cuisinart FP-12DC

Giveaway: Cuisinart

Today I am giving away a brand new food processor from Cuisinart.  The 12-Cup Food Processor from the Cuisinart Elite Collection™ to be exact.  This is not the Cuisinart I have in my kitchen.  It is in fact, better than the one I have in my kitchen.  I have had my Cuisinart since before my children were born, and my older son is almost 13.

I am very attached to my Cuisinart food processor.  In fact, the Cuisinart and Vita-Mix are my 2 favorite kitchen appliances.  When people ask me which one to buy, I tell them both because the food processor and the high powered blender have completely different functions.  The food processor is great for making pesto, various batters and doughs and for also pulverizing fish, chicken and other meats.  The high powered blender is great for making sauces, smoothies and dressings –or more wet type foods that need to be emulsified and well pureed.

Here are some of my favorite gluten free recipes I’ve posted that use a food processor:

Carrot Banana Muffins
Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti
Gluten Free Mulberry Granola

Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies
Fig Newtons
Jelly Donut Cupcakes

Gefilte Fish
Mustard Lime Chicken
Salmon with Anchovy Olive Tapenade

Mashed Cauliflower
Spinach Cake
Stuffed Mushrooms

Betsy’s Multi “Grain” Crackers
Chocolate Espresso Power Bars
Raw Apple Sauce

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Creamy “Ricotta” Dip
Sesame Dip

I also have a section of my website listing ALL of my recipes that use a food processor.  Check it out:
gluten free food processor recipes.

To be entered to win the Cuisinart food processor, just leave a comment (before Sunday, April 3rd at midnight) mentioning what your favorite recipe using a food processor is or what you would make if you had one.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Cuisinart giveaway was M Sieu. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. says

    I know the deadline was last night, but I didn’t get on the website since it was Sunday; so just in case it ok, I’m submitting my comment this morning. I’ve been loving the recipes on your website but don’t have a food processor. If I did, I would like to make Spunky Coconut Chicken Meatballs for my family.

  2. Lauren S. says

    I have never owned a food processor. If I owned one, I would make granola…it is hard to make in a blender. – Lauren

  3. Michelle Griffith says

    I love to cook and am limited due to my culinary supplies, dieing to make the carrot banana muffins!! In need of a cooking fairy to be sent my way :)

  4. marletta oldfather says

    I would love to try any veggie recipes. I don’t like all the hand chopping & the processor looks wonderful!

  5. Paul King says

    I always use a food processor for super quick chopping. Veggie chili can be made in a fraction of the time – onions/carrots/broccoli/tomatoes – all go in together and you get nice, perfect chunks.

  6. Marisha says

    Hmm…I think the first thing I would make is the delicious-looking beet hummus and not long after some lovely liver pate!

  7. says

    My favorite recipe, to prepare in my food processor, is “Vegetable Gardeners’ Pie”, an original recipe for a gluten free vegetarian one dish comfort food meal.

  8. Nancy says

    I would make Betsy’s Multi “Grain” Crackers and Fig Newtons. Two of my favorite foods. Thanks for this website. It’s a lifesaver since I’ve had to go gluten free!

  9. says

    My favorite recipe in the blender…Elanas’s brownies that I made for a friends birthday…she had just been diagnosed with Celiac and was having a tough time…the look on her face as she again could enjoy a decadent treat was something so special!

  10. Erika says

    Great contest!! Raw balls are definitely my favorite thing to make in the food processor, with 5 ingredient no bake date bars running a close second!!

  11. Joan says

    Mmmmm, can’t wait to try these. I love the idea of chocolate chips on top from the last commenter. Recipes using my food processor include making GF breadcrumbs, cookie doughs, chopping herbs, chopping nuts. So many uses!

  12. Bethany Morris says

    A Cuisinart would be great! I would make a basil pesto or your awesome granola!

  13. Michelle B says

    There are so many to choose from, but I would probably start with a nice homemade salsa.

  14. Andrea says

    i would make healthy smoothies every morning for my 5 kids..and since our blender just died…we are in a breakfast rut!!

  15. says

    If I had one (which I looked at purchasing on amazon this weekend), I would make more smoothies. I typically make smoothies every day, but I have to make one for me and then another for my husband b/c I have a one person blender thing (I have no idea what it’s called).

  16. says

    I love making Sun-dried Tomato Pesto with my food processor (which is old also!). I just throw in almonds, basil, sun-dried tomatoes with some of the oil from the jar, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and pulse away!

  17. Devory says

    Definitely fresh and flavorful pesto. I like changing it up and using parsley and mint instead of the basil, and playing with the nut combinations too.

  18. Shari F. says

    We love your double chocolate walnut brownies!!!! Thanks for offering these fabulous give-aways!!!!!!

  19. Cheryl Day says

    Flourless Chocolate cake is my favorite thing to make in a food processor – it is just magic!

  20. Bonnie says

    I have never owned a food processor! I’d use it to try out so many recipes- but first off would be the chocolate hazelnut spread! Then I’d go on a bulk-processing spree- shred cheese, make nut butters, make flours… I’ve had a food processor on my wish list for YEARS!

  21. Karrie says

    I love making mashed cauliflower. I just have a mini food processor so I have to make it in several batches. If I had a big one, I’d love to make power bars!

  22. Lorraine says

    Crunchy Nut Chicken from Annette Sym’s Symple Recipes book 2. It is thin pieces of chicken breast coated with chopped macadamia nuts and gf cornflakes then cooked in the oven. Yum oh!

  23. says

    I have a Vitamix and my favorite thing is veg soup with raw ingredients. whole tomatoes ,peppers and whatever raw veg I have on hand. As you know the vitamix also heats the soup to very hot. it is a good cleanser for your body. I would also love to have the other machine you are giving away. A friend told me about your site just recently and I love it and all the recipes on here. Thank you so much. Jean

  24. Todd Occhiuto says

    I love you. End of story. P.s. my favorite recipe is your butternut squash soup!

  25. AidelK says

    Oooooh! I would love to win this for Pesach. To make potato kugels. Chag kasher v’sameach!

  26. Lauren Davis says

    My favorite recipe is the brocoli soup! Simple and helps me get my veggies in =)

  27. Sharee says

    What wouldn’t I use it for? Right now I am feeling like fresh salsa, or raw fudge.

  28. Jennifer Black says

    I am REALLY looking forward to trying the Mustard Lime Chicken. I’m a newly diagnosed Celiac, and a lot of my spices and rubs have gluten in it. Being able to make fresh food quickly for my family will be a blessing.

  29. Heather Lindeman says

    I would attempt to make some gf cupcakes for my son’s first birthday!

  30. says

    I only have a mini food processor, but I use it often. I love mincing onions and garlic, draining it for a short bit, and freezing it to make dinner prep faster. I’d love to have a big one!

  31. Michelle says

    I would love a food processor because I have been dying to make strawberry butter for spring!

  32. Heather says

    I have a 4 cup food processor so make things in small batches.. It would be great to make something all at once :) I’d love to make pesto and the gluten free granola….

  33. Sharon says

    Flax oil mixed with frozen berries and cottage cheese…mmmm! Nutritious and delicious!

  34. Katy says

    I’ve never been able to afford a food processor that doesn’t crap out immediately. I would make pesto allllll the time!

  35. phoebegrant says

    I’m in the UK so the prize will not be mine, but I still want to say how happy I am with the pancakes and the pizza crust from the Almond Flour Cookbook (the only recipes I’ve tried so far) and to say that I eagerly await the publication of your cupcake book, which I have on order through For once, I have found the gluten-free substitutes satisfying to eat. Congratulations!

  36. Deserae K says

    I was recently introduced to deviled ham and would love to have a food processor to make it, not to mention to make the mayo!

  37. Sara E. says

    If I won the food processor, I would give it to my sister, who needs one. I love to make a filling for cucumbers or zucchini in my processor. It has parsley, walnuts, a little milk, feta cheese and cayenne pepper in it. Yum!

  38. says

    Would love to try the fig newtons. As a kid our families fav store bought cookie. Would bring back some great childhood memories.

  39. says

    Would love try some fig newtons. When I was a kid this was perhaps the families all time favorite store brought cookie. Now can’t find gluten free anywhere in the health food stores around where I live. Would that bring back some sweet childhood memories. We could eat a whole package (wahsed down with some milk – though I don’t drink that anymore) in a matter of minutes. I have a C Juicer and I love it. With the C processor I would like to challenge the gods and figure out how to make gluten free crossianta – yeah. Any simple recipes out there.

  40. Audry says

    I love making salsa in the food processor! It takes soooooo long to chop everything by hand, but with the food processor it’s done in a snap!

  41. says

    I have had the sense that my oldest daughter is wheat & gluten sensitive for the past couple years. Recently I have made a big change in the food I feed our family and am taking her sensitivities seriously. I just love your site. I reference it almost daily for ideas and inspiration. A cuisinart would simplify my kitchen life so much! What fun!

  42. Sabrina says

    I really appreciate your work Elana. I cook from your book and website weekly. I have never owned a food processor and have been wanting one for sometime now. There are so many things I would like to make including, but not limited to, the double chocolate walnut brownies, spunky coconut’s chicken meatballs, and spicy powerbars. Many thanks!

  43. Lynne Morris says

    Your recipes are the greatest! Thanks for sharing. The Cuisinart sounds like a wonderful appliance for the kitchen!

  44. lisa della cioppa says

    Oh the things I would make with a cuisenart…gluten free veggie burgers, nut butter,hummus, pizza dough, gazpacho, soy free power bars and oh so many yummy recipes on your blog!

  45. says

    I would be so grateful to have this! I’ve been wanting to make your chocolate espresso power bars, and carrot banana muffins, as well as my favorite recipe for carrot cake.

    Thank you :)

  46. says

    I simple love your Simple Bread but if I won the Cuisinart Blender I would try to make your Fig Newtons. I personally love to make Protein Drinks with blenders. I bet this blender would have the power to crush the ice and make it smooth.

  47. LauraK says

    I’ve loved my Cuisinart for years and I love how old school it looks compared to the ones that are made nowadays. That said, it would be nice to have one I know has never been used for gluten. In the old days (i.e. the days before my celiac diagnosis), one of my favorite things to make in the Cuisinart was pasta dough. These days, it is most definitely pesto, though I look forward to experimenting with some GF pasta dough recipes (though not with my pasta maker which is totally covered in flour).

  48. Marina says

    I would love to try this food processor for condiments such as hazelnut spread, for baking and many many more!

  49. says

    I love my Cuisinart! I use it to make pesto and chop veggies for soup the most. I have an older model and it’s still going strong. If I win, I’d give it to my friend Paula who has been wanting one for a long time.

  50. Anthony Santucci says

    My Mother-In-Law is on a gluten free diet for health reasons. Your site gives me great recipes and ideas for dishes that I can prepared for her. I could use a good food processor instead of the mini that I presentley own.

  51. Elizabeth Ring says

    Got my Cuisinart when our son was born in 1978! It is still going strong, but it doesn’t have a lot of features. I love the sound of your mulberry granola. I need to try that.

  52. Brenda James says

    I love to make green smoothies in my blender. I think a food processor would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen to make the process even quicker and easier. The green smoothies are so tasty, healthful, and so energizing! Thanks for all you do Elana! (Brenda James)

  53. Shari says

    Well, just discovered your blog today as a friend recommended it to me. I currently have an older food processor and use it for pesto, sauces and shredding veggies…especially onions which burn my eyes the minute I try to chop them!

  54. Dianne says

    I have always wanted a food processor but have never bought one. Pick me! Pick me!

  55. Kirsten says

    I make hummus in my old, terrible food processor all the time. And I would love to make your anchovy-olive tapenade! Thanks for the chance to enter the contest!

  56. Julie Mayfield says

    Why my own almond flour and almond butters, of course! Food processors make “making your own” SO easy and fantastic. And you are certain to avoid any added ingredients that sometimes sneak into these things.

    I also love making our “morning glory” muffins which involve some shredded carrots (again with the food processor), shredded apples, and of course almond flour!

  57. stephanie hoffman says

    I love to make my own larabars…so easy just grind nuts and dates, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon = yum!

  58. Lauren McNitt says

    Hello Elana, I love your site, and your blog, and I mostly love that you have ingeniously found a healthy way to prepare gluten-free meals. Your recipes are so vastly superior in every way to the more common approaches to gluten-free cooking and baking that there is simply no comparison. I can’t thank you enough for developing these recipes and spreading the word about gluten-free cooking without refined starches.

    What would I make with the food processor? Salmon with anchovy olive tapenade. This recipe looks divine. I would probably add a little bit of sun-dried tomato to the mix. Yum.
    Thanks again,

  59. says

    Coconut Milk Ice Cream! It’s great for all of us GF/CF eaters, and it’s getting to be ice cream and sorbet season – I can’t wait!

  60. Kat beals says

    I love the contest! I am a vegan who has never owned a food processor and I would wholeheartedly enjoy having one to make granola and stuffed peppers. Yummy!

  61. says

    We are having an Open House at the Sunflower Wellness Center ( on April 29th, and I would love to have a food processor to be able to make several of Elana’s recipes to showcase delicious grain-free cooking for all of our patients and visitors!

    But the one I want to try first is the Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti (for my own family’s enjoyment!) :-)


  62. Judy says

    I enjoy so many of your recipes.

    My absolute favorite is the Almond Power Bars. I keep them on hand all the time.



  63. says

    My favorite recipe using a food processor is guacamole, gf breakfast bars, sifting gf flour that I grind in the vita mix, crackers, and just about everything…:) I use it almost daily. Thanks for doing this :)

  64. richelle hart says

    I bought both of your cookbooks a couple of months ago (I’m waiting on one to arrive this month) along with a couple of others and I use them constantly! My family loves the recipes and my daughter went through and marked all of the recipes she would like me to make. At the top of the list? Your fig newtons! There have been a few others that I need a food processor for, but recently purchased a vitamix and haven’t been able to get my food processor yet. Would love to win one! Love your blog! Thanks for all the yummy goodness!

  65. Tonya Pettit says

    I would love to use the food processor for your recipes! Currently I just chop things finely or use a blender as a substitute when your recipes call for using a food processor. I’ve been eating a paleo diet for 3 weeks and your recipes have been so helpful!

  66. Dasnia Riddle says

    Dear Elana,

    Thank you so much for all you share freely!! You are generous and creative person!! I am thankful for the privilege I have to learn from you. A couple weeks ago we made your Gluten free mulberry granola and all seven people in our family loved it and wanted mooooore! You are amazing!! We have a very small cuisinart food processor that we have had since it was just my husband and I. At present with our house full of kids something bigger is in order.

    With Gratitude,

  67. kelly says

    My 12 year old cuisinart just died about a month ago so the timing on this is perfect if I could win. Elana thanks for all of your wonderful recipes. Since going gluten, dairy, egg and soy free your blog and recipes have been a lifesaver. It’s nice to be able to eat safe yet yummy cuisine again.

  68. Mariana says

    Fresh homemade falafel is a rare treat, but with this processor my friends and family could enjoy them more often. Restaurant quality fare at home can only be made with the correct tools. Everything from the hummus, to the assorted topping salads and the crispy balls themselves have to be made a high quality processor.

  69. Amy says

    I’m new to the gluten free world and also to the kitchen! I’m just learning to cook and have been dying to get a food processor. Hopefully it would help me make lots of fun new foods, but I think I would become a hummus queen! :)

  70. Michelle says

    I have a mini-sized food processor and like to use it to make fruit “ice cream” with frozen bananas or mangos.

  71. Jenn says

    I am addicted to almond butter but with it being so costly, I am unable to buy it ona regular basis. If I had a food processor I would make a cinnamon and vanilla almond and cashew butter!

    I recently purchased a Greek yogurt maker and I only have to pay .25 per serving of Greek yogurt! A food processor would be a perfect addition to my new kitchen :) I love to melt but butters and sitr them into greek yogurt and then top it with homemade granola…the best!

  72. Emily says

    I have a cuisinart mini-prep right now, which I love using for making your almond power bars with the chocolate top. I was recently diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis and going gluten-free has been a challenge. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and love making dinners for me and my boyfriend to enjoy together. Your power bars have become my healthy go-to dessert! I have to grind everything in batches with my little guy, but it still works! My favorite personal recipe for my little mini prep is lemon-basil pesto with cashews and almonds! Thanks!

  73. says

    I’m recently diagnosed and new to gf baking. Really struggling and looking forward to trying your cakes! Bi just got the cookbook last weekend. I would use the food processor to make some smoothies!

  74. says

    I’ve always wanted a food processor. So many things to use it for. Right now I use a blender and it really doesn’t work for some things – pesto (too thick). Grinding nuts. Soups.

    By the way, I love your recipes, particularly your number breads and I’m just about to try your roasted chicken then chicken broth recipes today.


  75. says

    My favorite recipe from your collection Elana, would have to be the chocolate-walnut brownie. For a brownie, they make for an elegant dessert; particularly when having guests or being a guest wanting to contribute to the hosts. For my husband, who has celiac disease, it is desserts such as this that don’t make him feel like he is sacrificing anything. As for the food processor – I don’t know how anyone lives in their kitchen without one! I found it irreplaceable for chopping the nuts, as well as fresh chocolate if you want to substitute in the brownies – but I also love using the food processor for fresh marinade sauces to fresh fruit tart (pie crust). Please consider me for your Cuisinart food processor as that is the brand I currently own but mine is an antique at this point & I’m fortunate it still works.
    100% Gluten-Free…100% Made with Love

  76. Sara says

    With a food processor I would make pie crusts and almond flour and salad dressings. Add to the list your Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Yum.

  77. Jen says

    I would use this for SOOOO many things like raw applesauce, veggies for fermenting and especially for cauliflower “rice”.

  78. PeonyJen says

    I use my mom’s ancient food processor, which is super small, to puree butternut squash soup. I’ve been yearning for a Cuisinart FP for years, but no dice!

  79. Jennifer says

    Hi Elana! The boys and I love to make your Jelly Donut Cupcakes! I look forward to making more of your recipes from the new cookbook with my new Cuisinart Food Processor!! ;-)

  80. samantha says

    my favorite it latkes! they’re delicious, and having a foor processor makes it so much faster to make!

  81. River says

    My favorite recipe is the Molten Chocolate cake recipe from the Cook This NOT That Book. Best I’ve seen and made thus far!

  82. Michelle McLaughlin says

    I would use my food processor for making pesto. I’ve been on a pasta and pizza kick lately would like to experiment with some new sauces.

  83. Jennifer Lee says

    I’m learning to cope with a glutten allergy, so I have to change practically everything I’m used to making! This food processor would be part of my new kitchen set-up—and the jelly donut cupcakes would be first thing I’d make!

  84. Victor Williams says

    I will give this food processor to my daughter, she does delicious cupcakes.

  85. says

    You know I’ve never had a processor good enough to do much more than chop onion – I’d start with salsa and hummus but then I’d try some good stuff! :)

  86. says

    My family absolutely loves the Pancakes from your book, and the ease of being able to mix them up in a blender makes it that much easier to have them every weekend!

  87. Josh says


    After being turned on to your blog, I’ve had trouble not constantly being on it finding new and exciting recipes! With this amazing tool, I would definitely use it for making the mashed cauliflower and brownies. The spinach cake is another one of my favorites and using a blender has just gotten old. I love your site and how you’ve really helped those people that have trouble finding great food in these times.

    Thanks so much! Pick me!!

  88. says

    My favorite thing to do with my food processor is to use it in baking. I make pie crusts, bread crumbs, chop nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, make superfine sugar, mix dried ingredients. But mine is probably 20 years old and how I would love a new one!

  89. steph romig says

    How can anyone choose just one recipe? The food processor iwould be great for just abpot anything with nuts or to rice cauliflower

  90. meryle says

    One of my favorite recipes to make is Quinoa Cakes. I chop all the veggies and the Cuisinart make it so easy to create and enjoy.
    The Cuisinart food processor has so very many uses!!
    I have dropped and cracked my Cuisinart. It still is functional but I probably should not be using it.

  91. Rita Hamburg says

    I dream of owning a Cuisinart, I almost bought a cheaper brand food processor yesterday, but couldn’t bring myself to do it, I’m still dreaming of a Cuisinart…..this is the first of many recipes I would make if my dream came true.

    Green Herbed Hummus
    Makes About 2 cups

    2 cups of organic chickpeas, rinsed and drained
    2 garlic cloves
    2 Tbsp raw almond butter
    1/4 cup fresh parsley leaves
    6 fresh basil leaves
    1 organic scallion, chopped
    1 Tbsp fresh dill
    1-2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
    1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
    1/4 tsp sea salt
    1/3 cup olive oil

    In a food processor or blender, add all ingredients except olive oil. Pulse until slightly combined. Run on High speed and stream in olive oil until combined. Refrigerate 2 hours before serving to allow flavors to mix.

  92. says

    My favorite thing to make with my food processor is strawberry snowcones! Just fresh strawberries with chocolate stevia, and crushed ice! Yum!

  93. Lucy Guglielmino says

    LOVE the gluten-free pancake recipe! Just started trying to eliminate grains, and that’s a real treat.

    If I won the food processor, it would be a lot easier to make one of my newest favorite recipes–Thai ginger meatballs (pork).


  94. Heather says

    We go through quite a bit of salsa in our house, so the cuisinart is great for that! I would also make almond butter and coconut butter….with chocolate ;)

  95. AmyKay says

    There are so many…how to choose? I love to use my old, decrepit food processor for pestos, when chopping up the base for tortilla soup, and when making cauliflower rice. How nice it would be to have a new one! Thanks for the chance to win : )

  96. jen says

    your carrot banana muffins are a staple in my house, but not nearly as easy to make as they could be with a ‘real’ food processor, so i’d LOVE to make them with this cuisinart. i only have the mini-prep processor, so i have to blend everything up in batches…. not fun, but clearly your muffins are worth it because i do it all the time!:-)

  97. Martina Williams says

    I’d like to make the banana-date carrot cupcakes if I had a processor. I’d be great to win it! Thanks for the giveaway

  98. vink says

    I am entering the contest for the food processor. I need to go gluten free now and would like to make many of your recipes. Right now it is mashed cauliflower. It sure would help to have a food processor. Thank you for the chance.

  99. G Hamilton says

    If I had a Cuisinart Food Processor I could make my own salsa for dinner. Since I don’t – I bought some. Ugh. But I hope I can win one and start making Elana’s Pantry recipes!!

  100. Courtney Echeverria says

    This is just great timing for me! I recently went gluten free and dairy free due to illness. I have always owned a VitaMix but not a food processor. Well, my VitaMix has taken a dump twice in the last two months. So, I decided maybe I’m doing jobs in it I shouldn’t be such as nut butters. I just started looking at Food Processors today and then saw this!
    I would make almond butter, raw cookie doughs for my kids, bean dips and non-dairy cheese dip/sauces. I could go on and on!
    Thanks for the opportunity to let me enter this!!

  101. says

    Hello Elana. If I were to win this food processor I would attempt to make some of the recipes you have. They look delicious!! I am in the very early stages of learning how to eat a healthy gulten free diet and I need all the help I can get. A food processor would be a huge help.

    Beautiful site, thanks!


  102. Marianne Finnie says

    I love your website and recipes! I could really use a cuisinart. My favorite thing to make in it is potatoe soup! My recipe calls for 2 cups of onions along with some celery and carrots. I like to puree these so my daughter will eat the soup! She would never eat it if she knew onions were in it! Keep up the great work Elana!

  103. carolee says

    I would love to experiment with different nuts/herbs/oils to make my own pestos AND I’ve been wanting to make my own power/raw bars too. I’d like to try an Elana granola recipe as well.

  104. Emily Sunwell says

    Oh the possibilities, I love making my fudge recipe in the food processor, making celery root puree/mash, cauliflower puree/mash, and sweet potato puree/mash, sprouted brown rice flower shortbread cookies, I also love to pre chop veggies like kale so it’s ready for the week to add into dishes. What a fantastic giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  105. Jennifer says

    Brownies! As a new gluten free baker who isn’t happy with rice flour mixes….I’m so excited to discover almond and coconut flours.

  106. Melanie says

    Almond butter. I love it homemade and don’t know how I would do it without a cuisinart! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!

  107. Claire says

    Pesto! Basil and the usual suspects a quick wizz and it’s done! I love Cuisinart s. Thank you for the givaway!

  108. Tara says

    I would make pesto and hummus all the time, but I would love to try your food processor recipes, they look great!

  109. Molly Maloney says

    Thanks for entering me! My favorite use for my current food processor is chopping everything up for soups. I make either ribollita or minestrone pretty much every week. But there’s also mayonnaise and hummus and pesto and chopped nuts. So many great uses. Love love love cuisinart, and would be thrilled with an update of my older version!

  110. Shelley Peterson says

    Purple Velvet Torte, roasted apple sauce, nutty granola, crackers, guacamole…the possibilities are endless if I win the food processor!!

  111. Jacqui says

    I like making a garlicky white bean dip! Its always a hit at parties served veggies or sometimes pita chips.

  112. Rhonda says

    If I had a Cuisinart food processor, I would make Betsy’s Multi “Grain” Crackers immediately! I have been wanting to make them for quite some time! They look delicious!

  113. Lisa Solomon says

    If I had a food processor, I would grind my own nuts. I would also experiment with making flours from vegetables.

  114. Jessica Mattson says

    Cilantro Pesto
    1/4 c pumpkin seeds
    1 c cilantro
    1/2 c Italian parsley
    2 cloves garlic
    2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
    Salt to taste
    Olive oil

    Place all ingredients in food processor and pulse until desired consistency. Goes great with fish, rice and bean bowls, tacos, the options are limitless!

  115. Sharon Moss says

    I would love to have a new Cuisinart Food Processor! I’ve always wanted to be able to make a shredded carrot salad. It would also be great to make meatloaf without having to touch the raw meat!!

  116. Shelley Peterson says

    I would love to win a food processor so I can make guacamame…my family loves it. I use edamame instead of avocados. This is just one of the many recipes in which I need a food processor. It would also make shredding beets for your “purple torte” much easier than grating them by hand. The Purple Torte is my hubby’s favorite cake. Since I use my Vita-Mix regularly, I know I would use the good processor equally as much and it oils cut down my prep time for many of my healthy recipes.

  117. Nancy says

    My favorite thing to make with a food processor is pesto, followed by chopped liver.

  118. Maureen O'Callaghan says

    My favorite thing to male with a food processor is your pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing. I am going to attempt gelfite fish this Passover, too.

  119. says

    i do not have a food processor but have always wanted one. i would make some of your gluten-free recipes for sure :-)

  120. April says

    I am new to the gluten free world.. so I would love the opportunity to try out many of your recipes with this food processor.
    I’ve printed off your rosemary cracker recipe but haven’t made them yet.. they look delicious!

  121. says

    I would love a higher powered food processor to make bigger batches of mashed cauliflower- the one I have now only holds one cup! :-)

  122. jennifer k says

    I would love a new food processor… The one I have broke the second time I used it. I would love to make your chocolate hazelnut spread!

  123. Eliza Evans says

    Oh wow, this is a fab contest!

    I would use it to make a gluten free clementine almond cake that I’ve been dying to try.

  124. Melissa Trachtenberg says

    My food processor gave up the ghost just last week! I need another one to make hummus and homemade Larabars.

  125. Clayton Sharp says

    I would use it to make Almond and Parmesan Encrusted Chicken. Much easier than chopping almonds with a knife.

  126. Deb Meyer says

    They’re great for blending homemade soups… and mixing up the ingredients for Bloody Mary’s!! :-)

  127. says

    You KNOW we are in sync and you KNOW you are going to pick #2025 for this giveaway. : )

    Hmmm, let’s see, my food processor has seen its day after years of making power bars, fresh pumpkin pies, pie crusts, granola … oh she is one loved (but tired) gadget. Would love a new one!

  128. says

    My favorite thing to make in a food processor is homemade tzatziki dip, I serve mine over a salad with feta cheese and diced cucumbers…yum!

  129. Tawny Friedman says

    I love to make wheat-free shortbread cookie dough in my (very old school) Cusinart… I’m sure it’s a similar vintage as yours. My well loved beauty has a cracked handle and lid… an upgrade would be lovely!

  130. says

    I too have an old school style Cuisinart and I love it. I am most thankful for it when I need to grate huge quantities of cheese or potato. I use it most often too make purees like hummus and white bean tapenades. My favorite recipe with it though would probably be whipping up some gluten-free cheesecake. YUM!

  131. Nikki says

    I would like to give the food processor to my mother. She is learning to cook and I think she’d enjoy the simplicity it lends to food preparation when making things from scratch. I use my cuisinart most often to cut nuts to flour or to shred vegetables. Thanks!

  132. Laura S. says

    I’d make my own pesto, salad dressings, nut butters and hummus. I already use my mini food processor every other day and am tired of having to cook in small batches with it. Time for an upgrade!

  133. Tara Chalut says

    There are so many possibilities! I’m on a rotation diet right now, so I would grind my own hazelnut & macadamia flour to make your recipes on day 1 & 3 instead of just day 2 when I can have almond flour :) Also, I have to borrow a friend’s blender to make pesto and salsa, so this would be an amazing addition to my kitchen.

  134. Robbie says

    Mmmmmm, First, I would make some fresh basil and artichoke pesto.
    Then I’d probaby make anything I could read about and go crazy freezing it up. I have never had a cuisinart food processor so I would be a “kid in a healthy store”!!! Thank you for having this generous giveaway. ;)

  135. Ashley says

    If I had a food processor, my first recipe would definitely be pesto. My attempts in a blender have cost me 3 blenders, yikes! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway! =)

  136. Brittani Bluhm says

    The chocolate espresso power bars are absolutely the thing I would make! They look like the perfect way to start the day if I had a food processor. What a fabulous giveaway. B

  137. says

    If I got this food processor, the first thing I would make is pumpkin pie ice cream! Pumpkin ANYTHING makes me happy, and I’ve always wanted to make that recipe of yours, but I don’t own a food processor and can’t really spend money on one right now.

    MMmmm I can already taste it :)

  138. katie says

    my favorite thing to make in a foodprocessor is homemade almond butter! I also love making my own larabars!

  139. Cynthia Wills says

    My son and I really enjoy making the sweets on your website and since we don’t have a food processor, we can’t always make some of them. However,the recipes we can make are yummy, especially the chocolate chip cookies. Thanks Elana for the website.

  140. Kathy Taylor says

    Just opened the site to look up the coconut cupcake recipe and saw your offer. My old, cheap processor is limping along. I like to use mine for chopping all the fresh ingredients for recipes, onions, herbs etc. It’s not strong enough to do much more but I’d sure love to give it a shot!
    Thanks for the great website.

    From a transplanted Coloradan.

  141. Kimberly Huff says

    I would love a Food processor. Well, cuz I am new to this…learning to cook gluten free. I just ordered you book & right now I’m making your simple bread for the first time! I’m so excited! I do not have a food processor. :( It would be fun to create pesto for the first time. And even create Almond Butter! This is a great website and will pass this along to others. I can’t wait to try more the pizza crust. Thanks for all that you do.

  142. Dawn Vegetabile says

    I would make some of the wonderful recipes you have listed like the fig bars, cauliflower, the bars someone else mentioned, and some of the soups I make would be so much easier. I just found this blog after I found and feel in love with you Almond flour cook book. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  143. Eva says

    Elana- i have loved looking at your recipes… if i had a food processor i would love to make the raw applesauce and the banana carrot muffin… yummy!

  144. Anastasia says

    I’d love to try a bunch of recipes that require a processor, for example your fish balls from the other day or various slaws for stir frying or even hummus. Yum.

  145. says

    I’m torn for my favorite recipe using the food processor. I love using it to grate carrots extra fast for carrot cake, and I also love using it to shred cabbage for cole slaw in the summer.

    Thanks for the offer :)

  146. laura balsley says

    Hi Elana!

    I love the idea of putting big pieces of fruits– like apples and to see it get totally creamed. The idea of making your own applesauce through a food processor is magical. So easy to put together and have the freshest sauce you can have. ( How long has the jarred applesauce been sitting in the stores?? Makes you wonder!) I have the hopes to win this!

    Thank you!


  147. Paulette says

    I would love to try the banana carrot muffin recipe or any other recipe that Elana has (they are all good). I don’t have a food processor so use my blender but that doesn’t do the same job as a food processor. I’m praying I’ll win the food processor. I can’t wait to try the chicken meatballs. Talking about food is making me hungry. I must go and cook some chicken.
    Love your site,keep those recipes coming.

  148. EmmaJane Adams says

    What would I make with that marvelous Cuisinart food processor? Why every Elana’s Pantry recipe ever published and every one in her new Gluten Free Cupcake book to be released on April 26! Yeah!

  149. Margaret Nolan says

    Great giveaway. I would use the food processor for making my own nut butters, hummus, pesto, kaleslaw, powerbars and; well the possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

  150. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! It has been my go to “recipe book” for the last several months.
    I do NOT have the same attachment to my food processor as you do. My little 4 cup duo processor just doesnt cut it anymore with my new way of cooking :)
    I have made many marinades from your website using the processor, mustard lime being my husbands favorite.
    I also made frozen banana ICE CREAM!!!!! its soooooooooo good :)
    I will definitely get good use out of a new processor chopping, mixing, whirling my way to awesome food each day :)
    thanks for your great website and for giving us the chance to win fun prizes!

  151. Laura vH says

    My Black Bean Dip! It’s always a favorite among friends and making it in a new Cuisinart would be even better!

    Thank you for all of your recipes and insight!!

  152. MaryBeth says

    Jelly Donut Cupcakes! My all-time favorite, and with a new Cuisinart, I would haven’t to scrape the blender! And I could use it for so many other kitchen chores. Thank you.

  153. Michele says

    I would definitely make Gluten Free Almond Power Bars if I had a food processor, along with coleslaw, kim chee, raw crackers & cookies, kale pesto, and carrot-broccoli mush (which is much, much tastier than it sounds, LOL).

    Thank you so much for your wonderful site, recipes & inspiration :)

  154. Renee says

    What a great giveaway! As of this moment, I have a 1 out of 1,992 chance of winning this wonderful appliance! You never know….!

  155. Renee says

    Well, as of this minute I have a 1 out of 1,991 chance of winning the Cuisinart. I’m already dreaming of the things I would do with it…

  156. Iris says

    There’s no end to the recipes I’d make if I had this appliance! Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies, Multi-Grain Crackers, and Gefilte Fish for starters. Also cilantro pesto, hummus variations, raw brownies (made with pulverized dates)… Here’s hoping!

  157. Stefanye Ghormley says

    If I had the awesome Cuisinart food processor, I would love to make the chocolate walnut brownies and a whole bunch of other dishes. I LOVE your blog – BTW …

  158. Anastasia says

    I would use a food processor to make your Chocolate Hazlenut Spread and Kelly Brozyna’s Marble Cake.

  159. Katie Patterson says

    I would love to make all sorts of desserts with the processor, especially those chocolate walnut brownies! yum!

  160. Jon says

    I would love to try your mashed cauliflower recipe, but currently don’t have a food processor. I’ve been making ‘cauliflower rice,’ but really have wanted to try the mashed version as well.

  161. says

    If I had a food processor better than the $10 one I currently have… time for scrumptious homemade energy bars – nuts, dates, and maybe some coconut and/or cocoa!

  162. Anne says

    A couple recipes that I really like and have made without a food processor, but would be simplified and quicker to make with a food processor, are “cranberry relish with walnuts” and “sesame eggplant salsa.”

  163. says

    My favorite recipe is the Chocolate chip brownies. However I sub coconut for the chocolate chips. YUMMO
    I would also use the Cuisinart to make strawberry froyo.
    1 cup Frozen strawberries
    1 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
    1-2 Tbls truvia
    Enough water to blend

  164. Jon says

    fresh hummus and olive tapenade are some of my favorite things in the world. this would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen power tools. ;)

  165. Rita says

    The first thing I would make is the Double Chocolate walnut brownies

    I have tried most of your delicious almond flour recipes.

    I know I would get tremendous use out of it and probably try every recipe you have listed and more……

    Our daughter is gluten free and your website has changed her life with all the great tasting recipes that you have, that she started sharing them with her friends gluten free or not.

    I myself eat all of the gluten free foods.

    Your website is the best there is.

    Keep up the good work!!

  166. Karen says

    I am just learning to cook gluten free and this would be the perfect tool to make muffins and hummus and …! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  167. Chef Froggie says

    If I had a food processor I would make homemade nutella (and play around with other variations of it and similar ideas, all dairy free, :) ).

  168. mary mitchell says

    Betsy’s multigrain crackers. Currently I’m eating Back to Nature’s gluten free crackers, but these would be so much better. Thanks!!

  169. says

    Hi there! My favorite recipe is one that I just invented last night!

    Quick bean burgers:

    15oz. kidney beans
    1 egg
    1/4 cup gluten free bread crumbs soaked in 2tbsp water
    onion powder
    And any other seasoning you would like
    I used about a half of a cup of A1.

    Put all in blender (or Awesome new food processor that you are giving away!!)
    Then scoop out 1-2tbsp full onto skillet heated at medium. Flip and let brown. EAT!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    I would like to make some hummus next time!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  170. Hana says

    We’re visiting my boyfriends mother – last week she taught me to make chicken catchetori with her and I got to spend 3 luxurious hours in the kitchen with her catching up on our life stories. She’s Italian, from the Calibrez region. I’ve been craving pizza since I got here – the night we came someone surprised us with a gluten free pizza from some pizza shop around here..that was good…but I think perhaps I could do better. If I had a Cuisinart. I’d begin by making a doughy,stretchy gluten free pizza crust. mmmm. Italian. The best.

  171. says

    My favorite recipe that I use my Cuisinart (which is 12 years old) for is fermented vegetables. This is really a recipe(s) use as I make all sorts of variations on veggies fermented with sea salt and whey for a couple days in a canning jar on the counter, or for weeks in a sauerkraut crock. The food processor makes fast work of all the slicing, chopping, and grating. It is my most used appliance. I wish it had a grain mill attachment. :)

  172. says

    Wow, lots of competition! Everybody wants a Vita-mix.

    I love smoothies, but it sure is a chore making them with a regular blender; sounds like it’s going to explode from the effort any time!

  173. Stefanie Deal says

    Elana! I have your page bookmarked and visit it on a weekly (or more) basis! Thank you for being here, you make gluten-free living so much easier! My 7 year-old son and I cannot have gluten, dairy, or yeast (among others for myself), so when we want to feel “normal”, I usually whip up one of your bread or dessert recipes. Again, thank you! Oh, I would use the food processor to make delicious salmon patties and many other delicious treats! -Stefanie

  174. says

    i absolutely love eggplant…my fiancee however, can only eat it in one form…baba gannoush. Cool, smoky, garlicy spread…yum. I could make baba gannoush at home if i had a bigger food processor… i just have a midget one. And i broke his big one, many moons ago before i actually knew how to really cook.

  175. carolynn says

    i looooove making fresh salsa – life would be so much easier if i had a cuisinart to do it in!

    thanks for the amazing recipes elana! i just made the pumpkin pie ice cream for dessert last night!

  176. kathleen says

    i looooove making fresh salsa – life would be so much easier if i had a cuisinart to do it in!

    thanks for the amazing recipes elana! i just made the pumpkin pie ice cream for dessert last night!

    • carolynn says

      oops! my apologies for entering this twice. my sisters name was incorrectly attached to this comment by my computer!!

  177. TYates says

    My food processor died sometime back. I miss it. I would love to have this one to make pesto and homemade mayo.

  178. Beth Silva says

    I would love to have a 12 cup food processor. I love making this recipe with black beans for brownies and I also love to process fresh fruit for oatmeal bars I make. I only have a 4 cup one and it is really small for alot of stuff. I really love your recipes too, and if I had the 12 cup processor it would go right to work. Hope I may win because I love to cook.

  179. Sarah D. says

    Thank you Elana for the mouthwatering recipes! I would probably start off by making your mashed cauliflower… then onto muffins and chopping onions without breaking down in tears, making pie crust! I would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  180. Mendy says

    Hi Elana!

    I can’t tell you how many times your site has saved me!! I’m also a GF Coloradoan mom so trying to figure out high altitude baking was a challenge until I found you :) Thank you so much!! Also, my favorite recipe in my food processor is Mashed Cauliflower. I can’t eat potatoes but I love them so this is such a treat! I’m actually making some tonight and I’m baking Cinnamon Bun muffins in just a little bit. I love those things!! Thanks again for sharing these yummy recipes!

  181. Paula Jacunski says

    If I had a food processor, I would make Betsy’s multi grain crackers, over & over again, and work on multiple variations of the recipe.

  182. Colleen Gagnon says

    Well, I am new to your site and so excited. I am a busy mom and also run a food co-op so have been spreading the word about this gem of a site. I have tried several of the recipes and they are all child approved so far which is most important. I love the simple ingredient lists, the ease and short prep time requirement. When 5 kids give a thumbs up to broccoli soup I know I am on the right path. Just picked up a copy of your cookbook as well. Can’t get enough. The information is abundantly delicious.

  183. Helen Holden says

    When I could still eat gluten, I loved the French bread that I made with the food processor – mine that is now 25+ years old!

  184. Pat says

    I thought of you and this giveaway as I used my TINY cuisinart mini-processor to make a gluten-free dip last night – muhammara – a turkish dip made from roasted red peppers, walnuts and pomegranite molasses. I had to make it in batches, so the thought of this new food processor was on my mind. I would love to have it.

  185. JeanMarie Breslin says

    What a great opportunity. I have a blender, but would love to have a food processor to make some different recipes. I have many food sensitivities, and need to make my food from scratch.
    love your blog.

  186. Laurie P. says

    I make a lot of Indian recipes – with this food processor I would make some palak paneer or maybe even some of the fantastic gluten free roti and naan recipes I have that call for a food processor!

  187. Jayne says

    I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can fire up the grill and make some mustard lime chicken!

  188. Jenna A says

    First, I love this blog! Next, my favorite uses for a food processor – grinding up nuts for toppings and struesel fillings and making pie dough quickly. I look forward to doing more though!

  189. KR says

    Chocolate Banana Muffins. My little blender doesn’t do a good job, sometimes I think it’s about to burn up :)

  190. Mary says

    Oh gosh . . . what would I make if I had a food processor? All the things I avoid making now or those that are too much for my poor little blender (or beyond my chopping capabilities!): spreads and dips, pastry doughs, better soups, stews, casseroles etc. with gorgeously and unformly chopped or finely sliced vegetables and on and on and on . . . .

  191. Michael Guerreso says

    Pie crust! As Julia Childs said “Pie crust alone justifies the Cuisinart’s place in the kitchen” or something like that! It cuts the fat into flour like no other and in just a few pulses. It stays cold as a fat should when trying to hide amongst the flours allowing a rapid return to the cooler until needed.

    Next Fave for the Cuisinart:
    Drop a couple of optional Garlic bulbs in with the mettle chopping blade till super fine. Then a few Black Olives course. Replace with the thin slicing blade and fill the bowl with Napa cabbage. Shredding blade in place,top it all off with some smoked Gouda. Drizzel and toss with some Olive oil Vinegar and salt and pepper. Serve at room temp SUPER YUM LIGHT SALAD.

  192. says

    I like making arugula pesto in my food processor, and now that summer is approaching (I hope!), I am looking forward again to pasta salads – there is a Bon Appetit dressing I love that uses sun dried tomatoes, capers, red wine vinegar, and garlic that buzzes up really nicely in a food processor.

  193. Jill says

    If I had one of these, I would use it to make my husband smoothies and easy things to eat for his recovery after his upcoming surgery! How awesome would that be?

  194. says

    The two food processor recipes that I make most are:

    1. Hummus –
    2. Pecan Pie Nut Truffles –

    I’m gluten/dairy/sugar free and your website has been one of my greatest recipe discoveries. My 3 year old niece LOVES your lemon poppy seed muffins. I recently posted a video of her helping me make them:

  195. Jenn says

    The first thing I would make would be your Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies, followed by some or your bars & crackers!

  196. Sabrina Schoenhard says

    My favorite recipe so far that I’ve made using a food processor is the double mocha biscotti. YUM!!!

    Thanks for your site, I love it and refer to it OFTEN!


  197. says

    I would love to win the food processor. I would used it for making my favourite salads this summer. Especially to grate carrots!

  198. says

    Elana, I don’t have a food processor, but because of food allergies I am moving toward eliminating packaged suaces and any processed foods. I would love to make my own spaghetti sauce, pesto, herb blends, and even nut butters. What an amazing giveaway!

  199. Valene says

    I love the chocolate hazelnut spread and am trying variations on it. They are yummy. I don’t have a food processor, but a vitamixer, but am anxious to try one. Really enjoy Elana’s Pantry.

  200. debra says

    It is very sad that I am in my mid-50s and yet never had a Cuisanart. Imagine that!! So I can only dream that IF I had one, I would make CRACKERS. Because I have teenage sons that eat and eat and EAT, and it is a daunting task as a mother to feed them filling, nutritious and UNprocessed food.

  201. Stephanie says

    Hummus of course! I love making my own flavors and I could make alot in this 12 cup processor!

  202. Debby MacLure says

    I don’t have celiac disease – I’m just on a new journey of better nutrition – I’ve had your cookbook for about a week now and have already tried several recipes. I actually hope to try every recipe, but I don’t own a food processor, and there’s only so much my blender can do! Just discovered your website today, so I’m off to check it out!

  203. Christine says

    I have been using my blender to try and substitute for a food processor and have found that you can’t quite get the same results. I would love to make everything from sauces to energy bars or homemade baby food.

  204. Nichole says

    I love making hummus, ‘lara bars,’ and raw cinnamon rolls. Yum. Unfortunately, my food processor is currently in the process of dying. LOL. Great giveaway!

  205. Marty Rummel says

    The question might be what I DON’T use my food processor for! I can hardly cook without it and mine just broke!! I’m “limping” it along, but it is not going to last. How can I make soup, granola, dressings, biscuits, etc without it?

  206. Barbara Montez says

    I still have a reurbished old style cusinart, but the blades are dull and it is cracked. I would love a new one for all those great recipies!

  207. Nichole says

    Seeing as how I have neither a blender or a food processor, I would love to use a cuisinart to make raw bars using nuts and fruit…it would add a spark to my lunches.

  208. says

    I found a great recipe for hazelnut biscotti… but a tasty salsa would be good too. Gotta love those food processors, very helpful in the kitchen!

  209. Kathy O'Connor says

    Thank you for writing about the difference between the uses of a food processor and a blender. I an not a cook or baker but do follow your website because I really should follow a gluten free and yeast free diet. Hopefully, with the cuisinart I’ll be more motivated to cook or bake using your recipes. Having the right tools is essential to making cooking easier and more enjoyable.
    Thank you


  210. Madonna D says

    Hmmm – the possibilities!!! Yummy baked fruit crumble with apples and almonds ground in the cuisinart.

  211. Tresa says

    There are so many recipes that I make with my food processor, as a result it is getting tired. Some of my favorites include hummus, which I sometimes make with garbanzo beans and sometimes use cannelini beans, alsways add some flaxseeds and garlic. It makes great sandwiches and is a delicious dip for veggies! I also make a delicious pesto with spinach and walnuts that is great on pasta, in soup and over veggies and rice. These are just a couple of my favorite food processor recipes!

  212. says

    Beautiful giveaway…I have had my eye on this food processor for sometime. I have an old school moulinex which I think is on it’s last legs, but love using a food processor to puree soups, make pesto, and other sauces. Oh, grating cheese, making coleslaw too!

  213. Julia says

    I have wanted a a food processor for such a long time!
    if I had one, I would make dips, sauces, smooth soups, and cream butter and sugar for cakes in the processor..
    I would also grate cheese, grind my own meat… endless options!

  214. Wendy says

    Do I have to pick just one? I would probably go with powerbars. But with Summer approaching I can think of wonderful fresh salsas and hummus. The bonus would be to be able to make the crackers you have posted to go with dips.

    Crackers and powerbars. yum!

  215. Pam says

    I love my Cuisineart but it is on its last leg! I love the carrot cake from your cookbook and use it to grate the carrots.

  216. PR Bagnall says

    Since I have never had a food processor, I’ve always skipped any recipe that calls for one; my married daughter has learned that it’s a must-have appliance. Heart-healthy granola would probably be my first effort; the home-made nut butters intrigue me (as long as the clean-up is easy). If a food proacessor really can handle meats too, then by the time my husband and I need mechanical soft food, we’d be processing pros!

  217. Eileen says

    I make the mashed cauliflower in the food procerssor and it is wondeful. I highly recommend it. i won’t eat it any other way! It is so much better than mashed potatoes becasue I can eat it without the guilt! Thank you Elana!

  218. says

    Right now I use a blender when I should be using a food processor. This just doesn’t work the same. My recipe help would be endless. Something as simple as making my own mayo would be so much easier now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  219. Shayne says

    Baby food!! the old food processor has been out to puree baby food combos a lot lately!

  220. Eileen says

    I am so excited. I tried the Kale Smoothie and it is delicious. Not only that, but my husband who hardly eats anything green loves it. He is on his third day of having it for breakfast. Never in a million years would I have dreamed of seeing him drink anything green. Thank you Elana!

  221. Anita Duffey says

    I absolutely LOVE cauliflower in the food processor. Healthier than white potatoes!

  222. Shannon says

    Mmm, the mustard lime chicken and chocolate hazelnut spread are calling my name…

  223. Louisa says

    Pesto, pesto, pesto. With basil, parsley, cilantro, or arugula. Walnuts or Pine Nuts. With or without cheese. Really the possibilities are endless.

  224. Serena Wright says


    Thanks again for all your recipes. My favorite use of a food processor is to make the Gluten-Free brownies with Almond Butter, agave, chocolate powder and chips, and an egg to help bind things together.

    Good luck all around,

  225. says

    Hi again!! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Allie Brown, I’m 19 years old, & your blog SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! :) I have been suffering from Celiac Disease my whole life but was self-diagnosed this past February, I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis in ’09, & I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and RSD at the age of 12. Inflammation is my worst enemy. I recently took on a raw lifestyle in hopes of healing my body altogether. Cooked food has always seemed unreasonably difficult for my system. I have tried EVERY other dietary path to no avail, but this one seems to be working. I’ve adjusted it a bit & begun the SCD lifestyle. It’s only been a day, but I feel slightly better already. I’m willing to cut anything out of my diet, place anything into my diet. I’ll do whatever it takes to feel WELL. Your lifesaving blog inspired me to start my own, “Gluten. It’s Against the RAW!”. I want to speak out & show others that food might be dangerous, but it can also be medicinal. It takes some serious discipline & a high dose of patience for preparing meals (especially raw ones!!), but it is all 100% worth it to feel like the best version of yourself imaginable. I plan on making t-shirts to exploit my growing blog & catch peoples’ eyes, raise questions about my chosen lifestyle. This is who I am, which is why I’m going to major in Alternative Medicine this coming Fall. I can’t wait to go back to school again!! I took this year off to focus on my health. Your blog has given me an astounding amount of strength to keep going & never be afraid to take food and CREATE! I absolutely cannot thank you enough for giving me such hope. I’ll continue to check your blog daily & keep my eyes peeled for tasty recipes!!! Thank you again!! :)

  226. Tamra says

    Thank you for all your great recipes, words, and inspirations! Finding your cookbook was a life saver for me!
    I have two food processors, a small one I use for small recipes-chopping onions, nuts,other vegetables. The big larger one I used lately for cauliflower (fav). added to quinoa pasta with onions, garlic to make a great mac and cheese.

    I am traveling for two weeks but had to check your site before I hit the road. Wish I could stay home and cook!

  227. says

    If I had a Cuisinart food processor, the first thing I’d make is a vegan hazelnut spread (aka Nutella)!!!

  228. Patrick says

    Mashed cauliflower is our favorite around here–we make it twice a week at least! (Although out of the recipes listed, I’d have to say my favorite are the jelly donut cupcakes… mmm…..)

  229. Annaliese Foote says

    I would make natural peanut butter, which is hard to find in most parts of the world. Just roasted peanuts and salt.

  230. jennifer says

    ooh, i have never owned a food processor but i had some live sprouted garbanzo hummus while i was on the big island and that’s what i would like to make with one! totally renewed fever for hummus!!!

  231. says

    I love Apricot Tea Squares, from the cookbook. I add chocolate chips, walnuts and dried cranberries. Of course the food processor makes it so easy to whip up a batch.

  232. says

    I currently have a teeny tiny cuisinart and if I wond this one, ohhhh the variety of salsas I’d create. Mango, Pineapple, avacado/tomatillo… mouth is watering…

  233. StaceyG says

    The first thing I would make is hummus!!! I would then make a roasted tomato soup! Yum!

  234. chandra christensen says

    I have made apple butter, peanut butter, pureed tomatoes in my food processor. Amongst many many other things.

  235. says

    I too love my food processor…and it’s time for a new one as my 7 cup has all but come to pieces.

    I’ve been on a cracker kick lately, gluten free, alive and high in fiber and flavor…

    1 cup soaked walnuts
    1 cup soaked cashews
    1 cup soaked almonds
    1 cup flaxseeds soaked in 2 cups of water
    1 cup minced cystalized ginger
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1-2 Tablespoons agave (optional)

    Put all the nuts into the food processor and pulse until pieces are between 1/8-1/4 inch size. Mix the nuts with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. The consistency will be wet and gooey, the flaxseeds will hold the ingredients together. Pour unto dehydrator sheets and spread thinly. A rubber spatula works great for me. Dehydrate for 12 hours, peel off the sheet and turn them around to dry for another 12 hours or until dry and easy to break apart. I do not dry the crackers higher than 109 degrees.


  236. Buffi Frazier says

    I love to make your pancake recipe from your almond flour cookbook. I have used a blender like you recipe instructs, but I have found that the food processor is more efficient.

  237. Lauren says

    I just got a food processor for Christmas and perhaps my favorite thing to make with it is a simple almond butter. I have also enjoyed making your chicken meatballs in it. So easy to just throw it all in there, spin it around, form it into little balls, bake, and serve. Really good, easy potluck dish.

  238. Annie Wales says

    Your recipes are so helpful. I’ve been living gluten and soy free for over 20 years, and the difference in quality of food between then and now is tremendous! However, I have encountered a problem with several of the recipes because I do not have a food processor, nor can I afford one at this time. In any case, thank you for your wonderful efforts to make life more pleasurable for us. You are greatly appreciated.

  239. beau says

    My current addiction is making totally raw marinara sauce for zucchini pasta. in a food processor combine:
    1 large heirloom tomato
    1/2 red bell pepper
    1 clove garlic
    a sprig each of fresh basil, rosemary, parsley. (or 1 tsp each dried)
    3 T olive oil
    1 tsp celtic sea salt

  240. Nathan T says

    I’ve been dying to make red cabbage pesto. I own a vita mix but a food processor would be ideal for this recipe!
    Thanks for all your amazing recipes!

  241. Ashley Wakefield says

    Up until recently, I had suffered from very painful stomach problems that started all the way back in my later teens (I am 28 now) and never really knew why. For years doctors had me try numerous things from taking different probiotics to getting my gallbladder removed. With everything I had tried it still didn’t help. I finally went to an amazing MD/nutritionist and she figured out I am intolerant to gluten, dairy, soy and sugar. Since seeing this MD/nutritionist I have been pain free for a year! When I first learned of all the foods I wouldn’t be able to eat anymore I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start as far as knowing what foods were safe for me to substitute. I have come to your site, Elana, for so many recipes and they have inspired me to be more creative myself with my cooking! I myself do not have a food processor so I cut everything and then use a BRAUN handheld blender with the chopper attachment. I have to make my recipes in batches because the BRAUN is small, but I love cooking and baking so much that I don’t mind! However, a Cuisinart Food Processor would be amazing! I have made the creamy “ricotta” dip, mashed cauliflower, shrimp cakes and bunch of the pestos and spreads, just to name a few! And it was very easy to make substitutions in the recipes when they called for agave. I just use maple syrup (I can use maple syrup as a sub for sugar because it’s so pure) or applesauce, which I have also made myself. Everything I have made have been hits, no one can tell there is no gluten, dairy, etc! There are so many more recipes I can’t wait to make! Thank you, Elana, for taking the time to whip up these amazing, delicious recipes for all of us that have intolerances! You are a true inspiration!


  242. Wendy Robertson says

    My current favorite thing to make in a food processor is fresh strawberry sorbet. I only have a mini processor, so I have to make it in batches. There are quite a few recipes that I would love to try if I had a bigger machine!

  243. Kelly says

    If I were making one of your recipes, I would have to try the walnut brownies. I’d also love it to make my veggie burgers.

  244. Sheila S says

    I do not have a food processor. I would continue to make dishes from Elana’s Almond Flour cookbook. My family has loved every recipe that I have made. She has a recipe for a power bar and it is very difficult to chop the dates small enough. If I had a food processor the job would be much quicker.

  245. Liz says

    I would use a food processor for many things but especially for sauces and dressings.

  246. Holly says

    I would LOVE a nice food processor! I’ve gone through a few cheapies and I’m ready for a nicey! My most recent one died almost two years ago and I’ve made do with a blender for too long. I would make soups and dips, slice veggies, grate cheese, the possibilities are endless!

  247. says

    Hello!!! If I were to make anything with a food processor, I’d probably make raw donut holes!!!! They’re simple & positively delicious!!!!!!!! :)

  248. Trisch says

    I am just starting to deal with food allergies in our family – a little overwhelming!! The recipes that I find on your website are wonderful -It would be such a treat to have such an helpful tool in my new adventure!!

  249. Megan says

    I would love to make a double batch of hummus! I make it once a week in my 3 cup processor and would adore making more in a larger processor!

  250. says

    Hi Elana:) I honestly would use it for everything!! If I had to choose just one of your recipes though it would be your chocolate espresso power bars so I can make a lot at one time. I’ve always loved to cook when feeling well, its my all time favorite hobby and passion. Although because I have Chronic Lyme Disease and suffer arthritis from it its too hard for me to chop everything up with a a knife all the time. I bought a 2-cup mini Cuisinart food processor and use it every time I cook, but it doesn’t hold much so it ends up taking me a bit longer for larger recipes. I’ve been wanting to get a big one for awhile now but their a bit pricey. I really want to get back to cooking more often like I used to before I got really sick in the last 4 yrs, but I refuse coming from an italian family to cook out of a box I like our meals from scratch. My biggest goal is to start blogging and creating recipes on my site for people with Lyme who have to stick to a gluten free diet and who suffer from food sensitivities such as myself.

  251. says

    my fav processer recipe is the double chocalate mocha biscotti and the unforgettable homemade almond butter.

    thanks for all your wonderful recipes.

  252. Alex Morales says

    If I owned a food processor, I would make every type of almond butter out there! C:

  253. Colleen Leary says

    I am recently new to gluten free diet and having a food processor would make everything so much easier, as right now I am just mashing things with a wooden spoon or chopping things up as finely as I can, so this will be great so I can continue trying all your amazing recipes:)

  254. says

    What an awesome give-away! My husband & I just changed our diets a few months ago and there are so many recipes we would love to make if we had a food processor. To begin with…. your green (kale) eggs! Also, homemade Larabars & mashed cauliflower!

  255. Diana Prudent says

    If I win the Cuisinart food processor it would be easier for me to make my gluten free cauliflower pizza dough and shred my cheese. My family loves it so much!

  256. Giovanna says

    One of our favorites is the Spinach cake. I stumbled upon that recipe, and have made it several times. Excellent way to enjoy spinach!

  257. Lynn E says

    I would love to have this food processor as mine finally broke for good. I was making pesto. This is by far my favorite thing to make.

  258. Jennifer Thune says

    I would definitely be making the chocolate hazelnut spread with my new food processor!

    Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes!


  259. says

    I absolutely adore the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread!! Although I do have a Vitamix, for some reason I have never got round to getting a food processor and find that my wonderful Vitamix just does not do some things as well as a food processor. I could rule the kitchen when I get one :) After all, what’s Batman without Robin?

  260. Vanesza says

    My favorite thing to make is your double chocolate brownies, which I’m making right now and was just thinking I really need a new food processor! Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  261. Vickie Gilmer says

    Salsa, I love making salsa. I particularly like using this for the onions and hot peppers.

  262. katie rose says

    This would be my very first food processor ever and i think i would treaure it dearly.

  263. Shar says

    I love carrot cake, but need a food processor for the carrots. I’d love to have one.

  264. sas says

    I love using my food processor to make the onion bread from Cafe Gratitude’s raw food cookbook!

  265. Leslie B. says

    I absolutely love Larabars and have been anxious to try making my own version of the Cherry Larabar. I would be beside myself with delight to own this lovely food processor!!!!

  266. Susan Jones says

    My family loves the walnut choc brownie recipe, I’ve been chopping the chocolate in my blender, does alright, but I think if had a food processor I would be able to mix everything in one bowl, my blender is old and I usually double this recipe so that I can make enough to send brownies to my nephew in the army, and my son who is away at college. The almond flour is the best ingredient ever, especially since my son and I are gluten intolerant, THANK YOU ELANA!!!

  267. Anne says

    There are just so many wonderful options! I would make Bindi bars, other types of energy bars, pie dough and hummus!

  268. Audrey says

    I love to make fresh pesto in the summer with ingredients from my organic garden. YUM!

  269. Amanda Mason says

    I’ve never owned a full sized food processor, but use a small chopper/grinder to make small (much too small!) batches of cashew butter, pesto, yogurt smoothies, brownie bites, etc. I’d love to have a larger one though to use the shredding type blade to make zucchini “burgers” and Elana’s carrot kugel and spinach cake. And carrot bread, zucchini bread and apple sauce. My kids love their fruits and veggies, thank goodness!

    What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much for your delicious recipes and informative blog!

  270. Ashley says

    My food processor now is too small and extremely loud! I love to use it to make veggie burgers, chocolate avocado pudding and banana soft serve, just to name a few!

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  271. says

    WOW! What a great giveaway!!! I would be pureeing lots of soups and using it for SO many other things!!! Thanks, Elana!

  272. says

    I am absolutely crazy about Gefilte Fish gluten free! And I love the Almond Flour cook book! Going gluten free has made me much healthier, and my guts much happier. LOL

    Thanxd for all you do for us!

    Rita K

  273. lee says

    Hi Elana! I check your blog regularly for new recipes.
    If I won the food processor, the first thing I would make is a chocolate biscotti that i have been eyeing for months.


  274. Taylor says

    I am a gluten free, vegetarian college student with very few cooking appliances. I once tried to make Elana’s power bars without a food processor and, needless to say, I had to get pretty creative to make it work. I do not currently own a food processor but would love to have one! I would definitely try out the power bar recipe again :)

  275. Julia says

    nut butters, coconut butter, spreads… YUM!
    getting my first apartment next year and would LOVE a food processor!

  276. Preeta Bhuyan says

    Hi Elana.. i was so glad to have been introduced to your gluten free cooking by my gluten-allergic friend.. and even though i am not allergic to gluten i find your recipes so much more healthier and flavourful.. and now i make all of my deserts from your recipes..

    I dont own a Cuisinart yet but i bet any recipe of yours will be so much more easier with one of these in the kitchen!! i particularly love your “double chocolate walnut brownies” because i am a dark chocolate fan.. they are just so yummy!! So thank you for all your wonderful recipes.. keep them coming !!!

  277. Sonia says

    I have always wanted a food processor, but always back off cause of the price. My kitchen has more gadgets than my husband has around his computer :p

    I can think of sooo many things I can make with this.

    Fingers-crossed !!

  278. Teresa Magee says

    My favorite use of the the food processor is to cut up cauliflower with the shredding blade to make faux rice. I do this at least once a week.

  279. Maria says

    I absolutely love your Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti! I never thought that it was possible to make a gluten free biscotti! But thanks to you and my old food processor it is.
    Thank you Elana for making the impossible possible!!

  280. Maureen says

    I was reading a recipe this afternnon and thinking about the processor I had that kept breaking and I finally gave away to someone that I hoped could fix and use it. I really miss it and would dearly love to have one again that really works. I can never thank you enough. Gratefully, Maureen

  281. Tereva Black says

    My favorite recipe to make with my food processor is a habanero carrot salsa. It is a combination of onions, carrots, tomatoes, hot peppers, lime juice and cilantro and I love to eat it with celery.

  282. Marie Ratcliffe says

    Immediately I thought of your Cabbage & Orange salad, using the food processor to chop the cabbage. Oh, and your Cauliflower Rice (my husband’s favorite side dish). Yes, I could use the food processor alongside my Vitamix!

  283. Beth says

    I love to make hummus in my food processor, which at this point is missing far too many little bits of plastic to hold the bowl to the base. Pesto too when the basil is in season. But the hummus, that never is out of season.

  284. says

    Something I made recently (in my very cheap food processor that no longer works) was a yummy provencal butter with thyme, capers, and anchovies! I’d like to attempt a healthier version (maybe with earth balance) but no machine to do that in :) I would LOVE a great food processor!

  285. Susie Iles says

    Well, my mom loves her food processor…I love being at her house and using it to shred up potatoes to make latkes. They are so easy to make with the power of the food processor and I swear I could sit there for hours eating latkes…and I’m not even Jewish! :D

  286. Lora Lee Garcia says

    If I had a new Cuisinart Food Processor I would make beaten biscuits. They are a labor intensive biscuit made by pounding unleavened biscuit dough for up to 30 minutes with a rolling pin or mallet. A food processor does the work for you. My ten-year-old is an excellent cook and she would love to try her hand at beaten biscuits.

  287. Meredith says

    I would definitely make various kinds of pesto! i love the variety that is possible and it goes great with some gf gnocchi.

  288. elizabeth says

    I would love to win this – I have 5 kids(4 teenage boys)… 2 with tree nut allergies, the other 2 with peanut allergies… one with undetermined allergies (dust mites, pine sap….) I need to do a pantry/kitchen/cooking make over to keep all of my kids healthy but with healthy super foods! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this…

  289. says

    What DON’T I make using a food processor? A few favorites: Creamy dairy-free, gluten-free pear/sweet potato soup. Gluten-free/vegan vanilla frosting and chocolate frosting. Gluten-free/dairy-free lemon bars. Gluten-free/dairy-free amaretti (Italian almond cookies).

  290. kathryn olivarez says

    I would love to have a food processor so I can try making pesto. I would like to try making more gluten free recipes, including breads and pie crusts. I have several pie crust recipes that use the food processor. It certainly would help me be more explorative. Then I would have a complete kitchen because I have my Vita-Mix already.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful website and great recipes!

  291. KLong says

    I’ve been wanting to make homemade LARA bars for sometime now! Lack of a food processor is the only thing stopping me.

  292. ANNE IOCCO says

    I’ve recently rediscovered gardening (mostly herbs and vegetables), and an amazing batch of fresh homemade pesto, made with basil I grew myself, is only one seasonal treat I would make if I had a Cuisinart. I’ve been fortunate to borrow one from a neighbor, but I’d love to have one of my own.

  293. Anna Carpenter says

    I make a sugar-free chocolate (with honey and raisins for sweetener) and it is super delicious.

  294. Carey says

    Wow, what an incredible give away, thank you.
    I have an old food processor that gets a lot of use. I think my favorite thing to make though is a cannilini bean dip, it’s a staple in my house.
    Having a dependable food processor like the Cuisinart has been life changing.

  295. Anna Marie says

    I love to make GF crusts for pies AND to slice the fruit for the pie fillings :)

  296. Beth says

    I’d use the new food processor to try out ideas to eat healthier and try new gluten free recipes. I think home cooked is better and want to learn how to make better gluten free breads as well.

  297. Rachael says

    I would love to use this food processor to make your chocolate hazelnut spread…nutella is one of my all-time favorites and it would be wonderful to be able to make a healthier alternative!

  298. Sandy says

    I would love a good food processor, by the way, the irish soca bread recipe is awesome!!

  299. Dafna says

    I don’t have a food processor, but if I did have one, I’d make almond butter / other various nut butters. I’d also like to use it to grate carrots. Yay!

  300. Helen says

    I love making fresh Guacamole in my food processor. I like it chucky and it is always a party pleaser.
    Enjoy life,

  301. Lisa says

    We have been making your Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies! I have two little bakers (3yrs and 5yrs) who get a THRILL turning the food processor on Pulse, then ON and ON and ON and…

  302. carlyn says

    Our family just loves to make berry smoothies for dessert. We add frozen strawberries, blueberries, and red raspberries, frozen vanilla yogurt, and milk. Simple, healthy, delicious

  303. yo says

    Thanks Elana
    Awesome giveaway. I use my food processor for chopping carrots for freezing. I also use my food processor since I don’t have a vita-mixer. I just used it for your fig newton recipe. Here’s crossing my fingers because my food processor is on the fritz. (yep the electric motor smell) thanks

  304. Nancy says

    Salmon cakes OR Carrot Kugel!! I have a mini food processor and it’s horrible. It turns everything on the bottom to mush and the food on top doesn’t chop. It’s very sad. I need this.

  305. Sheila Porrini says

    I honestly don’t know.what I’d make. I’m almost 60 years old and I’m just learning how to cook!

  306. Jo C. says

    I love making fresh basil and pine nut pesto in my mini food processor.

    If I am lucky enough to win the 12 cup processor up for grabs, I would make nut butters and hummus for summer spreads.

  307. Christine says

    My FAVORITE food processor recipe is this delicious raw fruit dip. Combine an avocado, couple softened dates, a kiwi, and a few strawberries. Just blend it all up. Delicious!! You can eat it with a spoon or dip any kind of fruit in it.

  308. Larry Silber says

    Hi Elana,
    I love your blog, thanks for doing it. My favorite use for the food processor is the chopped liver I make every week. Usually I use chicken livers but my favorite is grass-fed beef liver – yum!
    Thanks again,

  309. Jill says

    Dear Elana,

    Just wanted to say, what a joy and fun I’m having trying all your
    recipes! A friend of mine, told me about your web-site. So, if I win..
    I would give it to her. This is one piece of equipment she uses daily.
    On the other hand, if it were for me; I’m celiac and would love to make my smoothies and soups with a vitamix. Recently, made cake lollipops that were a big hit for St.Patricks Day for the children.
    Thanks again,
    for great recipes.

  310. Lynnette says

    My food processor broke. I had used it to make chicken liver pate, salsa, coleslaw, chopped nuts, and so many things. I truly miss it. Right now we are so poor that I cannot afford one.

  311. Jill Clark says

    My favorite recipe using the food processor is Chocolate Brownies Bites! Dates, Almonds, Maca, Cacao….mmmm!!!!!!!!!!

  312. Kai Cheang says

    If I have a cuisinart, I would make salsa and hummus with it. I will also use it to grind my nuts into meal (hazel nuts, walnuts, etc). Oh, and gazpacho too!!

  313. says

    I use my food processor every day, but my weekly stand-by is hummus of all sorts and flavors. If I had a nice new one, I would use it for falafels, herb pestos and homemade veggie burgers!

  314. says

    I would use it to make your pancakes…they are delicious and I make them almost every single morning! =P

  315. marlene l says

    I have been dying to get a food processor to make more raw food recipes. Some much easier than chopping every thing by hand. Would love to try your Carrot Banana Muffins, Spinach Cake and Chocolate Power Espresso Bars! Yummy

  316. Alina Rios says

    Cashew Barfis are fun to eat and say and with the right kind of ingredients, could be quite healthy :) A

  317. Josie says

    I make sf/gf pumpkin cheesecake. So so good, but my little food processor can barely hold and mix all the ingredients. I usually have to make the batch in two tries or I risk spilling a good portion of it on the counter. Thanks for this website, Elana! Such great recipes and inspiration.

  318. Lynne says

    I’ve just starting making the recipes in your cookbook and I’m so excited to try them all. I’ve also gotten a friend of mine to get your cookbook and her and her husband so far love your muffins. I’ve never had a food processor before but would love to have one. Alot of the ingredients are new to me but I’m learning alot. Thank you for putting out a great cookbook and a very knowledgeable website.

  319. Iris Koller says

    My most favorite recipe is a new one – an amazingly yummy low fat no flour chocolate fudge torte with chick peas instead of sticks of butter!

    My second favorite and most frequent use of the food processor is for instant frozen yogurt made with frozen fruit pulsed in the food rpocessor before mixing in sweetner, plain yogurt (dairy or dairy free), and cocoa powder, if you wish.

  320. Abi says

    I would make the Hazelnut Chocolate Butter! My food processor gave up the ghost in a whizzing, smoking grand finale during a nut butter session….

  321. rebecca wasch says

    Organic Mayonnaise is very expensive and I would LOVE to be able to make it on my own. Alas, no food processor. I saw the other day a recipe for mayonnaise with a poached, not raw, egg and I am intrigued! I would love this!!!

  322. Lisa says

    I love veggie dips and I have a tahini dip that I love to make in my food processor – I think it would taste better coming out of this one!

  323. Lynn Gregor says

    Since, i recently found out that I cannot eat anything with any of the flours accept the Almond Flour, thank you to you Elana, I would have any easier time with all of your wonderful recipes from your awesome cookbook. I love white bean dip and it would be so much easier to make.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes.

  324. says


    I am staring at the picture of this Food Processor in shock right now – I can’t believe it, but I have the EXACT same photo pasted on my vision board of goods and items that I want to get in the future!

    I’m a 20-something entrepreneur who has unfortunately never experienced the ease of a food processor. I cook daily for myself, my mother, and my father. It is my passion to be in the kitchen, and finding or creating a great recipe is enough to make my week :).

    After suffering from a decade of digestive disorders, I transitioned to a Paleo lifestyle about 6 months ago, and cooking without a food processor has been frustrating, to say the least. Pureeing a soups in small batches, ricing cauliflower, making my own nut flours, and countless other dishes have relied on a finicky 7-year-old “Magic Bullet” that is so loud it could wake the neighbors :).

    So what would I make with a Food Processor? What wouldn’t I make!

    From making pestos and sauces to spice up a dairy-free chicken or spaghetti squash dish to creating decadent desserts and raw goodies (dates are a pain to grind in the Bullet!), I’m sure that sucker would get daily use :).

    I apologize for this being so long – but while I’m at it, thank you so much for your incredible site! Your decadent recipes make all the restrictions in my diet seem inconsequential!

    Thanks again,


    PS – please don’t sue me because of my blog’s name hahaha

  325. Marilyn says

    I would love to have a cuisinart food processor to make better quality breads and cakes for my granddaughter who has celiac disease. She is 11 and we love to badk together but sometimes ingredients are very difficult to mix by hand.
    A food processor would be a wonderful gift for her.

  326. Amy S says

    I love making dips, especially hummus in my food processor. I would love a Cuisinart!

  327. Julie Lindenfelser says

    If I am blessed to be the one chosen I would use the Cuisinart to grind my own almond flour and make your healthy recipes. Thank you. I enjoy baking from your cookbook.

  328. Anne Lee says

    I love all recipes. I love cooking & baking, especially with almonds – almond milk, almond cookies, almond burgers, almond butter….. Unfortunately almonds, being so hard, tend to occasionally break all my food processors sooner or later, and I would so love to have such a wonderful quality food processor such is on offer.

  329. Amy H says

    Oh my..almond butter brownies would be SOOOO much easier using this!
    And I’ve been craving chicken salad lately…

    Amy H

  330. Molly says

    I would make dairy-free pesto, corn-free salsa, shredded root vegetables for Elana’s latke recipes, and more! The Almond Flour Cookbook was a life-changing find for me last year… I’d newly discovered that grains were what had been making me sick for the past 5 years, and was at a loss for how to feed my creative baking and cooking outlets without many of the traditionally key ingredients. Lo and behold, a fellow Coloradoan started me on my journey to cooking while I heal – thanks, Elana!

  331. Melissa says

    I have a really small food processor that I basically only use for chopping up veggies. If I won this (or when I do eventually buy a bigger one) I’d love to try making homemade pesto sauce or hummus!

  332. Jane Maturin says

    I’ve been lusting over this same food processor for quite some time now. I want to make almond flour, among other things. I’m sure I’ll think of other uses for it as soon as I sign off.

  333. says

    My favorite recipe has to be the Cauliflower Mash…but I don’t HAVE a food processor. I have to use my stick blender, so you can see I really NEED one!

  334. Annie says

    Pesto hands down. There is nothing like a fresh pesto with homegrown basil and the scent could put me in a coma.

  335. Sarah says

    It’s very hard to choose between your savory food processor recipes and the sweet ones! But since my favorite food group is dessert :) I guess I’d have to say it’s a three-way tie between your orange cake, double chocolate walnut brownies, and jelly donut cupcakes!! I also have to say how completely amazing it would be to have a brand-new super food processor just in time for Pesach!!!

  336. Jennie says

    I have a Vitamix and use it more than once a day, but my daughter is allergic to wheat and yeast, so I would use the Cusinart to embark on a whole new adventure of meals:)!!!

  337. danae javier says

    i would love to make salsa!!! it would make it much easier!! love your book use it very often!!!!

  338. says

    I like to make Spinach pie with the cuisinart.
    Crush wilted spinach (1 package) with 3 eggs and mozzarella cheese and some cream cheese, salt and pepper and place the melange between filo dough sheets sprinkled with butter. Bake at 350 for 1/2 hour.

  339. Irene says

    I like making pesto and hummus. Now I’ll check out the bindi bars as my own attempt at homemade Larabars turned out as a crumbly topping, not a portable bar :)

  340. says

    I had a Cuisinart Food Processor for many, many years. I was so sad when it died. We’ve since purchased a VitaMix and we love it, but there are some things that the Cuisinart can do that the VitaMix cannot. Like grating cheese, or zucchini for zucchini bread or slicing veggies, etc. I’ve watched and hunted for a Cuisinart on special somewhere but so far have not felt like I could spring for it.

  341. says

    My poor cuisinart has taken an enormous beating in past 8 years from my cooking from all of the nut butters, pestos, tapinades, pureed vegetables, baby food and doughs I have made. But, my new favorite item to make is fresh butter. Actually, the fresh buttermilk may be why I do it. Either way I could not imagine life without it… and since it seems to be on its last legs, I would love a new one :)

  342. Sandra Seymour says

    My toddler has just been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, which has forced me to start cooking more organically. I am surprised how hard it is to cook with out using a few processed foods. A Cusinart would make cooking any meal so much easier, a specially a meal for a very picky toddler.

  343. Kathleen says

    We make SALSA! :) I’d love a new food processor- ours is on its last leg, you have to know just how to push the button for it to work! We also make pumpkin bars- a favorite recipe. I just bought a bunch of Lara bars and took them with me on a trip- they were a hunger saver when I couldn’t find anything else- so I will be trying a home made version as well. Thanks for the recipes Elana, and these give aways are great – one of these times I’m gonna win one ;)!

  344. Amanda says

    I love your apricot tea squares! I have a small immersion blender that I use to make these, but I have to split up the ingredients into several “rounds” because it’s so small – the Cuisinart would make these even better!

  345. Mia says

    One of my favorite recipes to make in a food processor is spinach and pine nut pesto.

  346. Ronna says

    can’t wait to try more of your recipes —
    grating potatoes in the cuisinart makes delicious potato latkes!!

  347. Jennifer Krouwer says

    Banana soft serve! Frozen bananas made into delicious “ice cream”. amazing :)

  348. Katrina says

    Looking forward to making some homemade salsa with my little ones from our little garden this year! :)

  349. Cammie Grace says

    This is a hard question to answer, as there are so many things I like to use the cuisinart for. However, two things i couldn’t make without it are ~ my marinade for lemon garlic chicken (an emulsion of whole garlic cloves, olive oil, sea salt and fresh lemon juice). The other item is toasted pecan flour for making pecan bread (much like almond flour – but pecan).

  350. Ro says

    Cauliflower “rice.”

    Cauliflower gets stuck on the bottom of the blender. My 1-cup food processor is way too small.

    In addition to cauliflower rice, I want to make a variety of bean-free hummuses (broccoli, almond, etc.)

  351. Lynette says

    I would love to have a food processor to help me make mashed cauliflower with out the workout!

    Thanks for your good work!


  352. Betty says

    I would love this food processor to make your breakfast items, especially the carrot banana muffins!

  353. Debbie Karp says

    Hi Elana, I have been receiving your blog posts for some time now and really enjoy them. I would love to be considered for the Cuisinart Food Processor give away as I do not own one and have always dreamed of having a food processor. I don’t have one particular recipe in mind that I would love to make because there are so many! My 13 year old son has a severe peanut allergy and has had it since he was 18 months old. For this reason I have made the majority of his snacks from scratch due to the risk of cross contamination. In addition to his allergy he suffers with horrible acne so we now have him on a strict Ayurveda diet in hopes that this will work for him. The Cuisinart Food Processor would be an awesome tool to have in my kitchen to help with all of the food preparation. Thank you so much for your consideration. I will continue to look forward to all your wonderful
    posts and delicious recipes.
    Debbie Karp

  354. Mellie says

    I’d use a cuisinart to help improve the healthfulness of my cooking! Better prep tools equals less time to make a healthy meal.

  355. lorrie smith says

    I do not have a processor but have wanted on for sometime. I would use it to add/hide vegetable in my picky little boys favorite treats. For me I would make lots and lots of soup.

  356. DMcDade says

    Gee! I would love to win this! I have been wanting a food processor, but my budget hasn’t allowed it. I would definitely make my own flours if I had a food processor. Almond flour being the first.

  357. says

    I love to make black bean hummus with tomatoes. I love the way it tastes with eggs, chips, veggies, its just a nice high fiber alternative to regular hummus. Simple a couple of cans of black beans and the blender, because I do not have a food processor ;-) Add my fav seasonings and I’m good to go.

  358. Amy Latimer says

    Energy Orbs!
    Love these little balls of energy, unfortunately my food processor is so small I end up having to process in shifts… but it is worth it…. however, a 12 cup processor would be lovely :)

    3/4 cup of nut butter (almond or cashew)
    1/4 cup tahini
    1/2 cup dates (I usually add a few more… I like them sweet)
    1 cup sunflower seeds
    1/4 cup cocoa or carob powder
    1/2-3/4 shredded coconut
    Food process all ingredients, roll into balls, and then roll in shredded coconut to coat…

  359. Janine Richmond says

    We love to make pureed “Tiger Squash” (Butternut squash) and “Polar Bear Mash” (Cauliflower) for our 5 year old. If it takes a food processor for him to be comfortable eating his veggies right now so be it! Actually, my processor has permanent resident status on my counter we use it so much. Homemade Larabars are next! ;-)

  360. Sherry Litz says

    Hello Elana,

    I would love to win this. I have a pesto and a black bean brownie recipe that calls to use a processor. In this last year I have changed my eating habits and went from a very sick person to a very health person. I’m also working on a website and hope to be up and running in the next few months. I open my house the last Friday of the month to anyone that wants to learn about health and wellness. So far it is going well. This next month I’m showing them the health pizza with your recipe for the pizza crust. I love using the almond flour. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes.


  361. Sheila says

    Looking forward trying all those great gluten free recipes that my blender just can’t handle! Thank you for the opportunity to win the Cuisinart Food Processor!

  362. says

    I would put it under my arm when I’m headed to my son Noah’s classroom. I have supplied the kindergarten classes with fermented vegetables for their snack times. Now that my son and his friends are in the first grade and there is no snack time provided by school they miss it! I am going to teach them to make it in class the first week of May.

    This would save some serious chopping!

    What a great opportunity. Thank you for sharing.


  363. sandra says

    I just started trying to eat gluten free and a food processor would be quite helpful! Hummus, pie dough, pesto, salsa…

  364. Jackie says

    I love the Cranberry Almond loaf. It is so easy to make different things with a food processor. It saves a whole lot of time for a busy mother.

  365. says

    I love to make spinach pesto and I also love to make gluten-free chicken fingers. This would be super helpful in prepping all the almonds for the chicken fingers!!! Thanks!

  366. Stephanie KL says

    This is such an awesome giveaway. I don’t know how anyone survives without a food processor: pureed soups, chopped fruits/veggies, dough for varied uses and nut butters. This powerful tool would be welcomed in my kitchen.

  367. Kelly Zuehl says

    I’m not sure where the recipe comes from but someone at my crossfit gym found it and we LOVE it! We call them Fudge Babies. Off the top of my head I think it is just dates, vanilla extract, chopped pecans and cocoa powder. They are the perfect little fix for your sweet tooth!

  368. Carolyn D. says

    I would love to win this! Thanks Elana for such fun giveaways. In my food processor I love to make homemade pesto, homemade hummus, falafel, cauliflower rice . . . and of course homemade nutella at Christmas time. So many possibilities.

  369. Bobbie says

    I love to roast diced butternut squash with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. With a food processor, I can puree the squash, add a touch of maple syrup and have a creamy whipped veggie with dinner! What fun it would be … sneaking a healthy veggie into the dinner menu and fooling everyone!!!

  370. says

    I have read your blog for over a year and have bought a vitamix and that appliance alone has already changed my life. I am gluten and dairy free and the ability to make soups and smoothies have kept my weight stable and my energy higher than I ever expected. Receiving a food processor would broaden my ability to continue changing my daily life in a positive way. ( I already have a folder of food processing recipes on my laptop for the day when I do get one)

  371. Laura says

    I don’t have a big food processor, but if I did I would make the maashed cauliflour. I’ve tried and tried to make it by hand and it just doesn’t turn out. I’ve also tried to make it using my mini-one cup food processor that I picked up second-hand, without success. This Cuisinart food processor would make a great birthday present for me!! :-)

  372. Kim S says

    I simply cannot live without the chocolate chip recipe. Elana’s recipe actually makes it healthy. I mix the entire batch in my food processor. Only one thing to clean up.

  373. Jennipher Van Bogart says

    i would love love love this just in time for summer! fresh salsa, pestos, pies, you name it. it would go hand in hand for all the fresh farmers market additions in new york city!

  374. Nicole says

    Personally, with a food processor i can see my self making pesto by the buckets this summer! now that would be exciting!

  375. Christa says

    I am waiting (a bit impatiently) for your cupcake cookbook. I am addicted to so many of your recipes and cannot wait to dig into cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!

  376. says

    Elana you are so generous! That would be so fabulous to win this!

    I would love to make your spiniach cake, jelly donut cupcakes, and make your choclate brownies, but use carob powder instead.
    I would also make hummus in it frequently! Also, chopping nuts and seeds would be a breeze!

    Blessings to U!

  377. Kerri says

    I use my itty bitty food processor to make a all sorts of muffins and breads. Cranberry walnut is my current favorite, but I’ve got my eye on a banana chocolate chip muffin recipe.

  378. Jeff says

    My favorite thing to make with mine is raw coconut bon bons with dates, a little agave, coconut, and toasted pecans =)

  379. gemma schmit says

    i want to win this cusinart! my recent favorite recipe to make in my old food processor is: winter fruit compote with cashew nut cream. the cashew nut cream is amazing and can be used as a slight sweet, nutty, creamy topping for a number of things!

  380. Jessica says

    I would love to win the food processor so that I could make your chocolate hazelnut spread. It looks so yummy!

  381. Jhoana says

    I don’t have a food processor at the moment, I borrow one if the recipe calls for food processor. I do love to make your Double chocolate walnut brownies and mashed cauliflower :)

  382. Karen says

    My MIL gave me a Cuisinart food processor 25 years ago. It came with the cookbook “Abby Mandel’s Cuisinart Classroom. I cooked my way through that book and made many fabulous dishes. One of my favorites was “Glazed Chocolate Torte, which can be adapted to be gluten free by eliminating 1/2 ounce of bread crumbs! (Still pretty high in sugar, though.) These days I am cooking very simply and use the food processor to slice, shred, and chop vegetables and cheese, chop herbs and nuts, (Vita-Mix for almond flour) and make salad dressings, sauces, salsas, pesto, and hummus. Love Tyler Florence’s recipe for mojo sauce on Food Network.

  383. Kristin says

    My favorite thing to make right now in the food processor is Coconut Banana Ice Cream made with homemade coconut milk, frozen bananas, and walnuts! It is gluten and dairy free and GAPS friendly!!!

  384. says

    My favorite recipes usually have to do with making a dressing/drizzle. I make pesto in a food processor, and I also make a lot of salad dressings with fresh herbs and olive oil. Hummus is great in the processor too!

  385. Christie says

    I would make “cauliflower rice” which I’ve had at someone’s house, and it really is a good substitute for rice!

  386. Rachel Hall says

    My favorite recipe that I make with a food processor is pumpkin soup. I roast the pumpkin in the oven and when it is done I scoop it, sauteed onions, chicken stock and spices into the food processor and blend. Yummy!

  387. says

    My favorite food processor recipe is for hummus. yum. But I would love a new one like this and I would use it for all kinds of things. I would love to start trying your recipes.

  388. Lili says

    I would use my new food processor for cupcakes, muffins, breads…all the bakeed goodies that Cuisinart would do a fantastic job! I bake for my 5 nieces (all the time!) that have lots of friends….They all love trying gluten free desserts! That’s my rule, if you want a dessert it will be GF!
    Thanks for fantastic selection of sweets that you offer! I have lots more to make, more teenage girls to feed!

  389. Darlene says

    They are nice for grating carrots and sweet potatoes too! My chiropractor gave me a Paleo friendly recipe for Sweet Potato Hash which uses grated sweet potato. MMM. Very good! I’m allergic to eggs and almonds, although I looove almond butter and still eat it!

  390. says

    I have never owed a vita mixer or Cuisinart. I ma sure that these items would be great to own! I do have a magic bullet and use it ALL the time! i so enjoy your site. I have made many a recipe form it to bless our family table.

  391. says

    If I had one, I would definitely make your chocolate hazelnut spread! I have multiple food allergies and can never find one that fits my needs. I would also love to make homemade nut butters and would also use it for lots of veggie chopping and grain “grinding”!

  392. Kris says

    I don’t have a food processor, but would like it for quick grating of things like cabbbage for coleslaw, or making nut butters.

  393. Mary Chesson says

    I only have a mini food processor, actually by Cuisinart, and love to make a recipe by Sarah off of Heart of Cooking (who links to your website). I make her savory turkey burgers which are are allergy free for my husband and are soo tasty! I would love to try your mashed cauliflower and stuffed mushrooms recipes with a regular-sized food processor!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  394. says

    Elana, Elana, Elana, I would so make my crust-less gluten free, milk free corn free pumpkin pie. It’s just so darn easy or grate a bunch of carrots for my delicious carrot cake.

    • Mary Chesson says

      Those three items you listed are exactly what my husband is allergic to! Would you, by chance, like to share your pumpkin pie recipe to someone who is learning how to cook for someone with these allergies??

  395. Sue Ellen B says

    I got a dehydrator for Christmas and have pureed some fruit for fruit leather. It turned out great, but my food processor is a mini and I would love a full-sized one!

  396. Doreen Goodhue says

    Hi Elana,

    I just love making your quick and easy power bars or raw brownies. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes.

    God bless you.


  397. TJ Volonis says

    I have a recipe that I love which requires the use of a fodo processor. It is lamb coconut cashew meatballs in a tomato tamarind gravy that I usually serive over cous cous. I have little attachments that do a very poor job of it and this would be a huge help!

  398. Heather says

    I’d love a Cuisinart to make my carrot slaw. My little mini chopper makes the most goshawful noises when I use it to shred carrots.

  399. Cornelia Oosthuizen says

    Having lived in France for the past year, I have fallen in LOVE with everything “fresh, easy, delectable” food all over again! They do it here so simply, and no wonder – they use their food processors ALL the time! Just by combining, fresh seasonal ingredients and making it into just marvellous-ness! Take for instance your Cauliflower Mash, Elana – I used steamed (cold) left over Cauli/Broccoli and added maybe 1 1/2 Tbsp real butter, some sea salt and black pepper, little dijon mustard, and a bit of fresh parmesan grating, and some low fat milk! The processor gave it this really delicate fluffy-ness – bake it with lid on for a good 15min and VOILA! You have a delicious, almost Souffle like dish! Light and airy, and so healthy! Tried it with an electrical mixer and yugh, what an aweful difference! ;) Process on food lovers – they make your cooking time so much more productive!!!

  400. says

    One of my favorite recipes was a DELISH fish cake recipe I made while doing Natural Chef Training at Bauman in Boulder :-)

    SO GOOD! It had an ancho chili aioli topping…

    I have a vitamix, but not a food processor yet – could definitely use one!

  401. says

    Hummus. I, too, am very attached to my (very old) Cuisinart. They are well made! and I have mine out and it gets used daily. Right now, I am very into making hummus in my Cuisinart.

  402. says

    I am new to your site and love it! In the past three months I have made multiple batches of carrot banana muffins (amazing) and mashed cauliflower!! Even my husband has started making the cranberry orange scones! Thanks so much Elana!!

  403. Stacy says

    Kale, Turkey Bacon and Pesto Pizza.

    Cook GF turkey bacon crispy and chop.

    Make pesto in food processor/blender (basil, olive oil, pine nuts (I used cashews b/c I was out of pine nuts)).

    Smear pesto on Ezekiel Brown Rice Tortilla. Sprinkle bacon on top.

    Top with layer of chopped curly kale and bake 375 until tortilla crisp and kale is crisp.

    *I don’t do dairy so I add a little salt to the pest instead of cheese. Turkey bacon adds plenty of salt though. Pizza is mess so I cut in half and then fold into quarters to eat… yummy!

  404. Debi says

    Since I am allergic to the proteins (cassien) in dairy products I have to make my own “cheese”. I use a nut base (usually cashews), with different veggies for coloring and flavor as well as olives, garlic, pimentoes etc. for a variety and agar agar for a setting agent to make it sliceable. And, because of all of my allergies I have to make everything from scratch – using many creative substitutions. Blenders and food processors are very helpful in the kitchen, a nice new appliance would be very helpful. Thank you.

  405. Ryan says

    I absolutely love your mashed cauliflower recipe. It’s a sneaky way to get extra vegetables in and fill the void left by starchy white potatoes.

  406. Shanygne Gullickson says

    This would be amazing!!! Have wanted a vitamix like forever, but a food processor would be pretty sweet, too!!

  407. Sandhya Mangala says

    I would absolutely love to have my hands on this food processor.. always wanted to make the cauliflower rice with it.. I tried old fashioned chopping the cauliflower but the texture is no good..

  408. says

    The double chocolate walnut brownies look amazing!!!! I just would have to be prepared to spend the next whole day in the gym because I would eat the entire tray………totally worth it :)

  409. Amy Prentiss says

    If I won this Cuisinart, the first thing I would make is your recipe for raw applesauce. It sounds delicious! I would get fresh yummy apples from Apple Hill, which is close by in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I can’t wait to try it!!

  410. cindy says

    My favorite food processor dish is hummus.

    I would definitely try those espresso power bars if i won this high powered food processor. Thanks Elana!

  411. Mary says

    I love homemade salsas! I’d like to start making homemade salad dressings instead of the store bought. With all the fresh herbs this summer it’d be fun trying new ones

  412. says

    Just tried the apple sauce recipe, the no cook. Just love it. I had some apples that had been around for a while and used them. It turned out great and what a nice snack for me. Thanks so much for giving me another way, other than cooked, to use apples.

  413. Amanda says

    I love my food processor, but unfortunately it is quite old and the plastic is starting to crack at the base. I love to make homemade salsa in it. It’s so easy and so fresh: roma tomatoes, a whole bunch of cilantro, lime juice, garlic, red onion, and peppers to your spice tolerance. Plus if you use all fresh ingrediants it is raw. Amazing how healthy food can taste so good!

  414. Grace Lee says

    I really enjoy and appreciate your website. My food processor just died, so i would love to win the giveaway. I use mine to mince garlic, make sauces, even cut in butter into almond flour.

  415. Cindy Cundiff says

    My favorite thing to make on my food processor is Cauliflower Rice or Nut Meat for Tacos or Nutloaf.

  416. Sarah says

    Oh, the mashed cauliflower looks so delicious! I would make that and the orange chocolate truffles.

  417. Ben Karlin says

    I make very few things now with a food processor: the one we have is a hand-me-down when someone moved and has a zillion little pieces that all have to be in place before any whirring takes place. I use it for hummus and a roasted sweet potato and apple soup.
    First thing I would make in a Cuisinart is gefilte fish. Oh boy!

    We are not gf eaters but a dear friend is and she has been stuck in eating the same few easy meals again and again. Whenever we all go to a party she has to bring her own rice. Some party.
    Food is part of the culture I was raised in (see gefilte fish reference above) and to have to bring your own food must make a person feel so cut-off and outcast. They come every Wednesday and I prepare dinner. My rule is nothing special. What I cook is something all of us will eat. That it is lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and low-fat is a plus for the rest of us but no one suffers and eats something hateful to them. Everything has to be delicious and have appealing texture, appearance and aroma.
    It’s been a win for all of us. We’ve had large groups stop in for lunch on weekends and everyone enjoys the companionship and food. Wonderful lentil stews, spring rolls, dolmas, all kinds of things are glutenfree!

  418. Dianne Mckoy says

    I love making my salsa in the food processor. With fresh tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, garlic and onions. Add the chips and let’s have a party!

  419. Kellie says

    I am new to as well as almond flour (just discovered these this week), but I am already a hard core convert. I do not own a food processor of any kind, but would love to have one to make Elana’s pumpkin bars and many, many other recipes that are new to me and my family. My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, so we are feeling our way through the world of gluten-free foods and flours. Almond flour is HANDS DOWN the best option I’ve found so far. In fact, we quickly discovered that we prefer it to wheat flour. I’ve already ordered Elana’s almond flour cookbook and a large quantity of almond flour via the internet. Can’t wait to make lots more things. Thank you SO MUCH for your work and this website. I’m telling all my friends about it, regardless of whether they are gluten-free.


  420. Holly Metcalf says

    I love making my own version of Lara Bars –ground almonds, ground dates, ground dried cherries. So good! I love shredding carrots, chopping onions, making pie dough, making hummus and falafels, and so much more. My old cuisinart has been a work horse but it is too small and one of the original. Time for a new one. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  421. Kathy Brunet says

    I have a Vita Mix, but there are so many times I wish I had a food processor because there truly are things the Vita Mix can’t do as well. My girlfriend uses hers all the time.

    I would probably make salsa in it all the time from my fresh garden tomatoes!

  422. Jen Bourne says

    So pretty! I would make pie dough, baby food or shred zucchini for zucchini bread.

  423. MontanaMom says

    I use my old outdated food processor to grate cheese, make hummus and gazpacho, among other things. I’d love a new one that worked well!!

  424. Susan says

    My cuisinart is over 30 years old now! I use it to chop nuts for my favorite rawnola recipe; make raw cheezecake (so yummy!); great for slicing veggies & even making the cat’s raw food. Hmmm – sensing a raw theme here but I do actually cook too!

  425. Carol Ann says

    I would LOVE a new food processor! The most recent thing I made in mine was the granola from Elana’s website. It was delicious, but I had to pulse it in about 4 different batches because my fp is TINY!!!!!
    Fingers crossed for a new, large capacity cuisinart! :D

  426. Barb says

    I, too, have been using a Cuisinart for 30 years. Right now, I love using it to make authentic Vietnamese Egg Rolls. It makes preparing the filling so much easier and the consistency is great. Great give-away!

  427. Diana Law says

    wow! I would love this, I got a bargain food processor a couple of years back and it’s tiny. This would be handy for so many things I have to do in batches, now. Blended greens dishes like Palak Paneer, creamed kale, my raw dehydrated crackers, gaucamole, … I think I’m getting hungry :)

  428. Karen Ford says

    I would try all the food processor recipes on your site should I win, maybe my son would like one or two.

  429. Rainbow says

    Dear Elana,

    Thank you for this giveaway. I am a Graduate Student and those food processors are too expensive for me right now. I have been trying to replicate most of your recipes “by hand”, or with a plain mixer and things don’t always work out so well. So if I win this contest, the thing I will do with the food processor will be: REPLICATE ALL YOUR RECIPES! I cannot wait to do so, as the ones I have already tried (which don’t necessitate a food processor) are delicious!

    Thanks for your great website!

  430. Meagan says

    I would love to have a food processor to make your chocolate hazelnut spread. A healthy version of nutella? Count me in!

  431. Karen says

    Wow this is a lot of Comments. I love your blog and I send people over here all the time. Your recipes are WONDERFUL.

  432. Elana says

    Pesto with herbs from my garden is hands down the best thing to make with a food processor. That said, your fig newtons could give pesto a run for its money…

  433. Sirica Reeve says

    One of my favorite things to make in a food processor is my lemon spinach pesto, so delish!!!

  434. says

    I have a new favorite recipe for the cuisinart. It is the chocolate date power bars that you posted the other day. So easy! I added a little vegan protein powder and they were so yummy.

  435. Sherri Stone says

    I chop up chocolate for your recipes for chocolate scones in my food processor. Love every recipe I’ve made so far!

  436. says

    this giveaway thrills me to no end. with comments already in the thousands i’m still going to give this a shot. if i had this cuisinart I would make your power bars, you just can’t do that in an ordinary blender and i think they are the tastiest pre-workout snack.

  437. Renee says

    Elana, this is a fun giveaway! I imagine making some of your incredible recipes with this baby could be keeping me in the kitchen all day long! :)

  438. says

    If I had a Cuisinart, I would make dressings, smoothies and this delicious zucchini hummus that I recently tried. It’s Paleo friendly and tastes as good, if not better than hummus!

  439. Jessica_Taryn says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this incredible food processor. One of my favorites would be your flourless chocolate cupcakes because everything goes in the processor-so not only is it suuper easy but it’s a quick clean-up! Thanks for making life easier for the gluten-free, refined sugar-free :)

  440. CodieD says

    Elana, I am so glad I found your website! I am in the process of doing an elimination diet for allergies and as of today I can make most of your recipes with eggs and almond or coconut flour! I can’t wait to start making them! You even have a coconut frosting recipe I can eat, yeah!

  441. Amanda S says

    anything with veggies, especially things like salad/slaw, i love how they cut everything up so quickly and uniformly. there are several recipes from this site i’d LOVE to try, the cocoa power bars, the choco hazelnut spread, stuffed mushrooms, and mashed cauliflower! yum!

  442. says

    My favorite thing to make in a food processor is frosting! When the base is a liquid, it’s easier to use a high speed blade to whip in the dry ingredients than my stand mixer.

  443. RobynA says

    I have never had a processor so the options are seemingly endless. My ability to hide veggies in my son’s food would be greatly improved!

  444. Stephanie Worth says

    Hi Elana! I love using my food processor for cauliflower rice. My processor is broken so I would love to win this one!

  445. Donna says

    Pie crust, love the food processor for pie crust. I process my turkey breast also. The best for chopping nuts.

  446. Cheryl says

    I make and eat Larabar type bars at least twice a week and a food processor is key. They’re great to throw in my bags and have as a snack so I eat less bad food and others love trying them when they see me snacking.

    Second favorite use for a food processor is for all of the end of the summer garden food preserving but creamed spinach is just behind that.

    It would be nice to finally replace the hand me down food processor from my mother that leaks when there is any type of liquid involved!

    Love your website, Elana! Thanks for posting.

  447. Louise says

    Jelly Donut Cupcakes!

    I love your site Elana! Every single thing that I make has turned out well and my entire family gobbles it up. Yours is my number one cookbook recommendation to patients. Thanks.

  448. peg strickler says

    I love making the turkey burgers from your cookbook with the cuisinart. Yummy!

  449. EugeniaBoyd says

    Brownies, Brownies, Brownies my husband is addicted!! We are newbies to the gluten free world and so I am learning!!

    Thanks so much for your website and ALL that you do!!!

  450. Beth says

    If I had this wonderful Cuisinart food processor it would be out all the time. Hummus, dips, and nut pate galore :)
    rollerbeth at gmail dot com

  451. says

    First of all let me say, I have never had a food processor. I only have a little whack and chop. I would start w/ chicken salad and then salsa. Then I would make all those things that I never do, because the take too much time. :)

    Thank you
    Wendy Hawkinson

  452. Amanda says

    Hi Elana! I use my food processor like crazy! I use it to cram extra veggies into meals ( I find my family eats them better when they are used to “stuff” things like squash or chicken. And, I love making a good tapenade for dipping those delicious sesame crackers. Thanks for all your great posts!

  453. Sherron says

    What a delightful prize this would be to win! I would love a food processor. It would save me so much time in the kitchen!

  454. Katie Parsons says

    I love butternut squash soup and puree a small portion to add “thickness” to the soup. Delicious!

  455. Donna says

    One of my favorite things to make is a broccoli salad that I make using a food processor. I’m still using an old kitchen aid that I had in the 80’s. I also love to make hummus. Would be absolutely thrilled to win a new food processor.

  456. Rochelle Ford says

    I would make raw applesauce. Also your Ricotta dip. Also your homemade Nutella. I love your food! It has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all you do. I can’t wait for the Cupcake Book!

  457. Teresa Wasson says

    I would first try to make chopped and mashed veggies with this new machine. I been told I have Meniares and trying to stay away from grains and also gluten. I know my rashes are gone thank goodness. I planted a garden, it is small and some in pots with herbs, also. I would love to try out some new receipes from my garden with this new processor, It would be a first for me, since I do not own or ever tried one. It would be a blessing for me. Thank you.

  458. Jean Morando says

    I started out printing everyone of your recipes, They are great and thank you! Then I decided it might just be easier to buy your book. I still check out your recipes every time they come in because I don’t want to miss any. I thank you, this is all new for me and I am cooking for my whole family.

  459. Jennifer says

    I love Cauliflower Rice. I make it all the time in my food processor. Its been around for quite a few years, so a new one would be great!

    Love the site!

  460. Elizabeth says

    I would use the new Cuisinart for making the homemade chocolate-cranberry bars.

    Thank you for holding this contest and creating your blog!


  461. EugeniaBrwon says

    Brownies, Brownies, Brownies my husband is addicted!! We are newbies to the gluten free world and so I am learning!! Thanks so much for your website and ALL that you do!!!

  462. Jackie says

    I would make cashew cream in a lovely new Cuisinart! We’ve used it as a substitute for sour cream, ricotta and as a base for salad dressings. YUM!

  463. Sally says

    I love the Carrot Banana muffins! My roommate made them for me a month ago and now we are making them every week, they are such a good and hearty breakfast option! Thanks for the many Gluten Free options on your website!

  464. says

    I would be using my new Cuisinart to make Banana Cream – yum! And it’s sooo good for you; only one ingredient – banana! My favorite though is after I add some honey and vanilla to add just a bit extra :)

  465. Kendra says

    I would make so much pesto i wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I LOVE PESTO!

  466. nina says

    My food processor died! So I’d love to win this. And the first thing I would make would be your Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti. Thanks!!!!

  467. Madeline says

    I would love to win this Cuisinart. I used to have one, but gave it away at one point to a friend. And I just ran across a recipe that souded so good and refreshing and needed a processor. I own a VitaMix and use it for so many things but I can see, I need a processor in my kitchen again. The recipe I would make if I win this Cuisinart is a Zucchini salad. The zucchini is sliced vertically and it is tossed with olive oil, lemon, parmesan and pistachio nuts. Doesn’t that sound refreshing and summery? It’s from Gywneth Paltrow’s new cookbook!

  468. amy kelly says

    I would definitely be using my new cuisinart food processor to make Pesto, fresh from the garden!

  469. Caroline says

    I’ve had my food processor since high school and I think I’m due for an upgrade. :) The things I used it for back then are still the things I mostly use it for now: hummus, pesto, and shortcrust pastry dough. I also find it handy for grating large quantities of something when it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect (like carrots for a carrot cake).

  470. debi riley says

    HI, thanks for the opportunity! I love your site and recipes, love making your power bars for my working sons, quick energy!! I would make hummus, my favorite. I am now looking forward to making the fig cookies! they look so delish. I have a food processor, which smells like its burning when used, uck. love your site!!

  471. Carolyn says

    My favorite use of my food processor is chop veggies for my hot and spicy vegetable soup. I don’t use a recipe per say but I add paprika and red pepper to a chicken based stock for a hot and spicy soup that will get your blood pumping.

  472. Barbara says

    Oh, there are so many things to make with it: I’ve made honey cake, cupcakes, pudding, but I think my favorite has been ice cream.

  473. Sue K says

    I would love to try your Cauliflower, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipes and the many others I’ve been finding on your blog. I love pest and use a tiny 2 cup processor I’ve had for over 20 years and the blade is cracking off. Time to do something about that.

    Thanks, Elana!

  474. Abby says

    My husband and I love your mashed cauliflower! Its been on our menu this spring and my husband has to have it at least once a week! Thanks so much for all the awesome recipes – it makes our lives so much easier and it allows us to have some variety instead of chicken and salad!

  475. Marci McGarvey says

    Oh my, what a treat it would be to have a real food processor!!!!
    I have a huge garden every year, and can or freeze or bake everything I grow. so it would be a very good addition

  476. Amanda Werts says

    My favorite use of my food processor is to chop up veggies to put in pretty much everything! My daughter just said this morning, “we don’t eat vegetables everyday do we?” And I answered yes we do, you just don’t know it. Her response – “I should have known!”

    If I won this one I would give it to a friend of mine that is just starting to make her food from scratch to help aid her children with some health issues. I’m doing my best to support her efforts, but having a food processor would make her life so much easier!

    Thanks for your great site!

  477. Holly Ellerton says

    Ah… I would love a new food processor. I was just trying to make your Almond power bars, and not only is mine, small holding < 3 cups, but the machine struggled to pulse the almonds!
    Thanks for the contest once again… waiting with high hopes!

  478. Linda Love says

    I love making roasted red pepper hummus and think a food processor would make that process much easier. Love your recipes.

  479. Denise says

    My favorite recipes that i use a food processor for are mashed cauliflower or broccoli puree. I also use my old one all the time for grating zucchini.

  480. Amy says

    The gluten-free banana muffins are bomb! Love the list of gluten-free using the processor, keeping that handy!

  481. says

    I like to make hummus or ravioli fillings with a food processor. My favorite filling that I make is a white bean and beet green mixture, which I started doing because we were getting so many beets in our CSA. Out of food mixing equipment, I think an immersion blender is best for blending soups. Just another suggestion for your electricity powered arsenal. :)

  482. Ruth Ann Miller says

    I use my food processer for so many gluten free dishes, but also for mashed foods for my 93 year old mom, especially your Mashed Cauliflower.

  483. Dionne says

    I only have a mini processor that is 17 years old and it definitely gets a workout in my kitchen! I use it for everything from hummus to chopped nuts to pie crust. Having a larger option would make things so much easier in the kitchen.

  484. Pat says

    lots of things to try if I had a processor….from grating cheese, to mixing muffin recipes to grinding almonds into flour!

  485. says

    If I had this amazing food processor, I would make way more homemade “Larabars” and coconut butter!

    I recently made some deliciously garlicky kale pesto in my tiny 4 cup food processor…his little motor get so sad!

  486. Megan L says

    Thank you for your blog! I love visiting and getting inspired. I’m excited at a chance for a new food processor, as mine is inherited and well-used. My favorite things to make are pestos. I aim to start getting creative with fish burgers …
    thank you!

  487. says

    I LOVE to make fried rice and chop everything in the food processor. I use brown rice, chicken, GF soy sauce, and basically every vegetable I have. It’s a great way to clean out the fridge without throwing everything away. Tonight I’ll be using carrots, celery, yellow bell peppers, summer squash, and onions. Throw it all into a skillet and cook- super easy dinner, minimal cleanup, and lots of veggies. Yum!

  488. Amy L says

    I have just recently been introduced to your recipes, but I love all the ones I have prepared! My favorite ones made with a food processor is by far the cauliflower rice and mashed cauliflower and in a few weeks I will be making the gefilte fish for a family dinner. I also love to make different flavored hummuses as well as guacamole, and would like to try my own homemade Almond butter one day. As for desserts, I like to try different shakes for the kids.
    I recently have been diagnosed with cadidiasis (overgrowth of yeast in the digestive area) along with endometriosis I have lived with and your site has so many healthy and surprisingly easy recipes to follow for my diet and also helps for yummy meals my family can enjoy with me. Thank you!

  489. Erin says

    I use my food processor for everything – grinding nuts for granola, hummus, slicing veggies for salads. Sadly I’ll have to leave my euro one behind when I move back to the states, so this would be perfect!

  490. says

    Right now, my favourite thing to make is “Caesar” salad dressing with sheep’s milk Romano cheese! Sooo tasty. :)

  491. Tracy says

    Wow, everything! I use it so often it is cracking a breaking. Borscht is so easy and quick with it! Thank you!!!!

  492. Mary Kate says

    I have a very small food processor right now so I usually only use it for pestos and sauces. I would love to have a larger one so that I could do more with it!

  493. says

    I would love to find my favorite food processor recipe, but alas, I have never had one! How have I survived? I would LOVE to win! Pick me!!!

  494. says

    Thanks for such a fabulous give away! Thanks, too, for all your fabulous recipes. (I am having trouble posting this comment. Hope it doesn’t appear twice. If so, I apologize.)

  495. Kristin says

    I love to make hummus with a food processor! I have a tiny one and would love to have one so I could use it for baking and making food for dinner parties!

  496. Liz Dyer says

    I like making sorbet in my food processor, I blend agave and avocado and add frozen fruit. I can’t make very big batches in my 7 quart one though.

  497. Kari says

    Hard to say since now, without owning a FP, I avoid recipes that suggest it’s use. A whole new world would be opened up! I really want a food processor, and now you’ve made me want a vita-mix, too.

  498. says

    Although I don’t have celiac disease, I recently discovered I have a gluten intolerance and have been on a hummus kick. My little $15 blender doesn’t quite cut it, so with a brand new cuisinart food processor I would make this sweet potato hummus recipe i’ve been dieing to try. Next up would be Betsy’s Multi “Grain” Crackers to dip :)

  499. Amy Wyman says

    My favorite recipe using a Cuisinart is definitely your Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies! So easy and so super delicious. My Cuisinart is about as old as yours- it was one of the first things my husband and I bought when we moved in together, and we’ve been married 12 years this year! A shiny new one would be fabulous!

  500. Emily says

    If I had a cuisinart I would make Almond butter vegan cheescake, hazelnut and walnut pesto, homemade goat cream butter, yummy carrot ginger soup and cold avocado dill soup and soooooo many other tasty and delicious things!!!

  501. Nyla Shireman says

    It would be great having a food processor for making cashew cheese It is a great “cheesy” sauce that has no cholesterol or saturated fat.

  502. says

    i would try your Chocolate Espresso Power Bars and share them with all my friends that are feeling low and we would commiserate and feel better because we are eating chocolate AND it’s ok for us to eat!!!

  503. Melissa R. says

    I love fresh pesto but you really need to make in a food processor! That would be the first thing I make if I won this! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  504. Lisa Barker says

    I love your blog! I would love a cuisinart as I only have a blender and I use it as a food processor (which sometimes does not work very well!)

    I make all your recipes, but I don’t use agave. I substitute stevia and sometimes a blend for the agave and they come out really good most of the time!

    Lisa B

  505. Marjorie says

    Making pesto or salsas are my favorite with a food processor. Would LOVE this new one since the one I currently have is a mini one.

  506. Louise Golden says

    If I had a food processer I would make my husband gluten free crackers! I would love to be the one to win this great gift :)

  507. Chris says

    I would make fig newtons as I miss them since I am Gluten free now. Thanks for blessing so many with your fabulous recipes.

  508. Linzee Ruiz says

    I have been thinking about purchasing a food processor for along time. There are several recipes I would like to try that require a food processor. Today I would especially like to try the Chocolate Cranberry Power Bar.

  509. Gina says

    I love making Romesco Sauce: roasted red peppers, roasted almonds, fresh parsley, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt. So good!

  510. Christina says

    Sign me up!

    My favorite recipe in a food processor is my crepe recipe!

    1 cup flour
    1/2 to 1 cup milk
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon butter
    1 tablespoon vanilla
    1/2 cup agave nectar
    (optional: add 1/2 cup cottage cheese for extra protein – you won’t taste it, I promise)

    Blend – and poor in pan individually to make tini crepes. (swirl frying pan to get desired thickness) Serve immediately, or have as a protein enriched snack later. I serve with light yogurt and peanut butter. ;)



  511. says

    I’ve been trying to make my own hummus using the Vitamix but it’s one thing the Vitamix is not so spectacular at. Right now my favorite hummus recipe is with cilantro, olive oil, chickpeas, himalayan salt, and fresh squeezed lime. mmmm

  512. Nikki says

    I would love to try the power bar recipes to grind up all of the nuts, the pictures look amazing!

  513. Fran Danner says

    Thank you so much for vegan/gf recipes. My DH is gf & I am vegan so finding recipes we both can enjoy is a challange. I really love the mulberry granola – I supstitued cranberries for the mulberries.

    I’d love to have a new food processor and especailly a Cuisinart. Mine is an oldie but a goodie but new is always nice, too.

    Thanks for all the great recipes & gf advice!


  514. Becky Rawalt says

    I don’t have a food processor & wouild love to try your power bar recipe! Thanks for your ongoing GF inspiration, Elana! My son, mother & I are all GF and we love your recipes :-)

  515. says

    hello elana, one of my favorite things to use a food processor for is hummus. my sister has a cuisinart and it blends the chickpeas to such a nice smooth consistency. take care, good luck with the giveaway!

  516. ali says

    My favorite foods to make in a food processor are pesto and hummus. I’ve also been meaning to try your chocolate hazelnut spread.

  517. Emily says

    I love making salsa in my food processor. However, mine is pretty small so I have to make it in two or three batches. I would love to get a big, heavy duty one!

  518. says

    I’ve been making a dessert of nut butter, melted coconut oil and honey. I put it all in the food processor until smooth and then refrigerate it. I put some sesame seeds before the fridge so they harden with the dessert.

    The silly thing is so easy and yet incredibly delicious – hard not to eat the entire thing in one sitting!!

  519. says

    We love to make salsa and this year’s garden is designed to support some serious salsa making. But our current processor lacks a couple blades and just doesn’t have much power. I would love to finally upgrade after so many years with the Target variety!! And our salsa would go so much faster!!!

  520. Vered says

    I loooooove to make cashew sauce in a cuisinart! And I love your chocolate beet torte also.

  521. Andrea says

    Hi Elana, I cycle through many an obsession but Black Bean brownies are my most popular food processor recipe these days. Amidst an inter-nerd inundated with ingenious food bloggers, I frequent this haunt most have been know to refer to you as one of my heros. I hope you don’t mind and I hope you never get bored of sharing your delicious recipes :)

  522. Mathew says

    I’ve been dying to make this creamy almond sauce that my mom used to make for our rice. Once I get a blender, it will be first on my list!

    Oh–and mashed cauliflower is amazingly easy with a processor :)

  523. Jennifer says

    I love to make homemade granola; I use my processor to chop nuts and make date paste.
    Have a beautiful day!

  524. Michelle says

    This is the BEST giveaway! I would make my own nut butters, fruit and nut bars, and banana soft serve!

  525. Michele H says

    I don’t have one but if I did, the list is endless. Hummus, soup, pesto, my own almond milk and of course, your granola recipe which I cannot wait to try! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  526. Sarah says

    Your double chocolate walnut brownies are my favorite! I’m not forced to be gfree and I prefer these over all others!

  527. emily loiselle says

    Apple banana coffee cake! Yum! Would love to win the food processor! I have just a tiny one:)

  528. Madeleine says

    Oh man, and how could I forget — LATKES. Grating dozens of potatoes by hand takes FOREVER. I’d definitely celebrate a new food processor by eating latkes until I couldn’t move.

  529. Shawna says

    Honestly, one of my favorite things to make with a food processor is a HUGE chopped salad!

  530. Kevin says

    I love making your Gluten Free and Grain Free “Raw” Granola – I have to process in batches because all i have is a “mini” food processor. Actually I end needing to run many batches of anything I make with it – pesto, soups, bean spreads and dips, and grinding up chocolate chips to make your almond flour chocolate cake (super yummy)- this 12 cup would go a long way in keeping my counter tops a little cleaner.

    thanks for the wonderful books and website.


  531. Sarah says

    I often sigh when a recipe calls for the use of a food processor, so I would love one. I’ve always wanted to use it to make bread and other doughs.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  532. Madeleine says

    Every summer, I grow pots and pots of basil. It’s so hard to resist eating the leaves right off the plants, but the wait is worth it — fresh, homemade basil pesto is the most delicious thing in the world!

    A food processor is also great for making various GF flours at home. I use mine to make “bread crumbs” from GF oats and stale corn chips to use in meat loaf.

  533. Liz says

    I would love to be the proud owner of a Cuisinart food processor! I’m a newbie at gluten free foods so if I was to win then I would try all of your delicious recipes :) They all sound absolutely wonderful!

  534. says

    I would make Betsy’s Multiple “Grain” Crackers. I’m always looking for a new ‘crunchy’ snack. I made the coconut cupcakes for a party and they were a big hit, even with no frosting!

  535. Lauren R says

    If I won this food processor, I would make your savory guacamole!! So delicious!

  536. Sharlene says

    I would love to win a Cuisinart food processor and I would make nut butters with it. What a great give away.

  537. Susan says

    Newly diagnosed gluten intollerant, and struggling with the transition. A food processor could open up a world of possibilities.

  538. Jane Reinholz says

    Creamy Ricotta Dip!!
    A favorite since I saw it on your website a few months ago. Our family is a blend of Gluten Free, Dairy free, and allergy free people so preparing food is always best if all allergens are avoided. Otherwise the buffet would require three versions of each dish! Creamy Ricotta. prepared in my daughters cuisinart is a favorite dip. It’s a fresher tasting hummus dip and we serve it with vegies and Elana’s herb crackers. Delicious!!

  539. Amanda says

    One of our favorite recipes to make using the processor is a Moroccan chicken dish, YUMM!!

  540. Vicki Duemler says

    I love making Chimichurri in my food processor. It is great for so many meats. I have always wanted a Cuisinart since I went to a cooking class and watched the instructor create so many different things!

  541. Melissa says

    Pesto is great in the cuisinart – perfect way to use up all the herbs and nuts in the house!

  542. E & N says

    We would make some babyfood for the new little one we have coming in July. It would be great to make all the baby’s food and this machine would HELP!!

  543. Shannon Sims says

    I would love to have a high powered food processor to try my hand at making homemade nut butters. The ones in the health food stores are so expensive. I would also like to try salsa when I start getting veggies in the garden this year. Thanks for the great website!!

  544. Julia says

    I have been gluten free and dairy free for over a year now and feel like I am starting to get confident in trying new recipes that can expand my diet. I was just reading about cashew cream and would love to try that in the food processor!

  545. Eli says

    I would try to not let my wife steal it away from me but I would use it to make some spice rubs for grilling.

  546. says

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway! Ive been wanting a food processor for some time now. I would like to try sooo many recipes like the double chocolate brownies. Happy spring!

  547. Nic says

    Your cracker recipe. I have been searching for a great gluten free cracker and yours looks delicious!

  548. Allison says

    I use my processor to make vegetable purees to be used in sneaky ways! I most recently pureed spinach and put it in some delicious GF blueberry bars. My friends had no inkling they were getting a veggie serving in their dessert!

  549. jessica says

    Family tradition requires our sugar cookie dough to be made in the food processor. Love it. Only takes 6-7 pulses and our dough is ready to go. Such little mixing ensures the dough stays light.

  550. stacie says

    I would love to have a food processor and I would make some yummy pesto! Or maybe salsa. Sounds like a great way to use fresh tomatoes from my garden.

  551. Nicole Anderson says

    I am on a quest to make the ultimate shortbread crust for lemon bars. I think that is what I would make and make and make until I got it just right.

  552. Joyce says

    Elana, what a great giveaway! I love to make cauliflower rice, but that is just one of my favorites. With a food processor the possibilities are endless.

  553. Rachel Boulier says

    Our large family would love to win this fantastic giveaway!!! We are Gluten-free, dairy-free and some of us are even Vegan. There would be a multitude of things we could make easier such as hummus, pesto or just chopping up some great veggies to add to our soups and such. :)

    Thank you!

  554. Jordan says

    I love using my wee little food processor to make GF cracker crumbs to make my faux-fried chicken.

  555. says

    I make salsa regularly with my 12 year old food processor. I often end up with tomato all over the counter because it leaks!

  556. Chris Dunkel says

    Just bought my second cuisinart and love it. However have two children getting married before the end of the year. Would be a great gift. It is great for shredding cheese and slicing potatoes for scalloped potatoes. Makes quick work of pesto and hummus.

  557. says

    I would LOVE to have this! I have a used food processor someone recently gave me and it has a crack in the bowl and it’s getting worse.
    I LOVE making fresh almond butter. SOO yummy! I also make ‘bread’ by using your cracker recipe (loosely) and adding more water. We can’t have eggs or many other things and my son LOVES it!
    We make everything from scratch because of all our allergies and this sure would make our life easier! I’m ALWAYS in the kitchen!

  558. claudia rose says

    I would make baked falafel balls using soaked dried chickpeas that are ground with parsley and spices. Food processor is definitely a must! thanks for your inventive site!

  559. Debbie Betsinger says

    Thanks, Elana! Your cookbook has made gluten-free cooking easy and delicious for me. I haven’t found a thing in there that my family doesn’t like!

  560. Christine says

    The 9-cup version of this food processor is currently on my wedding registry. I have dreams of homemade pesto, salsa, nut butters, but most of all HUMMUS!

  561. Gill Higgs says

    It is very hard to source gluten free goodies in Ireland Elana. The Cuisinart Food Processor would enable me to make your beautiful recipes:)

  562. Jan Dittloff says

    I am just learning about gluten free because I have a new daughter-in-law that has to have this diet. I think a cuisinart would help with a lot of recipes.

  563. Cynthia says

    The chocolate hazelnut spread is great but now I have seen the fig newton recipe and would love to try that! I haven’t had one in years!

  564. Melodie Williams says

    I have just been introduced to a food processor about a month ago! You are probably asking what planet I live on! I am from the south and have always cooked with all old school southern style tools and methods. Two friends and I attended a raw food chef certification in Michigan and now I HAVE to have a food processor to prepare foods the way they did it. I also am looking for a VitaMix. It is amazing what these two tools can do and how easy it makes preparing foods a more natural and healthy way. Here’s to health in the kitchen!!

  565. says

    This is a fantastic giveaway!

    My favorite recipe that I make nearly every day is to process cauliflower until it resembles couscous and the stir fry it with turkey and spices. Delish!

  566. says

    Holy Gluten-Free Macaroni! This would be an AMAZING addition to our kitchen! I think our little food processor is on his last leg :(
    I would love to be able to blitz some rice to make my own rice flour (much cheaper than purchasing it pre-ground). We also make homemade peanut butter weekly!

  567. joanne smoyer says

    I am so happy to have found your web site. i am know to gluten free eating & feel so much better eating this way. My grandson also loves your recipes.Using a cusinart will make cooking easier for all.

  568. April M. Benson says

    My favorite thing to make in my food processor is chocolate chip cookies, of course; simple but lifelong joy in every bite!

  569. Mona Chamberland says

    This is my first time on this site.I’m excited. 2 years ago a new GI doctor found the fungal problem that was causing my stomach issues. It has been a challenge in finding yummy recipes. I am looking forward to trying out the crackers plus more. Thank you for sharing your kitchen treasures with us

  570. Janet LaRue says

    I would love to try and make some of the recipes that call for finely crushed nut flours as I think it would get the right consistency needed for the recipes! I don’t know if you make your own flours (almond), or buy them for your recipes but I would love to try and make my own!

  571. Loralie GF mom of 3 GF kids says

    I would just love to have a processor for tortilas, pie crust, pesto and so much more. How can I choose just one? Well if I had to tortilas with a beautiful cilantro strawberry salsa – yummm!

  572. Elin Anderwald says

    My favorite Cuisinart recipe would be Gazpacho, which I used to make at the drop of a hat until the belt broke! It is so yummy,especially with the addition of lime juice and gets even better in the fridge for the next day. After that I would say Pesto from my garden herbs and GF stuffing for roast chicken. Having a Cuisinart would be fabulous.

  573. says

    I would love love love to have this for SO many things, but especially for my dad’s version of gazpacho! It is nothing but veggie goodness.

  574. says

    My favorite food processor recipe is pesto. It’s so easy to make something that tastes fantastic with just a few ingredients and a Cuisinart. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  575. Ann from Texas says

    I mix the base for tortilla soup in my cuisenart: onions, garlic, chipotle peppers and cilantro. I grind it up finely, then brown it in a little hot oil. I have had my cuisenart for about 20 years, but it is older than that! I bought it from an estate sale from a woman who had kept it in pristine condition.

  576. Mary Claire says

    I love, love, love your Gluten Free Almond Power Bars. And I love how easy they are to make with the food processor. Thank you for the chance to win!

  577. Jen Schultz says

    It used to be cheese balls, but since I discovered my dairy allergy, I’m going to have to go with garlic scape pesto in the spring!

  578. Jamie Ray says

    OH….I would LOVE to win this!!! I currently have a little 2-cup processor that is , in my mind, useless!! My Hubby says it’s just fine…mind you, he doesn’t cook anything!!! My kids are GFCFEFSF and I would LOVE to be able to make my own nut butters!!! Thanks for this offer. Jamie

  579. says

    I make something similar to your chocolate espresso power bars (minus the espresso for my kids!) I would love to try out that quisinart!

  580. Annie D. says

    I have a Cuisinart mini-processor that I use for whipping up guacamole and baby food (when I’m too lazy to get out my Beaba babyfood maker). I could definitely use a larger size food processor!
    Thanks, Elana!

  581. says

    Each month I love to make what I call “period relief bars.” They’re basically chocolate raw bars. I throw in whatever nuts I have, dark cocoa powder, dates, and coconut oil. Pulse together, press into a dish, refrigerate, and cut into bars. Yumm!

  582. Carla says

    I have started making my own brown sugar. Since I’m getting older and don’t have the strength I used to have, a food processor would be great
    to use for making larger batches of brown sugar.

  583. Diana McKenzie says

    I would make my favorite recipes….first, cilantro pesto ….then hummus….applesauce, shredded carrots (for pineapple salad), raw pie crusts made with nuts, shred cabbage for slaw.

  584. faith says

    hummus hummus hummus! a million different kinds! well… not quite a millino.. but close enough ;)

  585. Amanda says

    I love pesto, especially in the summer time when you’re grilling. But, if I had this machine, I’d try the jelly donut cupcakes.

  586. meg says

    Huuuuge batches of pesto and salsa with the spoils of our garden are my favorite things to make w/ my very old food processor (it’s actually 30 years old, older than me, was a wedding gift to my parents, who gave it to me when they got a newer model).

  587. Rachel says

    I use a food processor most often to make snack bars.

    Dates (buy the ones w/ the pits because they have more moisture)
    Almonds (or walnuts)
    a pinch of salt (this really makes the difference)

    Sometimes I add orange peel and cocoa or lemon peel and mix in some dried blueberries (don’t put the blueberries in the processor) Yum!

  588. CJ says

    I would love to have a new food processor. One of my favorite recipes is a flourless chocolate cake that’s made with almonds and hazelnuts. I toss all of it in the processor and let the magic begin :-)

  589. Lorraine Stockwell says

    I would make lots of things! Today, it would be pesto, tomorrow, hummus….I appreciate seeing all the food processor ideas from other readers. Thank you for this great idea, Elana!

  590. Kathleen Murphy says

    If I had a food processor, I think that making the Vegan Raw Cheezcakes would be a lot easier than fighting with a blender! And I LOVE those so much!

  591. Sara Miccione says

    My favourite recipe is genovese pesto…is no traditional make it with food processor but I like it very much

  592. Jenn in FL says

    My food processor died several years ago, and I haven’t replaced it since. I have been looking to get a new one this year as I have missed it sooo.

    I made homemade mayonnaise and cheesecakes in it back in the day. Now, I will be making all kinds of gluten free sauces and homemade larabars (the blender just does not work).

  593. c d parker says

    My favorite food processor recipe is the gluten free brownie recipe made with coconut flour. Absolutely delish!!


    When I get my Cuisinart food processor, I will finally be able to make my own protein bars and all my nut butters which now, I am spending way too much money on.

  595. Stevie Willett-Shaw says

    Uhmmm, I love to make tapenades in my food processor, with olives, red peppers and lots of garlic and primo olive oil…nothing much better!


  596. Deb says

    I really like your Double Chocolate Brownies Recipe and have made them a few times, but it would be much easier in a Cuisinart Blender. Homemade Nutella sounds like a good one to try too.

  597. Elizabeth Jankowski says

    I have always wanted a food processor. I usually improvise when your recipes call for the use of one. I dream of winning one to make my cooking life easier and more creative. Great idea!

    Liz Jankowski

  598. Debbie Pettigrew says

    I would love to have one of these….the first thing I would make would be biscottes..then hummus..then muffins…mmmmmmmmm…so many possibilities!

  599. Gerri Carpenter says

    I have never owned a food processor, but want to make pesto and make chopping veggies easier. Thanks so much!!!

  600. says

    I could make pesto a lot easier with a food processor like that. Right now, I’m having to process it in very small batches. All that I have is a mini food processor. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  601. Louisa says

    Oh, delicious barbecue tofu is the best thing I have ever used my food processor for.

    Now I want some. Oh, deliciousness!

  602. Ashley says

    I’ve never had a food processor but have always wanted one. The first thing I would make is hummus. I love the stuff and it is a pain to make in a blender. I hope it’s easier in a food processor.

  603. eva adler says

    if i had a cuisinart food processor, i would definitely make the chocolate hazelnut spread! i would love to win a cuisinart for my daughter who is in college and recently diagnosed with dairy and wheat allergies and now has to cook her own meals. this chocolate spread would be a treat for her!

  604. says

    I love to make mock mashed potatoes using cauliflower in my food processor. I only have a mini one and thus need to make small batches at a time:(

    p.s. I LOVE your blog!

  605. Bev says

    Hummus! I love making hummus with my small food processor but would love a bigger one.

  606. says

    I’d make mashed cauliflower, my favorite dish to make in place of mashed potatoes. The food processor makes it so quick and easy to throw together. I was spoiled in being able to use someone else’s food processor for a while, but now I am without and thus without my favorite side dish. :(

  607. Denise says

    My favorite recipe to make in the Cuisinart is GF, raw, flax-seed crackers. It’s a lengthy process to grind the flax seeds. Then, shred lots of fresh veggies. Then, the Cuisinart perfectly blends the ground flax seed meal with the veggies into a batter which I spread out and dehydrate. It makes a yummy “wrap” to eat alone, with a spread, or as a sandwich.

  608. Erin says

    If I had a food processor I’d most look forward to trying it out with gluten free pie crusts and pizza doughs. Thank you for the chance to win!

  609. beckyS says

    Pesto, pesto, pesto! I make mine using my really old processor that I have had since my kids were young. (my kids are in their 30’s!) The Cuisinart? Great reputation for long lasting products, you can’t go wrong there!

  610. amy schactman says

    What a dream to make summer gluten free recipes a breeeze w/ your gift of this Cuisinart

  611. amy schactman says

    I have a mini which I use all the time-what a dream to have a big one which handles more and helps w/ all gluten free recipes

  612. Beverly Oommen says

    If I had the Cuisinart, I would make a wonderfully delicious Cincinnati-style chili spaghetti using fresh turkey breast instead of beef, gluten free spaghetti and top it off with shredded cheddar cheese. It is made with a variety of spices, including cinnamon! I have tasted your Fig Newtons that my girlfriend made – they are so much better than anything I have ever tasted. Thank you so much!!

  613. says

    Thank you for offering! I’d love to win a Cuisinart :)
    If I do, I’ll start with the Salmon with Anchovy Olive Tapenade and work through your other great gluten-free recipes. I wore out my old Cuisinart, making all kinds of things–chopped salads, tapanades, sauces, hummus, soups, etc. I miss it!

  614. Mary M says

    I’ve made your Double Choc Walnut Brownies using the vitamix but it would be fun to try to make it in a food processor like the recipe intended. :)

  615. Tuuli says

    We never had a food processor when I was growing up and I still only manage with a handheld blender, so the list of things to make, for the first time, is long…I’d start with dried fruit & nut bars, I think.

  616. Miriam says

    I would use it for bread doughs, making veggie slicing easier, pesto, grating cheese and veggies…

  617. Susan M. says

    My new favorite recipe to make with a food processor is a new recipe I came up with when experimenting in the kitchen last week, which was a Thai-inspired slaw (gluten-free, dairy free, and peanut-free) that I served with another new recipe – Thai red curry chicken tenders (also peanut, gluten, and legume-free). My brother, who does bnot eat healthy food much at all, LOVED both recipes and devoured them. I’d love to have a new food processor since mine is getting old and make this recipe more often. I’d even love to try making my own almond butter to use in the slaw recipe, even though I love the brand of raw, chunky unsalted almond butter from Trader Joe’s that I used in the recipe.

  618. says

    If I had the food processor, I would love to make the chocolate espresso power bars – they seem just thing to help with my sweet cravings… rich enough to satisfy a snack urge, with protein to keep me full, and guilt-free because of all the goodness in it.

  619. says

    I LOVE making pesto….my current processor does’t do great job with it… i adore your spinach cake recipe…..and a cuisinart would make it so much easier. Right now i don’t use the processor for any of your desserts… but would love to try it. Thank you for your ongoing wise, warm website and the love you put into it. I also have MS and have appreciated the way you have helped educate people about the disease.

    Thank you!

  620. says

    I use my food processer quite a bit! I use it to grind my own almond flour, make nut butters, grate veggis and make cakes! It is a must in my kitchen! Thanks Elana, love your site. :)

  621. says

    Elana, your Almond Butter Brownies/Blondies are AMAZING without a food processor and would be made even easier with one! I have been holding out on buying one and as a raw food enthusiast it would be so useful for so many delicious things! (aka the almond butter brownie dough with a flax egg instead of a real one and raw almond butter :) )

  622. Enid Lemley says

    Favorite things to make in food processor: shredding potatoes for hash-browns, making hummus. Thank you for the offer.

  623. Misty says

    My favorite thing to make is hummus! I got my own Cuisinart similar to this one (but not as nice!) for Christmas a few years ago. I would actually give this away to someone with no food processor if I happened to win (really!). :) I love being able to pay it forward! Thanks to you for this awesome giveaway. I look forward to trying out some of your recipes that I have been drooling over…I just got my first 2 lbs of almond flour, yay!

  624. Natasha - Luscious Cakes says

    My best selling cake – Raw Chocolate Avocado Pie is what I use my food processor for the most.

    The Lush avocado, cacao and orange create an extremely delicious mix and keeps people coming back for more.

  625. Stephanie says

    If I won this food processor, I would try a recipe for dessert hummus :) I’m dying to try it.

  626. says

    I have an old hand-me-down food processor and I use it all the time. I love making different pestos in it and a million other things. Thanks for the chance to win!

  627. says

    I would make the easy, and flourless, orange flavored garbanzo bean cake from Mexico that I included in my eBook, Gluten Free Cakes From Around The World.

    Everything goes in the food processor, then in the pan, and voila, a wonderful, Paleo cake. (I use palm sugar in it)…Yum!!! It’s very moist and keeps well.

  628. Michael says

    I am a fiend for Nutella, and I haven’t had any since going low carb. I would definitely go bonkers for the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Plus, it would be an awesome birthday present, as I turn 21 Tomorrow!!!

  629. says

    The most recent thing I’ve made with my (26 yr old) food processor was a very delicious Asparagus soup that I actually made twice. I would love to replace “The Beast” with a sleek, new racing model so I can up my game. ;)

  630. Amanda says

    Oh wow, look at all these comments!

    With Hubby’s birthday on the way, I have been eying those jelly doughnut cupcakes. Mmmmm… delicious!

  631. Karey Smisek-Bachman says

    Just today I used my food processer to make a cheesecake for my son’s birthday! It was one of those recipes where you bake the cake then turn the oven off and let it sit for 2 hours then cool completely then chill overnight! I can’t wait to try it!!!!! It looks amazing!!!!!

  632. says

    I would love to make more pesto. The farmers market just opened up and they already have cilantro. I have a great vegan, almond, cilantro pesto recipe.

    Also…I love your power bar recipe. Hmmm….Maybe I will have to make a batch!

  633. Linda Hoffmann says

    The dish I make all the time is cauliflower “mashed potatoes” with cooked cauliflower, cream cheese and butter. Everyone loves it! Love your blog and refer to your recipes often!

  634. Nichole says

    I dont have a food processor, but if I can one I would make some creamy soups and pasta sauces with it! It would also be great to chop up chocolate chunks to make these gluten-free oreo cream chocolate cupcakes I made the other day!

  635. Ali Nyman says

    My favorite recipe using a food processor is cauliflower rice. My family loves it and it is the only way to get my 1 yr. old to eat cauliflower. We also love to make homemade roasted red pepper hummus in a food processor.

  636. Nico Staples says

    I make these amazing Almond Plower Bars, they are so much better when using the food processor to mix and pulverizing everything.

  637. says

    Oh Elana,
    What to make?
    Any of your Double Chocolate recipes – DC Orange Torte, DC Mocha Biscotti, DC Walnut Gluten Free Brownies….
    We just came back from a trip to Tucson and a camping trip rock-hounding in the mountains a few hours outside of Tucson and need to tell you the Gluten Free Date Walnut Bars traveled really well (took them in their pan from Vancouver)(we drove down) and they lasted over two weeks as a treat. Friends let me cook up a batch of the Carrot Cake Cupcakes (took ingredients and my own pan from home)as long as they got half! So the cupcakes became breakfast, lunch and dinner for quite a few days. If kept cool they lasted a week. Thankyou so much for helping me get healthy – no swollen joints, stomach aches or migraines for whole trip. Came home to a broken oven so a wee bit anxious for the electrician to visit! Thanks again for a whole new way to cook. So much more energy! Appreciate your wisdom. Lynn

  638. Jami says

    I am expecting my first child and recently found out I have gestational diabetes. When I found your website it was a god sent, it gave me many ideas for how to replace refined sugar and white flour and create foods that do not bring up my blood sugar. I am able to regulate my condition without medication, and so far the baby shows no signs of being affected by it. I even got to see his little smile on the ultrasound the other day :) I would love to have a food processor when the baby starts eating solids so that I can make my own baby food and keep my family on the right track. Plus, my husband really wants to try the power bars!

  639. says

    I have so many recipes that I use a blender or food processor for. My current food process has a frustratingly tiny capacity, so this upgrade would be gratefully welcome. We always make our own mayonaise and aeoli– a favorite for dipping steamed artichokes. I also make a green, green soup lovingly called “swamp monster soup” by my children: steamed, pureed kale, spinach, parsley, green onions with soup stock and brewers yeast. It is fresh, fast and goes down easily.

  640. GK says

    My favorite things to make with my food processor are coconut butter and veggie burgers. Oh, and ground almonds and pistachios for a cake recipe. If I won this I would give it to my sister, so she can take it with her when she moves!

  641. says

    Since I haven’t had a food processor for years, it would be hard to pick a favourite recipe. I see so many delightful ones on the cooking shows, but when one is raising four challenged children, countertop appliances are NOT the first order of business. It would be great to have one now that my children are mostly grown (only 2 left), so we can experiment again.

  642. Beth says

    I would LOVE this! I have had a cuisinart for awhile – and use it almost daily. My favorite is grinding nuts to make nutbutters :) Pick me, pick me :)

  643. John says

    I would love to make some Chinese fish balls using the food processor! Also, some red bean paste or walnut paste for fillings in buns. I am on an Asian food kick these days! Oh, and of course the recipes that you shared on your blog!

  644. Jennifer Nielsen says

    Would love this! Salsa is a favorite of mine. Mango salsa to be exact! Good luck everyone!

  645. JEANNETTE says

    Hi, I found your website abought a month ago. I am so excited to finally have someone to help me learn to cook healthy. I am 68 years young. If i get a good food processor, i will be able to try your wonderful recepies. I would start with Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti. Thank you for sharing yourself, Jeannette

  646. Julie says

    A food processor would be amazing…I wouldn’t have to borrow anymore!! I love to make hummus, pesto’s, shred carrots (for carrot cake), prep veggies, and the list goes on. Great recipes on your website!

  647. Jenna says

    I would make many! Perhaps I would make your awesome looking Chocolate Espresso Power Bars first. And I would certainly make lots and lots of hummus and pesto.

  648. Mary Short says

    Since my food processor sounds like it is on its last leg–literally! I would love a new one so I can continue to make my own power bars–thanks for the recipes for these, they are such a staple in my home.

  649. JoAnne U says

    I would love a food processor! I love to make hummus, shred cabbage for a slaw, and prep veggies!

  650. Karen says

    Hard to choose just one but your biscotti I just made and it is wonderful! Pesto, so many things. I will be making would benefit from a good food processor…. Love your cookbook and can’t wait for the new one.

  651. Jaan says

    Ever since I found your website I have been subsuting Almond flour for alot of recipes. Love the results, even though my grinder doesn’t get the Almond flour ground perfectly. I could use a proper food processor to not only make Almond flour but to do many more things that I can’t do now. Thanks for the chance to win the Cusinart Food Processor. And thank you for all the great reciepes.

  652. Linda says

    I love my Vita-mix but I’ve never owned a food processor. I’d love to have one since it sounds like they make food prep so much quicker and easier. Your recipe for Double Chocolate Walnut Gluten Free Brownies looks wonderful and I’d love to give it a try if I were to win.

  653. Jane says

    pesto pesto pesto pesto pesto!!!! With toasted walnuts, or pistachios, or cilantro pesto with toasted pepitas….pesto, hands down.

    Or hummus. Or cannelini bean spread with olive oil, fresh sage and garlic. Or sometimes even marmalade!!! Okay. Pesto and marmalade are my most favourite uses!!! (just not at the same time :-D).

    Or just for grinding nuts- that’s what I love them for the best. I like the Honeyville Farms almond flour too, but a lot of times I like the coarser grind of the homemade almond meal, depending on recipe…

  654. Carol says

    I would love to grind my own almonds for flour and “breading” if I had the Cusinart food processor!

  655. Jessy says

    I think a food processor can be very useful for different spreads and nut butters. If I had this, I would make your homemade ”Nutella”! :D

  656. says

    My favorite food processor recipe is sun-dried tomato hummus. I also use the food processor to make gluten free breadcrumbs all the time :)

  657. Kim Green says

    My favorite recipe that I use my food processor for is a fabulous pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap/pecan crust. Yum-O!!!

  658. Tracy says

    I would make the fig newtons!! My favorite cookie I haven’t had since going gluten free.

  659. says

    WOW!!! This is amazing!! My favorite recipe is a chicken burger made with cashew-macadamia flour, cilantro, lemon… It’s from one of our SCD cookbooks. I also love making chocolate pudding out of avocado, cocoa and maple syrup. It’s SOOOOO good!!

  660. susan says

    cauliflower rice! love your cauliflower rice recipe. tasty and a great way to get my family to eat cauliflower!

  661. Linda Wilson says

    I bet thise is a dandy food processor….I would make the carrot banana muffins to start it’s career in my gluten free kitchen!

  662. says

    Hi, Elana! I would make hummus more often if I had a food processor that was more powerful than the one I have now, as well as homemade salad dressings and bean dips. I’d also like to make more paleo soups such as cauliflower and broccoli soups that are gluten free.

  663. Britt says

    I don’t have a food processor. In my dream world I make all of the gf recipes that so often call for one – cakes, fruit bars, homemade almond butter. And smooth marinara sauce! Chunky is great, but a change of pace would be amazing!

  664. Christina says

    I love to make fresh, organic, coleslaw (and eat it!) and a good processor would be perfect for this!

  665. scott buss says

    I would love to try making your Salmon with Anchovy Olive Tapenade. It sounds delicious. Hope I win. Thanks.

  666. Karalie V. says

    I don’t have a food processor, and I would use one all the time! I made an awesome asian noodle salad and it took me over an hour just to chop all the veggies!! Oh what a joy it would be to have dinner on the table in half the time. :o)

  667. says

    Oh man! I’ve been admiring food processors for months now. Our 80 year old FP no longer works and is missing parts. The first thing I would make is a combination nut butter—almonds, pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts.

  668. Kathy Foulk says

    My daughter and grandsons are GF. We try different recipes all of the time. A food processor would be great. Fig bars sound very good. THank you!

  669. Alison says

    I am DYING for a proper food processor! I would make mashed cauliflower, and give your gluten free almond power bars a shot! Thanks for the giveaway, and keep on cooking :)

  670. Carey Huyser says

    Your power bars are my favorite thing to make in the food processor. I have to ration them in my house to make sure I get left with some!

  671. says

    HI Elena!
    Mom beat me to posting a comment! ARGH! ;-)
    Yes, mom was always concerned about sugar and fat. Thank goodness for Agave Nectar! I’ve really enjoyed your recipes. Many of my friends are watching their blood sugar these days. Your recipes give me a chance to spoil them a little and not feel guilty.

    And of course… I’d LOVE to win the Cuisinart, but not as much as mom.
    All the best,

  672. Dara Eden says

    I like to make dark leafy green pestos with organic basil, parsley, spinach, arugula, raw pine nuts, parmesan, lemon zest and “evoo”.

  673. Mary says

    My Cuisinart is older than yours and getting rather worn! What I have used it for the most was making watermelon sherbet. (Which I didn’t make at all last summer!)

    A new one would make all the difference.
    Thanks for your wonderful recipes.

  674. Jessica says

    Before I accidentally dropped my food processor on the floor and busted it, I loved it for making nut butters. Thanks for the giveaway!

  675. M. Sieu says

    Hi Elana! My daughter, Lily, told me about your site and how much she loves your recipes that use almond and coconut flour. We both have friends who are diabetic, Jewish, gluten-intolerant and any combination thereof…. so you website is VERY helpful! I’ll celebrate my 76th birthday in May, and I’ve always been concerned about the amount of sugar and fat in cooking and baking. Thank you again for so many good ideas!

  676. Jody Engstrom says

    If I won this amazing machine, I would use it to make turkey meatballs, nut based pie crusts, baby food purees for my little girl, etc, etc, etc!!!

  677. Eileen says

    All these recipes look so good! I would make several of the breakfast ones, namely the muffins. And the desserts, like the brownies look irresistible!

  678. Sara says

    My little food processor has seen better days. It has survived lots of making raw candies & cookies, nut spreads, hummous & grated veggies. I have been envisioning a nice new one for a while now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  679. Alejandra symons says

    I love making pesto using the food processor also I like to use it when making cheesecake !

  680. Christy says

    I would LOVE to make my own humus and try an olive/rosemary humus!!! Thanks for offering a contest! I LOVE your blog!! =)

  681. wendy says

    I would be very greatful to have a food processor it would make soup making much easier for the coming winter. my favourite bean and veg soup

  682. Isabella says

    Definitely basil pesto. Though that is about all my itty bitty food pro can handle. I can’t imagine the wondrous things I can make with something bigger. :)

  683. Lisa Nielsen says

    I have used a food processor before and had great luck with yummy pestos (like Sun Dried Tomato Pesto) and seed cheeses!
    It would be amazing to own one and experiment with all the amazing looking recipes listed above!

  684. Laura says

    Looks like everyone would love a new cuisinart!

    I am absolutely obsessed with the power bars, especially the chocolate cranberry and chocolate espresso. They are so easy to make (in the cuisinart!) and so, so good!

    I have had my cuisinart since I was married 12 years ago.

  685. Megan says

    There are so many times I wish I had a food processor. Making Danish rodkal is definitely one of those times.

    I hoped my high powered blender would take the place of the processor but like you said, they have totally different functions.

    This would be an awesome addition to my kitchen.


  686. says

    I use my food processor at least once a week! My favorite use is making homemade mayonnaise (I have found it nearly impossible to make without one), though a close second is using the shredding attachment for carrot cake or cauliflower rice.

  687. Sarah says

    So far the mustard lime chicken is my favorite. I only have a mini processor so whatever I make has to be small. I would love to try the biscotti and the power bar recipes, but my mini processor is not big enough. Hopefully I will get to try them soon :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  688. Nathan T says

    I make a cold zucchini soup. Using my food processor, I unite the ingredients into the best, most refreshing soup ever! The soup is a result of a family tradition during the Super Bowl called the “Bowl Party.” everyone brings a different soup and their own special bowls.

  689. alain says

    hi elana! thanks for holding this awesome giveaway! without a doubt mashed cauliflower is one of my absolute favorite things to cook using the food processor. it is an amazingly versatile dish. sometimes i add in garlic and nutritional yeast for a more cheesy flavored dish, other times i add in chopped nuts, mint and raisins for a more greek inspired dish.

  690. Alesha says

    If I won, I would use this food processor for the creamy “ricotta” dip. I love your recipes!

  691. Cynde Nozawa says

    I love your website. I have learned to love kale with you! I never thought I l iked it before but now i eat it frequently. I have never had a food processor before, sounds really amazing!

  692. natalie says

    I don’t have a food processor, so I always barrow my mom’s to make nut butters. But I would love to try you sun butter ice cream!

  693. Diane Kintrea says

    Wow! if I am so lucky to be selected for this prize, I would make my chunky roasted root vegetable spread. I toss peeled chunks of carrot, yam, onion, sweet potato, golden beets, and parsnips with olive oil, rosemary, black pepper and a pinch of sea salt, spread everything in a pan and roast til semi carmelized and tender. I would spin this to a finer yet still slightly chunkey texture in the processor and spread on rice crackers or brown rice toast… with just an extra drizzle of olive oil.
    We have had 29 days of rain in a row in Portland and this is THE snack right now. Wish me luck!
    I was diagnosed with an iron absorbtion issue 10 months ago that made me drop the gluten.
    Paleo diet rules!

  694. Janis S, says

    I don’t have a favorite recipe using a food processor because I’ve never had one. If I had one I’d love to try making homemade gefilte fish. The kind that comes in a jar with all the jellied stuff is so unappetizing. I think if I made it at home, I’d like it. Would be nice to serve for Shabbat or Passover seder.

  695. Amanda Johnson says

    Oh chocolate Hazelnut spread would be first on my list, homemade Nutella, yum!

  696. Maggie says

    I would want to try to make my own homemade snack bars using fruit and nuts maybe even a little almond flour or coconut flour… with some a little BIT of chocolate, of course. sounds delicious already. :)

  697. diane says

    I don’t own a food processor, but if I did I would make potato pancakes! Thanks for all of your great recipes.

  698. Erica Berchtold says

    Elana – Love your website! I regularly stop here to find GFCF recipes for me and my daughters.
    If I had a Cuisinart, I would make the Double Chocolate Biscotti…. BUT my children would hurt me if I made those before the Jelly Donut Cupcakes!
    Thanks for all of the great recipes!

  699. says

    I don’t have a food processor. I wish I did but I don’t so I do everything by hand. Potato and zucchini latkes, cake and dough mixes, everything. If I had a food processor, I would make cashew cream sauce and walnut pesto.

  700. Ashira Edelman says

    I love your website and your recipes! I use my food processor to make amazing gluten free brownies, pesto, salads, guacamole, and many other of our family’s favorite recipes.

  701. Terra Stead says

    Well, I use my food processor multiple times a day, but the one thing that sticks out is when I use it each morning first thing to puree an apple which I use to sweeten my oatmeal. Living in a gluten free and corn free home provides endless opportunities to use a processor. It’s never far from reach!

  702. amy says

    I would love to have a food processor to make nut butters and homemade lara bar type bars. i look at all your recipes with envy since i can’t make them (yet!).

  703. Julia Ekpo says

    If I had a food processor, I would make the jelly doughnut cupcakes. I miss doughnuts so much!

  704. says

    I love to make black bean brownies in my Cuisinart. I discovered I could make my handed down spritz cookie recipe in it instead of by hand! (Though I can only make those for my kids now).

    My Cuisinart is an 11 cup and it is at least 15 years old! It is not always big enough, it has a crack in the base, but it still works. Each time I use it I talk nice to it.

  705. Kevin says

    My favorite food processor recipe is definitely pesto. It’s so simple, but food doesn’t get much better than pesto. I’ll definitely have to try some of your recipes.

  706. Mildred A. says

    Ooooh I covet this Cuisinart!

    I’m a student on a budget (which means zero money) but I’ve been trying to eat Paleo for a while. Alas there are some delicious recipes, like homemade Nutella, that are totally beyond my realm of the possible since they require a Cuisinart. For now I’m staying firmly away from my roommate’s horrible sugar laden spreads…


  707. Tracy W says

    My family loves the jelly donut recipe! In fact, I just bought everything to make them today.

  708. says

    I have the world’s tiniest food processor, so this one would make life a lot easier and save me a ton of time. I would use it to processes dates & nuts, to make up our favorite home made version of the Lara bar.

  709. says

    My absolute favorite thing to make with my current (dying) food processor is salsa-and I can make it chunky or restaraunt style. The other thing I make quite often is homemade laundry soap!!

  710. chani says

    strawberry sorbet, crumb cake and potato kugel – love food processors! i need a new one for passover!

  711. Thomas Booker says

    My Vita-Mix, like you, is a great kitchen appliance. Use it for smoothies to soup to making dough. If I were to win the Cuisnart, I would start with the multi-grain crackers and the double chocolate walnut brownies.

  712. Lupe says

    My favorite recipe to use the Cuisinart food processor is pie doughs or bread, it makes this task so easy! I use my food processor A LOT these days! I have a 8 month old baby boy and I make all of his food. The one thing I would love about the new food processor is being able to pour without having to remove the blade. When making my son’s pureed foods I can’t fill my food processor too full. I would love the new processor to help with making my son’s food!
    And yes, pesto in the food processor is the best!!
    If I had the new processor the first thing I would make is more pureed food for little T! He’s a big eater!

  713. Karen Shaw says

    My bean and rice veggie burgers are made in a snap with a food processor! In seconds everything is nicely chopped and it all holds together. My current food processor is over 20 years old and on it’s last leg.
    Good luck, everybody.

  714. Bridget says

    So I have owned a Vita Mix for 14 years. Yep the same one. And I use it every single day. What a machine! I attempt most of Elana’s recipies with my Vita Mix, even though they call for a food processor. Alas, I do not own one, but I can’t imagine how much I would use it if I had one. I would make Carrot Banana Muffins, Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti, Gluten Free Mulberry Granola, Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies, Fig Newtons, Mustard Lime Chicken, Salmon with Anchovy Olive Tapenade, Mashed Cauliflower (ok, at LEAST once a week – love it), Spinach Cake, Stuffed Mushrooms (a fav of my hubby), Betsy’s Multi “Grain” Crackers (haven’t even attempted because I don’t have a food processor), Chocolate Espresso Power Bars, Raw Apple Sauce (kids fav), Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (dreams of nutella), Creamy “Ricotta” Dip (yum), Sesame Dip, pumpkin bars, and sooo much more. What can I say? I believe my kitchen is only half complete!
    Thanks for all the great work you do Elana…
    Bridget in Denver

  715. Nikki V says

    If I had a food processor, I’d definitely try the mustard lime chicken recipe. It sounds fabulous!

  716. ingrid says

    ooooh this is so exciting!….i’ve been looking at these for a while.
    yay! and thanks

  717. Ann Lyman says

    I enjoy your blog immensely. I finally got the almond flour and your book and made a savory crust. Oh my goodness, it is so delicious. You are helping me get into more cooking! We just finished a kitchen renovation and I have lots of counter space. I waited to get a food processor till we had the space. I would love to win it!

    Thanks for all the work you are doing that inspires us.

  718. says

    I have never had a real food processor. I did own the Magic Bullet, but it broke within a year. If I had a food processor, I would use it to make my own nut butters, and homemade pesto. I’m growing my first garden this year and I’m looking forward to lots of basil!

  719. David Neal says

    awesome! i need to make use of all greens i get from my root veggies! would love to process them!

    david j

  720. says

    I have so many of your recipes bookmarked to try, but I simply cannot afford a food processor yet… this would be a miracle! I have my fingers crossed!!!!

  721. Gail Gardner says

    I thoroughly enjoy your site. I find your recipes very good, a good alternative using almond flour and agave instead of the basic gluten free with rice flour and lots of sugar. I have not made your carrot Banana Muffins yet, but if I had a food processor this is the first recipe I would try. Next, I would try the Jelly Donut Cupcakes.
    I have made the your chocolate raspberry hamantaschen and thoroughly enjoyed them. They didn’t last too long and I was the only one eating them.

  722. pamela frager says

    If I won a Cuisinart mixer (which I need!), I would make all of my gluten free pastry doughs in it (so easy to do). Then I’d use the dough to experiment with different gluten free, casein free quiches – one of my latest obsessions. To date, I’ve made a gfcf quiche lorraine and a gfcf spinach and mushroom quiche. Both were delicious, kid-friendly and perfect for the upcoming warmer months.