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DIY Sparkling Beverage

sparkling beverages

Although I don’t drink alcohol, I do enjoy indulging in a sparkling beverage at festive events.

This little fruit based treat below is perfect for adults and children on special occasions.  My boys love it, as do I.  Here, I use pineapple juice, though feel free to use any juice of your choice and garnish with your favorite citrus or other fruits.

DIY Sparkling Beverage


  • 2-3 (32 ounce) bottles sparkling water (I use Apollinaris)
  • 1 (32oz) bottle fruit juice (I used pineapple, though anything would work)
  1. Partially fill some fancy glasses 2/3 full with sparkling water
  2. Top with fruit juice
  3. Garnish with lemon, lime or orange slices
  4. Serve

Serves 4-8

Make sure to use organic fruit juice from a bottle or fresh from a juicer for better flavor and a more nutrient dense drink.

posted on December 21, 2008, 7 comments

  1. LOL! My daughter ‘invented’ a similar drink this weekend. She mixed her lemon/lime selzter with her apple juice. I thought it would taste bad but it came out great!

  2. Jayn

    Looks wonderful!
    How many will this serve?

  3. Shirley

    This mix sounds lovely. I am always looking for simple, but tasty and healthy beverages for our support group meetings. Will try this for our next meeting–thanks!

  4. ana -Yes, my children also enjoy making these kinds of concoctions.

    Jayn -Thanks, serves 4-8 people.

    Shirley -Enjoy and have a great holiday.

  5. Emily

    This is such an easy and fun treat for us no-sugar or alcohol people (well I don’t know about you, Elana but I can’t have alcoholic beverages)! I was just looking at those “Izze” drinks made from juice concentrate and sparkling water and I thought to myself… I could make this myself at home with fresh juice! And you’ve already done it! So I now I know it will work :-)
    I appreciate the time you take to share your recipes, it’s really encouraging to know there are others out there eating the way I do and trying to find treats to enjoy that won’t leave you hurting later. Thank you!

  6. Taylor

    What a great idea! Having the ability to make your own mixture sounds like it would lead to all kinds of wonderful combinations. I have recently become enamored with a sparkling Swedish drink they sell at Ikea called Kristian Regale Have you ever heard of it or tried it?

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