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Deviled Eggs

gluten-free paleo deviled eggs recipe

I’m kinda obsessed with these deviled eggs, and given that Easter is near, what could be more appropriate? They’re easy to make, full of protein and naturally gluten free to boot. My boys love to chow down on them after school and I like to snack on them all day long. Deviled Eggs are perfectly simple and elegant for a party, and make a great casual everyday type gluten free snack as well.

When I make these, I like to double the recipe below, boiling 10 eggs at night, and then make them the next morning.

Deviled Eggsprint

  1. Cut the eggs in half and remove the yolks
  2. Place the yolks in a bowl and mash
  3. Stir vegenaise, mustard, parsley, celery, shallots, salt and pepper into yolks
  4. Spoon filling into egg whites
  5. Keep refrigerated until serving
  6. Sprinkle with paprika, or if you’re feeling zany, use smoked paprika
  7. Serve

Makes 10 deviled egg halves

Just a quick note, your Deviled Eggs will not look exactly like the ones in the photo above. I shot those when I thought I was done with working on this recipe; however, I kept tweaking it. Basically, if you follow the recipe above, your Deviled eggs will be a lighter yellow and more creamy looking. Hope you enjoy these Deviled Eggs –they’re one of my all time favorite snacks!

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posted on April 7, 2011, 26 comments

  1. Shirley @ gfe @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    I’m all for creamy and pretty deviled eggs, Elana! I will definitely be trying your version, dear. Thanks so much for linking to mine! :-)


  2. Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing @ nourishingflourishing.com

    Those look divine! (Accidental pun.) :)

  3. These look beautiful Elana. My kids love deviled eggs as an after school snack too. Sometimes we add minced baby gherkins and minced red bell pepper, or top with sliced olives. Now that spring is here, our hens are keeping us flush with eggs so this recipe will put some to good use.

  4. Wow, we must be on the same brain wave. I was just thinking about making deviled eggs yesterday evening. Great picture, by the way!

  5. Cassi Friz @ cassifriz.com

    mmmmmmm- one of my favorite snacks. and a great time to post them! we have an abundance of farm-fresh eggs starting to creep up in my fridge.

    What brand of gluten-free mustard do you use? i’ve had horrible reactions to many mustards, and haven’t found one i like.

    and a great end of pregnancy snack food- i’m at 9 months now and these sound AMAZING!!!

  6. Wendy

    Question: why mayo-less eggs? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?
    (My asking wasn’t meant to be snarky. I really am curious.)

    • elana


      Great question with no special answer. I love the vegenaise product and it’s what I keep in my fridge to use for when I don’t make my own mayo from scratch.

      Elana :-)

  7. Genevieve @ mamanatural.com

    LOVE the deviled eggs. Pretty picture.

  8. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com @ kirantarun.com/food

    I love deviled eggs and those looks delish :)

  9. Beth

    I’ve always wanted to make Deviled Eggs, but never got around to looking up a recipe.
    What better time than the present? :)

  10. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday @ gamereviewwiki.com/bikinibirthday

    Why do you use veganaise instead of mayonnaise if you’re making devilled eggs?

  11. Jen @ keepitsimplefoods @ keepitsimplefoods.com

    Love deviled eggs! These look very tasty!

  12. These are delicious! A bit too salty for me, but I should have known…you like your food very salty! :-) I made a double batch, and next time I’ll probably use half the salt. Otherwise, these are the best deviled eggs I’ve ever had, and probably much better for me since they’re not 80% mayo.

  13. Jimmy Huang @ jhuang916.blogspot.com

    Deviled eggs is among my favorites. I could probably eat a dozen in one sitting.

  14. Georgia Pellegrini @ georgiapellegrini.com

    Thank you for reminding me of the wonders of deviled eggs

  15. those sound delicious! i just love deviled eggs – and we often make them for easter. they’re a great spring food…like grown-up easter eggs : )

    fabulous blog! i’m glad i found it.
    til next time,


  16. Elana,

    These are perhaps my favorite deviled egg. I loved them so much that I featured them in the Easter roundup on my site. They look lovely!


  17. Jessica

    We tired these deviled eggs for Easter and they were a BIG hit!! We made about 30 eggs and they were all eaten up! thanks for sharing the recipe!

  18. I can’t wait to try these deviled eggs! It’s a fave from my childhood. I need to boil some eggs right now. Thanks for all of your delicious, nutritious food. It has helped keep our family going on a strict diet, without boredom. – Jen

  19. Finally got to try these today. I loved them! I never thought about putting celery in deviled eggs but I loved the crunch! Thanks so much for this recipe!

  20. Wow Elena these look and taste great..I’ve tried several of your recipes and so far there all great :-)

  21. Melissa

    Can I use regular grapeseed oil and have it turn out the same? I’m cooking tomorrow and think I want to add this to the mix, but don’t have enough time to order the veganaise.

    They look yummy!

  22. These are awesome. I added some smoked salmon I brought from my trip to the west coast, and brought them over to my friend’s pool bday party. Everyone loved them!

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