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Giveaway: Double Chocolate Dagoba

dagoba giveaway chocodrops cacao-powder

I have a fun double chocolate gluten free give away today for 2 lucky chocolate winners.  Each winner will receive four 8-ounce bags of Dagoba Chocodrops and four 8-ounce canisters of Dagoba cacao powder. I’m hoping this giveaway will inspire chocoholics everywhere to bake up delicious dark chocolate treats for friends and family.

Dark chocolate is often considered a super food; this is because chocolate is a plant derived food that contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables. Chocolate is high in antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals. According to Longevity dark chocolate contains nearly 8 times the number of antioxidants found in strawberries.

So, to enter this delicious, healthy giveaway leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite chocolate-y gluten free recipe is using Chocodrops or cacao powder.

You can enter more than once, if you do the following:

  • Become a fan on Facebook and let me know in the comments below on this post
  • Become a follower on Twitter and let me know in the comments below on this post
  • If you are already a fan or a follower, mention this giveaway post on either Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment below letting me know

This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere and will end at midnight, Tuesday May 3rd, 2011.

Update: the winners of the four 8oz bags of Dagoba Chocodrops and four 8oz canisters of Dagoba cacao powder are Brittany and Melissa!

posted on May 2, 2011, 1,045 comments

  1. Chocolate chip cookies for sure!

    • Sandy

      Elana, I love your recipes,I’ve tried so many of them, I’ve used the cocoa powder and the drops for fudge

    • Jean Baraghoshi

      My favorite recipe is your Chocolate Chip Brownies. I use the raw almond butter instead of the salted, roasted variety since it is healthier. These always get rave reviews from people who eat them and they cannot believe they are made without flour. The best and easiest to make by far!!!
      Keep up the good work Elana, I love your website but have yet to win anything :(
      It will not discourage me though!

    • Ellie L.

      Elana’s chocolate chip cookies!

      I just made them recently and they were delicious!

      My birthday is coming up on May 8th and I plan to bake more for my bday – would be great to use the Dagoba chocolate!!!

    • cindy

      Definitely chocolate chip cookies!

    • Lori

      Definitely the brownies – can’t tell you how many batches I’ve made this past winter. I’ve shared them a lot with my sisters, and no one can believe they’re healthy! I could SURE use the chocolate!!!

  2. Melissa Fritcher @ lessofmimi.wordpress.com

    Oh, my favorite has to be chocolate-chip cookies using almond flour! Nothing else that I’ve made comes that close to making me the happiest girl on the planet. :D

  3. RH

    I love the chocolate mousse recipe posted over at rawmazing. Avocados, dates, almond milk, cacao powder… so velvety smooth and chocolatey!

  4. It’s a toss up between hot chocolate and flourless chocolate tortes!

  5. I don’t HAVE a favorite recipe – yet! I was JUST diagnosed with non-celiac gluten intolerance and am just now learning how to eliminate gluten. The VERY FIRST thing I am making at home are your Fudge Babies and I think that’s where I would try the Dagoba Cocoa powder. I am already a HUGE dark chocolate fan and have changed over most recipes to include all or part dark chocolate. It cracks me up when people rave over my stuff – they don’t realize it’s just the dark chocolate!

    So even though I have followed your blog for a while because it’s just so beautiful, now I have a “REAL” reason to pay close attention!

  6. Jennifer Krouwer

    just started following on facebook and twitter!! this giveaway would be absolutely amazing I would be baking constantly

  7. Julia

    I love chocolate chip banana bread made with gluten-free baking mix. Yum. But I’ve been dying to make some gf chocolate cupcakes, and these would come in super handy!

  8. I’m a chocolate chip cookie girl as well. Can’t compete with the tradition! :)

  9. those psudo-lara bar truffles are ah-may-zing. i can’t get enough. and the choc chip cookies?? they are the first gf cookies that satisfy me and my kids the same as a non gf cookie would. i make those at least once a week. life enhancing goodness.

  10. Charlotte

    My favorite recipes are the Cake pops recipes. All my friends love them and I love that they are so much healthier for you (along with being gluten free!). As an already follower of your blog and Facebook page (I don’t have a twitter), I made sure to share it with everyone of my friends!

  11. Amanda

    Chocolate drop scones. Delightful. Concinced my gluten loving hubby that you really can live well without gluten. Yum.

  12. Raw chocolate brownies are a new favorite!

  13. Karen

    I am new to gluten free baking and since I also have a lot of weight to lose, have been keeping my diet as low in sugar as possible. But I do make hot chocolate for my children and I think I could handle a few chocolate chips each day. My gluten free teenage daughter would love some chocolate chip cookies!

  14. elle vie

    i just love avocado pie – especially using pumpkin seeds and pecans for the crust :)

  15. rebecca

    I’m a fan on facebook!

  16. rebecca

    raw chocolate fudge cake or just chocolate fudge!

  17. Suzanne P.

    I now follow you on Twitter and am a fan of Facebook. This chocolate looks great!

  18. Mary Kate

    Flourless chocolate cakes are so rich and delicious. And of course gluten free!

  19. michelle jones

    i’m leaving a comment on your facebook!

  20. Laura

    Chocolate chip cookies and coffee cake top my list for ways to use wonderful dark chocolate!!! We make your cookies and coffee cake at least 5 x’s a week. I LOVE chocolate!!!

  21. rebecca

    I follow you on twitter!

  22. Jill F

    Chocolate chip cookies are my fave!

  23. rebecca

    I tweeted!

  24. Flourless chocolate cake! Or chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour!

  25. Jill F

    I am a Facebook fan and will be sharing this giveaway on Facebook, too!

  26. Valerie

    chocolate chip scones!

  27. Valerie

    I like on FB

  28. I’m a facebook fan!

  29. Valerie

    I follow you on twitter

  30. Seadanes

    I’ve become a Facebook fan and shared this post. I’ve been making my own version of peanut butter cups with almond butter and no added sugar. Yum!

  31. Charlene

    Of course my kids favorite is your Chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have a deep love for the double chocolate cookies!

    Oh and I’m just waiting excitedly for Amazon to send me your new book! Can’t wait!

  32. Sarah

    There are SO many amazing chocolate recipes that I love to make…and eat.

    One of my new favorites are raw chocolate, chocolate chip, coffee bites.

    I don’t mesure very often but roughly these are the amounts…
    1 cup pecans
    1 cup walnuts
    chocolate to taste
    2 table spoons of ground coffee
    dates to desired stickiness
    in the food processor

    empty in bowl to avoid the blade….did that by mistake once…ouch.

    add in dark chocolate chips

    form into fun shapes…my new favorites are small squares. but circles work as well.

    it is a great little pick me up snack…to get that caffeine AND chocolate craving quenched in one bite!

    be warned they are delicious, and easy to eat too many and get a large caffeine buzz….. :)

  33. Jen

    made the chocolate cupcakes with vegan chocolate icing this weekend. needless to say, they didn’t make it to monday :)

  34. Abrahamildi

    I love making gluten-free pancakes and serve them with chocolate topping (made from 1 banana + cocoa powder) and I also love making chocolate muffins with almond and dark chocolate, and also gluten-free brownies with lots of dark chocolate :)

  35. Elisa

    Dark chocolate peanut butter fudge! Everywhere I bring it, the fudge is gobbled up so fast! I use Ghirardelli chocolate right now, but I’d love to try it with such a high quality chocolate as Dagoba!

  36. oh, boy! My favorite treats using cacao have to be the browned butter brownies I just discovered. Amazing. I love Dagoba!

  37. Lisa Rogers

    Shared on my FB page, as I already follow you! I have many favorite Chocolate based desserts and fix them as often as possible. Yes, I’m a chocoholic. What I love is the creaminess I can get in a dessert with melted chocolate, tastes heavenly! :)

  38. Jenny

    Almond flour chocolate drop cookies! Even for the gluten tolerant, once you try them, you never want to go back to plain old tollhouse.

  39. Barbara

    i love the chocolate chip cookies – its simple and my kids love them!

  40. Devon S.

    I’m new to gluten-free baking so I’m anxious to try these products and find out what my new favorite chocolate recipe is!

  41. Tammy Wittig

    I love your Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. Janice

    Definitely chocolate chip cookies. There’s also the Cacao Smoothie at Organic Avenue, here in NYC, that I’m trying to replicate…..but haven’t perfected it yet.

  43. Shannon

    I love to make GF zucchini bread with choco chips and dried fruit! I would love to try the double chocolate mocha cookies. :)

  44. Civilized Caveman Cooking @ civilizedcavemancooking.com

    By Far my favorite treats are my chocolate bacon brownies I made this weekend and almond butter bites dipped in dark chocolate with some coconut.

  45. Shannon

    I follow on facebook & left a comment. :)

  46. Bev McArthur

    i would make chocolates for sure with this

  47. Sharon

    Raw chocolate fudge. . . for now. Next on my list to try is your peppermint patty recipe! I love dark chocolate!

  48. Danielle

    No question…chocolate chip cookies. :)

  49. Jenny

    I’m just learning about cooking GF. I’d like to try recipes for a cake and chocolate chip cookies. :)

  50. Abrahamildi

    I’ve commented it on FB and also shared it :) And now I’m tasting my boyfriend’s just-baked almond plump cake :)

  51. Shannon

    I follow on twitter and left a comment!

  52. Amanda

    Gluten free chocolate chip cookies! : )

  53. Johanne

    Almond chocolate bars :)

  54. Nicole Smith @ thefaithfuloven.com

    I love anything and everything chocolate! With that said, my favorite is got to be the flourless chocolate coconut cupcakes from your newest cookbook!! So easy and soooo good!!

  55. Johanne

    I’ve left a comment on your facebook page!

  56. Janice

    Chocolate chip cookies!!! YUM!

  57. Janice

    Mentioned on Facebook! Thanks!

  58. Janice

    Tweeted this giveaway! Thanks!

  59. Jenna

    My favourite is chocolate truffles- 12 oz chips, 1/4 cup butter or coconut cream, and a few TBL cocoa powder. Melt, stir together, when firmed up form into balls with cookie scoop. Om nom nom. My son Andrew wants to mention that you needto eat them while watching Star Wars, so you can preted Yoda sent you the chocolate. I’m a FB fan and going to go follow you on twitter!

  60. Kai

    Love love chocolate fondue!!! I just shared the giveaway on facebook!

  61. Well, our newest love is chocolate fudge dessert hummus. We’d use both the cacao powder and the chocodrops in the one recipe–and what a fabulous addition they would be!

  62. I make a darned fine flourless chocolate cake with coconut oil and cinnamon!

  63. Chelsea

    Hands down, your chocolate orange forte recipe is my favorite! I have never used Dagoba products before, but I have heard great things!

  64. Nikki

    Making a flourless chocolate cake!

  65. I don’t know if I can choose a favorite chocolate recipe! The latest one I tried was the Hostess-cupcake-like one, but I think my favorite so far is the Black & White Cake.

    I’m also a fan on Facebook already, and I shared this giveaway on my page! :-)

  66. like a commenter above I have been DYING to try flourless chocolate cake!! YUMMY!!

  67. Trish Ackemrann @ facesbytrish.posterous.com

    Thank you for making the gluten-free world worth eating and down-right enjoyable! Facebook and Twitter’d you:)

  68. Lauren P from Kansas

    Your GF and DF brownies.

  69. I am a follower of your blog!

  70. Emilie Schimmel

    Already follow you on FB! It helps remind me when there are new posts and I haven’t made it to my blog dashboard just yet. :)

    So, remember those Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies you posted a month or so back? I sure do. Haven’t made them yet…what better excuse could there be? Give away or not- your post has inspired me to all things chocolate! Forget the gym tonight. I’m baking.

    Thanks Elana.

  71. I am a facebook fan as well!

  72. I like chocolate pudding. :)

  73. I also “like” you on Facebook.

  74. Carol Pardon

    I’m just starting down the gluten-free path (have CFIDS too). A friend recommended your Facebook site and cookbooks. Wow. Don’t feel so sorry for myself anymore.

  75. James

    In the winter: hot cocoa! Now that it’s starting to become spring (just barely): chocolate chip cookies for sure.

  76. alain

    thanks Elana for holding this amazing (and utterly delicious!) giveaway! my favorite way to use cacao powder and chocodrops are in my black bean brownies! the flavor is so rich and the chocodrops give it a great textural contract.

  77. We love to use cocoa powder to make gluten free raw tahini chocolate balls! Yummy!

  78. Anastasia

    I love your chocolate chip cookie recipe. It was the first recipe I made out of your cookbook, and it’s so good! Sometimes I think I could live on them.

  79. James

    Oh! And I follow you on Twitter for all your delicious updates :) I’m @JamesatCYB

  80. Linda:-)

    I’ve been a fan on facebook, a follower on your site, get the email subscription, & I posted your link to my facebook page! I don’t tweet or twitter but I do tell my family & friends in person about your great site & recipes. This week while in Williamsburg with some friends I shared about the julienne peeled veggie noodles which I absolutely love and use a lot. We went to the Kitchen Collection Outlet and both of us got Julienne peelers (I had one already but saw another one that looked neat so got it too.) It definitely makes easy, healthy, and delicious gluten free noodles for soup and spaghetti. Also, I love surprising people with your almond flour recipes, can’t get over how easy, tasty, and healthy they are! Haven’t tried any yet with the chocolate drops or cacao (need to add these ingredients to my pantry), so don’t have a favorite yet. I love dark chocolate though so am sure there will be lots of favorites!

  81. Can’t go wrong with Dagoba! I think the chocodrops would be fabulous in place of dark chocolate chips in your almond flour scone recipe.

  82. Jodi

    Oh, definitely double chocolate chip cookies. I’m already a fan on both fb & twitter and I have left a message about this giveaway on both mediums. Thanks for the contest Elana, and for all of the fab recipes you share here!

  83. rebecca

    I have been loving coconut flour brownies lately!

  84. paisleyapron

    I’m off to make that peanut butter fudge you posted recently. Craving it…

  85. Janet

    All I can say is thank goodness I don’t have a chocolate allergy. Carob is a poor substitute for the real thing. BTW, it was great meeting you at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo this weekend!

  86. rebecca

    I follow you on Facebook.

  87. Kate @ vixibar.com

    I will retweet this right now under vixibars!! I am on a chocolate roll lately and would love to make some goodies. I have some fruit juice infused dried blueberries that I want to add to this melted chocolate with almond slivers and make bite size treats!! Thanks for your awesome recipes!

  88. Judy Smith

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, I love chocolate. I just ordered your cupcake cookbook from ebay. Can’t wait to make something chocolate.

  89. My newest chocolate obsession is chocolate tea with coconut milk. YUM! Of course I also love your chocolate chip scones from book #1.

  90. My favorite is your black & white cake! Soooo good!

  91. Nicole Smith @ thefaithfuloven.com

    I reposted the giveaway on my wall! Thanks again!

  92. Cristina Leivas

    Love these chocolate chips and enjoy making your recipes. Excited about the new cupcake book I received. My little girl is happy to get all these special treats being Diabetic and having Celiac!!

  93. I Facebooked this give-away. Thanks!

  94. Janet

    I’m a fan on Facebook

  95. I don’t think I have tried a chocolate-y gluten free treat yet (hope that doesn’t DQ me!) but would love to be the lucky winner and I’ll be sure to make a gluten-free chocolate-y treat. :)

  96. Janet

    I follow you on Twitter

  97. Katrina

    I made your almond butter blondies for Easter for the kids. My little girl is turning 6 on Friday and was thinking of making gluten free chocolate cupcakes for her. This is the first kids birthday since we cut out gluten from our diet, so we’ll see how it goes! :)

  98. Janet

    I posted this giveaway on Facebook

  99. Cristina Leivas

    I’m a facebook fan already!

  100. Rebecca

    Chocolate torte!!!

  101. Amber

    Definitely flourless chocolate cake – I loved making it LONG before I ever thought of baking gluten-free.

  102. Holly Hanks

    Facebook fan!

  103. I make a RAW chocolate sauce! Cacao powder is the main ingredient. This sauce is my favorite topping for my coconut milk ice cream:) Yummy!!!

  104. Jenifer S.

    Definitely chocolate chip brownies. You can never have too much chocolate!

  105. Holly Hanks

    Twitter follower!

  106. Tory Wright

    I am a fan on FB and shared the contest on FB

  107. I made homemade gluten free oreos and they were delicious!!

  108. Alanda

    I LOVE the chocolate chip scones and the Chocolate muffins made with coconut flour. Mmmm… I need to go bake some chocolate goodies right now!!

  109. Joanne

    I became a fan on facebook!

  110. Holly Hanks

    I am new to gluten free living, but I am actually loving the substitute recipes so far! I made some fudgy brownies the other day and they were super delicious when frozen!

  111. My favorite chocolate-y gluten free recipe would have to be Elana’s chocolate chip scones from her Almond Flour Cookbook. I make a batch almost every Sunday to last me through the work week (for breakfast- or dessert!).

  112. Janet

    Retweeted this giveaway

  113. Holly

    Amazing giveaway! (1)I follow you on Facebook – I will only cook with good chocolate, and thats few and far btwn.

    (2)I ALSO shared your giveaway on Facebook….

  114. Tonya Holdren

    Warm, toasty chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven for sure!!!!

  115. Sarah H

    It would have to be a baked chocolate pudding! yummy brownie in chocolate sauce….

  116. Linda

    Chocolate chip scones…hmmm! Love chocolate chip cookies too…doesn’t get much better than that! :)

  117. Linda

    sharing the giveaway on facebook :)

  118. Paula Brown

    I love the chocolate chip almond butter brownies! My DIL made them for my birthday after I started a 30 day paleo challenge, and they convinced me–I can DO this!

  119. rebecca

    i just became a twitter fan!!! love your recipes! so goooood!!!

  120. Sara

    My favorites are the chocolate chip cookies and the double chocolate cherry cookies from the Almond Flour Cookbook :) OH! – and can’t forget the chocolate cream pie!

  121. Alanda

    Oh, and i am a fan on facebook and i am about to leave a comment there :)

  122. Thanks Elana for the great basic recipe for your power bar balls. I changed it up some and rolled them in Cacao to add a little sweetness like truffels. Called them my Cherry Walnut Truffels. I LOVE dark chocolate and make my own bark,http://cannedtime.blogspot.com/2011/04/dark-chocolate-salty-bark.html candies etc. now so I can minimize the sugar content (and save a little too).

  123. hmmm, the raw chocolate fudge, with coconut. I made some for christmas last year and the family loved it – even those who don’t normally eat gluten free food!

  124. shirley

    Great, I haven’t been able to find these locally :-)

    Already a fan on Facebook, will share there!

  125. Susan

    I have never tried teh Dagoba, but I sure would love the chance to try something new!!

  126. Just joined you on Twitter Elana, Thanks so much!

  127. samara

    i love the almond flour chocolate chip cookies and the almond butter brownies!!!

  128. allie

    I just made amazing gf chocolate muffins! Definitely need the chocodrops for those!

  129. Stephanie

    My favorite pre-bed snack:

    1 T cacao powder
    2 T natural chunky peanut butter
    1/2 c cottage cheese
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 tsp sweetener of choice

    Mix it all up for a high-protein snack that tastes remarkably similar to a Reece’s Cup!

    Love your recipes, Elana!

  130. Paula Brown

    Since I’m sure all my facebook friends are chocolate lovers, I posted the link to your contest on my fb page!

  131. Rachael Parker

    My fav is the double chocolate gf walnut brownies!

  132. Cari

    My favorite recipe to use GF choc. chips is Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip (paleo) Cookies!!

  133. Tina Chalfant

    It’s the chocolate chip, walnut and cranberry cookies! YUMMMMM! I also posted this on my facebook!

  134. Rachael

    One of my favorites is a raw raspberry chocolate torte using cacao powder by Ani Phyo. We love dark chocolate, although I cannot handle the 100% dagoba bar like my husband can!

  135. liz f.

    the fudge babies are a recent favorite!!! exciting giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  136. Susan M.

    Definitely chocolate flourless tortes, fudge babies, or chocolate truffles – or really anything that allows the true, pure cocoa flavor to shine through! Mmm, just talking about all of that makes me want to go home and nibble on some 85% dark chocolate after work :) I always love to bake but found I was doing less and less baking with how busy I have been lately at work. But now, I have been re-discovering my love for baking and forging out a little bit of time each week to bake – especially with chocolate. I finished up student teaching last week and as my going-away gift to them, I made chocolate chip cookies – enough for 300 kids!!

  137. Natalie McAvoy

    Your Double Almond Chocolate Chip cookies are number one in our house. Awesome!!

  138. Susan M.

    Oh, and I’m also a fan of yours on Facebook AND I’m posting this giveaway on my facebook page :) Thanks for offering another fantastix giveaway! I’d love to try out more of your recipes using the Dagoba chocolate and cacao powders.

  139. Kim

    Love chocolate muffins…I am following you on Facebook now!!!

  140. Nicole Hughes @ 8armsstudio.com

    I’d chop the chocodrops up and put them on the tips of GF cannoli for my best friend and her husband (he has Celiac disease).

  141. Serena

    I love The Easiest, Healthiest, Most Scrumptious Fudge Ever (over at The Nourishing Gourmet). So yummy!

  142. MaryK

    I drooled looking at those chocolate pictures you had…my favorite is the chocolate chip cookies.

  143. Denice McAskin

    I like to use it to make so many things! Chocolate (avocado) pudding, choc. chip cookies and ganache’ for example. I honestly use it every time I need chocolate. It’s SOOO good and SOOO good for your health!!!

  144. Serena

    I ‘Like’ you on Facebook.

  145. Serena

    And I follow you on Twitter now!

  146. robyn

    definitely brownies or chocolate cupcakes!

  147. MaryK

    I posted this on FB…

  148. I love dark chocolate in just about any form, but I love chocolate chip scones and your double chocolate mocha biscotti!

  149. Kim

    Also following you on Twitter now! And I absolutely LOVE the almond flour chocolate cake!!!

  150. Leigh

    Almond Butter Blondies, I make these much too often!

  151. Christine

    We made chocolate peanut butter ice cream with cacao powder, all natural peanut butter, coconut milk and ground dates this weekend. It was delicious.

  152. Christine

    I like you on facebook.

  153. robyn

    facebook fan

  154. robyn

    follow on twitter

  155. Leigh

    I’m now a fan on facebook :)

  156. Heather P

    I am currently loving the chocolate cranberry power bars, infact I am eating some right now! Yum. P.S. I heart chocolate.

  157. Becki Guillory

    The raw chocolate fudge. I’ve really been craving this lately, too!

  158. Hannah Holistic @ HannahHolistic.blogspot.com

    Wow. Great giveaway!

    I guess my favorite chocolate recipes are some sort of chocolate cake. Classic but true. I also love chocolate ice cream but I always eat dairy-free coconut-based ice cream. To be honest, though, everything sounds good. Your chocolate biscotti looks awesome. I think I may have to make that recipe ASAP.


  159. Jennsyn

    I have a great recipe for tofu brownies that use 70% chocolate and dutch processed cocoa powder

  160. Wendy Smith

    Definitely chocolate chip cookies with almond flour!

  161. pamela marange @ Facebook

    I just tried the mousse pie the other day and it was delish…but I love the chocolate gluten-free chocolate chip cookies right from the freezer as you do!!!!

    Would love to win, Pamela Marange

  162. Nicole Hughes @ 8armsstudio.com

    Also – I became a fan on Facebook and posted a link to the giveaway on my profile! :)

  163. Madeleine Todd

    Hot chocolate made with melted chocolate chips – not cocoa – with chocolate chip cookies. Who needs dinner?

  164. Jaime

    I’ve got a chocolate cookie recipe that uses egg whites, chocolate chips, and cocoa powder. They’re the richest, most delicious things ever.

  165. Tawnya Hayden

    mini chocolate chip raspberry muffins with coconut flour :)

  166. Catherine

    I’m a fan on Facebook :-)

  167. katie

    martha’s cowboy cookies with almond flour and gluten free oats

  168. Cristina

    Elana’s Chocolate Chip Cookies when I need a quick and easy to prepare treat. I also love truffles or fudge babies made with cocoa and cherry jam.

  169. Jennifer

    Chocolate Lava Cake made with almond flour. Yum!

  170. Piper Kirkpatrick

    Another chocaholic hoping to win the Double Chocolate Dagoba Giveaway prize!

  171. Suzette

    So many chocolatey lovelies, so little time! Your coconut flour chocolate muffins are to die for as well as your brownies, but lately I have been just loving the fudge babies… yum!!!

  172. Piper Kirkpatrick

    …Who just became a fan on Facebook!

  173. Noemi VanSlyke

    Thank you Elana for this amazing blog of yours, it has been a life saver! My favorite gluten free chocolate recipe has to be brownies. Yum!

  174. Moira Tomaso

    Chocolate mousse pie — decadent!

  175. Patrick

    The chocolate chip cookies were my first intro to Elana’s recipes (after a search for Paleo chocolate chip cookies eventually led me here)… and I’ve been hooked on her recipes ever since. I could live on chocolate chip cookies, especially made with the Dagoba Chocodrops.

  176. Anna

    Blackbean chocolate brownies and your flourless chocolate cupcakes with the dairy-free chocolate frosting! I LOVE Chocolate! The darker, the better.

  177. Silvia

    Definatly Chocolate chip cookies with Almond Flour or Coconut flour, also love making my own banana Muffins with half almond and half coconut flour!! It would be awesome

  178. Quinlyn

    The Chocolate Cranberry Power Bars are my favorite! I made a batch and ate the entire thing myself in a few days! The cocao definitey gave me the extra kick I need to make it through the day. Thanks Elana!

  179. Lissa M

    My favorite raw chocolate recipe is Kelly Keough’s hemp ball truffles.

  180. Chelle Stafford @ blog.recipeforfitness.com

    I’m a fan on Facebook, I follow you on Twitter, and I stalk your website! :-) I’m on a figure-competition diet, with treats few and far between, so when I have one, I make it worth it! So far, they’ve all been your recipes! The Chocolate Cloud Mousse is beyond words!!!! The Triple Chocolate Cupcakes in your new book had the whole family wanting more! AWESOME!!! You are my chocolate Goddess! :-)

  181. Diane Bramos

    I am a fan on facebook!

  182. Chocolate icing made with avocados :)

  183. Suzette

    Another terrific GF yummy is chocolate almond macaroons… to make it more decadent, fill or dip in chocolate ganache… oh my!

  184. Michelle

    I just got your new cupcake cookbook last week – I have loved the chocolate chip scone recipe in your almond flour cookbook. But now I can’t wait to try the triple chocolate cupcakes but only with dark chocolate…

  185. Jamee Sicat

    I just created a recipe for chocolate peanut butter and tahini cookies. These would be great to add!!!

  186. Tessa

    I love all your recipes so to have to pick one is hard!! I do love your chocolate chip cookies. Thanks for the give away.

  187. megan hughes @ MeganHughes.net

    I LOVE Dagoba in all forms. I always use the drops in your recipes as specified. My current favorite is the fudge balls from last week or so-excellent!

  188. Cory

    I am following you on Twitter. I am allergic to Dairy and I love your cookbook because most of your recipes are dairy-free.

  189. Susan

    The chocolate dream pie you posted just the other day!

  190. Diane Bramos

    I follow you on twitter @MrsAwwsum

  191. Roberta Thomas

    I just bought some of that dark chocolate and made your chocolate coconut cupcakes. I served them warm with your vegan whipped coconut milk frosting. My sweet tooth is at peace now. : )

  192. Elizabeth

    i love the tropical chocolate chip almond flour cookies! there the best:)

  193. Alicia

    I love making a sweet potato chocolate torte!!! It’s hands-down better than any regular cake!

  194. Marci

    I think my favorite recipe may very well be just eating them straight!
    Oh, and Facebook is liked, and Twitter is followed *and* tweeted!

  195. Kelly

    Love some hot coco -a supreme treat in our house!
    Banana pancake with cocochips! YUM-O!

  196. My gf peanut butter chocolate chip cookies would work fantastic with these.

  197. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies :)

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  202. I can never get enough chocolate chip cookies!!

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  204. Laurie Campbell @ Lauriecampbell.net

    We all love to put them in scones cookies with nuts oh so good

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  206. Dawn

    We love almost everything dark chocolate. A favorite recipe is chocolate mousse pie- similar to the one in the picture above. Just made it last week for hubby’s birthday.

  207. Wendi

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  208. abby

    gluten free coconut flour choco chip cupcakes! I don’t use almond flour, oxidized pufas, bleh.

  209. mary janssen

    I like the cookies using the Choco drops. I used to crave a good cookie and now I can have one. Thanks.

  210. Kristine

    mmmm…..black and white cake, that is our family favorite!

  211. Melissa

    So many chocolate recipe loves… how to choose?? Chocolate Walnut brownies and Cake Pops have won over my gluten-eatin’ friends here in sunny North Carolina though. I’ll go with those… Mel

  212. Melissa Burford @ melissaburford.typepad.com

    My favorite recipe would have to be a flourless chocolate torte. Thanks for the chance to win!

  213. Chocolate chip banana bread made with Almond flour, of course. Amazing!!!

  214. Ida Koller

    I LOVE this chocolate and I “liked” your post…yum yum…please enter me!

  215. I lLOVE the double almond chocolate chip cookies from your book, I make them almost every Friday night. A favorite low carb concoction of mine involves the use of: almond butter, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, chocolate whey powder, and shredded coconut. I don’t measure any of this I just eyeball it, mash it up and eat it! satisfies my sweet tooth when I need a quick dose of chocolate!

  216. Alisha

    I love your Brownie recipe. I’ve not tried these two products yet, so I’d love to win!

  217. chocolate chip cookies is just one way i enjoy using Chocodrops

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    Brownies are by far my favorite, and with this chocolate they would be amazing.

  219. I just made the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes from your new cookbook. They were delish! But I bet they would be even better with a high-quality cocoa powder like Dagoba instead of the grocery store brand I used!

  220. Karen

    Oh come now Elana, it’s chocolate – ANYTHING becomes a favorite with it! LOL!!!

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  223. Patricia LaRoche

    Elana – you have helped normalize a condition that once separated an individual in his own mind from the rest of the food pack…thank you. I like adding dark chocolate (melted) to the uncooked chia seed pudding you posted some time ago.

  224. Arden Fields

    First, let me say I absolutely adore your blog. My sister is gluten intolerant and my father is allergic to dairy so you can imagine the trouble my mother and I have had trying to find recipes that we all can enjoy. I have turned several people on to your blog and we’ve tried many of the recipes. My favorite chocolate gluten free recipe would have to be chocolate cupcakes. I am a huge fan of cupcakes, and they always bring smiles to everyone’s faces. The Dagoba brand is a wonderful brand of chocolate-ty goodness and they make wonderful Xocololatl (hot chocolate with chilies and cinnamon) that is out of this world. Thanks, Elana!!

  225. Flourless Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chip Pancakes and some lovely Chocolate Cupcakes.

  226. korey

    tried the choco mousse pie this weekend– big hit! the dark choco was a deliciously flavorful, tasty change from other chocolates. would welcome the dagoba for further treats!

  227. mentioned this giveaway via a twitter post. handle is: hecialis

  228. This is great! I am always afraid of getting chocolate since they are not always labeled and its tricky to figure out what ingredients indicate gluten. Plus the really good ones that are gluten free are the most expensive! Thanks for sharing the (gluten free) wealth as always.

  229. Melissa Burford @ melissaburford.typepad.com

    I’m following you on twitter now.

  230. Robyn Baldwin

    I love making my version of the Girlscout Thin Mints. Extra chocolate-y for sure.

  231. HAZEL

    Love Chocolate, its one of the few GF treats I love to indulge in. I love your GF Brownies and your Black and White cake. But one of my all time faves is making macaroons (egg whites, cocnut, sugar and vanilla) and I can add cocoa powder and or dip in chocolate when I need a little extra treat!

  232. Lori Brandt

    double chocolate chip cookies! Liked you on Facebook

  233. Leslee

    I love your recipes & like to try most of them. I do replace the grapeseed oil with coconut oil and the agave with coconut palm sugar though. Every thing comes out fantastic! Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes!

  234. World Peace cookies!!

  235. Helen Hammerman @ artbthelenh.com

    I am powerless over chocolate chip cookies.

  236. Melissa Burford @ melissaburford.typepad.com

    I’m also a FB fan now too!

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    I can not imagine using anything but Dagoba cocoa for Mexican Chocolate Popsicles for my kids! I took your Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream recipe and put the mixture into popsicle molds- delicious!

  238. Lois Silverman

    Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla or coconut ice cream is my dream dessert. I am diabetic so I need adjust the sugars accordingly and it still is not diabetic, but it is my SECRET LOVE and I sometimes indulge. Would love, love, love the to win this giveaway – thanks so much Elana, for this opportunity to submit an entry.

  239. Gluten free brownies! (Although GF Chocolate Chip Cookies are a close second!)

  240. If we won the chocolate, I would start by making batches and batches of chocolate chip cookies (made with almond flour) to feed all my kids’ friends (and a few of mine, as well!)

    Love your recipes. Just thrilled some folks at my daughter’s birthday party with your cupcake recipe.

    I’ve been a subscriber, but just followed you on Twitter and liked you on FB.

    Thank you!

  241. Chloe Marty @ mochieroo.com

    I just started following you on Twitter! (@ChloeMarty)

    And my favorite thing to make with the chocodrops are your double almond chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

  242. 4kiddos

    Chocolate pudding made with avocados and cocoa powder, love it!

  243. Carol

    I’ve tried the chocolate chip and brownie recipes and both were delicious! I didn’t have dark chocolate chips, however, and had to take the extra time chopping a large 73% dark chocolate bar. Definitely not as convenient…

  244. you have an amazing site. I became a facebook fan. Can’t wait to try some recipes.

  245. Already “like” you on Facebook and mentioned the giveaway (Creative Cooking Gluten Free)

  246. Danielle @ gogirlusa.etsy.com

    I liked you on facebook! Hoping to win the yummy chocolate! :)

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  250. Elyse

    I love Elana’s chili truffles with Dagoba chocolate. They are simple, delicious and great to share at parties when you need to travel gluten free. My family asks for them anytime a holiday party gives them an excuse.

  251. Terri

    My favorite is the Double chocolate walnut brownies but I also am becoming addicted to the Chocolate Power Balls!!

  252. Danielle @ gogirlusa.etsy.com

    Just added you on Twitter! Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  253. April

    Chocolate gf cupcakes with blackberry ganache filling topped with cream cheese frosting.

  254. Already follow you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway (@Creatively_GF).

  255. Xintia Preda

    I love chocolate and I am a true chocoholic! I am so glad I found your website – all your recipes are truly yummy and nutritious.

    My favourite gluten free recipe that contains chocolate is the Chocolate Cake froim your cookbook (page 84) with the Chocolate Frosting (page 124). It’s extremely chocolatey and delicious!

    Would really, really love to win! :-)

  256. Sarah

    I became your friend on FB! Don’t know how I missed that page! My new favorite recipe from you is your cinnamon coffeecake. I’m not sure the chocolate chips should go in there, but yum dark chocolate!

  257. Cari Jenson

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  258. Iris

    Yum! I would use the cacao for the chocolate cake recipe in the Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook.

  259. Amanda

    If the chocolate chips actually make it into a recipe and aren’t consumed directly from the bag (I’m a SERIOUS chocoholic), I LOVE coconut flour brownies with extra chocolate chips. When I’m too lazy to bake, I make hot chocolate with coconut milk, cocoa powder, and liquid stevia for sweetening. For added spice, I’ll throw in cinnamon, cayanne pepper (not too much) and maybe a little ginger. Yum.

  260. Johanna Burton @ rawkansas.blogspot.com

    I am a fan on Facebook.

  261. Baker Princess @ bakerprincess.com

    I LOVE cocoa powder in smoothies!! Cold choclately goodness is hard to beat!

  262. Even for gluten-eating folk – your chocolate chip cookies are THE BEST!

  263. anita

    I don’t have a favorite recipe as of yet.

  264. Johanna Burton @ rawkansas.blogspot.com

    I use cacao powder to make Gena’s (Choosing Raw) mousse. She uses avocado to make is smooth. It’s WONDERFUL.

  265. debbie kuritza

    healthy almond joys: coco powder, coconut, chopped almonds, and agave these are great the kids love them I can only imagine what they would taste like with the dagoba chocolate would love to try

  266. jc

    i love cacao or cocoa drops in micrawave muffin with egg whites.

    egg whites
    protein powder
    baking powder

    2.30 minutes later voila!

  267. Stevie price @ Facebook

    Chocolate dagoba is something new for my knowledge…just learning how be safe in baking! Thanks for this give-a-away! I’m crossing my fingers! :)

  268. jc

    i follow you on twitter

  269. Beverly

    OMG this chocolate is the BEST EVER !!!!
    I love to make Irish or Mexican hot cocoa with a pinch of nutmeg & cinnamon, or really good Irish creme or Irish Whiskey.. I love to drink this chocolate

    Go out and buy some today.. Its amazing


  270. debbie kuritza

    I am a fan of yours on facebook

  271. Ooh, I love Dagoba cacao powder – it’s so good! I use it in everything from cakes to smoothies.

  272. Jen Wick @ lakitchenette.com

    ooh! My favorite recipe using cocoa powder is an amazing and super simple “brownie bite” recipe that calls for just almond flour, water, cocoa powder, a bit of agave and a touch of sea salt. So simple and so good.

  273. carly

    Chocolate Cake for sure!
    Enter me please :)

  274. Erin

    your chocolate chip cookies from your first book-yummy! Took them to the neighbors for dessert and they loved them! The powder will most definately be used in your brownie recipe made with almond butter. So decadent!

  275. We have been absolutely loveing the easy black and white cake lately. I’m pretty sure any and all chocodrops in this house become that cake. :D I posted about this on facebook as well.

  276. carly

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  277. Debbie Main

    There isn’t a dark chocolate recipe of yours that I’ve tried that I don’t like!! They are all delcious!!!!!

  278. Danielle @ gogirlusa.etsy.com

    Love this giveaway! Thanks so much for offering it! :) My favorite thing to make with raw cacao powder is superfood chocolate. You mix the cacao powder with almond meal, almond butter, agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon, xylitol, coconut oil, and goji berries if you want. It will look like brownie batter. Then you spoon it into a muffin pan and and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Now you have the most awesome chocolate ever! For a “Reeses”, spoon a teaspoon of peanut butter into the muffin pan cups before adding the chocolate mixture :) Yum!

  279. Lourdes @ lavidapaleo.com

    My favorite is hot chocolate sauce!

  280. My latest favorite is gluten free vegan donuts with chocolate frosting. When I make them everyone says I’ll just have one but they always have two and sometimes three.
    I was going to make chocolate ones next week but I think I’ll make them today.

  281. Mary

    I love the Fudge Babies! They are quick and easy and SO yummy!

  282. adriane

    my favorite is your brownie recipy!

  283. Mary

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  284. Mercedes 2 Cultivating Consciousness @ cultivating-consciousness.blogspot.com

    Yes, chocolate chip cookies!!! Just became a fan on FB!

  285. So many delicious forms, there can;t be a favorite for me…but chocolate chocolate chip cookies, flourless chocolate tortes, and raw chocolate cranberry Lara style bars are up there!

  286. adriane

    facebook fan

  287. Stacey

    I have a really spectacular gluten-free chocolate chip cake recipe I’ve developed that is our current favourite … :)

  288. I just followed you on Twitter.

  289. I would make chocolate chip strawberry scones.

  290. Just joined your FB Page, Elana!
    Many thanks for all the wonderful recipes!

  291. Karen

    I LOVE the double chocolate brownies. I’ve made them for company and they are amazed they are gluten free. What a treat.

  292. Isabelle M.

    I LIVE for chocolate! I’d (almost!) die for chocolate… I love making new raw chocolate recipes. The taste is heavenly…

  293. Tina

    Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

  294. Cathy

    i would have to sat chocolate cookies or chocolate coconut ice cream. Then again i think my favorite is on their own by the handful

  295. Ashley

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  296. Grace

    The almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipe is awesome! Also – who doesn’t like to just eat the chocodrops by themselves? YUMM.

  297. Kathy

    My favorite recipe using Dagoba chocolate is chocolate cake. I use Dagoba Cocoa Powder in the cake and I make a delicious frosting by melting 1/2 to 3/4 cup Dagoba chocolate chips with an 1/8 to 1/4 cup of coconut milk, or any other milk you have on hand. Then I add 1/8 tsp of orange oil. I wisk the ingredients all together and then spread a thin layer on my cake. It’s delicious. You dan adjust the ingredients to make the frosting as thin or as thick as you like. I think Dagoba has the best chocolate for baking and snacking!

  298. Susan Clark


  299. Crystal Dodson

    Raw Buckwheat Chocolate Cereal using cacao powder. Yum!

  300. I love the chocolate power balls right now. Perfect sweet treat for me and my kids in the afternoon. I also love the tropical chocolate chip cookies in your cookbook – they are sooo addictive!

  301. Sara

    Chocodrops – We LOVE your Almond Butter Blondies
    Cocoa or Cacao Powder – Favorite shake of the moment:
    1 1/2 c So Delicious Coconut milk Vanilla
    3-4 medjool dates
    1/4 c raw cashews
    2-3 T cacao powder
    1 drop peppermint oil
    1 pinch Himalayan sea salt

    Blend everything but ice in a Blendtec for 30 seconds on high. Add about 6-8 ice cubes & push 3 – or just blend until it’s shake-ish. Depending on who I’m making it for, I will throw in a big handful of spinach leaves with the first ingredients also. This is change the color a bit, but you can’t taste the green at all.

  302. Melissa

    Thanks for letting us know there is a good healthy reason to eat chocolate other than because we love it! I really enjoy your chocolate chip cookies, but have very much enjoyed all the chocolate recipes I have tried. Thanks for all of the hard work you do for us!

  303. kelly

    Love your site! I love to mix dry unsweetened coconut flakes with cacao powder, a bit of butter and a bit of almond butter; quick fantastic sweet treat when you want one!
    i’m a fan on FB!!

  304. Beth Helgans

    Never tried them until being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and discovering your site. I am so grateful for the discovery because my kids and I simply love the choc chip cookies and I add them to the banana bread! Thanks for the introduction!

  305. Crystal Dodson

    I just became a fan on facebook! Hope to win. I love chocolate! :)

  306. Melanie @ bendwire.com

    Your brownie recipie is my favorite chocolate treat so far, but I have not made the fudge balls yet! I have shared the brownie recipie with everyone, absolutely everyone!

  307. Shruti

    The chocolate looks sensational and rich!
    I’m a fan on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter.
    Many thanks for the opportunity!

  308. Valinda Holmes

    Hi Elana

    I have to be careful when buying chocolate because it makes my head feel like it is splitting, due to the way the chocolate is processed. Dagoba chocolate is a :) for me.

    My favorite chocolate recipe is your Chocolate Cake on page 84 in the Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I will tell you that I sometimes, when I am having coffee lovers:

    I add 1 to 2 Tablespoons of instant powdered organic coffee crystals (depending on the coffee loving guests) to the cake recipe by adding 1 Tablespoon of hot water and mix it together with the crystals, and then add that to the agave nectar.

    For the icing: I mix 1/4 cup of grated chocolate and 1 teaspoon of instant powdered organic coffee crystals (ground to powder) and sprinkle that on top the cake. Since the icing is very sweet the bitterness of the coffee makes a good compliment.

    When eating recipes from your cookbook, I am always relieved, because I will not be have to suffer from eating delicious food.

    I still thank you for writing your cookbook.


  309. kelly

    I love to mix dry unsweetened coconut flakes with cacao powder, a bit of butter and a bit of almond butter; quick fantastic sweet treat when you want one! i’m a fan on FB!!

  310. Hello Elana,

    I have now become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter! I had the pleasure of meeting you for the first time a couple years ago at the GF Summit in Colorado. You are such a delightful person. I have been enjoying your GF/Almond flour cookbook for a long time! Were you at the GF Expo in Chicago?! I am so sorry, I did not have the chance to say hello to you! I was in the kitchen the entire time working, making all the food food for the presenter’s demos. This is so weird, because you made such a positive impression on me at the summit, I was thinking to myself the whole weekend, “they should really have Elana here, I don’t know why they don’t”. If I had known you were going to be there, I would have brought my copy of your book for you to sign for me! I have been buying Dagoba chocolate ever since I saw your recommendation for it in your book! It is wonderful! I have so many chocolate recipes I use it in, but my new favorite one is now Silvana’s chocolate donut recipe. We had the pleasure of making those on Saturday and Sunday for her. Wow, they are fantastic! Thank you for offering this giveaway! Carol Keating

  311. Hi Elana thanks for the awesome giveaway. My favorite chocolate recipe is brownies and I’ve had yours on the list for some time now!

  312. I love the chocolate chip cookies. I was really missing them, being diabetic, but I bought both of your cookbooks from Amazon and am very pleased. I no longer eat any sugar or grains or corn syrup. I would be wonderful if you wrote a diabetic cookbook. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  313. Olivia

    I’m a facebook fan!

  314. Already a Twitter follower, Elana.
    Just tweeted about this giveaway :)
    Love your choc chip cookie recipe!

  315. Carla Hugo @ www,getcoached.com

    Your Cookie Surprise Cupcakes – among many of your other recipes as well. We just received your GF Cupcakes cook book and my 11 year old daughter and I are “devouring” it! I’ve had it on my nightstand to read in it’s entirety! Yesterday, she made the Cookie Surprise Cupcakes all on her own. Other than the fact we baked them a few minutes too long, they are fabulous and So professional looking. My daughter was inspired to write her own cookbook – and started last night. (She made her own soup and named the recipe Spring Bling soup, with beets and spring scallions!) She wanted to include your recipe, but I told her all she could do was recommend your book. You are very inspiring! All of us Hugo’s are big fans!

  316. Mar Grannan

    Absolute favorite for me, co-workers and friends: Chocolate peanut butter chip almond flour cookies, with dark chocolate chips and cocoa powder melting through the peanut butter chips. Yum! I just brought a batch into work this morning. Thank you for your amazing inspirations, Elana.

    Mar Grannan

  317. Donna Grady

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  318. Julie

    I just started eating (or attempting to eat) gluten-free. I haven’t entered the world of GF baking yet because the ingredient lists are pretty daunting! However, I know I’d love to try this chocolate out in a recipe from your new cupcake book! Thanks for offering the give-away!

    Also, I “liked” you on Facebook!

  319. Tina W.

    I am a fan on facebook!

  320. My Chocolate Coconut Bars are probably my current favorite but I’ve been looking at page 71 of your new cookbook today and I’m pretty sure that will be my new favorite. =D

  321. Bea

    I would most happily use the chocodrops for the chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

  322. My favorite gf chocolate treat? Your brownies, with coconut flour and walnuts on top. YUM

  323. I love making almond flour scones with GF chocolate chips. But I can’t wait to try the Fudge Babies! I think I might have a new favorite soon! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and tips, Elana!

  324. Megan Concannon

    I love the almond flour chocolate chip cookies! And I am a follower on Facebook!

  325. Sara

    I liked you on facebook & gave you a shout-out on my wall!

  326. My favorite, from your book of course Chocolate Banana Cupcakes!!

    Thanks Nancy

  327. Tina W.

    I follow you on twitter now (witt0071)

  328. Wanda

    I am forsure a follower of yours and would love to be included in your chocolate give away. Thanks for all you do. hugs, Wanda

  329. Vaneta

    My favorite, for today, would be the fabulous fudge recipe you blogged! Love it!

  330. Laurel Holler

    I love your chocolate chip cookie recipe with almond flour. Love that whole cookbook. I also just tried the Fudge Babies yesterday. Yummy!!! I love love love chocolate. Just became a fan on your Facebook for an extra chance to win.

  331. I ‘liked’ you today on Facebook and already follow you on Twitter. Am exited about your giveaway.

    I am so thankful for your website and recipes. I needed to go GF for health reasons just six mo. ago. Knowing that I can still have some yummy desserts makes this new lifestyle a little easier.

  332. Kathie

    Hands down, its the Chocolate Cranberry Power Bars. The women in my bootcamp as well as the instructor ask me to make a batch a week! Nothing like a little chocolate bliss at 5 am!!

  333. Jess

    Yes please!!

  334. Tina W.

    I tweeted about your giveaway (witt0071)! Yum, yum, yum.

  335. Yulia

    Truffles. Brownies.
    And I love to experiment with dark chocolate, unexpectedly adding it to some spicy dishes.

  336. We like to make havla and add cocoa powder!

  337. I honestly don’t have one because I am not having to eat “gluten-free”, but would still love to be in your drawing.

    Thank you!

  338. Jane

    GF mesquite chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!
    (using mesquite flour and other gluten free flours)

  339. Elana, thanks for putting on this giveaway.

    I would use to chocodrops for cookies (and snacking) and the powder for smoothies, peanut butter cups, and brownies. Yum!

  340. Taca

    Chocolate is my favorite food group, flourless chocolate torte or flourless peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips…. both are favorites. I also just got both of your cookbooks, can’t wait to try some new recipes.

  341. Brenda

    I love the double chocolate walnut brownies. Also like many other recipes, but
    this is my favorite chocolate recipe.

  342. Maggie

    I cannot wait to try these products!

  343. Stevie price @ Facebook

    Woot woot…I love your newsletters…I “friended” on Facebook! Woot woot!!

  344. Just got your new cookbook and there are many chocolate recipes I am going to try.


  345. Julia

    I love chocolate! and I’m a fan on facebook!

  346. Fudge babies by far! Although chocolate chip cookies are a close second. This would be great, I just ran out of cocao today.

  347. Joni Roberts

    I don’t have a favorite yet, because I have not had the chocolate to try a gluten free recipe yet…(hint) but I love chocolate, and I love to bake, so I will love trying out a recipe that I can actually eat!


  348. Stevie price @ Facebook

    Would love to be lucky…comments and Facebook…great combo!! Pick me!

  349. Taca

    Just became a fan on facebook.

  350. Stevie price @ Facebook

    Eeny meeny jelly beeny pick me….learning how to help my husband be GF, thanks!

  351. Amy

    I am a fan on Facebook! The cookies have got to be the best in my book.. and I should win this chocolate because it is my Birthday today!

  352. Jenny

    Hi! I am new to this journey of being gluten free and sugar free and am desperate for help! I was a great baker before and haven definitely lost my touch with my new (better) ingredients. I would love to win so I can get some much needed practice in the kitchen! I have made your chocolate chip cookies and fudge (they definitely didn’t look as good as yours)!
    I am the proud owner of both your books and am going to bake my way through the cupcakes starting this Sunday!
    Thank you so much for all the recipes and tips!
    blessings + peace,

  353. Vanessa

    My favorite chocolate-y gluten free recipes are your chocolate power ball bars (also great with almonds) and your keylime brownie with coconuts!!! Quick and easy and delicious! THANKS!!!

  354. Amy Schoenherr

    I became a FAN on FACEBOOK! I have a tough time going a single day without chocolate!!

  355. Arleen

    My go-to chocolate craving is Karina’s Chocolate Muffins with almond flour, chocolate chips and a little espresso powder. At all times, there are a few waiting for me in my freezer.

  356. Gena Welk

    I LOVE Chocodrops!! I discovered them last year for Passover because they didn’t have soy in them. They were so delicious and had such a fantastic deep flavor.

    My favorite chocolate-y indulgence is a rich pot de creme.

  357. Arleen

    I also follow you on Facebook.

  358. Amalia

    I would love to use these products to make your chocolate chip cookie recipe!!!

  359. Deb Shepardson

    My favorite recipe is for chocolate pecan brownies.

  360. Sarah

    Cake. Mmmmm cake.

  361. Tami Jo Eaton

    I love to add dark chocolate chips to everything. Banana bread, energy balls, pancakes, or a trail mix with raw nuts. I add the cacao powder to smoothies or make a syrup with a little almond milk for drizzling on banana “ice cream”. Dagoba chocolate is so good.

  362. Amalia

    I became a fan on facebook! and shared the giveaway!

  363. hannah

    I love dagoba!

  364. This is a trick question, right? I love all chocolate recipes that are allergy friendly and do not involve grasshoppers! In our house cocoa powder is used for Elvis Specials (chocolate super greenfood powder, almond or coconut milk, frozen bananas, cocao powder, agave nectar and natural peanut butter). It is also a birthday staple with your chocolate layer cake. Chocolate chip scones from your book are my 14 year old’s favorite breakfast treat. Chocolate chip banana cake is the preferred grown-up snack at get togethers. See? It was a trick question. It is impossible with chocolate to have a favorite thing. :) I just ‘liked’ you on facebook. I can’t believe I never thought to look for you on there. I have linked tons of your recipes to my page. Thank you for all of the great recipes. You are a lifesaver for food allergy Moms.
    Carmen Butler

  365. Barbara Hawkins

    I love to use Dagoba cocoa powder to make hot chocolate. We are dairy free and when I figured out how to make it palatable we were thrilled.

  366. Jennifer

    My two favorite chocolate treats to make with Dagoba are an rich chocolate tart in a GF walnut crust and maple creams dipped in chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder. Absolutely divine!

  367. My favorite recipe using cocoa powder is Happy Foody’s Chocolate Bliss smoothie: http://happyfoody.com/2008/03/15/chocolate-bliss/ I tweak the recipe and use coconut milk in place of almond milk and 1/4 cup honey + 2 droppers stevia in place of the agave nectar. And lately I’ve been adding 4Tbsps hemp hearts for added nutrition. It makes 3-4 servings.

    Chocodrops? Well, a handful just straight out of the bag, I must admit. Although we’ve been trying the recipes in your first book and chocolate chip scones is next in line!!

  368. Arleen

    I just received your new cookbook….a whole chapter of chocolate cupcakes! YUM! Can’t wait to get started!

  369. Gluten-free, vegan mesquite chocolate chip cookies with the chocodrops. YUM.

  370. P Roland

    That mousse pie is excellent. I have to admit that I’m not a big cupcake person, but I ordered your new cupcake cookbook (more as a thank you for all the great recipes that you post for free) and we made our first batch last night. WOW!! I may become a cupcake person. Thanks.

    However, as far as favorites go, we are still crazy for black and white chocolate cake! Thanks for that one.

  371. elana daley @ conceptsintraining.com

    Hi Elana-

    I made the recipe you posted for the fudge babies. I brought them to my writers group to share and the bookstore owner also tried them. They were a hit would be an understatement. I also passed out copies of your website with the recipe.
    For now my favorite dark chocolate recipe remains the cake pops although dark chocolate almond bark is holding a close second and the peanut butter brownies made with the chocodrops were hands down a favorite among my father, mother, brother and two nephews in college. Yes, I froze 1/2 tray of brownies each, so it could be sent from CA all the way to Wisconsin and Illinois dorm rooms and hand delivered to the SF Bay area.

    Love your ideas and recipes. You make my cooking so much easier!

    Elana Daley

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  373. Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos @ chocolate-coveredchaos.blogspot.com

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    ~Julie L.

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  383. Hi Elana –
    Liked you on Facebook and retweeted this post on Twitter.

    I have to repeat myself and say my favorite recipe for cacao powder is Katie’s Fudge Babies (at chocolatecoveredkatie.com). My absolute favorite, simple, tasty snack food!

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  386. Elana, I’m addicted to your recipes. I just tried your walnut brownies last night. The entire pan was devoured! I’m a huge fan of your recipes – and as a gluten-intolerant reader, you are often a saviour come dinner/desert time!


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    My family loves your almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipe – we make them weekly! But, I have to say, our favorite is the chocolate biscotti recipe. We make it during holidays and it disappears as fast as I make it.

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    I love raw chocolate truffles which you called fudge babies last week. Need to make another batch soon!

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    I’ll just be boring, but it’s the truth: your chocolate chip cookies are the first gluten free baked item I ever made (I remember it took awhile to find and amass the right ingredients), and they are still my favorite. Thanks, Elana!

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  395. Alicia at Poise in Parma @ poiseinparma.com

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  402. Shelby P.

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  404. Yuuuuummy! I made Spicy Chocolate cupcakes using Dagoba powedered cacao. I started with a bag of Pamela’s chocolate cake mix, added 1/4 c Jello chocolate fudge pudding (instant), some cinnamon, cardamon, and some chipotle chili – not enough to recognize the pepper, but enough to give it some complexity. Count me in on the giveaway, please!

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  414. Laurel

    Chocolate? Did I hear Chocolate? Ooh… okay, no more fooling around, time to win CHOCOLATE!!! My favorite way to use dark chocolate drops is to simmer a full fat can of coconut milk and then dump it over 6 ounces of dark chocolate drops in my VitaMix and blend until light and airy. Then I pour it into 4 glasses or ramekins. Refrigerate and serve with whipped coconut cream or sliced fruit or just on its own. Incredibly good and just as incredibly easy. Oh, add whatever liquor or flavoring you like at the end.

  415. Kiersti

    I am in total love with your Chocolate Cake recipe. I use it to make the cake as written but then I also use to to make Whoopie Pies, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Just about the BEST soft chocolate cookie you have ever had. If you add the Chocolate chips to the cake batter when you make dollop them on the cookie sheet to make the cake-cookies you get a decadent double chocolate wonder. I am in love. Satisfies the choco cravings, hands down.

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  420. I love my morning post-workout smoothie… kefir, a raw egg (from my backyard hens), a banana, some coconut oil, and a spoonful of cocao!
    Great giveaway… thanks!
    By the way… I’ve already made three recipes form the new cookbook… fantastic as could be expected. I hope to write a review on my blog soon and will let you know. The vanilla cupcakes make scrumptious strawberry shortcake!

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    Thanks for offering the chance at these and thank you for your wonderful chocolate-filled recipes!!

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    love your new cupcake cookbook, i can’t wait to start trying the recipes!

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    Okay, I might have overstated it. A long, sweaty weekend with Pierce Brosnon would actually be better than the truffles, but…well, a girl takes her goodness where she can get it.

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win Dagoba products!

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    Thank you so much for the delicious and easy recipe.

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    Also on Twitter:)

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    favorite recipe is a flourless chocolate cake (using chocodrops)


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  472. My favorite GF chocolate recipe is the Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies. Yummm!

    I just signed up to follow you on Twitter! Your recipes are a blessing!

  473. Lisa Lake (Granola Girlz) @ granolagirlz.blogspot.com

    Raw Vegan Chocolate Ganache Coconut Torte!
    Just made one using up the last of my Dagoba cacao powder, so I could REALLY use some more!
    Also tweeted contest and shared on Facebook. @granolagirlz facebook.com/granolagirlz

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  475. Susan

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    Barbara Montez

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    I’m already a fan and I’ve just shared a link on my FB page


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  482. My favorite chocolate recipe is definitely your Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart. It never fails to impress.

  483. Lauren Kressin

    Hi Elena.
    I love your website. I make the fudge babies from your site just yesterday and boy two boys devoured them. My favorite recipe with chocolate is the almond butter brownies. I’ve served them to non-health nut guests before and had them be a great hit.

  484. Christina Matthewson

    I make the yummiest gf chocolate mini mud cakes with both chocolate drops and cocoa powder. My boys just had a garden bday party and I made these yummy cames and decorated them so they looked like dirt with some carrots on top. They were a HUGE hit with the kids and parents

  485. domestic diva

    I’m a simple coconut milk hot chocolate kind of girl. :-)

  486. Rudy Roberts

    I love to make your scone recipe using the dark chocolate chips, and I use the Dagoba powder to make the almond butter brownies – both are family favorites =)
    I am already a fan on Facebook.
    I printed off the recipe for chocolate peanut butter fudge and plan to try that soon!

  487. I love making dark chocolate flourless cake with hazelnuts or macadamias as well as chocolate energy bars with flax and kamut. Yum! Thanks for the chance to win!! One of my all time faves of your recipes is your tweaked version of 101 Cookbooks Triple Chocolate Espresso cookies – love them!! They are always a hit!

  488. Heidi David @ madameparadox.com

    Let’s see, my immediate family sort of worships me thanks to your cranberry chocolate chip biscotti, although the almond butter blondies elicited insane amounts of joy as well. But a friend and I made the chocolate cream pie and WOW WOW WOW is about the long and short of that. To sum up, it’s impossible to choose, but I certainly look forward to making more. :)

  489. Linda Davis

    I have found Elana’s Pantry to be among the best GF support sites on the Web! Wonderful recipes and suggestions — thank you for all you do!

  490. Rebekah

    I love chocolate chip cookies, and the double chocolate walnut brownies from your site.

  491. Venessa

    I use the Dagoba chocolate powder in my hemp protein smoothies, along with berries and/or bananas. Yum!

  492. I like making a chocolate-y coconut cream/frosting by mizing coconut flour, cacao powder, soy milk, and stevia to a smooth and creamy consistency. I then eat it straight with a spoon ;)

  493. following you on twitter :)

  494. Vanessa Meyer

    Your truffles and mousse- AMAZING! It’s so nice to have a treat that’s within my GF/no refined sugar parameters. Thank you!!

  495. Sharon S

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  496. Eve L.

    I am new to the gluten-free world and haven’t been able to find dark chocolate chips around here. Would love to use them in my third batch of your almond-meal/almond chocolate-chip cookies.

  497. Vanessa Meyer

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  498. Sarah

    thank you for all of your wonderful recipes! I have just become a fan on facebook and love your first cookbook and can’t wait to try the second. want to win so I can make more of your amazing chocolate chip cookies! :)

  499. Deb

    Elana, my favorite chocolate recipe is your Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies. I have even substituted coco powder for the ground cacao chips and it comes out more like a chocolate cake. Thank you.

  500. Vanessa Meyer

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  501. Susan

    Chocolate biscotti….I have been caving them eversince going GF

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  507. Kimberly Long

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  508. steph romig

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  509. Annie Wales

    I’m celebrating my birthday today and my mouth is watering for chocolate mousse and/or flourless chocolate cake!

  510. Bonnie Brown

    Anything chocolate is my favorite, but here’s one of my oldest and easiest chocolate recipes (1963 and therefore one of my favorites:
    Brownie Pie
    1-1/2 C. sugar
    3/4 C. GF flour
    1/2 C. Dagoba Cocoa powder
    1/4 t. salt
    3/4 C. unsalted butter, melted
    3 eggs, beaten
    1-1/2 t. vanilla (I sometimes use 1 t. Mexican vanilla instead)
    1/2 C. chopped nuts (toasted if desired)
    Rub butter or shortening and sprinkle a little GF flour in an 8 or 9-inch pie plate. Mix all ingredients together, beating well. Spread in prepared pan. Bake 15 350 for 35-40 min. Cool for 10 min. Serve with sweetened whipping cream or ice cream, drizzled with GF chocolate syrup. To change it up sometimes, I occasionally sprinkle Dagoba chocolate chips on it as soon as it comes out of the oven and then place it back in the oven for 2 minutes until the chocolate chips begin to get shiny. Then, I spread it over the top of the pie to create a glaze.

  511. Using the drops, I always find myself going back to your chocolate chip cookie recipe. SO GOOD!

  512. Thanks as always for a wonderful giveaway and your wonderful recipes!

    My favorite chocolate recipe is the chocolate tart at the link below (it is gluten free, grain free, and vegan). I use melted dark chocolate, but I’m sure the dagoba chocodrops would be a perfect substitute!


  513. Gretchen Kingsley

    fan on facebook =)

  514. Kelli

    Right now, fudge power balls.

  515. Meghanne

    My fave by far is uses both cacao and choco drops and is pure bliss. I haven’t made them since last summer and am so excited that its getting warm again so I have an excuse to put a batch in the freezer.

    Coconut flour Chocolate “Ice Cream” Sandwiches Adapted from Bruice Fife ND
    Make chocolate cookies:
    1/4 cup coconut oil
    1/3 cup cacao powder
    3 eggs
    3 tbs raw honey + 1 tsp liquid stevia
    1/4 tsp vanilla
    1/4 cup coconut flour
    Blend wet and dry. Let sit for 4 mins and place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 14 mins. Makes 16 cookies. Cool cookies on a wire rack and let a pint of vanilla coconut milk ice cream get soft. Sandwich coconut milk ice cream between cookies and roll in a plate of coco drops so ice cream is covered around. Cover with plastic wrap an freeze until set…if you can wait that long! Makes 4 monster sandwiches.

  516. I love the chocolate power balls! So healthy and so yummy!
    Can you actually use healthy and yummy in the same sentence? Thanks to you, Elana, we can.

    The only problem is that as quickly as I make them they disappear!

  517. Lois Gilman

    Favorite chocolate recipes are the flourless chocolate cake and also the chocolate chip cookies. Delectable delights!

  518. Stephanie Worth

    I love your double chocolate biscotti! They are a favorite for our family. I hope I win :)

  519. Gretchen Kingsley

    ooops…this post was supposed to be prior to my other one…
    my favorite recipe is a smoothie that my husband and i make every night. for one serving:
    1 c. almond milk
    1/4 c. nut butter (we use peanut)
    2 Tbs. cacao powder
    2 Tbs. honey (or other sweetener)
    1 frozen banana
    5 ice cubes

    we also add a Tbs or two of coconut oil (for added health benefits and smoothness) and ground flax seed.

    it’s DELICIOUS and so very filling.

  520. I am glad to read that dark chocolate has more antioxidants than strawberries – esp since I just figured out the strawberries make my daughter get bumpy skin!

    I make everything with the 85% chips – chocolate chip bars are my fav!

  521. Alison

    Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies!

  522. Laura

    Choc chip cookies for us. I just became a facebook fan too.

  523. My favorite is your Mexican chocolate ice cream… it has become the most requested for dinner parties!

  524. Stephanie Worth

    Enter me again b/c I am a fan on Facebook now. Thanks!

  525. momosam

    I’m not sure I can fit all my favorite chocolate recipes in this little box, but I’ll give it a try.

    My family and I love banana bread with chocolate chips. We’re also crazy for chocolate brownies, choc. chip cookies, and peanut butter choc. chip cookies/bars. I also make a chocolate tart with a coconut crust. Yum! Did I mention chocolate cake or fruit froozies with chocolate chips? Then there’s chocolate fudge sauce, made with chips. And biscotti of various varieties.

    I could go on… All are gluten free — of course! I’m feeling the urge to bake something. ;)

  526. Already follow you on Facebook

  527. Patrick Nugent

    Hi Elana,

    Your chocolate chip cookies are my fav!

    They’re absolutely delicious. I made them about a week ago and just loved them.

    My birthday May 3rd., the same day as the giveaway. What a great birthday present Chocolate would make. It just means more chocolate chip cookies for the family and myself.

  528. Camron @ n/a

    I just “liked” you on facebook but I have been a fan for quite a while! I made a quiche tonight using your savory tart recipe and I also just received your new cupcake cookbook today. I am looking forward to making LOTS of cupcakes. I think my favorite recipe would have to be chocolate chip cookies…a classic.

  529. Heather

    Chocolate frosting, raw chocolate macaroons and raw chocolate ganache tarts are high on my list of favorites!

  530. Abby H.

    One of my favorites is chocolate pie…it’s not dairy free, but it is gluten free with a nut crust! Beautiful creamy filling of whipped cream, cream cheese, honey and chocolate chips :-)

  531. Tammy Lou McIlwain

    Oh I would try the chocolate mousse pie first!! Brownies, some of those luscious cup cakes in your new cook book!!! So many choices so little time :) I’m sure you’ll be posting some new wonderful chocolate treat to inspire us. Thank you Elana.

  532. Diane L

    Chocolate is my favorite. I don’t understand how people enjoy the super sweet milk chocolate, I’ll take an 85% chocolate bar over that any day!!

  533. Kristy

    Oh, and forgot to mention that I did just become a fan on facebook :)!

  534. Karen

    Mmmmmmm Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti

  535. Raysa Contreras

    My favorite are Chocolate Chip Cookies… LOVE them. The only cookies that I will eat! They are super nutritious.. Gotta stop myself from eating the entire rack. MY daughter and husband love them and as we say Estan DELICIOSAS.. (that means they are delicious in Spanish).. Thank you for sharing!

  536. Pam Bouldin

    I love your cookbook and use it all the time! My husband and I have recently lost a LOT of weight and have decided to leave the white flour and white sugar behind and start a new, healthy life.
    I would love to win your chocolate treats!!
    I am excited to use all your recipes and use them very often.

  537. My favorite chocolatey recipe is avocado fudgesicles. I use raw cacao powder to make them. I would also love to try some recipes using the choco drops.

  538. Megan @ playfood.com

    No recipes required for me….I just eat cocoa drops by the handful. But, if I had to use them in a recipe I would cookies, banana-chocolate chip muffins, or scones. :)

  539. Almond flour chocolate chip cookies are a standby, but I’d love to try my hand at some chocolate bark!

  540. Also, I’m now a fan on Facebook!

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    love all kinds of chocolate treats but my newest fave trick is to make “magic” chocolate shell for ice cream (yes, like at Dairy Queen), with a cup or 2 of dark chocolate chips and a few tablespoons of coconut oil. melt together and pour over coconut milk ice cream… the shell will harden in seconds… so fun!

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  554. Jenny Eliuk @ Stay on Path @ stayonpath.blogspot.com

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  574. Hmmm…one favorite? Anything with chocolate is good!! Especially when you’re 38 weeks pregnant! Nut butter bread with chocoloate chips…mmmm :)

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    I Could use some Dagoba chocolate for them and
    and my other favorite Elana recipes from your

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    I like to add 1/2 T. of cacao powder to my morning coffee, I mix it with a Tbsp of heavy whip cream and a few drops of liquid stevia…my own homemade mocha, sometimes I add a dollop of whipped cream too!

    I use Chocodrops for all my baking needs…they are my favorite.

    I am already a follower on FB so I will share this giveaway…


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  593. D.S

    Following you on Facebook. Am really looking forward to trying some of your recipes. Making a change to eat better and cut out sugar and gluten from our diet.

    Thank you so much for making it easier!!

  594. I make ganache from scratch, all the time. Hollow out a strawberry and add it into the center with a mint leaf and it’s delicious, and an easy, make-ahead party dessert

  595. Ruth Sharpe

    I love chocolate chip cookies. I also used the chocolate chips in homemade ice cream – yum!

  596. Hi Elena! With chocolate i want to make cake pops. I also would like to do chocolate chip and apple muffins. I have done a recipe with carob chips, but i’m sure it will taste as delicious with chocolate chips!!
    i’ll also leave a comment on facebook :)

  597. Ashley

    My smother-it-on-everything favorite chocolate recipe is your Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Frosting, found here: http://www.elanaspantry.com/vegan-chocolate-frosting/ The perfect pairing with a beautiful cake, cupcakes, brownies, and a simply spectacular on bananas, strawberries, graham crackers–or straight off the hand blender! Thank you for such a simple, sweet treat!

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  600. Sara @ This Mom Loves... @ sara-thismomloves.blogspot.com

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    My favorite is the chocolate chip cookies. The first time I tried them, I knew the whole gf thing was going to be ok.

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    Well I have both of your books..I LOVE them…Your bread recipe is fantastic.It reminds me of believe it or not wheat bread.
    The chocolate cake yum.going to try one of your cupcake recipes tomorrow dont know what one yet but love the books.Thank You

  608. JB

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  613. Vegan/ gluten free chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

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  615. chocolate chip cookies…so simple yet delicious every. single. time. :]

  616. Amy

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  617. Jinny

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  619. Sheryl

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    I like to use either dagoba chocolate chips or cacao powder in my own twist on larabars. They usually include hemp seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, currants, almonds, astragalus powder, eleuthero powder, and coconut butter, and the chocolate turns them into a nice sweet but healthy treat. brain and body fuel, yum!

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  626. susan

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  627. Gosh, it is difficult to pick my favorite chocolatey GF recipe. Right now I would have to say it is the raw chocolate balls with my version of the coconut samoas being my favorite so far. Coconut, chocolate, dates, macadamia nuts – yum!!!

    Dagoba chocolate is hands-down the best!

  628. Cynthia L Winter

    Chocolate chip brownies

  629. Well, since I am gluten, dairy, and sugar free, my favorite recipe is chocolate pudding! It is a super easy recipe. :)

    2 cups coconut milk
    1/3 c xylitol
    1/3 – 1/2 c cocoa powder (depending how chocolatee you would like)
    1 pkg unsweetened/unflavored gelatin

    Mix all together and refrigerate!

  630. Cindy

    I love chocolate chips and all things chocolate, as well. Have made some of your cookie recipes and the whole family loved them!

  631. Kristin Walukas

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  633. flourless chocolate cake, of course. i am still looking for a recipe that makes something that tastes as good as gluten-free “miles of chocolate” which is made here in texas.

    thanks for the give-away. i love dagoba chocolate!

  634. just “liked” you on FB.

  635. Joan Seliger Sidney

    I love your chocolate chip scones and the chocolate power balls. The Christmas chocolate bark was to die for, so I had to stop making it :)
    What incredible recipes, Elana!

  636. Rachael P @ rachaeltaron.com

    yay! Posted to facebook! So may people have asked me (as I am planning my wedding to be gluten-free friendly) where I get my recipes and I always tell the your website! :)

  637. Katelyn (new kid on the vegan block) @ newkidontheveganblock.blogspot.com

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    1. is gluten free
    2. has chocolate

    i love it. i know that’s pretty lame, but at least i am honest.

    shared on facebook too!

  642. I love dark chocolate! I do not currently have a favorite gluten free chocolate recipe, as I just started being gluten free!

  643. Amy

    I haven’t actually tried them, but the recipe featuring Chocodrops that I find most drool-worthy is Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

  644. Amy

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  645. Amy

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  646. Rise

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  647. Sherri

    I am in love with the Chocolate Power Bar Balls you posted. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. I used dark cacao powder instead which was sugar free. These still had a nice level os sweetness from the delicious dates. Such a healthy “good for you” treat! Thanks Elana!

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  649. Rise

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  650. Brandee Simmang @ bsimmang@comcast.net

    My very favorite thing to make with cacao powder is fudge!

    1/2 cup coconut oil
    1/2 cup cacao powder
    1/2 cup raw honey
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    nuts optional

    in a small saucepan melt coconut oil over med-low heat. add in honey and vanilla and stir to combine. then stir in cacao powder. i then pour into my vitamix and blend.

    i then pour onto a piece of saran wrap and use the wrap to form into a tube. then refrigerate until firm, then slice to eat. if you are adding walnuts or pecans, work them in when forming into a long tube.

    OMG! So delicious!!!!!

  651. love, LOVE chocolate!

  652. I love to make cocao and mint smoothies with avocados!

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  657. Debbie

    i am sure my favorite recipe using dagoba chocolate will be one from this site — but since i have only just learned i can’t eat gluten or dairy or a host of other stuff, i haven’t tried any yet. I most miss chocolate chip cookies right now, so I think that would be the first thing I would make :-)

  658. Maegan

    We made the chocolate mousse pie with dark choco chips and the kids loved it. How can you not like anything with dark chocolate in it? But I do adore the cocoa recipes to keep the sugar down for my babies.

  659. Heartsong

    If I win the giveaway, and maybe even if I don’t, I think I’ll make my gluten free adaptation of Eric Tucker’s Chocolate Almond Midnight dessert. I order it for dessert whenever I visit my daughter in the bay area and we go to the Millennium Restaurant. The recipe is found in the Millennium Cookbook:


  660. Christina

    Do I have to choose just one? Well, the first one I tried was the festive Dark Chocolate Bark at Christmas Time (with dried cranberries, pistachios, and sea salt). It was a huge hit!

  661. Dani

    I am a choco-holic!! I really love to make a gluten-free, vegan pumpkin chocolate chip bread and vegan, chocolate chip banana cookies (courtesy of my friend Penina-feedyourroots.com). I also love making gluten-free vegan chocolate chip brownies :)

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  663. Katie @ RIddlelove @ riddlelove.com

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  664. Cathy Thomas


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  675. Jan Bostic

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  676. ChandraT

    I recently purchased your almond flour cookbook and your gluten-free cupcake cookbook and I LOVE them both!
    My husband and I are both gluten free, and as a baker, I have been struggling to make satisfying gluten free baked goods. Your books and blog have been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed trying each new recipe. I love the brownies and your chocolate cupcakes – I top them with coconut frosting or just plain toasted coconut. Thank you for making it easy (and tasty) to be gluten free!

  677. Brandi b

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  678. Pick one favorite…okay, anything chocolate! :) I do truly love the simplicity of chocolate chip cookies. Delish!

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    Red velvet all the way

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  683. Shelly kendrick

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  684. D Linehan

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    I completely enjoy your site and books. Thank you for your cooking artistry.

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  697. Leslie

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  701. Gecille

    I have been a fan of yours on Facebook for some time and love your recipes. I am also a chocoholic and would love to win the double chocolate giveaway! —> Pick me as a winner! <—- :)

  702. Heather

    Dessert isn’t worth having unless it’s made with dark chocolate. Your chocolate pudding was a hit this past Christmas.

  703. Tracy Deakyne

    I became a facebook fan! I am already a fan of your cooking and have shared your site with friends cooking for the high holy days as your gluten free recipes work great for Passover! Have loved your power bars and everyone I’ve shared them with loves them, too! The power balls are great, too and the muesli scones were very good. We enjoyed them for our shabbos during Passover week. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to your new book. I bet the recipes will be amazing! Tracy

  704. Stacy

    Hmmm I have an extremely hard time picking a “favorite” chocolate recipe!! But one of my favorites is your flour-less chocolate banana “cake”. The kids and I LOVE it!!

  705. I love making chia seed pudding w/ cacao powder!

  706. Follow on FB too.

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    —gf chocolate chip cookies!!!!!

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  717. Celina

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  718. Bonnie B @ elanaspantry.com

    You seem to get the best of the best!! I like both and all of you recipes have been above calling. Good for the new and older Gluten Free living.

  719. cindy

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    Just became a facebook fan and a Twitter follower.


  720. Flourless chocolate cake for sure!!

  721. I’m a fan on facebook!

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  723. I follow you on twitter!

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  729. Not only am I a fan of yours on facebook, as of now, but I send people to you on a regular basis. I am in the health industry and I write a food column for a small newspaper, so I recommend your blog to many of my friends. Thank you for this blog. I love it so much. I just made the coconut flour vanilla cupcakes for easter dinner and used them as shortcakes for the strawberries. It was divine!

  730. kat

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  731. Amanda Camp

    I pre-ordered copies of your second book on cupcakes and already made 2 gifts. Precious!

  732. Stephanie KL

    My favorites are chocolate chip cookies and the double chocolate cookies using chocolate chips or cocoa and chocolate chips. I’ve been baking a lot of cookies lately and chocolate type cookies are everyone’s favorites.

  733. Marla Mollicone

    Love your recipes, I am a fan on facebook as Marla Mollicone.

  734. Nettie Mitchell

    Hi, Elana!

    I received your lovely “Gluten-Free Cupcakes” book yesterday and look forward to baking dark chocolate delectables with my granddaughter!

    Nettie Mitchell

  735. Christiana

    Left a comment on Facebook. And my favorite recipe is the magically moist cake with almond flour, cherries and almonds. Always disappears in an instant – everyone loves it!

  736. Catherine

    This is the most awesome giveaway ever Elana! Thank you for this opportunity. I love your chocolate chip cookie and scone recipes, both are amazing!

  737. Kelly Taylor

    Hi Elana! We love receiving your emails and just became a fan on facebook! My daughter who is 9 has been following a gluten free diet due to health issues since the age of 6. Our whole family is now on board. We love all of your recipes! We have your cookbook. We tried the cake pops for Valentine’s this year and made 48 of them for teachers, assistants, etc throughout her elementary school. Everyone loved them! Our daughter also can’t have dairy so dark chocolate is the only kind we eat! We would love to win your give-a-way.
    Kendall and Kelly (MOM)

  738. Brenda Miller

    I don’t have a favorite recipe either, but love Dagoba dark chocolate bars, so would love to use the cocoa powder.

  739. Raissa Largman

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  740. I’d love to make some scones with these!!

  741. shared on fb, tweeted and am following you in both places

  742. Peggy Owens @ peg4juiceplus.com

    This is the best give away ever Elena! Dagoba chocolate is fabulous! I love your chocolate cookie recipe. I became a fan on Facebook =) Thank you!

  743. Joelle

    Cool…just became a fan on facebook. I love chocolate so much that I don’t think I can pinpoint a favorite. I just bought some Dagoba baking chocolate for the first time. I am excited to try it because you like the chocolate chips so much. I try to avoid sugar and I am hoping to sweeten this another way.

  744. Laura @ goodie2u.com

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  746. Flourless chocolate cake! Yum, I love chocolate. :)

  747. Kristi Isak

    One of my favorite recipes is Elana’s chocolate cupcakes. My friend makes them all the time and it’s just so moist, it almost melts in the mouth. Elana, thanks for all your wonderful recipes! I don’t have celiac disease but try to stay away from gluten and other things because of yeast. I absolutely love your website! PS: Does anyone know of chocolate chips made with agave syrup or some sweetener other than cane sugar, which also contains no soy lecithin? I’m allergic to both and I really miss eating chocolate chip cookies!

  748. Kathy Foulk

    Flourless chocolate cake with ganache frosting. Mmmmmmmm

  749. Christine helms

    I love chocolate!! Thank you for this giveaway!!
    I am a huge fan if your chocolate chip scones and so are my kids!! Everytime I make them they gobble them up!!
    Thank you for your recipes!! We lOve them!!

  750. Christine helms

    Tweeted you on twitter!!

  751. Christine helms

    Shared you On FB and am a fan on twitter too!!

  752. I would make cookies all over the place with the chips and brownies cakes, and pies with the cocoa. And smoothies. And pudding. And chocolate milk and hot chocolate…. :)

  753. Missy Beavers

    I am OBSESSED with Cacao powder. I use it every moring in my peppermint tea with a few drops of vanilla stevia and almond milk. Mint chococlate bliss. Delicious!

  754. Melissa Davison

    I added your site to my Facebook this evening. I really enjoy the gluten free muffins and the Silvana’s mousse pie! They are scrumptious! I need more cacao powder and chips for sure so I can continue baking for my boyfriend who loves desserts and can’t have baking products that have gluten…would love to win but I’m already a winner getting your recipes daily ! Thank you, Melissa Davison

  755. Avocado pudding with cocoa powder, avocado, maple syrup, vanilla, and a little milk. Or chocolate chip cookies!! I follow you on fb, but don’t have twitter!

  756. I shared this post! And I’m a follower on fb as I said. :)

  757. Rachael

    Do I really have to pick just one recipe?? Chocolate and I have an intimate relationship. Raw Cacao Superfood Balls, Raw Cacao, Almond Butter Pie, Chcolate Pudding, Chocolate Chip Brownies. I could go on and on, Seriously!

  758. Dori Logiodice

    I am new to the blog, but am super excited to try all the recipes… trying to space them out so I don’t eat them all at once! I have tried the Orange Chocolate Coconut Clusters. I LOVED them, as did all my roommates! I am going to try the Chocolate Chip Cookies tomorrow!!

  759. Krissy

    Chocolate chip cookies for sure:)

  760. Tara

    The fact that I can have any delicious treats at all on my severely restricted diet makes me so happy I could cry. Your wonderful recipes make that possible for a lot of people, thank you. I made your muffins for my visiting mother the other day and she said, “I can’t even say these are good for being gluten-free, they’re just really good muffins”. Brilliant. That said, GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

  761. For Christmas, my favorite chocolate thing is panforte (which there is a recipe for on my blog)

    But my all-time favorite chocolate thing (apart from guzzling it out of the bag) is chocolate mousse. Real chocolate mousse.


  762. Just became a fan on Facebook.

  763. Leah

    My favorite chocolate recipe is chocolate chip pancakes made with coconut flour. Yum!

  764. concetta27

    Haven’t made anything gluten free yet. This would help though.

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    So hard to choose a favorite! Like choosing a favorite child. ;-) My latest was your mexican hot chocolate with coconut milk and the chocolate cupcakes from your new book. YUM!

  766. Teriszoe

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  769. Definitely chocolate chip!

  770. Diane

    My favorite chocolate recipe is Elana’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are so addictive!!! Our family loves them too and everyone I have shared them with. I just ordered some more blanched almond flour from Honeyville and plan to make those cookies soon.

    Thank you so much Elana for all you do and your wonderful heart.

    Blessings to you and your family,

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    What a great giveaway and I hope I win so I can make lots of your brownies and chocolate chip cookies!!!!! yum!

  777. Bobbie

    Elana’s Chocolate Chip Scones!!! They are the best. I made a batch last fall and took them on a road trip to a collegiate football game. I made new friends at the tailgate …and so did Elana, Honeyville, Dagoba….RAH!

  778. Just became a fan of yours on facebook. (Though I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now! Love those chocolate chip cookies!!!)

  779. Athena C-W

    My fav thing lately using cacao powder is my morning smoothie….yummmmmo!
    my homemade coconut yogurt (DF,SF.GF) with cacao powder, maca powder, vanilla, hemp seeds, chia meal and a little bit of vanilla stevia. Yummy and good for you!

  780. Penny

    I love anything with dark chocolate.

  781. Lauren Christine.

    i just followed you on both! love your blog!

  782. Briita

    Right now I am loving your chocolate chip scone recipe which I have added dried cherries and vanilla to. So yummy.

  783. Jennifer Pierini-Norton @ perfectlynaturalfamilysoaps.com

    Our Favorite changes daily… brownies, cookies, icecream, pie… I have a family of chocolate lovers. Todays fave I have to say comes from our four year old… Mommy can you make your best mouse ever I love it. Chocolate mouse 1 container of silken tofu, 1/2 cup Dagoba chocodrops, a few clippings of mint from the garden then food process away. if you can chill it it will thicken into a mouse. If you have an icecream maker it also makes a great frozen treat.

  784. Jennifer Fabbri

    I became a fan on FB! I love your blog!

  785. Jennifer Fabbri

    I shared this on my FB page!

  786. Jasna

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  787. Joyce

    Elana – I have so many favorites it is hard to choose just one! My top two would have to be the almond flour chocolate chip cookies and cake pops – yum!

  788. realfoodlover

    Almond Flour Chocolate chip cookies for sure!

  789. Lauren

    I mentioned this post on Twitter. Thank you for this giveaway, Elana!

  790. Tina Moody @ lifepractice.net

    Today it’s a toss up as to favorites with chocolate. Love, love your chocolate coconut flour cake, chocolate gelato adapted from Torrance Kopper is also a winner and Mary Capone’s chocolate pudding cake. All great! Retweeted!

  791. Mary Kay

    I love anything chocolate. I’ve made your chocolate chip scones and chocolate chip cookies and my frieds at work love them also. They love it when I tell them they are healthy.

  792. Jami Leigh

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  793. Lana

    I would love, love, love to try the Dagoba chocolate products, haven’t been able to afford them right now but they look so delicious!

  794. Hope

    My favorite recipe using chocodrops is a flourless pb cookie, using pb, baking soda, egg, salt, and a touch of vanilla. Any kind of nut butter can be used. I also like Elana’s chocolate chip cookie recipe that is listed on the Honeyville Almond Flour bag!
    Hope Friese
    Orange Park, FL.

  795. Jami Leigh

    Me again :) I’m following you on Twitter

  796. Terry

    It’s a toss up between the chocolate covered cherries and the peppermint patties, though brownies are divine and who could not mention chocolate cream pie, Mexican chocolate ice cream…ummmm chocolate

  797. Kimberly_S

    I have to be honest and say that I’ve never tried Chocodrops OR Cacao Powder. It’s such a shame, hence my entering the contest! :) My son’s first birthday is in two weeks and I was planning on making a chocolate cake. I would definitely use my winnings to bake it up!

  798. Kimberly_S

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  799. Kimberly_S

    I am a twitter follower, too! :) Thank you for such a fantastic giveaway!

  800. Linda

    I’m new to gluten free – attended the Chicago Gluten free Allergy free Expo last weekend. It’s all pretty overwhelming right now – trying to figure out what this means to my diet – and I know chocolate would help me cope!

  801. Sharee

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  802. Ellen Smith

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  803. Sharee

    My favorite chocolate creation is truffles, that are like peanut butter cups.

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  805. Pam Crow

    chocolate chip cookies- my 9 year old daughter wants chocolate chips all the time and she is allergic to dairy so the dark it is.

  806. Liz N

    My favorite recipe are your vegan chocolate chip cookies! In a blind test, my coworkers and friends couldn’t believe they were vegan or gluten free!

  807. Lisa V

    I like to make molten chocolate lava cake.

  808. Lisa V

    I am a fan on face book as “Lisa Selmon Vance”

  809. Lisa V

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  810. Marsha

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  811. Marsha

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  812. Still deciding which recipe from the new cupcake book I want to make first!

  813. Marae Lindsey @ maraelindsey.blogspot.com

    your brownies. i don’t get to eat them often enough (and i make them once a week sometimes). i could use some chocodrops to make more!

  814. Deb Kloss

    My favorite is Almond Joy Chocolate protein shakes using the powder. Yummy!

  815. marsha

    Ranger cookies and almond brownies!

  816. Gillian Fryer @ bluefeathersoap.com

    My hands down favorite recipe is a raw fudge using premium raw cacao, cashews, avocado and agave. Though my near favorite to that is your triple chocolate brownies. Yum

  817. Marylyn, CT

    Yum- chocolate!!

  818. Nirinjan

    I am also a Facebook fan. Haven’t figured out twitter yet though.

  819. Noelle

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  820. Ashley

    I love your website! I’m clean eating and stumbled upon it, and now I can make clean, delicious desserts to compliment my lifestyle!

  821. Love love the flourless chocolate tortes!

  822. Pam

    gluten free brownies :)

  823. elisabeth

    I’ve been wanting to try these!!! I’m currently in love with gluten-free chocolate brownies made with melted dark chocolate and walnuts…YUM.

  824. Sammi

    I love your recipes and your site. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  825. .ambre. @ livingasoftheday @ livingasoftheday.com

    I love using cacao powder to make coconut macaroons. Yum!

  826. Sharon

    Absolutely anything & everything chocolate for me!!

  827. Lisa

    I love using cacao powder in a chocolate milkshake – frozen banana, hemp milk and cacao.

  828. Janis S,

    I recently had some raw chocolate banana cream pie, recipe by Carla Aguas, and it was really great. Think that is my favorite.

    Of course, chocolate chip cookies are always good too.

  829. Sammi

    I love your recipes and your site. Thanks for sharing them with us. I became a fan of Facebook and my favorite chocolate recipe is chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

  830. Janis S,

    just shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  831. Shirin

    Just became a fan on facebook. And can I just say that anything that calls for chocolate or cocoa is always a favourite recipe in my book :)

  832. BarbaraLW

    What an awesome giveaway! My favorite use for cacao powder is in chocolate-avocado pudding. So delish atop a GF waffle!

  833. Andrea

    I hadn’t even thought about facebook, but I’m a fan now. =) I don’t know that I have a favorite chocolate recipe – I like anything chocolate! One that is good and easy is Cocoa Snowballs.

    1 Vanilla Bean Or 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
    1 cup Unsweetened Coconut
    ½ cup Cocoa Powder – Unsweetened
    ¼ cup Coconut Oil
    3 tbsp Honey

    Mix and keep in the freezer. =)

    I also like the hot chocolate mix here: http://www.tammysrecipes.com/hot_chocolate_mix. Works well, and I adapted it to eliminate the non-dairy creamer (I can’t eat corn products) and used mostly maple sugar instead of granulated. I also used powdered soy milk instead of regular.

  834. Beth

    It’s a 3-way tie between your chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate chip biscotti, and chocolate chip brownies.
    All 3 are easy to make, very chocolaty, and always a huge hit.

  835. Stevie price @ Facebook

    Looking forward to indulging in this new experience of delicious chocolate Elana is sharing!

  836. Audrey J

    I became a follower on Twitter!

    Audrey J

  837. Laura

    Chocolate!!!! How does one choose a favorite chocolate food? I have been on a chocolate mousse kick recently, although I just can’t seem to get it right. With that much chocolate surely I would be able to practice enough!

  838. Stevie price @ Facebook

    Facebook and your newsletter filled with recipes for the past year. This Dagoba chocolate is new to me….would love to win and enjoy it!

  839. tonja

    my son was just diagnosed with SPD and celiac; i am learning how to cook and am heavily reliant on your website, a giveaway would be so helpful with everything else we’re taking on! he has so far loved EVERYTHING i’ve made using your recipies, so THANK YOU for that! I think we like the cranberry chocolate chip cookies best so far.

  840. I love the chocolate peanut tart:) I am a fan both Facebook and Twitter and have shared the link on both:)

  841. Eve

    Your almond flour chocolate chip cookies! Everyone I make them for loves them.

  842. When we started our gluten free journey nearly three years ago, your blog and recipes were a HUGE encouragement and help to us. We, of course, have your first cookbook, and just happened to order the Cupcake cookbook yesterday on Amazon! Thank you, thank you Elana for all your work that is such a benefit to so many! I’ve posted about you on my FB account several times, but the give-away post is on there now too!

  843. Linda

    Mmmmm…Dagoba dark chocolate in every form is wonderful. I am a fan on your facebook page! I love getting the news feeds!

  844. Yvonne

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  845. I love gluten free chocolate cake!!

  846. I just liked you on facebook!

  847. I’m now following you on twitter :)

  848. Marikay Achen

    Your chocolate brownies and of course the chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour – even my father loves them….I didn’t tell him it was healthy and full of good stuff!

  849. Angela P

    Chocoloate chip cookies!

  850. I love to keep it simple and often make hot chocolate with cocoa. But beyond that, I’m still a fan of simple recipes, like brownies.

    And I’m now a fan/follower of you on FB and Twitter!

  851. Carys

    I haven’t tried Dagoba yet but would love to! My favorite chocolate recipe is probably chocolate lave cake but I also love chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and chocolate pie too :). Thanks for all the great recipes!

  852. Amanda C.

    Hi Elana – Although I love all of the recipes I have tried from your site, I have to admit that my all time favorite chocolate recipe comes from your friend Kelly at The Spunky Coconut. It is the Coconut and Raw Cacao Pudding. My very skeptical husband and boys love, love, love it. They even eat it for breakfast and I feel so good serving it to them!

  853. SB

    Chocolate Chip Banana Breakfast “Cookies” (using coconut flour or GF oats)!

  854. Renee

    definately Chocolate Chip cookies….I wish there was a LOVE on facebook, unfortunately I can only LIKE you! Thanks for all you do for us!

  855. Jennifer Sherman

    A friend of mine recently gave me a recipe for healthy Cacao Truffles. It is a mixture of sprouted almonds, cacao, chia seeds, peanut butter/almond butter, coconut oil and agave nectar. I enjoy eating these when I have a chocolate craving, and I don’t feel so guilty.

  856. Amanda

    This might be boring, but I am a plain old chocolate chip cookie kinda girl. Nothing beats warm cookies with a glass of homemade almond milk.

  857. Julia

    I love your recipe for brownies made with almond butter. I make these a lot to take for get togethers with friends. No one can tell that they are gluten free and good for you!

  858. Your new cookbook just arrived! Can’t wait to try these recipes! Great to find you on facebook too.

  859. Amy@DailyPleasures @ dailypleasures.blogspot.com

    I am new to gluten-free/dairy-free cooking, but one of my first happy chocolate attempts was to melt Enjoy Life chocolate chips, stir in Coconut milk creamer and vanilla and allow to harden. Deliciousness!

  860. susan

    My favorite recipe is your chocolate chip brownies, always a winner. People cannot believe they are gluten free. I would LOVE to win the chocolate!

  861. Margaret

    My favorite chocolate recipe is Chocolate ice cream with both cocoa and melted chocolate chips, coconut milk, and agave!! Ooh – I think I’ll go make some now!

  862. Maria

    Once again, I’d have to say that my family’s fave gf recipe would be your almond butter brownies. My kids always request them for their birthdays, and hey – you can use both the chocodrops and the cocoa powder to make them double chocolatey! Thanks Elana!

  863. I think my favorite thing to make with cacao powder is a flourless chocolate cake. Mmmmm!

  864. Tereva Black

    I love to make a gluten free cookie with almond flour, cocoa powder and chips, mashed-oven-roasted-sweet potato, vanilla, coconut…my favorite way to curb a craving.

  865. Karen J.

    I love your blog and recipes inspire me :). I’m following you on Twitter!!

  866. Carla W.

    My favorite desert would be chocolate brownies

  867. Rachel

    I’m famous with friends & family for my flourless chocolate tortes–most recently it was hazelnut chocolate torte w/apricot jam glaze under a ganache topping….lots of chocolate! Delish!

  868. Caroline

    My favorite is a twist on your double chocolate cherry cookies (I omit the cherries because of my husband). They are a hit wherever I take them and all of my usually “gluten-addicted” friends and family are stunned by the nutritional goodness ;-)

  869. Tammy

    Our favorites are the chocolate chip cookies with the almond slivers, the breakfast bars (I add a handful of chocolate chips), and the cranberry orange scones. My hubby was just diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity and I hate to say this, but I am actually a little happy that he was. I used to bake a lot, but after we got married my hubby was used to buying baked goods, where as I was brought up with everything was home made. So now I get to go back to my roots and actually bake things from scratch again! And all of your recipes are sooooooooo easy to make and they taste sooooooo much better than those recipes that use the rice and tapioca flours. I think I might get your cookbook for other’s day! I cannot wait to try all those recipes. We LOVE YOU Elana!!!!

  870. Call me simple, but chocolate dipped fruit. Just melt down the chocodrops, dip your favorite fruits and set them aside to harden (if you can wait that long). Favorites in our house are strawberries, bananas, oranges and granny smith apples.

  871. Jenna

    Yummmmm!!!! Elana’s chocolate chip cookies are my number one favorite gluten free chocolate recipe, number two (for my entire household!) are your walnut brownies! Am I drooling much? :) …The new Silvana’s mousse cloud pie might have to battle it out with my other favorites soon! :)

    Thank you for the chance to win, Elana, and for your fabulous work on these recipes!

  872. Laura

    Your chocolate-banana cake is the most ingenious thing I’ve ever heard of, my friends ask me to make it all the time! My favorite by far is your almond-butter brownies, with extra chips of course!!

    p.s. just liked you on facebook :)

  873. Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing @ nourishingflourishing.com

    I follow you on Twitter :) If I won this yummy chocolate bundle, I would make your chocolate cream pie. Obviously.


  874. Erin

    Everymorning I use cacao powder in my green smoothie! It is how I weaned myself off coffe last year. Standard recipe is spinach, banana, wheat grass powder, rice protein powder, bee pollen, almond milk or iced green tea, cacao, & ice! Works best with a high power blender like a BlendTec or Vitamix :)

  875. Linda

    I swoon for your chocolate chip cookies!!!

  876. Linda

    I follow you on twitter.

  877. Kate Callan

    The almond butter blondies are a lovely variation on everybody’s favorites: chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They must be out of this world with the Dagoba chocolate! Thanks!

  878. Amy

    I love Dagoba Chocodrops straight from the bag. And I am a huge fan of cacao and strawberries on my oatmeal.

  879. Lauren Yackuboskey

    my favorite recipe using cacao powder is one I use at least a few times a week. I make a green smoothie with baby spinach, cacao powder, fresh mint leaves, avacado and stevia blended with water and ice. SOOO good!!! love the combination of mint and chocolate :)

  880. I think my favorite recipe is your almond power bars!!

  881. Kelly Michelle

    Yummmmmm dark chocolate, really I like it in anything but especially just plain!

  882. Kelly Michelle

    I “liked” you :)

  883. -J

    My favorite is the Chocolate Chip Brownies! Easy to make and devour.

  884. Gail

    I would love to win the Dagoba chocos. I’ve tried to get different grocery stores here to pick up the Dagoba line but still nothing. I do realize that I could get them at Amazon. I will order for sure next winter enough to keep me going thru the warmer weather.

    I would make your chocolate chip cookies again, but this time with the great Dagoba!

  885. Melissa B

    I LOVE making your Nutella recipe, and the gluten free chocolate chip cookies- YUM!

  886. Lynne


  887. Erica S

    My husband and I are addicted to your wonderful banana chocolate chip cake! I have made it 2 weeks in a row now. It is sooooo good. Love it with some fresh whipped cream on the side. What a decadent treat!

  888. Karen

    Mmmm chocolate.

  889. Martha E

    I haven’t baked with chocolate in so long I don’t know my favorite. I am thinking to begin with the chocolate-chip cookies in Elana’s cookbook.

  890. Andrea

    My chocolate favorities are easily: Your Chocolate Cupcakes using coconut flour (I make them for almost every gathering!) AND, most recently, Chocolate Nut Meringue Cookies – because I can eat the batch without feeling too guilty!

  891. Dian Ankney @ dianankney.com

    My daughter makes the best GF food I have ever eaten!
    Her Chocolate ‘Baby Cakes’ are the best!

  892. Brandie

    I just made the chocolate cake from your book and it was delicious! My daughter wants it for breakfast!

  893. Brandie

    I “like” your page on Facebook

  894. Brandie

    I now follow you on twitter :)

  895. Nerissa

    I have to say I love to make hot chocolate. 1C almond + 1C water + 2T cocoa powder + 1t Vanilla + Honey to taste makes one happy treat.

    I hope I get this! (fingers crossed)

  896. Nerissa

    Favorited you on FB! YAY

  897. Tana Rhodes

    Hi Elana!

    I just recently tried the Dagoba chips,(they have a very rich and sophisticated taste) I used them in the chocolate chip cookie recipe and made them with butter (yummo!) as well as the grapeseed oil. I added chopped pecans too which make them extra tasty and special. These cookies are a wonderful treat to give out as gifts to friends and family. :-)

    Thanks Elana, you’re a blessing to many people.

  898. Karin Wargel

    granola bars with chocolate chips and bean brownies with the cocoa! I might just have to make them anyway!

  899. SANDRA

    OMG! Dagoba chocodrops AND cacao powder? Chocolate truffles!! I’m WINNING :)

  900. LindsB

    Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  901. AZLori68

    I follow you on Twitter!

  902. Rachel

    Every recipe of yours that I’ve made has been such a success that I’ve repeated them all at least once. So thank you for such great recipes! Even my boyfriend who eats everything with flour and sugar loves your recipes. I haven’t tried the chocolate chip cookies yet, but that will be the first thing I make if I win some chocodrops! And then the chocolate truffles. And then I’ll try Nerissa’s hot cocoa.

  903. Rachel

    I’m also following you on twitter! :)

  904. Molly M

    With the drops, I’d make my new favorite paleo chocolate chip banana cookies and with the cacao, I’d make fudge babies. Yum!

  905. Tessa B

    chocolate chip cookies

  906. Tessa B

    i am a fan of yours on facebook!

  907. Kyla

    Just became a fan on Facebook! I love making you chocolate chip cookies! My friend’s can’t get enough of them!

  908. Gail

    i mentioned this great giveaway and your website on my Facebook page.

  909. Stacy Oates

    Right now our favorite recipe is your chocolate power bar balls. The whole family loves them. I’m looking forward to trying the fudge baby recipe too.

  910. So I tweeted and posted a FB post about your giveaway… and I change my favorite recipe to one I just recently made up myself on a whim…. a trail mix using a blend of all my RAW nuts (currently cashews, almonds, pecans, and walnuts.. could add seeds too), dried cherries and craisins, and the Dagoba Chocodrops!! It’s tasty and a healthy snack for me and my kids!! :-)

  911. JeanMarie Breslin

    Hi Elana,

    I visit your site everyday. Love your recipes and have both of your cookbooks. They are awesome. I have many food sensitivities, so your way of cooking is great for me. I love you chocolate chip cookies in your first book. That is what I will make many batches of if I win the Dagoba chips and cocoa. I can not find them locally in San Diego, east county. Wish I could. So I would really love to win this. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  912. Stacy Kretsinger

    Just got your cupcake book and we absolutely loved the “Hostess” cupcakes.

  913. My wife’s been a big fan for a while and … how can I pass up an offer for free chocolate!

    @charlesa on twitter

  914. Maggie

    I have only made your chocolate chip cookies so far which are amazing! I just bought your cookbook though so I can’t wait to try your other recipies. I am also a fan on Facebook.

  915. Jesica

    I “liked” you on FB! Thank you for all of the great recipes!

  916. Julia Stuble

    Biscotti wins it by far! With Daboga’s cocoa or chips, I love the subtle complexity of this not-so-sweet treat. I’ve modified your mocha biscotti to include ginger, or take out the cocoa and add lemon zest with choc. chips, or chips and dried fruit, or no chips and dipped plain biscotti. Perfect for that 4pm pick me up with tea or coffee, but without too much guilt.

  917. beverly

    YUM! Eat a few chips right out of the package. Haven’t tried the powder yet. Thanks for the all your suggestions for ingredients on your website. All have been exceptional.
    Hard to pick a favorite- maybe the chocolate chip cookie for the long run. Always a winner for EVERYBODY.

  918. definitely that mousse cloud pie. YUMMMM!

  919. fan on facebook!

  920. and following on facebook. Woo!

  921. Chocolate chip cookies. Da Bomb! Thanks for the chance I love this stuff.

  922. Lindsay

    Brownies, preferably made with both cocoa powder *and* chocolate chips!

  923. Chocolate Mint Fudge is the absolute best!
    3/4 stick butter(2 sticks)
    1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 cups 100% egg protien powder
    2 tbsp. stevia to taste
    1/2 cup cocoa nibs
    2 eggs
    3/4 can unsweetened coconut milk
    6-8 drops pepperment oil
    melt butter amd cocoa powder in a small saucepan on low heat.
    Add egg protien powder, stevia, coconut milk, cocoa nibs, butter, and eggs and beat well.
    Cool fudge in refrigerator or freezer. when cool, spoon or slice and serve. Serves 6. Serving size: 1 up.

  924. Heidi

    I love all your recipes, but I think my very favorite recipe at the moment is your Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream! It is so wonderful!

  925. Renee

    Love the site. Your orange chocolate chip scones are fantastic. We made them in honor of the royal wedding last week. Also, the fudge babies are terriffic.

  926. Renee

    I became a “fan”.

  927. Andrea

    Brownies – my greatest weakness!

  928. Jacquelyn

    I made your Blondies for an event that was held at a fantastic pastry shop and had someone tell me that your Blondies were the best thing there. I immediately fell in love with your brownie version, and we just made your chocolate chip cookies the other night. I also am in love with flourless chocolate cake. It’s just hard to find chocolate chips at the store that don’t list sugar as their first ingredient. Usually if I’m baking I’ll use unsweeted and add sweetener to the recipe, but that doesn’t work for chips.

    I also became a fan on facebook.

  929. I love chocolate! I make vegan almond butter brownies, based on your recipe, but using chia seeds instead of eggs and it is FANTASTIC! I also love to use cocoa powder in the fudge babies we’ve been talking about all week!

  930. Selina

    I’m a fan on Facebook :) Your recipes are amazing! My family would love this giveaway.

  931. Amanda

    I loooove your black and white cake, and make it all the time!

  932. And now I’m a fan on Facebook too!

  933. Robyn

    I use the Dagoba cacao powder in almost everything–I just now finished making the cranberry power bars for a trip this weekend, and love it in blueberry smoothies.

    But, who doesn’t love chocolate? Looks like that pie in the post is next on my list!

  934. Amanda

    Ok, I just became a facebook fan to up my chances

  935. Martha @ mandalajane.com

    Hi Elana! Thanks for another wonderful giveaway. I like to make Banana Chocolate Cream Pie with Dogoba Chocolate! <3 Martha

  936. I’ve not yet made any gluten free recipes, as I’m just now starting to look into them. I’d love to make something chocolatey and gluten-free!

  937. Connie Martin @ theconstantbaker.com

    I’ve been a fan of yours since I’ve sworn off gluten. I’m a pastry chef so it was really hard to make the change. I love your recipes; each one has turned out really well…and I live at 5,500′. I’m a fb fan too and would love to win the chocolate! Thanks, Elana….you’ve given me the power to keep on baking!

  938. scott buss

    I would use the Dagoba chocolate to make your mounds bars again. Made them last week and they were delicious.

  939. sajoko

    Mmmm…black bean brownies. So chocolatey! Dagoba powder makes my world go ’round!

  940. Not gonna lie, I’m rather fond of your chocolate brownies!! :)

  941. Rachel

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    My son and I absolutely adore your chocolate chip scones from your almond flour cookbook!!! I look forward to trying a lot more of your gluten free chocolate recipes.

  945. Julia York

    My two favorites are the Double Chocolate Cookies and the Marble Cupcakes with your Vegan Chocolate Frosting on top! :) Also, I became a fan on FaceBook and posted a comment there also! :) Thanks!


  946. Kelli Valdez

    Chocolate chip cookies definitely!!! And double chocolate muffins are also awesome!

  947. Your page is such a pleasant discovery for me. I just ordered your book from Amazon and I can’t wait to try the recipes. I love dark chocolate and am excited about making healthy treats with Cacao.

  948. Michele S

    I would make your cupcakes or a flourless cake! I follow you on Twitter & Facebook.

  949. Angalee R

    My favorite are always the chocolate chip cookies!

  950. Hey Lady, I’m all a Twitter for you. Now choco-fy me please :)

  951. and tweeting about this giveaway now

  952. Rachel Hall @ paleobrat.blogspot.com

    My favorite thing to make with chocolate is my version of a haystack cookie. Chocolate, almond butter, dates, toasted coconut, walnuts, honey and vanilla melted together into a little bite of heaven :)

  953. Sharon

    Your Chocolate chip cookies are incredibly delicious. So satifisfying after not being able to eat the gluten ones. My gluten friends like them as well.

  954. Your double almond chocolate chip cookies! They are heavenly!!!!

  955. christine liimatta

    I also just clicked “follow” & “like” on facebook/twitter.

    For this busy mom, a quick chocolate attack can be greatly satisfied with a spoonful of almond butter, a spoonful of coaco, and a drizzle of agave. Mix and enjoy. Better than a candy bar!

  956. Judi Dundas

    My favorite has to be double chocolate chip cookies with almond flour.

  957. Ashlee Crozier

    I would make chocolate chip cookies!!! YUMMY! I also became a fan on facebook and left a comment there.

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    I’m a fan on Facebook, too. Love your stuff!

  959. Rin

    A dark chocolate version of your flourless white chocolate cupcakes on page 44 of your new cookbook or chocolate chip scones from your first cookbook!

  960. I tweeted the contest – awesome yumminess! Ohhh, I’d like to try a chunk muffin.

  961. Amy

    I love chocolate and would love to try the Dagoba chips!

  962. Paige G.

    the odds are sooo against me to win this but i will still try! I am craving brownies right now… best chocolatey treat!

  963. i just recently became gluten-free so i haven’t gotten to try them yet! but when i found your website i became so excited at all your yummy-looking recipes. i can’t wait to try so many of them!

  964. Just became a follower on Facebook!

  965. And just started following you on Twitter! Thanks for giving us these extra chances!

  966. Debbie Betsinger

    Love Dagoba! Thanks for all of the yummy recipes!

  967. Jenn

    Love the flourless chocolate cake! Thanks for giving me hope with gluten free baking!

  968. I am definitely a hard core brownie lover and I adore anything with double chocolate: chocolate chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, etc. Congrats on the new cupcake book. I can’t wait to get a copy.

  969. Jill

    The chocolate cranberry bars!!!! But instead of using pecans I used half almonds and half cashews. YUMMMMMMMMMMM, seriously.

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  971. Jennifer

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  972. Shannon Peckford @ passionatelypaleo.com

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    Also, my favorite receipe with cacoa is the Cholocate Chip Brownies, of course. :)

  974. melanie brenner

    my daughter finally feels apart of her class now that she can have cupcakes of her own. Thank you!!!!

  975. Gluten free chocolate cake!

  976. Kathleen B

    It isn’t gluten free (although I think it can be made that way, with kamut flour) but the recipe is from Dorie Greenspan via Smitten Kitchen – World Peace Cookies. They have dark cocoa, brown sugar, and fleur de sel, and they are simply incredible.

  977. Netty

    yum….. your chocolate chip cookies are my FAVORITE! pinups dot sew at gmail dot com. :)

  978. shani

    Though here in Michigan we would like to be thinking about anything but hot cocoa (waiting for spring!), cocoa powder always makes me think about my mom’s recipe for the steamy drink. We dumped a couple teaspoons of cocoa powder in the bottom of our mugs, mixing in honey to make a paste. We steamed our milk (soy, coconut, almond, cow’s) on the stove, poured it in, and yum!
    Thanks for a great site, Elana- just found you recently and am just now enjoying my second batch of fudge babies- pressed into a pan, sprinkled coconut on top, cut into squares- fabulous.

  979. YUMMY! Going to Friend/Like you on facebook now!

  980. Stacy Cimino

    Follow on FB and yum anything w/ choc. I Love your choc scones and I am so eager to try the choc tart!!!! Read your posts daily.

  981. Deborah Rosen

    I have to say that my favorite choco treat is your double chocolate walnut brownies.

  982. kris

    I just liked you on facebook, I look forward to seeing more of your posts :)

  983. my favorite, as of late, using cocoa powder is by way of chocolate banana smoothie.

    take a couple frozen bananas, a couple tablespoons cocoa powder, unsweetened almond milk, dash of vanilla and a tiny dribble of agave or a date….throw it all in a blender or (like us) food processor and whiz around until the consistency of a milk shake. for a treat (and crunch), throw in some raw cocoa nibs!

  984. Wendy Lynne @ fitfoodcoach.com

    I mix the chocolate chips with coconut butter and drop the mixture by teaspoon on wax paper and freeze to make a quick delicious treat!

  985. Cassi Friz @ cassifriz.com

    lately, fudge. previously, cocoa powder w/ dates, almonds and/or walnuts (fudge babies i’ve recently learned)
    maple syrup
    coconut oil (or butter if i’m really feeling decadent, Organic Valley pastured butter)
    vanilla bean paste

    double boiler, stir, pour, wait…………the waiting is hard. then fudge. it lasts 3 days tops.

  986. LuAnn Littleton

    I just purchased the pink Babycakes Cupcake maker. To start making Gluten Free cupcakes for my Dad. We can’t wait to use your recipes! Thank you so much.

  987. Kelly

    Easy black and white cake!! Delicious! I’m a fan on facebook too!!

  988. Jennifer @ healnaturally.ca

    Following you on Twitter and tweeted the posting!
    Happy cooking….can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  989. I just became a follower on facebook! Also, my husband loved the fudge babies recipe even though he “hates” dates. In fact, I just got home from work and the entire batch I made yesterday is gone!

  990. Tisha A.

    My favorite use for chocolate is to make chocolate mousse. Naturally gluten free and decadent. Another favorite would be melted for dipping fruit. I will also be adding you to my facebook. Thank you for great giveaways!

  991. Raysa contreras

    I also love your trail mix with Dagoba chocolate drops.. Yummy gotta stop myself from eating the entire batch!

  992. clarinda spijkerman

    hi Elana,

    I love your website – I discovbered it about a year ago when my husband and I and our 2 young daughters became paleo. Most of your recipes are a fit with paleo and help me make healthy treats for my girls. One of our most recent favorite recipes are the fudge babies – we’ve made a few batches in the last week! As well, chocolate avocado pudding.

    Chocolate Pudding
    1 avocado, diced
    ¼ c raw agave nectar, or more to taste
    ¼ c cocoa powder
    ¼ c water
    2 t vanilla extract
    ¼ t sea salt
    Place avocado, agave nectar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and sea salt in a blender. Gradually add 1 tablespoon of water at a time to achieve a creamy consistency.

    anyway, thanks so much for your blog. We live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, which is small and remote – your blog definitely keeps me connected to a healthy food community.

    I’d love to receive some of the chocolate cocao powder
    or chocodrops – the only chocolate chips we can get in Yellowknife are 50% cocao.

    keep on baking:)

    clarinda (sophie, neve and david)

  993. Emily

    I just got your new book, and I’ve already made a few of your recipes! The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes are my favorite, but the Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes are also delicious, especially with the Banana Whipped Cream Frosting. I don’t even have gluten allergies, but these are some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, and my friends and family think so too!

  994. annie

    I LOVE the chocolate chip banana cake–in our house, we eat it for breakfast! :) A lovely way to start the day!!

  995. Lisa Thompson

    Lately my faves have been orange chocolate chip scones and some chocolate chip bars. We LOVE dark chocolate at our house!

  996. I “liked” you on Facebook.

  997. I followed you on Twitter.

  998. My current favorite recipe is for a brain-boosting super shake I make with almond milk, frozen bananas, dates, avocado, sunflower sprouts, cacao powder, flax oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil. Lots of healthy fats, neurotransmitters, and protein. And it’s super yummy! ;-)

  999. aziza

    I love dark chocolate!my favorite is dark chocolate orange scone Yummm!!

  1000. Kimberley King

    MMMmmm! became a fan on Facebook! My favourite thing to make is your Starbucks orange cake and we add a nice cocoa based icing. The best! Also have our own version of a peanut butter chocolate bar made with real cocoa butter plus cocoa powder. Serious chocolate cravings over here at the moment!

  1001. carol

    love your chocolate chip cookies. I also love the chocolate chip brownies.
    I recently found I cannot use eggs so I really appreciate the almond flour recipes, since without eggs, I feel that adds something more nutritious to all your so YUMM recipes.
    thank you.

  1002. Karol

    The Mousse Cloud Pie is incredible. Can’t wait to try some of the other recipes, they look amazing.

  1003. Karol

    I am now a fan on Facebook.

  1004. Dr. Emily @ SWCNM.com

    love love love your vegan chocolate chip cookies – just made 300 of them for an event on friday and they got all gobbled up lickity-split! i’m ready to make more… yum…

  1005. Jan

    Chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Yum. Thank-you for sharing.

  1006. JackiP in AZ

    Chocolate chip cookies!!

  1007. I did it. I said that you were giving away some of my favorite chocolate. Yum!

  1008. Kristy

    I have been an avid follower of your blog ever since I became gluten free many years ago and now buy Honeyville flour in bulk (squeezing it into all corners of our tiny fridge) just so that I can cook up your amazing recipes at a moment’s notice (which I do multiple times a week). I even have a 5-pound bag of almond flour (it’s basically the only “flour” I use these days) stashed in the freezer at both my parents’ and my in-laws’ houses so that I can bake gluten-free delicacies for the whole family during holidays and vacations. In fact, I flip through your cookbook so often that it never even makes it onto the shelf with the other cookbooks — it has its own special spot on the counter by the spice rack. I can honestly say that you and your simple, delicious recipes have inspired a love of cooking and baking and have been the catalyst to a whole new element of my life.

    Yet, ironically enough, this is my first comment, and probably my 5th comment on any blog, forum, or website on the internet. Although I often read and benefit from the comments, I rarely feel it necessary to add to them. So why now? Well, I blame hormones. I am 9 months pregnant with our first child (due in 2 weeks), and all I can think about it dark chocolate. In fact, I baked your Easy Black & White Cake (a family favorite!) yesterday afternoon for my mother in-law’s birthday and have been sneaking pieces all day. It is soooooooo good!

    But ultimately, it is the Dagoba (plus the hormones) that drove me to the comment box. I have been yearning to try the famous Dagoba Chocodrops since you first mentioned them eons ago. I even added them to my Amazon wish list, but have yet to press the Purchase button since 1) the price just never seems to quite fit in my “reasonable amount to spend on chocolate” category and 2) I know that it will be hard to go back to “normal” dark chocolate once I’ve had a taste of the legendary Dagoba. But a free giveway? I simply can’t pass this up! (Besides, it finally gives me the opportunity to tell you thank you…)

    So, before I go, let me thank you, Elana. From me, from all of us. Thank you for inspiring a whole new way of living and loving living via easy, wholesome, low-carb, low-sugar, incredibly clever and delicious gluten-free recipes. What a great way to live!

    All the best,

  1009. Kari @ Culinarication @ culinarication.tumblr.com

    Chocolate Macarons!

  1010. Tasha

    Anything chocolate……:)

  1011. Amy Broderick

    It’s so hard to choose…Love your chocolate bark,chocolate chip scones, and the dark chocolate brownies. Would love to receive some dagoba!
    BTW…just got your new cookbook and I can’t wait to make the new cupcakes.

  1012. We make a lot of banana chocolate chip muffins around here. But my new favorite recipe using cocoa powder is a milkshake made with 1 can of coconut milk, 2 medjool dates, 1 T of agave nectar, 10 drops of stevia, and 3-4 T cocoa powder. Whirl in a blender and add ice. Yum!

  1013. Stephanie

    Hi Elana,

    I love to melt Chocodrops on the stove with a tablespoon of Almond Butter or Peanut Butter – and pour it over Coconut Bliss ice cream :)

  1014. Thaïs

    I love love love chocolate! I have been dying to try dagob, but unfortunatly it is a little out of my price range right. If I win the first two deserts I will make are chocolate moose of the gods (vegan with avocados) and banana chocolate chip cake. Yum!!!

  1015. Ramona

    I can’t decide between brownies, fudge, & chocolate chip cookies.:)

  1016. Adrienne

    I am a fan on Facebook. I’ve been following this wonderful blog since Fall 2009. I posted this contest to my page. I love to bake your chocolate chip cookies with dagoba drops. If I win the chocolate, I will experiment with many more recipes.

  1017. unscrambled

    My cover-recipe is chocolate chip cookies, which are certainly delicious, but dagoba chocolate is so delicious I’m happy to eat it straight out of the bag!

  1018. Vee

    I have made the chocolate chip cookies several times. I am all about the chocolate.! Yum Yum!!

  1019. Amy

    Joined your Facebook site yesterday. Have I mentioned I adore chocolate? :)