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Cinnamon Bun Muffins

gluten free cinnamon bun muffins
These gluten free muffins taste like cinnamon rolls and make the perfect breakfast treat!

One of my favorite readers Courtney recently suggested that I create a gluten free cinnamon roll recipe. She said it would be perfect for Christmas morning. Being smack in the middle of Hanukkah that wasn’t something I had thought about. Thanks Courtney!

So, here’s my little ol’ gluten free Cinnamon Bun Muffin recipe. I hope you all enjoy it during the holidays.

Cinnamon Bun Muffins


Cinnamon Topping:

  1. To make cinnamon topping, combine agave, cinnamon and oil in a small bowl
  2. Set mixture aside

Muffin Mixture:

  1. Combine almond flour, coconut flour, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl
  2. In a large bowl blend together oil, agave, eggs and vanilla
  3. Blend dry ingredients into wet and scoop a scant ¼ cup at a time into lined muffin cups
  4. Spoon topping onto muffins
  5. Bake muffins for 8-12 minutes at 350°
  6. Cool muffins for 2 hours then frost with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting

Makes 9 muffins

For a real cinnamon roll recipe, you can head on over to Gluten-Free Girl, she has been working on a cinnamon roll recipe of late and I imagine will post one soon.

I am totally blown away by Stephanie’s blog, Totally Together Reviews; Stephanie recently blogged about the The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and is doing a giveaway as well. Her post about my book has received well over 400 comments.  Thanks Stephanie.

One of my favorite periodicals, The Christian Science Monitor just ran a Best Cookbooks of 2009 article mentioning The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, what a delight to find my book in there.

And in television news, I was on two shows today (demoing recipes from my gluten free cookbook) the first show was Good Day Colorado and the second, Daybreak on the Deuce. You can watch both appearances below.

Finally, to top these muffins off, stay tuned for my next post with my yummy gluten free Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting recipe.

posted on December 16, 2009, 129 comments

  1. erin

    oh wow! perfect timing! i was googling all over the place yesterday to find a suitable cinnamon roll recipe for Christmas morning and was so disappointed you didn’t have one. am looking forward to giving these a shot. thanks!

  2. Rachel B

    Sorry to post this on here, but I didn’t know where else to post it so you would see it. Speaking of Hanukkah I’ve been searching for a recipe for a GF dairy kugel that is made without sugar and can’t find one anywhere online. So I’m hoping you have one that you just haven’t gotten around to posting yet. I would love to have it to make for my son who is visiting me next week. Thanks, Elana.

  3. Oh wow, Elana to the rescue again! My family always loved, (eww, I know) the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I still throw a batch in for my daughter, glutonious girl, but now I will make your muffins this year for DH, DS, and myself.
    Thanks again.

  4. Lauren @ celiacteen.com

    Oh yum! Such a great idea Courtney! And Elana – this looks just fabulous =D.

  5. MANY many thanks to Courtney for requesting this treat; and of course to you, Elana, for creating it! Yum :)

    Hooray for more good press on your fabulous book!

  6. Beth

    Looks like another amazing recipe. What a great idea to combine the almond flour & coconut flour. Can’t wait to try these on Friday night.

  7. Ali

    I’m so happy you’ve posted a recipe like this. Cinnamon buns have been a tradition in my family on Christmas morning as well, and I was the only one stuck with eating yogurt last year :( So thank you for this! We are also using your cream cheese frosting on our almond flour gingerbread cookies this year too! Happy Hanukkah to you and your family!

  8. COMFORT and JOY!! Im set for life now. I am thankful for access to delicious and nutritious breakfast foods such as chocolate chip scones, coffee cake, pancakes and now cinnamon roll muffins. I LOVE good food and I LOVE when food allows me to feel good. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :)

    • Lanie

      I love these muffins! I was wondering if someone can share the coffee cake recipe? I would love to try it. I have the book on my christmas list. But I don’t know if I can wait until then!

  9. Oh I am soooo excited! Something I can eat Christmas morning that won’t start me off with terrible brain fog (thanks to the protein filled almond flour and low glycemic agave nectar). You rock Elana!

  10. Jazz

    Thank you very much for this recipe!

    As soon as I saw it I had to try it. These are better than any other gluten-free treat I’ve ever tasted. :)

  11. Christie @ Honoring Health @ honormyhealth.com


    I can’t even imagine how delicious that is!

    I ordered your cookbook a couple of days ago, I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  12. Liat

    mm… YUM! Elana these look SO good!
    Ok so I didn’t get to eat any Hanukah foods this year what so ever (I couldn’t think of anything without potatoes, eggs, and a lot of oil, I guess food without excess oil is a bit in contradiction to the Hanukah spirit). This was of course not much of a Hanukah for me :o( But I’m going to celebrate x-mas with my husband’s family and now I have an idea for something x-masy I can eat while everyone else have cake. I’m thinking I’ll replace the eggs with some apple sauce -should go together well and will be perfectly within my diet restriction. My parents are coming over from Israel next week and I am so excited about trying some more of your great recipes. Thank you!!!

  13. Dominika

    What a treat, I am soooo excited to try these!!! Thanks Elana :)

    Just curious, how many muffins does the recipe yield?

  14. Awesome-looking muffins. The decadence without the gluten or carbo-crash! Yum!

  15. Emily

    Wow, Cinnamon rolls were one of my favorite foods growing up. I bet these would taste delicious. How fun to see you on tv!!

  16. Diane-The WHOLE Gang @ thewholegang.org

    I’m making these muffins for my road trip! They look so yummy. I’m very excited about giving away your cookbook Friday!

  17. These sound fabulous! I love mixing coconut flour and almond flour (made pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies last week – yum!). Anyway, Elana, how do you measure your coconut flour? Do you sift then measure, measure then sift, pack it loose/tight with no sifting, etc. I had read to always sift then measure (I usually sift into the measuring cup to prevent packing) and that has worked well for me but if your 2 T aren’t pre-sifted, then there will be a difference for sure! Can’t wait to try these!!!

    Congratulations on the TV spots – they were great!

    • For anyone that is interested:

      1. I got about 6 regular-sized muffins from this recipe. Mine look a ittle bigger than Elana’s though, so she may have gotten 7-8?

      2. I measured the coconut flour, then sifted it to remove lumps. It may have been slightly packed from the scooping action, but not much.

      3. I took a toothpick and “swirled” in the cinnamon topping on 3 of my muffins. I like the look better in the end result. On the muffins that I did not stir it in, the muffins rose more than I expected (yeah!) and some of the cinnamon topping slid off before it baked on. I’m sure the taste will be fabulous either way!!!

      Now, I just need to finish this salad while they cool a bit and then the taste-testing will begin. Wahoo!!! Thanks Elana!!!!!

      • Bernadette

        Thanks for the tips. I was just coming here to ask how many muffins is this recipe supposed to make because my tin fits 6, and they came out bigger. I wish I would have thought of swirling the cinnamon.

        These are good additions to the recipe directions. Thanks again!

    • Lanie

      How did you make pumkin chocolate chip cookies? I would love to try that!

  18. A

    I just made these today and they were much appreciated fresh out of the oven. I substituted olive oil for grapeseed oil and oat flour for coconut flour. We just barely managed to save two so that we can see how they taste when they’re cool.

    My mother really seemed to like them, so I think she’s going to enjoy your book, which I got her as an xmas gift.

  19. A

    Update: wow! These are even better cold than warm…they’re good warm, but amazing cold because the sweetness and cinnamon are more pronounced. This is the first muffin I’ve tasted that is better at room temperature than warm.

  20. Robin

    Good Job on the TV spots and thank you for this recipe! My husband and son will love you for it! I am also interested in how to measure coconut flour for your recipe!

  21. Sara

    Thank you so much for this. Like everyone else, I was wondering what I was going to do since we just discovered this year that my husband is wheat-sensitive and we’ve removed processed foods and preservatives from our diet. This will be a WONDERFUL treat. I just got my almond flour in the mail yesterday and I am so excited to try a lot of your recipes. My only question is how do you deal with the expense of the almond flour if you like to bake a lot (I’m having to deal with that with all of the agave nectar I’m using too).

    • I know what you mean about the almond flour being so expensive! I don’t use agave but the alternative sweeteners I use are expensive too. I guess we just have to learn to enjoy them more while eating less?!

      One thing that I’ve found to be helpful is to buy the big bag of almond flour (actually, it’s a box – 25 lbs?) It’s an investment, but once you know that you like working with the almond flour, it’s one that I feel is worth it (and the per pound price goes down). Thankfully, my sister-in-law and I usually split a box. When it arrives, I divide it into 2 lb portions and use a vaccuum sealer. Then I keep it in the deep freezer. I think gallon ziplock bags would also work.

      I have also been experimenting with using more coconut flour (which is a little cheaper). I sub about 1/4 of the almond flour with sifted coconut flour (sift, then measure).

  22. Bora Bora @ boraborafoods.com

    Hi Elana, congratulations on your book! We love your blog and hope you’ve had a chance to try the Bora Bora sample bars we sent you. We can’t wait to hear your feedback, thanks and have a great gluten-free holiday!

    ~The Villagers of Bora Bora

  23. Lenee

    I am interested in using only almond flour and omitting the coconut flour in this recipe since I have discovered I am sensitive to coconut flour. Does anyone know how much almond flour I should use?

    I also have just purchased the 25 lb box of blanched almond flour. I used gallon ziploc freezer bags to store most of it in the freezer and I am leaving some in a glass canister in my refrigerator and also leaving a clear cookie jar full on my counter for daily use. Ahhh it’s so nice to have a good stock of it over the holidays!

    Just purchasd a copy of Elana’s cookbook at my local Barnes and Noble as a gift for a new gluten free friend. I was elated to go there and find the cookbook on their shelf!

    I refer to Elana’s recipes as my “gluten free bible cookbook” since I’m also a diabetic they work wonderfully for me!!

    Happy baking everyone!

  24. Kim

    Thank you so much for posting this. I make cinnamon buns every Christmas morning and feel so terrible that my GF niece can’t enjoy them.

    Now I can make these for her and she won’t feel left out!

  25. Savannah at Kitchen @ 9th and 9th @ kitchenat9thand9th.blogspot.com

    I am one of those people who will be devouring these on Christmas morning! I have a friend who must stick to the gluten free ways, and I will be sharing these with her! They look delicious!

  26. brandy

    I made these tonight and the family loved them. Thank you so much for the recipe. I added chopped walnuts to the topping and used butter instead of oil just to customize it to our family and it was delicious. Thank you again.

  27. be

    Liat, could you please tell me how much applesauce you sub. for the eggs.
    Thank you

    • i love all elana’s recipes. i would love to know if anyone out there has made any of her recipes using egg substitutes (ener g egg replacer etc,), and how they turned out. especially the cinnamon buns. living a vegan life. thanx…

    • Liat

      Sorry, just saw your comment. Wasn’t around internet for a while. A bit too late I guess but still – I use 1/4 cup applesauce with 1/2 tsp baking soda. I did try it at x-mas, but it didn’t come out very well although normally it does work well. I ended up making another batch that had 2 eggs instead of 3 and using some applesauce which worked out fine. I’m thinking of replacing some of the eggs with other things (like banana, linseed, or something like that) but that will change the taste as well. Hope you still got to make these for xmas.

  28. Laura

    Thank you for a delicious Christmas breakfast, Elena! We did use butter instead of oil in the cinnamon, and olive oil in the batter, but otherwise loved it just as you made it!

    Look forward to making more of your delicious creations!


  29. Linda M

    These cinnamon buns work well as a coffee cake also – I made them this morning in an 8″ square pyrex cake pan. Increase the baking time a little and it’s done when browned and a knife comes out clean in the center. I was just too lazy to deal with muffin tins this morning so I thought I would try to make a coffee cake instead. Thanks for the great recipe! I am greatly enjoying your cookbook as well as the recipes at this site.

  30. Kristin

    I found these way too sweet, even for cinnamon buns. Next time I’ll cut the sweetener in half. I got 9 smallish muffins from the recipe. I used coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil and it worked fine. Regarding the question about replacing egg with applesauce, I have found that I can often sub 3T applesauce for an egg, but I have not tried it in this recipe.

  31. sue

    Hi Elana I had Bob’s almond flour that I use to coat my fish fillets and chicken strips instead of bread crumbs. I used it for these muffins and you are right, it does not work! I know you are saying ” I told you so”. I had it so I gave it a try. I ordered the Almond flour from Honeyville and what a difference. I want to thank you so much for all the great recepies. It really is nice to be able to eat muffins and cakes and cookies again. People still think its all in my head and don’t understand my digestive problems and allergies. I never new how many people are out there like me!! I make gluten free for me and its the first thing to go at home or when I bring it to friends or work!! Go figure.

    God bless you for caring and continuing to come up with idea’s.
    P.s. Gluten free for me sounds like a great book title!!!

  32. Hadley

    Can you make these just with coconut flour instead of almond flour?? How much would I need? Thanks a lot, these look divine!

  33. wow, these cinnamon bun muffins looks so good!

  34. Linda

    Elana, many, many, many thanks for this recipe! We have been making it regularly, doubling the recipe to make 12 full “muffins.” We skip the frosting and the cinnamon topping (instead adding cinnamon to the batter). My daughter (9) was eating way too much dairy and wheat. I was exploring the issue of food allergies myself and knew we needed to diversify her diet. The texture of this “muffin” is superb. The combo of the almond flour and coconut flour makes for a fine crumb. I plan to experiment with the basic recipe to expand our options. I also own your book and love those recipes too. I have added a small quantity of coconut flour to your cookie recipes to keep them from spreading on my pan (for whatever reason) to good effect. You have made an important difference for our family, thanks!!

  35. Mary

    I made these muffins yesterday. They looked very pretty but texture was gummy.. They were not done after 10 minutes. Had to cook another 10 minutes.. Did I do something wrong?

  36. Lura

    I am so happy I found your website. My mother has celiac & I have gone pretty much gluten free. I made these muffins for her today. I picked up bob’s mill almond flour because it was my only local choice. We had a party here today & these muffins were a huge hit. The only problem I had was the topping sunk to the bottom of the paper cup. Possibly have something to do with the flour? I thought maybe I should wait til they are almost done & then put on the topping? Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome site & am ordering your book.

  37. Jamie Bishop

    My kids tried these this morning-they finished off the last four-and begged me to make more. They are in the oven now and I am preparing to take them to work to ‘fool’ my coworkers. They’ll have no idea they aren’t eating sugar and gluten! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes!

  38. Oh. MY. Goddess. These are AMAZING! I used butter instead of grapeseed oil, and honey instead of agave, because I”m a beekeeper. And these are SO good my son and I will NOT be able to leave any for my husband when he comes home. I managed to make 12 from the recipe, and there’s enough frosting for another batch.

    SO SO SO GOOD!!!!! Thank you so much!

  39. Okay, I’ve now made these twice in one week. My entire family is officially addicted to these. (I had to use the extra frosting, right?)

  40. Heather

    These are amazing without the frosting! I couldn’t wait for them to cool. I love how the topping seeps in and marbles the muffin.

  41. Kirsten

    I made your cinnamon bun muffins just this morning for breakfast and I loved them. My mom was very shocked that they were gluten free. Other 14 year old girls get excited about going shopping, I get excited about baking. Thank you.

  42. Amy

    I just made these! So good!!! I did use honey in them but I stuck to the rest of the recipe. We had butter on them but frosting would be good for a treat!

  43. Vee

    I made these last night for this morning. I did not frost them. I do like them, I used almond meal/flour that is what I had. The muffins had a slight nutty crunch to them. As a previous post stated my topping also sunk to the bottom. I just ordered Honeyville almond flour and will try them again when I get the flour. I would certainly make these again either way.
    I have been trying to go more Paleo and I have so far enjoyed the gluten free items I have made. Looking forward to trying some more.

  44. Stacie

    These are so yummy! It’s a perfect fall morning aroma for waking sleepy kids. I cut the agave amount in half for the muffin recipe but left it the same for the topping, and they were still delicious and sweet. Thanks Elana!

  45. Hi Elana!
    I love your website! My friend recommended it to me, and I have spent hours reading through all your posts and saving recipes. This one especially looks amazing to me.
    In my household there are no celiacs, but I am wheat intolerant and we all find that we function more clearly without wheat. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do, and for sharing it with the world! You truly are an inspiration! I look forward to reading and learning more from you in the future.

  46. Jen

    Elana- I just made these and words cannot express how amazing they are. Fantastic beyond belief. I’ve made a few of your things before but my dad has never totally loved them. This one he LOVED. LOVED it. I didn’t even frost them and they are divine. I also made the pumpkin bars which were fantastic as well. Thank you so much!!!!!

    • Jen

      I also wanted to add that I used boiled down palm sugar in substitute of the agave (1/2 cup for 1 1/2 cups of palm suger per a readers suggestion) and it worked beautifully, for all you agave haters out there! Ditto for the pumpkin bars.

  47. Michelle

    I have made these muffins in so many ways! I like to make them as minis. I have substituted honey for agave (1/2 the amount), added a blackberry to the middle, sprinkled coconut on them or stuck a big organic choc. chip in the middle for a nice mini bite of chocolate. I never have tried them frosted but we love them!!!

  48. Courtney H

    Due to the bad news on agave nectar (as high in fructose as high fructose corn syrup) and the fact that I have diabetes I have switched to xylitol. I know that you can use xylitol as an equivalent (measurement-wise) to sugar. Does anyone have any idea what the equivalent would be in order to substitute for agave nectar?

  49. Linda Banashek

    made these for my food demo at school the other day. (giving you full credit of course!)
    not a crumb left on the plate! :)

  50. Gabbie

    These are sooooo good!! The only thing I might try different though next time is maybe marbling some of the topping in with the actual muffin, just to see how it comes out.

    They JUST came out of the oven, and I demolished one, even though it was “technically” too hot. I can’t wait to make more! :)

  51. Ming Lee

    Hi Alana, I was wondering if almond flour is the same thing as almond mea. I love your gluten free baking recipes and looking forward to baking it soon. Thanks.

  52. Sandy

    Is there a way to keep these from sticking to the muffin papers? I am baking them for someone else, and I don’t want her to have the trouble I had last time I made them for my family. Thoughts?

  53. Rachael P @ rachaeltaron.com

    Dear Elana, I have been grieving over not having a sustainably delicious recipe for Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls. I had tried doing some research and didn’t like any of the options I’d come across. So I decided to experiment with two of your recipes. One was this muffin recipe and the other was your chocolate scone recipe from your book minus the chips. I did a little collaborative work between the two and it worked magnificently. I topped with your cream cheese frosting and voila! GREAT Cinnamon Roll Scones :)
    I’m very excited to be able to have this recipe at my Bridal Breakfast in a few months! Thanks for everything!

  54. Melissa Matson

    Hi there! So glad to have found your great website!! It gives me hope as a newbie to the gluten free/grain free culinary world. We recently moved from the Ft. Collins area to south-central Alaska, so “Go Colorado”! Love Boulder for sure. Thanks again for all your hard work with these recipes. My children (and husband) will be the judges as we journey towards a gluten free/primal diet. :) I’ve tried your paleo pumpkin bread so far & it’s wonderful! Can’t wait to try more delights. God Bless.

  55. jen

    I just made this this morning and they are soooo delicious! I ended up making a little bit more of the topping so that they were each extra cinnamon-y. :)

  56. nikki


    I am allergic to almonds. What would you suggest as a substitute for the almond flour?



  57. jill

    I made these and they vanished! I added a few sprinkles of cinnamon to the batter since I love cinnamon. So delish! Even my gluten eating family devoured them.

    Thanks for all of your amazing recipes!

  58. melissa

    these are amazing. I also added some cinnamon to the batter and made mine with cream cheese filling. I added the cinnamon topping to the first layer, then the cream cheese filling, and then more topping to the top layer. They were so so so good. I also added a tsp of xantham gum to the batter – not sure it was necessary, but the resulting crumb was very cake-like. This is now a staple in our “muffin rotation”.

  59. I love how you used coconut flour and celtic sea salt instead of what most people use when making Muffins. You rock!

  60. Betsy

    These are great! I have recently had to go gluten, soy, and dairy free, along with eating no more than 30gr of carbs a day, so finding a muffin or anything like it I can eat is tricky. But, these totally hit the spot! Because of my limitations in carbs I cut the agave in half (both in the topping and in the muffin mix) and they were still delicious! Not real sweet, but sweet enough for a tasty treat. Thanks Elana!

  61. kat

    Just made these into mini muffins (made 22 using 1T to fill each mini muffin). They are yummy!! Per another reviewer’s comment, I reduced the agave to 2 Tablespoons in the muffin portion but left it the full amount on the topping. I baked 11 minutes at 350 but think that was too long (they came out a touch dry). Next time I’ll try 8-9 minutes. I also sprinkled a bit of cinnamon in the batter. Not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy a mid-afternoon craving! I didn’t add the icing but want to try again when I have those ingredients on hand.

  62. Judit

    These are absolutely awesome! Fluffy yet filling. I made some blueberry-redcurrant-port sauce instead of the frosting. Perfect combination of sweet, sour and heavenly cinnamon.
    Thank you once again!

  63. mellygf

    These are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

    I did have to make slight modifications though based on what I had in the house/what my diet dictates.

    I used homemade unblanched almond flour, coconut oil and local organic honey. I also topped each one with a pecan about 3/4 of the way through baking and skipped the cream cheese topping.

    Incredibly delicious! I will be making these again.

  64. Jill

    These Cinnamon Bun muffins are amazing! My kids love them and they are so easy to make. I haven’t added the cream cheese frosting yet, but I can only imagine that makes them better. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Sandy Buckler

      The first two times I made them I didn’t have cream cheese in the house. OOOOboy they are out of this world with the cream cheese frosting.
      What a wonderful morning treat!

  65. These came out so good! This morning I made another batch, this time instead of cinnamon I added 3 tbsp cocoa powder, and 1 tbsp white flax meal and made it a touch sweeter. It took a little longer to bake but they came out really good. Now I have chocolate muffins and the cakier (is that a word?) texture gives me an idea for vanilla cupcakes for my husband’s birthday.

  66. Evelena

    Great recipe! I changed it to a “cinnamon bun bread” by increasing the ingredients by 1/3 and baking in a loaf pan at 350 for 50 minutes. I also substituted unsweetened applesauce for the oil (a little more than the amount of oil called for), since there is already so much good healthy fat from the almond flour, and substituted coconut sugar for the agave. Swirled cinnamon topping (cinnamon, coconut sugar, and macadamia nut oil) into the top of the loaf before baking. Topped each slice with a dollop of sour cream sweetened with a little maple syrup. This really came out well, we loved it.

  67. I have had this recipe pinned on Pinterest for awhile now. I think I pinned it when my boyfriend (who is Celiac) and I started dating. I didn’t realize it came from your site! I can’t wait to try it!

  68. Lauren

    Has anyone made a substitution for the almond flour? I am allergic:(

  69. Mali

    Loved this recipe. Substituted truvia and applesauce for agave. Too moist in the middle but great flavor. I will keep experimenting.

  70. Efi

    Happy Hanukkah!!!
    Thank You for this recipe

  71. Karen Condit

    I wanted to thank you for all of these wonderful recipes. I am new to a gluten free lifestyle and appreciate all of your help and guidance. Will make the carrot cake as muffins for Christmas breakfast.

  72. katrina

    Do you have any recipes that do not use agave? Or do you know the conversio for regular sugar or honey? Agave has more fructose than HFCS and is really bad for you for so many reasons.

  73. Katie

    These tasted amazing! I have tried seven of your recipes so far and every one is incredible. As long as I’m baking with your blog, I don’t feel deprived. Thank you!

  74. Kim

    Very, very yummy. They do not even need any sort of icing and my very, picky son really liked them!!! I needed to bump up the temp to 375 degrees from 350. They turned out much better. I also added pecans. That you so much Elana. I was diagnosed with colitis and my holistic doc put me on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. This website is such a great help.

  75. Jennifer Hughes @ jenniferhughes.com

    Is it possible to substitute cane sugar for the agave? My daughter can’t have agave because of her fructose intolerance. Thanks!

  76. Cara

    I tried these this morning for breakfast, and they were wonderful!! (Even without the icing) This will make it easier for me on special occasions when my family has cinnamon rolls. I won’t have to just sit and watch now. :) Thanks!

  77. Mel

    I subbed out the agave for some stevia and maple syrup, keeping the rest the same. These are moist, cinnamony, and fantastic just as they are without any type of frosting. I can see this being a great base recipe for many future experiments! Love it-thanks!!

  78. Beth

    Just made these tonight at a friend’s recommendation! LOVE them! I was wondering if they also qualified as Paleo-friendly?

  79. Dawn DeBatt

    Hi Elana – or anyone else, ladies – I just tried and enjoyed the Cinnamon Bun Muffins recipe above. I am following the Weight Watchers point system regarding my food. I just put 12 points of Agave, (6 tablespoons) in this recipe and ate two muffins! Help! Please help me with an alternative organic ingredient. Agave has 16 grams of carbs per serving!

    Thanks for your patience, and wisdom.

  80. Rebecca

    I love this website! Great recipes and great pics!! I wanted to let those of you using this recipe know that my boyfriend and I tried this recipe minus the cinnamon topping as waffles and pancakes and its the best recipe so far…light and airy after cooked and more resembling real pancake batter…delish! Here were my revisions for any interested in sugar free:

    1/2 cup applesauce (to replace the agave)
    1/4 tsp nutmeg
    1/2 tsp cinnamon

    Try it out!!!!

    Thanks Elana you rock!!!!

  81. CdnSKmom

    Lovely! Substituted the coconut flour for double the GF all purpose flour (due to my kids not liking the flavour of coconut) and made lovely little bite sized mini-muffins. Not too sweet… actually sprinkled the tiniest bit of brown sugar on top while they were still warm and it finished them off perfectly!

  82. Lezaan


    Can anyone tell me if one can substitute the grapeseed oil with coconut oil?

    Thanks :)

  83. Elana, I am a long time fan of yours. Thank you for yet another great recipe. When I do these again, I will be doubling the batch of topping- that was great. I also always sub maple syrup for agave and it never seems to be an issue- probably it affects the taste- we don’t seem to mind! Thanks again- you are such a blessing!

  84. Tina Janis

    Do your bread recipes hold up to freezing? I have limited time and would like to make a few loaves of bread to freeze for later use. Do you recommend this practice?

    Thanks so much,

    Tina Janis

  85. luckygaltoday

    Oh my goodness! These were amazing! Due to recent food allergy discoveries, I stumbled upon the Paleo diet to avoid grains. This was probably my first official paleo recipe & I added a cup of chopped apples to the recipe. My husband hasn’t been a fan of me having to avoid certain ingredients, but I believe this recipe has converted him.
    I checked out your cookbooks & he’s already demanding the brownies & chocolate chip cookies. I love that you can’t tell it’s not grains, means I can sneak these into family gatherings & they won’t know they’re eating healthy! Mwha ha ha ha ha!
    I’m excited for cooking again & these recipes are so simple. Yay & thank you!

  86. linda snyder

    Love your cookbooks, why however don’t you include nutritional info? It would be most helpful. Like that you are going more paleo.

  87. Susan Lankford @ stampandscrapwithsusan.com

    Can you substitute coconut oil for the grape seed oil?

  88. Liza

    Thanks for the recipe! Delicious! Here’s my experience trying it:

    I substituted honey for the agave: equal parts, came out well.

    I substituted coconut oil for for the grapeseed oil: equal parts and they came out REALLY moist; too moist for my taste. Would do 3/4 of the coconut oil for grapeseed oil in the muffin mixture but leave it equal in the topping. (ie: 3 tbsp coconut oil for 1/4cup grapeseed oil in the muffin mixture).

    Using 1/4 C. of batter per muffin made them come out the top. Would do less per muffin next time.

    Next time, I’ll swirl the topping in because a lot ended up on the sides of the paper, like a commenter suggested.

    Can’t wait to try the cream cheese topping too! Thanks!

  89. Mary

    Your recipes look so amazing! As a new member of Weight Watchers, I would really like to know the nutritional value of your recipes. Is that possible?

  90. Jackie

    I’ve read that agave is worse than high-fructose corn syrup and that honey should never be used to cooking or baking as all the medicinal properties would be destroyed. Have you ever thought about using coconut sugar in your recipes as a low-glycemic alternative? Are there any other low-glycemic alternatives that you could suggest? Thanks!

  91. kurry

    Hi – Loving your recipes! Sadly we can’t do eggs, on top of most grains, dairy etc. Have you ever tried this recipe ef? if not what might you suggest as an egg sub? I have never done an egg sub with flax for more than 2 eggs….but was thinking flax for this one….

    thank you!

  92. Suzanne

    Can honey replace agave 1:1?

  93. Demetree Robinson @ nuhealthholisticwellness.com

    I love the muffins but there was an error in the cooking time. I checked the recipe twice to be sure. It took 20 minutes instead of the 8-12 minutes that was posted. I think it should be corrected before posting it again.

    I really did enjoy this recipe but I’m glad I knew that muffins take longer to cook, especially with 3 eggs in the ingredients.

    I have two of your cookbooks and love all of the recipes that I am trying.

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

    • QueenJellyBean

      Every recipe will bake a little differently from one kitchen to another. I make this recipe in a donut pan in a oven preheated for more than 40 minutes. For me today it took 11 minutes. I did try cooking a second batch longer because I like a little brown around the outside, but the cake was much drier. I will keep making this recipe at 11 minutes even though the cake stays yellow and wet looking- it is cooked throughout.

  94. QueenJellyBean

    I made these twice this week… in a donut baking pan. It yielded 9 donuts. I love the old EP basic almond flour recipes. Nice that this one is mixed with a bit of coconut flour, which lightens up the end result. SUBSTITUTIONS: Xylitol crystals and a shake of stevia subbed for honey/agave. CALORIES: 1 donut of 9 – 194 calories, 16.8 gm of fat, 10 gms of carbs (0 of the carbs are sugars), 2 gms Fiber, 5.6 gms Protein.

  95. QueenJellyBean

    I made these twice this week… in a donut baking pan. It yielded 9 donuts. I love the old EP basic almond flour recipes. Nice that this one is mixed with a bit of coconut flour, which lightens up the end result. SUBSTITUTIONS: Xylitol crystals and a shake of stevia subbed for honey/agave. CALORIES: 1 donut of 9 – 194 calories, 16.8 gm of fat, 10 gms of carbs (0 of the carbs are sugars), 2 gms Fiber, 5.6 gms Protein.

  96. Jennifer

    just made these cinnamon bun muffins and thought they were so delicious and my husband loved them too. thank you Elana. next time i want to try them with the cream cheese frosting. yum!!

  97. Cari Mistry

    What fat could be substituted for grapeseed oil or vegan shortening? Since I’m not vegan, would butter work?

  98. Kim

    I don’t like coconut, What can I substitute in place of it?

  99. Christina

    I just wanted to thank you for your recipes. I’ve made the cinnamon bun muffins and the biscuits and both are great! I really appreciate that you don’t include exotic ingredients or 5 different kinds of flours in your recipes. Looking forward to trying your bread recipes next! Thank you!!

  100. Shelly

    I replaced coconut flour with oatmeal, and vegan shortening with coconut oil, and it came out perfectly.. LOVE the taste!! I love it that the recipe is so basic and you can mix in whatever it is that you like :-)

  101. Daniela

    Just wished to thank you for this website. I just made the muffins but I put 1 cup of coconut and probably half a cup of breadfruit flour instead. I live in Mauritius and breadfruit flour is available and apparently gluten free. Like in other of your recipes that I’ve tried, I simply added ingredients without any exactmeasuring and everything so far worked out fine. : ) Really happy! Thanks again!

  102. Daniela

    Just wished to thank you for this website. I just made the muffins but I put 1 cup of coconut and probably half a cup of breadfruit flour instead. I live in Mauritius and breadfruit flour is available and apparently gluten free. Like in other of your recipes that I’ve tried, I simply added ingredients without any exact measuring and everything so far worked out fine. : ) Really happy! Thanks again!

  103. martine

    these came out okay. next time i plan to add more cinnamon and to swirl the “topping” into the whole muffin before baking because then each section has more flavor. :)

  104. Rachel

    I made these into donuts, and they were amazing! Thank you!!

  105. Mountain Mama

    Awesome muffins! I made a double recipe and filled all 12 muffins. They turned out so moist with that nutty bite. My 4 boys ate them up within 10 minutes so they didn’t make it to the frosting stage.

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