even when I cooked them for three minutes a side on my cast iron skillet. I fixed this by simply spreading the batter as soon as it hit the pan with a spoon, o that the center was the same thickness as the rest of the flapjack.

    Your recipes are wonderful and hold up to lots of little (natural) kitchen mishaps and tweaks.

    I pureed a ripe banana with blueberries and cinnamon and THEY WERE DELICUOUS!

    Seriously, a pureed banana on its own is heaven.


  15. Stephanie Smith says

    I made these this morning and they are perfect! I was in need of a pancake, and this fit the bill. Thank you! These are fluffy and delicious and simple to make.

  16. Katie says

    YES: I followed the recipe 100% to the letter. And YES: these were awesome! I have made (and my patient hubby has had to suffer through) some paleo-pancake-catastrophes. These were the light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t even need to top them with honey because the agave gave them a “syrup on the inside” type of flavor! I just gave ’em a good dusting of cinnamon & they were divine. So good, I’m commenting here for the first time :)

    They did take a little longer than wheat flour pancakes, and were a little harder for me to flip (top still runny while the bottom was golden & ready to flip). But I worked it out – wetting the spatula each time before I flipped worked well.

    Thanks for the A+ recipe!!!!

  17. Milissa says

    This recipe was so good! And easy! I didn’t have agave syrup, so I used sugar free vanilla syrup (like you might put in coffee or on pancakes). Then I omitted the vanilla extract. I did add about a tablespoon more of water. I used my Oster blender, which worked fine on a pulse setting. they were delicious. thanks for the recipe. Do you have any Idea what the calorie count would be? Milissa

  18. Desiree says

    Hello Elana,

    We made your delicious Almond Flour Scones yesterday. The Almond with Cranberry. I substituted the egg with Flax powder and water. Then added Apricots instead of White Chocolate. The Flax gave us added fiber. Moisture and texture. I did add a little more flour as I kneaded it, just to give it shape. Great alternative for those who have egg allergies.

  19. Leigh says

    I’ve tried a lot of altered recipes and wasted lots of time and money.. but these are AWESOME! I added cinnamon to the batter, and blueberries once done and it tastes like blueberry pie. Ooo so yummy. I haven’t been able to get them to flip nicely, but who cares.. they taste good! also like the almond cookies. Too many food issues, waiting to try more of your recipes

  20. says

    I love your receipes, thank you for bringing blanched almond flour to my attention. I’ve been using it regularly now. I make the flapjacks at least once a week. They are so yummy. Mine were burning before they were ready to flip so I exchanged grapeseed oil for the agave and that now they don’t burn anymore. Thanks for all of your great receipes.

  21. Christina says

    Wow these are amazing! I’ve been put on a low carb diet from my naturopath for some health issues. But these taste like “real” pancakes! Thank you thank you!

  22. Noel says

    High five to the person who recommended baking these in the oven!
    Today we did it to save time. But it was also pretty foolproof — no sticking (on oiled parchment paper) and no burning. For us it took about 7 minutes at 350 deg. for a 10 or 11 inch pancake (oven cake, that is). Now we will make these more often! So tasty!!!

  23. Kobi says

    Another new favorite. My 4 y/o loves these. I didn’t notice the note for medium heat at first and burnt the bottoms, still light and so tasty! Way better than the oatmeal pancakes I’ve been making for years.

  24. katie h says

    Made these last night. Thanks so much to everyone who commented on their experiences!! It helped! I still had trouble flipping them as others did even with the heat on medium-low and the batter quite thick. I made them very small, which helped. I also needed a lot of oil (in part b/c I used a stainless steel pan). I don’t have a strong blender so I used our food processor to mix and that worked well. Despite all the time it took the flapjacks tasted great!! I enjoyed them and have leftovers which is an added bonus. It may be a while before I try again though do to the difficulties…

    Oh, one odd thing…I used a brand of almond flour that I found at a local health food store called Dowd & Rodgers and they had the exact same pancake recipe printed on the back of the bag. The only difference is that they said to mix in a blender (instead of saying the Vita-mix brand). Not sure if it means anything but thought Elana may want to know…

  25. says

    How I love these flapjacks. My 5lb bag of almond flour arrived yesterday and made these for breakfast today. So Yummy. The flour and the blender method really make a difference. I have made other recipes of almond pancakes using the brand of almond meal/flour available in most grocery stores but there this no comparison. These are light and fluffy without any gritty texture. Looking forward to trying them with a low carb Raspberry sauce I make. I received your cookbook as a Christmas Gift. Planning a Julie & Julia thing of trying all the recipes. Hey, Elana, maybe we’ll have a movie too!!!

  26. says

    I tried these flapjacks the other night and they were a big hit! I am on GAPS and agave syrup is not “approved” and I was planning for them to go with dinner anyway (didn’t want them to be sweet at all). I added water instead of the agave syrup, and I used the Bob’s Red Mill almond flour. It is all we’ve bought so far (hubby found it on sale half price $3.99), I didn’t notice that you don’t recommend using it for this recipe. I mixed the batter in my Oster blender. I put more butter in my cast iron skillet for each new flapjack. My first one didn’t cook up right, was squishy-couldn’t get it to turn over perfectly. But it was still delicious! The next ones I made smaller in size, and I think the pan had heated better so they turned out great. I think for the folks having trouble with getting the flapjacks to cook well enough on the first side they might need to add a bit more almond flour. I think taking into consideration that almond flour will be more or less moist, you might add either more almond flour, or less liquid to thicken up the batter just a tad. Also, I would suggest to try making silver dollar sized flapjacks to test the thickness of the batter. That way it’s easier to flip a little pancake. When the little ones are cooking good, flipping good, try a bigger sized one. Then you will have a better idea of how thick/thin your batter should be. Thanks for your great site, Elana! I am hoping to buy your cookbook soon.

    • Noel says

      Well, if we’re both having trouble, and we’re both at a much lower altitude than Boulder, couldn’t that be a factor???
      My mother-in-law comments that her experience baking at high and low altitude is different — I’ll ask her.
      And I believe I see references to high altitude baking modifications in some cookbooks, so in this case we may need to modify for low altitude.
      : )

  27. Noel says

    I have the same trouble as Valen and Monique.
    Flap jacks are either too gooey to flip or too burnt. They taste good though! And the texture is lovely – my kids love the texture and taste.
    I’m wondering if it could be an altitude thing. I’m on the east coast with no altitude. Do you think that makes a difference?
    I just made your pumpkin pie and had the same burning issue with the almond flour crust. I baked it for 30 minutes vs. the 50 – 60 — had to cover the crust for 10 more minutes to get the pie to set up, then it was done. Hmmmmm……

    • ~M says

      Having made these flapjacks, they are pretty sweet since they already include agave nectar. I would recommend some fresh fruit on the side (bananas and blueberries come first to mind) or possibly some additional agave.

  28. says

    anyone try adding a little flax meal to the batter? i wonder if that could help it stick together a little better?
    i JUST finished an entire plate of these pancakes (without flax meal) and they were amazing. i seemed to have the same problem as everyone else. has anyone had successful modifications?
    maybe add flax meal? maybe add an egg and subtract some agave or water?
    thank you for the recipe, elana. these were delicious, my gluten loving husband says they are the best he’s tasted!

  29. Mike says

    Hi, thanks for the recie, my Wife is Gluten and dairy intolerant and it can be a hassle making nice things to eat.
    Because some of the ingredients are very specialised and unavailble in NZ, I’ve modified it a little, swapping the Agave for Raw cane sugar, 1:1, and useing all-purpose Gluten free flour instead of almond meal. The sugar makes the mixture too dry, so I added about 1TBSP of Lite Rice Bran spread, and Coconut Oil. The coconut oil provides a nice subtle flavour too which offsets the taste of the flour.

  30. Stacie K says

    Okay! I think I am just a failure at making these flapjacks! I thought I had a system, but by the time I seem to get the batter adjusted so I can flip them, I have scrapped 2 batches of flapjacks. So this morning I had an idea to pour the rest of my batter into an oiled 9″ cake pan and bake it at 350 degrees. After about 15 minutes (give or take), it came out perfectly. I let it cool a couple minutes and then sliced it like a pizza. I only had about half the batter left, so I will use 2 pans next time for a full batch. My pans have that lever that spins around the bottom of the pan and loosens whatever is baked in it, otherwise I would recommend a circle of parchment at the bottom. We love the flavor of these just as they are or with berries or tiny chocolate chips and banana syrup, so I am happy to finally find a way to cook them that I don’t seem to mess up! Sorry to mangle your beautiful recipe Elana:-}

  31. Magda says

    I made the other 1/2 of the batch today. I used another cast iron pan (better seasoned) and coconut oil (not much). This worked much better. The batter was thicker but it still worked. I cooked the flapjacks over low heat and they didn’t stick. I served them with a simple strawberry peach sauce (blend both fruits in a blender). YUM.

  32. Magda says

    I made these today and had problems similar to previous posters (I used Honeyville almond flour). I made about 20 3″ pancakes and used only 1/2 the batter (the recipe made 2 cups of batter). The pancakes kept burning quickly and stuck to the pan despite using tons of oil. I wound up switching to a nonstick pan (didn’t want to do it) and it went a bit better. Not sure what it is about the almond flour that makes it stick so… Taste and texture were awesome, though.

  33. Lorain says

    I have decided to try going dairy free for a month to see if my hives and rashes clear up and since I am already gluten free this was the perfect recipe to try…..and let me just say they are delicious!!
    I used maple syrup instead of agave, halved the recipe and used my magic bullet to mix…then I let the mixture sit for about 20 min and cooked them at a low/med heat.
    I feel sick…I ate them ALL!!
    Thank you for this one!!
    Next time I may add blueberries or banana to the mix.

  34. says

    We’ve been gluten-free for a long time, but just decided to try dairy-free for 6 weeks to see if it helps more health issues, and I’ve been agonizing giving up our Pamela’s Baking Mix (which is GF but contains buttermilk) because the almond in it is SO GOOD. You can imagine how thrilled I am to have found your blog!! Yay for all of the almond recipes!! I can’t wait to try these out. You are such a blessing :) I’ll be back often.

  35. Meghan Darby says

    Loved the flapjacks!! My family devoured them.. We made a fresh blueberry version. Every recipe from your site turns out fantastic! Thank you for all you do.

  36. Sherron says

    I had problems, like other comments have mentioned, that the flapjacks won’t firm enough to flip. I tried two things that helped make them perfect. First, I used the almond flour at room temperature (I had been storing it in the refrigerator but after reading that you don’t I tried that) and second, I used only half the water and added one tablespoon at a time until it was no longer thick. I also had to cook them a lot longer than a normal pancake is cooked. It took about 3-4 minutes for the first side and 2-3 for the second side, but it is well worth the wait!
    Hopefully this will help others who are having problems with this!

  37. tanya says

    thank you so much for this website and all these amazing recipes!! my tummy feels so much better since eating this way and its all delicious!! with this recipe i substituted half the flour for millet flour because almond is so expensive but it turns out great every time! thanks again!!

  38. Debbie says

    Oh delicious little sweet pancakes. TY Elana again. BTW, for those who had difficulties…the batter is thin. Make sure your baking soda is fresh, let the batter sit for @ 15 min to give the soda time to work, if you are using a griddle don’t go more than 300 degrees, oil w grapeseed lightly but don’t be stingy, wait for the bubbles to form, flip w a thin metal spatula making sure you keep the pressure toward the griddle, lift and flip your wrist like you are the boss!
    Hope this helps. I screwed up the first 2 pancakes till I got the hang of it. I do recommend non-stick. I am sure they would have stuck to my cast iron or stainless.
    They are a bit too sweet for pure maple syrup. I used a bit of low sugar organic apricot preserve. Yummy. Sorry I took so long to make this recipe. DH has such a good GF recipe, but GF flour blends are so high in useless carbs.

  39. Stacie K says

    I seemed to have a similar problem as Valen and Monique. The batter was so runny and wouldn’t set up enough to flip, even on low heat. I ended up adding almost 1 more cup of almond flour before they were sturdy enough to flip. I learned it’s important to keep the pancakes small, about 2-3 inches in diameter. Next time I think I will just start with less water. Once they started turning out, Oh my–So delicious!!

  40. Lynn says

    I’ve made Elana’s ‘pancake’ recipe into waffles, and wanted to try the ‘flapjacks’ as waffles too. I decreased the water by 1/4 cup, and increased the almond flour by about 1/4 cup. They aren’t crisy on the outside like traditional waffles I’ve made, but the flavor is great and they rose nicely. I know some people don’t freeze foods, but I freeze the leftovers so I pull can some out in the morning for the kids. I love how this recipe is high in protein, easy and delicious! Thank you Elana for sharing your healthful recipes!

  41. monique says

    foiled again. tried again and the same problem – burnt on outside and not cooked inside and very difficult to flip – stuck too pan. cooking on low medium. is that too high? also using coc oil on pan. would that cause problem? it works great with buckwheat flour. why won’t it work with alm flour?


    • Lindsey says

      I had a bit of trouble flipping these also. SO, after MANY determined tries here is what I found:
      I DO use Bob’s Red Mill. BUT I blend EVERYTHING to make the batter smoother. They seem to cook faster so I cook on a lower heat.
      I’ve used the same brand but w/out blending and I can still get them to turn out (with a more grainy texture) by making them smaller. So think “silver dollar” size.
      I substituted melted honey in place of agave nectar once (ran out of agave) and they didn’t stick. I think using this sticky sweetener has a lot to do with them sticking. So, I’ve also used half of the recommended amount and I had less difficulty!
      I’ve also substituted grapeseed oil for plain butter depending on the pan I’m using.
      I use a rubber spatula to lift all of the edges from the outside in to “loosen” it, and then I use a large spatula to get under it to flip it.
      I’ve also use an actual “flapjack” pan…it’s basically a one pancake pan and you flip it and it falls onto a flat surface to cook the other side.
      If you let the baking soda activate for a bit, I’ve found they get fluffier and cook better.
      These are my tricks….I really don’t think I can possibly “go back” to a gluten filled pancake ever again….THANK YOU ELENA for this recipe!!!!!! <3

  42. Cate says

    Hi. Have just made these – YUM! I used a little more almond flour and dextrose powder instead of agave. The result was probably a little sweeter than if I had used agave but still very, very nice.

  43. ~M says

    Do you know whether this recipe would work if I reduced or eliminated the agave nectar? Could I substitute with some sort of non-sweet liquid? I want to make a more savory application. Thanks!

  44. says

    i made these for breakfast this morning. i also added about a cup of blueberries. they turned out amazing! all they needed was a little butter! we have had the hardest time finding a good gluten free pancake, but thanks to you, the search is over!!!!

  45. monique says


    i will try with more alm flour and maybe a little less water and slightly lower heat. i use almond flour i buy bulk from local store. but valen said she used honeyville and had same problem. i use same almond flour for orange cake and carrot cake and simple bread and all turned out.


  46. says

    Monique -So sorry about that. Add a little more almond flour and let me know how it goes. I’ll post another comment here after I get a sec to re-test these and try to figure out what might be going astray. By the way, what type of almond flour are you using in this recipe? That could help me get to the bottom of this as well. Thanks!

    Valen -I would just add a bit more almond flour to thicken up the batter, or subtract a bit of water. I have tested these numerous time without any trouble. Though will be sure to test them again this week due to the challenges you and Monique are having. Thanks!

  47. Valen says

    My experience sounds like moniques with the pancakes. Except i never even got one out of the pan for me to taste because they were too flimsy and would not flip.

  48. monique says

    hi i made these yesterday and they tasted wonderful. problem was they would burn before cooked well enough to flip. so 2nd batch i flipped when not ready to avoid burning one side and they crumbled allover pan. tasted great but looked horrible. i fried sliced apple in butter and put on top with a little maple syrup. yum!


  49. says

    Valen -What seems to be the problem? If you can give me a description of how the pancakes turned out then I might be able to help you fix them.

    Martha -Glad you made it work with some experimenting! I hope you enjoy them the same using almond flour. Thanks!

  50. says

    My husband made these last night for a relaxing Sunday dinner. We don’t have any almond flour yet, so he mixed Buckwheat Flour, Brown Rice Flour, and Amaranth Flour in place of almond flour. It was a bit thicker, as you can imagine, but it had a great taste when topped with blueberries and agave nectar for syrup.

    My mother-in-law, who’s been doing a GF-CF diet for awhile, LOVES almond flour pancakes! I can’t wait to try my own. Thanks!

  51. Valen says

    I used the honeywell almond flour. The one you recomend. I tried everything to make those pancakes work. Hmf, I don’t know what went wrong.

  52. Lorelei says

    Very good! We’ve switched to raw, but the kids were craving pancakes, so we had to try these. We used our leftover almond pulp from almond milk that we’d dehydrated and ground up in the magic bullet. We found that we were able to use that in the recipe just fine with the following change: add an extra 3 tablespoons of flour. We also made sure to cook very slowly over low heat. We couldn’t cook them fast enough to keep the kids happy! We also like to add a little cinnamon to ours. Thanks so much for your experimenting! We found we had a try a few too before telling the kids they were ready :)!

  53. says


    You are very welcome. One of my children makes coconut flour pancakes and we love them. Thanks for the suggestion, I will see about making/posting them sometime in the future. For now my family is on a veggie kick in a big way.


  54. Jenni says

    Hi! My family absolutely loves these pancakes! I have come across some pancake recipes using coconut flour and I wondered if you have ever tried coconut flour pancakes? I will try some of the recipes I found but if you have one I would love to try it! Thank you for the great recipes!

  55. says


    So sorry to hear about the pancake mishap. Could have been a measuring error or maybe the heat was too high and they were burning before they cooked through.

    Try again and let me know how it goes.

    Just to be sure –this recipe doesn’t work with Bob’s Red Mill. Do you know which brand of almond flour you purchased?

    I know we can figure this out :-)


    • Heather says

      I had the same problem with the batter being too runny and hard to flip. I used almond flower purchased on-line from Digestive Wellness. It has a very fluffy texture, so perhaps with the dip and scrape measuring method I ended up without enough almond flour in the mix.
      Any suggestions? Should I pack my almond flour like I would brown sugar in traditional baking?

      I ended up adding a bit of coconut flour, which tasted great, but not being experienced enough with coconut flour I added too much. The flavor was fabulous though especially cooked in coconut oil rather than grapeseed oil. Delicious with organic maple syrup!

  56. Valen says

    I was so excited to try these when my almond flour arrived today! Sadly they did not turn out. I used my blender, my almond flour was room temp and i used a cast iron skillet. I tried high heat, medium and low, little and a lot of oil. Nothing helped. My problem was that when i went to flip, the pancake wasn’t sturdy enough so it would slightly squoosh together and then fold over on itself. Also it seemed that to do what I just mentioned above, the bottom of the flapjack would have to be burnt. Darn, I wonder what went wrong?

    • Lydia says

      i had the same problem, these didn’t really turn out at all. i did end up making a flapjack “scramble” which still tasted delicious.

    • Jennifer says

      Mine had the same problem – I couldn’t get them to flip without making a mess. I used Honeyville almond flour.

    • bob says

      Same issue. Followed recipe to the T, couldnt even flip with heavy amounts of oil on pan and super thing spatula until they were burning on one side at the lowest pan setting. Turned out with ancake scramble…

    • Gisele says

      I had the same problem. Using Sunblest almond flour from costco. I thinned with some water. Was a bit better but still batter not cooking fast enough to flip before getting too dark and doesn’t hold together very well to flip. Will have to try again I suppose

  57. Stephanie says

    I live in Vermont where maple syrup is pure and popular. Is maple syrup allowed on the SCD? We have friends that make it and pretty strict laws regarding it’s purity so I am confident that I could get it without contamination if it is allowed. It is boiled for long periods of time so that may be a problem. Thanks.

  58. says


    So sorry to hear about your little grandson. Probably your best bet would be starting a topic on diabetes in my forums. These two diseases share a common gene and there are more people than one would imagine suffering from both simultaneously.


  59. Michelle says

    My grandson who is 5 was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetee’s when he was 4, he has a pump now which is better than the shots 3 times a day, however now he has just been diagnosed with celiac on top of it. Where can I get a list of carbs for your recipes, as that is very important.

  60. says

    I made these flapjacks this morning for the first time. My husband, who is a pancake expert, was tentative about them because I never made pancakes in my life and because of this new way of making them, with almond flour. I can’t tell you how much both of us loved these. They were so tasty that we didn’t even need to put any type of sweetener on top. I am so excited that for the first time in my life, I can eat pancakes and that they’re low carb! Thank you, Elana!

  61. says

    african vanielje -so glad you found us here and thanks for your comment.

    Kim -Yes, it’s strange how differently this recipe turns out when made with the blender (as specified in the instructions above). Often things like that don’t really matter, however with alternative ingredients they can be important. In the case of this recipe, the blender aerates the batter and it’s much easier to work with, and results in a fluffier pancake. Good luck over there on the other side of the pond.

  62. Kim says


    I love your website. This was the first recipe I tried, but only because I just got my almond flour in the mail last night, and I needed to eat something for breakfast! All of the recipes look and sound so good; I can’t wait to try them. On this one, I wish I’d read the comments – I didn’t use the blender, because I’m in Europe and still have my US appliances….it’s a pain to pull out the transformer everytime you want to mix up some batter. The flapjacks still worked without the blender, but they were pretty tough to flip and the batter in the bowl seemed to separate a bit while the first ones were cooking. Anyhow, it was a delicious recipe despite my laziness, but next time I’ll try to follow the directions! :)
    Thanks for keeping up the website. I’ve been on the hunt for pumpkins since seeing all your pumpkin posts…they’re surprisingly hard to find in the Netherlands.

  63. says

    Elana, I’m so glad you called them flapjacks because I grew up calling them the same, then when I moved to England a flapjack here is like an oat bar but very crunchy. If I hadn’t resonated with the term of a childhood favourite I would not have found your blog, and I’m glad I did. It’s great, I’ll be back

  64. says

    Kitchen Goddess You raise a good point, I’m wondering what everybody else calls their recipes for batter that’s cooked in a pan…

    Christianne -Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment, you always leave such good ones :-) This chocolate, berry, flapjack combo is irresistible! YUM. Also, I would love to get your recipe for the sweet onion dish. Would be perfect to post on the new forum where I am encouraging people to share their favorite recipes. Thanks!

  65. Christianne says

    To finish a light meal, I made these great flapjacks with a heavy chocolate sauce…. We have raspberries and blueberries in season here at the moment, and I just poured melted bitter chocolade on the fruit. The flapjacks are just so lovely and fluffy! The vanille touch to it is irresistable! Don’t forget to turn down the heat while cooking them. It was only afterwards that I saw Elana’s comment of medium heat. Before that, I had to rush into the kitchen to save the first ones, creating quite a frenzy that caused a hilarious outburst of laughter by my beloved… But everybody agreed: a delicious combination! Thanks so much again Elana, you have added to dinner/breakfast/lunches with great food and so much fun together! Have a lovely weekend! (PS I made some sweet onions from the oven, filled with sage and thyme as a veggie side dish. Significant other asked if I am going to share that recipe with you here.. if anyone is interested, of course I will! slightly off topic but all right)

  66. says

    Zebe -That is great that your cooking instincts are coming back. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comments :-)

    Jenni -Thanks so much for your comment and for your feedback about the blender!

  67. Jenni says

    I am new to your website and I want to say thank you for sharing your gift with others! I am so excited to have lower glycemic gluten-free goods and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts!! I tried your Flap Jacks today and after I figured it out they were AWESOME! I didn’t use the blender at first and it really made a big difference so yes use a blender. Even my picky 4 yr old daughter loved them!! This is going to be a definite go to in our house! Thank you again!

  68. says

    I was just thinking that I need to try my almond butter waffles again, but I might try these instead. I am really happy though, that I experimented on my own and had a successful improvised recipe before seeing this one. They are similar enough that it just shows me I was on the right track and my instincts are coming back! I’m at my parents this weekend so I might have to try these out on everyone.

  69. says

    Thanks Mama! We had them today for afternoon snack and the boys gobbled them up :-)

    Kelly I hope these work out great for your company this weekend and good luck with your move.

  70. says

    Hi Elana!

    These look so wonderful, and your message was very funny and cute :-)

    I just love the texture of almond meal flour. I am going to try these when we have family from out of town this weekend (to help us pack and move – hooray!)

    Hope to see you at the GF food fair!

    Thanks! Kelly

  71. mama4ever says

    We are excited to try these and it being berry season soon it will be fun to throw strawberries, blueberries or whatever we can get our hands on into or onto these delicious flapjacks. Thanks again! You Rock!

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